It’s fortunate to shoot a movie like “Godzilla vs. King Kong” at this stage of my career. I feel like I won a lottery, because how many directors have the opportunity to say that they not only made a “Godzilla” movie, but also made What about the “King Kong” movie? Since 1962, there has only been one, which is really exciting. ——Adam Wingard Before the release of “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, we met the film director Adam Wingard in the remote connection and chatted about the story behind the shooting of this monster movie. Speaking of the feeling of shooting “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, Adam Wingard described it as winning a prize, “I have liked monster movies since I was a child. They were engraved in my mind when I didn’t remember, and even penetrated me. Life. I don’t remember how I felt when I saw them for the first time, but they have always been with me, and I have always liked them.” Xie invited | “Godzilla vs. King Kong” director Adam Wingard interview video Zhihu movie video 8077 play The following is the dictation of director Adam Wingard. Around 2013 and 2014, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures began to jointly produce “Godzilla” and “King Kong” series of movies, shaping the characters of Godzilla and King Kong. I think their ultimate goal is to create this movie. “Godzilla vs. King Kong” is like “Avengers: Endgame.” So I feel very lucky, just like winning a lottery, because how many directors have the opportunity to say that they not only made a “Godzilla” movie, but also made a “King Kong” movie? Since 1962, there has only been one, which is really exciting. You may think that the biggest challenge in shooting this movie is how to shoot the fight between Godzilla and King Kong, and who will win. But in fact, the question of “Who will win” had an answer in my mind long before I started to enter the project. This idea runs through the whole process, and has never wavered in the creative process. For me, the most difficult part is to complete the story. “Godzilla vs. King Kong” needs to be a sequel to the first two “Godzilla” movies, and it must also be an independent and complete story. Even viewers who have never seen other “Godzilla” movies or “King Kong” movies can understand this story intuitively. And because Godzilla and King Kong appeared in the movie at the same time, within half an hour of the beginning of the movie, it was necessary to prepare the audience and lead them into the story. In the final analysis, we hope that the audience can feel happy when watching a movie. So in the production process, I have been trying to make the audience fully enjoy the story while at the same time explaining the previous situation and paving the way for the plot. We hope that the audience can continue to see the appearance of monsters in the screen, and avoid the situation of “monsters appearing and disappearing suddenly” during the viewing process, because in the past, some similar movies were often criticized for this. The audience came to see the monsters, but I have not been able to continue to get such a movie-watching experience. How to present the stories of monsters satisfactorily is also the biggest challenge I face. Many people ask me whether I prefer Godzilla or King Kong. In fact, I like them all the same. Maybe it sounds like proud parents are answering “I can’t choose my favorite son or daughter.” But it’s true. Is my most honest answer. In the creative process, I was also absolutely fair, and did not try to make any character in the movie look cooler. In my heart, Godzilla is a bit like the white blood cells of the earth. His existence is to protect the earth from any form of invasion, and any attempt to do so will be regarded as a threat to the earth by him. Therefore, it can be imagined that this planet seems to have life, and Godzilla is the extension of its life, always protecting its safety. King Kong is an innocent monster, even if he will tear off the heads of other monsters fiercely or stop those who try to disrupt the order, but in the final analysis, he is a very cute monster with innocence deep in his heart. For me, another important reason I like monsters like Godzilla and King Kong is that they have mythical simplicity to some extent. From the outside, Godzilla is a giant beast that looks like a lizard, while King Kong looks like a giant ape. The way we try to present monsters is different from other monster movies, such as “Pacific Rim”. When they are doing design, they add more imaginary elements. Therefore, in those monsters, there are always some elements that we can hardly see. When you watch a monster in “Pacific Rim”, you hardly think of bats or any other creatures we are familiar with. What makes Godzilla’s world unique is that we tend to simplify the complex, hoping to find some connection with reality while maintaining a sense of mystery, and then turn it into an expanded version of the existing version. Like the Naruto (snake with wings) and hell vultures that appear in the movie, they are inspired by myths and have a certain connection with reality. This is how we create monsters. Someone asked me a few days ago, what are the first memories of the “Godzilla” and “King Kong” series of movies. Actually, I don’t remember, because I have been in contact with monster movies since I was very young, and I also like monster movies so much that they are engraved in my mind when I don’t remember anything, and even run through my mind. lifetime. There are also the “Star Wars” series of movies. I don’t remember how I felt when I first saw them, but they have always been with me, and I have always liked them.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

