Last year, the child under the leadership was admitted to the Department of Mathematics of Tsinghua University. I knew in advance. After a meeting, I pretended to flatter myself and asked which school the child was admitted to. At that time, his expression and gentle tone made me remember deeply. This year I also became a father, and on a whim, I would like to ask a question.

I didn’t take the college entrance examination and the contest is recommended, but the feelings of my parents are probably the same, right? On January 7, 2003 (it is impossible to forget this day), Wuhan University announced the final results of the Chemistry Winter Camp. I won the national first prize and was selected for the training team, and then “walked around” the admissions site with the high school principal and teachers. I really need to visit, because there are more than 20 school admissions teachers on the scene-you are not wrong, basically 985. I was born in a rural area, and all the schools on the site were beyond my parents’ imagination. According to the results, I can choose all schools except Peking University, and Peking University needs additional exams (if I remember correctly, it is a basic level test, 6 questions in 15 minutes). In addition, apart from Peking University, Tsinghua University and HKUST, all majors in other schools are optional. The principal said, let’s just look at Peking University and Tsinghua University. I followed with a dazed expression and didn’t know what to say. After consulting with the teacher at the admissions office, the principal asked me if I had any ideas? I said, no, I feel that both schools are pretty good. The principal said, otherwise, call your home. I said my mom was working outside and didn’t have a mobile phone. Call my dad. Then we went back to the room together, the principal called, turned on the speakerphone, and the first sentence was connected. The principal said, your son is going to sign now, which one will Peking University and Tsinghua University choose? There was silence on the other side of the phone for half a minute, and I heard the roar of the car. Finally my dad spoke on the other end, saying that he was on the highway and there was a service area right away, and he would call after he parked the car. My dad was a truck driver and he was delivering goods all year round. He was delivering goods in Hunan at the time. There were two drivers in the car with him. He was driving the car when he answered the phone, and there was another cargo owner in the car. I found out afterwards. He was stunned when he answered the call. He quickly parked the car to the emergency lane. After a while, he didn’t know what to say, so he said to call the service area again. He didn’t dare to continue and let another The driver changed and drove for a while. About ten minutes later, the call came, and my dad said, what was said on the phone just now, can you say it again? The principal repeated it, but my dad was stunned again and asked if it was true, so I had to interrupt and say it was true. My dad said that Tsinghua University does not need to take the exam again. What if he fails to pass the Peking University exam? The principal explained that the topic is very simple and it will definitely pass. So my dad had no choice but to say, let the children decide for themselves, whichever is good. So, the hardest choice in this history-Beijing University or Shanghai Tsinghua University-still fell on my head. That night, I had passed the Peking University exam, confirmed that I would be admitted in half a year, and called my dad again. He was eating at the time and was a treat by the owner of the goods. The consignor’s family is a big local tyrant in our region, the top three in the county, he is the brother of the big boss. During the phone call, he congratulated me and asked us where we were. At that time, they were not far from Changsha, and the owner said that he could not deliver the goods temporarily, and wanted to drive to Wuhan to invite me to dinner. After learning that we would leave after the closing ceremony at noon the next day, he gave up. My dad said that he had already called my mother, and he didn’t dare to say that the university was chosen at random. He was afraid of frightening her. He just said that he might have to take the exam again. After passing the exam, he can go to Peking University and Tsinghua University. I had to call my mother again, and I could hear her voice very excited, but fortunately, my dad touched it first. My family is in Rugao, Jiangsu, but I went to high school in Suzhou, 160 kilometers apart. When I returned to my alma mater in Suzhou from Wuhan, it was already the next night. I waited until the morning to call home again. At this time, my dad was still on his way home. My mother said that she hadn’t slept for two nights and still couldn’t believe it was true. When my dad went home, she would discuss how to inform relatives, for fear that relatives would think it was a “fraud” (original words). But later it was not so complicated, but more dramatic. Because the school decided to drive to my house to announce the good news, it became a matter of course to notify relatives and friends to be there. It was the same cargo owner who came forward after hearing the news and put a firecracker of several hundred meters on the side of the road, which continued from my home to the next village. After the convoy entered the artillery battle area, he greeted the workers in his family to put them in order. Although they did not discuss in advance, the driver was very cooperative. They drove wherever they were. It lasted for more than ten minutes. Then, as expected, the whole village and the next door. Thousands of people surrounded the village, and the eighty-something old lady ran from the field to this side with one foot shallow and one foot, and all the cars passing by came to a halt. I saw my parents standing at the intersection from a long distance. I was happy, but I was obviously nervous. The relatives next to me held them with flowers, but they kept refusing. I was at a loss. When I got out of the car, I was dizzy. After all, I haven’t been at home for many years. Many of my neighbors didn’t know me. The gangs crowded into the house, Wuyang Wuyang, and the yard was completely blocked. So far, they all feel that this is just a dream, because they only knew that after going to university, the legendary Peking University was not so good. Their son hadn’t made as much money as the same tablemate who dropped out of junior high school. So I started to hear the new version of “Other People’s Children”: What good is it for you to read so many years of books? The so-and-so, the pork seller has become the boss; the so-and-so, the pork seller has given birth to two babies; the so-and-so, the child is the eldest, don’t think that it is not good to go to school, but it looks like doing business; that Everyone, his children are selling pork with him… (By the way, many people think that the parents of families whose grades are between Peking University and Tsinghua University will be very peaceful. However, from the family I know, this situation is almost No, no matter how calm the parents are, those who really know their children can go to Peking University and Tsinghua University are all too happy to find North. The difference is that some parents are more concerned about how to choose a major. The only exception is the children of Beiqing. Their parents have already I’ve been on it, and a feeling of “Oh, I know” is understandable, but judging from the samples I have, there are no exceptions in other situations. Those whose parents are intellectuals will pay more attention.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Before I finished the exam, I felt quite good about myself. I knew that the top 3 was absolutely stable, and the chances of Qingbei University could be rushed. When I got home, my parents asked me how I was doing in the exam. I was rather humble at the time for the sake of safety, so they said that there were no mistakes and it should be pretty good. Then my mother took the book of volunteer information and said a sentence that I will never forget in this life-“Can I go to Southwest University?” Me: “…” My dad: “…” After the scores came out, Qing Qing The teacher from the North Admissions Group called me, and when we went to talk with the admissions teacher, my mother looked in a trance. She later told me that since I was a child, she had only asked me to take a good second exam, but later found that my grades were pretty good, so she raised this requirement to a good one. I asked her, I remember I told you clearly that I wanted to pass the Qingbei exam, and you encouraged me to come, so why was I so shocked when I learned of my grades? Then my mother took a deep look at me and said: “What I thought was that anyone with a dream is great. I also want to buy 100 million in lottery tickets every day. As a mother, I can’t beat the beautiful fantasy of my children.” I: ” ……” In your eyes, I dare to say that Kao Qingbei is daydreaming, ok, fine, you won.

