Patriotism does not mean occlusion, and freedom does not mean indulgence. This is a little insight after I came to RUC to study. RUC is really vigorous and resolute! This is also in line with the school’s mission: to build a school for the people and govern the country. I have to say that the school has a very accurate grasp of the wind direction. The name of the Second Party School was really not blown by the wind. Both red and special at certain times do need to be performed through some actions. Renmin University of China must be worthy of the Chinese people. The following is some personal play. To say that Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo, these brands almost every college student will have one or two of these. I still remember that I never wore clothes and shoes from Nike and Adi before I went to college. First, the conditions at home are really average. Secondly, my mother told me that we don’t have to compare with others and wear comfortable shoes. So I have hardly complained, because I really don’t care so much. There is a very interesting thing worth remembering. During the college entrance examination, many students wore Nike to imply a check mark, but I wore a X at Xtep. At that time, I was still a little bit muttered in my heart, but now I think about it again, I definitely can’t say that I didn’t pass the exam because I wore Special Pp, nor can I say that I can pass the exam after Nike. I only had my first pair of Nike shoes after I went to college. I remember that the discount was more than 800, which is enough to buy several pairs of Xtep. I still remember my mother told me that I can buy one or two pairs of good shoes when I go to college. Although I cherishly wear those shoes, they will still be broken, and they don’t have the long lifespan of Bitstep. The only feature is that Its style is more fancy. Later, I changed shoes at a frequency of about two pairs a year. There were Nike Adi and Xtep Li Ning, but I basically bought them with my own scholarship and never spent my mother’s money. I gradually understood that Nike is just a brand of money. The shoes may be comfortable or good-looking, but the price-performance ratio is actually not that high compared to domestic products. As for Uniqlo’s clothes, it is purely because I am lazy, I don’t want to go to many stores, so I like foolish shopping. Now that I think about it, I should never chase Nike Adi again. The shoes are comfortable and cost-effective. With so many shoe brands in China, there is always one that suits you. Just like I study Western theories, not for westernization, but to understand their logic better, and I hope to make my own contribution in the future. I have to say that RUC’s popularity and expertise have indeed changed me a lot. Patriotism does not mean isolation, and freedom does not mean indulgence. The school has created a relatively superior condition for us, and has never been unambiguous in the face of big right and wrong. This has indeed changed my thoughts that were biased towards liberalism. Without the country’s good policies, I would never enjoy such good learning conditions. Without the teachings of the excellent teachers at RUC, I would never think about things about thoughts and the future. The brightest moment in my life may be when I entered RUC. For some bigwigs, their starting point is higher than my highest point, but it does not hinder my personal progress and growth. I hope that in the future, I can also forge ahead in the forefront of the motherland and always forge ahead in the forefront of the times.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The one phenomenon that I am most worried about is that these brands will be selling at a bloody discount in the future, and some people will not be able to withstand the temptation to rush to pay. Because one thing that cannot be denied is that Nike, as one of the leaders of “shoe culture”, still has a lot of influence in China. We are talking about boycotting. Someone will still pay for him. As far as I know, several sneaker platforms have not removed Nike-related products. The happiest thing now is the group of shoe dealers who lie at home and drink champagne and red wine and wait for us to boycott them, and then wait for a shoe to be sold at a high price. What he said was morality, and what he said was business secretly. The real resistance requires the call of the national government and the response of the whole people. Our influence alone is far from enough. As college students, what we can do is to spread this matter out and let more people know about the evil deeds of “making us money and dancing Latin dance on our heads”. Because for the classmates I met, basically half of them were completely ignorant of this incident. There is no need to buy it, after all, it costs money. Generally speaking, a piece of Nike clothing can cover half of the cost of living in a month. If you didn’t buy it, just don’t buy it. China is really not bad about the clothes and shoes of the Nike and Adi brands, but whether we can accept our own is another matter.

