I vaguely remember that the popularity of Hinata’s passers-by was very good before 16th. On the contrary, Sakura’s passer-by monument was getting better and better. I remember that there were a lot of fun stalks a few years ago, and now some people will immediately go up to refute when they play.
I still remember stepping on Sakura almost sideways before, and the black spots of Sakura in various screenshots and comics. But in the past two years regarding Sakura’s answer, she started to look for her previous shining points again. Just… there are fewer Sakura Terriers…

Sakura doesn’t comment, but I will tell you why I hate Hinata. Because I like Neji. Few people around me who like Neji don’t hate Hinata. Because of well-known reasons. But do you know what is more annoying? It was Ning [Huitian] Young CP who saw that there are still young fans in this world. It is the first time that Hinda fans in the barrage blocked the “Hinata fans are dead” stalk… …It’s watching Ning Ci, who we have loved for many years, being portrayed as a sister-in-law, orthopedic, humble dog licking, and loyal guardian of the white-eyed princess… Naruto-kun’s hand. It is really big and warm. Ningci, you died really miserably. Your death is worthless, it’s just a blood testimony that the family is destined to be controlled by the clan and sacrificed for the clan. It is a broken Cupid’s arrow. It is a blood-stained red thread forcibly pulling the official CP. It is a division of your family. Ning Ci unexpectedly gave birth to the most ridiculous idea of ​​”My life has the right to choose” from the tail of the crane (haha, the most ironic thing is that he is actually Hokage’s son). You are so ridiculous. But I, as your fan, is even more ridiculous, because I once believed that you would not end up similar to your father. I used to believe that your efforts finally paid off. I had expected you to reconcile with the clan, and even led the clan to reform the pedantic system, freeing the Hyuga clan from the shackles of the so-called clan name. The funny thing is that I actually believed that Hinata would grow up too, maybe she would understand you, maybe she would become a really responsible and generous lady, and she would still be an independent female ninja after she escaped from the “Familiar Naruto” set. , Excellent women. The past tragedies of Hyuga cannot be rewritten, and I hope that you will join hands (non-CP) to change the future together. I was completely wrong. Nothing, just one death. He is not even a popular character, but Neji Hyuga has been really liked by our fans for so many years. In the end, the upright, kind, but stupid boy was just like a poor broken-winged bird, buried in the cage that trapped him all his life. Caged bird.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Everyone hates licking dogs, but everyone has been a licking dog before or inadvertently. But the most annoying licking dog is not the goddess or male god, but the other licking dog who eventually licked the goddess/male god. This is also the core reason why Hinata fans and Sakura fans are the same. You said Hinata licked Naruto so humble and not independent? Isn’t it the same for Sakura to lick Sasuke? You said that Naruto would rather be a shadow clone than Hinata’s birthday, then I also said that Sasuke Tiantian 007 didn’t even return home. Both girls licked the dog in a terrible way. Don’t say who. It’s quarrelsome here, it’s better to hold your head in your arms and cry-what life are you living here? In China, whether it is a husband like Naruto or a husband like Sasuke, as long as they break the news on Weibo, it is estimated that they will die directly without using female fists at all. Even in Japanese manga, everyone felt that something was wrong, but it couldn’t tell. Isn’t that nonsense, what is the status of Japanese women and what is the status of Chinese women? Have you ever seen a Chinese woman who changes her surname if she doesn’t work at home as a housewife after she gets married? The so-called good reviews and bad reviews are nothing more than who has more people who speak up. You ask me who Hokage likes the most? Senjujuma and Hafeng Water Gate. Who is Thomas watching love and family in a hot-blooded anime? We are all looking at thousands of hands and the god of thunder…

