This year, “Chuang” won “Chuang” very thoroughly. Ai Hui’s five sons are really amazing. Even passers-by who have never watched “Chuang” know that these people are very popular, and Liu Yu Guofeng is very out of the circle. Teacher Xiu made a big trip out of the circle with the rough back story. The theme song of the second creation of the gods, in the hot attention, “Creation” really hangs Qing. But even so, I still don’t want to watch Chuang, because I don’t like to watch talent shows. The reason why Qing 3 is because I saw a player that fits my eyes before the show, so I started chasing Qing 3. 3 is the only talent show that I have seen from the first issue to the tenth issue and is getting more and more true. I also like my op more and more. I like to download Weibo and follow Chaohua to give him various shots, but As I became more and more genuine, I became more and more anxious, because I truly saw that even though Ou Lian and Jing Wu were out of the circle, the nine-member group that made their debut still failed to develop well. Some members Gradually flop, without any resources. After going through the fire and quickly returning to plainness, I began to worry that my brother, whom I really like, will not develop well in the future. He is so young. It feels like he has not fulfilled his stage dream after watching his interview. I can go to school and gradually disappear from public view, but I want to see him shine on the stage all the time, so sad

To be honest, Qing 3 is much better than Qing 1. Qing 1 is really a joke, and the only favorite is retired. Qing 3 can only be caused by Jiang Bin. The only one who can compare with the next door, Yu Jingtian, has been exploded. Hot search He must withdraw once, except for other public figures, he dare not withdraw. There are no exceptions. Because Nikomai has brought popularity to “Xiao Ni”, and fans of Super Talk are searching for Amway Yu Jingtianwu, now it is much better than before. Now, there are many good seedlings in Qing 3, but it’s obvious that it’s not easy to say. Moreover, Jiang Bin used the ambiguous words of the senior sister and the students to get them scolded. Being sucked blood, although I don’t know who the royal family is, Jiang Bin definitely wanted the royal family to make his debut. Looking back at the creation next door, to be honest, the success is right in marketing. Foreign players bring enthusiasm, and the goose pulls “candy and salty.” To guide the Internet violence, to be honest, the initial rating was not a bit nauseous, but later evolved into such a merit of this bastard. Lilu Xiu made it more successful. Maybe it was the original intention of Teacher Lee, but the bastard definitely pushed it. , Because this is different from every hot-blooded boy group. In fact, at the beginning, Jian Hu gave three people such a personality, but Mr. Li succeeded and won the whole people’s carnival of not letting Mr. Li get off work, but Pian Hu wanted to attract teachers. Bloody, hot search or rumors that Teacher Li’s mother is ill, this cheap animal capital must be over, probably because I’m afraid that the royal family won’t be able to get in.


