A few days ago, the British side imposed unilateral sanctions on relevant Chinese individuals and entities based on lies and false information under the pretext of the so-called Xinjiang human rights issue, flagrantly violating international law and basic norms of international relations, grossly interfering in China’s internal affairs, and seriously damaging Sino-British relations. The person in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the British ambassador to China to lodge a solemn protest, expressing firm opposition and strong condemnation. China has decided to impose sanctions on 9 British personnel and 4 entities who maliciously spread lies and false information, including: Tugendhat, Duncan-Smith, O’Brien, Alton, Lawton, Ghani, Kennedy, Nice, Finlay and the “China Research Group”, the Conservative Party Human Rights Committee, the “Uyghur Independent Court”, Essex Garden Law Firm. From now on, relevant persons and their immediate family members are prohibited from entering the country (including Hong Kong and Macau), their property in China is frozen, and Chinese citizens and institutions are prohibited from dealing with them. China reserves the right to take further measures.

China’s determination to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests is unwavering and warns the British side not to go further and further down the wrong path. Otherwise, China will make a further firm response. (Official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

People can finally not send GAI films. A few days ago, China announced sanctions against the European Union. The West was shocked and in an uproar. They thought they were just following the old Americans symbolically, and imposed symbolic sanctions on unrelated personnel, thinking that China would continue to be the same as before. On the surface, verbal protests were actually swallowed silently. I did not expect China’s reaction this time to be so great. Not only did the individual have high status and doubled the number of people, it also involved many entities and key enterprises, including the Human Rights Commission under the European Union. The sanctions on the British side announced today are the same. The addition of nine people to the “”China Research Group”, the “Conservative Human Rights Committee”, the “Uyghur Independent Court”, and the “Essex Garden Law Firm” would also be doubled. Fight back. The foreigners are very aggrieved and a little confused. I just slapped you in the face lightly. Why are you kicking my stomach? What effect will it have? Either upgrade or stop there. The EU clamored for it. Cancel the Sino-European trade agreement, okay, cancel it. This agreement has been negotiated for seven years. Last year, we made major concessions. This was signed. The cancellation is not a bad thing for us. As for the UK, it can be done. What? I suggest that the United Kingdom declare unconditional acceptance of yellow silk. Obama said in his memoirs that China, which pursues keeping a low profile, will not mess things up no matter what problems it encounters. Behind this sentence is that they can do whatever they want. Bullying us without worrying about too many consequences. But, my lord, the times have changed. In Alaska, Director Yang has clearly expressed our attitude. The Chinese don’t take this approach. Keeping a low profile is a period of strategic defense. We have entered a period of strategic stalemate, that is, there will be contacts and will never be unilaterally abused. It has to be said that TG is doing things ahead of schedule. The internal loop mentioned last year, this year’s 6% GDP growth, everyone understands That’s it. The latest news is that the Ministry of Commerce levied 116%-220% anti-dumping duties on Australian wine for five years. Very good. Canada’s next turn is now.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

After the Sino-US high-level strategic dialogue, Xinjiang cotton once again entered the focus of public opinion. A few days ago, China sanctions the European Union. Today, China sanctions the United Kingdom. Minister Wang visited the Middle East. The three representatives of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey MSL stood in line and made it clear: Abide by the one-China principle and commit to further improvement. The Turkey-China strategic cooperative relationship will not participate in any anti-China actions, and violent and terrorist acts against China are not allowed in Turkey. We firmly support China’s legitimate position on issues related to Xinjiang and Hong Kong, oppose interference in China’s internal affairs under any pretext, and oppose individual forces to instigate relations between China and the Islamic world. North Korea sent two two kicks. Today there is news that an Israeli cargo ship was attacked by Iranian missiles in the Arabian Sea. I thought that in 2020, players on the earth had driven a 10-fold accelerator and only found out that in 2021, they were all sitting under Armstrong’s whirling jet. Armstrong cannon at play

8 months ago

This is the normal reaction time. The EU is a backhand that has been prepared long ago. Europe and the United States sanctioned 4 people, China backhand 19+8, this is a raise, forcing you to follow, if you do not follow is equivalent to fold. But the question is, the EU and the UK, do you really want to follow? -10% in 2020, and another 10% reduction in 2021. How much has your economy grown in decades? In 1980, it was 8kUSD. In 2000, the EU’s per capita GDP was 16kUSD, and in 2020 it was 33k. Prices will probably double from 1980 to 2000, and double again from 2000 to 2020, so they have not risen, and they have not risen in 40 years. China has set a 6% growth target. Normally, it can grow by 11%. If it shrinks by 5%, it will be 5 trillion yuan. This 5 trillion yuan is used to fight the trade war. Moreover, China’s trade war loss ratio can be 1:2 (the Sino-US trade war loss ratio is almost like this). Come, the epidemic is now, and 1.5 trillion euros are spent in a year to fight a trade war. After the fight, China is still thriving at 6%. The European Union… Come on, do you want to go back to 1975?

