Need to ask? These two are a matter of nature? Not getting married means holding money for purchase, marrying the wrong person is holding up high, holding money waiting for purchase, you can do anything, holding up high, you will either buy stocks or become shareholders or leave the market. I have always advocated that women should take the initiative and cannot wait for a good man to fall from the sky, but taking the initiative does not mean acting rashly, let alone falling into the mud. You marry randomly, marry the wrong person, and everything before the divorce becomes a sunk cost. You can also take off your skin when you leave the field. Many people are reluctant to cut their flesh. They are hard to come back, waste time, and finally utterly confused for a lifetime. Fairies must be guarded like jade but enthusiastic, and must not be deceived by a little bit of petty profit and snail horns, but don’t be stunned and shake your face, seeing everyone owes you money. Look like. You must choose your target carefully. The rich may not be able, the poor may not be honest, and the wise may not be sincere. You must comprehensively consider your own capital, find targets, take the initiative to attack, and strive for a hit. If you succeed, you will go. You would rather do a one-off deal instead of procrastinating tricks, and you must not be entangled. That would be bad for everyone. You must be good at compromising, but you must have a principled bottom line. If you really don’t have confidence in your own capital and ability, then it is better to resist the pressure and simply live alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone, free and casual, and the world is free, so why not find yourself unhappy. Always remember that there is no cost for you to be alone. If you marry the wrong one, you can’t get back to the original. Gossip and gossip pass by. If you have that anxiety, it is better to use two more episodes. A happy marriage is originally a game for the lucky ones. It’s a good thing to meet it, but it’s normal if you don’t meet it. Be sure to stop ignorance and hatred. Calm your mind, find the correct position, and break the evil spirits and get cool.


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8 months ago

His father died when I married him, and he left a little money without mentioning the distribution plan. The four of him and his elder brothers and sisters turned into feuds and could not meet during the New Year. How much? Around 80,000 yuan. In other words, his older brother and sister-in-law are extremely unreasonable and arrogant. The issue of his mother’s pension has been unresolved and he has been supporting him. My mother-in-law did not do anything negative in my married life. His salary is very fixed every month, and the annual performance plus the performance travel civilization award is about 60,000, excluding the five insurances and one housing fund. I am a self-employed business man with the same income as him. The difference is that every penny I earn has to be invested in the business to continue to snowball, and I cannot accumulate like him. My parents are in good health and the retirement and pension issues are guaranteed, so I basically don’t need to worry about them. My parents also bought a house in the prefecture-level city where I was located, and I also bought a house before marriage.

8 months ago

What makes me feel unnecessary to continue marriage? It is his calculations and calculations. I have a carefree personality and feel that the husband and wife are the same. He doesn’t think so. He won’t spend a cent of his money on me. He is stingy and caressing. Qian himself and his family are usually reluctant to spend deductions, deductions, search, and then use stocks to make money? unknown. Later, I became pregnant, and I had to say that, the first year of the birth check-up fee and the production cost, the child will eat and drink Lazard, and my breastfeeding delayed business for two years. Recorded after the conversation. Later, he regretted it. Tang Screened the obstetric examination for urinary routine, blood routine, liver and kidney function, blood coagulation and other 488 yuan examination expenses, so he talked about collapse. I have a relatively rigid personality and moved my things and left. The marriage is officially ended. At this point, the world is at peace, and there are no more smoky atmospheres and quarrels. Widowed marriage finally bye.

8 months ago

Four days later, he turned to WeChat and gave me the cost of the examination, but I thought about it again and again. I felt that I would have to have a caesarean section in the later stage. If there is a short period of time and a short period of time for him to sign, it is estimated that the operation cost will be higher. He will definitely give up my life, even the size Guarantee. (His one yuan is more than 1.1 million yuan for everyone here). It is too risky for me to hand my life to such a person. Forget it, women with independent finances will not be angry with his little family. Since then, he and I have nothing to do with him. Because of the extreme resentment in my heart, I have some incoherent words, so let’s add it slowly.

