That’s because when you build a rocket during an interview, when you really build a rocket, 80% of you can’t even screw a screw. High-tech equipment industry. In the past few years, I have been bringing newcomers, double 985211, graduate students from the top 20 schools in the country, it is really hard to describe. In the end, less than 30% of the training came out, and other big waves and sand were hit on the beach. 1. The school teaches the latest and cutting-edge knowledge, and the breadth cannot keep up with the practical technology developed by the newly emerging technology companies (these are too expensive to sell, and they are ready to study imitation by themselves. As a result, these graduate students only solve the theoretical problems. Feasibility, it will cost a lot of money and time to actually achieve it. How can the company allow this) KO. 2. The details are not handled properly. This has something to do with your own character and experience. This can be tolerated, but it takes time to temper. 3. The depth of technology is not even higher. Schools can do it. Actual work, price, stability, operability, equipment performance limit, equipment performance extension, hidden performance mining. These newcomers are simply doing disasters, and they are often completely overthrown and reinvented. These wasted time and the delays caused by the project, it is better to arrange for the old employees to work overtime at the beginning. Therefore, companies now engage in bundled recruitment of new recruits. How many years have to be done after they come, so that the company can spend great efforts to train you and give you opportunities for trial and error. For this, many people have very big opinions. It’s polite to recruit in and let you screw the screws. Working so hard every day, why bother to come to work? Isn’t it good to start your own business? Is it okay to be a boss and abuse yourself, to work hard, and to have no complaints?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The supply and demand of talents are out of balance, and jobs are hard to find. Part of it is because the level of education in modern society has exceeded the demand too much. There are many opposite situations. For example, let people with elementary school education rebuild the modern industrial system. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the new China faced such a situation. “What do I need most now? Talents who understand technology are more precious than any golden gems. Marcos, I will never find a second person like you.” Marcos was disturbed by the praise: “No. Sir–in fact. I didn’t even graduate from high school–” “At least you have studied in high school, Marcos. This is remarkable in our current era. I don’t know why our destiny arranged for us to come. Here, I know that your education in the past is enough to dazzle the most profound scholars in Spain today. You can read and write, know how to calculate, understand the principles of cost and efficiency, know statistics, and understand the formulas and formulas I have written to you. Process flow chart. What can I expect? That’s right. I took a few students and I was very smart. But I had to teach them a little bit from the decimal point and the principle of leverage, which is more difficult than building Rome. Marcos , You are my right arm and right arm. Without you, who can I rely on? Your 17th-century compatriots are blinded by religious superstition, they see the machine as a demon, they will only kneel on the ground and pray that they will not be eaten. Spaniards? Those gods who only recite the sacrament and yell and execute heretics all day long, or slackers and idiots who are only interested in making money and making mixed-race illegitimate children? Marcos, this era allows us to rewrite History, do a great career. But the start is difficult, you have to help me.” After Hale said this, he poked his head out of the car hood and dropped the flattered Fernando Marcos and sat in the car in a daze. .

6 months ago

Because although the world has changed, people’s minds remain the same, and most people have the mentality of Wu Dalang to open a shop. If there are more people who come in according to the screw-tightening standard, some of them will become leaders over time. These people can’t tolerate those who make rockets, and they will wear little shoes to drag them back and push the scapegoat. Even if the person screwing the screw is not in the leadership position, it is easy to bully the new employee as an old employee. The reason for the collapse of many large companies is because the middle-level people deceive the lower and lie to the upper level, occupy the pit and do not shit. If the standard is not as high as possible from the beginning, the exodus of mediocre people will come soon.

