Yesterday, a Tianjin netizen posted an article saying, “I saw the old man fell and did not get up. The old man passed away a few days later, and I am very self-blaming.” The article roughly explained the psychological journey and the incident.

Because the authenticity of the question is doubtful, thank you friends

From the perspective of being responsible for friends, I once again met with Mr. Xiao Zhong, the person involved in this incident. The following is an overview of chat content:

  1. The incident did not happen recently. It was the fact that the person concerned had seen similar news recently that triggered memories, and expressed feelings about the incident.
  2. The pictures are not live pictures, because the parties did not take pictures of the scene, so the pictures are copied from news of similar events.
  3. The incident occurred in Muli, Dabizhuang, Dongli District, Tianjin. The specific address, time, and building section of the incident have been verified and will not be handled publicly for the purpose of protecting the parties.
  4. Self-blame is very easy, self-reflection is also very easy, but it is really not easy to help. Peng Yu’s case will not be discussed. If it is bad, it is ugly. Peng Yu only lost more than 40,000 yuan, although he was stunned. , It consumes countless energy and time, but after all, the person is alive but there is a girl. After helping the old man, she was dragged and said that she hit it. Under the pressure of the elderly’s family and his parents, he finally jumped into the river and committed suicide. Is it she? Does it matter if she hits? Even if she hits it, she doesn’t have to pay for her life, isn’t it? So I would rather blame ourselves and reflect on it instead of taking our lives to help the elderly. We can also say that we are still very poor and can’t afford to support tens of thousands of people. , In the end, the old man was fine, and he had to die, so it was enough for someone to call 120. It was good. I saw in the comments that some people said that the truth is unknown. Is there the truth in the Peng Yu case? Most of the cases of helping the elderly have no truth. , If there is the truth, is it still called the Peng Yu case? Old lady Xu died four years after the incident. She always believed that Peng Yu hit her. Peng Yu finally chose to lose money in the second trial. He never admitted to hitting someone. It’s because the matter has gotten big, and someone actually helped him admit that he had hit someone? What? The first transcript at the time of the incident was strangely lost, but all this is not important, because the Peng Yu case is not a solitary case, and at least large and small cases can be found. Hundreds of cases, thousands of cases, and a few of them are under surveillance that can restore the innocence of the victim? Even if the innocence is restored, can the elderly be prosecuted for fraud? After the Peng Yu case, I specially checked the relevant laws for a few days. The surprising result is that, except for “It was not you who hit, why did you need to help”, the judge in question cannot be counted as wrong. The judge does not need both parties to prove whether there was a collision, but based on the principle of fairness or the principle of probability. Let Peng Yu pay compensation and it is the most terrible thing, because according to the law, as long as the moment you support you, there is no way to prove your innocence, and you are already in trouble! The most terrible thing in the world is not an unjust case, but a correct judgment. Mistaken things and said them in vernacular that everyone can understand

By zhiwo

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8 months ago

In fact, there is no need to blame the witnesses. First of all, the witnesses are already very conscientious. Seeing the old man who fell, he did not leave indifferently, but ran to call people. Furthermore, if you see an elderly person who falls, it is best not to help the elderly without authorization, because the bones of the elderly are relatively fragile, and they are prone to fractures when they fall. Improper support may aggravate the condition of the elderly. The best way is to let the elderly test whether they can move by themselves, get up by themselves, if not, wait for 120 to deal with. So the eyewitness may accidentally make the best decision.

8 months ago

It’s impossible to solve this type of problem if you touch porcelain for a day without being sentenced. Many people say that the Peng Yu case, but how many years have passed since Peng Yu’s case, the problem of helplessness has not been resolved. ; Failure is at most criticizing education, there is no loss and good intentions to help others, it is wronged to be a Jeep into a shared bicycle; fortunately to be able to prove innocence, but also provoked a scam or blackmail. Why haven’t we caught a few typical people and killed the evil spirits after so many years? Does the law not blame the public, or the law does not punish the elderly? The Criminal Law stipulates that those who commit crimes over the age of 75 shall be mitigated lightly, and the Public Security Administration Penalty Law stipulates that those over the age of 70 shall not be detained. In practice, as long as your hair is gray, you will not be punished. In a case I dealt with, the other party clamored that he was an elderly person, in his seventies, you had to admit it if you smashed something, and it would be useless to call the police. The person asked me what to do? I can only tell him with a wry smile: you can’t detain but you can fine, and you can sue for compensation if you smash something. But the fine has not been fined for four or five months. As for the prosecution, the court has not yet opened. Back to the witness, he is in this Pengyu predicament: he may be ruined if he helps his conscience. How to do? Still the beginning sentence: If you touch porcelain for a day, you will not be sentenced, and there will be no solution

