Breadworms or small fishes, let’s talk about breadworms first. First, this thing is tasteless, does not call, does not require space, and does not need to be served all day long. I think that it can be raised very well by throwing some leftovers. If you don’t feed it for three or five days, you won’t be able to die. None of the four major stages of this bug can fly. Just a small glass fish tank can raise a lot of them (plastic or paper boxes are not recommended. Eating may break out of prison or gnaw through the box.) Second, I don’t know what your roommate raises. It is troublesome to raise cats and dogs in the dormitory. Most crawling pets and bird recipes have breadworms. Item, you can also provide breadworms for your roommates to make money. Both larvae and adults can be sold as feed to roommates. The adult stage is the only more strenuous stage. You need to always pay attention to whether there are adult worms to lay eggs. If you need to lay eggs Pick out the eggs as soon as possible and store them separately, otherwise they will be eaten by other adults. After the eggs are laid, small insects will be born. Then repeat the above steps for the small insects. If you buy a small fish, you can buy one for five yuan. Shrimp pots, get up in the morning and prepare some crushed steamed buns and throw them into the school pool. In the evening, after studying in the evening, go and fish the prawn pots. They can receive a lot of inch-long fish. Prepare a glass tank to raise them. Sell ​​to roommates who raise turtles or other reptiles. After eating, go to the pool to buy (be careful not to get caught). Control the item of live food. You are your roommate’s old father


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6 months ago

In the comparison chain of keeping pets, four-legged ones are not as good as two-legged ones, two-legged ones are not as good as legless ones, and those without legs are not as good as multi-legged ones; The scaly ones are not as slippery; for the same reason, the common cats and dogs are not as good as the five poisons, the five poisons are not as good as the rare animals, the rare animals are not as good as the legendary creatures, and the legendary creatures are not as good as the mythical creatures. In summary, I suggest you raise a legendary species, mite. Mites belong to a class of tiny animals in the Arthropod phylum Arachnida. The body size is generally about 0.5 mm, some as small as 0.1 mm, and most species are less than 1 mm. Mites and spiders belong to the arachnids. Adults have 4 pairs of feet, a pair of tentacles, no wings and antennae, and their body structure is different from that of insects. The worm body is divided into a jaw body and a body. The jaw body is composed of a mouthpart and a jaw base, and the body is divided into a foot body and an end body. There are many hairs on Mitekang’s body and feet, some of which are very long. There are mouthparts at the front end, and various diets such as dandruff. There are more than 50,000 kinds of mites (mite) found in the world, second only to insects. The adult body of scabies mite is nearly round or oval, with a raised back, milky white or light yellow. The size of female mites is 0.3~0.5×0.25~0.4mm; the size of male mites is 0.2~0.3×0.15~0.2mm. The jaw is short and located at the front end. The chelating limbs are like pincers, with small teeth at the tips, suitable for eating the stratum corneum tissue of the host’s skin. The beard is divided into three sections. No eyes and valves. There are horizontal wavy stripes and rows of scaly skin spines on the back of the body, and several pairs of rod-shaped bristles and long bristles on the back half of the body. The ventral surface is smooth, with only a few bristles and 4 pairs of feet. The feet are short and thick, divided into 5 sections, and have a conical shape. The distance between the first two pairs of feet and the back two pairs of feet is relatively large, and the base of the feet has horny protruding. The ends of the first two pairs of feet of female and male mites have long-stalked claw pads, called ambulacra, which are sensitive parts; the ends of the second two pairs of feet are different from male and female. The end of the fourth pair of feet has suction pads. The spawning hole of the female mite is located in the center of the back 2 pairs of feet, which is in the shape of a transverse crack. The external genitalia of the male mite is located slightly behind between the fourth pair of feet. The anus of both is located in the middle of the back edge of the body. There are two main types of mites that parasitize the human body. One is hair follicle mites, also called demodex mites, and the other is sebaceous gland mites, which are parasitic in the sebaceous glands of the human face, and are generally referred to as mites. So, if you raise mites in the dormitory, you can amaze your roommates and their pets. When your roommate has acne, you can smile: “I’m sorry, my pet ran on you.”

6 months ago

Raising a six baby is the one in the gourd baby who is invisible. On a sunny evening, the sun has just risen, and the moonlight covers the roommate’s buttocks and basks in your face. You happily hug a big cardboard box and tell everyone about me. Your pet is here, come and see it, so the roommates are all shirtless and wearing socks to see your new pet. You open your eyes and exclaim, is this the gourd baby? It’s so beautiful. Then you hugged Liuwa with both hands and kissed him a few times. At this time, your roommates are like monk Zhang Er who can’t touch his butt, watching in horror as you hold up the air with both hands and kiss. Rubbing his eyes, patted his squat, it hurts, not a dream. The crowd took off their socks and continued to sleep naked. The next day, your roommates’ pets will panic, dodge, and hiss as long as they see you approaching while holding the air. For a while, it was so exciting. From then on, there was a person in the dormitory who was holding a bottle to feed the air. The roommates are worried that you are mentally abnormal, and they dare not say too much, so they ask you, is your sixth baby without clothes? Can Liuwa hide you too? You said that if Liuwa wears clothes, he can hide me. Your friends said, then you can hide and give us Kangkang, holding your six baby seriously, and let your roommates stand in a row and watch you. Then you close your eyes, open your eyes, and say in surprise, isn’t it amazing? The roommates rubbed their eyes again and said, you have been here just now, not invisible. You crooked your mouth and laughed, the speed is too fast, you didn’t react, see clearly. This time, you closed your eyes for a little longer. After opening your eyes, I asked excitedly, what kind of roommates nodded together and carried you to the infirmary. After understanding the situation, the doctor kindly asked, is your sixth baby male or female?