6 months ago

The shoes that I have already bought, should be worn and continue to be worn, are all poor students, and the money cannot be spent in vain. For the money used to buy Nike shoes in your hand, you can look at some other brands at the same price. For example, Li Ning and Peak are not bad in workmanship and design. It’s not necessary to eat frugally, or to squander arbitrarily, to buy Nike pure brand premium thousand-yuan shoes. It is better to use the money to do other things, or to do nothing, which is the best support for the motherland. Now that China is strong, we don’t need tens of thousands of college students to take to the streets, nor do we need college students to burn Nike shoes collectively on campus. What we need is for college students to study seriously, distinguish between enemy and ourselves, to be able to contribute, to speak out, and to have national sentiments and attitudes. Why should we boycott Nike’s statement that Xinjiang cotton is banned? From a factual perspective, my country’s Xinjiang is not as enslaved and coerced as the Western media said. This is not true. On the contrary, it was the West, which developed and grew by exploiting black slaves. From the perspective of communication, Chairman Mao once said: “If you do not occupy the position of public opinion, the enemy will occupy it.” We must not allow the arrogant and domineering West to innocent for no reason. One of the core competitiveness of a country is the cohesion of the nation. We need to let foreign companies such as Nike know what is meant by “consumers are God”. If we want to eat our food, we must respect our values ​​and national sentiments. The American diplomat Kissinger once said: “The Chinese people are always well protected by the bravest group of them.” For college students, they should work hard to learn and master scientific and cultural knowledge in order to succeed in the next step. Great preparation is the best thing to do.

6 months ago

This is not just a matter for college students, it is a matter for the whole people. Regarding Nike, Adidas, and so on a series of brands. To put it simply, at least half of the selling point is vanity. You have to understand that because it was sold at that price, someone bought it. Instead of someone buying it, it sells at that price. If you understand this logic, you will find that this matter is easy to handle. Personally, 70% of the shoes are made by Nike Adi. Others are back to power, as well as canvas shoes bought on the street. If you insist, you want me to burn, I’m sorry. I can not do it. I can assure you that they will give us a sincere apology before properly handling this matter. Never buy their products. If you scold me by jumping. I suffer a bit, you take my shoes away, and I will sell you at a 50% discount. What are you doing with love. I have always advocated rational patriotism. Things, since we bought them, we have to use them. Don’t waste resources, waste your hard-earned money. It’s just that we won’t buy it in the future. (Recommend it, which domestic sports shoes are good, let’s discuss it in the comment section.) Personally, I am more disgusted, that kind of wantonly attacking compatriots in the name of so-called patriotism. The good name is that he is patriotic. Back then, I always felt that the group of people who smashed the Japanese car was very outrageous. If you can, just smash your own things. If you hate that iron can’t make steel, you spend money to buy things from people and then smash them. But, I still dislike a kind of person. Knowing that this matter was out of the ordinary, he went to wash and lick it silly. In order to pretend to be forced, I don’t even need my face, right? I have said before, those messy institutions abroad. The meaning of existence, there are only two 1, kneeling to earn money 2, kneeling to eat food. (There is a gold master behind, the money is in place, and who bites whom) For example, the so-called animal protection organization. At that time, luxury goods took the lead in playing fur, and found that fur was not unprofitable. A wave of mourning in the backhand, called a group of people with only 24 letters on the keyboard to protect the animals day by day. (Less M and A equals no M, A) Resist fur. Turning around, let the fur cool down and open the crocodile skin directly. It’s a new job again. When there are more people playing with crocodile skins, it’s time to protect the crocodile. There are also so-called environmental protection organizations. If you don’t give money, you make trouble, and if you don’t give money, you play public opinion. A stomach of bad water. The kind of wilting. Take BCI for this matter. A Hapi organization dared to rate Xinjiang cotton. Why? Because you have to pay for membership, you have to pay for shipments. On the face of it, protecting human rights and ensuring quality is actually just a word of money that sounds so good, but it’s just a good look when cheating money. If the money is not in place, I bit people. Ah, I really should have knocked this bunch of street-fighting teeth at Renmin University of China. It’s real cowhide. At this moment, its alumni must be full of pride. It’s a pity that I was a few hundred points short of that, and I was able to be an alumnus with you. I also hope that everyone is rational and patriotic, and don’t smash those shops or attack the staff. Everyone eats a lot of food. After eating this meal, let’s shake your hand and leave. I am a dog, hope you are happy