6 months ago

“I’m not used to it when I first arrived in Beijing? Tsinghua University is a good school, and architecture is a good major. Grandpa is very happy. I am alone in Beijing to take care of myself. There are many people in Beijing and there are many cars. You must pay attention to traffic safety!” Very good, I see, I will, grandpa.” Recently, every time I call home, there will be similar conversations, but I am not a recent graduate of the college entrance examination this year. Since entering the school in 2015, this is the fifth year I have come to Beijing. When I was in middle school in Guangdong, I lived with my parents and grandpa. After graduating from high school, I went to Beijing to study by myself. Every time I called to go home, my grandpa would just nag me to pay attention to the traffic. Read well and pay attention to your body. At the beginning of the senior year, bad news came. I can’t remember exactly what happened. Grandpa fell in the garden of the community and was admitted to the hospital. His brain was damaged and his memory was severely degraded. All the time The threads are intertwined in his mind. For example, about me, he only remembers the time I lived with him. Because I always felt that I was living at home, he would ask my mother why I didn’t go home to sleep every night, and my mother could only tell him over and over again that I had gone to Beijing to study. Later, he even wrote a piece of paper “Grandson I have already studied in Beijing and studied architecture at Tsinghua University.” Grandpa would say “Oh!” every time he saw this piece of paper, and blamed himself for not remembering. When Grandpa thought of me, he turned over the crumpled piece of paper. When he saw the paper, he remembered that I was in Beijing and wanted to call me. So there was the beginning of the conversation. Grandpa doesn’t remember many things now. He thought my cousin who was just in middle school had already gone to work. He thought that our aunt was his mother, and thought that grandma hadn’t passed away yet…sometimes he even forgot some of his relatives. . He has forgotten many people and many things, but he has never forgotten me, nor will he forget to love and care for me. Grandpa is a person who has been plagued by depression for many years. When the incident first happened, I thought, maybe a disordered memory can also reduce some of his burden. But when I heard that he asked about his grandma and cried when he learned that she had been away for many years, I thought, accepting this kind of news over and over again…what could be more painful than this? I don’t know what I can do for my grandfather when I’m in a different place, so I picked up the phone and told him over and over again: “Grandpa, I’m admitted to Tsinghua University. I have finished my fourth year of university. I am studying architecture!” “Hahaha, good! Grandpa is very happy! Our whole family is proud of you! You are not used to it when you first arrived in Beijing, so you must take care of yourself. Beijing has a lot of people and cars, pay attention to the traffic…”

