According to historical records, Liu Bei’s team seemed to have been deflated all the way and did not make a big difference. After finally getting Xuzhou, they were driven out by Lu Bu and Yuan Shu. However, Liu Bei, who was so downhearted, voted for Boss Cao, Boss Cao regarded him as the only hero in the world, and Guan Zhang had no hard record but was regarded as an enemy of ten thousand people.

Cao Cao’s evaluation of Liu Bei as a hero is best known for cooking wine and talking about heroes. This period was Liu Bei’s years in Xuchang, and Liu was under the edict. This is the origin of the problem. Liu Bei was so embarrassed that Cao Cao regarded him as a hero. The subject’s doubts also arise from this. For questions about the subject, we can answer the subject from the perspective of Liu Bei and his people, Cao Cao at the time. First, Liu Bei was very embarrassed when he was a hero. When Shangzhou Mu also lost land and land, he came to the poor. But if we do not open up the perspective of God and judge from later, we look at Liu Bei’s resume at this time, and we will find Liu Bei’s horror and extraordinary. Liu Bei Liu Xuande, a native of Youzhou, a relative of the Han clan. Forty years old. Liu Bei’s job resume, from the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184 AD, after the school lieutenant Zou Jing discussed the yellow turban, Liu Bei removed An Xiwei, Liu Beijian abandoned his post to recruit soldiers, and then went to Micheng, Gaotangwei, Gaotangling, and other divisions. Sima, Pingyuanling, Pingyuanxiang, Yuzhou Governor, Xuzhou Mu, Zhendong General, Yicheng Tinghou, Yuzhou Mu, Zuo General. When it came to cooking wine and talking about heroes, in the fifth year of Jian’an (200 AD), Cao Cao said to Liu Bei that “the more heavier the rituals, the same and the same when sitting,” in the end, there was “the hero of the world, only the king and “Fuck your ears” argument. That is to say, in 16 years, Liu Bei has stepped up to the high position of the Sifang general from a set of common clothes. It can be said that even with the bonus of fast promotion in troubled times, Liu Bei’s development speed can be described as terrifying and extraordinary. And in these sixteen years, Taishi Dong, Li Que and Guo Pun, who had the most power for a while, died, Liu Yu and Dasima, who were prestigious and prestigious, were gone, and Yuan Shuwei, Runan and Yuan Shuwei of the fourth generation and three masters, was also dying. He also died. Lu Bu of Wushuang County died, and Sun Wentai of Jiangdong Tigers was also dead. Sun Bofu was attacking the city and plundering land in Jiangdong. Under this background, Liu Bei was still alive and able to take steps by step. An achievement. In the troubled times, there is no one who can survive and make progress. And pay attention to Liu Bei at this time. Among the military attachés, General Zuo is second only to the generals, generals Hussars, generals chariots, and generals Wei. In addition, the civil servants are second only to the few people such as San Gong. Among these people, from a geographical perspective, Liu Bei is a big figure among political figures in Youzhou from another perspective. From the perspective of clan, Liu Bei is the highest official in the Han clan. Liu Bei is in Xuchang. From the perspective of losing his city and land, Liu Bei is indeed very embarrassed. But it can also be said that it was Liu Bei who lost his city and land and formed Liu Bei’s only career as an official in the central government in Xuchang. Liu Bei was officially transferred from a prince to a court official and from a local official to a capital official. His nominal status was greatly improved. And by virtue of Guan Zhang, Sun Qianjian and Yong Mizhu, Liu Bei is also a member of the staff. And before that, Liu Bei recommended Yuan Tan as a Maocai, so he handed in the recruitment for Yuan Shao’s army, Tian Yu advised Gongsun Zan to succeed Xian Yufu and return to Cao, and Chen Qun of Xicao was an extraordinary Maocai who Liu Beizheng proposed. Pei Nanbu Du Wei Yuan Huan Liu Beiju’s Mao Cai. It can be said that if Liu Bei is comfortable and obedient in this situation, he can become a three-person man only by accumulating seniority. Liu Bei has been the pinnacle of the so-called Liu family in Zhuojun for many generations. Of course, this is not enough to “heroes in the world, only to make the king and fuck his ears”, but Liu Bei is by no means as embarrassed as we think. 2. Cao Cao’s perspective From Liu Bei and his people, we can see that Liu Bei in the Xuchang period also had a taste for being a capital official. From the perspective of the princes, he saw embarrassment, but for the time alone, Liu Bei’s life was tasteful. From the corner of Cao Cao’s eyes, as in the first part, Cao Cao treated Liu Bei with great courtesy and high-ranking officials. Are there any political considerations in this? some. Do you really agree with it? There is also. Cooking wine and talking about heroes happened before the battle of Guandu. At this time, Cao Cao was going to fight Yuan Shao, and his relationship with Cao Cao could be described as entanglement, and Cao Cao’s feelings about it were also very complicated. Before the Guandu battle, Yuan Cao confronted each other, except for the personal contact between the two of them, He entered the shogunate, and his colleagues in Xiyuan. Politically, Zhu