6 months ago

As far as civil resistance is concerned, I am opposed to those who speak cold words. What “every price cuts, I ran to buy” Yunyun has no idea about business at all. Why should the price be reduced? The original price cannot be sold, and the price can only be sold at a reduced price. Is the price difference a loss? Hope for a quick victory in everything, kill them all at once, and let the other party withdraw completely to be considered successful. Others are called traitors, which is called naivety. Nike Adi can sell more expensive than domestic brands because they have brand value. However, this incident has seriously affected their brand value. Everyone began to be ashamed of wearing Nike Adi, and worried (definitely) that some people would poke at the public wearing Nike Adi. This is actually very powerful. This loss reflected in the financial statements of the relevant companies that year was real money, and it was high. Miss live broadcast of the Nike store is already embarrassed. The dealer will definitely consider how to stop the loss. This means that Nike Adi’s dealer system has been affected. People’s hearts are beginning to dissipate, and Domino’s first step has begun. Therefore, for ordinary people, the continued condemnation of these brands and boycott itself are effective. The image of these brands must be completely wiped out in the entire society, so that they not only have no brand premium, but also have to reduce the price to sell. Can a company bear this loss? As for the national level, China has already issued a law on long-arm jurisdiction, but it has not been used. If you want to use it, you can fine these companies from the legal level to subsidize the cotton industry. That is another story.

6 months ago

This matter will definitely not be over so easily, because the nature of this incident is actually a trade war, which is the use of political means by Western countries to strangle related industries in our country. Once their attempt succeeds, it will have a major impact on my country’s cotton industry and even the clothing industry. Not only can Xinjiang’s cotton not be exported, but domestic clothing companies use Xinjiang’s cotton, and their products cannot be exported to Europe and the United States. They can only import cotton from other countries at high prices, which has lost the cost advantage of my country’s clothing manufacturing industry. . In addition, cotton is just the beginning. Once this succeeds, other industries will be labeled sweatshops and forced labor by Americans, and then the import of these products to foreign countries will be banned, which will cause a fatal blow to my country’s manufacturing industry. This is not just a matter of cotton, it is a matter of national transport, the life and death of countless companies, and the work of tens of millions of people! Therefore, this matter will definitely not be so easy to let go. The country will definitely take countermeasures. The later this measure comes out, the harder it will be against these companies that make money in China but discredit China! This is a question of principle!

6 months ago

Live a good life, live a good Chinese life, it’s good. The choice of your own shoes and clothes, how you like to deal with it, are all your own things. If you have the heart, you can consider more domestic products. Xinjiang’s cotton industry involves 1 million local jobs, and the textile and apparel industry involves about 20 million jobs across the country. This time the Western countries are encircling Xinjiang cotton to overturn the jobs of the Chinese and cannot live a good life. , Thereby triggering social unrest and achieving their goals. We are stable and live well, which is the best support for the country. As the second largest cotton producer and the largest cotton consumer, China is not only unable to talk, but also suffers from such a shameful humiliation of siege and suppression. In the final analysis, it does not have standards and pricing power, and is at a disadvantage in the industrial chain. Therefore, the West can use industry associations as the command center, with the right to formulate international standards as the core, and mobilize thousands of multinational capital to kill China’s textile industry with a single dog whistle. To break this situation, we need to climb up the industrial chain. We will master standards and gain advantages. It is not only the textile industry, but also involves various industries, but also involves politics, public opinion, science and technology, academics and other fields. This is a protracted and widespread struggle. If you want to do something, you can incorporate these into your study and work planning.

