Li Ning official:

With dreams, we are born towards the sun.
Welcome DAYTOY to officially join the Li Ning family and become the global spokesperson for Xiao Zhan and Li Ning’s sports trend products!
Here, he will perform more roles
Empower “sports” to ignite enthusiasm
Open the new energy of “trend”
Jointly “designing” a blueprint for the future
In the future, please expect him to ignite enthusiasm with sports and open up infinite possibilities

This wave of official announcements narrowed the road. How far the Li Ning brand can go in the future can be seen in this cotton incident, and don’t expect to rely on Li Ning’s domestic products to rise. (According to the comment, it seems that it cannot be regarded as a domestic product in the strict sense.) Competitive foreign products have been suppressed, and consumer enthusiasm for consumption is high. As long as the market and public relations departments stabilize themselves and investigate public opinion a little bit, they will not be anxious now. Officially announced such a controversial artist. Now how many celebrities have just terminated their contracts with big names. Li Ning’s stock price has soared and is riding the wave of domestic sports products. Not to mention the top-notch signing. It is more than enough to sign first-line big names. Take the opportunity to increase market positioning, expand market share, and build brand appeal. , Isn’t it fragrant? But Li Ning doesn’t. It doesn’t think about how my company will develop in the future. It thinks about when I will be scolded the least by officials, and when there is no overtaking in corners. I only have this one-third of my land in front of me. It can only be said to be disappointment. I placed my hopes on Li Ning, but it turned out to be A Dou who couldn’t afford it. Additional update: This review is not aimed at any artist, but Li Ning definitely has a better choice. When the first goal is to expand the market, choosing an artist who is not controversial can greatly reduce resistance.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It’s really a sloppy card game… Ready-made homework can’t be copied… At present, if you want to take advantage of this heat, the best way is to immediately sign Gulinaza and Di Lieba. But at this stage, xz? I’m not saying that xz is wrong, and I don’t mean to look down on xz at all. Although all celebrities on the Internet have sunspots, if you visit various forums on the Internet, you can surf the Internet! You will know that, except for Weibo, xz is almost as black as a joke on various platforms… In this golden age, I really can’t think of other adjectives for such a controversial artist to endorse. That’s it. A pair of kings, four 2s, all in the hand, the opponent played a pair of 3s, and then you use a pair of 2s to play…it’s Nima outrageous. Can’t you copy homework… The two big beauties next door from Xinjiang have just terminated their contract… Ps: I’ll reiterate that I don’t mean anything against xz, I just look at it from the professional perspective of media brand communication , I think, choose to announce that the controversy is really huge xz to endorse during the best spreading period-that is, within the golden three days of the event. This kind of operation, this kind of thinking mode… Brand planning, really should take the initiative to resign… Really, even if you do nothing… Mass tap water will help you catch up with this wave of dividends… But on the contrary…