On the 25th, after watching the movie in advance, I just want to say one word: cool! Whether it’s the scene, special effects or music, it’s still quite shocking. Why did the two monsters fought, and why did they reconcile in the end? Go to the theater to find out. However, as a typical Hollywood popcorn movie, it is best not to watch it logically, just relax and enjoy it.
The film continues the previous world view setting, but introduces new scenes, and it is still more reasonable. For King Kong, no matter how good the environment is, the greenhouse is not as comfortable as his “home”. Between the two monsters of Godzilla and King Kong, I still prefer King Kong, not only because I have watched so many movies about King Kong, but maybe because it is a step forward to become a human, there is a kind of intimacy, primate Animals are different. They create tools, use tools, communicate with people, have emotions, and most importantly, they love girls. In the first half of the film, whenever King Kong appears, it is always accompanied by soothing and romantic music, which is quite interesting. The music also reflects the bond between the little girl and King Kong in the film. Regardless of the moment, King Kong always puts the little girl’s opinions and safety first. Like “Avatar”, the ultimate cause is caused by human greed. Capitalism always has endless pursuits… In recent years, Hollywood has always liked to turn the battlefield to Hong Kong, from “Pacific Rim” to “Transformers” “, “Ghost in the Shell” and so on, maybe the United States has been destroyed, so I chose Hong Kong, a place where Chinese and Western cultures intersect, but these films also have a Western impression of China. For them We are still using old-fashioned mast sailing ships. Of course, this is a symbolic expression. However, combined with the Xinjiang cotton incident in the past two days, we always feel that some people in the West are eating Chinese food while smashing Chinese bowls, which is also insulting. The image of China. This is certainly worthy of our statement to take practical actions to resist, but we must continue to be strong. Products and brands that are available in different fields are like DJI and Huawei. You are strong enough, no matter how much you suppress. Superconductor trains have also appeared in the film. China is also the country that pioneered superconducting maglev trains. The speed will reach 3000km/h in the future. Then the distance of space will no longer be a problem for us. my country’s right to speak will not be shaken. I hope that One day comes sooner. Then it was my fixation session, looking for implants-a big red and white barking animal logo appeared in the film. Friends who went to see it can pay attention to it!
I also want to say, Xiao11, why do you look so different from your age? Do you really want to penetrate the monster universe? Hahaha