6 months ago

Because of sadness. It is undeniable that most of those who hate Hinata are women. And what I hate is not Hinata, but Kishimoto. In fact, Hinata girl is not bad, but Hinata girl is too sad and wronged. If you change Hinata to a male, men will also hate Hinata. The fundamental reason is that no one wants to suffer. Let you a big man always like a girl, even if that girl always likes another boy, you must always support her silently behind your back, and you can’t say anything wronged. I remember the things that the other party loves clearly, but I can’t have half of my hobbies. Must be around this girl all the way, my mind and heart are filled with this girl. He still has no abilities, and he was bullied in the early stage and was almost beaten to death. His younger brother’s various abilities far surpassed him, and in the end, the position of the heir to his eldest son had to be given to a younger brother who was better than himself. You have almost nothing, your skills are not outstanding, only the identity of the eldest son of the Hyuga clan is there, you can only do nothing. I can only turn around a girl who is far away indefinitely. It was not until many years later that this girl walked towards you and was with you. In the end, apart from being teased about your outstanding and proud figure, you didn’t have the ability to shoot. Whenever I talk about you, in addition to coveting your sexuality and your love-mindedness, no one condones your grievances. Enron enjoys everything you give, but there is no return. I just asked how many people can stand it? Another basic reason is that Hinata was not portrayed as an independent person, but as an accessory. This is not a question of women’s rights or women’s rights, but a question of human rights. There are many people who want Hinata, but very few people want to become Hinata. Look straight into your selfishness. It is not Hinata that mourns, but the selfishness and deprivation hidden behind Hinata. People who think independently are sober, how can someone who truly loves you make you feel wronged, just to reflect your unwavering love?

6 months ago

In fact, the subject of the question asked two questions, and the two are completely unmatched. It may be because Sakura and Hinata fans are more enthusiastic and often compare, plus one is Sasuke’s wife and the other is Naruto. My wife, so I was pulled out to ask. . . . Let’s talk about why there are more and more people who hate Hinata. In fact, it is very simple, that is, the role of Hinata, originally should not have such a high popularity, the so-called virtue is not matched, there will be disaster. Hinata was placed in a position where she did not belong to by fans (especially Naruto fans), so she would naturally be backlashed, and of course more and more people hated her. In the early stage of the comics, Hinata was only an eighteen-line supporting role, and his image in the Twelve Xiaoqiang was stronger than Tiantian, and it is probably not as good as Ino, not to mention the different characters headed by Xiaoli and Shikamaru. Xiaoqiang. So how did Hinata’s initial popularity come from? There is only one reason: I like Naruto. Don’t believe it, if there is only one woman who fanatically likes the protagonist in a work, then this woman’s popularity will definitely be higher than her original position. In addition to Naruto’s Hinata, there is also the pirate’s empress (personally think that only from the current plot, Nami, Robin, Vivi, and Otohime’s mother and daughter portrayed better than her, but the empress’s popularity In China, there is a feeling of invincibility in the world except for Nami. In Japan, it is second only to Nami and Robin. I think the empress should be a highly popular character, but to this level, it is absolutely inseparable from the love of Luffy ). If the popularity is only falsely high, then when the enthusiastic fans disperse, at most, there will be a small number of black fans who are annoyed by the fans. But the key point is that Hinata’s late stage show operation is too much, whether it is eating Neji’s human blood steamed buns or Naruto’s knitting sweaters after catching fireworks in the Naruto Love Theater version, they are all too much. It’s nauseating. Under this premise, there are still a large number of Hinata fans who screened there, and even claimed the title of princess princess and were proud of it. You must know that the princess is a scornful name for Naruto. . . . . Hey, the number of Hinata black fans has become so large, it is really not surprising to be honest. Speaking of Kozakura, the subject’s question is very good. Why do I say that? Because when the subject asked Hinata, he asked about the number of people he hated, but when he asked Sakura, he didn’t mention people, but simply said that the style has improved. Note that these two statements are completely different! Because Hinata’s black fans are indeed increasing, but Sakura’s fans have not grown much! Sakura’s reputation has improved, and the biggest reason is that most Sakura blacks no longer pay attention to Naruto! The second most important reason is that it has inspired some non-Sakura fans’ rebellious psychology. So many of you hate Sakura, so I just don’t hate her! (Of course these people just don’t go to Black Sakura, and they won’t fan her at the same time) Why was Sakura’s reputation so low back then? Because what Sakura did was really annoying. Scolding Naruto orphans in front of Sasuke (cursing bald donkeys in front of monks, magical operations), breaking off with Ino, laughing at Xiao Li’s thick eyebrows, and suspecting Kamaru’s escape, are all sorrowful operations that ordinary people cannot understand. Sakura’s behavior simply provokes all kinds of highly popular characters except Kakashi, Gaara and Neji in the early stage. How can he not be hacked by stepping on the thunder with such precision? Are there any fans of Sakura at that time? Yes, and it may not be less than it is now, but even if one person is fanatical, she can’t beat 100 people! You say a word for Sakura, and dozens of people below are waiting to spray you. It happens that the black Sakura is not a fan of one or a few people, but a large-scale black powder formed spontaneously without organization and discipline. How do you white Sakura? It’s impossible to accomplish this task at all, boss! But now? There should still be more Sakura black fans than Sakura fans, but much less than before! In the past, a cherry fan had to fight 100 black fans, but now it may only need to fight 2 or 3 black fans (the data is made up by me, but the truth remains the same), but the cherry black is obviously not as strong as the cherry fan, and has no organization. No discipline, so of course you will lose in the battlefield of public opinion in a mess! Coupled with the rebellious psychology of ordinary audiences, Sakura has been hacked for so long, and it has indeed aroused the sympathy of some people, so these people unconsciously favor Sakura, plus the bonus points of bloggers, so Sakura’s style Of course the evaluation has improved a lot!