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6 months ago

Goose’s show is muddy, but goose’s ball is not necessarily muddy. Peach’s show will be sticky, and Tao’s group must be sticky. Because goose’s resources and operations are much better than Tao. Those who have followed the 19th draft should know that when Qingyou and Creation Camp debuted in the finals at the time of 2019, there was not much difference in the relationship between them. Fans of the two companies often quarreled on Zhihu Weibo. But now, the gap is obvious. In fact, before the house collapsed, some passers-by began to know Zhou Zhennan, they knew there was a group called r1se, and even knew He Luoluo, Ren Hao, Xia Zhiguang… But unine, passers-by didn’t even know that there was such a Of this group, only Li Wenhan is relatively well-known. The two groups are ten times worse than the sign-in. It is really the operations and resources of the goose that have played a role. And I even saw that many unine fans on Zhihu said that r1se is more popular, and Kuae’s operation is better than Tao. Compared with the two just debuted, the fight is evenly divided. It can be seen that r1se is for the group night. Go uphill, while unine goes downhill. No one even noticed the few collapsed houses. No one knew. (Some people say that r1se is not popular, but it’s topping. The group is relatively popular, although it is not comparable to the Rockets and NPCs, a group of passersby has a large market, and a large number of diehard fans.) And the group is a thing, Gathering is a fire, and many people are scattered and nothing is left. The three or four of the fire are okay, and the rest is easy to find no such people. The program is muddled. If the group is muddled, those who don’t have a company background can only be more muddled after the dissolution. Some people say that this year’s creation is actually not much better than Qinghuo? As of the end of the fundraising list, there are 15 creation camps that have raised funds to 50w, and there are 7 in Qingyou. Let me say that everyone can see that the gap is very obvious. And a show is not popular, in addition to diehard loyalty, passerby is a very important indicator. Qingyou has hardly any disturbances this year. I personally think that the biggest incident is the Wei Hongyu scumbag incident. The most out of the lap of the creation camp this year are the two events of the International Circuit and Lei Road Repair. Obviously there is a gap. What should I do with that paste? Do you still make your brother debut? Of course it’s going to debut! There is still a gap between paste and paste. After debut, there are more or less resources, stage and camera. It is absolutely transparent if it does not debut. People who do not debut on popular shows are transparent, and those who do not debut on unpopular shows are even more confused. what. There is also the question of fighting for the high position of c. The answer is always that you can fight and you must fight. If c is smashed, it is also smashed in the top. Those who make their debut at the end of the show or even those who have not made their debut may really be found to be no such person. The above-mentioned groups are not meant to be praised or criticized. They are all to illustrate the importance of the operation of Goose Peach and the relationship between the program and the group. And everyone, don’t come and tell me that you don’t know xxx, so you get confused. First of all, the fire is just out of the circle. You don’t want to be the world yourself. Among the ten passers-by, five people know that it is called fire, and two or three passers-by know that it can be called relative fire. You are just the person who doesn’t know. Everyone knows that it is the Legend of Phoenix. Focus on answering questions from the draft and the talents. If you like it, I can pay attention! (Updated frequently.)

6 months ago

Yes, the show is so muddled and can only be more muddled, unless I encounter a calorie-level song. . . Last year’s debut of the women’s group Ye Qing You 2 almost slapped Chuang 3 on the ground. . . However, it hasn’t been very popular since its debut. The popularity is far not as high as during the show, and because of various reasons (mostly negative reasons), the number of group unions is only a few, and the black material that broke out has also given way to a sharp decline in the population monument. Aqy’s later operation really doesn’t work. On the other hand, although the hard candy on the goose is not tepid, it is fed by the resources of the goose daddy. The stage magazine variety show has been continuously uninterrupted, and it can actually be lingering with the discounts. Therefore, under aqy’s rubbish operation + few poor resources, if the later stage of the program is still not as hot as it is now, it is very likely to be muddled after a group. The collision is not terrible, who is confused and embarrassed. I really don’t understand why they both have to engage in the same gender group at the same time, and the audience they engage in is also aesthetically tired. . . Wouldn’t it be good to be a boy group and a girl group?

6 months ago

Yes, they will have more money than us. do not worry. However, there will not be many people going to the tour this time. Several people from the debut group came to the draft without studying for a few months. The debut group will definitely be confused. In fact, the ambiguity or non-ambiguity of a program is related to the dancing level of the contestant. Every year I watch the iQiyi talent show, I can’t stand it anymore. The selection of producers this year is very strange. Turn the people whose stage is n into a, and judge the stage that could have been a into b or c. Make a person who sings a good song and dance down into a. This can only be b or c. A singing and dancing group dancing well is basic. What’s more ridiculous is that the current audience thinks that the a-level is really strong, and they are desperately throwing into and out of the Taoist position. How can you say that such a show can be popular? People who are good at singing and dancing on the stage at the beginning rated it as c. What are they doing? This year Liang Sen, Li Junhao, and Tang Jiuzhou came without training for a few months. You can see it when dancing. Not long after practicing for this show, Wei Hongyu can only sing but not dance. Deng Xiaoci’s theme song Dancing can’t work. I don’t know how to sing. The current debut group is really bad, can it be popular? Forget it, the mentor rating is wrong. The audience followed the rating. Well, I shouldn’t have made a debut but I might make a debut. sad. The contestants prepared the stage very carefully, and in the end, the producer made a mistake in rating. As a result, the chance of being seen by the audience is zero. How to do? The audience believes in the producer’s judges, but the judges use the audience’s trust in him to happily praise their own people. It’s ridiculous.

