My baby is 21 days today. He usually has good bowel and urination. The only thing is that he often sleeps unsteadily when he sleeps. He suddenly curls up and twists his body left and right. He makes a painful hum, and his head keeps shaking, as if an adult is pulling hard. Stool is the same (personal conjecture). Sometimes I hum all night. Does anyone know why this is and how should I respond? Because I don’t know what to do at the moment, I always hum and stuff milk to relieve his pain. Every time I stuff milk, I can be quiet, otherwise it may turn into crying and crying. Personally weak, I can’t stand his cry. . And I used to suspect intestinal colic, but found that it cannot be soothed as it is not described, so I think it is not, so what should it be? Sometimes it’s just fine to fart after such a situation, I always feel that he was angry and didn’t let it out… I was a bit over-tired during the confinement period, the description was confusing, please forgive me~

First of all, the baby hums at night, shakes his head and shakes his head and cannot sleep well. It is not caused by the child’s discomfort or lack of calcium, lack of trace elements, or flatulence. Shaking the head from side to side is actually a self-soothing behavior during sleep. The baby is looking for a sense of rhythm, a way for him to fall asleep, and it is also a manifestation of the baby’s efforts to sleep on his own. It is just that the baby does not fall asleep and crying during the effort, and the baby farts in light sleep is also a very normal physiology. In response, we can do more exhaust exercises for the baby at ordinary times, but the main reason is that the baby has weak sleep ability and cannot receive it autonomously. The sleep characteristics of infants and young children are: 1. Light sleep accounts for a large proportion. 2. Short sleep cycle. Therefore, there are more sleep cycles, and it is very easy to wake up. During the transition between deep and shallow sleep and the transition of sleep cycles, the baby will have the imagination of shaking his head and humming, which is a manifestation of his hard work, even if the sleep mode is very mature. Of adults, during the transition of the sleep cycle, they will keep turning over and adjust their sleeping posture to let themselves go to sleep. Parents encounter situations such as Hem Haw shaking their heads. Parents don’t need to worry too much. Children only need to keep their eyes closed. When sleeping, try to avoid excessive interference with your baby’s sleep.
Avoid feeding babies as soon as they cry. The higher the sleep comfort, the weaker the child’s ability to sleep, and the more the baby has to rely on his family for sleep, which will make it more difficult for the parents to raise them later. At present, giving milk when crying is just to block the child’s mouth and not cry, and it does not fundamentally solve the baby’s sleep problem. The problem that the baby will not sleep is inherently there. So what should we do when we wake up at night and cry? You can use hugs or pats to replace the breasts, and then gradually reduce falling asleep soothing.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Come on, mainly rely on boiling~ After the big exercise develops, some of my babies will be relieved. The same is true for my baby, sucking intestines, stinky farts, suffocating, twisting, humming, kicking, not sleeping, farting will alleviate it, use it There are so many exhaust rods, every time there is a bunch of gas coming out, tossing to doubt the life, fortunately the baby does not cry too much~ I have seen a lot of doctors and consulted various people, but the result is still flatulence. My baby is still 7 months old. Flatulence is not that serious, it will not affect sleep What is the most annoying other people tell me to do more exercises to burp, my baby is basically lying on his stomach all day, exhausting exercises Hundreds of them start, apply the belly and rub the belly for tens of minutes every time, and the belly button warmer is on the baby. Is it necessary to burp? It’s still flatulence~ The only advantage is that too much lying down and crawling are early. The reason is that most of the doctors’ opinions are indigestion. If I don’t have the ability to digest, I need to eat a lot, or I feed too much, and I don’t know the amount of breast milk… Then I will prescribe you a bunch of probiotics, and my baby will finish eating. It’s more flatulence. I have eaten Baio, Baby Vegetarian, and lactase…not much effect. After eating lactase, it took a lot of days to relieve it. Alas, most of them are tears…Finally, it’s possible. Solution Now my baby’s flatulence does not affect sleep. It may be due to the development of large exercises. The fart is better. Or you can try. Completely regularize the time of feeding and sleeping, and keep it separate. It’s very far away, and then I control the time for breastfeeding. I used to sleep with breastfeeding on demand, but now it’s every 4 hours. In order to have a regular schedule, I also specially asked for a sleep guide. Now I will play on my stomach after eating and sleep on my own after having fun~ It can only be said that although flatulence and occasional demon, it is still acceptable. Seeing that many babies have similar problems, the mothers of bloated babies are really not easy~ Regarding sleep guidance: It is mainly to regulate the work and rest time, that is, the time to sleep after eating, I think it is enough to separate eating, playing and sleeping. Yes, you can save money for sleep guidance. I was really tired at the time, so I just asked for it. Later, my baby should be about one year old, so he fart by himself (the fart is really a bit loud and loud) and then drink fresh milk to cause diarrhea. I didn’t see the doctor, and I thought it was a slight lactose intolerance, right now I was one and a half years old and fart. Freely, drinking milk will not have diarrhea, drinking oily soup will do, so much shit, 2 times a day, my baby’s intestines and stomach [Biao tears laugh]~

