On March 25, local time, US President Biden held the first press conference since he took office at the White House. According to a Reuters report that day, the press conference lasted more than an hour. Biden mainly talked about Sino-US relations, the new crown epidemic, seeking re-election in 2024, immigration policy and other issues.

On the issue of Sino-US relations, Biden told reporters that the United States “does not intend to seek confrontation,” but will insist on China’s so-called “fair competition,” “fair trade,” and “respect for human rights” international rules. He emphasized that the United States will inevitably have “fierce competition” with China. He will expand investment in American industries, win over allies, and “prevent China from surpassing the United States.”

“China has an overall goal… to become the world’s leading, richest, and most powerful country.” Biden said, “This will not happen during my tenure. Because the United States will continue to grow.”

Biden emphasized that China has huge investments in scientific research. In order to ensure the competitiveness of the United States in research, he will expand investment in emerging technologies such as biotechnology, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence, and hopes to spend R&D expenditures in the United States. The proportion of GDP increased from 0.7% to 2%.

Biden also pointed out that “China’s spending on infrastructure is three times that of the United States,” so the United States will also carry out “real investment.” He plans to announce a trillion-dollar infrastructure proposal next week. (Source: Observer Network)


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Biden’s political methods are really much stronger than Trump. Trump offended all his allies and then headed head-to-head with China. Trump believes that with the strength of the United States, China can be crushed, but China has been able to adapt to it in a trade war. Since 2020, the U.S. has been really miserable in responding to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, with half a million deaths and a concentrated outbreak of various contradictions. This has shown us the disadvantages and dark sides of the U.S. system. Trump was bluffing and brought a strong United States to fight with us for four years. Not only did we fully adapt, the GDP also reached 72% of the United States historically. In 2021, the United States has experienced the toss of Trump’s tenure and the consumption during the epidemic. The national strength and national credit have declined. Now our economy is stronger and the foundation is stronger. Biden is here, with fatigue and weakness. America, do we need to be afraid? If Biden continues to follow Trump’s routine, we certainly don’t have to be afraid, because we have already adapted. However, it is impossible for an old fried dough stick like Biden to be unaware of this point. He knew in his heart that the United States singled out sanctions against China that would not work. It only needs to disrupt the world. No one bought U.S. debt, Biden sent planes to bomb Syrian militia close to Iran. The place is Syrian, and the killers are close to Iran, but they are not part of Iran’s direct line. When Iran and Syria were really looking for trouble, it was easy to explain that neither of them’s interests were touched, but this action deterred the Middle East, and the assets of all countries were not safe enough. At this time, the attractiveness of U.S. debt rises because the United States is safe enough. The United States has even more clever means of harvesting Saudi Arabia. The United States has removed the “Yemen Houthi” from the list of terrorist organizations that has attacked Saudi Arabia for a long time. This signal means that the Houthi armed forces are no longer a terrorist organization considered by the United States. They have untied the chains and received support in disguise! They can either buy weapons or engage in military attacks, which are counted as local conflicts. The Houthis have never been short of money. In the past, they could not buy weapons because they were suppressed because of their status as terrorists. As soon as the United States lifted the ban, the Houthis first attacked Saudi oil fields by drones, and then intensively bombed Saudi Arabia’s largest crude oil export port and the headquarters of Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco is the money bag of the Saudi government, and the bombing of the most important crude oil export port has caused global oil prices to soar. The tension in the Middle East has made China and the European Union the most uncomfortable after the epidemic that needs to rely on Middle Eastern oil recovery. Their expectations for global economic growth have fallen, and global capital markets are under pressure. Two days after the Saudi port was bombed, it is estimated that the Saudi royal family spent money to eliminate the disaster. A tweet by the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia caused the European stock market to rise overnight. The ambassador just said, “Houthi attacks are unacceptable, and the United States has always supported Saudi Arabia.” With only one deletion of the “terrorist organization list”, the entire Middle East can be disrupted and Saudi Arabia bows its head. An ambiguous tweet by an ambassador subsequently stabilized the global market. In this round of operations, the United States has achieved a beating against the Middle East and Europe without any effort. It can be seen from the wrist of the Biden administration that Biden boarded the plane and fell three somersaults in a row. It is not ruled out that it is a means to show the enemy’s weakness. We must be vigilant (ridicule). After all, the American industrial heritage and powerful forces are there. So many years of accumulation cannot be changed by the Trump administration in one term. It is like a sleeping tiger, but after a nap, we still need to work harder, work harder, work harder, and it’s far from the time to celebrate.