6 months ago

The number of recruits for companies is always limited. As long as the company feels that “certain positions” require higher quality of personnel, and the gap between people is relatively large, then when there are only N places on hand, there are M What do companies think when they are candidates? When N and M are about the same size, the company feels that the candidate is qualified. When N is much greater than M, the company treats the candidate as its master. When N is much smaller than M, the company has to choose from these M candidates. Not only must they be qualified, but they must also be excellent. Not only must they pass the test with 60 points, but they must change the law to see who is more powerful. Therefore, even if the position requires screwing, the interview will require the ability to build rockets. The status quo is that the number of N places for “certain positions” is much smaller than the total number M of candidates. This “certain position”, of course, includes but is not limited to more professional programmer positions. Don’t feel unfair, the world is inherently unfair. The world doesn’t owe you anything. Don’t waste time wailing on the Internet. Why can’t you do screwing work if you can screw a screw? All you see is screwing, but screwing. There are also high-level and low-level techniques. What you have to do is to make yourself a part of the N and avoid becoming a part of the MN.

6 months ago

Let’s talk about it, if you don’t adjust those twists and turns, in fact, there are not so many twists and turns. When I first started working for a year or two, I also felt that it was the truth to make rockets in interviews. It was the truth to screw the screws in interviews. The JVM mechanism, JUD, and the bottom layer of those things in the interview were asked what is the use of these things. Do you still write business code when you go to work? This idea has been going on. After a long time, I blew up the project during the interview. The principles of Baidu and Baidu on the Internet. Suddenly one day I realized it. I won’t say how I realized it. If it’s impossible to be suspected of being a marketing account, don’t send me a private message, and I won’t reply to a private message. Let me give you an example. I usually write business code and don’t care about whether it is executed concurrently by multiple threads. In local testing and testing environment, the speed is generally too high, but if there is a scenario, in order to obtain a copy of data , I need to access the interfaces of other systems two or three times, so the serial execution time is a bit terrible, in fact, the data is not related, just spliced ​​into one, then there is a concurrent programming concurrent access interface, will it improve performance? What? This is just an ordinary business scenario, but I think maybe 60% to 70% of programmers will choose serial execution, so instead of screwing the screws at work, I want you to do it yourself when you work. Rockets, you don’t have that logic of thinking.

6 months ago

An enterprise is like building a rocket. Everyone is responsible for a part of it to build the rocket. If you really look at it apart, it seems that no one has done anything, but they are all an indispensable part. It seems to screw a screw. The screw looks inconspicuous, but the screw is very important. If it is not screwed, it will affect the use. Tightening screws is boring, because you keep repeating this kind of work. No matter what job you are, no matter how tall you are, one day you will feel like you are screwing a screw. This is the essence of work. You post invoices and make tables every day at the company. Urge the supplier to ship the goods. What you think seems to be nothing, you think that what you do is something that you can do. But in fact, you are the head of internal service, so you can’t do it if you have no experience in internal service. At least, the invoice is unclear, and the basic situation on the supply side is also unclear. When you call every day at the company, you open your mouth and say: sister x, brother x, we have activities now, the one you are looking at is now discounted with xx. Relatives say that you are a fool, and even you yourself doubt your own worth. But you are actually discovering what they need for customers, meeting customer requirements, and creating job opportunities for colleagues on the production side. After all, they will have a job if you sell it. You are in the company every day to urge team leader A: you do this project report. Leader b: Why is your data so bad. Remind leader c: Do you want to arrange a training? You think you are like a small officer, doing some chores every day, but in fact you are the project leader. After you are familiar with all the supply, sales, finance, training, and Party A, you will be fully responsible for the overall planning. Do you think you are important? But it’s refined, that is, making phone calls and meetings.

6 months ago

First of all, this has a lot to do with the employment base. Job seekers are forced to reduce their dimensionality and work because there are too many monks and little gruel, and the competition is high. There are only 10 airplane-building positions and 100 screw-screw positions in the market-if there are only 5 people who can build airplanes and 105 people who can screw screws apply for a job, then everyone who can build airplanes can make airplanes. work. There are also five people who screw the screws best, and they can barely be mentioned to the position of building airplanes. The company can only hope that they can learn to build airplanes slowly. But if there are many job seekers, there are 100 people who can build airplanes, and 1,000 people who can screw screws, then only the top 10 airplanes can be qualified to build airplanes. Although the remaining 90 can build airplanes, they can only find work to screw the screws. Those who only screw the screws are either backward compatible or unemployed.