Ling under Cao Cao’s account was the rescue commander sent by Yuan Shao, and Cao Cao had the idea of ​​surrendering to Yuan Shao. However, Cao Cao had a share in the death of Yuan Shao’s brother Yuan Shu. Moreover, the world is not alone in contending for supremacy. Against Yuan Cao, Cao Cao must give full play to his advantages. Compared with Yuan Shao, Cao Cao’s very important cards are the emperor, the Han Dynasty and the Central Committee. Compared with the aristocratic family of Yuan Shao IV and San Gong, Yuan Shao’s Zhou Mu general opened his government and requisitioned the organization method. Cao Cao’s advantage is that he “will serve the emperor to order but not ministers” (the opponents “hold the emperor to order the princes”), and precisely because of this, Cao Cao must, at least in form, honor the emperor and honor the officials. It is not possible to show that the central officials are inferior to those of the princes in the ranks and appointments of Beijing officials. This is determined by the political situation. Cao Cao cannot and will not create a political pattern of “internal lightness and external importance”. Moreover, it is also important to show the nobleness of the emperor, the respect of a hundred officials, and the position of the person. If the government still relies on bribes, rotten woods as officials, and beasts eating money, Cao Cao will not be able to convince the people of the world. At the same time, before the Guandu War, many people on Cao Cao’s side were still Han officials, and Cao Cao’s own political system and officials were still integrated with the Han official system. Cao Cao needed the Han family as a political signboard. During this period, Cao Cao’s primary position was Sikong, Zhong Yao’s position was Yushi Zhongcheng, Shangshubushe, and Wang Lang and Wang Situ “advised the doctor and participated in the Sikong military.” Xun Yu served as a servant and kept the book order. And Liu Bei, a clan of the Han clan, is undoubtedly an important part of Cao Cao’s political layout and the hundreds of officials and ministers of the Han clan. Therefore, at this time, Liu Bei, the court team, can be said that there is no doubt above these later Cao Wei’s famous ministers. Therefore, Liu Bei’s admiration of treatment does have political reasons. But the question is only for political needs, does Cao Cao need to say “the heroes of the world, only the king and the ears”? No, in fact, the world’s heroes can be selected by Cao Cao and respected as a representative of one party’s political power, and becoming a political tool is not easy. As in the first part, Liu Bei’s people, Liu Bei recommended and recruited talents, Cao Cao’s ability to re-use, appraising Guan Zhang’s tens of thousands of enemies, these measures itself can be said to be a recognition of Liu Bei’s insight and talent concept. For politicians, knowing people, making friends, and using people’s identity fit is an important basis for mutual recognition and resonance, and it is an important point of convergence in the relationship and communication between the two parties. It can be said that it is because of the similarities in knowing and employing people that there will be Cao Cao’s “hero in the world, only the king and the ear”. And when Cao Cao said this to Liu Bei, it was not the first time that the two sides met, nor was it the first time to cooperate and compete. When Liu Bei entered Xuzhou, the main imaginary enemy he resisted was Cao Cao. When Lv Bu was eliminated and Yuan Shu was defeated, the two sides cooperated with each other. Both sides were victims of Lu Bu, and they were embraced as state herdsmen at the same front and back feet. Liu Bei was defeated and Cao Cao gave the army food. Liu Bei was attacked, and Cao Cao sent Xiahou Dun to rescue. It is not the first time that the two have cooperated. Without certain approval and tacit agreement, the two sides could not cooperate to this point. 3. Background of the Times During the Three Kingdoms period at the end of the Han Dynasty, under the supervision system, the turmoil of the world opened, the evaluation of the characters, the knowledge of people and the appointment of people depended solely on the official position, the family background, the so-called praise of the red and the black, the official and noble judgement of people must be laughed and laughed generously. During the period of the Three Kingdoms, there was a disaster of party domination, and celebrities were in vain. Once requisitioned, the commoner has three males. Fan Peng, Zhang Jian, Guo Tai and other party members have no official positions and are expensive in the world. Yuan Shaobai became a subordinate of the general, and Liu Biao became the prince of the Northern Army and settled Jingzhou. There are also Zheng Xuan, Lu Zhi, and Cai Yong, who are inferior and famous, who dare to be cheap and not respectful. Between the palace, the rotten wood is the official, and the animals eat the lu. Dong Zhuo Bingzheng, Lu Zhi farming, Huangfu Songchengmen school lieutenant, Ming people dare not take light. Before, there were not many people who were proud of the San Gong, Cao Song and Cui Lie. In the Three Kingdoms at the end of Han Dynasty, the world was like this, Liu Bei acted, and Cao Cao recognized that he would naturally say “the heroes of the world, only the king and the ears”.