6 months ago

Thank you everyone for complimenting my parents. They are very ordinary people, but they are too easy going and are too reluctant to put pressure on me hh. A warm and harmonious family and kind and upright parents are my greatest pride. Thank you all and bless you all. In addition, I am the editor, I guess you haven’t checked the admission status of all categories, all years, and all regions, right? Don’t jump to conclusions without an accurate investigation. I have thought of saying how many points will be admitted to Peking University. Someone must say “This can also go to Peking University? This is made up?” So I am anonymous. If you don’t believe it, you can read it as a joke. It doesn’t matter if I have to say that I edited it. After all, you believe it or not, I have passed the entrance exam and finished studying at Peking University. I’m used to it, it’s not my hometown dialect~ The day I assessed the score: Mom, I can test about 670. My mother: You are bragging, take a good estimate. Me: (wronged Baba’s re-evaluation, and in accordance with more stringent standards) Mom, I can take the test as low as 660. My evaluation has always been accurate and good? My mother: How can you kid be so bullshit? I:? ? ? In the next few days, when I went out and met acquaintances, they asked my mother and daughter what their score was. My mother is always: 640. Me: OK, OK, anyway, points will be released in a few days. We will give points first and then apply for volunteers. 672 points on the day when the points were made. 199 people in the province. My mother: What? ? Are you really taking so many exams? Me: I said my assessment is very accurate and good cut? The newspaper volunteered to Peking University and was admitted. My mother was in a trance state all summer before I went to university (same as a dime mentioned by one of the previous answerers), my mother: Your primary school study is so poor, I think you can take a second exam That’s it. When you get to junior high school, you can study better. I think you can take one exam. When you get to the top of the high school general exam, I think you can take the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. It’s great. It’s great. As for Peking University. , I have never dared to think about it. I: Co-authored my high school simulations for many times and was the number one. I told you that I wanted to pass the test of Beiren. You said that it must be possible, but never took it seriously in my heart? ? ? My mother: (with aggrieved face) I wondered if you occasionally did well in the exam. Didn’t it happen when there were more than a dozen? What kind of family or child can be admitted to Peking University? (My family is in a small place, and the children who went to Peking University are indeed rare.) My mother is really a very easy-going person. She and my father and wife are very affectionate. Both of them are indifferent to material things, fame and fortune. My father used to take care of the family in order to accompany me more. , Rejected the opportunity for promotion in other places (civil service system), and my mother gladly supported it. The reading atmosphere in my home is very good. As far as I can remember, the TV in my home is rarely turned on. In my free time, the family reads different books. When I am illiterate, my dad reads to me every night. From now on, I will let me read and buy books casually, and never set limits. What I am most grateful to them is that they did not have a utilitarian mentality in training me, not for ranking in the exam, not for the sake of glory, or pure reading, so they have never asked for my ranking and results at all. My student life I have been very happy, very happy. I have never attended any cram school, never hired any tutors, and I have not interrupted the extracurricular books for three years in high school. I am grateful that they are looking for work when they are about to graduate with a master’s degree. I am very anxious and always feel that If I didn’t find a job well, I’m sorry for the Peking University I took, and my mother told me: Studying at Peking University is not for realizing cash. Peking University is such a good place. If you read it, you will earn money. Although I still can’t be as indifferent and calm as my parents, but I am really grateful that they never give me pressure, and will always allow me to see the rare simplicity and sincerity in the material society.

