On the day of the first test, the results were like five thunderstorms. The target college planned to recruit 57 people at the time, and the retest ratio was 1:1.2…The whole person was like a wooden stake on the bed. Many good friends came to ask me about my grades. At that time, I was in numb and I didn’t know what I told them. When I was packing my things the next day, I saw the book I bought for the second test. Bring it with you. I never thought that these books really saved my life. About mid-March, I saw the score line in the group that I added before. I thought that anyway, this year’s postgraduate entrance examination was also dead, just watch the lively place. Unbiased, the retest line is just my score, hahahahahaha. At that time, I was a little excited, but I immediately reacted. Even if I can enter the re-examination, I can do it again. The re-examination is too difficult. It only recruits so many people. Unless the enrollment is expanded, the re-examination ratio is too big. Now, I am a person who is unprepared to go to the battlefield naked and able to do that group of hardened people? I even thought about it for a while, forget it, don’t want to go, I thought about it after World War II, but I still felt that I was not reconciled. After all, what was lost and recovered is the most precious thing. It would be a pity for the wife to lose it, forget it. Go for the test. At that time, with the mentality of death, I prepared for a week of retesting. The damn thing is that just this week, I set up the opening report ppt + hand in the opening report………It’s really numb to the professional written test and interview of the re-examination, plus the English written test and interview, the difficulty is not that big, Saturday I took the exam for two days on Sunday. On the first day of the English and professional course written test, after the result, the glimmer of hope that I had ignited before was shattered again. This English written test is too difficult to break the translation question, ,, many words are not good, Gan. What’s even worse is that when the online test was retested, the computer didn’t dare to touch it, and people didn’t dare to touch anything else. There was no clock in the room, so it was written, and there were two big open questions that were not written. Score (out of 50), there are only two minutes left before the end of the exam. As a result, each of the last two questions only wrote one sentence, whatever it is, he died anyway, haha. Later, when I saw the professional written test papers, I strengthened my mortal mentality: I didn’t read this topic carefully before, and I couldn’t finish the book in just one week, and many couldn’t write it. In the one-hour professional written test at that time, I first wrote about 20% of what I was sure I could write, and then talked about my undergraduate knowledge for the rest. If I didn’t, I just missed a few sentences and didn’t make him empty. Too much. Get it done! After handing in the papers, my mentality was very calm. If I didn’t, I won’t. Anyway, I was ready for World War II. Haha, the next day of English and professional interview. Because my English was okay before, I didn’t prepare any English speeches at all for a week. At that time, I just used the English application materials I wrote before and read it indiscriminately. After reading it, I felt that what I said was pretty good. Haha, at least I didn’t stubbornly. , Although the grammar error is a little bit too much (…… really no way, my heart was still a little nervous qaq) followed by a professional interview. The questions asked by the professors of the target colleges ranged from simple to complex. At the beginning, a few questions could be answered well, and then slowly and slowly… I’m sorry that my undergraduate may not involve much in this area, so I don’t know much about this issue. Then just like that, the teacher changed several questions hahaha, the more I asked, the less I would (crying). I answered the last question, but the professor was obviously not satisfied with my answer (hands out). After I answered the last question, the professor: “emmmmm… is not very accurate, in fact, the answer is…” I said “Okay, understand, thank you teacher”) Then, there was no more, I was kicked out of the meeting room, hahahaha, the whole process was like a dream. The next day I planned to treat myself well. I got on the subway and prepared to spend a whole day in the city. I rewarded myself for persevering in the retest. When I returned home, I was bored sitting on the subway and opened the website of the target college’s target major. At first glance, I saw the announcement of this year’s master’s admission list. A group of people shaking their hands at the time, even though they knew they were definitely out of play. After opening the list, the subway network was not very good at that time, and the list slowly jumped out from the end, all of which were not admitted. I have been waiting for my name in this group of non-admissions, waiting, huh? No? ? I continued to wait until the list all jumped out, and found that my name was written on the list of candidates to be admitted. With the score of the fifth from the bottom of the total score of the first re-examination, it came back! It’s overturned! ! Gan, is this impossible? I opened it and read it again, and waited for him to jump out again. After checking it several times, I found that my name did appear on the admission list! I! Fuck admitted! ! what! Unexpectedly, I actually expanded my first test ranking to 81, and the total score after weighting the retest points directly became 57! (Excluding the excellent campers and the plan to do little work, there are a total of 61 admitted candidates) Damn, everyone is going to fly. so! Don’t give up any one thing! ! Even with a mortal mentality, if you insist on going on, it may really come back. Haha, I really hope that all the graduates of the postgraduate entrance examination can receive the ideal offer, as a person who has experienced the pain of failing the postgraduate entrance examination in the same year and the joy of successfully returning to land. The postgraduate entrance examination er, I really feel what the mood of the two results is like. For those who are still struggling with the 21st postgraduate entrance examination, they must clenched their teeth. You will never think of the opportunities that the re-examination will bring to you. Don’t give up if you just stepped on the line in the first try, on the edge, and feel that you are out of play! As long as you work hard, anything can happen