6 months ago

The enthusiasm of the program lays the height of the start, and the subsequent operations determine how far it can go. Iqiyi’s operations have never been good, so the hot show and Qing 2 give the players a good starting point. How far they can go in the future depends entirely on the capabilities of the original company. The popularity of the Youth 3 program is not good, and the follow-up will depend on the capabilities of the original company. . . There are few singing and dancing stations in China. In recent years, Cai Xukun has been following the music route with his enthusiasm and perseverance. The contestants of Youth 3 do not have the advantage of program popularity, so the follow-up can only rely on film and television and variety shows. Luo Yizhou is suitable for film and television, and there are dazzling guests to continue his life. The film and television road will be more stable; Luo Jingtian is born with idols, but the follow-up development does depend on how the brokerage contract is signed; as for other group players, it is estimated that various acting and variety shows will be available next year. See you in “I’m an Actor” and “Actors Please Take Your Place”). . . However, the popularity of the program is not good, and the players who are not in the group will basically not get any program dividends. Yu Jingtian: If C makes his debut, iQiyi will give all-round resources such as variety shows and film and television; Luo Yizhou: The film and television route suits him well; Lian Huaiwei: Variety show + host; Tang Jiuzhou: Lehua’s traditional idol route; Seventeen: He You can participate in another competition that suits you. He is very good; the crew struggles series: Sun Yinghao, Li Junhao, Xu Xinchi, He Derui, Sun Yihang, Chang Huasen, Liang Sen, Liu Guanyou, Du Tianyu, etc. (Now that the cost of online dramas is controlled, coupled with the trend of stratification, micro-short dramas, etc., resulting in the need for a large number of these young new actors in the market…) End of the road series: Wei Hongyu; OST route: Xu Ziwei (but love What Qiyi can give is limited) Summary: 1. The show’s popularity is not good, the bonuses that players can get are limited, and the follow-up basically depends on the original company and fate. However, the overall actor direction of the Green 3 players is more (online appearance, high plasticity); variety shows (extremely strong personality), singing and dancing (strong singing and dancing ability and love) routes are few. 2. But the cruel and realistic thing is that when these players participate in other drafts, they will be “twisted”. “Green 3” is also a mainstream draft. If mainstream drafts have not become popular, they will basically bid farewell to the natural idol. . On the contrary, those non-mainstream drafts (the kind of drafts that cannot be named, such as those that Cai Xukun and Liu Yuxin participated in before), even if they debut, are no different from amateurs, and participating in mainstream drafts later has little effect. In fact, iQiyi took the wrong step: Youth 1 selection of the men’s team. This breaks the tacit understanding of the annual gender differentiation between Tao and Ge.

6 months ago

Chuang’s topic level is indeed higher than that of Qing3. We are all watching Chuang in the dormitory, but no one is going to vote or anything. Take a look at passing your spare time. There are also a lot of stalks, such as creating the first period, the internal entertainment is not saved, the first period is next, the internal entertainment is saved again hahahahahaha, as well as Mr. Lelouch, everyone knows ha, a family of three, and a public stage. I remember radio, Lian. I chose to see Chuang at the beginning because there was amber. The stage really surprised me. It was so handsome! ! I was going to see you after I watched it, but really, I watched it with my roommate. The face is indistinguishable…I think everyone has the same hairstyle, except for Liang Sen, who likes him very much, hahahaha. In the follow-up, everyone knows the resources of the goose well. If the peach is pasted now, it will only be more pasty, unless there is a very out-of-the-loop. Personally, I think that Chuang Biqing 3 is popular because the players inside are different, and they have different styles. Maybe the styles of everyone in Blue 3 are also different, (I haven’t read it later) but I didn’t directly give it to me, so I was not so impressed. Personally think personally. Chuang is being discussed in the dormitory, and so is the next door. Mika, Qing Lian, Lin Mo, Zando, Riki. There are all discussions, come on, I hope that there is a strong, talented and cute younger brother in it, and don’t be buried.

