In the past two years, everyone has been touting the quality of Uniqlo’s clothes. I was brainwashed and bought many Uniqlo one after another. From the wool sweater that got serious after I wore it a few times, I recently received another pair of jeans, which made me completely disappointed in Uniqlo. The pants are as hard as iron, soaked in salt water, hand-washed five or six times, and the water is as black as ink. After wearing it for a month or two, the pants are still painted, bright jeans, have you seen them? I really took Uniqlo. To which level of quality is this low quality and sold to consumers? Running away from the brand effect of Uniqlo, such jeans can only appear in the night market. In the market, it is estimated that no one will ask for a piece of 50 yuan.

I’m a clothing designer, and I have a better understanding of the cost of clothing. Go to the mall and take a look around, and the brands with the same price as Uniqlo are basically hanged. In some wholesale markets, goods that can be delivered for more than 20 yuan can be sold for about 200 yuan. And Uniqlo can buy very good clothes around 200, and the profit is generally around 200-300%. Cardigan pilling or the raw cow being too hard is a normal thing in itself. If you know more about clothes, you will find that Uniqlo is simply underestimated. The dividing line The dividing line The dividing line The dividing line is a casual answer. Why are there so many praises? Some people have questions about the sale of goods that can be sold for about 20 pieces. It was about 5 or 6 years ago. I also forgot which mall and relatives I was in. When I was shopping, my sister-in-law was planning to buy clothes. I entered CACHECACHE. I fancy a knitted sweater that sells 189. The fabric is 100% acrylic. Before I look at this kind of goods, I go to the Huanbei market in Hangzhou and usually approve 25 to 30. Knitwear is made. The difference is not big, so I told her that it’s not cost-effective. I didn’t expect that she would say that the expensive one is not willing to buy it. It is cheap here. I think it is too. Compared with other counters in the mall, this brand is indeed the cheapest, next door Uniqlo She didn’t even go in when she passed by. I guess she didn’t like this style, so she could only follow her. Last year, another cousin bought a Levi’s sweater for my son. The tag price is more than 400. I am grateful. After he left, I took it out and touched it. It was not enough cotton. Sure enough, the composition was written as 60% cotton. Ordinary, the workmanship is not outstanding. The adult sweater of this fabric is estimated to be more than 100 in ordinary Tmall stores, and there are more than 400 children’s sweaters with a brand, I feel that Levi’s is a bit dark. The most pitted thing is my son’s godmother. A few months ago, our two families took children to play in the playground of a mall. She saw clothes on the way back from the toilet. The clerk said that the original price was more than 600 and the current price was more than 300. Then she I bought a pullover that looks a bit like a sweater. If it’s CK, it’s still a CK imitation. The spelling has a few letters different, and the font is the same. Not only is it scratched, but it is also a OEM product, Ali. Baba’s approval is estimated to be more than 60. I basically don’t buy clothes from counters. Most of them go shopping with others. I really don’t know if the clothes are durable. I don’t need to ask me to recommend or evaluate other brands. I just used my limited experience of visiting the counters. Looking at the fabrics and workmanship in general, I think Uniqlo is generally more cost-effective. Some people say that Metersbonwe, Semir and the like are also good. I don’t have a big impression of these two brands, but there was one stop. At the entrance of Baleno, I saw the discount cotton vest hanging, and the alignment was really a bit bad. The dividing line dividing line dividing line dividing line Some people say that Uniqlo’s design and style are not good, or the version is not good, it is correct, but this is the way to make money for Uniqlo, even those first-line brands, how many fashion shows each year The most popular brand of Ground Dragon, the best-selling ones are the classic models, while Uniqlo makes all classic models. They can’t afford to hire good patternmakers and designers, but their purpose is to sell well, not to look good, to make the most cost-effective styles and patterns that suit the most people. People with good figures may feel unable to highlight their advantages, but ordinary people may wear it a little bit more, and a fat house like me will not feel that the sleeves are too long or the stomach is too tight. Uniqlo is such a money-making machine, which is very envious of those of us who survive in the apparel industry. Recently, it seems that the low-saturation Morandi color has become popular again. From the color perspective, Uniqlo is just one step ahead.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I once started a short-term business and made clothing. Uniqlo is definitely an industry model in my mind. Only like Uniqlo, the same or similar styles, with such a large shipment volume, such a high level of supply chain management, and such a good cost control, can it be possible to sell such quality clothes at such a cheap price. I once sent my employees to Uniqlo stores to study undercover for a period of time. After closing the store every night, the entire store must perform cost accounting. How many tapes and plastic bags employees use must be fully recorded and supplied in limited quantities. As you can recall, when you buy different clothes at Uniqlo’s Tmall flagship store, is the courier company you send it to different? Because of the size, weight and price of the clothes themselves, the location of the warehouse and other factors, Uniqlo will calculate it to choose different courier companies to dilute the cost of express delivery. A pure cashmere sweater, the original price can be reduced to 699, often discounted at the price of 499. People outside the industry simply can’t imagine what this level is. The same material is sold at a counter in a department store for an established domestic brand. If it is less than 3,000, it is basically a loss. The commission of the department store, the rent of the counter, and the commission of the sister of the cabinet, the total of these three items is more than 499. Of course, Uniqlo has only achieved the highest price-performance ratio of the main style clothes within his target price. Product shipments are large enough to reduce costs, and to reduce costs to reduce prices. Therefore, the coverage of each model of Uniqlo must be wide enough, which makes it inevitably very popular in version and style, which is the so-called basic model. Almost all competitors are unable to achieve such large shipments and low prices as Uniqlo. The higher-end brands are unable to do so. Several major fast-moving brands once had hope, but the faster the style iteration, the more the product line. Wider, the higher the cost of a single item. If you want to keep the price unchanged and the profit margins unchanged, you can only reduce the quality of clothes to keep costs down. The more you lag Uniqlo on the cost-effective route. For a single brand that is more cost-effective than him, the product line must not be as wide as his product line, and the product line coverage is wider than his brand. Even if the brand is worse than him in all aspects, he does not open as many offline stores, and even if there are as many offline stores, the service quality of the clerk is definitely not as good as his. This is Uniqlo. I really hope that other brands can rise to the level of Uniqlo, but we all know that it is difficult. Even if I don’t work in the clothing industry now, in other industries, I rarely see a company with a high level of management like Uniqlo, with tens of thousands of employees, thousands of stores, hundreds of product lines, and dozens of countries. Can achieve today’s cost control, store management, sales performance, nothing to say, even if they switch to selling coffee, they are also the king of the industry.