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6 months ago

Because the ancients did not judge heroes by success or failure. It’s not the age of laughing poor but not laughing. It’s just like in the current society, there is such a kind of people who live very poorly, but every year they help those in need. For example, there is such a man now who worked as a soldier when he was young. Then participated in the earthquake relief work, and made a lot of credit, like a model. Later, I was discharged from the army and went to a small place to be a cadre. I lived very poorly. I donated money to the Hope Project and nursing homes every year, and worked with the local people in the construction. I lived a normal life without corruption and bribery. I still thought in my mind. It is to let the common people live a good life. Do you think he is a hero like this person? Of course, Liu Bei’s consciousness during the feudal period may not be as high as I said. But in comparison with people in the same period, Liu Bei did quite well. First, courage. It is hard for me to imagine that a poor man in his twenties joined the army for the sake of national safety, breaking a yellow scarf, and begging for rebels. Look at those princes, Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, Sun Jian and his son, Yuan Shu, that was not the nobleman at the time. It’s like you, as a rural child, whose parents have limited ability, rely on your own strength to start a business, and finally get mixed into Wang Sicong’s circle. Such a person is not admired. Liu Qiangdong’s self-made has become a model of people’s worship. It is not whether you succeed or not, but the key is whether you have this courage. In that era, how many people avoided fighting, mixed with small wealth and settled down, and lived their lives honestly. The spirit of loyalty and orthodoxy does not matter to most people. It is enough to live by yourself. Who is the lord of the world, loyal and unfaithful, righteousness and unrighteousness are not so important to a commoner. However, Liu Bei dared to stand up, this is his courage. But how many people with weak backgrounds in the Three Kingdoms have come forward? Only him, Liu Bei, and Liu Bei’s Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and the old brothers from Zhuojun are all such warriors. Such a person is not worthy of the word hero? Neither overbearing nor overbearing, the true qualities of a hero. Liu Bei’s greatest strength is that no matter what time, he will not escape his identity as a “weaver and shoe vendor”. Not because of his humble origin, he can’t hold his head up, or that he is not a vain person. Men nowadays have social phobia if they don’t have money in their hands, they dare not chase their sisters, they dare not do things, and they are always afraid that others will look down on themselves. Look at Liu Bei again, don’t you think it’s very difficult? Do your own things and don’t care about others’ perspectives, so why not call such a person a hero? Indomitable Liu Bei has failed for most of his life. I really admire such a person, who has been failing but has never yielded. Sun Quanbing had sufficient food and natural dangers on the Yangtze River. At the time of Chibi, he had doubts about whether the battle would fall. As for Mr. Liu, he has always suffered, never admit his fate, has been struggling, and has never stopped. Even if it was the fire in Yiling, he did not hesitate to turn back. Do you admire such a person? In the face of adversity, you can still face the wind, can’t you be called a hero? Few in history have the reputation and strength of a failed regime like the monarchs and ministers of the Shu Han Dynasty have been praised. It was Liu Bei who made Zhuge Liang “get