The answer basically said that no one would tell. But what I want to tell you is: if you are not a business person, but an ordinary working class, you must say! The question is how to say it! Don’t question the malice of the people around you. Knowing that you have money, anyone will come to borrow, that’s for sure. But you suddenly have money, will you spend a lot of money? Don’t you change cars? Not to travel? Not to buy a house? You are so rich all of a sudden. Ask your relatives, friends, or even your family members. You only tell your family, you can guarantee that your family will not say anything? How long have you been hiding it? If you hit 80 million, you have to say 500w. First, quickly buy a big house and exchange for a good car. The total value is close to about 350w. How much money was spent on the whole process of buying a car and buying a house live on the circle of friends? Only then can you mention the money that you won, and then it’s lively. Have a banquet, so relatives and friends should eat and drink well. Don’t collect members. Instead, let them take the small red envelopes. During the table toast and chat, tell them that the money that falls from the sky has to be spent. Oh, buy a house. The car life is fine. Today, this banquet is worth a hundred thousand dollars. Thank you for taking care of Barabala for so many years. If you buy a house, you need to pay for the decoration. After the renovation started, I asked some big-mouthed relatives to borrow money, saying that you were over budget for the renovation. The result is that you have to tell them that you have no money and you don’t have to think about borrowing money, or even not enough. You will become a post-dinner talk for your relatives and friends. At most you will say that you are too lucky but don’t know how to manage money. Of course, there are smart people who would guess that you are more than 500w, but at that time you can no longer help them. You already have a legitimate reason to refuse. It has no effect on your evaluation, and life has basically returned to calm.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Eighty million, five million will not say. In our town, there is indeed a middle-aged person who won more than 700,000 yuan. He is familiar with many people in the lottery shop and everyone is local, so everyone who knows him knows the news of his winning. As a result, this person, in our native dialect, is “living stink”. I once found a lottery ticket photo from the Internet and sent it to the QQ space, saying that I won three bets of more than 7 million jackpots, which is equivalent to more than 22 million. Do you know how many calls I answered that afternoon? How many people asked me to give him some points? The middle-aged man who won more than 700,000 prizes, friends and relatives came to borrow money, and the villagers came to him whenever they had trouble. Many people even recognized him as godfather on the full moon and twelfth birthday of their children. Fortunately, he was still able to hold it, he didn’t borrow money, he didn’t take care of his godfather. He bought a car, bought a house in the provincial capital, and married his son a daughter-in-law. At that time, it was 2012. , At most there will be three to fifty thousand. Now the people around him disappeared, and he also stinks. More than 700,000 people around me are thinking of it like this, let alone more than 80 million? I’m telling you that even your parents will change their mentality, and the person next to them will also change their mindset. With so much money, it is best to control your own mouth and control your mentality, otherwise, you may be life-threatening. ——I have a new method, that is, I won the big prize, borrowed a few online loans, deliberately overdue, and then let the collection staff to cause debts to me. At this time, I believe that everyone who knows me will hide I, I called them, they must have their hands trembling… Hahaha… I’m too witty… Hahaha…

6 months ago

Say ah, 80 million, you are such a rich person, don’t think about others asking me to borrow money to do such trivial things. First, find a lawyer and a financial consultant. Since it is in the lottery, there is no need to worry about legality. Looking for lawyers and consultants is to set up a financial company. Someone asks you to borrow money, yes, go through the normal process, credit evaluation, property mortgage, and loan. If the relationship is good, the interest rate can be lowered. If you don’t understand, there are lawyers and consultants. Well, there is so much money to find projects for investment, in fact, most projects will automatically come to you. Let the consultant evaluate the risk, select the appropriate project, and invest. You spend tens of w to participate in a presidential class, get to know more business bosses, expand your social circle, and gradually become familiar with the rules of the game in the high-level business circle. At this time, you don’t have to worry about what resources people around you compete with you, or take advantage of you. I am assuming that you were an ordinary person before you won the prize, with an annual income of less than 50w. An acquaintance is looking for you and wants to hold your thigh, yes. To be a man is to be generous, and friends in times of poverty can’t forget, but they can’t just set up a country club when they become rich, and get rid of money. You have to make a plan and use the money correctly, so that all future generations will follow and serve the society. It’s okay if you don’t understand professional knowledge, but you must have principles. You can ask people to do professional things. If you want money, give it. You can either go through the loan process to repay the interest or use the venture capital model to get dividends. Each person has only one chance. If they succeed, they will continue to support them. If they fail, they will stop the loss. 80 million, of course, you have to tell the people around you that with good luck, everyone around you can be brought to the road to wealth. Hello everyone is really good.