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Exciting… The story can start from the first test. Before the first test, I deeply felt that I was reviewing too much water. The days of fishing for three days and two days of surfing the net are always going to be GG. I already went to the office before the test and prepared to go to the internship test. A few days before the test, I felt that I was out of action. I think it’s a waste of 300 a day to book a hotel next to the examination room… but I bite the bullet and bit Xiao Si just for a good start. In the end, he went to bed after 12 o’clock in the evening. I felt a little brain exploded when I got up at 6 o’clock the next day. I still watched politics for another half hour (well, I was also carrying a taxi on the road before the exam room…) After the exam, I felt good in English (later found that it was the same as shit), and I planned to answer Boss that night I strengthened my confidence and found that I only scored 29 points for political multiple-choice questions…In addition, I heard that Shanghai political subjective questions pressure points and Fudan politics requires 60 single subject lines are ashamed…Basically, I can be sure that I am an escort. After I finished the math test the next morning, I felt that the question was very simple, but I did it in a dazed manner and performed relatively poorly (I even had a very simple multiple-choice question. I didn’t even have the idea to do it, but was blinded by my feelings. No The courage to know where I came from) In the afternoon, I feel that the subject of the professional class is strange. It is not very comfortable to do it, but I still bite the bullet and write down everything I can write at the last minute. Just ask for the score not to be too ugly to give myself one. It was the afternoon of December 23 that the exam was finished, and then I went to the office to report on the internship on the 25th… The internship was very hard, after all, I really planned to stay in the office… During the internship, the classmates in the same class avenged the school. How do I plan after the results? I said what I can plan to continue working… Later I think about it if there is a glimmer of hope, I still prepare, I initially plan to have a score of 370, and prepare for the re-examination on February 15th. 99% were curious to see how bad they were in the exam and 1% to see if there was a miracle mentality. I calmly found my score of 386 points. I was very happy. It far exceeded my expectations. That night I told the manager that my score was based on previous years. There is hope for the re-examination, but this year’s test is relatively simple. The manager is also very happy to say that if there is hope, go and prepare. This should not delay you, but it depends on the office being too busy at this time. They still need some time to find interns. Think about myself as a major, even if I entered the re-examination, I didn’t have to prepare for another 10 days, and I added a Fudan tax group during the time I left on February 25th. Everyone will count the scores and upload screenshots of the results. It’s more reliable. Looking at the number of days above 390, I feel hope is getting diminished. Later, the students who scored 390 points out that there are 23. According to the previously announced plan, we will recruit 23., consider The statistics may only be part of it, and the mentality of those with high scores is a bit collapsed without statistics. At that time I began to regret that I knew that when I was preparing for the first test, I would not go to find any job. I can rest assured that I can prepare for the retest after more than 4 points… By the way, I forgot to say that I took the test with me. My classmate and I had the same score of 386. He knew that he resigned the next day and regretted it more and more. After browsing the official website for a day, I was very anxious, and it seemed to be released on March 7th. I dreamed of school line 390 on March 5th. I was very disappointed in my dream. On March 6th, I dreamed of 380, and finally the school line was 380.. At that time, I thought that regardless of the result, I could blow nb at least online hh but back to reality. , I feel that the line is a bit low and outrageous, because we have counted that there are many more than 380, which means that the school line is fake… and it is back to autism, but learning can’t stop. It’s even more ridiculous if you didn’t prepare for the re-examination. Then there are countless times of fantasizing to increase the point of the re-examination ratio and finally put yourself in 385 (Fudan School of Economics has always been a score of 5), because according to Fudan’s previous years, the re-examination is basically I don’t brush people very much, the ratio is lower than 