6 months ago

Because Neji…Hao Ba is not exactly the main Hinata. The character image is very thin. He is a perfect girlfriend who admires the protagonist. There are few appearances. It feels that her life trajectory is completely destined to be centered on Naruto from the beginning. I’m not important, my brother is not important, my sister is not important, my daughter is not important, only Naruto can’t do anything, doesn’t this kind of life feel terrible. I don’t know what they’re happy about.) No matter how bad Sakura’s character design is, no matter how weak or weak, she is also one of the Shinsan Shinobi, Naruto Sasuke’s companion, and being scolded is better than having a life without her. She is It’s vivid and wonderful. I used to think I didn’t like anyone else. In fact, when I watched the blog, I was very angry when I saw Sakura. I thought it was an insult to Sakura, but when I saw Hinata, it’s true. I suddenly realized that there was actually a bias. In fact, after thinking about it, I was probably Mu Qiang, so I didn’t like Hinata

6 months ago

Because people are selfish and want to be loved instead of giving. Before getting married, Hinata Shirato Fumi loved Naruto wholeheartedly, not even his life, nor the love Naruto reciprocated at all. In this short space, there is nothing but Naruto, loves so much that there is no self. Only when Naruto ranked first is not there to think about the existence of partners, brothers and sisters, and family. To borrow a sentence, everyone wants an admirer like Hinata, but no one wants to be Hinata. After getting married, Sakura’s popularity has risen in the same way. Who doesn’t want to have a wife like Sakura, but who wants to be someone like Sakura? Sakura has an independent job, pays off the mortgage and raises children, and has nothing to do with a two-and-a-half-minute date. Complaining is nostalgia, and the husband does not go home for many years and still admires Sasuke like a first love girl. Replaced by our real girls, slapped and slapped them early or quarreled about what they should have in return. To have a partner like Sakura does not need to bear the responsibility of being the other half. On the contrary, Hinata is the opposite. Because of the story of the blogger, Naruto needs to assume the responsibilities of her husband. As a wife who is not as worry-free as Sakura, her popularity naturally declines. Rather than saying that Sakura’s popularity has risen, it is better to say one of the most cruel words, I wish you a marriage like Sakura.