6 months ago

Monster films have always been an important branch of film and television creation. This subdivision type can provide the audience with the most direct and efficient viewing enjoyment-stunts, actions, battles, collisions, and the shock brought by the huge size of the monsters. For viewers who just want to get some entertainment and relaxation experience through movies in their daily work and life, such monster movies can provide the most intuitive and exciting experience. Of course, intuition does not mean that monster movies-at least monster movies above the standard-are crude in terms of plot and theme expression. “Godzilla vs. King Kong” is a joint work of two of the world’s most classic monsters. The independent works of their respective beautiful times have already made great achievements here. The movie “King Kong”, whether it is the 1933 version or the 2005 version, expresses certain intentions: King Kong, living in primitive nature and uncontested in the world, is coveted by highly commercialized and cunning human society and forced to enter the contemporary era. The conflict with mankind after the city has become the creator’s accusation against the contemporary civilization of mankind from the perspective of nature. And the “Godzilla” series of movies also have similarities and similarities. In the original version, Godzilla was the product of humans using a lot of chemical weapons. His destruction of human society also naturally pinned nature’s resistance and revenge against humans. . However, the purpose of the creation of monster movies is not to be “thinking” after all, but to achieve the most basic intuitive and stimulating experience of giving. Therefore, in “King Kong”, the creator gave a lot of pen and ink to the love between King Kong and the human girl, making the girl the embodiment of good in human society and forming an emotional connection with King Kong. In “Godzilla”, Godzilla finally achieved reconciliation with human society by disappearing. The independent creation of the two monsters has a high degree of agreement in conception and thinking. This constitutes the major premise for the establishment of “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, and allows the finished product of the two to naturally have the above-mentioned advantages. In this movie, we can still see the “natural attributes” of King Kong and Godzilla at the beginning. On the King Kong side, although it was on the side of humans when the monsters were fighting, it still lived on Skull Island at the beginning, and its hometown was set as the “earth center”. Its fantastic and magnificent view of the different world has formed While the movie is a highlight, it also forms a sharp contrast with the highly technological and high-rise human world on the surface, emphasizing the natural attributes of King Kong’s non-human society. King Kong fights against Godzilla in the human camp, and in the plot is more “utilized” by human organizations. And Godzilla, who fought against King Kong and the human camp at the very beginning, clearly showed his position. Therefore, just like the setting of many “dual protagonists” duo duel works, King Kong and Godzilla are not essentially split and confrontational in their positions, and are more of a conflict based on chance and coincidence. The real villain is still the human camp that used King Kong and was attacked by Godzilla. The human organization that wants to create and manipulate monsters, gain the power of monsters, and become the “master of monsters” is the real enemy Godzilla and King Kong should fight against. In the movie, monsters clearly represent “nature”, so the human organization that wants to be the master of monsters naturally becomes a symbol of “humans’ endless plunder of nature”. With the development of the plot, the movie really turned to the level of direct confrontation between the two monsters against the human organization-the mechanical Godzilla designed by the organization lost control, and King Kong and Godzilla began to join forces against the enemy. The steel-style modeling of Mechanical Godzilla brings out a strong sense of “human science and technology civilization”, which contrasts with the “natural sense” on the two monsters with fresh fur, and strengthens the confrontation between nature and humans. Of course, as mentioned above, in the final analysis, the goal of the monster movie is not thought provoking after all. A good monster movie should be a precise and balanced achievement-moderate thematicity at the plot level, and at the same time form the basic rationale for the monster duel and the monsters to join forces to make the battle scene not abrupt and not blunt. , So as to achieve a relatively good balance between the plot and the absolutely stimulating fight, creating an intuitive feeling for the audience to “see comfortably” In fact, at the plot level, just like the independent movies of two monsters, the human camp in “Godzilla vs. King Kong” also did not completely enter the abyss of ugliness. The little girl Giya is the representative of the human camp’s kindness. In the movie, the creator used very delicate emotional expression passages, such as sign language communication, “King Kong” dolls, etc., to show the emotional blending of Jiya and King Kong. This point is undoubtedly highly coincident with the relationship between the girl and King Kong in “King Kong”. The dark side of the human camp is only a part, and there is still the light of hope, so that the audience can relax, to welcome a positive ending of the human camp and the monster group hand in hand, and fully enjoy the action scenes in the movie. At the plot level, after ensuring the relative plot depth, it still has to serve the action drama-it provides the rationality and fluency of the action drama. If there is no outstanding action scene, then a monster movie, even if it is deep and thought-provoking, will never be successful. In the multiple battles of the series, in addition to the needless action quality and special effects, you can also see the creators’ intentions in “creating the richness of action dramas”-the environment of the multiple battles Geography and geography are all different. This first brings about differences in perception, but also makes the way of destruction and the display of actions separate the differences and create new ideas. For example, in sea battles, King Kong’s flexible advantage on small ships, and the missile raid after Godzilla dived into the sea, all rely on the environment to give play to their own strengths. In the urban war, the destruction of contemporary buildings between the high-rises between the two sides, the falling of steel bars and the scattered flowers of the glass, also formed a completely different perception and stimulation from the section on the sea. It can be said that “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, on the basis of ensuring a certain content of the plot, used the construction of the plot to guide the occurrence of the war as smoothly as possible. This makes this movie, to a large extent, away from the monotonous “fight for no reason.” Although some blunt transitions and reasonable deficiencies are still inevitable, the progress of the plot is generally smooth. And the action scenes that fall to the most essential point are the biggest traditional advantage of the film, and the creators give full play to it. As a monster movie, in the eyes of its audience, it obviously has enough reasons to watch it. Under the proper guidance of the plot level, each battle has achieved both the length of time and the degree of excitement, especially the Hong Kong battle, the monster battle, the destruction of high-rise buildings, and the flying debris, it is difficult not to speak out. It’s enjoyable, and the creators boldly set the time of the war at night. The texture of monster fur and sparks are added in darker tones, and the defects of clarity are eliminated, making people enjoy the violent aesthetics. Besides, it adds a touch of aesthetic enjoyment. The action guides the reason for the emergence of the battle scene. The scene of the battle itself is exciting enough to satisfy the audience. Therefore, from the perspective of a monster movie, this film is completely above the level of “meeting the psychological expectations of the audience and giving the audience what they want to see”.

6 months ago

Compared with “Godzilla” and “Godzilla: King of Monsters”, “Godzilla vs. King Kong” finally put down its figure to some extent. It maintains the series of excellent light and shadow design while greatly reducing The frequency of repeated cuts to the human plot when the monsters are fighting, and the accelerator key for the human plot that is still not nutritious, although this undoubtedly makes the whole movie seem to be rushing from one battlefield to another, but such climax battle , Is always better than a lot of boring literary drama. The JXL that gave the soundtrack to “Justice League” a while ago also matched “Godzilla vs. King Kong” this time. It must be said that it is indeed much worse than the previous “King of Monsters”, “King of Monsters” “At least there is “Godzilla March”, this one basically doesn’t have an impressive melody. Fortunately, the advantages of the light and shadow design of the Godzilla series have been preserved, especially the battle between Godzilla and King Kong under the bright neon lights of Hong Kong, which can be said to be the best night scene battle after the “Pacific Rim”.