1.2, and the probability of being included is very low. At that time, I was still thinking about dying and struggling. I sent a letter of recommendation to the Fudan teacher and hoped that the teacher would increase the retest ratio. Haha, I didn’t return to me later. …Later QQ, a group of Fudan School of Economics began to boil, I think it should be the list of discharged re-examinations, open the pdf file of the re-examination rules and slam the next one. When I saw that the major was taxation, I glanced at it, and it seems to have seen it. Haha, my own name, I took a closer look and it reached 385! I counted the number of people and got a little bit colder. I entered 42. I wondered if the 23 tricks were close to 1 to 2 for the retest. I looked at it carefully and made a subtraction. It was 32. Hahaha, don’t mention it. Fortunately, 32 of them entered 23. There is hope. My roommate was also looking at the PDF at the time. I asked him if the number of recruits had changed. Because the PDF was quite long, I was already excited when I saw my name. How did his thinking become clear, he said 29 recruits. Fuck 29, is 29, 32 into 29! As long as my TMD is not those 3, wouldn’t it be recorded? I happened to be outside to improve the food at that time, and I knew that 32 and 29 even had a bit of shaking hands, and I didn’t know what I was eating anymore… Then I started preparing for the re-examination with peace of mind. Anyway, Shanghai can take a trip. But I started to panic again as we approached the re-examination, thinking that everyone’s success in the test should be prepared sooner. Those of us who press the line to enter the re-examination generally don’t brush who we should. At the time, there were 3 out of 385 and 386. Including I have 4, and up there is 391. When I think about it, we will brush 3 out of 7… The day before the retest, I went to the hotel next to Fudan in Shanghai. I felt a little sleepy after I took out the information. Tomorrow I see the teacher, if they put on a face looking at the candidate being swiped, how helpless they will be, and they have a lot of thoughts. Listening to other majors to speak English that night, the interview has become difficult this year, and I saw that I went to bed at 12 o’clock. , Maybe I didn’t fall asleep until 1 o’clock. I set the alarm clock at 6:20 the next morning. After all, I will sign in at Fudan at 7:30 (I’m really not used to people who are accustomed to going to bed late and getting up late) As a result, I woke up at 5:40, and it was dark all around, but I jumped up and turned on the lights, and then prepared for my English problem… I felt my brain was blank again when I arrived at Fudan School of Economics. I am really not used to getting up early… .I deeply doubt what I can answer in such an interview… (Fudan tax re-examination only has a 20-minute interview and no written test) Fortunately, the formal interview starts at 8:30 in the morning. I am the third one, and I am awake after squinting for a while. Many times when I knocked on the door, I remembered what a former senior said that the most important thing is self-confidence. Then I answered with a smile during the whole process. After the interview, I felt that the atmosphere was pretty good, but I felt that the content of my questions was also very general. I chatted a lot. I regretted that I was a bit nervous and spoke too fast. I told myself this before I went in. Be careful, but after I forgot to deliberately control it, I went back with my classmates in the same class. We both sighed from time to time when walking on the road. He felt that the questions he asked were not answered well (he went in and asked about finance-related dry goods first. More often, my teacher may find it difficult to ask my questions after him.) I feel that although my performance is not particularly broken, my speech speed is too fast and it is not calm enough. In this way, from Fudan University to getting on the subway, to eating, to the high-speed rail back to Hangzhou, I felt a little regretful in my mind, I felt that my performance was not perfect, and I worried that others would have their turn to be brushed if they were better than others. It is unimaginable. That kind of feeling, the pain that I can’t bear to prepare for the adjustment. The next few days are still muddled. There is no result, and I am not in the mood to write the paper. The result is that three or four days after the interview, I am still lying on the bed at about 10 am. play cell phone. My classmates first told me on WeChat that there was a text message. I TM feels cold. Where did the text message come from? I just wanted to ask him when he sent it. A text message from Fudan University popped up on the phone. It’s a good result at last, damn it, damn it… and then I’m telling my friends and relatives

