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I am Wang Libo, the deputy director of the High-level China Committee. I want to criticize the Ugly Kylin for not always looking at the United States with colored glasses. There are many falsehoods in the painting. 1 There are a lot of green weeds in the cotton field. Weeds will seriously affect the cultivation of cotton, so blacks must clean up the weeds. If the farmer finds weeds remaining, he will randomly hang a black slave. 2 “Scarecrow” wears a black headscarf. Are you suggesting that this scarecrow is a Uighur woman? How dare you presuppose the gender of the scarecrow? Is it impossible for men to be sexually assaulted and abused? Why don’t you draw a little flower hat for the scarecrow? If the farmer finds that someone is engaging in sex discrimination, he will hang a black slave at random. 3 In the lower right corner is the policeman who killed Floyd on his knee. It may give the audience a hint that black Americans can get 27 million U.S. dollars even if they die. In fact, even in the later period of the triangle trade, the price of female black slaves is only 40 dollars. If the farmer finds that someone has paid a fine of less than $50, he will hang a black slave randomly. 4 The black slave in the middle of the picture is looking up here. This is an insult to the 007 work system of black slaves in the United States. Looking around while working is absolutely not allowed. If the farmer finds that someone is fishing while picking cotton, he will hang a black slave at random. 5The white headgear and the cross on the window suggest the KKK. You have never been abroad and don’t understand. The 3K Party is a public welfare organization. You can tell from its name. They hope to build a harmonious and friendly society, and they must often say 3K (homonymous thank) to others. If the farmer finds that someone does not say 3k, he will hang a black slave randomly. 6 Two people were hanged on the left side of the screen. I have hanged five on it. Why are there only two in the painting? If the farmer finds that the number of hangings is not enough, three more black slaves will be hanged randomly.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

This is a snake hitting seven inches, directly poking the lung tube. Why is Nike sought after by so many people because it has been selling all kinds of values, commonly known as the belief that when the black people in the United States used its logo and enslaved black slaves to pick cotton. When their blood hooks were connected, they looked at their Nike clothes, didn’t they feel at all in their hearts? Will it still be as comfortable as before? When the spiritual connotation of a top sports brand is no longer so tall, then it is not far from falling into the altar

8 months ago

This picture from Uhe Qilin has a huge amount of information. I was originally worried that his previous works were accidental luck, not based on strength. It now appears that this painter is a creative genius. First of all, let’s get to know the popular science. Nike’s tick mark should be a weighing rod from the West, which is used to weigh cotton, and cotton is an essential raw material for Nike products. In this picture, the Nike logo is used to weigh the cotton grown by the black slaves, which visually exposes the crime of white people enslaving the black slaves. The image of Nike’s brand fell directly from heaven to hell. Thoroughly nailed the Nike brand on the pillar of shame. I think what Nike is facing is not the boycott of Chinese consumers, but the fate of the brand stinking and ruining.

8 months ago

1. White pointed hat: The Ku Klux Klan (abbreviated as KKK) is a non-governmental organization that pursues white supremacy in the history and present of the United States, and is also a representative organization of racism in the United States. 2. The black man hanged by the big tree on the left: When American racism, the black man will be hanged by just touching the white man. 3. The hm4 on the trunk. The sickle is like a hook. The scarecrow on the right swings a hook to kill a black man. 5. Reporter CBB news. The background is a farm in the United States. The material is taken from the local area. 6. The scarecrow is dressed in Uyghur costumes. “Can you tell us what unfair treatment you have suffered? Scarecrow Miss.”​The English meaning on the sign means “I was beaten and sexually assaulted”​I don’t know why. . . After reading it carefully over and over again, he couldn’t look away from the face of the smiling black man. He was even picking cotton, but smiling, and looking at the reporter. This is not difficult to interpret, but it is filled with mixed feelings. Get up to hungry slaves, get up to suffer people all over the world. ………… Some people think of plantation when they talk about growing cotton. When they talk about growing cotton, they think of slavery and oppression. Don’t throw what you do on others. The qualities that people hate most often come from themselves.​

