As an architectural student, I feel that I like this subject more and all kinds of drawing. I am not autistic and very cheerful. However, I saw that almost all the students were persuaded to leave, and I was very happy to learn. However, after seeing all kinds of persuasion, I feel very confused about the future recently. I would like to ask you guys to help me analyze the future situation

After graduating from architecture, entering the design institute, what is the treatment of the design institute? 1. Take Chengdu as an example. The average person works 8 hours a day, from 9 to 5, 5,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan per month, and the drawing dog works 12 hours a day. Hours, from nine to nine, 7000 and 8000 yuan per month (this is still good, some design institutes pay more than 2,000 before going to bed every month, and go straight to the minimum wage standard). (According to my past experience, the situation of rushing to the map can happen once or twice a week. This is still a design institute with not many projects). You can’t get off work at 12 o’clock in the evening. It is also possible to spend the night, and you have to increase it at least on weekends. For a one-day shift, programmers who work from nine to nine six days a week are paid more than RMB 10,000. 2. Take Chengdu as an example. The average person’s year-end bonus is about one month’s salary, 5,000 yuan, more than 20,000 yuan, and more 50,000 or 60,000 yuan. The bad reviews reflect the situation, 800 yuan, 3,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan were sent him, some 20,000 30,000, and some more than 100,000, the upper limit and the lower limit are very different, and the programmer’s year-end award At least 50,000 start. 3. Taking Chengdu as an example, the income of Paint Dog is generally composed of monthly advance payment + year-end bonus. However, the labor contract signed by Paint Dog and the company does not say that, but a minimum wage. The monthly advance payment is paint The dog and the company negotiated that if the company usually receives a small amount of money, it will reduce the advance payment. The year-end bonus depends on how much the company receives at the end of the year and whether the company leaders have a conscience to send it. There is no guarantee. The above three points show that the treatment of the drawing dogs of the design institute is not high in the whole group of workers. It is the so-called high income that comes out of overtime, and the bonus at the end of the year is not guaranteed. On the whole, it is not stable. If this drawing dog is unlucky, it is probably not as high as the average nine-to-five job. However, why do you think that drawing dogs have a high income when you search? That’s because when design institutes are recruiting drawing dogs, they generally use the way of drawing big pie to lure them to submit resumes. For example, the salary of a job recruitment is 10-50. Wan, when you search and find that the architect’s income is 500,000 yuan, you believe it, but the actual situation is not so good. The actual situation is that since the income of drawing dogs is generally pre-issued by the month + year-end bonus, the year-end bonus is generally unpredictable. The design institute draws cakes when recruiting, saying that there are many projects here, and the year-end bonus will cost hundreds of thousands. , But only the basic salary can be written in the labor contract. The drawing dog is not convinced by the world. As a result, at the end of the year, it was only a few thousand dollars before he knew that he was fooled. In total, the income for a year was less than 100,000, but this There is neither hard power to find a unit and ask for more money, and there is no legal guarantee that you can ask for more money, and the unit is still a large local taxpayer, even if it is to find the government, it will not help you. The only way for the dog is to resign in anger and change to a design institute. If he is unlucky, he will continue to be scammed.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

As an architectural urban and rural planner in Tongji, to be honest, I don’t persuade a group of people who are not interested in architecture and want to make a lot of money. Although he left his old profession early and changed several jobs. But judging from the development of my classmates and old friends, I still have hope for this industry. Say a few points of your own. First, the salary is high, but the hourly salary is low. Reflected in the endless changes in drawings, 996 and even 007 overtime. This is very unfriendly to girls. For some boys with weaker physique, it is also quite unfriendly. Moreover, because time is devoted to work, there is little time for oneself, and I feel that the world will be very narrow, except that design is design. This is also the main reason for dismissal. But since I got out of the design institute and changed a few jobs in society, including Party A and the civil servants many people dream of, I have a new understanding of the design institute. For those architectural masters who really love design, have feelings, and have pursuits, the design institute is indeed the best platform to realize their professional value, and they have not lived up to their five-year undergraduate and three-year master’s degree of hard work. Professional knowledge. Therefore, many people stayed. Those who have stayed and who have persisted, judging from the cases around me, are currently developing well, at least at the level of group leader. Many people even have the ability to start their own design companies. Second, there is nothing wrong with those who are chasing the vent, but they are also easy to fall to death. Judging from the development of several classmates who went to Party A after graduation, Party A does not have a stable salary in the design institute. Mixed First Party and Mixed Design Institute are basically two systems. There are a lot of mysterious and mysterious things, such as standing in line, such as things coming, such as good luck, in short, when the time and place are right and the people are right, you may get mixed up. Therefore, among my classmates, there is no one who has mixed Party A to a very high level. This may also be related to the training tradition of the alma mater. It is indeed difficult for Tongji’s science and engineering to compare with schools with managerial thinking such as Tsinghua and Fudan. In another part, most of them are girls who choose to take civil service examinations or continue to study Ph.D. But the positions are limited, and the probability is very small. The most important thing is that the salary is really not as good as the design institute. Third, judging from the law of development of all industries, the construction or urban-rural planning industry is currently in a low period. The so-called trough period is also the base-building period. This period is exactly the stage of survival of the fittest and big waves. Those who are willing to persevere and are willing to forge ahead and innovate will usher in gains in the rising period in the future. Just like stocks or investment, there is no patience to wait, it is the leeks to be harvested after all. Fourth, the so-called freedom and non-freedom are relative. There is no perfect profession in this world. This is what I have experienced after doing freelancing myself. My personal character is unsophisticated, I don’t like being constrained, and I don’t like framed systems. So I finally chose to be a freelance investor. However, I just feel that the freedom you think is not true freedom. When I was working in the design institute, although I opened my eyes and closed my eyes I was drawing pictures, and I didn’t have any personal thinking time. But after working as a freelancer, I still have to think about my trading strategy with my eyes closed. There is actually no essential difference. What’s more, judging from my work in Party A and the system, the design institute’s working environment and interpersonal relationships are the simplest. Therefore, be sure not to be disturbed by all persuasion. Seriously ask yourself, if you leave the design institute, do you have other abilities to survive? Are you sure you can open up territory in a new industry? Warriors always face sacrifice and loss. May ordinary people think deeply.

