According to reports, the Chinese Football Association urgently convened an internal meeting to condemn Nike.

In the past few days, the entire Chinese football circle, from the Football Association to the professional clubs, has taken urgent actions to express its position on the Nike brand.

Whether it is the Super League or the national team, Nike has a longer-term contract. Although the two parties have a long-term business cooperation relationship, once the overall situation of national dignity and national unity is touched, there is no room for detour. Since the Xinjiang cotton incident broke out, the Chinese Football Association and the professional league preparatory team have paid great attention and urgently held an internal meeting on the matter, expressing condemnation of Nike’s wrong behavior in the selection of cotton raw materials. Regarding Nike’s wrong actions, whether it is the Chinese Football Association or the professional league preparatory group, it will reserve the right to further deal with the Nike contract.

In addition to the action of the Chinese Football Association and the preparatory group of the professional league, many clubs of the Chinese Super League said loudly “no” to Nike with practical actions. Clubs including Shenhua, Haigang, and Shenzhen Football Club have erased the Nike logo in their external publicity.

Facts have proved that the Chinese football circle’s sensitivity and action on the big right and wrong issues are beyond doubt. Although there are still many problems in Chinese football that need to be improved and resolved, once the dignity of our country faces deliberate smear and malicious attacks, Chinese football will definitely say “no” to the opponent loudly and resolutely at the first time! (Sports Weekly)


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The Football Association seems to have spoken, but it is only at the level of condemnation. It has not proposed to actively stop or terminate the contract. In fact, this matter is very entangled for the Football Association Basketball Association, because even for those artists who cancel the contract, they just terminate. After termination It is possible to recover, and as far as I know, such as adidas and its artists have reached a private communication, if this matter is over, it is still possible to continue the front, but I also see people like Bai Jingting and Ni Ni It is to terminate the contract, which is hard enough. And after all, sports brands sponsor sports teams, this is still strongly related. Maybe the Football Association Basketball Association is also paying attention to what the upper level is saying. Of course, whether these brands in Greater China will prepare a corresponding statement, if it takes a little longer. , It is estimated that the new equipment is about to start. Besides, after the situation came out, the team training of the Super League in the past few days has removed the Nike logo. It is not ruled out that the non-standard jerseys of the Super League in April will be played, but the world preliminaries will be kicked off soon. It is still playing the international jerseys. There must be. Seeing that both Rui Ke and Kalmei are showing good, Rui Ke also made a set of pictures of the jersey, but it still feels difficult. I heard that Anta and Li Ning have already started to discuss cooperation, so let’s see later, by the way, Joma is also interested. As for the Basketball Association level, the men’s basketball game is not in a hurry. Even if it’s really not worn, Li Ning has the resources of the CBA. Maybe he also intends to play the men’s basketball team. Anyway, the players selected for the men’s basketball team are usually equipped by Li Ning in training games, but it is estimated. Guo Ailun must go back to Li Ning. But it’s not good. Under Armour, which is responsible for the hope of Chinese basketball in the Tokyo Olympics, is not easy to say. In case it is not impossible to change the men’s basketball equipment to Under Armour through the previous partnership, although the products are few, there are two signatures. Shoes plus team shoes should be enough for men’s basketball players to choose to wear.

8 months ago

Players, artists, teams, or leagues will agree on a few terms when signing a contract with a brand. I translate it into the vernacular to the effect-in the event of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, our cooperation will either end or negotiate an extension. (The term is called “force majeure”)-unilateral breach of contract, do not want to do it, simple, lose money. Some lose a lot. For example, a team has signed with a brand for 10 years, we have fulfilled it for 8 years, and there are 2 years left. The team does not want to continue at this time, and the brand will say “There are still 20 million equity in the remaining 2 years. If you fail to fulfill it, then you have to pay me twice!” If the brand does not want to continue, in addition to the remaining 20 million to the team, an additional 20 million must be added. This is equivalent. To put it simply, when the cooperation starts, the contract will be broken and the loss will be much (because there are a lot of unfulfilled cooperation rights left), and the loss will be less when the cooperation is about to end and the contract will be broken. ——If one party causes a scandal, the other party has the right to be held accountable, that is, if you do something that is harmful to both parties and has a bad social impact, I’m sorry, I have to trouble you. However, such clauses are generally not written particularly specific, they are very general, because no one knows what will happen. For example, celebrities may cheat, smoke marijuana, etc., so it is easier to pursue them. But in this incident, the matter between Nike and BCI was particularly awkward and difficult to categorize, and it was easy for both sides to quarrel. I can understand the ambiguity of the Football Association, but after all, Nike’s involvement is not just a football project. Most people are still waiting and watching, so things may be reversed. I can only be sure of one thing: those celebrities who have terminated their cooperation will not be available to Nike in the future.