8 months ago

Marriage is like a book, the first chapter is a poem, and the rest are plain prose. ”

Marriage, for unmarried people, is a fire, once it is lit, you can give everything for it; for married people, it is a bottle of daughter red, brewed for a long time, just drank the fragrance, but drink too much It will be tasteless.

Qian Zhongshu also said: “Marriage is a besieged city. People in the city want to go out and people outside the city want to come in.”

That’s why this situation arises: married women will regret that they have entered the marriage hall so early; unmarried women are thinking that if they could get married earlier, they will have their children now and enjoy the happiness of the family!

As a result, more and more people now ask: Which one is more terrifying if you don’t marry or marry the wrong person? Now let us listen to the heart of these people.

8 months ago

My husband and I fell in love when we were in college and we got married after graduation.

After getting married, the two people enjoyed the two-person world for a year and had children. At first, I felt very happy, but now I feel a little bit like living a year.

I sometimes think that if time can turn back, I will definitely not get married so early and let myself lose my freedom, wandering around my children and the kitchen all day.

What did marriage give me?

The housework depends on oneself, the children depend on oneself, the money is also earned by oneself, often not only cannot count on the mother-in-law, even cannot count on the husband. Sometimes when the child is sick, take the child to the hospital to see a doctor, and there is no time to go to the toilet.

8 months ago

When I was busy, he was busy starting a business, busy socializing, and had no time to take care of our mother and son.

I want to complain but can’t bear it, and I feel that he is also very busy.

Sometimes when I look through the Moments, I see that the students are either enjoying food or traveling, and I feel that their lives are very comfortable. and I? In addition to sun children or children.

After getting married, I feel so tired, so tired, and very stressed.

Because I used to think that I just need to feed myself. What now? The responsibility is too great.

8 months ago

Not marrying for a lifetime and marrying the wrong person, I think both are quite scary. Marriage is not anxious, we need to wait.

When I was in my twenties, my family kept urging her to get married, so don’t choose, otherwise, I will either marry a second marriage or die alone.

I didn’t listen to my parents, and I just found someone to marry. She thinks marriage is a lifetime matter and is responsible to herself. So, work hard until the person you want to marry does not appear!

Before I met my husband, I was a bit lonely when I lived alone, but at least I wouldn’t be hurt.

I met my husband at a party, and then during a vacation, he learned of my whereabouts from a friend, and then the two went out together for a trip.

8 months ago

I am 25 years old this year, and it has been almost two years since I graduated. My mother has been urging me to get married, but I don’t want to get married yet.

I think not marrying and marrying the wrong person are both terrible; but my mother thinks that marrying the wrong person is not terrible. The terrible thing is not marrying forever. Because even if you marry the wrong one and give birth to a child, there will be a child to rely on in the future.

My dad and my mom divorced when I was very young. After the divorce, my mother and I were married. My dad remarried. He heard that he also has a very cute son. He rarely visits me.

From the failed marriage of my parents, I have a fear of marriage and the idea of not wanting to get married for a lifetime.

8 months ago

I’m almost 50 years old and haven’t been married yet, so I don’t know which one is scarier.

I only know that after many of my friends got married, they seemed to have changed their personalities. They became reluctant to hang out, complain, and even chat on WeChat. Sometimes I chat with them for a long time.

It stands to reason that people who have been married for more than 20 years should not be happier? At this time, the husband is successful in his career and the child is about to graduate from university. The whole person should be in a very relaxed and stress-free stage!

But the fact? This is not the case. Women their age worry about the marriage of their children while worrying about their husbands being laid off or having an affair. In addition, I am worried that I will age quickly.

8 months ago

Studies have shown that married women are older than unmarried women.

So, sometimes I look at my friends living so tired. I still like to live alone. Life should be a straight line. It will not be sad or happy. Once I marry the wrong person, I am afraid. Even a straight line has become a desire.


Marrying or not getting married is one of our choices in life, and we should not make excessive comments in the unexpected world that disturb our hearts.

Life is your own, follow your own heart, so even if you are wrong, you will not regret it.

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