8 months ago

My baby has just passed the stage of flatulence, which is exactly the same as you described. The experience I have summarized is as follows: Reason 1: When babies cry with flatulence, the gas is in the stomach or the rectum. Let us adults have this experience too. Qi needs to burp in the stomach, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for bloating, and gas needs to fart in the rectum, otherwise the lower abdomen will be easily painful and uncomfortable. It’s a pity that the newborn baby is too young to control his muscles to hiccup and fart, which leads to him only knowing that he is uncomfortable and hard, his face is flushed and he keeps crying. At this time, the adult should help him to burp or fart. If you pat your belly and the empty sound of flatulence is in the position of the stomach, you should burp him, put the baby on his shoulders and pat. Or let the baby sit Pinch the chin on the leg to make the baby draw a circle on the upper body. If you pat your belly and the flatulence is in the lower abdomen, you have to help him fart. I know all about exhaust exercises and airplane hugs. I have another trick. It’s easy to use. Mom sits leaning on the head of the bed, bending the legs up, letting the baby sit on the belly, head between the knees, feet between the mother’s chest, and the whole body is V-shaped. At the same time, the mother can gently tap the baby’s belly with her fingers. Let the baby sit like this for a while, he will soon fart or stinks, my baby is faster than other methods. The whole process of sitting on the mother’s stomach, of course, is the solution to flatulence. As a girl of science and engineering, of course, I have to pursue a solution to the root of the problem. The root cause of children’s flatulence is that their stomachs are not fully developed, yes. My muscles are not well controlled and I can’t vent my breath. So later, when the child was a little flatulated before crying, I picked up the baby obliquely and patted his belly lightly to separate the gas from the liquid in the belly, and then picked it up in time to belch. Reduce the amount of gas entering the intestines. The ultimate trick is to observe the baby’s stamina, gently press the baby’s lower abdomen with your hand, let him feel and remember the position of the force when pulling the smelly and farting. After he learns to use his own force, he can resolve the flatulence by himself The problem is, at least three times a day. Seriously, the pounding fart sound is quite touching.

8 months ago

I went to a maternal and child class not long ago. The doctor talked about the topic of colic and said that sometimes it’s not that the baby is not good enough. , I still blamed myself for not being a good mother for being patient enough, and then the doctor Wenyou said to me: “It’s not yours, yours has a bad temper.”