out of a ridge in one dynasty, and a Hanchen for half his life.” It was Liu Bei who made Guan Yu. “The Qinglong sword technique Zeng Yanyue, lives up to the eternal name of the Spring and Autumn Period.” It was Liu Bei, let Zhang Fei. “Changban bridgehead drank with a spear, retreated Cao Cao’s millions of soldiers.” It was Liu Bei, let Zhao Yun “The white horse spear rushed into the enemy’s front, no one in the world would not be afraid.” It was Liu Bei, let Wei Yan. “Guard Hanzhong for many years, if Cao Bingruo comes, please do it.” It was Liu Bei and Huang Zhong. “The white beard floats like the moon between the clouds, and the invincible old man rises.” It was Liu Bei, who made Pang Tong. “Even if you die before Luo Fengpo, you will live up to the grace of the prophet.” (I compiled the above poems) Liu Bei, what a charming person. Even if it was the defeat of Xinye and the collapse of Xuzhou, his subordinates still persisted in him. This is Zhaolie

6 months ago

Because Liu Bei before “green plum boiled wine” is already legendary. For example, when Liu Bei served as Yuzhou provincial governor, he could cry and say to a young man in his early twenties: I hate to make great things together with you. [1] The young man’s name was Tian Yu, and he later came to Cao Wei Taizhong as an official and received Jiuqing’s salary. Liu Bei hadn’t risen up yet, perhaps he hadn’t slept with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. When the Enruo brothers, he had a “heroic bond with one person, and he was the acquaintance of the neck”. [2] This person’s name is Zhaozhao, who has made contributions to Cao Weiduo, but he was only the Yanmen County guard throughout his life. In “Three Kingdoms”, Tian Yu, Qianzhaohe Manchong, and Guo Huai are both interpreters. Compared with the latter two, they have outstanding meritorious services, but they have not received the matching treatment: Yu is located in Xiaozhou, and Zhao is finally county. Shou, has not been used to its fullest. Will they regret knowing Liu Bei? Will they regret that they knew Liu Bei and blocked the official game of Cao Wei? Certainly not. That’s why there will be “recruiting Ma Yi to save Tian Yu”. Without the consent of the chief, he led his troops to rescue Tian Yu and was surrounded by Xianbei. This is a very “Liu Bei Group” incident, but it happened to Cao Wei. The cold politics can’t restrain the fire in the hearts of this group of rangers. During the Three Kingdoms period, there were three people called Yong Guan Ben Yu, namely Cheng Yu, Cao Ren, and Yuan Huan. When Liu Bei was a pastoralist in Yuzhou, he recommended Yuan Huan as a scholar. Later, Yuan Huan served under Lu Bu. Lu Bu asked Yuan Huan to write an article to scold Liu Bei. Yuan Huan said: If you go here, you can scold the general again. Later, Wei Ting rumored that Liu Bei was dead, and the officials celebrated each other, but Yuan Huan did not congratulate him. Not to mention Chen Deng, who was able to play with the princes of all walks of life in Xuzhou, the land of the four wars, could say sincerely: Outstanding majestic appearance, a kingly strategy, I respect Liu Xuande. We are pulling the story back, don’t forget that Liu Bei is the one who worked overtime until the assassins were unwilling to start. For the sake of public opinion, people who can rush to supervise postal services and abandon officials. His topicality has always been full, and it is still extremely positive and positive. Therefore, it is not surprising that Cao Cao called Liu Bei a hero. Everyone in the world thinks Liu Bei is a hero. They all know that Liu Bei has a fire, an unquenchable fire, a fire that can attract knights. What if we put Liu Bei’s deeds before “green plum boiled wine” to now?