6 months ago

How does it feel? Probably it was a change from being a little lost to hope in my heart in an instant. I am not a schoolmaster. The school where postgraduates are attending is also a dual non-academic institution in Zone B (the lower-level C Zone at the time) that many students may not be able to find. However, ten years later, when I was sitting in the office and coding this text, I could still vaguely remember the sudden joy when I received the final admission notice. I am not a person with strong self-control ability. Some like to be clever and take advantage of loopholes. The four years of university life without goals made me particularly lazy. After three years of postgraduate exams, I said it was a review, but in fact it was just playing at home. In the second year of graduation, relying on his solid foundation in elementary and middle school, he reported to a civil servant in a remote county in the neighboring province and successfully landed ashore and was called by the unit to go to work early. At the same time, the undergraduate alma mater scored 336 points on my messy test paper network, which was just 1 point past the C zone line. After the adjustment system was opened, there was no destination to vote. Fortunately, it was picked up by Northwest Normal University, so he asked for leave to participate in the retest. At that time, I wrote this sentence on Renren.com: “I think I am really afraid of losing this opportunity to change my destiny. I don’t want to fail. Too much pressure makes me nervous and uneasy. Tomorrow night and two in the morning. Take an exam to see where my life fork will take me.” To be honest, my performance on the retest was terrible. Originally, the initial test results were basically bottom, and there was not much in my mind. During the interview, a bunch of big guys sat on it. The first sentence I said was “I took the test naked, and my literary level basically stayed at the middle school Chinese level.” But fortunately, the teachers also took care of my scum. The questions are all very shallow things like “Who is the author of Wenxindiaolong”. However, I can also feel that I am far from the teacher’s requirements. Later, in the postscript of my graduation thesis, I wrote: “I was stretched during the interview and I saw the gap between myself and my dreams. I packed up and went to work in Hebei. The five-year service period is enough to save my life. My life is fixed in the small county seat in the hinterland of Taihang Mountain. Being far away from home alone, I even feel a little desperate.” The day after the interview, the school announced the first batch of students to be admitted. I opened it with a trembling hand and pulled it all the way to the bottom, without seeing my name. Three or four days later, the list of the first batch of supplementary students was announced, and there is still no name for me. This situation is expected and reasonable. How do you say mine back then in current words? Just “lie down”! It wasn’t until almost ten days after the interview that the school announced the list of the second batch of make-up students. In the last line of the Faculty of Letters, my name is impressively listed. I remember at that time, I groaned in the room. Going through the resignation formalities, buying a ticket to go home, fleeing… This is the last crazy decision I made. I would also like to thank the Normal University. In my opinion, the admission to the Normal University is nothing but a redemption for my life. Finally, let’s say some digressions! The postgraduate entrance examination ten years ago was probably not as “volume” as it is now. Your opponent is getting better and better. If I hope to be clever like the answer, I’m afraid it will be worse. In any form of study, it is a good habit to be diligent and serious. Only people with their feet on the ground can travel the stars.

6 months ago

I’m talking about me. Hahaha, I’m afraid of it, I’m afraid of it. I feel like I’m alive after a disaster. I thank the interviewing teacher for being merciful… I got the top five in the first test, and I thought it was stable when I was in the ranking. At that time, I got a question that I would not be able to…I often took the exam but I didn’t master it well, and the answer was unparalleled because of my nervousness. The teacher’s face was ugly to the extreme. At that moment, I felt that I was cold and I wanted to cry but couldn’t cry. I felt that if I continued to talk nonsense, the teacher would kick me out, so I stopped quickly. I should usually say about 5 minutes. I said it stopped for more than a minute, and then the scene was embarrassing… The last interview teacher asked me an internship question, and I answered it. After the retest, I felt that I must have been cold (crying). After all, I didn’t answer a professional question correctly. Even the comfort of a friend made me irritable. You are not me. How do you know how bad I behaved? With so many high scores, why should I be an exception? After the re-examination, I lay in the hotel for two days. It was too expensive. I went back to the place where I was renting and prepared for the re-examination. I thought every day, if I could take the initiative during the interview, would I be able to remedy it? How to answer to avoid the embarrassing situation at that time? Will the interviewer show mercy to me because of my high score in the initial test? What followed was insomnia all night, unwilling to contact family members, and the retest results that came out the next day in previous years were not available this year… I kept the official website page, and refreshed it every few minutes. What I didn’t do was refresh… …At that time, there was a fellow researcher who had a high score in the first test, but only eight people were accepted. She did not perform well in the second test. We both understood each other very well. I was willing to talk to her if neither of me wanted to chat (hhhhhh). Later Her grade came out, and her retest result was the last one, but she was still admitted. I prayed for the same luck as her… Then on the day of 4.2, I remember very clearly. I woke up at 6 in the morning and turned on the phone to refresh, but it still didn’t come out… 9 o’clock When the group suddenly rioted, I quickly refreshed the official website page and downloaded the file… When the picture was not enlarged, I vaguely saw my name in the middle, click on the big picture, and see my name! ! ! The retest score is counted down, and the total score is in the middle. At this time, I thought it was very untrue. The screenshot was sent to the fellow researcher, and her information came back in an explosive manner, hahaha~Later, she informed other friends of the results. Until noon, I felt more and more intense when I went to the entrance examination. I walked with joy (covering my face). Thank the interviewer for her mercy. Thank you for the teacher who asked me about my internship experience. Without you, I might not say a word. …Finally, I wish you all a successful landing! ! The following is a picture that my classmate kept for half a year (yes, it’s still that funny friend hahaha)