6 months ago

I think Uniqlo is underestimated. You can find low-profile Burberry wool cashmere sweaters, low-profile CELINE shirts, and even low-profile Hermes trench coats. As long as you can match them, Uniqlo clothes make everything possible for you. First of all, good quality ≠ no ball, good quality ≠ jeans not fading. I think you must first learn to read the washing label and ingredients before buying clothes. Too many good clothes are discarded because they don’t know how to maintain them properly. My mother-in-law is a good example. The 100% woolen sweater she bought in Ports/Martinu/Giffen was thrown into the washing machine and washed and washed in a normal mode at a normal water temperature of 30°. She did not even cover a laundry bag. How long does it take to deform and become thinner? Of course, this cannot be said to be because of the poor quality of Ports. My mother and her bought the same model at the same time, but it was still 90% new because of proper maintenance. Moreover, if the cashmere sweater is pilled, in most cases the curled hair will be restored once it is washed in cold water. Do not use a de-balling machine. For jeans, if you buy raw cows, a G star of 3000 yuan will fade. If you don’t want to fade, buy washed jeans. As I get older, I have higher and higher requirements for the fabrics and tailoring of clothes. I can feel my conscience and say that Uniqlo’s U-series sweaters and ordinary cashmere sweaters can feel acne and acne. Even if the sweater is 100% wool, it is really tied up by the wife, and the mohair shed is very serious. The feel of Uniqlo cashmere sweaters is even comparable to that of Burberry. Cashmere sweaters have a tag price of 699, but are willing to wait for them to be generally available at prices of 449 or even 399. Isn’t that conscience enough? You can’t use this price to demand that its feel and fashion are the same as Burberry, but you can match a Burberry or dior or Hermes silk scarf to enhance the overall texture and fashion of the outfit. Finally, a digression, my husband’s Burberry sweater is very similar to an IDLF series sweater I bought last year, but my friend thought mine was Burberry and his was Uniqlo. To add a little bit, I personally think Uniqlo is the only fast-moving brand that can be perfectly matched with other luxury luxury brands. This is something that other brands that double, triple or even quadruple the price in big shopping malls cannot do. If you can look at the ingredients, you can buy the same texture as luxury brand clothes in Uniqlo.