8 months ago

The most important thing is not the Football Association, nor the star. But the official has not yet qualitatively determined Nike and Adi! Now the condemnation of Nike and Adi is limited to the battlefield of public opinion. The celebrities’ unanimous termination of the contract, on the one hand, is to make a statement ahead of time, at least politically correct can not be wrong. On the other hand, the star’s largest domain is in the field of public opinion, and the fandom will be stabilized and fans will not be lost. When the dust settles, commercial issues will be dealt with. But the Football Association (with or without administrative separation) and the higher-level General Administration of Sports are different. This is not just the level of public opinion, business, fandom, or political correctness. At present, officials, at least at the ministerial level, do not have any substantive qualifications for Nike and Adi. In other words, judging from the information disclosed by the Football Association and the official media (including Hu Xijin), there is a high probability that the official will not make a move. After hitting HM, it will stop. After all, it is to protect the “business environment.”

8 months ago

I support the Football Association’s condemnation, but the Football Association packaged the sponsorship of the shirts of the Chinese Super League teams to a company. In fact, many clubs have long been criticized, and friends can see it by turning over the news when Nike renewed the contract. For teams in mainstream leagues, jerseys are an important culture of the team and a source of income. If the decision-making power of jersey sponsorship can be delegated to the team, it will not only allow the team to have more autonomy in jersey design, but also allow the team to gain more room for bargaining. In addition, it is more in line with stopping the large-scale package. Positioning of the Football Association. Of course, the most important thing is that at least not the entire Super League jerseys will be similar templates, which can be a little more colorful. Therefore, if the Football Association intends to go to the end this time, will it simply let the teams find their own jersey sponsorship? It is estimated that many teams, especially the big teams, should be happy to see it? However, at present, it is not to the point of tearing the face, and there are still some reservations. I don’t know how this wave of boycotts will develop. If the companies involved bow their heads and apologize and make real changes, will they have to “rebuild the old ones”? I don’t know if these companies really “bow their heads”, are they really “conscience discoveries”?

8 months ago

There is an urgent need for high-level legislation to give the following courage to deal with these matters. In the coming period, the ideological struggle between the East and the West will become more intense. There will be more companies forced to stand in line, and there will be more resistance and contract termination storms. Legislation can protect the interests of the Chinese to the greatest extent. For example, in response to corporate actions that discredit the image of the country and damage the national interests, cancel their qualifications to operate in the country for a certain period of time, etc., so that various endorsement stars, sports stars, etc. can be justified without being implicated in making huge compensations. If the contract is to be terminated, only one clause will be used in the future contract: “If the corporate behavior is contrary to the xx Law of the People’s Republic of China, the contract can be terminated unconditionally”. The termination of the contract is not just an explanation. The seemingly hard-hearted termination statement will involve legal claims and so on. If the country does not legislate to effectively support it, then every hard-hearted situation is that more Chinese people are suffering from the dark. Bear the loss of profit. It is a bit sad and regretful to think that the Football Association cannot say “get out” because it has no relevant legal support. You can’t worry about gains and losses anymore. The more you lack the necessary legal provisions, the more foreign businessmen will not take you seriously. The behavior of eating Chinese rice and smashing Chinese bowls is only dependent on non-governmental resistance, and you are not big enough. Only legal weapons can truly deter you.