6 months ago

According to unreliable information, Liu Bei was suspected to have stayed in Cao Cao’s range of activities between the end of the Yellow Turban and the Dong Zhuo rebellion. Judging from a relatively reliable situation, Liu Bei has demonstrated extremely strong combat effectiveness as a guest general in Gongsun Zan and Tao Qian (in fact, Liu Bei has excellent combat ability in the state of dissatisfaction, after all, he has been in the ranks. After many years of fighting, his subordinates related to fierce generals like Zhang. When he fought in Xichuan, the personnel left behind at Jiameng Pass were first removed. When he went south to attack Chengdu, his old base was also in a state of dissatisfaction with tens of thousands of soldiers). Due to the big omissions in the biography of the Three Kingdoms in the Shu Han biography, many character events are untestable (maybe due to human factors), but the name of the general Guan Zhang Xionghu was played before Liu Bei’s battle of Chibi, even if Guan Yu did not cut it. Yan Liang’s record is also revered by Cao Cao in various ways. Zhang Fei basically has no record of record before Changbanpo. It can only be said that to a large extent the early deeds of these two men have been hidden, so you can’t see the early work of Liu Bei’s men. The two can fight more. Liu Bei himself had such a team, and he brought it to the extent that he was praised by the local gentry everywhere. He was known as a hero before he surrendered to Cao Cao. Cao Cao might have been in contact with Liu Bei a long time ago and met Liu Bei directly. After fighting against each other (Liu Bei guarded Xiaopei in Tao Qian’s place, he clearly used the position to top Cao Cao’s gate in Xuzhou), he must have a high opinion of Liu Bei.

6 months ago

Liu Bei was a hero, which was already a public opinion at the time. Wei Shu: It was when the people were hungry and gathered money in violent ways. To prepare for foreign invaders, and to give rich money inside, those who are under the scholars must sit at the same table and eat with the same evil spirits. There is no simple choice. Many returnees. The generals of Bu said Bu said: “Generals often want to kill and prepare, but now they can use artificial hands.” Cheng Yu said publicly: “Looking at Liu Bei’s talents and even the hearts of the people, it is better to see Liu Bei’s talents. Gong said: “When Fang Jin accepts heroes, it is not allowed to kill one person and lose the heart of the world.” Wei Shu said: Liu Bei came to run, thinking that Yuzhou pasture. Or Taizu said: “Be prepared for heroism, if you don’t picture this morning, you will be in trouble later.” Taizu ordered Liu Bei to reject Yuan Shu, Zhao said: “Be brave and ambitious, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are their wings, and they are afraid to prepare for it. The heart is not yet available!” Taizu said: “I have promised it.” Chen Deng: Outstanding majestic appearance, a kingly strategy, I respect Liu Xuande. Speaking in person, I just want to try Liu Bei’s reaction. This is completely different from the casual boasting of green plum boiled wine in the novel. At that time, Cao Gong calmly said that the first master said: “Today, the hero is the only one to make the king and the ears. The original disciples are not enough.” Cao Cao just wanted to figure it out, Liu Bei admits his fate.