6 months ago

I have been doing foreign trade for two years, mainly doing high-end shirt fabrics, and I have some understanding of Uniqlo shirt fabrics. In the field of high-end shirt fabrics in China, there is a common saying called “North Lutai, South Esquel”. Lutai and Esquel are the factory names, which are the same as “South Murong and North Qiaofeng”. These two factories are of southern and northern quality. The best shirt fabric factory. First introduce these two factories, and then talk about Uniqlo, everyone will be more conceptual. Luthai’s main fabric buyers are Armani (a series of big names similar to Armani you know), Next (a series of slightly lower-end brands), Itochu, Spanish Department Stores… this type of high-end brands and companies. Zara’s brand shirt fabrics have been looking for other factories before. Several times I wanted to cooperate with Lu Thai, but they all talked about it because Lu Thai is expensive (to be honest, Zara sells so expensively, do you think Lu Thai is expensive? We all know that Zara fabrics are not good, so we basically don’t buy Zara). Esquel basically does not sell domestically, and all its products are exported. It is basically invisible in China, so I will not describe it too much here. Now let’s talk about the basic knowledge of making shirt fabrics. The minimum order quantity of shirt fabric factories is generally 1000 meters (some 2000 meters). The basic principle is that the smaller the MOQ, the more difficult to control the process, the greater the fabric loss, and the higher the cost. . In terms of design, basically only 2.3 factories in China have independent design capabilities. Luthai hires Italian Martha designers and some domestic top designers as the design team. Generally, after a pattern is designed, it needs to be printed with a small proofing machine. Lutai promised to lay the cloth samples about A4 size in 7 days. Other domestic factories are good for factories in about 7 days, and some take more than ten to twenty days and a month for half a month. Anyway, all of Lu Thai’s process technology and control time are first-class in China. After all, it is impossible to cooperate with a big name like Armani without being rigorous. Okay, so for the development of Lu Thai, the rigorous and advanced craftsmanship, and the advanced design concept, who has made a super contribution to this? That’s right, it’s Uniqlo. Uniqlo is one of Luthai’s top customers. In the early stage of development, it cooperated with Uniqlo. The Japanese can be said to be very perverted. Generally, the minimum quantity of 1000 meters per color, Uniqlo’s list is 200 meters per color, For each color of 300 meters, brands like ITOCHU generally place a lot of orders for 20 patterns at a time, and Uniqlo can have 50-60 patterns at a time. Generally, about 3% of overfilled shorts can be accepted by people all over the world. Uniqlo cannot. When delivery is less than 5 meters, the factory must re-weave another 5 meters (those who have made the fabric can understand how difficult this is), and also need to control it. Good two batches. Generally, the delivery time for the entire process of fabrics is 40-45 days, Uniqlo requires 20-25 days, design pattern proofing is generally 7 days, and Uniqlo requires 3-4 days. With small batches, multiple designs, tight delivery times, and high quality requirements, any salesperson who tracks Uniqlo’s orders can be driven crazy because Uniqlo’s requirements are so many and so strict that Lutai is forced so hard. Lutai has made several major adjustments in order to adapt to Uniqlo (for example, the number of proofing machines has increased from a few to more than 200. We joked that the proofing machine workshops are larger than some factories.) We all say that as long as we can follow Uniqlo The list of any other brands is a small case. In addition, the boss of my current company used to work in Lu Thai, as a documentary and Japanese translation work for Uniqlo. She was reprimanded by the leader of Uniqlo once during her pregnancy (Japanese) , The documents fell on the ground, and the stomach was bleeding, which made our boss angry…It is that the Japanese can really ignore it for work, and everything is for work. However, when the child was born, the Japanese bowed to our boss. Our boss said that it was a hard work to win the respect of the Japanese. This happened more than 20 years ago. After so many years of running-in, all the shirt fabrics of Uniqlo are only purchased from Lutai in China, because only Lutai can meet their quality requirements and service standards. Inferring the purchase of other types of fabrics from the perspective of shirts, I think other types of fabrics are not much worse, and the quality is very good. I feel that Uniqlo shirts are still well-known haha. In addition, to answer the doubt, Luthai’s customers have different levels of customers such as Armani and Next, which does not mean that the quality of Next can be the same as Armani. As far as cotton is concerned, there are many kinds of cotton, combed cotton, compact spinning, Egyptian cotton, BCI cotton, maybe a better combed cotton next, Armani may require Egyptian cotton… and the color of the fabric is controlled. , Maybe next requires level 4.5, Armani will require level 5 (just make a hypothetical analogy to understand the difference). Before, we had an order for Burberry to make a white fabric. The most common plain weave white was printed in A4 7.8 times, but it still failed to meet the customer’s requirements. Finally, the order was cancelled. Anyway, in general, it is correct to get what you pay for in most cases. But it’s not to say that Next’s fabrics are not good. Next also has its own fabric testing standards. I have a colleague’s list with Next. Anyway, I often get crazy, and next’s quality control is also very strict. Of course, it is not to say that China only has two good factories, Lutai Esquel, such as Sanyuan, Ruyi, Tiange…These factories are also very good, and they all have their own strengths. For example, Ruyi’s suit fabrics are very good. Forced, the country’s top. In recent years, the sales environment has not been very good, the exclusion of cheap labor in Southeast Asia, the Sino-US trade war, and the decline in European consumption levels have made the fabric industry more difficult. I hope fabric people can do better without fear of difficulties.

