“He likes basketball so much, and he never posted relevant content after the NBA accident. He loves shoes so much, and the brand immediately terminated the contract after the accident.” “He only transferred the one that supported Xinjiang Cotton after all the dust settled. Bo’s.” “Bai Jingting missed the opportunity” Seeing these, I really think this child is not easy and I really admire him. Self-employed, many things must be done by themselves, and what they love decisively give up in the face of national interests. Delete the blog, terminate the contract, and finally forward the entry “I support Xinjiang Cotton”. The exclamation marks in the back are really sonorous and powerful, because his actual actions have proved him before that. I heard that he also participated in the design of a shoe, very carefully, and also added elements of his hometown. Sorry, distressed. In front of the country, everyone is the same, that is, national interests are paramount, sovereignty cannot be violated, and the country cannot be maliciously blacked out. There are always people who take advantage of this, stand on the moral high ground, and take advantage of the tide of things to come forward and criticize and be demanding at the first time. Do these people think about national interests? No, they never think that the state can solve everything and never worry about anything. Just want to watch the excitement. During the new crown, I didn’t worry about anything, because in my opinion, this is China. What can’t be solved? Our country is growing day by day, and the momentum is swift, approaching several capital countries in the West. In recent years, they have tried every means to suppress China in successive years. It is not easy for us to resist and ask them to stop. We want to globalize our interests, but those capital countries may not. We have to prove that what we want is to make all mankind better. This proof is not easy. This is what the generation of people who enjoy the moment before mobile phones do. There are so many things that are deeper than what we have seen. I hope everyone can be like Xiaobai, being cautious in words and deeds on the Internet, putting ambitions into actions, and saying short words are nails!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The child is in Hainan these days, he really can’t think of this! No one can predict, right? Originally, he should fly back to Beijing from Haikou happily today and then have to deal with work at the airport. Someone at the airport heard the broadcast and asked Bai Jingting to hurry up on the plane (because of the delay in work). I saw it this morning. A lot of passers-by said that Bai Jingting had collapsed (collapsed shoes) What will you wear in the future? Your big house in the third ring road has fallen out (with that kind of mockery) … It makes people very angry. ! Fans know that Bai Jingting is self-employed! Did not sign any company! My own studio! He does everything by himself. Unlike other artists and the company’s management (not to step on) Bai Jingting is really difficult. Everyone knows that he loves shoes, but this is his pure hobby, but he is also known for marketing and ulterior motives. The people say that speculation is set up! He reposted the Weibo “I support Xinjiang Cotton” after he had dealt with everything in the afternoon! The child is really serious about doing things! But it takes time! It doesn’t take time to do anything! And the shoe he and Converse recently co-branded! He also participated in the design! The scenery of his hometown (Huairou) can be said to be the result of his painstaking efforts. Who doesn’t feel bad for such a thing? But the national interest is the most important thing! Home is where there is a country! ! ! National interests always come first, right! Let go of the studio’s statement and hope that the child will get better and better in the future! I really saw that statement today, and I cried when I really felt like it! Bai Jingting is really doing something silently! Wait until everything is resolved and the dust settles before coming out to speak! I hope my children can come to Hainan to play again next time! The kind that is happy! The kind that won’t be bothered by work! By the way, eat Hainan’s refreshing tonic, dregs vinegar, fried noodles, Hainan noodles, basil noodles, dad tea, coconut jelly, hahahaha I seem to be talking about snacks! (I don’t know if the prince has eaten these things these days) Finally, I wish Siyou actor Bai Jingting a promising future! The white pigeon will always be your backer!

6 months ago

It’s really not easy for the self-employed in the entertainment industry to tell the truth. When I saw this news, my first reaction was that Qian started his own studio for seven years and used his own efforts to walk step by step to today. I really feel sorry for my brother. Because of the high compensation, my brother didn’t receive many endorsements. I was really worried that his resources would be affected in the future. Yesterday my brother missed the flight. Originally, he wanted to play in Hainan and returned to Beijing happily. The result was that the processing of Converse’s termination was delayed. Time, he will always do it first, and then talk about it, one person silently bears all of them. I don’t know why some people still want to be black because of this. He still needs to take it to his top Weibo and say that he is such a good person. Don’t see this. Even if you see it, don’t worry about it. There are things he loves. I’m really sorry for him. Last night, the city was updated with white hair and a Weibo, really tears. He is also comforting us Baige. He has always They are all people who want to bring their happiness to us. Yesterday, things on my side were also a mess. I saw the news of my brother on Weibo. It was also very sad. I saw a blogger’s sentence on Weibo. Here is a quote. It is suitable to describe my mood yesterday: “I’m sorry for not being your comfort when I was in a mess.” Finally, I want to say that Bai Jingting is always worthwhile, and our Baige will always be your backer.