8 months ago

According to legend, confinement babies who eat, eat, sleep and sleep belong to other people’s households, and their own children start looking for trouble within a few days of returning home. First of all, just hum and chirp, stretch and twist in all directions and angles. The old man said that the baby was stretching a long one, so let’s just consider it. But why are you so upset? Still going down er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er, er er er er, er er er er er er er er er er, er er er, er er er er er er er er er, er, er, er er er, er er, constipation for thousands of years. After trying for a long time, except for a few loud farts to get nothing, even if they were finally pulled out like a cannon, they were all soft stools. As for the face full of red and blue veins and violent? Then I started to be unbehaved when I was breastfeeding. I started to groan and cry as I ate. I pulled my nipples in my mouth and vomited out painfully after I took a few bites. Then I turned my head around and looked around again. Randomly, and so on, until you can’t stop crying. Otherwise, I don’t eat much every time, and I cried and looked around for a long time after feeding, and I felt lethargic after eating. If I accurately described your newborn baby around the full moon, congratulations, you have won a gas baby honorably. This kind of newborns are here to train their parents, and if you stand on a stall, you and a few adults will be turned upside down. Why does neonatal flatulence make babies so disturbing? New mothers can rest assured that although the baby is in pain, he is not sick. This is actually a very common problem for newborns. Almost all newborns have it, but the degree is different. Because the newborn baby’s intestines are not fully developed, they will not move from top to bottom like adults. They are often squeezed together randomly from top to bottom. At this time, if there is gas in the intestines, it will make the baby very uncomfortable. Even pain. Newborn babies have no muscles in the abdomen. There is no way to use the muscles of the stomach to press the intestines to expel the gas. They can only stretch the whole body messily and forcefully, which looks like ten thousand years of constipation. In addition, newborn babies often can’t distinguish whether their stomachs are painful or hungry, so when they feel painful, they think they are hungry and show that they want to take milk, but they also find that taking milk will not relieve the discomfort and make the stomach worse. It was even more uncomfortable, so it appeared as a tangled look of eating and making trouble. Flatulence also has a degree of strength and weakness. When it is severe, it will of course cause various disturbances. When it is not so severe, although it will not cry hard, it will also be very uncomfortable and requires comfort. If you often use breast milk to comfort your baby, he will You treat it as a comfort pacifier, and ask to hold it whenever you feel uncomfortable. You will eat all day long. If you eat too much, it will make you feel uncomfortable. You will also be prone to vomiting. Gastrointestinal discomfort can also affect sleep, because once lying flat will make the abdominal pain more serious, so many babies like to be held to sleep, the temperature of a large person makes his stomach comfortable, and the second is to sleep curled up with pressure on the abdomen posture. Therefore, babies with flatulence may have the problem of sleeping in a hug and waking up after touching the bed. Things you should not do to your baby with flatulence 1. Don’t shake it too hard. When your baby is suffering from flatulence, shaking will not relieve his pain, but the anxious desire for your baby to stop crying will cause you to shake more and more severely. It is very bad for the fragile newborn baby’s brain, and severe cases can cause brain damage. 2. Don’t breastfeed over and over again. Breastfeeding will not only increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, but also make the baby eat more gas. Breastfeeding mothers will also make the baby eat a lot of lactose-rich foremilk, making the symptoms of flatulence worse, which is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst. 3. Don’t cover the baby too much. Some adults may feel that the baby’s stomach hurts because of a cold, so they wrap the baby thickly, or even feed it with warm milk. Not only does this have no effect on flatulence, it may also cause heatstroke in newborns, because the sweat glands of newborn babies have not yet fully developed, and their ability to self-regulate body temperature is poor. It is better to be cold rather than warm. It is normal for the hands and feet to be cold. The back of the neck is not cold. If the hands and feet are hot, it is too hot. What should be done to effectively relieve the flatulence of newborn babies? 1 Avoid gas ingestion: Do not breast-feed when the baby is crying, which will result in swallowing a lot of gas. If bottle feeding, it is best to use a vented bottle like Dr. Brown. After feeding, try to take pictures of the hiccups. For babies with severe flatulence, try to take hiccups every 5 minutes. 2. Get rid of gas-producing foods: Replace baby formula milk with sensitive formula. Breastfeeding mothers abstain from dairy products (milk, ice cream, cheese, etc.), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower) and coffee. 3. Massage: often rub the baby’s belly in a clockwise direction. 4. Exercise: Let the baby lie flat, hold the baby’s ankle and do bicycle exercises. 5. Put some pressure on the abdomen: Try to lie on your stomach when you are awake, or let the baby lie flat on your stomach with your knees bent. How to comfort your baby when he is crying because of flatulence 1. Let the baby suck on something: comfort the pacifier or your finger, you can say it again, don’t use milk to comfort him. 2. Wrap your baby tightly and hug him tightly so that he can feel your heartbeat. This is like the environment in the mother’s stomach, and many babies like it. 3. Music or rhythm. 4. White noise: refers to the noise without any fluctuations. You can use your mobile phone to record some natural sounds, such as water, rain, wind, etc., which are played repeatedly. There are also related resources available for download on the Internet. This is also a way to simulate the environment of the uterus. 5. Fresh air: It’s amazing. When you hug it outside, many babies won’t cry immediately. 6. Take a warm bath. It’s warm and pressures on the abdomen. Newborn babies like to take a bath.

8 months ago

I’m going through the stage that I’ve gone through-the baby is 42 days today, and 20 days later, my angel baby suddenly turned into a sleeping little devil, crying at night until eleven or twelve o’clock in the evening, and humming in the middle of the night. Haw writhed to and fro in pain, and felt like she wanted to fart and shit all the time. Later, I studied on Zhihu, it should be flatulence, so I learned from the experience of everyone who came here and acted immediately. First: Start eating probiotics. The Biao probiotics that I bought, no matter whether they are useful or not, there is always no harm in eating probiotics. Second: Do exhaust exercises for him every day if you have the opportunity. If he doesn’t sleep for half an hour after eating, he will do an exercise for him. In fact, the principle is to promote gastrointestinal motility to help expel gas and put a certain pressure on the abdomen. If he doesn’t use his own strength, he won’t be able to vent his breath. Don’t think that he will fail without venting. It’s okay, you will get through when he exhausts, and he will be smooth. Sometimes he will do exercises for him when he is about to eat and start to fart and shit again. At this time, there will be a sense of accomplishment, he can hear a string of farts, and then he is basically sober after finishing, and if he wants to eat, he will feed. It is comforting that you will probably shit after eating and having energy. Then I will sleep soundly next night. Third, for breast milk, mothers should be careful not to eat gas-producing foods, such as cauliflower, broccoli, beans, dairy products, sweet potatoes, etc., to avoid them for the time being. I don’t know if the baby is sensitive to these foods or not. Fourth, try to sleep on your stomach. If the baby writhing in the middle of the night is painful and not comforted, you can try to let the baby sleep on his stomach. Because his stomach is squeezed while lying on his stomach, he will feel comfortable and sleep at ease. Practice has proved that it works really well. Fifth, a strange discovery may be that taking a car is good for exhaust. Because every time my baby goes out in the car, he will shit. Insist on eating probiotics. After doing exhaust exercises every day, there is no more crying in the middle of the night, and I sleep more securely. Come on, I believe that friends who meet the baby’s flatulence, we will be able to accompany the baby through the difficulties!