6 months ago

Because a thousand soldiers are easy to get, but a general is hard to find. This will not refer to Takeo, but the commander-in-chief of the legion. Cao Cao may have said this to his confidant, but Liu Bei’s sentence has been passed down. The result of the lack of the commander-in-chief of the legion is that after Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao, he spent his entire life fighting the rebellion everywhere, and the generals of Wei State attacked thousands of miles per capita. The so-called commander-in-chief of the legion is to hand over the army to you. I am assured that you can handle it. I give you a strategic goal that you can achieve by yourself. In fact, Cao Cao had only two such people in his life: Xia Houyuan and Cao Ren. After the territory becomes larger, the difficulty of governance is not as simple as that of Xuchang. The more territory there is, the more things need to be taken into consideration. So the more talents are needed. When meeting a good talent, saying a few words that don’t require money, complimenting each other, and letting him follow himself with all his heart, is a compulsory course for being a boss. Although Liu Bei has no capital, his past behavior has proved him to be the commander-in-chief of the army. After training, he is very stable on the front line of Xuzhou. It is also very good for him to cooperate with himself to occupy Jingzhou and Soochow. As long as you make good use of it, you can become your core strength, and the word of wooing is bound to be said. The depletion of talents is actually the root cause of the country’s decline. If one’s own relatives and children don’t reuse them, they can only give official posts to the noble families, so there will be Sima Yi’s era. And Liu Bei, a person with a weak foundation, has no family background, just a grass-to-head emperor, and he is more at ease than the Sima family in terms of composition. Here is a little bit. Isn’t that Huang Uncle Liu Bei’s family background? No, that’s just an identity, and it was Cao Cao who helped him. Liu Yuzhou and Liu Huangshu were all the names he had acquired in exchange for his refuge in Cao Cao. So Cao Cao cherishes this talent very much. He will give you high officials, give you trust, and give you dignity. Just follow me. The proof is that after the two of them had chatted, Cao Cao asked Liu Bei and Zhu Ling to go to Yuan Shu together, and gave him soldiers that he could bring independently. What Boss Cao meant is to give you a chance to do meritorious service. I will train you. You are a great talent. Follow me. Why send Zhu Ling? Because Zhu Ling also came from Yuan Shao to take the initiative to take refuge, although Cao Cao didn’t like Zhu Ling very much, but he also thought he was very loyal. So I looked at him with Zhu Ling. But Liu Bei didn’t want to follow Cao Cao. He wanted to help the Han room at Lishantou. So he immediately joined Yuan Shao to fight against Cao Cao. Boss Cao was very sad. Liu Bei was easily wiped out after the Yidaizhao incident broke out, and then Guan Yu was overtaken, and after five stages, six generals were defeated. In fact, he is the same to Liu Bei and Guan Yu. They all hope that the other party can be the commander-in-chief of their own legion, so that they can have more arms. Guan Yu guarding Jingzhou, if it weren’t for the backstab of Wu in the first battle in Xiangfan, he might have really succeeded. Regardless of the outcome, Guan Yu is a handsome talent. The real Mega Victory of China in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. And Liu Bei is even more powerful than Guan Yu as the commander-in-chief. How could Cao Cao not love him? This is not exactly what he said in response to his poem: Zhougong vomits and feeds the world back to his heart.