6 months ago

In fact, as a fan from his debut to the present. I know that as an individual studio, he does not rely on any brokerage company, and may be relatively slow in dealing with many things. After all, there are not so many people who will help him keep an eye on public opinion and the international and domestic environment. As long as he works to get to know him, he should have completely let go of his mobile phone. But this matter is indeed very big and serious, so I can also understand the anger in many people who scold him. All I can do is to protect him well. The kid had just signed a contract with Converse, and within two days there was a problem, and he treated the shoes as hometown money. Perhaps he is even more angry in his heart. But I also hope that everyone can believe that if you love shoes for nothing, you will not be a person without patriotism.

6 months ago

I didn’t expect to be invited. I ignored it later and chose to answer anonymously. Let’s talk about the position first-although anonymous, I previously signed a contract with Bai Jingting to play against Bai Jingting, a small film and television company held by the heroine’s ex-boyfriend, and worked as a screenwriter for several theater movies and a script doctor. Let me talk about the personal factors that may affect me. First, I was dissatisfied with being exploited by capital to almost starve to death in a place like the Imperial Capital. Second, I was almost forced to resign by the so-called big screenplay teacher Pua because of a heart attack. , Gave up everything and went it alone. (The other party’s purpose is to force me to resign, because the TA feels that I don’t know how to be filial and respect the other’s teacher. TA believes that everything I do is due to TA, and has little to do with me-a certain public meeting The original words of the above are also the written reasons for forcing the other three small screenwriters to sign the paper to give up the ownership of the script and then voluntarily resign after the second day of the meeting) I have to admit, I am very happy to see that the former company was unlucky. In particular, the cold winter of the past two years has led to a major reshuffle of capital. The employers and the so-called big screenwriter teachers I once hated (three dramas signed by Douban, the lowest score is 0.5 and the highest is 3 and a half) are all lying down. While I am happy, I am also happy for the audience. Thank goodness, everyone doesn’t have to look at the brain debris of this group of people every day. There is no need to bother to wake them up. Finally, what I and countless other small screenwriters have seen can be confirmed by countless people. The true status quo in this business in the past two years-we have seen many so-called big screenwriter teachers, or the so-called so-called by some film and television companies Investor masters or bosses, the main body, is a strange group of people who don’t like human beings and the society, and they especially desire dark and damp weird mollusks. This is a group of people who think that their writing can make Wang Shuo Moyan amazed. They think that this country has not given them a chance to show their talents, and let them create those strange things that are pure feces that disgust the public, a kind of unenlightened and calling the country over and over again. The cultural blockade has worked hard to create a cultural blockade over and over again. Species that do not possess the most basic human moral consciousness or existential consciousness. This is a group of recruits who only stare at various channels every day, under the label of young and promising planning and coordinating, or they are labelled as cutting-edge producers, high, rich, handsome or white, rich with thighs, small waist, breasts and fat buttocks. They are all thinking about how to become one of the other’s ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, and they also advertise themselves as a romantic contradiction. (And these so-called tall, rich, handsome or white, rich and beautiful, many of them are the kind of people who are in bed with their boyfriends and girlfriends in the car for 18 hours except for pure sleep in 24 hours, except for some reproduction children and grandchildren. The organs of the people are overused and almost abolished. Other organs include purely fleshy animals whose brains are almost newborn.) This is a group of basic logic failures and basic cognitive defects. It depends on the so-called resources that are drunk, a bunch of “brothers” and ” “Sister”, relied on countless spit stars to say, a bunch of “brothers” and “brothers” who have the same ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, writing that all the women in the whole movie are brainless. Rich, beautiful, rich and handsome, but they are extremely eager to monopolize all the genetic genes of the male and female masters whose brain cells have only developed the emotional area, and must not leave any chance for other men and women, while despising the harem Shuangwen and using so-called works personally. With their chaotic life and interpersonal relationship, to express their worship of the life of Shuangwen in the harem… “people in the circle”. Thank you for the national policy, and also for countless good companies like Noon Sunshine who are really doing conscientious works, for the little ones like us who have no background, don’t want to drink, and rebel against using their lives to prolong the relationship between this group of people’s chaotic network. Screenwriters, a chance to start again. An opportunity to write and photograph the world and the truth of the world that you want to see, hear, smell and touch. Self-employed is not a derogatory term, but the self-employed in this entertainment circle today are derogatory terms in the eyes of the people written above. Self-employed in the entertainment industry ≈No resources, no value, no connections, no wink, no knowledge, no life, no brain, no EQ, no IQ, no ability…Stupid self-employed in other industries at the moment, is a term that has been forgotten, because other industries see Here, the self-employed is a normal ecology. Otherwise, this is a basic material for rights, capital, resources, and opportunities…All career development and even the basic conditions necessary for professional life are a deformed industrial chain that is highly monopolized. In 2019, I personally watched a Chinese artist who got the most common green card in the