8 months ago

This is a counterattack by China’s long-term pressure on Western countries and discrediting facts after Alaska “the United States is not qualified to talk to China from a condescending position” and the EU announced corresponding sanctions. We are like a “cotton needle”, you can pinch, even if you pinch, but after pinching, let you know what is bleeding, what is pain. Really relieve your qi and support the motherland! The next one should be in Canada. Ms. Meng is still in a foreign country and has not returned. Let me tell you another joke. At a press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 23, a BBC reporter asked whether China will still impose counter-sanctions on other countries that participate in sanctions against China. On March 26, which is today, China formally imposed sanctions on the United Kingdom.

8 months ago

I think many people do not understand the essence of transnational sanctions. China’s current sanctions are definitely not just a gesture, but a real price for the Tugendhats. The main purpose of these Chinese sanctions is to prevent any company that wants to enter the Chinese market, or want to export products to China, and want to become a supplier of parts and components that export goods to China. These companies had to give up any cooperation with Tugendhats. If a company wants to export goods to China, such as Boeing, Intel, etc., it cannot cooperate with Tugendhats. Even if it cooperates, its products cannot enter the Chinese market. If a company does not directly export goods to China, it is a supplier of a company that exports goods to China. Then they can’t cooperate with Tugendhat either. Because companies that export goods to China, such as Boeing, cannot cooperate with these companies. The same is true for the United States’ sanctions against Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Because of the U.S. sanctions, no bank in Hong Kong can accept Carrie Lam’s account opening and deposits unless the company does not engage in US dollar transfers. The example of China’s sanctions against Pompeo in the United States some time ago has actually led to some major American companies not cooperating with him. Therefore, Pompeo finally had to stay in a public relations company that did not do overseas business. Because, any American company that wants to enter the Chinese market, or cooperation with American companies that want to enter the Chinese market, is not allowed to cooperate with Pompeo. At the same time, everyone should know that China is the world’s largest consumer market. I want to talk about why European and American countries always like to discredit China, such as the Xinjiang issue this time. Because China has broken the balance of the world. Take the iPhone as an example. The manufacturing cost of the iPhone 12 Pro is about US$406, and the most expensive component is Qualcomm’s 5G modem. At the top is the American IT giant Apple, which does design work and gets the most profits. Apple focuses on the overall design of mobile phones, as well as some specific components and then US suppliers, which get the second largest piece of this cake, such as Qualcomm. The first two tiers get the most profit from the product. Below this, there are suppliers of American allies, such as Sony’s CMOS. They got the development in a specific field and got part of the profit. At the bottom is the assembly plant. For each iPhone, they can get 2% of the final price as a profit, which is about $10. This is the so-called international division of labor, where each country contributes its share from the assigned tasks. The United States leads and acquires core technologies and industries. U.S. allies deploy themselves around the U.S. and develop surrounding technologies/industry. Developing countries provide natural resources and labor. What a perfect design. However, there is a higher level than the control of core technology, that is, control of finance. In order to achieve this goal, the United States (and the United Kingdom) began a process of deindustrialization. In 2017, the contribution rate of agriculture to the US GDP was about 0.9%, 18.2% came from industry, and 77.4% came from the service industry. In the UK, the service industry accounts for a higher proportion of the economy. The service industry includes retail, financial, public sector, business management, leisure and cultural activities. In 2019, the service industry accounted for 80% of the total output (total value added) of the UK economy. From July to September 2020, the service industry accounted for 82% of employment. The Rust Belt (Rust Belt) originally referred to the northeastern United States-near the Great Lakes, areas where traditional industries have declined, and now can generally refer to areas with industrial decline) is a typical example of deindustrialization, because not only production companies cannot produce Enough profit, and it creates pollution. Their internal design is based on financial business. They make the most profits from all over the world, and others provide services around them. This, together with the highly profitable production business, and everything the West admires, creates a balance in the world. Let’s take a look at what a typical developing country will get from such a world balance? If