8 months ago

Let me start with the view. Simply put, the guiding effect of the law is malfunctioning and leading to this problem, or what is the reason for the malfunction? In any case, I could not skip the “Peng Yu case” of that year because its influence was too great. First, although our country is not a case law country, every case, especially the newer case law, will cause other local courts to study and learn. Second, the social impact is great, which directly subverts people’s views on helping others. Third, the guiding role of values ​​has deviated. Porcelain became an industry. Why does this cause this problem? First, there has been a deviation in the understanding of legal principles. There are many legal principles. Among them, the most basic principle of fairness and justice is often abused or misused in the application of law. Secondly, the concept is troublesome, and I always think that since there are problems, there must be people who make mistakes and there must be people who make mistakes. Instead of starting from the point of view of evidence, starting from objective behavior and subjective intention or negligence, it is assumed that someone should be held responsible. Third, the legal reasoning is inverted, the causal relationship is inverted, and the result is deduced from the cause, resulting in obvious derivation errors, and the responsibility for infringement disputes is shifted to the party that does not need to provide evidence. People still have no good solutions to touch porcelain, because even if someone touches porcelain and dies, a large number of people will jump out and just say one sentence. Isn’t it terrible that people die? It’s so terrible.

8 months ago

Time: 7:30 pm on March 26, 2021. Coordinates: the intersection of North Lishan Road and West Huashan Road, Jinan Weather: light rain Today, it started drizzling in Jinan. In the evening, I waited for the red light at the intersection from west to east At this moment, when an electric car turned from north to south and turned west, it fell to the ground. At this time, the green light was already on, and I had to avoid it for the first time. I took two steps, and the person who fell started to twitch. What disease do I think he has? Sheep has a seizure or heart disease, etc. I stopped and inspected the surrounding environment. I looked up and saw a camera that illegally took pictures. I thought that my subject was fined 4.5 thousand for violations, and one or two hundred points were deducted. It was so clear that it was impossible to take this picture, right? Just beside. I saw him so uncomfortable, and then asked: I’ll call you 120! He said uncomfortably: No need. With the dim intersection and the rain, I thought he was an uncle about 50 years old. He said to me in pain: Help me move the car, right? Smashed my leg. At this time, in fact, I had been muttering in my heart, helping him move the electric car away, and then let him sit down on the side of the road, and I would leave. After I tried my best to help him move the tram, the shoes were scattered around. After I asked him to put on the shoes, I said, you move to the side of the road and sit down? When he tried to walk to the side of the road once, he fell into place as soon as he took a step! I told him not to worry, and then, the second time I helped him walk to the side of the road, I said: Are you okay? Would you take a break? I go first. He said: Can you help me move the electric car to the side of the road? After I helped him move, I saw that his foot went up and the lower half of his calf was hit by an electric car. No wonder he fell down again after standing up. I said: Are you waiting here? I’ll go to the next clinic to get you some medicine for wiping blood and wounding. I went to buy him some gauze. When he came back, his parents had already arrived. Only then did I know that he was a child, only 17 years old. His parents hurriedly took him to the hospital to have the wound. I said thank you before I left, and my heart settled down! In fact, in the process of helping him, I was also very scared, especially at the first moment when I convulsed, my first thought was to run. I felt more relieved when I saw the capture monitoring, and decided to dial 120 and 110. After getting a clear rejection, I helped him settle down to the side of the road, and then wanted to leave again because I didn’t want to cause trouble to the upper body. Even with surveillance, I was afraid of making a fuss. When I saw his leg bleeding continuously on the way to buy medicine, I also thought not to go back, but his leg meat had come out of the wound a little, and the rain looked serious, so I decided to go back again. Fortunately his parents came, and fortunately he didn’t rely on me.

8 months ago

People who do good things need to be protected. First, those who touch porcelain should be directly criminally prosecuted. Regardless of age, they hurt not just one or two people, but the trust of the entire society. This is to some extent endangering public safety. Second, because people who are helping others are ruined, there should be a public fund to provide help, and then they should be held accountable. If they are wrong, they must pay back the money and bear the heaviest punishment possible. If it is indeed the responsibility of the person involved, don’t wrong the elderly. Such things should not rely solely on morality. Morality needs to be guaranteed by a mechanism, otherwise it is pushing people to stay away from doing good deeds.