8 months ago

1. As the first IP in China’s sports, it should make it clear that sports is politics, especially Chinese sports has been a zz role for so many years. That’s the five-star red flag and the big hook together! 2. Making a stand is not necessarily equal to terminating the contract. You can order rectification and renegotiation. If Nike can surrender and admit its mistakes, it will be more effective than unilateral termination of the contract. 3. Regarding the difference between individual entertainment celebrities and national teams, associations, and competitions: a. Individual celebrities are the culture of the rice circle, and when there are a large number of team choices, everyone is watching how you choose, public opinion pressure and brand risk Very big; the national team associations do not have such a big pressure and risk. b. In terms of the public’s psychological feelings, personal endorsements are celebrities who sell their faces to make money, and if you don’t terminate the contract, you will see profits and forget righteousness; while Guozihao is a social organization that has to rely on the people to pay taxes and have companies willing to pay Why not do it? c. Therefore, the termination of the star contract is out of the interests of individuals and related commercial organizations, and the termination of the contract of clubs and events is 100% political. 4. Guozihao’s contract termination difficulty cannot be compared with individual celebrities. Although both may be sponsored by intermediaries such as brokerage companies and marketing companies, the amount and cycle involved in signing a sponsor with Guozihao and the event are relatively long, and the combination of rights and interests is very long. It is complicated, and the transformation that the brand has to carry out after paying for it is also long, so it is more difficult to directly announce the unilateral termination of the contract like a celebrity individual. 5. The termination of the Football Association has a big problem, football shoes, this domestically produced is really not… Adi Puma is also on the list, although there is no statement, but it is not suitable for receiving. So this is why our domestic brands are not up to date! The Football Association cannot be blamed. 6. The sponsorship situation of my country’s competitions and national brands is that the top commercial resources are taken away by Nike, and the Olympics and other zz means 361, Anta, Li Ning and other domestic brands, and they share the second-rate resources together. In the final analysis, Nike’s sponsorship advantage is determined by money and international sports resources, but I think it is time to make changes. National brands and national brands need to find a win-win cooperation model. This is a very good opportunity for switching. 7. In the future, not only our national brands and local sports are the world of local brands, Anta Li-Ning is fully capable of becoming one of the big brothers in the sports goods market through mergers and acquisitions and capital operations. But this road is very long, because it is not only a commercial issue, but also requires us to have enough voice in sports.

8 months ago

No way. At that time, the hook gave the largest contract in the history of the Super League, and after 20 years of signing, a large part of the 50 or 60 million prizes for Evergrande’s championship came from this sponsorship, even those who were downgraded later. I have also received a considerable amount of funds and equipment. The Super League’s revenue capability is so poor, especially for those teams that are not very good. Such a large amount of capital is already a rare injection. If you don’t sign for such a good condition, it’s a problem with your brain. Who would have thought that these goods would have played such a hand after two or three years. Now that the hook is doing such a thing, if the contract at that time did not take this into consideration, the large compensation and such a large divestment caused by the breach of contract may not only be the sad departure of Jiangsu and Tianjin, but the entire league will be hit hard. After all, Jersey sponsorship has always been one of the major income of football clubs. The Football Association should be as big as a pot now…Speaking of which, the rz answers like “you can’t score without a hook” and “money is taken by the leader” are still pretty good. Normally, black national football is fine, and the results It’s okay if it’s not good for people to have fun. As a result, this kind of problem is also caused by Weibo one by one, and I know that the quality is really getting worse and worse now. At least so far, the Football Association is the only sports association that has protested through normal channels, and it must be the largest contract in the sports world, and the situation encountered is also the most difficult. No matter what the front is, at least the posture has been made. Shenhua Luneng and many other clubs have also responded to this incident. They shouldn’t be the ones who hit the shots. Please keep your eyes open. .

8 months ago

If you don’t have money to terminate the contract, please understand. After all, the money is not brought by the wind, and the clubs have to be paid dividends. Many clubs are about to close down. Don’t make it difficult to beat the workers. At this time, Li Ning’an will give away charcoal in the snow and sign a big contract, and the National Football Association will be harder. I have to find responsibility, I can only blame the gods of the Football Association that year, the contract was signed for too long, and the club had no choice but to wear a hook. Otherwise, the players should cover the logo with double-sided tape.