6 months ago

Thanks invite. Seeing so far (I didn’t dare to watch it more than once in the tenth issue), the children are all good children, but 271 and Jiang Bin are really not human. Will the group be confused? If the show goes from beginning to end, then the next thing to face is that a boy group that cannot play has almost zero resources to face the Chinese entertainment circle. First of all, let’s see what it would be like to make a debut according to this. (From the current debut position.) C Yu Jingtian, yes, Yu Jingtian has fans and can make money, but according to what I heard before, Yu Jingtian is a fully weakened Li Wenhan. Of course, youth with you 3 is a little hotter than youth with you, and Yu Jingtian has more fans than Li Wenhan (if you have to say that Li Wenhan had many fans at the beginning, I won’t fight with you, I’m UNIQ from 14 to 19 Fans, that number may still be like one in ten or less). But the question is, can internal entertainment really accept it? The domestic entertainment idol market is saturated, and there are even many artists and groups that we can’t name. Yu Jingtian’s fans, it’s okay to put Youth With You 3, put it in the entire internal entertainment, after taking off the draft, he is not top-ranked, or even popular. Then there is Liang Sen. Liang Sen has the resources, background and ability, but he hasn’t been popular for several years. Liang Sen’s Yan kills me very much, but he is not suitable for the boy group. In the initial rating, I once said to my little sister: I like Liang Sen very much, but I don’t want him to debut, I want him to be solo. I once liked Liang Yimu, but just like a meteor. Up to now, I can say that what I liked was this person, not who he was. But I don’t seem to like him anymore, either I don’t like it, or I slowly forget it, and now I mention it again, I can’t even think of what I liked him because of it. The three are Xiaolian. Xiao Lian is a child I like very much. He is very sunny. Just like the teacher Li Ronghao said in the initial rating, he doesn’t see what it was two years ago. Two years ago, I saw a section of Qingyou. I have to say that I can’t remember even the debut players. I remembered Lian Huaiwei, even though I also forgot why I remembered. It’s just that I watched Xiaolian this year and I told my sisters. He said, “Why do I think I don’t like him when he grows up.” Lian Huaiwei studio was created by Xiaolian, I think, because of this studio, he grew up and lost it. That’s why I liked him back then. The four are Li Junhao. Li Junhao can be said to be a very special existence here. I am not a fan, nor a fan of him, but I can get his points. In fact, he doesn’t have many fans. Sometimes when watching video comments, his younger brothers and sisters sent him to make his debut. However, if his younger siblings send him to debut, what about after his debut? His younger siblings will not raise funds, and younger siblings will not let him shake the status of their own children. I don’t want to say anything about Times Fengjun, I just want to say, I hope everyone likes him, just because he is Li Junhao. The five are Tang Jiuzhou. I have a natural preference for Tang Jiuzhou, not only because my child is Luo Yizhou. Tang Jiuzhou is not an excellent trainee, he is not so good in singing and dancing, but he is a successful artist. Tang Jiuzhou’s speech is very high in EQ, and his personality is also soft and glutinous. I talked to my friends about this kid, and everyone said that he was like a senior in a club in our school. He will be shy and shy, but he is really making trouble when making trouble. Tang Jiuzhou is suitable for debut, but not as a trainee, not a boy group. The sixth is Wei Hongyu. Okay, I declared this blob on the spot. Of course it’s a joke. Most of Wei Hongyu’s melons are actually hammered. They were hammered by his mother. It is estimated that the ones without hammering are true. But I don’t care if he is real. Wei Hongyu doesn’t dance well, and his emotional intelligence speech is not as good as his ideals. If this group must have a big vocal, Cui Yunfeng or even Liang Sen will do, don’t have to be him. The seventh is Sun Yihang. There seems to be a lot of scolding him on the Internet, but it is concentrated in Times Fengjun. This group can be said that there is Li Junhao who has him, so the heat should be there, but what next? Fans were forced to rise directly, of course, they