6 months ago

Don’t expect the enemy to be kind to you. It is extremely dangerous to have this kind of thought. He just wants to be vicious and evil is a good thing. If he runs over with a smile, you must hurry up your gun. When the enemy does not oppose you, you must be highly vigilant, either you have a problem, or he has a problem. So is there any difference between the words of the old Biden and the words of his old superior Obama? Didn’t Guanhai say that if the Chinese lived the life of an American, the earth would be ruined. It’s very simple, I’m here to live this kind of life, don’t live it. Let’s not always follow the enemy’s baton. He will refute whatever he says. This is the trap of the enemy’s words. Someone said again, then I will not speak but act, this is not okay, Chairman Mao said that if you do not occupy the position of public opinion, you will occupy the enemy. You still want you to beat you, I’ll beat mine. When we squatted on the border post, our border troops had a “fitness exercise”, that is, carrying stones. There are many disputed areas on the China-India border without clear boundaries. There are only some stones as markers. At night, Indians will come and move us over, and we will move back. As you all know, Indians have strange brain circuits. One time, an Indian soldier might not have enough of their food that pigs didn’t eat. On that day, the chef in the kitchen might not wash his hands and did something quite outrageous: he brought us the stone and was still there. Something disgusting has been done on it. Up to now, I don’t want to describe what he did. It was really disgusting, and the posture was wrong. You must know that those stones are actually quite big, and it is very difficult for us to move them. To accomplish this feat, he either has to make himself a crotch, or he has to use his hands. We have a little warrior who is very angry. It is really angry and explodes. We want to “peer to each other”. I said you don’t want to be angry, let alone “equal.” We are also civilized people at any rate. How can you? Like that? So we moved all the stones back, but this one didn’t move. I still have an infinite love for telephoto lenses, which is rarely used, but every camera must have telephoto and super telephoto. This hobby is developed in border defense. At that time we had a lot of telephoto cameras, mainly used for long-distance concealed evidence collection. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the Indians to taste the sweetness of “yellow-marking” the stones, because they must think that we definitely don’t want to touch the “yellow-marked” stones. This place is also very coincidental. There are big rocks everywhere on the border defense, and this is a bare grassland. It is quite difficult to get big rocks over. At this time, the benefits of the telephoto camera are reflected. It can be viewed from a long distance, and there is no need for parents and children to run over. Running over is tired, and it is easy to get rid of the grass. When the Indian soldiers came to move the stones again, they began to “yellow” on a large scale and in batches. Let me tell you that it is really spectacular! A row of large white radishes, pouting like a neat row of large white radishes. It’s just that this time there is a telephoto opportunity waiting. I can sort of figure out how they put the yellow mark on it. Some of them used very strange postures, and some used them directly. The next day I asked them to come over for a meeting, and I had to admit that their high-caste officer laughed so beautifully, like a spring flower, throwing away all the troubles and all the sorrows. I laughed too, couldn’t hold it back, right? I threw the pile of photos to him, and his face turned green immediately, with a row of big white buttocks, still performing functions that humans can’t perform. The image is somewhat strange, but the boys are still wearing uniforms and cap badges clearly. , The armbands are all visible, you can see which unit is available at a glance, and have both close and long views. I lodged a protest with the high-ranking Asan, and lodged solemn representations against India’s unauthorized changes to the status quo of the border area, and expressed that I would submit these photos to our highest institution as evidence. The senior Asan counseled on the spot, saying that we still don’t want it. Let’s talk about it. His superior knows that he needs to clean up. I said that’s okay. You should move back the “yellow-labeled” stones yourself, and we reserve all possible powers to deal with them. I didn’t run to see how their soldiers moved their yellow-labeled stones back honestly. I guess it’s not easy to hold my breath. Then turned in the photo. In the end, I didn’t see any movement. I guess it was too disgusting from the above… So, what are you arguing with him? He slaps you on the left cheek, you slap him on the left cheek, and you guard the left cheek. This is all called “dancing with someone else’s baton.” Wouldn’t it be over if you just kick him on the stomach, really.

