How to treat the man’s embezzlement of a former employee who had taken away more than 7 million yuan from the company. After he was released from prison, he became the chief financial officer of another company and “returned to his old business” and took away more than 19 million yuan in public funds.

In February 2020, more than 19 million yuan of public funds on the account of a company in Nanjing, Jiangsu disappeared. Suonan, the company’s chief financial officer, is suspected of committing a major crime.

Subsequently, the police found that the identity and education of the chief financial officer “Sonan” were false. Through a fingerprint extracted from a chair, the police compared the true identity of the financial director-Zhan Engui in the criminal record database, and had two criminal records. Subsequently, the police successfully arrested Zhan Engui in Guizhou Province and obtained all the stolen goods.

Zhan Engui confessed that on January 24, 2020, he used the New Year’s Eve company holiday to sneak back into the financial room and manipulated the computer. Early the next morning, I rushed to Guangdong for transfer, cash withdrawal and money laundering. In order to deceive others, he has kept in touch with the company’s chairman and even submitted an annual work plan.

All the stolen money was cashed in by Zhan Engui into U.S. dollars and Hong Kong dollars. Due to exchange rates, after the recovery, the amount was more than 600,000 yuan after being converted into renminbi.

Embezzled 7 million of public funds and went to jail for 7 years


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

With 19 million swept away and more than 19.6 million recovered, Zhan Engui deserves his name as the only returning player from “Today’s Statement”. Zhan Engui is a native of Huanggang, Hubei, a frightening place with dense scrolls of Huanggang. A junior high school student, pretending to be a graduate of Renmin University of China, has no sense of disobedience. It seems that Huanggang has done a lot of secret scrolls. He has solid financial knowledge and proposed a financial reform plan immediately after joining the company. Through self-study of legal knowledge in prison, he helped the company win two lawsuits. Because of his outstanding business ability, he was entrusted with an important task by the leader to facilitate two projects worth over 100 million yuan on behalf of the company. Colleagues thought he was a rich second generation with high IQ and EQ. Lie to my colleague that he lives in a mansion near Xinjiekou, but he actually lives near the company. Unfortunately, a colleague happened to live near Xinjiekou and invited him to ride his own “hit ride.” In order to circumvent the lie, he gets up every day before dawn, rushes to Xinjiekou, a dozen kilometers away, and then takes his colleague’s “hit ride” to work. Behind these seamless disguise, there are countless days of studying in prison. People can’t help but think of “Cat and Mouse Game” played by Leonardo. Leonardo pretended to be a pilot, flew more than 3 million kilometers for free and visited 26 countries. Pretending to be a doctor, he became a supervisor smoothly. Pretending to be a lawyer, passed the judicial examination for two weeks, and became an assistant to the state’s chief prosecutor. In the end, Leonardo was spotted by the FBI and used his ability to counterfeit checks to help the police identify counterfeiting techniques. The best part is that “Cat and Mouse Game” is based on a real-life story. The reality is even more exciting than the movie. I don’t know if Zhan Engui has watched “Cat and Mouse Game”. If so, I hope he sees the following sentence. Sometimes it’s easier for people to live in lies, but then there is nothing but emptiness.

6 months ago

The nature of work has touched many criminals with high intelligence. This kind of person is very conceited and addicted to committing crimes. Look at his criminal history: sentenced to 6 and a half years in prison in 2005, 7 years in prison in 2012, and another crime in 2021. It can be said that the time is very close. , Committing crimes as soon as they come out, plus the previous preparation time, mixed with the time to be able to access large amounts of public funds, basically belong to non-stop committing crimes. The invisible man invaded public funds three times! Heathcliff’s video 5207 shows Zhan’s experience, and he is undoubtedly very “capable”: During the interview, Zhan Engui behaved very professionally, and he was very good about taxation, investment, and financing. Sun Jian was very satisfied with his insight. After he was formally employed, his colleagues also spoke highly of him, “proficient in law, document writing, computer research, etc.”, thinking that he is a rich second generation with high IQ and EQ. He is very good at “camouflage”. In fact, he only has a junior high school education, but he loves to read books and keeps accumulating knowledge so that he can be proficient in the field of camouflage. That’s why he often seeks high-level positions. He is very smart. It has gone astray, and it seems that “bad habits are deep and difficult to change.” This crime is a repeat offender, and the amount is large, and it must be severely punished by the law!