6 months ago

A long line of answers all say that Uniqlo is good, cheap, cost-effective, and possible. . . I do know that they are all rich people. I don’t know if you know that there are many UNIQLO foreign trade stores on a certain treasure. Generally, the link name for the baby is called ujia xxx, or the fitting room is the same xxx. For example, I tried a white floral suspender skirt in the store in the summer. It looks very good. When it was first launched, it was 299. A search on the Internet was only 89/79/69. There are also a lot of pants and thin down jackets. I also saw some respondents compare Uniqlo with Metersbonwe, Semir, etc. I think it’s normal compared to hm, zara, ur, but it’s really amazing compared to local brands. , The price of Uniqlo is not a little bit more expensive than Semir, but it is several times more expensive. People you know have never bought a Metersbon Wesem or something online, it is really cheap, and the quality is really not worse than Uniqlo, although It’s a bit bells and whistles, but there are still many good-looking ones that are carefully selected. How can these brands be comparable. When I go to the Uniqlo store, I always think it’s quite expensive. Maybe it’s because I’m too poor. I don’t think I would choose Uniqlo for the same clothes. I don’t know how the materials are, but the tailoring is pretty good. It’s not overestimated. As for, it can only be said that the pricing is normal and good value for money. Maybe when my consumption level goes up, I will change my outlook on Uniqlo.