United States and was regarded as a god by my boss at the time, and even used various methods to forcibly take back the job that should have been given to a new generation of super new acting talents. For this changed artist who even forgot what he was going to perform. In 2018, I heard with my own ears from my leader at the time telling a newcomer who graduated with the number one Chinese opera: You can’t play the female one in this drama because you don’t have a blue blood endorsement. However, I turned around and told us that the real reason was that the first to fourth females of this show were all contracted to a company that has a good reputation in the industry: “That’s my family, and they wrote this just to praise them. this”. In 2017, I personally participated in a film project that has been filming for more than ten days. The audience has become the leading male protagonist of newcomers in the past two years. He was suddenly replaced by an amateur who only speaks dialects and forced all the actresses on WeChat. I asked the production director. The reason was “I went out for a drink two days ago and I met the son of a real estate owner (the amateur). I was very interested in this role. I hope I can take this opportunity to make a debut and get a actor…” , The production director really didn’t have a red face, so I happily paid the liquidated damages the next day and took back some of the works I could recover and left… How difficult is it for self-employed in the entertainment industry? I can only say that it is really harder. It is true that, as others have said, although Bai Jingting took the initiative to unilaterally terminate the contract this time, the brand may not really dare to demand liquidated damages, and he may not really be compensated if he asks for it… But in the future, it will be difficult for him to be affected by this. In the film crew that capital has penetrated, find job opportunities—yes, the ones that are most infiltrated by foreign capital forces and have the highest degree of public opinion control are the various so-called independent film and television companies—it is impossible for these people to give one a shot. The job opportunity for young people with the face of a big boss behind them. And these companies are precisely the most powerful and inciting component of the current film and television market. These companies are held in the hands of a group of exquisite egoists who believe in the supremacy of Western culture, preach that Chinese citizens have been blocked by public opinion and still fight injustices for their own countries, or they are exquisite egoists who know they are wrong but play dumb for their own interests. Therefore, many artists use more gentle termination of the contract to solve the problem, because they receive the message from the company: Don’t offend your sponsor father, even if the sponsor father says we can’t, we have to really show that we don’t. wake up. And Bai Jingting. He resolutely chose to terminate the contract completely. I don’t believe it, Bai Jingting doesn’t know that his behavior is equivalent to completely tearing his face with the capital behind them. I don’t believe that Bai Jingting doesn’t know that this action may make it difficult for him in the next three years to come into contact with the works of these capital powers that occupy 80% of the voice of the current film and television investment circle. I don’t believe it, Bai Jingting doesn’t know what this means. From what I know about the industry and the personal situation of the actors, I think Bai Jingting made a very difficult, even painful decision. In addition to throwing away all the basketball culture he once loved, he also personally cut off countless roads leading to the silver screen and even the screen that everyone in this circle yearns for-and his road itself is less than others. It must be admitted that although I feel exuberant about the cancellation of other artists, it is not surprising. However, Bai Jingting and Eason Chan’s termination of the contract made me pay tribute to them – even between the two, I was more moved by the former’s actions. Because it is different from Eason Chan, who has already accumulated a deep accumulation and has a superior family background, he can return to the top of the star rich list with two concerts. I am not afraid of losing money because of this. Bai Jingting really needs such an endorsement, and he needs such an even more. Customers, keep each other’s last humiliation at the last moment. It is good to ensure that there will be at least similar endorsements to find yourself in the future. Although, the result of this is that the customer’s personal emotional perception will recognize that Bai Jingting’s heart, as a Chinese, is not higher than his identity as an actor. It will make customers think that in the hearts of Chinese artists, the identity of an artist is always above all else…sounds harmless, it seems harmless. If Bai Jingting really does this, we can understand, and we can only understand…but he doesn’t. What I heard and saw was a young actor who had almost no foundation to rely on, and easily found a place to live in the darkness, for the blood in his chest, for the words that he said ” First of all, I am a Chinese, this matter is very important”, and personally cut off half of the shelter that I have just expanded a little bit. He used his actions to prove his character. In summary, I think that in this boycott, perhaps only this Bai Jingting’s action can make me respectful. A person will feel sad but not afraid if he loses what he has a lot of things, but if he knows that he will lose what he has almost never had, what he has spent countless years trying his best to gain…many people Don’t talk about it, I can’t even think about it. So I sincerely hope that someone who is as clean and pure as him who only wants to spend time on creation and love will come to him and give him help and support. This passionate young man, this actor who has never changed his mind, really deserves one or several good shows. He is serious and responsible, and he has the sense of faith that is most needed in the performance. I would love to see such a young actor who can survive this difficult period, meet real noble people, get more opportunities, and use his personal experience to show everyone one thing: integrity and credibility, integrity, pure enthusiasm is human The true virtues. And all human virtues are worthy of all recognition and destiny.