8 months ago

If you don’t help your conscience, you may suffer from wallet pains, headaches, and a whole body pain when you run into an unreasonable family member… Conscience pain has a threshold. When you release your kindness, you will be disappointed again and again. People’s conscience will not hurt anymore… I’m glad that there are still people who have conscience pain. I entangled that many people sneered at this kind of conscience pain… and even stomped on their feet, which made me feel that the future is unpredictable. …What kind of an indifferent and indifferent society would it be…

8 months ago

In fact, in one sentence, it is too good for bad people and too bad for good people. If those who touch porcelain, lie, make trouble, rely on the old and sell the old, and sludge, fine, administrative detention, and administrative detention, then I think this phenomenon will definitely change a lot. Some people say that the Peng Yu case is right or wrong for the time being, but it has fully illustrated how strong and far-reaching the consequences of a typical case are, and it has changed the thinking of ordinary people. Judges must consider not only the effects of the rule of law, but also social effects. You are right, why are you helping her? Once you encounter this kind of soul questioning, even the hotter heart will chill you. Helping the elderly is not a good thing for a good person in general, but a good thing for a good person that may cause trouble and disputes. Avoiding it may sound cold, but it is also helpless. In terms of cost efficiency, ordinary people can’t afford it either. Go to the police station to make transcripts, go to the hospital to advance funds, and go to the court to hold court sessions. Who can stand it? Once you meet a group of ignorant family members and unreasonable elderly people, isn’t it just to make yourself feel angry? Good people are embarrassed, that’s it. To eradicate this phenomenon, it is nothing more than to protect the rights of those who do what is right, and attack those who touch porcelain. The law is not enough for oneself, there is no good order, good remedy, how can kindness start? It is right to call good people and good things, but it is even more right to create a social environment that protects good people and provides them with safety.

8 months ago

Three or four years ago, I took the bus to work. There was a trembling old man who took the bus. When getting out of the car, he trembled and walked very slowly. The driver also yelled and asked me to help him down. I was motionless. The ghost knows if something really happened will rely on me. Why don’t I help? Because I know that I am a small, powerless ordinary people, and people really want to ruin me, and no one will speak for me. I can only lose money obediently. People still call me stupid, at least Tianjin people would call me stupid. I’m a sprayer, and I’m also a smasher. So I know very well that you can “spray” for “reality”, but you can never “stroke”. There are elderly people in my family too. If there is any inconvenience if no one dares to help the elderly in my family fall, I will definitely not blame the onlookers. It’s nothing more than admitting bad luck. As a rare fan of mathematics, science, engineering, and sociology, I most hate certain social science scum. For a little traffic, I set new and different ideas and propose various “multicultural” and “postmodern”. , “Developed”, “advanced”, “law”, “human rights”, and “freedom”. Mathematical calculations are wrong and can be recalculated; scientific guesses can be corrected; engineering and learning errors can be dismantled and rebuilt or a new one can be created. Only “social science” or social development things are almost irreversible, and changes will inevitably sacrifice a considerable number of people, or even all of them. Self-blame is impossible. When the Peng Yu case is pronounced, it is doomed that the old man cannot be supported, and the old man is doomed to be unsupported. At this time, whoever helps the elderly is against the rules of society. Although I want to go against it. Remember, “good people do not get rewarded” and “good people will be eliminated” are the core of sociology.

8 months ago

In fact, everyone knows what to do, and it’s very simple. That is, if the old man is taken care of, the blackmailer must be severely punished. Even if the blackmailer is the old man, he must be severely punished without broadband or education. What is it now? It’s a huge reward if you succeed, you don’t have to bear anything if you fail, and you don’t even hurt your conscience. Now, or it has always been all these years. Helping others is risky, and ruining others has income. Even at the front end, the money that the guy paid in advance was the same as a debt collection. Another way is to install more probes, ai identification, automatic alarm. Anyway, the probe is not afraid of corruption. Called the police and asked the police to help. It can only be said that the current society is distorted. In fact, who doesn’t want to help? But do you dare? Hand the unknown risk to an unknown person? Dare not. Anyway, only on the day when the violators are severely punished, everything will slowly begin to change. In the past, we could educate and scold others when we saw that others didn’t help, but today we are more affirmative. If you talk about him and he asks you, if you are ruined, you will have nothing to say. They all said that they should punish the evil and promote the good, but when it comes to helping others, they properly punish the good and promote the evil. I remember learning from Lei Fengri when I was a child and being praised for helping the elderly. I don’t know how to say it now. The source of the plight of helping others is the Peng Yu case, but the legal standings after the Peng Yu case are the saddest. Every time there are similar cases, there are always many asymmetric events of good and evil. Does the law always think good people bad and bad people too good? Do evil, light punishment, good punishment. In a few years, the law may be amended to change this status quo, but at the moment, I still dare not help others. Not dare to help the elderly, in the final analysis, is tantamount to money, contrary to conscience. This is the distortion of this society.

8 months ago

The author is a kind person. But if you help him up, won’t the old man die? In fact, it is very fatal for the elderly to fall. It is very likely that even if they are helped, the elderly will still die. In this way, they will inevitably involve the question of whether the rescue is reasonable and whether they need to bear responsibility… From this perspective, no support It is the right choice. Moreover, he went to the property to provide assistance, and he had a clear conscience.

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