never stopped. Yuanji painting and Shi Fengjun, in my eyes, the child and mother may meet each other directly, and then the group will become another kind of blackace. May there be no poison but fans in heaven. The eighth is Liu Jun. Teacher Liu dances on the ceiling and has choreographed dances for all major idol groups. The most interesting thing is that some contestants in the initial rating danced the music choreographed by Teacher Liu. But is Teacher Liu really suitable for a boy group? As an idol, Teacher Liu doesn’t seem to be suitable either. Teacher Liu came to Qingyou, in fact, it is a dimensionality reduction blow, but it also makes people feel that there really should be this person. But Teacher Liu didn’t seem to be here for his debut, he was more like meeting friends and expanding his business. Teacher Liu has a very good personality. Everyone likes him. Fans like him. Not to mention fans. I am a fan of other people. But the same sentence, the men’s group is singing and dancing, and Teacher Liu seems to be quite partial. There is also Deng Xiaoci. To be honest, I don’t like him, and I don’t mean I don’t like him, I just think he shouldn’t be here. I can’t understand why his fans like him so much. Maybe it’s an iceberg beauty, but is he fit in the group? Maybe it’s not appropriate. He exists in the men’s group, and may be like Yang Chaoyue in the women’s group. It can be, but as a singing and dancing group, it is not necessary. Of course, these few people will definitely be a little different from the last debut. Then I will talk about the ones in my heart that can make a debut. First of all, my child, I am a fan of him, but shouldn’t I have a reason to like him? The ability to sing and dance is really good. I heard that the treble of the second public has broken. What happened after Luo Yizhou debuted? In terms of resources, I am afraid that they are the original ones of the company. Today, I saw someone Ai Te Zhang Meng said that he was asked to leave the first resource for young people to study. Yes, our kids are red and dedicated. If you told me two months ago that you would like a red and dedicated one, I might beat you to death, but I just fell in love with it. But ah, he will be said to be the emperor when he debuts. I am afraid that my child will see bad remarks. I know that he came out of the army and his heart is much better than mine. But I don’t want him to be so strong. He can be in front of us. Crying presumptuously. Then there was Sun Yinghao. Who doesn’t love the beautiful and tragic beautiful dance burden? Will he get anything after his debut? Nor will it. He is not even as good as the ten people I mentioned above. The company could give him the resources long ago, but they didn’t. To be honest, I personally know some of his classmates in different classes of the same grade. But they told me that if he made his debut, Sun Yinghao’s family would not be able to give him any of the support that others would get from home. Sun Yinghao can only fight for the resources and money other people can take over from his parents, and may not be able to fight for it. There are also stars. God knows my preference for Duan Xingxing. He is the only one for so many years. The moment I saw him, I felt like my first idol. It’s not the appearance, it’s not the makeup, it’s the temperament that exudes from the inside out. Oh, by the way, speaking of the first time I chased a star in my life, I chased EXO’s KAI. Since then, I have spent my own eyes, but no one can replace KAI’s position in my heart. Even though I’ve been out of powder for a long time, it’s black. Kai will always be my king. There is no doubt that Duan Xingxing is suitable for men’s team in my place, but it is still the case and has no resources. And seventeen. This regiment should have a rapper, not only to join forces, but also the ability of the Seventeen itself. Seventeen is the poet in the rapper, with the right words and the right strength. But I don’t want him to be abused. If this group is the one who should debut, they will be popular. If not, I want to get stuck at seventeen. There are many more, Wang Nanjun, Liu Guanyou, Chang Huasen and so on. But without exception, resources. Iqiyi has no shortage of resources, but Idol Century is not iqiyi, and Jiang Bin is not reliable. So even if this group is my young man who is both C and captain at the same time, I think he will be confused.