6 months ago

Preventing persons released from prison from committing crimes again has always been a difficult problem in judicial practice, especially for people like Zhan who will stand out wherever he is placed. An observant friend may find something wrong with the timeline in this case. According to (2013) Bazhou Xingchuzi No. 201 Criminal Judgment, Zhan was sentenced to 7 years in prison on October 21, 2013, and the sentence should be executed until January 21, 2020. But the time of the second crime was January 24, 2020, at which time Zhan had been working for the victim company for a long time. Using Zhan’s name as a keyword to search online judgment documents, you can find three penalty changes (2016) Chuan 19 Xing Geng No. 4, (2017) Chuan 19 Xing Geng No. 76 and (2018) Chuan 19 Xing Geng No. 560 The rulings mentioned that Zhan had met the statutory conditions for commutation several times because of his active acceptance of reform and property punishment in prison, and the cumulative reduction of his sentence for three times was 15 months. Therefore, Zhan’s actual sentence will only be executed until October 21, 2018. How to prevent those released from prison from repeating the same mistakes has always been a difficult problem for legislators. The most effective medicine at present is occupational prohibition. The so-called occupational prohibition means that the court may, in addition to imposing corresponding penalties in accordance with the law, on criminals who use professional convenience to commit crimes or commit crimes that violate specific obligations of occupational requirements, they can also be prohibited from completing their penalties based on the circumstances of the crime and the need to prevent re-offending. Engage in relevant occupations from the date of release or the date of parole. Simply put, it is to achieve the purpose of preventing related crimes by depriving criminals of professional qualifications and conditions for a certain period of time. In this case, Zhan’s behavior is a typical use of professional convenience, that is, using the power, rights or conveniences of supervisor, management, operation, and handling formed by his own work as the financial director to take the company’s account of 19 million as his own Have. And Zhan had previously used his cashier status to embezzle public funds. Therefore, Zhan has a very strong risk of using and engaging in financial occupations and committing crimes again. It is necessary to prohibit him from engaging in financial occupations within three to five years from the date of execution of the sentence or the date of parole.

6 months ago

Good guy, I’m calling it straight, good guy. If he doesn’t have a rollover of 19 million in the end, he will become a financial controller with his junior high school education, and he will be praised by his colleagues and trusted by his leaders. He is still taking the CPA test himself. If another chairman’s daughter sees his script, he is a proper winner in life! And the most sorrowful thing about this guy is that the 19 million that was taken away made 600,000 more because of the exchange rate. What kind of male protagonist is this! But in the end he still went in, and he could only say that the truth was clear, and he did not miss out. I hope that this old man will come out in fifteen years, and have the opportunity to speak today, and let me wait for the passerby NPC to open my eyes, what is the boldness of the art master.

6 months ago

In the end, the police solved the case. The police obtained fingerprints from his colleague’s chair repairing in the past. This incident reminds us that the details determine success or failure. Never overestimate your own abilities. Many masters are often the last to plant. Common sense mistakes; his goal is so clear, he still owes his hands to help colleagues fix the chair and leave fingerprints, proving that no matter how clever a person, no matter how alert, living in a crowd, it is difficult to escape his natural instincts; Our country’s criminal investigation technology is amazing, please give me a thumbs up! This incident has sounded the alarm for those criminals. Don’t think about crimes with high IQ in China. You will really be caught;

6 months ago

There are indeed many limitations in life, and academic qualifications have not become a stumbling block to his success, which is great. I have always opposed the same tune. Everyone lives like a machine, sitting in rows and eating fruit. We are just plasticine in the hands of some people. And most people are obedient, obeying their parents when they are young, obeying the system when they grow up, obeying their husbands or wives, and being arranged by their children when they are old. These are all illusions of life, imposed on us by certain reasons. We can live without such a cycle. Although in the end he still has to spend his time in prison, he has his own unique legendary story, which is used to remember before death.

