Every time I mentioned breastfeeding, my mother-in-law always emphasized that when I went to work, I would take the cub to go to work with me. I mentioned that I could feed milk powder or I could suck the milk and leave it at home, but my mother-in-law always thought it was not good. Although I am very grateful to my mother-in-law for helping me with the cub, I feel uncomfortable to take the child to the unit.

I really took my mother-in-law and my baby to work, but in the end it wasn’t that I couldn’t hold on, it was because the mother-in-law was too tired, and then felt sorry for my grandson without a place to sleep, so I compromised to feed and pump. My home is more than half an hour’s walk away from where I work. There is a small residential garden on the left of the business room (I asked to rent a small single room in a nearby residential building, but my mother-in-law felt sorry for the money and disagreed), and there was a small shopping mall on the right, mother-in-law. Take the baby to either walk the baby in the small garden or walk the baby in the mall. When the time comes, I sneaked down to feed the baby. After feeding the baby in the afternoon, I pushed the baby home first. She was very tired after two weeks, because With a baby of six or seven months outside, she can only hold it or put it in a cart, and she has to bring a large bag of baby supplies, and then she can only eat fast food with me for lunch. Finally, she finally Can’t stand the tossing and compromise. My mother-in-law’s original intention was that she thought she brought her baby to work and cried and made a phone call. As a result, I was very busy upstairs. She made a series of calls downstairs and simply silenced the phone. When the time came, I was so busy. Come down to feed one, and then I work normally the rest of the time, what should I do, I completely ignore it, how she should bring and how to bring it, call her son to file a complaint, and I said that I was in a meeting, busy, and dealing with things, anyway. He also understands that work is not fun. She feels dissatisfied with the environment of taking the baby well at home, OK, then I will accompany you to toss and toss, but I still toss herself, bring the baby at home, she still has time to rest while the baby is asleep, and take it out. Baby, if you want to sit down and take a good break, it’s completely impossible.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Mom, are you serious? Then I might get rich… Why are you asking me? A sister in our office was resigned last month, and the company made up her salary for several months. She is almost forty, and she can’t cry. I don’t know how to find a job and raise a family… Why do you ask me? Oh oh, his son was making trouble for not going to kindergarten, and no one took him at home. She brought the unit for a few days. The leader said that everyone was delaying his work and the workplace was not a childcare place. Mom, let’s make a fortune too! Although the mortgage and car loans are pressing down on your son, I make a small profit. Can we both go on a trip?

6 months ago

I think it’s good! That’s what my mother-in-law and I did at the beginning. We did this at the time: I fed breasts in the morning, I went to work, and at ninety o’clock my mother-in-law pushed or carried the baby out, went to our work, quietly stood in the elevator and called, I ran out to feed, about ten to ten. In five minutes, my mother-in-law brought the child home. At noon, I hurry home to breastfeed. My mother-in-law will bring it again this afternoon. Go home to breastfeed after get off work. The time for breastfeeding is about the same as squatting in a large size. Feeding quietly in the stairwell is nothing. Why don’t you go to the bathroom to pump milk? Thank you mother-in-law, the only thing that is hard is her mother-in-law

6 months ago

It is not recommended to take your baby to the office for breastfeeding, as it will definitely affect your work. It is not easy for women to work in the workplace, and breastfeeding has already taken up some working time. If you really listen to your mother-in-law and bring your baby to the office to breastfeed, the baby will come, and it will be difficult to leave just to feed. As a mother, I feel that the subject’s mother-in-law’s practice will greatly affect the subject’s work, not to mention the colleagues and leaders in the office who have not experienced giving birth to babies and breastfeeding, and it is even more difficult to understand this behavior. Unless the subject feels that the job is dispensable, or mentally prepared to be persuaded to quit, or if the relationship is particularly hard, no matter how hard you do it, you won’t lose your job, then just treat it as if I didn’t say anything. Otherwise, now that you have started to work, it is better to make a clear distinction between work and bringing a baby.