6 months ago

Moved the answer to another question. First of all, make it clear that I have no feelings for Haruno Sakura, but I absolutely hate Hinata. Don’t buckle me the cherry pink hat. The manga I watched on TV first, and TV’s preferential treatment for Hinata really overflowed the screen. First, let’s take a look at the appearance that young fans like to blow the most. The appearance of AB King is ordinary, plump (fat), and old-fashioned clothes. The face value is not better than Haruno Sakura, the body is not better than Ino, and the chest is not better than Tsunade, so don’t really blow it. Isn’t it embarrassing? You think it looks good because the TV team has beautified the image. I don’t know if I can impulsively act in front of the comics. I don’t hate or like Haruno Sakura. The main reason is that she had a bad attitude towards Naruto in the early stage, and the first impression she gave me was that she was not easy to get along with. Heizhuanlu was the moment when Zhongren’s hair was cut off during the exam, and he felt that the child was shining. But it was still because of the first impression, and in the end, it was not very popular. Of course, I still admire Haruno Sakura’s quality of making corrections and self-improvement. I hate Hinata because I hate everyone who has no self, regardless of gender. Because of the good-looking pictures of the TV group, at the beginning of the 12 Xiaoqiang debut, I liked this shy little girl until the exam officially started. In the written test, many Hina Fan’s lines were [the test is cheating], but the comic clearly stated [the investigation is the clever intelligence detection transmission method] and [the cheater was found to be eliminated by the team five times], Hinata How is it done? She spread out the paper and showed it to Naruto. My elementary school teacher would not allow this level of plagiarism, okay. Naruto is not Sasuke who hasn’t written round eyes and can copy the test papers, so he would read it more than five times if he wanted to copy ten questions. If he hadn’t turned his mind around, all the six people in the seventh class and eighth class were eliminated (laughs) oh so Sasuke You won’t be abducted by Oshe Maru. In the third preliminaries of the exam, on TV, she looked at Ya and Naruto’s brains almost as a dog. She didn’t know who to cheer for, so she said that there was her father in the TV group, and the comics Ya was beaten on the ground. At that moment, Hinata said in the stands [great] and then first delivered medicine to Naruto who was alive and kicking, and then sent it to the tooth that was already lying on the stretcher waiting for her, and this tooth also told her like the old mother. Don’t be aggressive when you see Neji and Gaara. Oh, by the way, my favorite characters from Naruto are Gaga and Gaara. When I read the manga, I wish I could not pass through Shino to choke this white-eyed wolf who was praised by the enemy who defeated his teammates (laughs) and what shocked me was Actually, there is still blowing Hinata’s fighting capacity. He laughed to death. My father’s evaluation was a waste, but he couldn’t beat his five-year-old sister. Yurihong’s evaluation was that investigation was possible but shivering in the face of the enemy. In short, it was a lean against. My parents gave me a stark perspective, and when I encountered a battle, I became a role of dragging the oil bottle. I beg the young fans to stop blowing their combat effectiveness even if they are playing the value of the TV group. Can you explain it, many people think that Hinata In the four wars, Naruto BUFF+Ningji recalled the double blessing of hanging a ten-tailed clone to death. Actually, it was not. The clone was turned around and got up (laughs) but Hinata was the most amazing in the fourth game. The performance was not here, but Naruto’s name was chanted in his mouth and fell flat on the battlefield. level! ! Ground! ! fall! ! ! ! in! ! four! ! war! ! war! ! field! ! on! Throughout the 720 episodes, Hinata’s guardian gossip was stuffed in the TV group. The scene that made me feel good about it (the third part I heard the voice of the tooth and wanted to help him) was also original. The comics are said to have less than 40 pages. But fans can just say that they are the female number one with a shy face. This is a ninja’s bloody world that has been forcibly molded into a girl who stays at home, not as good as Kakashi, a dog, AB rigidly sets a “white-eyed princess” title, and turns out to be a patriarch Enjoying the best resources, having the best talent, “working hard” every day, is still a waste of 12 Xiaoqiang’s bottom. Of course, the use of force to evaluate roles is one-sided, but apart from the force value, the Yu family cannot bear the responsibility of the family heir. Yu Ji is unwilling to promote himself as a child, and he often peeped on Naruto but did not comfort him when he needed it. His friend, before his teammate put the male god before the teammate who lives and died together, his brother just died and began to worry about the big and powerful hands of the male god, and the younger sister is about to be gouged and believes the villain to knit a sweater with peace of mind. This is not a ninja who should appear in the world of ninjas. It is almost the same if you set her as the princess of the country of fire. Germany is not worthy, and she is still a rookie, why should I not hate her? Ning Ci, your death is so miserable!