6 months ago

“Since ancient times in China, there have been people who work hard, people who work hard, people who ask for their lives, and people who sacrifice their lives for the law. They are the backbone of China.” Some words of Mr. Lu Xun are true. It’s always suitable for the situation, which makes people think deeply. “Only the soul of the people is worthy of preciousness, and only if it is carried forward, Chinese people can make real progress.” What is the so-called soul of the people? Boycott brands such as Nike and Adidas, remove billboards, and so on. Even if someone wants to say that the effects of these actions are minimal, we are willing to join them. What we need is a clear stand, a firm attitude. We Chinese, on this point, cannot give in. As the hope of China’s future, we college students must have clear principles. “Young people can first turn China into a sound China. Speak boldly, proceed bravely, forget all interests, push away the ancients, and publish their sincere words.” Our school does not have any advertisements about Adidas about Nike. If there is any, we will definitely be willing to withdraw it as soon as possible. Although tonight, I went to the Uniqlo, Zara, and Nike physical stores next to the school and found that there were still a lot of people, and there was no such thing as my imagination. However, it may take a certain amount of time for news to spread. Many people do not know that these brands are involved in the Xinjiang cotton incident. If you know it, at least I believe most people will be willing to resist. We may not be able to do other things, but this is still possible. By the way, buy a Li Ning stock, it is estimated that it will continue to rise. People’s souls, brothers and sisters, can’t be lost!

6 months ago

First of all, you must support Lulu at this time. The weight of this thing is heavier than Nike’s advertisement. It is really not for nothing. In fact, there is almost no controversy in supporting the removal of advertisements. The question is what students should do. I personally think that some people are really too worried. It seems that once college students boycott these companies that spread rumors, the next step is to beat, smash, rob, and do nonsense. Is it really like this? Obviously not. Nowadays, most college students restrict their behavior to online voice and stop buying. The behavior of moral kidnapping others is still rare. The most excessive thing is that wearing these brands of clothes is a bit embarrassing, which leads to entanglement in the dormitory for a while. Clothes can be worn. What to burn clothes and shoes, what to force others, what to take to the streets, I really don’t know why some people are so worried. Even some college students have a tendency to reverse nationalism or ignore the country. Some people seem to be able to imagine an extreme target to attack on their own. This incident is also a good opportunity to break certain unmatched brands that can make a big profit just by relying on their brand premiums. The clothes and shoes we make are not inferior to them. Why do we ask them to grab a piece of the pie with the brand?

6 months ago

Ready to sing~ The heroic coming from the flames of war, the demeanor of struggling and struggling in the development, will be radiated with lofty ideals, and the waves will rise and agitate. Zai the National People’s Congress, our eternal spiritual home, the mighty song, we stride forward in the quiet, holy and truth-seeking garden of the era, the freedom and harmony in the garden, morality, intelligence, and elegance have created social pillars. Truth, goodness, beauty and love have cultivated the national exemplary and strong. Our homeland is vast, we are striding forward in the era, the National People’s Congress, our eternal spirit, homeland is vast, we are striding forward in the era

6 months ago

In fact, it doesn’t make much sense to resist Nike Adi, because people are forgetful, and it won’t be long before it will be clear. It is much harder to kick NIKE, a product with deep influence in China, from the minds of Chinese people than to kill a three-legged cat like HM. If you really want Nike to die, you have to build momentum and create a social impression that wearing Nike = not patriotic or even wearing Nike = traitorous anti-China shoes. How did Samsung die in China? Samsung=bomb, we all know that this chance is very small, but once this has formed a stalk, no one can stop the spread of this stalk. So it makes sense to just remove NIKE’s ads, but the effect is not here. Chinese college students are so talented that they go to ghosts and spoof NIKE on these video transmission sites at station B on the Internet. Don’t NIKE’s advertisements all represent the limit of fashion trends when they are tall and tall, so just go back and create some spoof videos that wear NIKE to represent stupid LOW. All disgusting villains wear NIKE. The bigger the logo, the better. A NIKE logo is printed on the forehead. Over time, NIKE=negative image. By that day, there will be few people wearing NIKE without boycotting it. In the face of Western malice, rational restraint will not achieve any effect, and public opinion will be tired. Turning anti-China products into a joke, so that public opinion can resist and make happiness from it. ! !

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