6 months ago

Sure enough, arbitrage is feasible, and the time difference and exchange rate difference in the international foreign exchange market are used to earn the exchange rate difference. Because some friends doubted the operability of this method before. (Recently learned, manual dog head saves life) Back to the topic, I can only say admiration for the man’s behavior, but this behavior is undesirable. The low academic qualifications faked the high academic qualifications, but they were not discovered, and the business ability was also very strong, so that the leaders appreciated his ability and promoted him to the chief financial officer. According to reports, during his sentence, Zhan Engui had only one hobby, which was reading books. He read all books on business management. After he was released from prison, he often went to lectures by certified public accountants and lectures by famous teachers to continuously accumulate professional knowledge. After working in this company, I also spent one-third of my salary to sign up for a pre-examination training class for certified public accountants. There are really not many people who are so easy to learn now, and they are willing to spend money to apply for training courses. I can only say that I admire them. During his tenure, he presided over two projects with more than 100 million yuan. Zhan Engui also handled two legal disputes for the company and presided over two investment projects with more than 100 million yuan. The company’s leadership was admired by his work ability, and he was promoted to chief financial officer three months later. , An annual salary of 360,000 yuan. According to the salary level of most people, the annual salary of 360,000 is actually not low. He understands finances and is proficient in law, and his ability is really superb. The junior high school education pretends to be a bachelor and master degree program without any doubt from the boss. A person with such a strong ability has started to steal. It can be seen that there is no upper limit to effort, and ability cannot represent character. Was he on a temporary basis, or was he planning for a long time? However, the key point is how to deal with the 600,000 extra money? Just look at the answers of other respondents~

6 months ago

With a junior high school degree, he can host two projects of over 100 million yuan, which impressed the boss. Pretending to be the National People’s Congress is nothing short of falsehood.
This is all because he likes to read books and likes to study.
Therefore, academic qualifications can never determine the upper limit of a person’s abilities. You must learn for life and believe in yourself.
It’s so inspirational.

6 months ago

This person is too powerful after recovering the stolen money and he has more than 600,000 more investment perspectives. Where did he come from? A junior high school education and a jail time to exchange for any ordinary person is the bottom treatment. This is really a knowledge that changes destiny. [ Inspirational] If the story is going the right way, why is it so?

6 months ago

In the first half, you think this is an inspirational story about knowledge changing destiny and the prodigal son turning back. In the second half, there is a sudden change in the style of painting. It is actually a legal literature about character as destiny and high IQ crime. Of course we have to criticize illegal crimes, but Zhan’s life has tortuous, which is really embarrassing. When you see Zhan’s struggle experience, what reason do you have for not working hard? He still has a smaller structure and has not withstood the confusion of 19 million yuan. If he can maintain the spirit of struggle, continue to attack the city, and achieve prosperous performance, and finally lead the company to the GEM, this will be a perfect story. A young man with a junior high school culture was promoted to become a financial director with an annual salary of 360,000 after entering the company three months later. What kind of rocket speed is this? Look at how people conquered the company’s leadership, this is a proper hard power. Law: Take the initiative to ask Ying, help the company to deal with two lawsuits, and also won the lawsuit. Finance & Management: After joining the company for two months, I wrote a super-thin financial management system reform plan, and proposed a rectification plan for the company’s financial system, which impressed the chairman. Investment: Presided over two foreign investment projects worth more than 100 million yuan, and the entire plan impressed the company’s leadership. But this is after becoming the chief financial officer. Computer: The colleague’s computer has a problem, and he can fix it. Software: If there is a problem with the company’s data, it is up to him to restore the data to solve it. A person can be worth 5 people, how does he do it? Do you see the gap? What kind of self-discipline is this? I usually participate in training courses and listen to lectures by famous teachers. 1/3 of my salary is spent on the tuition of registered accounting tuition. Even while in prison, he did not abandon himself, but insisted on studying. Isn’t such a spirit of self-improvement worthy of your study? How many people complain about the lack of time, the intense internal volume, the poor environment, and the low starting point. Can your starting point be lower than Zhan? Can your environment be worse than him? We can’t get what we want, just because we haven’t worked hard enough. Suddenly I remembered Liu Huan’s song. Seeing success or failure in life is nothing more than starting from scratch. Maybe the next time Zhan comes out of prison, it will be a new legend.

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