6 months ago

The problem was that the mother-in-law did not take the child to the unit when the child was about to drink. This is the problem. We are also married and childbearing. There is only one difference, that is, our family lives in the company dormitory, walking less than 2 minutes, and the straight line distance is less than 20 meters. When the baby was about to drink, my mother-in-law took it to the office, and I fed it and took it back to the dormitory. After 9 hours of work, I had to feed it several times. I would like to thank the company for its friendliness towards breastfeeding mothers. There is no elevator in the dormitory. We live on the fourth floor. The company has an elevator, so my mother-in-law hugged me. So, it’s your mother-in-law’s problem. Why is the problem of breastfeeding left to you? Isn’t it shared with each other?

6 months ago

The child’s father is solely responsible for this. The core of this incident is not “should you take your child to the company to breastfeed?”, but: 1) You have to let your mother-in-law help you to bring the baby, and you want to enjoy the freedom of independence; 2) The mother-in-law helps you to bring the baby, but she thinks the words Power must be in her hands. The mother-in-law helped to bring the children. This is not an obligation. It can be seen that the subject is still grateful to the mother-in-law. But helping with children does not mean that you have to be fully responsible for everything. The previous generation generally did not have a sense of boundary, which is very common. According to the description of the subject: I mentioned that I can feed milk powder or I can suck the milk and leave it at home, but my mother-in-law always thinks it is not good. Then, watching you two have a parenting disagreement, what is the kid’s father doing? The child belongs to both of you. On the one hand, your husband must be considerate of your feelings, and on the other hand, you must understand your mother. After all, it is the first time to be a grandmother. It is normal to be too lenient because of excessive excitement. Whether the child’s father can make a bowl of water smooth, not to make you feel wronged and disappointed, and not to make the mother-in-law feel sad, this will test his handling level. Only he is properly involved in the relationship between the two of you, to reconcile and communicate more. Take the work and responsibilities to yourself, so as to establish a decent barrier between your mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and avoid head-on confrontation. Of course, it’s easy to say that I pinch my waist now, but it’s not like that when I actually do it. If he can’t reconcile it, why don’t you two give up some freedom and take care of your own children? After all, whoever pays more will have a harder back.

6 months ago

If everyone is like your mother-in-law, then the company is a mother-infant room. If others don’t speak for a day or two, they will speak for a long time. It will also affect the normal work of others. It’s also the first time I heard about bringing a child. Go to work together. In addition to the emotional difference, there is no difference between sucking milk and feeding it. There are many other things that are sucked out and frozen for a few months! Communicate with your husband and solve this problem together. The strong place must be persisted. In my opinion, I also work and have children at home, so I can understand your mood

6 months ago

Then you insist on rejecting it. Wouldn’t it be okay for you to be more persistent than her? There is no need to find a logical refutation at all for this kind of problem, just refuse it directly. She wants to ask you why, and you answer that she doesn’t have a reason, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, I don’t want to. Don’t say anything else, and don’t intensify the conflict. You don’t want to shake her with her, just refuse directly. Let me tell you, don’t try to reason. The person who can make this request must be an unreasonable person, an unreasonable person. If you want to persuade her through reason, it must be impossible. You are embarrassed with her. She tells you that if a woman is weak and a mother is strong, you should pay for the child. I am also a woman. Whatever I did in the past, not to mention that you are a new age woman, and you have received higher education and read books. Yes, it’s just right to feed your own children, what’s the fear? Then I will list you the areas where milk powder is not as good as breast milk, and list the areas where fresh breast milk is worse than breast milk after a period of time. How do you take it? Standing directly on the commanding heights of morality and using your child’s health to sanction you, how do you take it? Do you dare to slap your mouth? That is not thinking about my children. What bad thoughts can I have when I am a mother-in-law? Therefore, when facing unreasonable people, don’t try to reason with her, tell her directly, no, I refuse, there is no reason, if you have to ask, I don’t want to.