6 months ago

Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it! My mother called me the day before yesterday and said that his classmate’s child bought a lottery ticket for the first time and won 14 million (really jealous!!!) The next day I had dinner and I thought it was some of their good sisters. Range gathering did not expect that the child’s father might be too happy to have to set up a table at Grand Hyatt to invite neighbors and relatives to come. It was very happy. At the beginning of the banquet, an unfamiliar distant relative came into the hotel and gave him directly. Dad knelt down and said that his child had no money to go to university and he would borrow money. One mouth would be 1.5 million and he would die for you. The relatives, friends, and neighbors present were all persuading them, and they didn’t eat the last meal. The table hotel called the police and broke up and broke up. The relative who came to borrow money at night called his family and several other shameless distant relatives came to negotiate the money. A few shameless people were divided into teams and stood guard. It’s true that I’ve seen day and night and finally reported it several times. The police and the police came several times and brought them back to the police station to talk. Finally, they said it was housework and couldn’t take care of it. I didn’t care about it. Today I called my mother and cried for a day (if I would definitely not I’m so scared, tm has more than ten million, afraid that you won’t be able to die and be a stinky beggar, not too much.) To get rich overnight, you must be low-key. The dog has always been a dog, and sometimes it is not necessarily a human.

6 months ago

I won’t say it. A few years ago, a relative in his hometown got a double-color ball. No one knew it. One day he was drunk and told his good brother that he missed it. Later, his “friends” and “relatives” increased and people visited him every day. What are you doing visiting him? Borrow money, let him invite him to dinner, what else can I have. After only 2 years, the family received two million IOUs and all the cash was gone. Fortunately, after they won the lottery, they bought two houses in the county seat and allocated cars to their families. At least there are still some assets. Later, as long as they took the IOU to ask for money from others, others would say, “You are so rich, and you still care about the money?”, “You got the money from the lottery, so you still want to get it back from me? “. What’s more, they directly complained to their 70-year-old parents. In the end, there is nothing left to do. So you said I would tell others? will not. I have always speculated on others with the greatest malice, just to protect myself.

6 months ago

will not. Tell the truth. Coordinates in a small county in Jiangxi. In the second year of high school, a teacher in another school who was about to retire won more than 1 million. The news went viral at that time. Because at that time, our small place had never heard of winning a big prize. Everyone thinks this teacher is too lucky. Later, when there were only a few minutes left after the Chinese class, someone said something, and the Chinese teacher advised us not to become obsessed with this thing because of this. The teacher started from work and would buy it a few times every week. This is the only time I bought it when I was about to retire. And they are only for entertainment, and it is an unexpected joy to be hit. After that, everyone didn’t discuss it much. Until later in the Chinese class, some things have something to do with this, the teacher mentioned this matter again, he asked us how this teacher later, does anyone know. Everyone guessed if they didn’t know, and traveled to various places. What do you wish to accomplish? The language teacher is wrong. He said that as soon as the teacher finished winning the prize, several brothers and sisters all ran over and said that he wanted to divide the money. The teacher was not very willing at first, after all, the money would be much less after taxes, and to pay off a little debt owed by the family, the money would be less than a few hundred thousand. The brothers and sisters were reluctant, so they went to the countryside to invite the old mother over, and then they were divided equally.