6 months ago

In terms of understanding, in the field of architects, the salary is indeed good overall, but they are also persuaded to retreat. I thought it was a bit like a “siege”. Outsiders do not understand this industry or field, and what they can see is only a few major criteria for considering occupations or positions, and the largest proportion of them should be the salary package. I can always hear that a so-and-so designer started from scratch for a few years, buying a house and a car. And the people inside felt not only the nourishment of salary, but also the hardship of serving Party A, the pain of working overtime every day, and the state of being bald to the point of doubting life. If someone asks this group of architects who have money to make money and spend their lives, are you doing your job well? Are you happy or not? They will probably shake their heads. In fact, many occupations have such contradictions. For example, IT, such as finance, work overtime and work harder and harder, and the entire professional circle is screaming, but they earn a lot, and many people still rush to it. Of course, it’s not that you don’t want to be comfortable. If you want to stay still in the comfort zone, it’s not impossible. It’s just that you will be “brought up” in the workplace environment, and you will be dumped if you are not careful. You always look at yourself how you want to live, and only you know what you want. Weigh what you want most, and then move forward toward your goal.

6 months ago

The salary is not low. I know that the ten-year-old classmates are almost 40+, and the high-level management positions are 70+, but the cost performance is not high, because it is a service industry, and there is no designer as a profession in China since ancient times, so there is no Healthy professional environment. In other words, the salary does not match the corresponding social status. Take a look at those who take the lead in persuading them to leave. They are all from prestigious schools. Many of them have studied abroad. These people have high scores in the college entrance examination to enter the architecture major. You can look at the architectural scores of Tongji and Tsinghua. When I was studying, I felt that architecture was all tall. I should dream of the status of the group of people bidding in Shenzhen recently. They are all brain-intensive labor, creativity, art, change the world, and have good income. As a result, after a few years of graduation, due to the stage of China’s economic development, fast and cheap designs that do not require innovation are the majority. Most of the first parties encountered are middle-aged and elderly people and lack modern aesthetics. Everyone takes it all, and the Chinese can only cooperate with the painful and tiring construction drawings. This feeling, there is a sense of being deceived and disappointed. Compared with classmates with the same score, this group of people feel that the salary is not necessarily high. Ten years later, the development of the industry is also different, because construction is a relatively simple technical job, and the contractual relationship is all you serve others, so you are all in your network to help others. Perhaps the only thing that regards you as the material supplier is the material supplier and the rendering supplier, but in fact it doesn’t matter much. The experience in actual work is that most of the time is basically deducting the norms. The most important ability is to allow the project to be successfully completed in a short time and low design cost. This creates an interesting phenomenon, that is, designers who want to design well and think more will be extremely painful. People who love design are caught in various bad things every day and suffer a lot of psychological torment. The more serious they are, the more bad they are. You can refer to Zhang Jiajing’s article. On the contrary, there is no pursuit of architecture. If you are familiar with the two brushes, you will be able to flatter leaders all the way up. Because there is no pursuit of design, the project will go smoothly, and over time, the project is also managed. This is a process in which bad money drives out good money. What happened to the good coins. One is that I have connections to be my boss, like many star firms. The second is to fight in the original environment, have a balanced comprehensive ability, and sit in the middle. The third is that many people you see are persuading to leave, change careers, or go for education. To sum up, the starting salary for construction is very high, and I always think it is a good choice for poor children, and two or three books are also a good choice for children. I have seen many examples. But for the group of people with high scores, this is not very attractive. This is an industry that cannot reflect intelligence. And for this group of people, the salary is equivalent, and the professional bet is pretty good. So many of my classmates have changed careers. The first in our grade in professional performance is the first with more talent for design. Those who remain are also seeking to operate their own businesses, but the prospects of the entire industry are not very good. If the economic transformation is unsuccessful and the industry cannot be upgraded, the market will remain in this environment, with few good projects, vicious competition in design fees, and disrespect and attention to design.