8 months ago

It’s cold, I wish him a prosperous business. Anyway, I won’t buy it anymore. I think Li Ning’s public relations: take advantage of the situation to operate urgently, take Xinjiang celebrities such as Gulinaza and Tong Liya as the main strategy points, and choose to replace the speakers. Or choose Zhang Xiaofei or comedy star, who has a good reputation and popularity recently, as the spokesperson. . The Xinjiang celebrity copywriter wrote: 1. I speak for my hometown! 2. The screen shows Queen Fan, with Li Ning on the left hand and Hometown on the right hand, looking contemptuously at the faint metaphors behind the boycott of the brand or the boycott of the country. Just write in the copy, “Don’t be afraid, there is still me”! The first pun is that the spokesperson tells his hometown, don’t be afraid, and I’m the second is the brand Li Ning tells users who don’t know how to choose, don’t be afraid, and me! Zhang Xiaofei or comedy star’s copywriter writes: 1. Boycott? That’s a joke! 2. Today’s joke, the fact that cotton is not selling well is actually Li Ning’s PR: Brothers, I’ll perform a unique trick for everyone, called “Give you a chance, you won’t use it!” “Isn’t this a free profit?” If you operate well, Li Ning has become a national brand, and it is possible to rival Huawei’s reputation. Have to create controversy? Your brand can be opened with the public relations department. It’s useless to keep it. The user surveys were not clear, the market analysis was not clear, and the product audience was not clear. The current market situation of the spokesperson, the public opinion of the endorsement brand has exploded to a worsening degree than before the endorsement. Have you investigated? Let’s open it. . When someone wants to see it, let’s talk about it. First of all, I know that the choice of the spokesperson has been determined long ago. Li Ning chose to release at this time. Obviously he understands the hidden dangers and risks of the spokesperson. He tried to use domestic products + Xiao Zhan. Hedging risks and minimizing his influence, he wanted to take advantage of the momentum to absorb the two groups of traffic fans and patriots, but he obviously miscalculated. A mature big brand needs word of mouth, followed by traffic, because your own reputation is already big enough, don’t let users dispute, this is a serious loss for a big brand, user fragmentation represents brand fragmentation . This matter is not a question of buying Li Ning for those who support Xiao Zhan, or not buying Li Ning for those who do not support Xiao Zhan. But when the controversy arises, the people’s support for Li Ning is lost, and Li Ning’s desire to become a national brand has become a joke. The rare opportunity it expected in a century is gone, and now half a bottle of water is still swaying. The last time it was a trade war, Huawei broke the siege, don’t you see how much Huawei’s reputation is today? This time it is Li Ning, you are not up for it. First, this is Li Ning’s experience of going further to the national brand of Huawei. He can even use this as a period to make a year-long business operation plan, because judging from the current situation with Europe and the United States, it cannot end in a day or two. At that time, he can become a national brand like Huawei. The country is doing the backstage help, and the whole country is building a reputation. This is a big opportunity, but he missed it, and he did not miss it. He tore it and threw it away. What is this called? This tells you that seventeen cards can second me? Second, many people think that PR is a very early rule that needs to be done step by step, which is wrong. This is the case in most public relations, but the most important thing in public relations is to deal with emergencies, whether it is positive or negative. As far as the spokesperson is concerned, if there is no way to finalize it at a half-time, then temporary cooperation, urgent Public relations, everything is simple, this is very common in public relations. You Li Ning paid a small price to win the reputation of the whole people, what a chance to show up. What is this called? This tells Auntie, hurry up and pour a cup of cappuccino for Auntie. Third, a friend raised a question below. Li Ning has a foreign market, so he can’t offend foreign users. This copy is too sharp. I would like to ask everyone, you have been drinking Coke for so long, do you know what the main copywriting used by Coca-Cola to promote abroad is? The difference caused by the information blockage and the national conditions is destined to be very few people paying attention to it. It is true that abroad, but it is still the same at home. Take a step back and say, when Li Ning wins the national reputation and becomes a national brand, it is endorsed and supported by the country, surrounded by people and shouts, even if these hidden dangers break out, is it important? The brand of national strength is enough to support his Li Ning family. I have been contacted by many brands, here is a unified statement. I used to be a copywriter of an advertising company. If you need me to participate in follow-up planning. . . You can leave a message to me in the background, but it is better not to come to me with the heart of a prostitute. . . I can’t just work without eating grass. .