6 months ago

The clothes I bought in the last seven or eight years can be summarized as follows: I buy Uniqlo for daily activities, and Decathlon for sports. This is based on cost performance and years of experience. These two brands, because of the price, you will not expect how amazing they are; but you have a bottom, you know that it will not be worse. I think if everyone understands clothes, fabrics, and craftsmanship, then 90% of the clothing brands in the shopping mall are expected to go bankrupt, and Uniqlo and a few will be left in the end. In the circle of playing retro, Uniqlo may be the only recognized super cheap brand. The most important things in this circle are two points. The first is fabric and workmanship (including design), and the second is culture and history. Being able to be recognized by everyone in this kind of circle, I want to be able to explain some problems. Brands like the three major cattle in the United States have history and are considered relatively parity, but not super parity. As far as jeans are concerned, the entry counters of these brands are 500 or 600. Of course, you can also buy them on Haitao, which is about the same as the original price of Uniqlo, right? But Uniqlo often has discounts too! The original price of the red-eared primary color cow is 299, and the lowest price is 149 or even 99. This price can be said to be invincible. Besides the workmanship, it is definitely better than the Levi’s entry-level model. For brands like Ban Moulu, the price is low enough, but the price/performance ratio should not only be based on the price, but also on the “sex”! The quality of these brands is not bad, but they are definitely not far behind the above brands. Is there any price and quality similar to Uniqlo? Yes! When the gap is on sale, many things, especially denim, are not lost at UNIQLO, and the gap jeans have a wide range of numbers, and there are many combinations of waist and pants, so you can always find something that suits you. It’s just that the passenger flow is really hard to explain in a word. . . I also buy jeans from brands such as LVC and diesel, and I also buy a lot of ordinary Levi’s, but in all fairness, I buy more of my favorites rather than cost-effective. My family of three wears Uniqlo, and I spend 20,000 to 30,000 yuan in the fitting room every year (although I don’t know how expensive a piece of clothing is for the elite). I think Uniqlo is not overestimated, or even underestimated, because of the big Most people do not understand quality and workmanship at all. Brands such as “Labelle”, “Ma what Huafei”, “G what G” and other brands can survive in various shopping malls depends on the fact that everyone does not pay attention to the price/performance ratio, otherwise it depends on the quality and sense of design? Although the quality of many things in Uniqlo is not as good as those in earlier years, and the prices are gradually rising, it is still the best choice for pursuing cost performance, at least for now. I really hope that our local brands can also be so successful.