6 months ago

The advantages of the whole movie are all in the martial arts, that is, the fight between the two Titans. Since this is a popcorn movie, it is not necessary to use professional audiovisual language to analyze it, but there is one point in this movie. People who are worthy of film professionals say that it is the lens language used in the play. I don’t know if everyone is scared by the sudden mouthful of blood in the movie. Maybe I was watching imax, and the effect made me feel exciting. There are quite a few, and there are still several such shots (such as the big mouth of the skull lizard rushing over). One impressive point is that King Kong pushes back. When Godzilla comes forward and bites, the point of view of the lens changes from subjective to objective. Switching back and forth, you can see the full appearance of the two monsters fighting, and you can also feel the feeling of being beaten subjectively, which is both exciting and smooth. Having said that, I feel that the CPs of these two monsters can be knocked out… so sweet, I hope they will kiss when they fight.
Then when Godzilla helped King Kong defeat the mechanical Godzilla, there was a feeling of “this woman is only possessed by me”
In the end, they have a kind of ambiguity of reluctant and reluctant to separate
For the rest, I feel that everyone’s praise is pretty good, and I have nothing to praise, so let’s talk about the literary play that is a little bit stretched, why is it said that it is a little bit stretched instead of very stretched? It is because there is one thing I like very much, that is the divine communication between humans and beasts. I feel that this is a bright spot. Although the whole process did not say why Jiya and King Kong can communicate (is it because Jiya is a native?) but To me, this subtle emotional connection between man and beast is very fascinating. This point was also highlighted as a key theme in Peter Jackson’s King Kong in 2004.

6 months ago

The King Kong guy is too pitiful. First, he was locked in Skull Island and restricted the freedom of the monkey body. Then he was forced to go to the sea. Godzilla almost drowned and pretended to be unable to move. Then he was hung by a plane and got him to the South Pole. He went to the South Pole and was deceived to say the center of the earth. There are family members who did not find it after going down and did a lot of help. After coming from the heart of the earth, they were almost killed by Godzilla. They were rescued by humans with a super-powered pacemaker. They turned their heads and were told that Godzilla was not an enemy. Let it hit the machine (the hammer building is really handsome). If it weren’t because of the mechanical Godzilla’s short circuit, the pretty boy’s head would be opened again (Who would have thought that the three people who fought until the end turned out to be King Kong, (It’s true that the United States will win)

6 months ago

It was only the first night of the weekend. Douban scored 12,000 people, with a box office of 150 million, accounting for 87% of the box office. Take it all, killing me crazy. But compared to the box office, Douban score has dropped from an opening of 7.5 to 7.1. Why is this? In fact, after watching the movie, I think it makes sense. The highlight of the monster movie is actually the monster fighting. The hit is a cool, a visual effect. In fact, this is a genre film, there is not much depth and connotation to dig. Therefore, most viewers do not naturally score high. However, after reading the comments carefully, Junjun found that 40 of the 50 comments were good-looking, rare experiences, and visual wonders. It shows that this movie is actually qualified in this genre. However, even though it is pretty good-looking, most viewers still start with 3 stars and 4 stars, and they may still feel that this type of movie is not worthy of high scores. I suggest that monster control, giant control, etc., including those who like blockbuster movies, cool movies, and no brains, must not miss this movie. Because the quality in this area is guaranteed. It will also leave a deep impression on everyone. As for the literary drama, routines, plot, etc., the producer also understands that these things are not the focus of the audience. After all, many audiences have complained about it in the previous film. So this one can be said to have minimized compression. The above is probably my simple positioning and suggestion for “Godzilla vs. King Kong”. Since the Spring Festival stalls, the cinema has hardly become lively. If you are interested, you can go to the cinema this weekend. I’ve seen the ones I didn’t like before, so I don’t need to continue watching it. This is not the first one, and I have counted whether I like it or not.