6 months ago

The root of this problem lies in the word “character arc”. Because Naruto Chapter 700 itself is a bad ending. The so-called “character arc” is simply the trajectory of the character’s shaping. There is a saying that “character writing” “character out of the control of the author” refers to this, “character arc” “It is a continuous and unchanging line. In other words, if the author has created a kind of “character arc”, and if he breaks away from this casually changing the plot, the character will collapse. In fact, Hokage is like this. The transformation of the characters did not develop according to the “character arc light” created in the early stage, and it was forced to be hard. Originally in a work, the “heroine” hated the “actor” at first, but was gradually moved by the “actor”. Although it is a cliché plot, the meaning of “the cliche” is not ugly, but too “reasonable and reasonable.” Let everyone guess it at a glance. However, it is not trivial to make a breakthrough. If the compilation is good, if it is not done well, then you have to bear the risk of the collapse of the “character arc” structure of the work. In the first 699 words of Naruto, don’t talk about cp according to the current post-mortem point of view. According to the plot at the time, analyze it. Don’t engage in Yaozi. Only when the hero and heroine of a work come together can it be common sense. Don’t talk about the ending of other works. For example, Harry Potter’s Hah didn’t make much difference. Later, JK Rowling said that she had not considered it well before and made the mistake of “writer’s arrogance”. Kishimoto actually has the same symptoms as JK Rowling. They both created the characters in the early stage, but later thought that “I am the god of my own novels, and you must give me what you want the characters in the novel.” To get rid of the writer’s old problems, “have arrogance towards one’s own work”. “Character Arc” From the moment of formation, the role has been out of the control of the author. The author wants to face the work, so he lifts the supporting role of the eighteenth line to the top. Naruto’s Hinata Harry and Ginny are all, eighteenth line small. The role is lifted to the position of the heroine, and the uncoordinated virtue will be backlashed, because they have too little shaping, there is not much to discuss, and it will soon be settled by time, and the protagonist is accompanied by an air People continue to unfold the plot, and the problem is magnified in this way. And why Sakura’s reputation has become better? It’s simple to say that she has more scenes. The more scenes in a story, the more it can be shaped, and the more it can give the character vitality. Sakura is just a protagonist after the craze of cp party struggle has passed. Hinata’s vitality allowed her image to persist, and Hinata not only did not take the opportunity to play, but became more marginalized and had more black spots. It can only be said that until now, the ip of Hokage has not chosen to promote Hinata as a girl. The main position instead continued to sink her in the supporting role of the eighteenth line.

6 months ago

I used to like Hinata when I watched Naruto. Personally, it might be sympathetic. Seeing Naruto chasing Sakura but unable to see Hinata next to her, she always felt sympathy. At least at the time, Hinata had nothing to black out, but Sakura was full of controversy. By the time of Shippuden, the Battle of Penn, Hinata Takako, likes more people, still shows no black spots, appearance is a pleasing role, no problem. When it comes to the end, when you get married, you don’t need to be sympathetic but really look at the character, only to find that Hinata’s previous portrayal is a bit too thin and can’t stand up. In analogy, it’s like if Xiaolan in Conan has been Without the role, the final ending is unavoidable when Xin Yi Xiaolan is together. Sakura plays a big role, and there are a lot of black spots, but it is obvious that growth-type characters, as her black spots become less and less, the strength is the same as when she is on the hook. According to the subject, Sakura is just like Jiu. Sinna, or Sakura after maturity can say so, suddenly found that Ming Sakura seemed to fit well, and the audience naturally looked more and more pleasing to the eye. At this time, those who were optimistic about Ming Sakura’s expectations fell to nothing, and naturally the sympathy points were added to Sakura. There is also the kind of Nisukeko who directly gave Sakura a single mother, which can be full of sympathy.