6 months ago

Many friends in the comment area asked how to find clothes with better quality and cheaper price than Uniqlo? I give my experience: this thing is actually not that complicated, but it does take some time for the audition in the early stage. After the audition, the selection efficiency is actually better. Some netizens think that Uniqlo can save some “time cost”. To be honest, they are all at the price of Uniqlo, and the time cost is actually worthless… But if fashionistas don’t want to spend a little time, I suggest you go to Uniqlo\GAP stores. Keep the discount (actually a waste of time). Experience #1: You don’t need to spend time paying attention to clothing in physical stores in shopping malls offline. Even if you add various discounts, you will have no desire to buy when you see the label. I usually only look at the ingredient labels when looking at clothes in shopping malls. The purpose is to understand the correspondence between the fabrics and prices of all kinds of clothes. What needs attention offline are all kinds of “small and medium-sized shops” that focus on “foreign trade”. In these small shops, the merchants with outlets sometimes eat the inventory of the clothing factory, or some real export goods. The characteristic is that the brand is not well-known, but the label washing is very formal, and there are many specialties. The store’s brand, the price of this kind of goods is generally very cheap, the price of a pure cotton T, generally can be 39, a pair of jeans or a spring jacket, generally can be around 100, sometimes there will be discounts to catch up with the event . There is also the so-called “high imitation goods”. The price of this kind of goods is often one-tenth to one-twentieth of the genuine brand, but it is different from the fake “Nike” of the street stall. The manufacturers still have a bit of pursuit for quality. Because the design is copied, there is no problem. If you don’t mind the “shame” that this kind of brand brings, in fact, the price/performance ratio is very high. As far as I know, there are many such small shops in developed areas, especially clothing production areas (such as Dongguan). I don’t know in third- and fourth-tier cities. Those who are interested can find more and go shopping. Lesson 2: If there are no shops in the city that I mentioned above, then you have to switch online. There are mainly two lines online. One type is for manufacturers with no brand or small brands. This type of specific need to pay attention to is 1688. Find the source of the manufacturer, and then you can try to buy some. I bought a long-sleeved T from a company on 1688. It is thick pure cotton. The quality is very good. It is very comfortable to wear. The price is 39 pieces. I bought 5 or 6 pieces at a time. After wearing it for several years, the color fastness and deformation have been The degree is very good, it can be described as the autumn clothing that kills the so-called HETECH technology of Uniqlo. Generally speaking, the focus of 1688 is Guangdong goods, especially the Pearl River Delta, where there are many exports, while the quality of Jiangsu and Zhejiang goods is average. As for Taobao, the key is not to find a single product, but to find a store. Use common keywords such as “jeans” to search for things. If it is a hot item, don’t buy it. Focus on finding those with sales of dozens of hundreds, and then enter the store for evaluation, where the source of the store is from, if necessary, you can try to buy it, anyway, freight insurance is available, and there is almost no cost. You don’t need to watch what Jingdong Pinduoduo is. Basically, there is no good price. Another online channel is Xianyu. Xianyu is now a high imitation center and can be searched by brand. However, good and bad are mixed, and there is a return cost for trial and error, but it is still very possible to find some reliable sellers. Summary: Whether online or offline, the focus is on “finding reliable stores.” Reliable shops will have their own manufacturer channels and have different styles. The clothes produced in China can not be worn by people all over the world. Basically, the famous brands in Europe and the United States make clothes in China. In fact, these foreign trade processing plants have long been tuned out by foreign brands, and the possibility of quality problems is basically extremely low. As for fabrics, you need to buy more and look at it by yourself-this is the basic skill to improve your buying experience. To be honest, now I am shopping for Uniqlo, Zara, gap and the like, basically I can’t get it, and I feel distressed about my wallet. It’s really worthless for such a quality thing with such a price. Some of these brands are often seen in the stores I mentioned. The price is basically the lowest discount price and hit 30%-50%. For example (I put Jack Jones clothes, because I think the two are actually one. High-end gadgets. In fact, when Uniqlo hadn’t been heard by the Chinese in the early days, when JackJones hadn’t sunk to third- and fourth-tier cities, JackJones was a second-tier high-end product in China, and its brand awareness was a spike in Uniqlo. Of course, the brand is this. Stuff, even Giordano had a brilliance 30 years ago… When you look at the moon, it’s a little sweet, and it’s the law of the industry to become a lady in the back. However, Ubi does not have this worry, after all, Uniqlo will always be the first in the universe…): This one The spring clothes of core by Jack Jones are of good workmanship. The fabric should be made of chemical fiber. The specific composition is unknown. The upper body has a good shape and is more comfortable to wear. The bid should be an export product. It was shipped in 2014 and purchased from an offline store in 2017. Judging from the details of the zipper, it is considered to be positive. Even if the imitation product is compared with the urine of Jack Jones counter clothes, it is also a grade in terms of workmanship and other aspects. The price is 65 yuan.

6 months ago

The 999 winter coat of Uniqlo! (The 19th article number is 419982) The material is 90% wool and 10% cashmere! Just talk about this material. You can buy it at the same price in your store. It is very thin, but it keeps you warm! Double eleven 600-700 can buy double twelve 499-599 can buy! The first one, after wearing it for two years, I can’t afford the ball, and I have never washed it in the laundry, and I don’t pay attention to maintenance. I wash it several times in the winter and throw it in the automatic washing machine! It’s not deformed at all! This series is released every year, and the black navy blue has a remaining color every year, sometimes the grid is sometimes khaki. All in all, I bought one piece a year, and I bought three different colors. Since I bought this coat two years ago, I have never bought zara, hm, and my Taobao collection in various shops! To be honest, my financial ability is limited, but I think this dress is really fragrant! Fully meet my needs! And can not afford to play! ! ! ! ! Finally, as a boy, you can attract me infinitely if you don’t follow me when you come into the store and don’t follow me! ! !