8 months ago

My daughter had the same situation when she was a child. At first, we thought it was constipation. I couldn’t pull it out. Her face flushed, and her hands were raised and clenched fists. It’s like pulling the poop and it won’t come out. We also saw a lot of doctors and went to the Children’s Hospital and also looked for experts. The daughter was born 34 weeks prematurely. In fact, many children will have this situation, especially in premature babies, he is a cerebellar hypoplasia. In fact, there is no need to deal with it, it will be cured after time, and the cerebellum will gradually mature, and he will not have this situation again. Now my daughter is in very good condition. Did not do any medication and intervention.

8 months ago

My daughter had the same situation when she was a child. At first, we thought it was constipation. I couldn’t pull it out. Her face flushed, and her hands were raised and clenched fists. It’s like pulling the poop and it won’t come out. We also saw a lot of doctors and went to the Children’s Hospital and also looked for experts. The daughter was born 34 weeks prematurely. In fact, many children will have this situation, especially in premature babies. He is a cerebellar hypoplasia. A should be flatulence. Do exhaust exercises when awake. You can watch many videos on the Internet, and they are probably the same. Personal summary The most effective action is to lie down on the baby’s back. The adult holds the baby’s calf while bending the legs, and then presses on the baby’s stomach (the position below the buttocks and waist is away from the bed when pressed on the stomach). When I was young, I often fart when I did this action. Points to note: one is to do it at least half an hour after the milk is eaten, and the other is to make sure that the movements are in place. Basically, you have to press down on your belly every time, too light and no effect.

8 months ago

My baby is going through it and it is very serious. I cried suddenly for four hours, but I couldn’t coax it anymore. The pain was so painful that the old mother was exhausted and wanted to hurt him. I cried for more than three hours the next day. I cried twice on the third day, each for nearly an hour. It seems that it has been reduced. We tried airplane hugs, doing exhaust exercises, rubbing our stomachs, blowing our belly buttons, feeding probiotics, and warming our stomachs. . . . . I don’t know which one works a little bit. Now when I’m still breast-feeding, I kick my legs and blush and clen my fists, but it’s not crying hysterical after all. Go ahead, Western medicine recommends Mommy loves probiotics, and Chinese medicine asks you to wrap your stomach.

8 months ago

Seeing this topic reminds me of my Bao’s childhood. Because of her high jaundice, she needs to eat more Dora, and the concubine gives her a lot of meals. The baby started to be noisy in the third week. He wriggled from time to time when sleeping, his voice groaning like a little sheep. At first, she could continue to sleep by holding her hand or patting, but it became more and more frequent. Yuesao always said that it is a normal phenomenon in the development process of the baby being stretched. By the second month, the baby groaned more severely and started crying, only to realize that it was flatulence. I started crying every night at 7 o’clock, but I couldn’t coax it well. Cry until around 9 o’clock to sleep, and cry until 12 o’clock in severe cases. I bought her a flatulence patch, doing exhaust exercises, holding a plane, wearing a hot water bottle, breast milk tabs, eating smaller meals and so on. I tried many ways to relieve it a little. But it still happens from time to time. The third month is really overwhelming. With a pacifier, the world is quiet. At first, I was worried that I would become addicted. I only gave it to me when I couldn’t coax it. Then I just let her go. Then she wrapped her sleeping bag in her sleep, which looked a bit cruel, but she slept peacefully without crying all night. I have to say that pacifiers and sleeping bags are the greatest inventions of mankind. Flatulence is something every baby experiences. It is very important to eat smaller meals and burp, and then use a pacifier, sleeping bag, and various exercise aids to basically spend three happy months. Later, the baby stopped eating pacifiers at seven months, and gave her other toys to attract attention, and she would not be addicted. So just use it for two or three months.

8 months ago

My baby, 27 days today, will also have this phenomenon like you said when he sleeps! First, see if he is too hot, just touch his neck… Sometimes it’s hard for a newborn to fall asleep if it’s too hot… Second, if it’s just put on the bed after breastfeeding, Then he went to bed, um, he might have an upset stomach and need to burp… Thirdly, it might be some sound or movement that frightened him… or something uncomfortable in his body, he needs to change his diaper.. .These points are what I have found out on my baby at present, you try to see if they are the same…

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