6 months ago

You are fortunate enough to be invited to a banquet of national business leaders. You see a middle-aged man wearing a custom suit with a firm expression sitting, and you walk over to chat with him. He talked to you about the past. When he was the poorest and poorest, he was a guest under the fence of other people’s homes. At this time, there was a BMW driving a lot of big owners of shops and houses who came to other people’s houses to meet and chat. At the meeting, I asked an investor where to buy a house. That person didn’t say and asked the boss to sleep in a small bed. He directly and mercilessly said, “What people think about is how to help the people of the world, xx is still polite, if you come to me and ask me this question, I will directly sleep on the big bed and let you sleep underground.” A person who made the oath when he was extremely poor can continue to complete it, and when he was almost fifty, he was still sad that he did not complete it. Don’t say that such a person likes Cao Cao, but I am lucky enough to know him as me. Good luck. not to mention. Since he was young, he has obtained investment from a famous businessman in order to calm the chaos of the world, and used this investment to calm the world. After more than 30 deadly battles, he won a certain county-level public security bureau chief, and then whipped his boss and ran away. A big boss in charge of the military and administration of the province worked under him, and then went to rescue another big boss. And got the management of a province. My brother lost the province and didn’t say anything about him. Although he was eventually acquired by the country’s biggest boss, he still did not forget his ambition. There is no pain and failure in the first half of his life. Such a person, after you know his experience, do you think he is funny? Especially after you have experienced the cruel experience of reality and become less ambitious. You will only feel that knowing this person is my luck. I, Zhang xx, can know him today and be his friend, it is my luck. Cao Cao is also a person who has experienced many failures. The two of them can be said to have met each other late. If it is not for the relationship of identity, they are definitely good friends who admire each other.

6 months ago

Cao Cao certainly affirmed Liu Bei’s abilities and regarded him as a rare hero in the world, but being on an equal footing with himself was another matter. Cao Cao himself is an extremely conceited figure, Yuan Shao is very powerful, and Cao Cao’s derogation of Yuan Shao is worthless, and it is not a fear. Sun Ce is brave, and Cao Cao only compares him to a mad dog. Lu Bu invaded Yanzhou, causing Cao Cao to almost lose his foundation. In Cao Cao’s eyes, he was just a tiger that was difficult to control. Ma Chao chased after Cao Cao’s last crossing of the river, with hundreds of officials snorting, Cao Cao laughed and scolded that Ma Chao was just a thief, so he was terrified. This is still a character who has taken advantage of Cao Cao’s hands. Yuan Shu, Liu Biao, Liu Zhangzhi and his like still use evaluation? When Liu Bei was under Cao Cao’s hands, we were both heroes in the world. Liu Bei ran to the opposite side, and he had to come out a bit later when Xia Houyuan was beheaded. In Cao Cao’s view, this was definitely not Liu Bei’s strategy, someone must help him. Cao Cao believes that someone who can compare with him or who can surpass him must be under his own hands. Once he runs to the opposite side, he is almost a bit close. The famous figure Lou Gui Lou Zibo, does Cao Cao really feel that he is inferior to him?

6 months ago

Our descendants (non-parties) observe an ancient person and can only speculate and judge the character and morality of this person from a few records in the history books, through his recorded behaviors, achievements, and so on. But if you want to observe a person you know by your side, would you judge his future only by his current achievements? Some people’s character and ability are all first-rate, the only thing that is worse is some luck and time. Such people are not in the pool, and sooner or later they will rise to fame. If you are a talented and capable hero, you can also see through a similar person who is as talented as you at a glance, and even you know that he is likely to become a strong competitor to you in the future.

6 months ago

Liu Bei and Cao Cao didn’t meet in the midterms. “Heroes·Liu Bei” has a record: “In the last years of the emperor, I will try to be in the capital, and I will return to the Pei country with Cao Gong, and recruit all the people.” In a very early period, Liu Bei studied in his youth (about 178 years) , I should have known Cao Cao. Liu Bei is the world’s first swordsman, and Cao Cao likes heroes and he must know him. In the battle of the Yellow Turban, the two should have had a relationship. There is also a record in the hero’s record: “The emperor will collapse, the world will be in chaos, and the preparation will rise from the army, from asking Dong Zhuo.” This sentence is connected to the above. In other words, when the crusade against Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei was probably actually under Cao Cao, not under Gongsun Zan. During the crusade against Dong Zhuo, most of the 12th route princes were paddling, and only Cao Cao and Sun Jian were the ones who really attacked. According to what Cao Cao said later, Liu Bei should have been in the camp of crusade against Dong Zhuo together at that time, and he was advancing and retreating together with Cao Cao. So Cao Cao treats Liu Bei well, I think it’s normal.