6 months ago

Worked at Uniqlo in Japan for more than two years. My husband (Japanese) and I both think Uniqlo is an excellent case of Guangxuan. Since the establishment of the brand, it has been holding the banner of the clothing warehouse, and cheap and basic models are the concepts. Therefore, the Japanese have always felt that buying Uniqlo is a poor performance, and they can avoid it. However, Uniqlo quietly transformed. First, violently spread the gossip abroad, Japan invented a high-tech jacket, a thin layer, but windproof and warm, and can be rolled into a small bag. Immediately there is a thin layer of underwear, which can heat itself to keep warm. Wow! ! Now, UNIQLO has become a hot topic overseas, and foreigners are flocking to buy from the inside, cheap and affordable, and very satisfied. The Japanese are stupid, what’s the situation? ? ? Uniqlo grabbed it like this, it’s so good, I have to grab it too. Then the Japanese who love to line up also came. Then Uniqlo got high-tech, began to co-brand, fashionable and tough, and even the basic models of many Japanese brands began to follow suit. Young people began to buy, which led to the Uniqlo trend. I also bought some basic items in Uniqlo, and Amway gave it to my husband. At first, he was very resistant. Although he was poor, he didn’t want to be discovered by others. Later, when I saw that I threw out new ones every year, he also joined, and thought it was a good idea. In fact, Uniqlo is a very hard working club, otherwise it will not become the world’s number one clothing chain brand. It’s just that no matter how hard he works, he is also a company that sells basic products. This is a positioning he must not get rid of. What is overestimated is the speculation of consumers, but you think too much.

6 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion: As long as Uniqlo does not die, in the next 30 years, the domestic apparel industry will be the benchmark and continue to slap any other brands. Reason: Many people have stated in the comments. I would like to point out some aspects that are generally not understood by experts. 1. Can you know that through sales big data analysis, multiple stores transfer goods to inventory, it is considered a half expert, but you don’t know why 90% of Uniqlo’s clothes are made of basic plain colors? Because the fabric can be prepared with white grey cloth, only dyeing is required when adding a hot style replenishment order, which greatly shortens the delivery time of the finished garment. In addition, the mobility of the white grey cloth is very flexible, and it can be dyed into any color that is good for sale. Even if the grey cloth is in stock, don’t worry, continue to use it in the coming year. Don’t you see, Uniqlo’s polar fleece fabric clothing bedding is available every year, just change the color and pattern. This is probably the case for other clothes. 2. Uniqlo fabrics of one color are usually used for men’s, women’s and children’s wear at the same time, which greatly improves the ability to destock fabrics. 3. New retail is actually a seamless combination of online and offline. Many people will chant this slogan, but in the apparel industry, no brand can have a mature landing plan. What is online and offline connection? In the clothing industry, it is the synchronization of online and offline price mechanisms, inventory data synchronization, after-sales synchronization, and so on. Well, a few brands have managed to do it, but as far as I know, their overall operating costs are several times higher than Uniqlo, and the ERP system is full of loopholes and extremely low efficiency. 4. Many people complain about the style of Uniqlo. Hehehe, if you are buying clothes, then you strive to pursue the style you like. If you are selling clothes…, how many people have made clothes for a lifetime without understanding a truth: style is not important at all! Style is not important at all! Style is not important at all! Selling clothes depends on probability to win. Probability, probability, you say these two words 10 times. Uniqlo knows this well. She quietly displays her clothes there. You can choose and comment. Uniqlo only cares about selling big data. If it sells well, it will be added quickly and the price will be firm. If it does not sell well, it will stop production, and it will be discounted for a limited time. Style? Haha, UNIQLO’s propaganda has never been a hot item, no replenishment king, no ten to ten replenishment, no popular king, no return order king, no internet celebrity money, no hand-slow money, no self-retained money (Is it a WeChat friend? The familiar taste of the circle?) So, the style is the most subjective thing, and those who are in the light of clothing will work hard to drill it, and let it go! 5. If you look at China’s economic environment, Uniqlo’s thinking will cater to the trend of Chinese clothing consumption in the next few decades. So, what is the consumption trend of Chinese people buying clothes in the next few decades? Let me say a few key words. Everyone will experience it: Circulation tightening, house slaves and car slaves, single, economic downturn, minimalism, renunciation, sexual indifference, low desire. Well, affected by the real estate bubble, this kind of environment will last for decades. Those fashion brands that rely on color and fancy to win will be short-lived, while Uniqlo’s plain basic models will become popular. Let’s wait and see. As for the display, discount strategy, e-commerce, color, matching, drainage, quality of workmanship, user-friendly service, shop decoration style, and multi-store adjustments mentioned by many friends in the comments, Efficient supply chain management, advanced ERP system, talent gradient construction, etc. These are basic operations, but for these basic operations, other clothing brands are also difficult to achieve, or as I said before, barely do it. At the same time, operating costs are many times higher than Uniqlo. The wool is on the sheep, and every cent increase in cost will eventually have to be paid by the customer, so the price-performance ratio is completely rubbed compared with Uniqlo. Above, personal humble opinion. But I am more willing to share with you some of my views on the current shortcomings and shortcomings of Uniqlo. 1. UNIQLO’s grassroots employees have a relatively high turnover rate, and there are system bottlenecks in talent promotion. The reward and punishment system is unfair. 2. Its cash register system is sufficient to deal with most real consumption scenarios, but it is still not efficient enough in return and exchange and inventory management. 3. It has a good performance on mainstream e-commerce platforms, and it has been trying to build its own private domain traffic site, such as WeChat mini program store, official account marketing, etc. Nearest distribution of basic geographical location, etc. Advanced enough, but still not perfect. And I happened to be secretly working in a place where Uniqlo was not perfect. People of insight on the Zhihu platform are welcome to discuss together.