8 months ago

The Football Association is not smart in this matter, but it is also very helpless. This is not to say that Nike can be replaced. Entertainment celebrities get endorsement fees for different national product licenses, but it’s just a matter of more money and less money. There are 16 Chinese Super League teams in the football arena, including all levels of echelon. A conservative calculation means that 2000+ players will be affected. First, domestic brands are not sure if they can provide so many competition-level products at once. Second, the product technology is not good. Know if I can keep up. To be fair, with the exception of a small number of domestic sports brands, most of the brands’ jerseys and sneakers technology cannot keep up. In other words, I don’t know if I still remember the CBA sponsored by Li Ning Baoyuan, who once asked Yi Jianlian to take off Li Ning’s sneakers directly in front of the camera—he was still a top domestic athlete at the level of customized sneakers. In contrast, Nike’s jersey design is unbelievably poor, but it has never appeared in such a dilemma in the Super League. In addition to Nike, Adidas and Puma, there are actually only a handful of sports brands that can reach the top competitive level-Kalmay is nowhere to be found in the top European leagues, not to mention the domestically produced Rick. But having said that, Bao Yuan’s sponsorship was unreasonable at the beginning. I wonder if I can take this opportunity to change it? Teams that have the ability to come to big sponsors will get more money, and the small fan market will make less. How much money can be made. In this situation, training P-pictures + competition labeling should be a better way to deal with it. My Chinese football is for nothing but your Nike, how about it. After all, it is a business for the entertainment industry, and a daily product that athletes have to use.

8 months ago

Industry professionals who have worked in domestic and international leading brands. Let’s put it this way, the technological nature of sports products may exceed many people’s understanding. If I remember correctly, until 15 years ago, it was still difficult for Chinese domestic sports brands to come up with a pair of running shoes that could sponsor a full marathon, so much so that they took money to sponsor a local marathon, and they could only be shown on the running T-shirt. For a logo, you have to buy international brands for your shoes. Of course, the past two years have made great progress. At least some athletes dare to wear domestic shoes to run the whole horse, but it is still difficult to say how much market share they can get. Someone may ask why, what is the difference, why not just run, and what shoes can’t run. Professional running is really different. The whole marathon is a 42.195 km run. It takes 2-3 hours of uninterrupted running to run fast. If the shoes do not have the shock absorption, rebound, and wrapping performance that match the athlete’s exercise habits; running a few marathons will affect the knees, toes and ankles. There may be a lot of harm. Of course, good sports shoes can not only protect, but also improve sports performance. You think you are one second away from the champion. The difference is that you have spent more energy than him on processing and adapting to the shoes. You are out of breath, are you willing to wear a pair that is potentially harmful to your career and A shoe competition that does not improve athletic performance? The same is true for clothing. Many people may not know that the current fashion design college in China (undergraduate) is still teaching students with the third-generation Japanese prototype. That is to say, China has not had its own prototype version of clothing until now. Of course, different companies will have different patterning systems, which are passed down from generation to generation by patterning masters, so the difference is that wearing them means “not promoting people” and “not energetic”, but I can’t tell why. This is what the older generation likes to say, the design materials are similar, it is the reason why the “big” brand clothes are suitable for wearing. Perhaps many people know levis jeans, but few people have studied why levis jeans fit so well on their waist and hips, because they have corrected the weft skew that may exist in the fabric washing by the version. This is a very artisan operation. I have never heard that even other domestic brands in the industry have recognized this problem. And sportswear needs a suitable version, so that athletes can not lift their clothes when they raise their hands, and they can get enough muscle support without restriction when they move in large amounts. You may also remember that some domestic jerseys were loosely hung on athletes in the early years, and when they sweated on their bodies, now the material technology is advancing, but the industry in China still lacks many artisan spirits to be fascinated by these details. And the technology of upgrading oneself to improve the pattern of fabrics, most of them, day by day, eventually become a screw of the factory. Let’s talk about design. After I moved from a domestic company to an international brand, some old colleagues in the past would want me to share some differences between the two sides. I will talk to them about some methods, but in the end I found that they just want me to give them a product album for next year (for direct copying), let alone I don’t have it, and I won’t “help” them like this. This makes me very disappointed. They are all major domestic companies. They have poached a lot of senior executives from international companies. Those executives have experience in international sports brands, but they often struggle to survive there, and innovation is squeezed out. The lack of confidence in their own designs in some domestic brand R&D centers leads to sometimes not taking the pictures of competing products as a reference, and there may be no way to ensure that their designs pass the director’s view. I always dare to do it when I see others do it. Of course, the above situation is about 17 years, and it is only the situation of BU that I have stayed in. It does not mean that all domestic products have been made. Maybe it has improved now. I just want to tell everyone that domestic sports brands do not have a reasonable fault tolerance rate for innovation. I think they have not realized that innovation and error are a pair of cause and effect. As long as innovation, errors must be made. As a company, it must have a fault tolerance rate for new products. , In order to be a blockbuster after some time. All of the above are not problems that can be solved by using Xinjiang cotton. We still have to cheer on domestic brands, and hope to get better and better.

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