6 months ago

Because “Liu Xuande Hongya has faith and righteousness, today Xuzhou is happy to wear it, and Cheng is also looking forward to it.” The embarrassment is only for a while. For Cao Gong, the affairs of Xuzhou cannot be separated from the assistance of Master Liu. Most people only saw that Liu Xianzhu was embarrassed by Lu Bu and often ignored the reason why Lu Bu attacked the first master! The first master is still Xiaopei, and the compound soldier has more than 10,000 people. Lu Bu is evil, since he sent troops to attack the first master, the first master lost and returned to Cao Gong. The combination of tens of thousands of soldiers actually demonstrates the influence of Liu Xianzhu on the terror of Xuzhou. Isn’t it enough to be a hero if the people of a state follow and serve? Could it be that Gonghui Cao, who has a sharp contradiction with Lu Bu’s forces, does not rely on it, and will he disagree that Liu Xianzhu is a hero? Therefore, Cao Gong graciously met him, thinking that Yuzhou was herding. Collect the most scattered pawns, give them rations, and benefit the soldiers to fight eastward. Liu Xianzhu was well received in Xudu because he earned it himself! Cao Liu teamed up to remove Lv Bu and can be called a hero! As for the theory of heroes by cooking wine, aside from the drama of the Romance, the description of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is: At that time, Duke Cao calmly said that the predecessor said: “Today, the hero is only the king and the ear. The original disciples are not counted.” In this dialogue, except for the two parties, only Yuan Shao was mentioned. Calculated by time, the Yuan Shao Group is the life and death enemy of Cao Cao Group. These words may not have the meaning of wooing Liu Xianzhu to fight Yuan Shao! As mentioned above, Liu Bei has an unimaginable influence on Xuzhou. Compared with it, it is difficult for Cao Gong to have any control over Xuzhou. The war with Tao Qian in the early years wreaked havoc on Xuzhou: Tao Qian was re-commissioned, five cities were pulled out, and then to the East China Sea. After Tan, Qiang Cao Bao and Liu Bei stationed in Tandong and wanted Taizu. Taizu smashed it, then attacked Banxiang Ben, and slaughtered too much. In addition to the old grievances, there are new enemies: with Xunyou and Guo Jiaji, then Si and Yishui were used to irrigate the city. Flooding the city with water, but the people all over the city suffer. Although Cao Gong won over the mighty powers between Qing and Xu: defeating, gaining dominance, etc., the public was kindly treated, so he cut Qing and Xu Erzhou was attached to the sea, divided into Langxie, Donghai, and Beihai as Chengyang, Licheng, and Chang. Lu County. But this group of guys, it sounds good to be heroes, but they are essentially a group of thieves. Although they have strength, they are absolutely impossible to calm the hearts of Xuzhou’s people, and they have to rely on Liu Bei! So after the return, Cao Gong had a series of special encounters with Liu Bei, but his think tank had a different view. Cheng Yu was not optimistic about Cao Gong’s approach, thinking that Liu Bei was afraid that he would not be able to cooperate. Cheng Yu: “Looking at Liu Bei’s talents and even wins the hearts of the people, he won’t be inferior to others, it’s better to make it earlier.” It is a pity that Cao Gong did not obey, perhaps because of sincerity, Jin Shi is open, Liu Bei may be able to influence, so in order to show that he is right Liu Bei’s respect, Liu Bei got the opportunity to look forward to day and night since he came to Xudu to lead the army alone, so the Xuzhou thing happened again. Since then, Cao Liu has become a deadly enemy, and he will never die.

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