8 months ago

Xiao Zhan’s endorsement of Li Ning has long been heard, but there has been no official announcement. Now it is obvious that I want to make an official announcement when Nike Adi is at the cusp of the storm and the people are passionately supporting domestic products. It seems that everyone will not be so disgusted, although I think this calculation is wrong. I have always felt that finding traffic stars to endorse sporting goods is a very (friendly) idea. Does China lack well-known sports athletes? Not to mention that this time is still a controversial disqualified artist. Official announcements at this point in time are even more offensive. You know what the artist you signed is. You have signed the endorsement for more than two months and dare not make an official announcement. Want to take advantage of this time to get hot? There are no doors. BCI and the majority of international brands’ attack on Xinjiang cotton in China is a premeditated political bullying, and it can be regarded as an international dispute when it grows up. Everyone supports domestic products out of support for the country and for the outside world. The resistance that squeezed out Chinese behavior in recent years. Do you want to profit from this situation at this time? Disqualified artists want to take the opportunity to whitewash? Do you still have any sense of shame? I wonder if you are sincerely grateful to BCI for making such a show? After all, there is no BCI demon. You have signed the disqualified artist Xiao Zhan. You still don’t know how to make it public, right? yue~patriotic goods ≠ love Li Ning, patriotic goods ≠ love Xiao Zhan, boycott Xiao Zhan ≠ boycott domestic products, a very large number of excellent domestic sports brands have long been born in China for consumers to choose. Disqualified artists should not think about the dividends of national disasters, we will continue to resist, and domestic companies must also be worthy of their own conscience (if any). Newer, find that a certain fan does not even admit that the master is a disqualified artist? Do you still want to deny the disqualified idol named in black and white by the “Procurator Daily”? Really think you can turn over? Dream

8 months ago

A pair of socks 99?
Although I boycotted Nike’s behavior this time, it doesn’t mean I am optimistic about Li Ning.
As far as my feet are concerned, I can’t wear Li Ning’s shoes.
and so.
I didn’t buy it before, and now I don’t buy it either.
The big deal is that I don’t wear sports, but leather shoes instead. It really doesn’t work, old Beijing cloth shoes.
Anyway, I don’t trust Li Ning’s shoes.

8 months ago

Li Ning invited Xiao Zhan. Other domestic brands sell better. This is probably the legendary “butterfly effect”. &Like Peak, Smith Barney, these can choose domestic brands are added at the end of the article. It was originally planned to be officially announced in April, and the emergency file has been filed until today, and the meaning is self-explanatory. Li Ning, do you have to use the favor of the Xinjiang cotton incident to replace Xiao Zhan with mine? I’m still thinking about the inconsistency of public relations. Taking advantage of these two days of heat, netizens can save me a few words. I really have to wait for April to support fewer supporters. Others will redeem the merits, and Li Ning is in love with thunder. So shrimp’s new language skills have become, no matter who endorses him, support for domestic products is over. Ha ha. It’s a good idea to change the concept. Support Xiao Zhan = support domestic products, boycott Xiao Zhan = boycott domestic products? Sorry, don’t kidnap others. Supporting domestic products and boycotting Xiao Zhan are not in conflict. I don’t want to cut off the sales of your home. Li Ning will leave it to Xiao Zhan’s supporters to buy it. I believe it can buy the Guinness World Record just like Guangdian. Supporting domestic products is not just about buying Li Ning, thinking too much, come, friends, take a look at our Xiaofeiyue and Xiaohuili, take a look at Anta, take a look at Feile (half of a domestic product), take a look at Xtep, take a look 361°, there is also Hongxing Erke (the first brand to stand up to support Xinjiang Cotton), Peak (the research and development is so powerful, I checked it, and said that Peak is the first domestic sports brand that relies purely on technological innovation, and the state-of-the-art series Great). Which is not fragrant. Which is not stronger than straddling a brazier, and straddling faster after putting it on. If you are more casual, Amway Feiyue these joint series, weird and cute.