6 months ago

Xie Yao chased the draft for the first time. The Youth 3 was confused at the beginning. Think about Jing last year and how big a passerby is. And this year’s Youth 3 is only Xiufen. Moreover, the internal entertainment is getting worse and worse. It can only be said that this time the group is formed for the realization of the dreams of the boys, but there is really no way out. Let me talk about the two I picked, jojo and Yizhou. Jojo is the one with high IQ and EQ. He works hard enough, but his foundation is too poor. He wants to make his debut, this is his choice, and to work hard for it, we will send him to debut, hope he can seize this opportunity. In the early stage, the passers-by were big, but the fans were biased towards Buddhism. This time, the Blue 3 was stuck. In the later stage, it only depends on whether the fans can do. A boat resume is particularly good, it is also a dual material in military art and drama, 11 years of dancing skills, I got him in 1.5 years, he is the kind of person who can get out of the circle absolutely by ability, not to mention he has a movie that can act. , Ke Meng Ke A’s face. The top three in attracting fans, from absolute amateur to fourteen, and his ability in the middle and late stages gradually showed up, attracting more fans. Yu Jingtian also comes with its own traffic, and his ability is also very good. He can definitely make his debut in the top three in the ability of attracting fans, but the Qing 3 is too muddy, and the road after the group is not easy. Deng Xiaoci, fans can play, his looks can play, but he looks pretty. The foundation is poor, and his character suffers. Teacher Liu, the ceiling of the dance, can definitely make his debut, but I think he is suitable for the path of an artist. His dance is so good and it was wasted in the group. His path is still very long and long, and his peak is definitely more than that. it’s here. Liang Sen, same as above, and his personal style is too strong to form a group, he is also suitable for dancing artists, even actors, the peak is behind. ——There are no passers-by at the end, this is just my personal opinion. I even think that jojo and Yizhou are better than a group of three. Jojo is suitable for variety shows and can also be cultivated as a host, but Lehua only considers short-term benefits, and his development will be subject to certain restrictions. Yizhou is very capable and he is still studying in the Chinese opera. He has a long way to go, and he can develop in both dance and acting. But if they want to stand on that stage, they will walk well. They have the ability and hard work. Come on!

6 months ago

Sure, Qing 1 is a living example. The Youth 3 was really muddled this time. Although the creation camp next door won the Youth 3, it wasn’t much better… Creation 4 can only be said to be out of the circle. There are only 70 or 80 answers under the Zhihu question in the tenth issue of Qingyou 3, and 300 answers in the fifth period of the creation camp, but last year’s tenth issue of Qingyou 2 had 1500 answers… which is not at all The heat of an order of magnitude is entirely a dimensionality reduction blow. But everyone has seen the situation of the9 after the group is formed. I can’t say that it’s not good. I can only say that it is quite satisfactory. I have released a few songs. With the group variety, everyone has also been on some other variety shows, especially the group. In the following six months, he also received a lot of endorsements. But the popularity of Qingyou 3 this time is not necessarily one-tenth of Qingyou 2, especially the bad batch of adqc operations. The final result of the group can only be muddy and muddy… But this time Fortunately, it is the men’s team, because the proportion of diehard fans in the men’s team will be higher, and the single-person consumption level will be higher. After the team is formed, iQiyi will definitely be able to make money anyway. In the end, it might be similar to unine, and most people were silent. Suddenly I remembered an interesting thing, that all the support guests in Qingyou 2 were invited NPC members, why not invite unine, because it was too ambiguous. By the time of Qingyou 4, I guess I would still have a high probability of iQiyi Will please the9.

6 months ago

The Qingyou 3 program is blurred, but the level of the trainees participating in the Qingyou 3 is quite high. Although it is not as good as the occasional practice, there is no superstar like Cai Xukun, but overall it is better than Qingyi. At present, there are 10 to 18 singles. It’s good to form a group, because the program is muddled and there are too few passers-by to vote, which makes the current rankings not referential.

6 months ago

Idol trainees, youth has you, youth has you 2 (female youth). . . Three bloody lessons, no one is expecting Tao to be an individual, right? When I was still a passer-by for the draft, I never understood why these men’s and women’s team fans used Jiang Bin XX, Long Danni XX, Li Fei XX every day, adqc/adsj closed down, wjjw closed down, and sdfj closed down. Now I understand it thoroughly. Not only do I understand it, but I also have a strong sense of resonance. One thing to advise fans of Qing 3, don’t count on Jiang Bin, don’t count on adqc. Take a look at what life your predecessors have now, or go ahead and see what life did the nine sisters live. Your days will not be as good as them. I am here to tell you. Chennai is the first limited group I chased, and it will be the last. Because after 9 months and 23 days of being a group, I don’t want to touch a limited group anymore in my life! Peach, thank you for your family!

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