6 months ago

“Godzilla vs. King Kong” is a real story in terms of special effects! There is no need to consider the plot of the story. Humans are all instrumentalists, and it doesn’t matter who acts. Workers’ Guide to Watching Movies: Think of yourself as King Kong, waking up in the sun on a good day, washing and scenting fragrance, goodbye to your girlfriend and going to work, and then interacting with your annoying colleague (Godzilla) again Tear, fight for the vacancy of the manager, the other party’s strength is higher than yours, you need to have contacts, have the ability and ability, and be appreciated by your boss, and you will be rubbed in place. But this person is not easy to discipline, and the leader is afraid that the merits will be overwhelming, so he let another person replace him. Both of you are dissatisfied, so you put down your grievances and jointly repelled the paratroopers. From then on, you lead a pool (center of the earth), and he leads a pool (ocean). The well water does not interfere with the river water, and each is well. There are a few ideas: 1. Some capitalists should do it for themselves, no zuo no die. 2. Why is Hong Kong the same as “Pacific Rim”? ! 3. What is the material of Godzilla’s back, so it can stand tall in the melee and shine, why do girls’ nails just touch it?

6 months ago

King Kong VS Godzilla’s kiss. My baby brother and Xiaogang are fighting daily. Hey, let’s dump the Ten Streets of Transformers. Advantages: 1. The behemoth fighting is too shocking, I have to sigh that the current special effects production level is really excellent. 2. The special effects and atmosphere that go into the center of the earth are well created. 3. The Hong Kong War was dazzling. Disadvantages: 1. In addition to the behemoth scene + special effects, the action design has no characteristics. 2. BGM is basically based on orchestral music, which is shocking but not recognizable. 3. Godzilla’s image modeling is too casual, and the eyes and nose on his face are indistinct, like a pile of mud. 4. The emotional dramas of several human parts are not contagious. 5. The character is 0.6. There is no laughter in the lines, and the core of the plot is blunt and superficial. 7. Of course, the above shortcomings are all because they are just filling in the duration of the scene fighting scene. The goal of this movie is very simple, let you spend an hour in the movie theater, in fact, the goal has been achieved. 8. Despite this, the plot lines are still too watery~ it could have been better. Looking at the cool scenes, in terms of the plot, I thought that if it could have the appeal of the first King Kong, or a whim, if the monster series were filmed in the same style as the DC dark movie, it would definitely be a hang. A grand epic of playing super-English level. After all, I looked at a more brainless character inside. A line that is more than embarrassing is really disappointing, I just want Godzilla to swallow them all. There are only little loli and little beautiful women, so I can’t hate them anyhow, haha

6 months ago

I just finished watching this movie because I am studying abroad now, so I can finish watching this movie a few days earlier than everyone in China. Let me talk about some personal thoughts that won’t be spoiled first. If I’m not objective, I’ll give a score of about 7 points. This is more like a more fighting Pacific Rim 1, with a fight every 10 minutes or so on average. , As a male I am very enjoyable. Oguri Shun didn’t have many lines, but Yan Yi (rolling his eyes) appeared and flew up. To be objective, I will give it a score of 5-6. After all, there are still too many scenes in the movie that are too big to be described as a bug. From this point of view, this is like a more logically inferior Pacific Rim 1. As a Chinese, it is somewhat I still think the place is too illogical and even absurd. But in general, I personally think that this movie is not concealed, but since I am neither a professional film critic nor particularly picky about action (special?) movies, I personally recommend it to everyone, especially if I like Godzilla, For men, women, and children of King Kong, ad hoc, etc., when the fare is not expensive, go to Vmax, IMAX hall to watch, the viewing experience should be better than 2D. By the way, the fare (Vmax) I spent locally is equivalent to about 80 yuan in China, which is quite expensive.

6 months ago

Most of the special effects of fighting scenes are done well, and even most of the fighting scenes are during the day and night when you can see clearly. The viewing experience is excellent. I personally think that the special effects of King Kong are better than that of Godzilla. Godzilla still looks a little fake, without the feeling of a nuclear lizard, but it was a little fake when the aircraft carrier was fighting at the beginning. In the later stage of the fight between the two parties or even the three parties, I really blow it up. As a newcomer who has never watched a Godzilla and King Kong movie, I really like to watch the orangutan and the lizard fight each other for two hours. This kind of cliché I really can’t get bored of the plot. Speaking of third parties, Mechanical Godzilla is really awesome. The combat power in the movie is Mechanical Godzilla>Godzilla>King Kong. Its confrontation with Godzilla confirms the old saying: lose”. But the last fight of the three of them was really handsome. I’m sorry that my Chinese level might not be able to describe how I felt at the time, but I still think this simple and primitive battle is worth the fare. The rest is probably only to exaggerate the special effects. The director’s rhythm is not bad, the music is pretty good, and in general, the martial arts are outstanding, the literary drama is okay (basically almost gone), and the logic is messed up.

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