6 months ago

Bai Jingting was a fan of him when he debuted. Maybe he is not very good, but he is really hardworking and dedicated! Many times when I can’t hold on, he is the driving force for me to move forward! He really likes shoes. He liked it a long time ago. It’s not because of an accident. Don’t scold him. T_T works hard to make money and buys a lot of shoes he likes. He cooperates with brands he likes and designs shoes to promote his hometown. He must be very happy. But it’s only been a few days, the brand he likes has an accident. As a self-employed person, he doesn’t deal with things so quickly and speaks very slowly. Many people say that he doesn’t say anything anymore. He is just doing things silently. He always does things first. Later, he said that no statement would be issued if the matter was not handled properly, and he did not even forward the People’s Daily Weibo supporting Xinjiang Cotton until the matter was resolved. And today, he was supposed to fly from Haikou to Beijing and return to his hometown, but he missed the opportunity to deal with the matter. Maybe many outsiders don’t understand it. Isn’t it right to give up cooperation? But what Bai Jingting and Baige care about is not cooperation, but Bai Jingting’s love, but your love conflicts with national interests. You have to give up your love to protect national interests. Although this is the duty of each of us, he will still be very sad. Although T_T said that Converse is not worth it, but Bai Jingting’s design and his hard work are gone. He will give up his love in the future. I feel very sorry for . But I think he can work with his friends to create a brand. Promote your hometown and feel that you may be an emotionally incoherent T_T. In short, you can always trust Bai Jingting! Xiaobai is as warm as ever, and the white doves are united as before. Look at each other, only Jingting Mountain.

6 months ago

I am distressed and proud. On Douban, I saw that it is different from the termination of the contract that he needs to pay a higher price. The studio he has propped up alone makes such a decision not only requires a firm stand but also gives up many, many things. It is his hobby. He is not speculating. He really likes it. For him, he has collapsed. The joint model he participated in the design incorporates the elements of his hometown into the shoes. It can be seen that his love for his hometown and China is not Converse. heart! ! ! ! I really feel bad about him, and I don’t know how much liquidated damages will be paid. It’s not easy to accumulate popularity. But today, someone hacks him. He’s not pretending to be dead, he’s just muffled to do the real thing. Ok, seeing this picture is really distressed and uncomfortable cr. I want to comfort him and comfort him in the air on Weibo. Bai Jingting missed the flight and searched it hot. Then I would cry out like this.

6 months ago

Fans all know what this means to him is not just a job, an endorsement, but a shoe he designed with Converse and Wei has just been released shortly. It is also a love for his hometown, a love for sneakers, but he also knows the national interest. Above all, delete the Weibo ins of the relevant brand. If the plane is missed, the contract must be terminated as quickly as possible (the first statement among Converse/We spokespersons) and everything settled—the studio issued a statement—he said on Weibo not only that he wanted to be “aspirational and ethical” An actor who is literate and disciplined is using practical actions to tell us that he can really do it

6 months ago

This is really normal. No matter how much you love shoes, you will not be more patriotic.
Even if I chase stars (usually refers to the kind of foreign stars), as long as he has a little insult to China, no matter how beautiful and outstanding he is in my heart, he is useless, how white and moonlight and how handsome, I will turn black in a second
I don’t know why it turns black so fast, but I just can’t stand this kind of remarks
Maybe patriotism is already engraved in everyone’s bones, right?

6 months ago

Don’t like to sell miserably. In the long run, he can’t make or earn this money. This is not a simple business cooperation issue at all. Moreover, he is also an influential public figure, and the dissolution of this contract will allow those who like or follow him to see his attitude, and it can also affect those who like or follow him to a certain extent. But I admire his speed of contract termination, self-employed, and the statement said that the termination of the contract is not the termination of the contract. From the standpoint of fans, I hope that brands can see Bai Jingting. But if only as an ordinary consumer, I still hope that brands can put resources on how to improve their products. It is not that they cannot be marketed, but don’t ignore the products and only know about marketing. That will inevitably not go far. There is also hope to change the ethos. When do actors, idol singers and other related industry practitioners need to rely on endorsement products to get out of the circle? Turn the cart before the horse. Just like a brand, improving one’s core competitiveness is the kingly way.

6 months ago

The choice is actually chosen a long time ago. This result is just a matter of time, but it does not prevent me from feeling sorry for him. He loves me very much, Boa. I hope he really hopes that he will be better in the future and can’t be better. Whatever the unimportant people say, you don’t need to care about it. It’s not important. I don’t need to care about the behavior of the person. I just hope that he can do whatever he wants to do. I hope that he will continue to work hard and live a good life. Although he will have a future like the sea, the leader of Japan hopes that Lao Bai will get better and better in the future, and hope that we will follow him. Getting better and better

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