6 months ago

This is about me. During the re-examination of Britain, the teacher asked a question, saying: What is your opinion on the Sino-US trade war? I was dumbfounded because I didn’t understand, and then the teacher repeated it again, and I didn’t know how to answer. After the professional course interview, I was very nervous and trembling because of the British. So after the retest, I felt cold. In the first few days after the retest, no one can mention the postgraduate entrance examination. Once someone mentions it, I want to cry. Later, I thought about it a lot, and I felt that it was better to go to Shanghai to find a job and continue my dream of working hard in Shanghai in middle school. Actually, at this time, I had already thought about it. What if I could get a graduate student or not? But then, I received a call from the teacher of the Research and Recruitment Office and I was admitted (in fact, it was a supplementary enrollment. At this time, I didn’t feel too much, because the enthusiasm of wanting to be admitted to graduate school and wanting to go to graduate school has been consumed by myself. I just feel that whether it’s good or not, it’s a kind of thing. Life experience is nothing more than a carnival.

6 months ago

Can’t believe this is true. Let’s talk about my experience. After the first test in December 2018, I felt that I was dead. I guess I couldn’t even pass the national line. I was immersed in sad emotions and didn’t want to read or study. This led to my re-examination. root cause. When I checked the results in February, it was okay. Although the TCM score of 324 is not high, it should be enough to cross the national line. So on the third day after the initial test results were announced, I went to the target school to find a tutor. I followed the tutor list. I looked for them one by one, but I was told that the quota was full, and I went to try another tutor. At that time, I was frustrated and felt that there was no play, so I went home and gave up the treatment. One month later, the target college’s score line for the re-examination was announced. Suddenly I got news that there might still be places for the XX instructor, and my mood instantly became clear. This mood lasted until the end of the re-examination, but unfortunately I was brushed for the re-examination. I expected this situation before, but I was still very sad. I went home and lay down for a few days. Fortunately, the company of my family and friends made me stand up again. I plan to take a postgraduate entrance exam while looking for a job. Although it will be very tired, it will be very tiring for me. Said it is the best choice. I belonged to the first exam during World War II. If I take the exam again, it would be three stops after two years of graduation. However, when I was planning to go to the hospital for an interview this Saturday. Yesterday was Wednesday, the target college informed me that I was re-admitted. The first reaction was that I could not believe it. This is too lucky. I have experienced so much. A little numb, but fortunately the ending is beautiful. (Give me some advice for the 20 graduate students. Don’t panic when you feel that the questions are difficult and biased during the exam. Do the questions and stick to the end, and you must finish the last one. The facts are far from being as bad as you think. You can find a tutor in advance after the score, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t find a tutor like me to accept it. Prepare for the re-examination. My major does not distinguish the research direction. The ratio of the initial test to the re-examination is 5:5, and the initial re-examination score is 5:5. Adding up from high to low, there is a good chance of counterattack in the retest, but if it is the kind that you report to the instructor when you sign up, I am not sure and do not make an evaluation. You can play for a few weeks after you finish the test. Remember not to forget to study, unless you are really sure that you can’t pass the national line and you can’t just give up treatment like me. As long as you cross the line, everything is hopeful. Be sure to prepare for the retest, prepare for the retest, and prepare for the retest, the best The result is that you have fully prepared for the re-examination and at the same time found your favorite tutor. You have the best of both worlds and successfully landed ashore. Finally, I wish all the students who have worked hard for the postgraduate entrance examination have a bright future)

6 months ago

I re-examined today. My performance was really bad. I was trembling when I introduced myself. I was interrupted by the teacher before I finished the introduction. The performance later was also very bad. The probability is that I won’t have a chance and I’m not regretful, but it’s all my own. The result of the performance is the only way to go. If I can get a big burst of character and be admitted, I may be happy enough, but I also know that this possibility is very low. Let’s just do it, let’s be sad today. One day, tomorrow, I will start looking for adjustments, and the next interview must not fail.