6 months ago

I was the first in the town to enter Peking University. Many people came to my family that day, including the village secretary, town party committee, high school principal, high school class teacher, relatives, and neighbors. Because I was not sure before I was admitted, I went hiking at 6:30 every morning, relieved the pressure, and came back in the middle of the morning. On the way back, people in the village knew the news and rushed home with tears. After seeing so many people when I went home, I didn’t know what to do. I greeted my neighbors and elders and entered the yard. The town party committee, village secretary, and high school principal also came to the yard from home. My parents stood in front of the house. I was a little confused behind. The county rewarded 50,000 yuan, the town rewarded 30,000 yuan, the village rewarded 20,000 yuan, and the high school rewarded 50,000 yuan. An enterprise that occupies our village’s land also rewarded 50,000 yuan. At that time, my family’s annual income was only 30,000 or 40,000. They all said a lot to me, but I didn’t hear a word, I was completely confused. At noon, everyone left. I cried while holding my parents. My mom was crying while wiping my tears. My dad secretly shed tears. After crying, my dad called one by one to inform relatives and friends that my mom and I would ride an electric bike to buy food in the town. Basically I didn’t eat that meal. My dad said: Girlfriend, when I grow up, I will be far away. Then I cried again.

6 months ago

I think I am qualified to answer this article. An hour ago, I just updated the accurate information about my child’s admission to Tsinghua University. If it is not excited, it is false, but it is not to the level of Fan Jinzhong. First of all, it must be to inform the family, grandparents, grandparents, aunts and aunts…Secondly, send it to the circle of friends! Like and swiping the screen every minute, that’s a cool one. In short, my current feeling is indeed like a comment from a friend in the circle of friends: it is similar to winning a lottery. Hahaha! Don’t stop me, let me laugh for a while.

6 months ago

My mother is in a relatively calm state. Born in a small county, he was designated as the seedling of Qingbei by the elders around him since he was a child. In the first year of high school, his dating grades declined, and his psychological expectations were relaxed until Qingbei resumed diplomatic relations. In the last year, I worked hard and entered Tsinghua University as I wish, which is considered to be worthy of the expectations of those around me. When the college entrance examination was approaching, my mother said that if she passed the Qingbei exam, she would have a big banquet, but when she passed the exam, she seemed to have forgotten about it suddenly. My entrance banquet was nothing special compared to high school classmates. Place. It has been a year since I left the garden. After several years of communication with my mother, she seemed to understand that being admitted to Tsinghua University could not revitalize the family, and her expectations of me have fallen to settling down in Beijing (and can’t do it haha). I’m going to study at Caltech soon. Although my mother doesn’t know what kind of school Caltech is, she still has the label of “prestigious school”. This time my mother was calmer and silently said that no matter what decision I made, she would support me. Suddenly I felt lonely. I walked too fast and too far. The people and things in that small county stayed a few years ago and gradually became unfamiliar. My life was divided into two parts by entering the Tsinghua University. Before that, I was full of warmth and sunshine, running confidently towards a dream. After that, it was a cold reality. All the people who supported me stayed here. On the other side, the only way back is me.

6 months ago

My dad called me to check the results, and I was lying in the back room nervously buckling the wall. “Beijing University Department of Chinese?” “First choice first major!” My dad, who has always been steady and low-key, was excited like a child, almost at a loss, and then kept calling his colleagues who were admitted to Peking University in the same year. Call, congratulations to each other. This is the first time in my life that my dad is so happy. He was secretly happy when he encountered good things before. He never showed it, afraid of being jealous, but this time I really couldn’t help but vacillate. He later said to me: “If you fail the exam, my colleague will say privately:’Look, it’s because xxx always loves to dance, and never cares about his daughters studying.'” He said it was a sigh of relief. In a place where intellectuals like the Chinese Academy of Sciences gather, children’s learning and comparability can only be stronger, and even the Buddha cannot avoid the vulgarity.