6 months ago

When I was young, I saw my brother’s pet that was amazing to me.
He made a small square fish tank, with half of the sand in it, and two lizards in it (note that the cover needs to be covered);
I have raised more pets, including ducks, parrots, tortoises, small snakes, and hedgehogs;
Later, the little soil snake was a bit miserable and was eaten by a hedgehog;

6 months ago

If it is in the girls’ bedroom. You can raise Xiao Liang’s son. White-fronted tall spider (Heteropoda venatoria), commonly known as tall spider, big spider, horse dragon ride, scorpion, pull tooth, pull tooth, (or take insect forehead), ground tiger, is a tall spider of the arachnidae family Large indoor spiders of the genus are the main natural enemies of domestic cockroaches. That’s it. You don’t want to buy it either. This spider likes damp and cool indoors, just waiting for him to “grow” out. The white-fronted tallfoot spider is a non-venomous spider. Even if it is bitten, it will not cause serious injury. It is more meaningful to keep safe and bluff. The white-fronted tallfoot spider has the advantage that it mainly feeds on insects such as cockroaches, flies, and moths, which can be regarded as beneficial insects. The food intake is not small, and it can prey on multiple cockroaches continuously. Put it in the bedroom, it can kill cockroaches naturally. (But if there are too many cockroaches, it is recommended to boil a potato, add a little boric acid, and place it in a cool place. Within a month, the cockroaches will disappear. Brother Liang learned it.) This stuff is easy to feed. It not only eats cockroaches and flies. It also eats small insects such as crickets and moths. It is also very resistant to hunger. It is enough to feed it only once or twice a week. It is not impossible to let it prey on its own. Look at the atmosphere of the bedroom. It is incumbent on us to unite the honor of women’s bed. As for the boys’ dormitory. It is not recommended to raise, because this thing has a deadly natural enemy. flip flop. The slippers, especially the flip-flops, are the life-long enemies of the white-fronted tallfoot spider. ps: It is not recommended to keep any pets in the dormitory. The dormitory is a public environment.

6 months ago

Dear, it is recommended that you raise a counselor or an auntie! Imagine that on a quiet night, your roommates each hug or hold their pets, their eyes are affectionate, and their fingers cross their hairy heads, and they will raise their faces in front of their faces every now and then, appearing single. You are so lonely. At this moment, you take out your phone and send out a WeChat silently. “Come in.” Then put down your cell phone and tell your roommates that your pet is coming too, but you have a bad temper. I hope you don’t be ignorant and put your pets away. The roommate laughed loudly, thinking that you were just pretending to be x. At this time, the door of the dormitory opened, and the counselor/resident was standing at the door. After a short period of petrification, the roommates holding the animals hurriedly tried to hide the pet. Only you are still like a mountain in the panic, and there is a dusty hermit in the hustle and bustle. Is this amazing enough?

6 months ago

Come uninvited, I am A Diao, a sand sculpture! After reading the answers, I feel that it is not as good as the pet I recommend! When this pet is quiet, it is calm and beautiful, as if nothing in the world can disturb it, it will be immersed in its own world and doing what it likes. Sometimes when you take it out to play, you can still pay for it, and it can also bring you all kinds of hard-to-experience happiness! Any pet raised by your roommate in your dormitory, if unhappy, can make them escape and run away. How to put it, strictly speaking, it belongs to the level of a sacred animal. This kind of pet can be raised not only in the dormitory, but also in the home and in the company. There are even many such creatures on the road! However, if this kind of pet is raised at home, it is easy to be targeted, especially when the parents always gnash their teeth when raising this kind of pet, there are always seven aunts and eight aunts to tease him. Remember, it eats by itself, sleeps by itself, dresses by itself, washes by itself, plays by itself, plays games by itself, and makes money by itself, but it won’t find objects! That’s it, you should know what kind of pet it is! Those who know are in the comment area, those who don’t know, um…that should be targeted. Send out a WeChat. “Come in.” Then put down your cell phone and tell your roommates that your pet is coming too, but you have a bad temper. I hope you don’t be ignorant and put your pets away. The roommate laughed loudly, thinking that you were just pretending to be x. At this time, the door of the dormitory opened, and the counselor / dormitory was standing at the door. After a short period of petrification, the roommates holding the animals hurriedly tried to hide the pets. Only you are still like a mountain in the panic, and there is a dusty hermit in the hustle and bustle. Is this amazing enough?