8 months ago

Now that the whole people are boycotting these foreign brands that discriminate against Xinjiang cotton, these stinky fish and shrimps in China feel they can do it again. To be honest, our country is the least qualified to call for the rise of domestic products is the clothing category brand, as if their poor life is because the Chinese people worship foreign and foreign harm. Li Ning is a veteran of nationalist emotional marketing, but in the past two years, because of this kind of marketing has been a bit miserable, he has begun to try to make money out of money. But as soon as the Xinjiang cotton problem came out, it mobilized his original muscle memory. It didn’t matter, I just thought it was ridiculous. Now the whole network is boycotting Adidas Nike Uniqlo, saying that they want to buy domestic products, buy national trends, and buy domestic clothing brands. I really don’t want to, why? These foreigner brands are eating Chinese food, smashing Chinese pots, and getting rid of them quickly. But when the tide receded, those beam jumping clowns who were supposed to swim naked actually appeared on the stage, swaggering to provoke a striptease, do you still need a face? Why do I say that domestic clothing brands are the least qualified to call for the rise of domestic products? Because I am afraid of comparison. Are there any technical thresholds in the apparel industry? Is there a shortage of factories, a market, raw materials, or labor in our country? We are not short of anything, not only, our comprehensive strength in these areas far surpasses other countries. However, with the support of such favorable conditions, the representative of our domestic clothing brand is actually Li Ning, like Huili. Li Ning will not say anything. I admit that Li Ning is indeed a sportswear brand with design and technology. But what is the virtue of his trend line [Li Ning, China]? With the Chinese characters printed, I dared to sell a 200-year-old sweater to five or six hundred, good fellow. Learn foreigners [Chinese people are stupid and have a lot of money] This set of marketing studies is clear. Huili is not as good as Li Ning. Compared with Huili, Li Ning is pure and pure like a white lotus. I dare say that to boycott foreign sports brands such as Adi Nike, the first thing to die is to pull back. Because there is no material to copy. Oh, no. Pull back can also copy Li Ning Anta. Pull back has really achieved the ultimate in plagiarism design, exploiting cheap domestic labor, fighting price wars, and emotional marketing, and then products crazy copying the design of foreign sports brands. This brand is now called the light of domestic products? ? ? Shameless. China’s clothing industry has never had any disadvantages. It’s hard to live by self-criticism, copy foreign designs, copy foreign marketing routines, is he not hesitating to make products and brands. Why? It’s so slow to make money. How happy and easy is it to make money after a foreigner? As a result, foreigners have been boycotted now, and they have turned into boutique products of domestic products? The great jealousy of sliding the world. Look at the domestic technology industry, look at Huawei, DJI, and Xiaomi. This is the real brilliance of domestic products. Under the background of the disadvantages of backward technology and incomplete industrial chain layout, it just blazes a trail and makes good products and foreign digital products battle on the same stage. I really hope that taking this opportunity, the domestic apparel industry can reflect on its own problems, and strive to build its own brand, so that the people will buy your products willingly, even if it is more expensive. As long as things are done well, Chinese people have never been stingy with their own country’s brands. As a representative enterprise of domestic apparel sports brands, what else did Li Ning do? Hurry up the official announcement of Xiao Zhan’s endorsement, so that the public opinion against Xiao Zhan that might have been aroused was suppressed by the sentiment of boycotting foreign clothing brands. Ha ha. It’s ism in the mouth, and it’s business in the heart. I hope that these domestic clothing brands can take care of themselves. Cutting leeks based on national sentiment is not a long-term solution. The Chinese have never been big fools. Foreigners bullied us, thinking that we were stupid. But the more so, the more we have to spur our own brand, the more we have to supervise our own brand. Instead of brainlessly supporting these black-hearted merchants who happen to have bad money. Brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Uniqlo will not give up the Chinese market easily. I don’t know how they will operate and where public opinion will go. I only hope that when these brands return to the sight of Chinese consumers, our own brands can already stand firm with them, instead of lingering under the protection of our compatriots. the above.

8 months ago

Teach you how to lose in the flying dragon riding face. To be honest, I’m afraid Li Ning hadn’t thought of why many people who had supported themselves the day before would turn their guns overnight, wishing to hang their own lights, and the reason was that they had hired an endorsement. Maybe they know what this endorsement means, otherwise they will not pick a relatively positive time node to announce this; but they must have a misjudgment, that is, they think that when everyone is angry and boycotts foreign brands When supporting domestic brands, this kind of friendliness to domestic brands will be brought to the brand itself, and then some other behaviors of domestic brands will be accepted. Can not be said to be wishful thinking, can only be said to be unclear. To enjoy this kind of bonus, brands must always stand in the same position as consumers, instead of taking all of this for granted. People choose to support you because you are in the list of options that can be supported, not because it is you that we support. When you conform to the hearts of the people, you will gain support, and when you jump out to play a show operation, you can only usher in spurning. Li Ning was the first to express his position, and they stood on the national stand for the first time. Even if we say that this trick is largely to consume everyone’s patriotic enthusiasm, it doesn’t matter. Because we are unanimously outside. However, when this endorsement appeared, the originally unified foreign front was quickly divided into opposing sides because of the spokesperson. Because this spokesperson has told us countless times that he represents the harvest and contempt of us by the capital behind him in various ways. Since you want to try it, you can try it. Li Ning is a sports brand for the masses. In recent years, on the basis of sports, it has begun to develop in the direction of cultural creation, fashion and even trendy brands. In the final analysis, Li Ning still manages a mass consumer category. Since facing the public, Li Ning must consider a question: whose meal do you eat. Foreign brands use Xinjiang to engage in three-and-four tricks, we smashed their pots and treat you as a priority; now you engage in three-and-four tricks through the spokesperson, do you think you are very humorous?