6 months ago

No matter how bad the gangster is, it won’t collapse by itself without kicking it, and if it doesn’t collapse in one day, the demon expert like the United States Agency for International Development will never cease in one day, similar to BCI. Cockfighting lackeys will continue to show off for a day. Yesterday was 5G, today is cotton, and tomorrow is photovoltaic. Dare to ask what will happen in the future? We can support 5G, support Xinjiang, support photovoltaics, how many lines can we support for 360? We can help for one year, two years, and ten years. How can we help forever? From high-tech companies on the southeast coast to collective farms in the northwest desert, American bandits set fire to mountains, overturned rivers and seas. They passed by without any grass and engaged in unrestricted submarine warfare. There is no better way to deceive people than to bully others. How can I have no eggs in my middle earth under the nest of thousands of miles? We can’t always solve one problem when the beautiful bandit asks a question. I don’t say anything about the thinking of the questioner. What kind of thing is the beautiful bandit, and it deserves to be given to us? It is not worthy of the question, it is only worthy to eat the green paper printed on it. There are some things that can’t be achieved unless you are on the scale, and you can’t hold a thousand catties on the scale. The Sleeping King puts the problem on the table by saying that. Huawei’s enemy is the de facto internal minimum society. Consensus, this is a basic fact, and the practice path of the American bandits based on this fact will not be based on their national interests to a considerable extent, but based on domestic political needs. In other words, it will be crazy. , Blindly moving, irrational, this is also a basic fact that has been fulfilled many times. Yes, it is true that the American bandits are exhausted, and they are frustrated. This is a fact. Our strength is not what it used to be. It is also a fact. But this is not the reason why we are indifferent to self-comfort. Wangbaquan is also a boxing. With its foundation for more than two hundred years, how many people have died under it? It is now trying to overwhelm us layer by layer. You let it mobilize all forces in a short period of time to fight a blitz. It is extremely difficult, but layer by layer is pressing to use the advantages of the macro system to overwhelm us. We still have this surplus. We can’t think that it’s not fighting because it’s slow. It’s human instinct to explain the current situation and situation in a direction that is beneficial to us, but it’s not a fact. To deal with this kind of war of attrition, you can’t use tricks, and you can’t always think about it. You can’t ask a question and you can do a question. The cost of the question will always be lower than that of the question, and its cost and accumulation are also higher than If you are too many, you play a question contest with it is the way to die. The United Kingdom was awesome, right? All the questions are spent, what’s the result? To deal with this kind of Wangbaquan master who is full of flesh and likes to move blindly, daring to fight is even more important than knowing how to fight, because the result of not daring to fight is to be beaten to death with one punch and one punch by the king. Fearful and cringe, I can tell you the truth. Those prayer wheels don’t understand either Deji or Showa. They died in Showa 1989. The entire Showa period after the war was more than three times that of the war. Everyday I think about how miserable the defeat was. If you don’t look at the prosperity period of 10,000 taxis, it is the Showa era. According to the logic of the prayer wheels, the Showa era should be a positive example. And it’s especially interesting that these prayer wheels never mention the history of the British and American families, and the history of these two families is much more exciting than that of De Er Showa. In the early years, when using failure cases to intimidate latecomers, the most commonly used example is generally the Soviet Union. Now that this trick is not working well, I have begun to recite the German Second Showa, but China is not the United Kingdom, not the United States, not Germany, not the Soviet Union, not Japan. China is just China!

6 months ago

The most popular Xinjiang event recently. Mr. Biden summed it up like this. “It was Trump who told China that it doesn’t matter what you do in Xinjiang.” The Biden administration’s remarks were in fact nothing interesting. He is facing two major accusations at the meeting, one of which is about his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. Many people think that this amount is too large, and that the money will mainly go to the top one percent of people in the United States. Like Trump’s economic stimulus plan, it has become a means for the rich and politicians to squeeze the country’s wealth. The second one is about the children of immigrants at the Mexican border. The parents of these children were sent back to the country, and these children were forced to stay and live in “dog cages”. Lack of food, clothing, and basic human rights. In these two aspects, the Biden administration did not give a good answer. However, Biden made two major achievements of his own. The first is that more than 130 million Americans have been injected with the new crown vaccine (not necessarily two shots), which is the country with the largest number of injections in the world. (The number of deaths and the number of infections is also the highest in the world.) The second is that some organizations believe that the US GDP growth rate this year may be more than 6%. Biden is nothing new about China’s accusations. It is nothing more than an emphasis on going with the EU and other countries to suppress China together. By the way, throw the labels of “unfair trade” and “disrespect for human rights” on China. But at this press conference, two major issues of human rights and democracy in the United States were mentioned. One is that one percent of the rich have too much possession. One is the problem of children at the Mexican border. These two are ironclad. . Last year, President Biden encouraged black people to take to the streets to beat, smash, and rob the Trump administration, which is undemocratic and human rights. Now that he is proud of human rights and democracy, it really makes people wonder if he is dementia. By the way, President Biden announced that he will continue to run for president in 2024. . How to put it, I wish him health forever. China’s GDP per capita is only 1/6 that of the United States. China’s per capita military expenditure is less than 1/10 of that of the United States. There is only one reason why such data can threaten the US’s global hegemony. Because a democratic China that values ​​human rights, an authoritarian country like the United States feels fear. At this point, I suddenly thought of a good idea. It is suggested that the Xinjiang government of China plans to donate 1 ton of cotton to the children of Mexican immigrants who are forcibly imprisoned by the US government.