6 months ago

No, no one said it. After tax is 64 million, one million in a year is enough to spend 64 years, not counting interest. If I really won so many lottery tickets, I wouldn’t spend a lot of money (buying a house, a car, and starting a company right away). On the contrary, I will study harder, but I will change my favorite major and develop all my hobbies. Piano, violin, and violin were taught one-on-one by a good teacher, and I told my classmates that I was an ordinary piano store, or I earned some money from a part-time job. This money is enough to not work for a lifetime. That’s what I thought. After graduating, rent an apartment, rent a flat to live alone, tell your parents that you are sharing with others, or invite friends to live with you. Every day I read a book, watch a movie, have tea and chat with my friends, draw a picture, play a piano, and raise a cat. It’s relaxing and cozy. Two years after graduating, I started to give my parents living expenses, buy them gifts, and take them on a trip, which is a company benefit or a gift from others. I won’t give too much. I’m afraid they will be suspicious, just look at the salary level of local civil servants. If I give too much, I’m afraid they will not be willing to save up. When my parents are old, I hope they can spend as much money as I can to enjoy them. Anyway, I can’t spend enough of my money to say that I am a freelancer and my salary source is not stable. I am doing well now, but it is precarious and there should be no one. Borrow money from me. To my friend, I said that I am a freelancer with a good deposit. Although my income is unstable, I still have no effect on borrowing. I’m still selfish and won’t tell them that I won the lottery, anyone. I plan to dress myself up, confess to the boy I like, and ask him if he wants to raise a cat with me. If he wants to, I can raise him for the rest of my life and support his hobbies; if he doesn’t want to, be a friend. You can lend him money without repaying it, but you won’t contact him. I am not going to have children. If the boy I like is willing to be with me, but he wants children, then I have no choice but to break up (˘•ω•˘ ). But you can keep one more cat, any number. I hope I leave a little earlier, about sixty or so, and I hope it doesn’t hurt when I leave, and then if my money is not spent, just give my friends a point. I have not suffered for a lifetime, and I am free for a lifetime. The perfect life I can think of, that’s it.

6 months ago

I won’t say it, I will post to Moments saying that I am dead, then log out of the WeChat account, and change the contact information. The amount is at most 500w at most. To be honest, I am afraid of scaring others. Let the bank pay a sum of 1-2w to the parents’ accounts every month, as long as it is enough, and we will say something else during the holidays. Buy it next door or downstairs, open up the two houses and transform them into a 240-square-meter large flat floor or retest, and decorate it well. You can also buy a villa directly, and the housing prices are not too expensive in the areas under the third-tier cities. Who has never thought of living in Sanya in winter and northeast in summer, hahahahahahaha. The car is BBA to buy two vehicles, one sedan and one SUV. Relatives who are well-connected should give some appropriately, which can be accepted within 20w, and they can also be responsible for the related expenses of younger brothers and sisters until graduation from college. Support children to pursue their dreams. Negotiate terms with your parents. If you want money, don’t force me to get married, or stop paying money. Your own marriage is in charge. Then there is life experience, community security, KFC fried chicken drumsticks, bookstore tally, supermarket cashier, fried meat at the street stall, milk tea clerk, kebabs, product manager, lottery clerk, store cleaning staff, shopping mall driving small trains, Drive bumper cars in the amusement park, stack clothes in Uniqlo, etc., do it for a month or two per job. I definitely don’t work in summer and winter. I don’t want to go out because it’s too hot and too cold. Okay, I went to buy a lottery ticket.


6 months ago

I regret! I won 5.5 million in 19 years. I joked that I won the prize of 500,000 to my brother. It turned out to be true. Happy gave him 500,000. Later, he frequently asked me to borrow money, but I didn’t give it. He said everywhere that he bought the bet, he bought it with his own money, and the lottery ticket was robbed by me! ! ! I won the lottery as if I had committed a crime, and I was ridiculed by how I said it. Really, if you win a prize of more than 10,000 yuan, don’t even talk about your own son. Think of it as earning from doing business by yourself, or investing by yourself. The human heart is separated from the belly, and the relatives will turn against each other.