6 months ago

I didn’t cry with joy as I imagined. On the contrary, I was very calm and even a little bit sad. I remember that it was eleven o’clock at noon on April 1st, and a phone call was made. The general content was that suddenly there was a place and asked me if I would come. I was at the train station and bought at 12 o’clock to go home. There was a mess around the train ticket, I was calm at the time, I said yes, thank you teacher. I embarked on the train to go home and received the admission notice at one o’clock in the afternoon. After I clicked on the confirmation, I called my mother and said in an unusually calm voice, Mom, I will tell you something, and I will take the test again. I went to graduate school, and my mother talked about it later, feeling that I was calm and terrible at the time, afraid that something would happen to me. I briefly told her what happened. I heard my dad cry on the other end of the phone. At that moment, I knew that I was not the only one who was sad. There are still so many people who are worried about me. I’m actually an extremely pessimist. I have lived through the postgraduate entrance exam this year. I never thought that I would stick to it. I will never forget that I was lying on the stairs of the library during summer vacation and called my mother and cried. , I feel I can’t pass the exam. I want to cry but dare not cry out loud, because I am afraid of being heard. After returning home, my mother notified my relatives to tell them that I was admitted. I was really calm at that time, and there was no joy at all. After the results of the re-examination were revealed, I was not as sad as I thought, but there was a kind of unspeakable relaxation, and it was finally over. I actually know why I was swiped, the basic professional knowledge is not well mastered, and the teacher asks the question and basically does not answer the question. Who can blame this? I can only blame myself. Later, my head teacher called me after he heard that I had been brushed. I told him that I was accepted again. He finally congratulated me and said that maybe I was lucky. Sometimes I think, this may indeed be destiny, it is destined to make me experience this bad, let me experience great ups and downs. This may also be luck. Seeing me so hard this year, I finally surprised me.