6 months ago

Xiaoqiang, enter with caution. There must be a small strong position here (but it is recommended to raise southern cockroaches, which are big and can fly, belonging to the Air Force Marine Corps). Let me talk about Xiaoqiang first, 1. The vitality is tenacious, and you can live for seven days if you lose your head. 2. Not picky about the environment. Species left over from the Great Ice Age are easy to breed, and they can also remind roommates to clean more. 3. The dormitory cleaners are not picky about food. Whether it is leftovers from roommates or snacks dropped by roommates, they are enough to feed a small group. Solve the living garbage in the dormitory, avoiding the trouble of garbage sorting. 4. Xiaoqiang is rich in protein and various electrolytes. It is a rare pet feed. For the old, weak, sick and disabled in pets, it can be given to roommates as feed to ensure the strength of the pet community. 5. Have a perfect carapace with different sizes. It can provide you with a perfect experiment template for the ladies who do nail art. You can also freely DIY your pet, making you the most beautiful boy in the whole bedroom.

6 months ago

Those who suppress them must be domineering, so they must be big, fierce, strong, and ordinary people don’t dare to provoke them. According to these standards, let’s raise snakes. It is not only big, but also fierce and strong. You can have any color you want, red, yellow, blue, or green. As long as you want. I prefer the color of the golden python, which is yellow and bright. After raising him, not only can he suppress them, but also their pets. From now on you will be the one who walks. Oh my god, the picture is too beautiful to put it up, come on, I wish you health and safety. I am a small story, like articles, like stories. I don’t want to be the creator of the article, I just want to be the porter of the text.

6 months ago

1. Honey gliders are wearing furry coats, have thin, pointed ears, large and round eyes, light and petite, with a cute appearance, and they like to get close to people. Therefore, the honey glider has now become a kind of popular among the public. Honey gliders are omnivorous animals. They feed on small animals such as insects and lizards, and occasionally eat flowers and fruits rich in nectar. Honey gliders are nocturnal arboreal animals. 2. Hedgehogs are docile and do not want to be casual. Biting, simple and cute behavior, won the favor of children and children, and gradually become people’s favorite pets. Hedgehogs are omnivorous animals. In the wild, they mainly feed on various invertebrates and small vertebrates, as well as grass roots, fruits, melons and other plants. Self-raising can be self-prepared with feed, with meat scraps, grains and by-products, green vegetables, etc. in proportion to the breeding. In addition, caterpillars, beetles, snails, earthworms and other small animals and fruits can also be fed. 3. There are many types of hamsters. The more common ones are: golden bear, silver fox, three-line hamster, purple hamster, pudding hamster,,,,, their courage is relatively small, cute, cute, soft, and deep. Beloved by everyone, from time to time to play with it in your hand, it will immediately become the focus, and people will be attracted by its soft and cute image. 4. Ferrets When you think it’s normal to have cats, dogs, hamsters, etc., then you can have a ferret. Ferret is a more active, but agile animal. This animal looks furry, ugly and cute, and very cute. And relatively speaking, the life span of this pet is relatively long, about 10 years. 5. Teacup dogs are used to seeing Golden Retriever, Teddy, Erha,,,, large, medium and small dogs, you can learn about Teacup Dogs. Also known as teacup poodles, poodles, and curly dogs, it originated in the United States and is a kind of pet dog. Tiny teacup dogs are smaller in size, commonly known as “petite” poodles or “pocket” poodles. They weigh less than 4 pounds and are no more than 8 inches tall to qualify as teacup dogs. If you have such a puppy, it is not so good-looking and cool. 6. My Neighbor Totoro is very tall when I hear the name, let us contact Hayao Miyazaki’s anime. Who doesn’t want to have such a cute and cute little animal. Herbivores, so there is no smell. The hair is dense and there are no parasites. So it is also very clean. But My Neighbor Totoro is very timid and cannot be taken out often. After being frightened, it may keep chewing on its hair, which may not be cured. 7. Tortoise Actually, the first pet for the dormitory is a tortoise. Unlike a goldfish, she will die if she feeds too much, and starves to death if she feeds less. There are also many types of tortoises, and the cost performance and survival rate are very high. I have raised a few by myself, although the interaction is not very strong, but within certain conditions, the ornamental nature is still good, and the life is lasting. And in the dormitory will not affect others.

6 months ago

Raise a talking parrot. Safety comes first, and don’t raise five poisons. Snakes and scorpions are still dangerous. In the second game of the game, you must have a strong one. It is best to be able to speak and speak especially strong. Can you use your mouth to solve it or not to do it? Therefore, you can raise a talking parrot. It can be both obedient and talk. It’s amazing to be able to intervene when the dormitory is quiet at night, and to speak nice things when it’s okay. the above.

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