8 months ago

At this time, several well-known big Vs and their fans are rushing to conduct a new round of ideological review of Wu and Qilin. And the built-in repetition machine 8*25 hours high-intensity repetition of “egg shell…Shenzhen housing price…u-shaped lock…duck plate…warming…tower…” and so on. Understandable words. “Some little pinks have evolved from accusing others of what they said to accusing others of not saying anything.” “When fierce criticism is banned (referring to offline boycotts), mild criticism will become harsh (referring to paintings) A painting)”

8 months ago

Support Wuhe Kirin
For rumors and slanderous gangs
For the enemy who has gone to war with the disguise
No need to argue
Just ride your face
Shake the truth about their fortunes in history
Expose their current bad behavior
Let more and more people see through the hypocrisy of the United States
Let’s see how the U.S. protects the freedom of speech
It is estimated that the Beacon State will soon accuse the painter of inciting racial hatred

8 months ago

The meaning of the symbol lies in the community and the shared association. It is recommended that domestic manufacturers move up, including overseas Skechers. Nike’s standard and this cotton weighing scale, once Lenovo is completed, cutting off Nike’s tens of billions of stock prices is not a problem. Wuhe Qilin has created countless materials for you that can be written into business warfare textbooks. If you dare to use and use it well, you are bleeding empires in the clouds. The question now is, the country dares, the people dare, do you dare?

8 months ago

Whenever I see a black man, I think of slaves, when I think of slaves, I think of hooks! When I see white people, I think of black people, when I see black people, I think of slaves, when I think of slaves, I think of hooks! When I see the Sleeping King, I think of white people, when I see white, I think of black people, when I see black people, I think of slaves, when I think of slaves, I think of hooks! When I see the King, I think of Sleeping King, when I see Sleeping King, I think of white people, when I see white, I think of black people, when I see black people, I think of slaves, when I think of slaves, I think of hooks! Yes, this is the memory they can’t erase. They have a guilty conscience, they are hypocritical, and they are eager to find others who have done the same thing, even if they fabricate lies, to prove that they are not the most evil, but they are indeed the most evil. Therefore, this painting is really wonderful, full of creative details everywhere, and to arrange them well in a painting really put a lot of effort, which also shows the strength of the author and has to be convinced.

8 months ago

Wuhe Qilin’s painting is like a sharp knife. It exposes all the evil conspiracy theories in the Western media and allows the world to see the truth; seeing the Western executioners clearly, they hold the Bible and enshrine themselves. , While wantonly killing, burning, killing, and doing all the truth; let everyone clearly see that the truth is always there, and they are there; no matter how the Western media attempt to subvert and slander us, they will never be able to cover up themselves. True sin

8 months ago

Google machine translation: This cotton scale is a gift from James W. Butler, from the HH Hopson plantation near Clarksdale, Mississippi. This type of scale is usually used in cotton fields to weigh the daily picking of each worker, which is the basis of wages. Because cotton is very light, only the most skilled workers can pick 300 pounds. Planting in April or May, and the summer chopped and cultivated cotton will be ready for picking in September. The picking season may last until December. Once the cotton is picked, it is brought to the gin to separate the cottonseed from the lint from the seed. The packed lint goes to the textile factory, and the seeds are crushed to make vegetable oil and cattle feed.

8 months ago

This is exactly the same as what Sister Hua said at the press conference! It’s time for the American blockbuster to end! Generally speaking, it ignores the history of accumulating capital by bloody enslavement of black serfs, self-directed and slandered the human rights issue in Xinjiang. The blood-red HM pattern and Nike’s iron hook symbolize the primitive accumulation of capital. The hanged serfs and the whipped serfs are all The truth of history, and the news that is really posing is the drama that the United States has always liked to direct and act!

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