6 months ago

My answer was a bit biased. At that time, I didn’t think I was brushed after the retest, but I felt that I must be brushed after the retest line! ! ! For the 2011 graduate entrance examination, 65 people are recruited for major majors, and 78 people are retested, but there are three people in the 78th score line, so… I am the No. 80 sand sculpture. Before the postgraduate entrance examination, the school had recruited the Bank of China. At that time, it was considered a decent job in the hometown of Shandong county on the 180th line, and there was a shortage of men in the profession (the county was assigned me ♂ that year, and the rest were all beautiful women. ), I learned in private that I plan to let me act as a teller to walk through the scene, and then directly enter the company’s business department (my typical Shandong face has good features, and I will not lose face when I go out, manual dog head……). As a result, I was all working hard a month before the exam. I felt distressed about the more than 100 exam fees. I also took the written exam in order to give me a few months of hard work. (PS: The final exam is full two days before the written exam, and the final exam immediately after the written exam, fu…ck, the person who arranged the exam has a brain hole and annoys!!!) The background introduction is complete…The results will be forgotten in March. After this, it took two days to be reminded by my senior to check the results and rankings. As expected, he ranked 87. Haha. Show off triumphantly and have a hard time: the review time is short and you will not be able to pass the exam if you don’t consolidate before the exam! (The stupid has a different temperament) The score line came out after more than 20 days. It is my score. Because there are seven unlucky people who are not qualified in the single subject, I am proud to represent the lowest level of professionalism in the year… I still have to go. Yes, after all, tourist cities…you know. At that time, I was already doing an internship in the company department of my home bank. I asked for a few days to hypothesize that I had to prepare my thesis. Mind, but people from Shandong still want face.) The two seniors warmly received me in the last session, eating, drinking, playing, boarding, and lodging for several days, never mentioning the retest. It is said that they appeared in the past two years. The penultimate case of counter-attack was a relative of XX, which is particularly a profession with few recruits…Well, no one is optimistic about me, including myself, just to play… I don’t know the process, and I don’t know how to judge. What’s the standard, I just want to say that I was the last one to go in during the interview. I waited outside the door from 1:00 to 5:30, not tired, because I was as wit as I took poker and cigarettes, and everyone in Shandong knew everything when I sat on the ground… (because Many people know me when I enrolled.) When the results were released, I went to the college office to claim the rankings. I finally squeezed in. The dense rankings looked strenuous, and I turned to the bottom one and started looking up… The last one is not me, um, the ranking has risen, the teachers really don’t have eyes… I haven’t seen me when I reach the 70th place, and the teachers in this school have a bad eyesight… I don’t have me in the 66th place yet, my brother is studying. I haven’t been short-sighted for so many years, and now my eyes are so bad that I can’t see it… I go back to the first to look for, and I haven’t found me at the 66th… I just raised my head and asked the office director next to me: “Teacher, there is a problem with this list. “No my name”, the director looked upset, “I checked it for several times and nothing was wrong.” Well, when you are an official, you say everything is right. Keep looking, and hit your greasy and corrupt fat face with the facts. Can you still pass the exam? No… to 60, not yet, a few more… Find a stupid who has the same name as me, haha, there is a rare word in my name that is not too heavy, look at the number… Fuck! Looking at the director with a dazed expression, pointing to my name: “I… passed the exam?” The director forced a smile and nodded wretchedly (because of this sorrow, I was laughed at by the director for another three years… Next came the process of making a phone call and all the staff were dumbfounded. Family members, classmates, and seniors were all stunned for a while. Only the instructor was calm on the phone: “How much is the bank penalty?” I’ll find some tutors for you, and earn it by yourself.” “…” To be honest, there was no special cheering or cheering at the time, just stunned… Well, the teachers’ eyes are indeed… sharp.

6 months ago

I should be talking about it, 19 postgraduate entrance examinations, apply for master’s degree, the first test score is one point higher than the retest line,,, the second to last, none of the teachers contacted wants me, either the quota is full, or just ignore me, hug I went with a cutscene mentality. I was finally admitted and transferred to a master. I felt that I didn’t feel much, because all my emotions were exhausted. It was like riding a roller coaster. The moment I got the result, it didn’t matter. It feels as calm as a pool of stagnant water.

6 months ago

Thank you, I received this question before and never answered it because my old lady was brushed by a volunteer and asked me what I was doing! ! ! I was depressed for many days and was scolded by my boyfriend by my mother because I didn’t prepare for the re-examination. I didn’t pass the written examination! ! I immediately found a job to prevent me from continuing to be depressed. Half an hour after I received the HR call, I was notified to go to work next Wednesday and I received a text message from Xuexin.com to tell me to go for the retest, huh? ? ? ? Lao Tzu thought that this school was not a bird, and it took me a week before I informed me that I would retake the exam next Tuesday! Okay, after a lot of struggle, the plane ticket is 2000. The tuition is expensive and the northeast is cold. Okay, I don’t want to regret going for a stroll. My mother asked me if I was not ready to be brushed the first time. Are you afraid of being brushed again? It’s simple. For me, the translation, interpretation, interview, listening and interpreting is that the teacher reads the bilingual, you translate directly and simultaneously, I only have 3 days to prepare and I have my ears sharpened! In the end, the written test was simple. The interview I went in for the second time. The first one went in at least ten or twenty minutes. I seemed to be over in ten minutes… I was so stupid. The teachers didn’t want to ask me questions? ? Finally, I was admitted and so on. The ranking came out today. The last place was 357 in the first test. The first place with 2 points in the national line was 390. 8 people. I was the first in the re-examination. The comprehensive ranking is second. I can blow it. Haha, I was depressed for the first time. For a long time, I really want to jump off the building and imagine that you have failed the postgraduate entrance examination and the people around you have criticized you for two or three days. It feels really miserable. Now of course the thief is happy. I turned out to be a particularly unconfident and pessimistic person. My male ticket, he is already going to take a Ph.D. The third one who entered is a very persevering and persevering person. I think he can succeed in whatever he wants. As a result, now hahaha I am the first in the re-examination. Only the elementary school has won the first place. I’m really satisfied

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