6 months ago

This is actually too much affected by the salary 20 years ago. At the end of the last century, China was in the era of the rise of real estate. Architects “supply exceeded demand.” Each architect did a variety of tasks, which meant that there would be no way to do this project without an architect. So you can see that many of the male protagonists who wrote romance novels at the time were architects (recommend a “just want to be with you” hahaha I read it in high school). But now it is a two-way plunge. On the one hand, the construction industry has gradually become saturated, and since then, architecture has also begun to expand (there is a shortage of talents). So that’s it. Yes, anyway, the average salary is pulled up by the previous people.

6 months ago

If you like it, design classes are top-notch, mathematical physics programming, including a series of general sciences, is not good, I give you a French military salute in favor of reading it. Because this change of track to start the competition again is too fragrant for people like you. Those who are persuaded, that is, those who are dissatisfied, are those who are better in science, engineering and science, who are slow to accept the design and even have difficulties in the design class. That is, if they learn these science and engineering subjects, they can have a better limit and a better future for development. It’s really unnecessary and disgusting with the abnormal introductory atmosphere of the School of Architecture. The program college also blindly promotes design theory and master theory, and does not pay attention to the practice of basic courses. There are even students writing formulas on the design concept to explain the weird and weird phenomenon of being sought by parents. This is not just for fun. Someone has encountered this before. Can it be annoying?

6 months ago

1. Only the Internet, finance and civil servants are not persuaded to leave; 2. Civil engineering and architecture are always put together, in fact, they are all design institutes, and the fields and treatments are also very different. There is no way to generalize ; 3. Most people follow the trend, and this mountain looks at the high mountain; 4. The architectural design industry is still a high-paying industry, and I don’t know in the future. Supplement: The group of silly boys who clamored to be the uncle of Party A for two or three years, and then plunged into the real estate, have probably recalled the past two years, right? The real estate industry will only get colder in the next 5 years. You can’t escape the fifteenth day of the first day with this chive knife. I wish everyone who switched to the Internet can realize their options smoothly and have freedom of wealth before the age of 35; I wish civil servants who have switched to enter the ministries and commissions and go ashore smoothly; I wish you all who are still drawing pictures, that the physical examination indicators can remain normal and stay away from sudden death.

6 months ago

At present, most industries are seriously involved, especially in construction, where income is calculated according to the project, and seniority is ranked according to ability. Young people who have just entered the industry have a heavy daily work, but they cannot be responsible for projects independently. This makes people feel that they make little money and are a huge damage to physical and mental health. Therefore, the idea of changing careers is the strongest at this time, and they also persuade others to change careers. Less than a year after I graduated from my undergraduate program, nearly half of my classmates have changed careers. I am still holding on. But it’s not always like this. People around you who are in their thirties and can take a stand alone in the project, the income is still considerable. When these people’s income is stable and generous, busy and tired will feel meaningful to themselves, and naturally no one will propose to change careers.

6 months ago

A few days ago, our institute organized a hotel design lecture and invited a lot of big names. The key point was that two parties were invited. After several big designers talked about their design concepts, Party A began to talk about how to make a profit for the hotel project. Let me think about it. The first sentence of Party A’s father, I am also a background in architecture, I feel that I can succeed, and then said that when I was young, I didn’t have much money, I felt that I could succeed, and then said that the hotel project still needs to invest some money. Yes, there is no return if you don’t pay. I deeply believe that I can succeed. In the end, I said that I invested 10 billion at that time, and finally I couldn’t make money from guest rooms and repay the cost of real estate. I felt that I was cheated. And what’s interesting is that one of the first parties was working on a project with a designer present, I listened to it, and the design fee was tens of thousands of dollars. Another father said that he also invested tens of billions, by the way, tens of millions should not come out to invest, it is all small money. Do you say that the major recruitment information construction wages take the lead? Why did I think we were the lowest when I applied for a job, and I kept drooling while looking at other majors. In addition, our 8 yuan a square meter design fee can not afford more than 100,000 square meters of house. My party A outside does not make money from design fees.

6 months ago

Industry practitioners personally believe that the current era is extremely involuntary. Companies are extremely vicious competition, lowering prices each other, winning bids at low prices, forcing employees to exchange prices in a disguised form, or recruiting a large number of cheap labor (interns or graduates) ) In exchange for a meager profit, the father of the owner of Party A kneels and licks the service, responds to requests, and even violates the norms and so on. The entire industry is relatively impetuous. In this era of prosperity, instead of pursuing high-quality and high-standard design, it runs in the opposite direction, lowering quality, pursuing speed, pursuing efficiency, and pursuing profit. It feels that it has gone further and further, and the right way is the prosperity! I don’t know the future is down, what else can I do!

6 months ago

In the design industry, although the salary is not bad, as long as it is a part-time worker, the salary is the highest. If you go back a few years, it will be considered high, but now it is no longer comparable to many industries, and with the increasing urbanization rate The bigger the project, the fewer and fewer projects, and the industry will slowly cool down. But let me choose to choose architecture and do a lifetime architectural plan. How good is creative work?

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