6 months ago

This is so easy to handle, Biden can do it without reincarnating in advance and surrendering his position to President Harris. Even if Biden does two sessions, China will at most exceed the total GDP of the United States, which is far from being “the world’s leading, richest, and most powerful country.” Of course, this does not affect today’s China from lifting the torch to lead mankind towards progress. Mainly the lighthouses in the United States have dimmed. What happened in 2008 and earlier years led to the fact that since 2012, we have been preparing the United States for its malice against China. The time that should come will always come. Although our preparations are not perfect, we have the courage to fight the storm of fate. We are the storm that cleanses the world.

6 months ago

Don’t underestimate the Sleeping King! ! ! Since Sleeping King Bi became the throne, doubts about his dementia and mental decline have not stopped. This long overdue press conference was also regarded as another example of Biden’s confusion. Although all the cabinet members have not accepted their fate, the past three months of the Biden administration’s deeds can already be seen in this stuttering old man who seems to never wake up. As a power center in the United States for more than 30 years The skill of the veteran politician. On the diplomatic front, Biden showed us how to perform extreme micromanipulations with limited chips. As a veteran politician of the Democratic Party, Biden has long served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and participated in the formulation of related foreign policies in the Obama administration. His policies not only bear the mark of Democrats, but also reflect his pragmatic and flexible style as a politician. On the one hand, he held high the banner of “human rights and democracy,” on the other hand, he showed a realist attitude in key points to avoid the United States being trapped by these two terms. The United States, which is deeply affected by the epidemic, determines that Biden’s policy will focus on internal affairs, and there are not many cards he can play in diplomacy. But he still spent this little chip. First, in the Middle East, Biden did three things. 1. Order the bombing of the pro-Iranian militia in Syria. 2. Remove the identification of the terrorist organization of the Houthis supported by Iran. 3. Issue the Khashoggi investigation report without sanctioning the mastermind. The three things that seem to be the Saudi crown prince are not closely related, but in fact they have hidden mysteries. First of all, the bombing of the pro-Iranian militia in Syria demonstrated Biden’s determination to intervene in the Middle East situation and a firm attitude towards Iran. He showed his toughness to the American people and countries in the Middle East without directly targeting Iran and avoiding it. Uncontrollable events occur. At the same time, he lifted the identification of the Houthi armed forces, the Shiite forces supported by Iran, as a terrorist organization, so that the Houthi armed forces will not be sanctioned. This is not only a show of favor to Iran, but also a beating against the biggest enemy of the Hussein armed forces-Saudi Arabia, who made its own claims on the Khashoggi incident. On the other hand, the Biden administration determined that the Saudi crown prince was the mastermind in the killing of Kashuji, but refused to sanction the Saudi crown prince, which in turn eased the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, which had been damaged by the previous events, and forced Saudi Arabia to stay close to the United States. After such a round of operations, Biden used only a small military operation to cancel the identification of a terrorist organization that was included at the end of Trump’s administration, and completed the adjustment of Middle East relations. He showed his image as a tough president who believes in “human rights and democracy.” Back to China. In fact, as a big country, Biden has fewer cards in his hand. It is obviously unrealistic to fight a trade war like Trump. Faced with this situation, he took out several weapons he was most familiar with. The first is to restart the construction of the Asia Pacific encirclement. On the one hand, Biden sent Secretary of Defense Austin and Secretary of State Blincoln to visit various countries with the purpose of renewing the encirclement of China in military and state relations. On the other hand, Biden moved out of Quad and held four-party talks with the United States, Japan, India and Australia. On the other hand, Biden took advantage of the political legacy of the previous administration and began to manipulate the Xinjiang issue. The purpose is simple: to dismantle the Sino-European relations that were initially built during the Trump administration, and at the same time prevent Arab countries headed by Saudi Arabia from falling to China. The Biden administration’s approach is simple. It uses the powerful advantages of the United States on the Internet to preemptively brainwash European netizens, so that European politicians who are seeking re-election will be coerced by voters, and then lead by pro-American speeches in Europe, and finally make the once better. Sino-European relations have deteriorated rapidly. Of course, this can also take the opportunity to worsen the relationship between China and Sunni countries.