developing countries have nothing in their hands, they need some industrial transfers from developed countries. All help and transfer are not free. There will be some additional requirements, such as the establishment of a multi-party system, or at least an open market with low tax barriers. The West claims that this is creating a free trade environment. Once developing countries lower their tax barriers, low-priced and high-quality products will flood their markets and completely destroy local businesses. Local enterprises have no scale, cannot reduce costs, and lose competitiveness. After local companies go bankrupt, local governments have to turn to the West for help to establish OEM factories. Western companies will not pay to build factories and surrounding infrastructure. In addition, due to the low tax policy, the local government does not have enough government revenue to support it. We can only seek support from Western financial companies. In terms of funds, the establishment of foundry factories to provide jobs and reduce the unemployment rate. Then, the factory needs to buy parts from a foreign company. The foreign company holds all the intellectual property rights. If local people want to copy, they will sue you. For every product produced, the worker earns $10 a day, and the local government charges some value-added tax. However, the money borrowed from Western financial companies must be repaid, and of course there is interest. Even less is left for the locals. What’s more, sooner or later Western countries will accuse local governments of running sweatshops and polluting the environment, and local governments will have to pay for related technologies and equipment. The local government has no way to change this situation, because this is a multi-party democratic country, and the government has very little control over the operation of the country. In addition, the West can easily manipulate public opinion through social networking sites and Western media. Any policeman who acts disloyally will be eliminated in the next election. If Western countries’ trade deficits look bad, they will be accused and sanctioned from time to time as currency manipulating countries. The local government cannot change this situation because it is a multi-party democracy and the government has almost no control over the operation of the country. In addition, the West can easily manipulate public opinion on social networking sites and Western media through a free press policy. During the next general election, any unfaithful politicians will be eliminated. If Western countries’ trade deficits look bad, they will accuse these countries of manipulating live ratios and then sanction it. This is basically a new form of colonization. In the end, what hypothetical developing countries get is a broken environment, an uncontrolled government, and an economy manipulated by foreigners. Mexico is a typical example. It is too close to the United States and too far from heaven. It used to have a decent production industry, but now it is just a huge foundry for American companies. The figures on paper look good, but the most profits are left in the hands of American capitalists. For many years, Western countries have been saying that there is only one correct development path, and that is to adopt a multi-party system and neoliberalism. However, China has proved that there can be other routes, and we have established a new standard by launching the “One Belt One Road” initiative. Once the existing world order is broken or changed, not only capitalists will face a sharp decline in wealth, but Western politicians will also face tremendous pressure from ordinary people for various reasons. The Western political and economic views of China are surprisingly consistent: China is not allowed to prove the possibility of ways that people have never thought of. They keep telling their people terrible things about China in order to restrict access to China, so that people do not know what China is like. The goal is to conceal China’s achievements as much as possible, and at the same time they find ways to eliminate China. In all anti-China countries, the Indian prime minister is at least doing things. Modi’s recent policies regarding farmers have caused huge protests. However, from a Chinese perspective, this does have long-term benefits for India. Just because of the obvious democracy, Modi cannot go too far. Anti-Muslim has given him some negative reputation, but as long as India is anti-China, the West will not use it to hype it. As for the United States, their politicians have almost no interest in ordinary jobs out of the box. 1% of Americans are accumulating wealth faster and faster, while the bottom 50% of Americans simply cannot see a better future. Propagating anti-China hype can increase the patriotism of the Western people and make them less consider the reality. To this day, exactly one year after the closure of Wuhan, China, some Americans are still accusing China of being responsible for what happened in the United States. In fact, any normal person can see the problem, that is, although the United States has superior medical technology, it is clearly worse than many other countries. In addition, during the H1N1 pandemic, the United States did not perform well.