6 months ago

It is said that companies like two kinds of people: those who are particularly smart or those who can bear hardships and stand hard work. How can these two kinds of people be recruited at the same time? Interview makes a rocket. So why do you screw the screws after joining the company? Because most of the work of the enterprise is originally these tasks. Also, don’t you let you build rockets, can you guarantee the performance of your rockets? There are people who build rockets in the company, but it takes three or five years of experience, right?

6 months ago

The interview looks at the upper limit of applicants, and the job is arranged on demand. In the bank exam, I thought I was interviewing the president. I went down to “finance to the countryside” and went up to the country’s macroeconomic policy. The actual job was… teller, handling procedures, selling credit cards, and selling ETC. Internet company interviews are both leadership and algorithmic architecture. As a result, adjustments, tests, and control C+V are required after entry. So why do you need to examine the upper limit of the interview? To put it bluntly, it’s still a roll. Think about it, everyone, what is the most important requirement for recruiting a position? It is the skills and abilities that match the position. But the question is, are there so many positions that require such high-tech skills and abilities? If not, the problem has come again. Because of the high pressure of competition, some ordinary jobs have attracted the pursuit and competition of many people. For example, there are many professional service companies, such as auditing, which tend to be “labor-intensive” professional services. Do you really need so many top-level students at home and abroad? But if they do come to deliver it, not one or two, but a bunch, how do you sift it? You can only use more and more perverted questions to select people. The selection test is like this. The higher the level of everyone, the more difficult the questions, otherwise it really can’t be screened out… Then why screw the screws when entering the job? Obviously, on-demand distribution. A company doesn’t need so many decision-makers, if anyone can make a decision, then it won’t be messy. The problem comes again, the decision-making level only needs a few, but…the executive level needs too many people, after all, being able to land is the kingly way. So how does the execution layer execute, and how does it land? Understanding the opinions of the decision-making level, splitting tasks, and assigning tasks, at this point, the tasks that are assigned to individuals are really screwing the screws. But the same is screwing, and different industries and companies are different. Take auditing as an example. Maybe some people’s “screw” is to collect evidence, but some people’s “screw” is to help IPO financial consulting; the same is to do finance, and some people’s “screw” is to sort out data and read reports. , But some people’s “screws” are to do roadshow PPT and handle trust documents… This is why they are also recruiting people to screw the screws. The “rockets” for certain positions and industry exams are the reason that they can be recycled and reused. .

6 months ago

I don’t think I’m talking about the idea. According to my work experience, I think the most important reason is: the more highly developed a company is, the more it will gradually get rid of its dependence on people’s uncertainty in order to develop smoothly. This is to say that compared to recruiting talents from all walks of life, companies are more willing to design a system after reaching a certain height. This system allows anyone to do the same job without going wrong. The advantages of this system It is a smooth and stable enterprise development curve. This is also the bigger the role of the corporate person is smaller, the boss likes to say: you have today is the platform given to you by the company, without the company you are not so good. This is actually true for many people. If a company’s work revolves around several big cows, then the company is very fragile. Looking at reality, it’s common for companies to kick their founders away for survival, so you understand. Needless to say, “screws are to lay the foundation, and screws are to familiarize themselves with the grassroots.” There is no need to say anything about fierce competition. In the scroll, even if it is about building a rocket, it is also a big project. This project spreads everyone’s work into small things like screwing screws. Only when a rocket can ascend to heaven, people are not robots, and there are too many people. Uncertain

6 months ago

Speak only human words, say something that everyone understands! The reason is simple, you are a part-time worker! The company is building rockets, but the person who builds the rocket is the boss! The company is not yours, you are only involved in the process of building the rocket, nothing more, what else do you want! This is the most basic workplace rule. Except for the boss, they are all the role of screwing the red string! I heard some workplace whites say that this industry is good, this company is good, this prospect is good… and so on. The question comes, this company is not yours, is it related to you? Just take your salary. If you are late, you should be deducted or deducted. This is the truth! Hit the workers, just tighten the screws. What kind of bicycles do you want? If the workers want to build rockets in the office, let him build a team by himself. Once the team is set up, he can build people in the office! good luck!

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