6 months ago

It cannot be called overestimation, it is the success of brand building. Uniqlo has never been synonymous with cost-effectiveness, design and quality in our stereotypes. At the same price, you can find many alternatives with better quality designs than Uniqlo, especially women’s clothing. Uniqlo’s brand strategy is summarized in one sentence, which is to make parity into a high standard. It is a typical brand that can give ordinary consumers psychological comfort and caters to the consumption demands of rational consumers. So you can see all the above. Brand recommendation is Uniqlo, and more than half of the grass on station B is Uniqlo, and you will often see questions such as “how to dress Uniqlo with an annual salary of one million”. Why does Uniqlo want to make its brand image cheap and high? This is inseparable from the changes in Japan’s consumption structure in the 21st century. By 2000, the proportion of the 65-year-old population in Japan had risen to 17.34%. The aging of the population was intensified, the national economic capacity and purchasing power were reduced, and the material consumption was declining. Brands that do not emphasize the logo but return to the use value of goods are beginning to be favored by consumers. However, in Japan, which accounted for 68% of the global luxury goods market in 1995, how can I convince these brands that although they no longer have the ability to consume luxury goods, they still pursue psychologically Consumers of goods with high social attributes “willingly” buy your clothes without feeling inferior? That is to make affordable brands the choice of rational and mature consumers. Of course, the success of Uniqlo is also inseparable from products. There are four key factors for creating a clothing brand: brand, product, marketing, and channels. Uniqlo is a very good brand that combines brand image and product positioning. Since it is a rational and mature consumer, things must be simple and practical. In addition, regarding the quality of Uniqlo mentioned by the subject, I am here to sweep mines for everyone. I don’t recommend buying most of Uniqlo’s clothes. Don’t believe those fashion bloggers Uniqlo can wear millions of dollars in annual salary, they are all cheating. Compared with other fast fashion brands, UNIQLO is not “fashionable” and focuses on basic models. Many Ivy models will be new every year. Its characteristic is not to let you get in touch with the most fashionable design the fastest, but to let you choose clothes with the most peace of mind. Therefore, our mindset when buying Uniqlo is not for saving money or fashion but for convenience. Many years of buying experience recommend some items that I think are worth starting. They are the ones that I will repurchase every year and are also one of the few items that I think are worth buying in Uniqlo. It is not recommended by the cloud.

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