8 months ago

Taking a look at the list, we are still very polite, but obviously we are playing combo boxing. On the 25th, we just made preparations in the public opinion field. Today we sent a very clear signal of sanctions on the UK’s Xinjiang-related issues: Don’t dance with America. Before, you were doing well not because you had the means, but because China kept turning a blind eye. If you don’t want to be decent, we will help you decent. Everyone must pay attention to a point in time. Now at the end of March, Germany is still discussing whether to lock the city, the EU and the UK are still quarreling over the issue of vaccine exports. This shows that the current vaccine policy in Europe has completely failed, and it is almost impossible to complete the second quarter. Get out of the epidemic. So the question is, why should European countries achieve substantial GDP growth this year? It can be said that, except for China and the United States, the economic growth of other major economies this year is very suspended. Therefore, Europe is really not hard at all when talking to us. If you don’t take the opportunity to hold the EU and the UK at this time, do you have to wait for them to slow down and clean up us? Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the economic aggregate of the entire EU is smaller than that of China, and the gap will be further widened this year. It looks like we are embarrassed on all sides, the problem is that together we are all rubbish.

8 months ago

It’s time for garbage sorting again. Let’s take a look at the crimes committed by these people who have been sanctioned: Thomas Tugendat (Chinese name: Dong Qinda), a British Conservative MP. On September 8, 2020, this person and Labour Party MP Macdonald joined forces with more than 130 MPs including the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the Scottish National Party, and the Welsh Party to write a letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, condemning China’s unfair treatment of Xinjiang. Uighur Muslims. Ian Duncan Smith (Chinese name: Shi Zhi’an), former British Minister of Employment and Pensions and a Conservative Party member, once accused China of persecuting human rights in Tibet, proposed a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and called on the international community to take tough measures against China. Alton, Lord, Member of the House of Lords, has an article: “Hong Kong is the new frontline of freedom”, in addition to the clichés, the content also calls on the UK to “take up its historical and legal responsibilities to Hong Kong.” . Tim Lawton, a member of the House of Commons and co-chairman of the “Parliament Supporting Tibet Group”, has flirted with the Dalai Lama, and has proposed the “Tibet Reciprocity Act”, accusing China of destroying Tibet’s environment and oppressing the Tibetan people, calling on the EU and the United Kingdom to be like the United States Intervene in China’s Tibet. Ghani, a Conservative Party member, accused China of “genocide” in Xinjiang, called on fashion brands to boycott Xinjiang cotton, and united with Conservative Party members to push for the passage of the bill. Helena Kennedy, a member of the House of Lords, and Duncan Smith co-founded the “global pressure group—Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China” (the global pressure group—Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China), chaired by U.S. Senator Rubio. Jeffrey Nice, a British barrister, Sir, served as a judge in the International Coalition to End China’s Abuse of Organ Transplantation (ETAC) and convicted of “China’s forced organ harvesting”. Finley (Joanne Nicola Smith Finley) did not find relevant information, welcome to add. The China Research Group, founded by the sanctioned Tugendat and O’Brien, does not need to elaborate on what it is doing? The “Conservative Party Human Rights Committee” declared that it “has been servile to China for too long”, claiming that China has implemented a “comprehensive suppression of human rights” in Hong Kong and openly interfered in Hong Kong affairs. The Uyghur Tribunal was established in the United Kingdom in September last year to try China’s “genocide” in Xinjiang. “Essex Park Law Firm” did not find relevant information. In addition, when searching for O’Brien, I found that there is also an O’Brien in the United States who advocates the China threat theory, accuses China of stealing technology, and advocates restricting Huawei’s global development. I personally hope that he can join the next sanctions package. As for the attitude of the British… Britain and France do not separate families. The French are shouting: “We are all hooligans”, while the sanctioned Duncan Smith said on behalf of the British: “Those who live freely under the rule of law must serve those who do not The voice of the person speaks.” If China vents its anger on him, he will “wear this badge of honor.”

8 months ago

From now on, China must be tough! Fighting tigers and flies! We came from our weakness, and our national strength was indeed weak. In order to leave time for the country’s development, when facing the western powers, we often “swallow the little things and verbally protest the big things.” In recent years, although we have not been humble and weak when we are in trouble, there have been many compromises in neither humble nor overbearing, so that some clowns have misjudged. We adopt the strategy of keeping a low profile and bide our time and endure silently. It is not that we are born elegant and peaceful, but that we understand some truths: “Weak countries have no diplomacy”, “Legacy must be beaten”, “Without strength, all resistance is empty talk!” We have a deep history. Underlying, we know when to make the right choice. Therefore, we chose to stay silent and work hard! We have resisted doubts and abuse! We resisted sarcasm and jokes! We touched Teddy Bear and Yingjiang quietly, and finally came out of our weakness one step at a time! Now, we are standing in the second highest position, about to challenge the highest throne in the world. However, those who laughed at us in the past still regard us as a poor and weak country and are arrogant to us! I think the country did quite well in the Alaska talks the other day! In front of the world, we rightly pointed out the arrogance of our opponents-“You are not qualified to say in front of China, you talk to China from the position of strength!” Refreshing! As a giant dragon that has awakened, I think we have the confidence to say such things in front of the tiger! And certain people, certain groups, and certain countries in the West are simply the modern Yelang Kingdom. They are stupid and unaware, if you don’t slap his face, he doesn’t know what is good or bad! Only by smashing their masks head-on, they will face you! Fear you! Surrender you! It is strongly recommended that the country should not forget to kill the flies while fighting against the tigers! After all, tigers eat meat and are still opponents! And flies eat shit, in addition to disgusting, it is disgusting!