6 months ago

Not to mention 80 million, that is 8 million. The first thing I did was to take my two sons from my ex-husband’s house immediately. I didn’t want him to pay a penny to support him. I changed my child’s surname and never contacted him forever. Let him continue to wander with the little San who he loves to die and alive! Then, buy a house for the two sons, and buy various insurances for the parents and children. Donate to temples and orphanages. A part of it was made a small investment, and the rest was deposited in the bank. Then there is no evidence of mountain leakage, but the confidence to live, and spend the rest of his life with his parents and children to live steadily. Money, from the moment my ex-husband forced me to divorce for the sake of the mistress, became very important in my world. Without money, I can only watch the two children on the cusp of my heart cry at my ex-husband’s house. Watching them cry out: I’m going to follow my mother, do you want me? You said you will stay with us forever… But my child, your father is hundreds of thousands a year, and my mother just has no income. A woman nearly forty years old. Your father refuses to pay for the support, and it is really difficult for your mother to support you. Back to the topic, I will tell my parents if I win the lottery so that they will no longer worry about the rest of my life. Other people, I will help, and will not tell them about winning. Seriously and sadly answered, let me be hit as soon as possible. Before the children start school. I can transfer the children’s school status.

6 months ago

No, no one said anything. I want to play a game of chess, the kind of boss. 64 million in money in hand. Then I dismissed my job and told my family that I was going to work in another place, with a post mark of 300,000, plus various rewards, and I got 300,000. Then you can just stop going home. First contact and make a friend of a real estate agency, and then help find the 5 cities with relatively fast growth in the country, 2 million houses, and buy 15 houses. Then rent it out, the annual income is 400,000 to 500,000. This is the source of salary and expenses that I promised my family. Then there is 34 million left, buy a more cost-effective school district house, about 6 million to 10 million, this house does not need to be big, so that the children can go to school. When the time comes, I will tell my family that I haven’t bought the house, and the registered residence can be given to the child and go to school. The annual income from renting out the house is 100,000. Used to hire my dad to send children to school. The reason for the flicker is below. Then spend 10 million to buy 200 to 300 square meters for living. Then spend 2 million to renovate. Establish a self-media account to communicate with you about home decoration and design ideas and the purchase of each item. In order to avoid moths, I must not appear in the mirror. These things are ready, I think it will take at least 3 years. After finishing the renovation, I went home and told my family that I am now working in a self-media company. There is a project that requires their cooperation. If the effect is good at the end of the year, I will be paid 100,000. That is, the house is free to live, and then the contract requirements must be met: anything you buy at home must be applied for in advance. It is strictly forbidden to use plastic bags instead of garbage bags on the garbage bins! It is strictly forbidden to buy any cheap clothes, you must declare! A comprehensive physical examination once a year! The weight must be controlled within the prescribed range. It is strictly forbidden to store water thrown by the washing machine in the bathroom. A deduction of 500 yuan for a violation! Then there are 14 million left, buy a 200,000 car for my dad, I buy 50,000 equipment, and the rest to buy gold and wealth management products to benefit from traveling across the country, continue my self-media account, and see if I can achieve self-employment. . The name of the self-media account is: Douyin: I won 80 million. Youku: If Diaosi spends money. Kuaishou: A man with ten houses. Zhihu: Just this number, don’t change it. As for the wife and the child, let’s just do it this way. They will give birth to a trumpet. If the child’s damn health is okay, he will have a third child, and that’s it for a decline in physique. To find a beauty again, I think it won’t happen if she really has it, because I think she won’t think so when she is really caught. I don’t want to tell the whole family that one is that I don’t believe in their ability to control wealth, so they must be stubbornly stinging and depositing in the bank, and the other is stinging them without knowing it, and I am not pleasing to the eye. If Douyin, Youku, and Kuaishou can block accounts, this lie can be more rounded. Bragging is over for the time being, I wish you all a happy Qixi Festival.

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