8 months ago

Let’s not comment on Xiao Zhan’s personality, but it is always true that he has had various negative news in the past year. Li Ning’s idea: Use the masses’ recent patriotic sentiment to offset the negative influence of the spokesperson. At the same time harvesting the wallets of the patriots + Xiao Zhan fans. And my thoughts: I can choose Anta. This opportunity is seized to directly become a national brand, but domestic manufacturers always have to show what it means that mud can’t help the wall. You can obviously choose something that is not controversial, such as Gao Zan’s choice of Xinjiang celebrities, a wave of patriotism in marketing, but you have to choose a controversial traffic, and this is a good thing.

8 months ago

I really didn’t want to be disgusted because of Xiao Zhan’s thing, but today it is really disgusting again. A large number of celebrities canceled their contracts in the first two days. Although it was to protect the dignity of Guo Jia, the artists who terminated the contract reduced their endorsements or lost money. They all suffered losses. In the final analysis, it is not a good thing. Early this morning, Xiao Zhan used the form of a hot search to announce new endorsements at the pace of contract termination. Not only netizens, but I don’t know what people in the circle think? Does Xiao Zhan really need to worry about anyone’s feelings? Regarding Li Ning, if he declares a reputable spokesperson at this time, he can indeed make a lot of money, but he declares that he will not support Li Ning by supporting the limelight of supporting domestic products. Comments in various forums have been overturned. I love my motherland and I support domestic products, but I don’t support Li Ning, who is tainted by Xiao Zhan. This is my attitude. In fact, it was announced today that they must have made an assessment. But why do you want to announce it? For Li Ning, boycotters and netizens, and even Xiao Zhanfans, are not the main consumers. The annual marketing volume of hundreds of millions of dollars does not depend on this group of people. Public opinion is certainly important, but it is only a peak of a few days. For Xiao Zhan, there is only the last link in the comeback process: endorsements. Two or three endorsements were announced before, but the situation is not good, Mengniu stock plummeted, and Mosen Glasses is a small brand, so the big endorsements have been slow to announce. But now, with many brands being boycotted and supporting the limelight of domestic products, on the one hand, patriots can set up whitewashing, on the other hand, sales figures will look good, which is an excellent opportunity to break the endorsement deadlock. Netizens complain that he doesn’t really care, as long as the sales are good, the business is profit-seeking. This time the endorsement is successful, other businesses will use him. Prophecy: First, there will be a lot of hot searches about Li Ning next, and second, he will announce a lot of endorsements immediately. In summary, because of the overall environment, the sales data of domestic products such as Li Ning will rise, and Xiao Zhan just enjoys this bonus. Netizens’ verbal abuse and venting cannot change this fact.

8 months ago

Some people don’t really want to boycott these Western brands, but just want to use patriotic justice to carry private goods and kidnap others to achieve their goals. They weren’t as fair as they said. At this time, Li Ning’s sales increase all became the performance of that person, and the fans were very happy. There are many domestic products, and Li Ning is not the only one. Li Ning made this choice at this time, so he should bear the consequences. The sweetness is temporary, but its status in the hearts of many people has plummeted. I hope the Internet has memory. Some people don’t use it to check in.

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