8 months ago

China recently beat the owner to show the dog in Alaska. Many dogs didn’t understand it. That’s great. We wanted to beat the dog a long time ago. We just picked up the stick and beat it when we met someone who didn’t have long eyes. Last year was a qualitative change in the world pattern. Years, but the surface has not been torn apart, many countries have not yet adapted, and they are still doubtful. This year is a year when China has taken the initiative to tear through the world pattern. Not only will the so-called world boss be removed from the altar, but everyone present must also understand I am just rubbish in our eyes.

8 months ago

1. The surface confrontation between the two sides will be more exciting. They are kind of correct and can’t get off the stage. After so many years of brainwashing, they can’t explain to the people. Look at the reaction below the opponent. Sometimes being too sensitive is not a good thing, fast man? We have been storing for too long here, and we are dripping. 2. In the China-EU Investment Agreement, we have made major concessions, as Lao Hu hinted. Cancellation does not suffer. Your European agreement is a bargaining price with the United States, and you eat both. Now it’s hard to get off. The U.S. economic problem is so great that it can no longer make profit. With the boss again? If you can’t get along, it will break down internally after a long time. 3. The two camps are already competing in all aspects. Economy, technology, diplomacy, military. The foreign minister’s visit to the Middle East is an arrangement, at least not allowing the Middle East to fall to the other side. The oil ups and downs last year this year, the shadow of the Saudi and Russian cooperation is indispensable. There is also Eastern Europe, the first place to fight. Against the United Kingdom, I suddenly thought of the Chinese overseas. How was the group of primary school students last year? There are Chinese all over the world, and I am optimistic about 1.4 billion people. Usually compared to the system dispute, stability and efficiency are the first. On protracted war, I buy more.

8 months ago

This time, the relevant Chinese authorities have done a lot to separate the United Kingdom from Europe and take out sanctions. This time it can be regarded as a great face for the old empire. This time it will give the United Kingdom a small focus and the new accounts will be calculated together. Arrived! It might be interesting to compare China’s sanctions on the European Union and the United Kingdom. The European Union is not a small place anymore. We have only sanctioned ten people and four entities in total. Now that the United Kingdom is so big, we have sanctioned nine people and four entities in a small way. In fact, even so, we are very polite to Britain. For a while, Britain has almost taken the lead in making trouble on the Hong Kong issue. We haven’t settled this old account with them yet. Now they are still not going to stop, which requires education and education. There is another crime in Britain that should be punished. They have nothing to do and leave the European Union. If they really want to sanction them in the future, they will have to open a small kitchen for them. Let us repeat the trouble. This should also be fixed! Of course, the United Kingdom and the United States are not exactly the same thing. Although the United Kingdom is running fast with the United States politically, if the United Kingdom wants to survive after Brexit, it must be the United Kingdom of the world and cannot bypass China. This is also the reason Johnson always says that he is pro-Chinese. We want to see this duality in the UK, so when it comes to education, education must be in place. When the UK is a good comrade who can reform and reform, we should also unite. But I estimate that the UK may need a little more education than the EU. In recent times, the United Kingdom is the country with the deepest malice against China, apart from the United States. It not only fabricated lies to discredit China and reported China with “underworld filters”, but also threatened to send the “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier battle group to the South China Sea for “free navigation”. “A few days ago, the so-called “human rights issue” was used as an excuse to impose unilateral sanctions on relevant individuals and entities in China to grossly interfere in China’s internal affairs! In this regard, my country said at the time that it would definitely “double repay”. There was Europe before, but now it is Britain. China does what it says! Not surprisingly, there will be countries such as Canada and the United States in the future. In response to a series of actions taken by Western countries to contain China, after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country expressed its attitude, the Ministry of National Defense also spoke out. China does not intend to “challenge” anyone, but it is not afraid of any “challenge”, and does not want to “threat” anyone, but any “threat” is useless. China has the right and must achieve revival. We have worked hard for this goal for many years. The PLA will never agree to any forces that want to prevent the Chinese people from moving towards a better and happy life! [Come on] Britain pays its due price under sanctions, Canada is worried about sanctions, and the pro-American pawns panic! Since Britain is willing to act as the pawn of the United States, deliberately fabricating rumors, fabricating lies, and even brandishing sanctions unreasonably on certain matters, we have launched a counterattack. Our announcement of imposing sanctions on 9 persons and 4 entities in the United Kingdom can be described as being indecent and indecent. Of course, unlike the United Kingdom, the targets of our sanctions are all lie fabricators and rumors makers, and they belong to solid evidence and reasonable compliance. Obviously, Britain is beginning to pay the price for its arrogance. In fact, the United Kingdom made the wrong decision and wielded the big stick of sanctions to stand up for the United States, because the United States has just made a fool of all around the world and lost an adult. After Britain suffered sanctions and paid a heavy price, other pro-American pawns panicked.

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