6 months ago

To be honest, as a woman, I hate every wife in Rimanli to look at Hinata. From the first episode to the last episode of Hokage, she licks the dog, paying for Naruto unconditionally and unprincipledly without asking for anything in return. Is she ugly? Not ugly, they are still big bosses! Humble? He is not humble, he has a prominent family background, the eldest daughter of the aristocratic family, has a white-eyed blood line. Is the ability poor? Not bad, the female ninja in the later stage is also regarded as the best female ninja. The key is not the milk, but the auxiliary output. But how did she make love so humble? ? Even after watching the movie version, I still feel that the finale is that the special code is the breeding work done by the author to prevent blind eyes from flowing into the field of outsiders. The finale is about to come soon. When Shidaime asked if Naruto Sakura was his girlfriend, Naruto nodded without hesitation, and Shidaime still os: Wow, it looks like Kushina. When I saw this place, I thought that Mingying would definitely be nailed down by her father-in-law, but the finale was a bit of blood. The reason why I hate Hinata is because Naruto has almost no groundwork, and is completely dependent on the dog’s emotional line that Hinata puts upside down by himself. The movie was originally forced to explain that the two people are connected, but Naruto also asked Sakura why Sakura had to send Hinata home by herself. Sakura said, because Hinata is a girl, it’s not safe. Naruto said, but Hinata is a ninja, no one dares to make her mind. Not bitter! Don’t feel sad! I shed tears when I want Hinata! After Sasuke left, Naruto was very clear about the slightest change in Sakura’s mentality. After he hurt Sakura in a storm, he also understood that Sakura was lying to comfort herself. You say that Naruto is a straight boy, but he is not straight to Sakura. The fundamental reason is that Naruto doesn’t like Hinata. Let’s talk about marriage, it’s even worse. In the traditional Japanese concept, the wife gives up her career and retreats to the second line to be the husband’s good help. But in daily life, Naruto is busy like a kidney deficiency, not going home for three days, and the contradiction between father and son is getting bigger and bigger. Bo Ren is angry that Naruto doesn’t accompany him? He loves his mother and sister! The days went so far that even his son would have to tear up his tears, but Hinata continued to be a wife and persuaded his son to understand his father. Wow, what is this being rubbed by life to develop such a big heart? ! Why don’t you persuade your husband to spend more time with your children! Hinata is too unrealistic, just like a tool man to accompany Naruto and highlight Naruto. Below the poisonous chicken soup I only look at a perfect and soulless body. I don’t hate Hinata, I only hate Hinata’s emotional line. She is a good girl who is kind and gentle, and she has done nothing to hurt the world and reason. She doesn’t know what crime she has suffered to match this kind of marriage. How many people are willing to have a widowed marriage like Hinata in the situation of Hinata. In the first half of her life, she had no desires and no demands, but she had no desires and no demands for the second half. She can be matched with a better one, who is absolutely delicate, cherish her and understand her, not Naruto. And Sakura…Forget it, it’s not as good as Hinata, the woman who just had the breeding engraved on her forehead.

6 months ago

I will explain why I dislike Hinata more and more from the point of time of “nearly two years”. For me, the past two years is simply a blog post. Before Shippuden, I had no ill will towards Hinata. I felt like a young lady who grew up a little shy and cowardly. In the end, my wish came true and I married my hero. I was also very moved by watching the wedding. Then “Bo Ren Biography” started, and I found that a female ninja who had worked hard for hundreds of episodes in Shippuden became a housewife. wtf? Let’s take a look at these ninjas: Sakura, my husband is not at home during his daily official travels. I am the Minister of Medical Care Konoha, and my daughter raises Inno, who looks like a flower seller, but is actually the Konoha janitor. The ability to directly connect with Hokage played a key role in early warning when the shell organization invaded. Teju, the beautiful princess, although unable to serve in Konoha, has always been the sparring partner of the new pig, deer and butterfly, and an important link between the two countries. Peach Invasion also assisted in rescuing Hinata, uh… I found out that she had done nothing… Not even being a sparring partner for bloggers. I really don’t understand, the one that was created in Shippuden to overcome himself and work hard Where is Hinata who can stand beside Naruto? According to bloggers, I see that now, what I can’t bear most is that Hinata has really become a housewife. If his son is injured, he will really only worry about holding his little daughter. At the time of the Taoist invasion, there was no overall view, only that she was the Hinata who was in love. Come on, even if Kozakura hasn’t seen Sasuke for a long time, she should hug her panicked daughter first! I just watched the latest episode of Bo Ren Biography, Bo Ren, Zuo Liang Na was injured, Si Yue went to Aunt Snake to change the accessories. Sakura did not look at her daughter when she accepted the two children as a doctor, although she did not give it because of her mother’s identity. Zuo Liangna performed the operation, but the Bo Ren’s operation was also performed by her herself. At this time, the housewife Hinata was holding her daughter, standing outside the operation, and couldn’t do anything. Although I knew I could ooc, I wished she could say to the Naruto who rushed over, “Who hurt Bo Ren, let me? I will meet him”

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