6 months ago

The first thing I told was the uncle of my school, a kind old man. He was really happy, grinning, wrinkles piled on his eyes, and said some congratulations. I’m leaving, he suddenly took my hand and said in his native dialect: Good boy, be better to the people in the future! I was young and ignorant at the time, and I didn’t know how to answer for a while, shook his hand and rode away. Then I went to study abroad and never saw him again. When I returned from the school celebration, I realized that he had passed away for many years. Now that I think of this sentence, I actually want to cry…

6 months ago

Don’t worry about the current college entrance examination scores. Maybe the scores may also be inflationary. Moreover, the situation of the examination papers is different every year, and the tightness of the review is also different. The evaluation level still depends on the ranking. Therefore, when I was admitted to Tsinghua University, my parents were much calmer than me. After all, my ranking in mock exams was extremely stable for many times, and there was no fluctuation even in the college entrance examination. In my mother’s words: If nothing else, it would be Qingbei. However, I have a feeling of “I can!”…I am relatively inferior and conservative. The high school mobilized us to write the goals for the college entrance examination. I swiped a lot of books, so that the teacher and the principal talked to me separately. The chain of my bike went home and I was chased all the way by a dog… In addition, I do not agree with the ease of despising Beijing and Shanghai candidates. In fact, when I entered university, I found that my kind of spicy chicken in fourth-tier cities has a huge gap in terms of vision and comprehensive ability compared with children in first-tier cities. To be honest, their scores may not be high, but They were able to quickly adapt to higher education institutions and got mixed up. It took me a long time to slowly catch up. The following is the original answer: Hahahahaha, help my parents answer, I was a Tsinghua post-test who took the bare test a few years ago. Actually, I estimated it to be around 670, but in order to avoid an oolong, I told my parents to estimate a score of 640. -650, my parents said that they were really satisfied with this. Then the enrollment meeting (the score hadn’t come out yet, there was a consultation meeting), my mother took me there, and I sneaked over to Fudan University and told others that I estimated the score I was able to go to Fudan University. Fudan asked me which high school I was in. I answered truthfully and was ignored (because high school average). I was very angry and declared that I had a score of 670+. The teacher in Fudan took a look at me and asked me which high school. Yes, it’s a mystery operation. My mother went home and told my father: Your girl and the admissions teacher claimed that she took the 670 exam. You said she was coaxing us or coaxing the teacher and then separated. I hid in the room and checked the score by myself, 672 hahahahahaha, ran out Tell my dad, my dad: It turns out that you were lying to the two of us. It was an interview with the admissions team of Qingbei. The admissions teacher of Tsinghua University attracted the autistic me with his simple language style.

6 months ago

Thank you all for your attention and praise! For my daughter’s three years of high school, in order to check some college situations, the answer is often led to the answer of “Zhihu”, but I did not expect to answer it too! Happy My daughter refused to answer the exam after the exam, refused to talk about the college entrance examination, Wei Niang thought she failed the exam, and waited carefully. Occasionally, she is unwilling to watch her playing games every day and thinks “maybe it can be considered normal play.” Before leaving the score, I have been doing mental building: Look at whether there are any favorites in the low-scoring majors of the University, or if there is any university you want to go to to find out about the situation, so as not to cry out and don’t know what to do! After reading a few pages of the application guide, the girl finally panicked, “Isn’t it possible that CUHK won’t be able to attend?” On the morning of the day when I was out, I received the news that I had entered the top 50 in the province. Come on, I can’t believe it! She was also aggrieved, “After the exam, I felt that there was nothing obvious. I didn’t dare to say it. I’m afraid you would think too much! And after all the exams, what else?” By noon, I knew that there were more than 20 people, so I can consider Peking University! Rejoice again! Until now, she is in her sophomore year, and she still doesn’t quite believe that she actually went to Peking University! It’s best for someone to take the college entrance examination for the third year of college entrance examination. My feeling is: This kid usually looks unreliable, but he may be sensible at critical times.

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