6 months ago

If Trump is an otaku hiding in the White House playing Twitter, what is it that Biden only came out of the house for two months? What he said is still the old politician’s, and it is not as provocative as Trump. I think there will be more and more Americans disappointed in Biden. Biden went back to the old American roads, gathering his younger brothers to besiege China. But I don’t know how much money the US government, which is carrying a debt of 50 trillion yuan, can spend this time, and how many more banknotes can be printed to distribute dog food? You must know that these allies are the real masters of “talking about ism and thinking about business”. If the United States cannot prove to the world that it can eat and drink with him, how long can this small group last? On the basis that the United States has almost exhausted its fiscal and monetary tools, it is worth discussing what to invest in infrastructure. What kind of infrastructure to invest in? Investment in railways will affect road and aircraft transportation, and investment in roads now has a well-developed road network in the US. Invest in 5G and build base stations, but the population of the United States is so large. Do you need to pull optical cables and build 5G base stations in remote areas where hundreds of people gather? Can’t profit be subsidized by the government? Federal government subsidies or state government subsidies? These are all real problems. So I think even if Biden wants to be Roosevelt and invest in infrastructure on a large scale, it will be difficult to achieve the desired effect. If the internal contradictions in the United States remain acute, the Biden administration can only resolve the contradictions by exporting them to the outside world. Therefore, we cannot see any substantial improvement in Sino-US relations in a short period of time. If internal conflicts are not resolved, and the two big bones of China and Russia cannot be gnawed externally, four years later, even if Trump does not come to power, a more crazy leader will be elected to power. Therefore, our choice must be to build high walls to accumulate food, try to win over as many countries as possible, at least let them ride the walls without getting involved. The big change that hasn’t been seen in a century is now at this moment. Don’t believe in the flicker of the West.

6 months ago

I went to listen to this conversation again. This was not Biden’s initiative-but a conversation after answering a reporter’s question: “Does the United States continue to restrict Chinese products?” I think journalists should write down all the details of Biden’s answer to this question, so that it is fair and does not make people think it is out of context. His general speeches are as follows: 1. I am the national leader who has known Chinese leaders for the longest time in the world, because in the Obama era, I knew the current Chinese leaders, and I thought he was very smart at the time— -Very, very smart person, I think he will be the leader of China in the future, so I spent a long time establishing friendship with him. 2. In the process of establishing friendship with him, I feel that he is very accurate in seeing the problem, and he has a lot of enlightenment and help to me. 3. After my election was successful, the Chinese leader congratulated me on my election. I am very happy. 4. My team and I spent 2 hours directly discussing Sino-US issues with Chinese leaders and Chinese experts. 5. Our discussions are very effective. We have determined three principles. 1) The relationship between China and the United States is not only about competition, it should be cooperation. 2) Although we all want to cooperate, in many areas, fierce competition is not Avoid 3) If there is competition, both the US and China promise to compete fairly under the existing international order and rules. Because he wants to compete fairly with China, Biden said he would increase his investment budget by 2% (previously 0.7%). Then he said that the focus will be on medical scientific research, and he believes that China has done a good job in biotechnology and started very early. Later, the conversation changed, saying that it would unite Japan, India and other allies to further discuss how to sanction China (sensitive term). This paragraph will not continue to be put up. Too many sensitive words. The words he gave are very informative. I think that he should put his words word by word completely, so that the people will have sufficient right to know. Always take it out of context and not advisable.

6 months ago

GDP is calculated in U.S. dollars. If the U.S. dollar continues to weaken in the next few years, China’s GDP will surpass that of the United States much earlier than most people think. It is not impossible to advance to 2025. What impact will it have on Sino-US relations… What impact can a single sentence have. As you can see, the change of leadership has not produced a substantial difference. The United States has not yet begun to accept reality. As for things like Biden’s flag…Don’t wish forever, but forever health.

6 months ago

Upon hearing this sentence [China is not allowed to surpass the United States during my tenure], my first reaction was: Does Biden’s family have Japanese ancestry? This really strong island country animation style. It’s as if any American president allowed China to surpass the United States during his term. It is predicted that if we ignore and resolutely surpass the United States, his next sentence may be [Never forgive you]. I might also say something like [California workers work very hard], [New York State black people get up early in the morning to rob and rob, and have been living seriously] and so on. Reiwa said that these lines were very good to their tastes, and Biden must be his own.

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