6 months ago

Does the unit have a maternity room? Is the unit close to home? If the mother-in-law is very convenient and close, you can go to the maternity room to feed the baby for 20 minutes and continue to work. The mother-in-law takes the child back by herself. This set of procedures can ensure the safety and convenience of the mother-in-law and the baby, and the mother-in-law is not too troublesome. It’s not too tired, and it doesn’t seem to hurt. But I think your mother-in-law will give up if she can’t hold on for two or three times. Even if your unit has a maternity room, even if you don’t delay your work, your mother-in-law doesn’t know how troublesome it is to take a baby out, so she will give up if she tries . People in their 50s and 60s are tired of taking a baby at home, and want to take the baby out to and from your unit several times a day? After two or three times, you and your husband used to worry about your mother-in-law’s body and fear that your mother-in-law would be tired. Buy her clothes or buy some delicious food to persuade her to pay more attention to her body, give her a step, and then she went down. As for taking the children to work, the children have been staying in your unit. This is estimated to be impossible. It mainly depends on your company’s regulations, the opinions of your leaders, and whether it will affect the work of your colleagues. I don’t know what kind of working environment you are in. If the unit does not allow it, please explain directly to your mother-in-law. The Ministry of Resources directly rejected it.

6 months ago

Why does the mother-in-law have to take breast milk to PUA daughter-in-law? If the company is yours, your mother-in-law can do whatever you want, otherwise, let her elderly family rest more at home. After all, the elderly can’t bear to run a few times a day. We have a say in this. After all, the breastfeeding coach should understand the situation of breastfeeding mothers. I once had a friend who was taking a child from his father. Because he was a grandfather, bringing a baby is definitely not as careful as a woman, and it is troublesome to warm the milk. So my friend asked his father to take a taxi at noon to send the child to the company and feed him once. The way of mixing milk powder at other times. Friend’s company has a maternity room, which is very friendly to female employees who are breastfeeding. This situation is still relatively rare, and most of the breast-carrying mothers are thankful that they can find a maternity room to suck milk. There are also situations where you want to feed yourself, and it is only limited to lunch breaks. However, it is the freedom of each mother to choose breast milk or milk powder. It is recommended not to let the mother-in-law bring the child to the company frequently, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the subject. The work and family at the time of the subject will be pressured by both sides, and it cannot be balanced. It is also difficult to get the desired result.

6 months ago

what? Hello? Do you want to take your child to the unit to breastfeed? absurd! Absolutely not! Depriving women of their right to work is absolutely impossible! Resolutely resist! Then, think about it for a moment: hypothesis, hypothesis, and repeatedly emphasize the hypothesis, whether the mother-in-law passed away prematurely, or the mother-in-law was suffering from illness, how should you deal with it? … The son was born by himself. As a mother, no matter how difficult it is, it is bound to let her own flesh and blood grow. When necessary, for children and daughters, parents will do whatever it takes. Including your mother-in-law, who also nurtured your husband with tears and nose. There are not many who disagree with this point! What to do then? Those who are frank and honest, who are bitter about their daughter-in-law, who are moved with affection, and who know what is reasonable, repeatedly explain to their mother-in-law, even begging, and even pull her husband to persuade her. Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect? After all, it is her son’s son. Let me listen to you, the mother-in-law is not the evil person. If it still doesn’t work, then only self-reliance, hard work, and telling her husband that this is no way, only to find another way. Then take hard work, pull your son to grow up, and bring it to your unit to breastfeed. What’s the problem? Being a mother, breastfeeding your own cubs, is justified, and others make irresponsible remarks and interference. That is a way for others to take their own humiliation. . Of course, you have to put your career first, put face first, use inconvenience as an excuse, and abandon your child, and you will have to suffer criticism. Anyway, the son belongs to you! If you are forced to lose your job because you are raising a young child, you still have to raise the child. The father of the child is even harder, but there is nothing to say, how can it not be hard to be a parent? There must be a way for the car to reach the mountain. I am already a parent. That way is not easy to walk, but I have to go down again. The road we have taken……

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