Worked in the field of industrial consulting for three years. Now I want to change careers.
The reason is that the direct point is to lose confidence in this industry

  1. The industry is very imperfect, and it has inexhaustible dealings with the government. Companies falsify materials, give gifts to the government, and even drink at the dinner table. There is no possibility of change. It can be seen that the personal development space is very general
  2. Industrial consulting companies are all small companies with very imperfect benefits. Social security and provident funds are paid in accordance with the minimum wage standard.
  3. Individuals are tired of writing hundreds of pages of evaluation reports. It’s tedious, but the key is that the ubiquitous “knowledge of fraud” makes people totally unable to build a sense of accomplishment

Now I want to change my career to the Internet industry. I have no experience in this industry. Some experience is limited to: I have given Tencent computer butler advice on UI and interaction, and modified the software to the extent that does not involve programming. I want to know

  1. Which positions in the Internet industry do not require high professional requirements, or which positions like mine may be willing to take
  2. How to write a resume for career change can attract people
  1. If the subject wants to switch to the Internet industry, you might as well take a look at and Boss Direct Employment. The recruitment platform for Internet companies requires you to have some preliminary understanding of the positions and responsibilities of Internet companies. Blindly. Put a picture to get a rough idea of ​​what positions are available. Click the link to enter the two recruitment websites for a closer look. most professional Internet recruitment platform [Jobs|Jobs2. Regarding job change, the main question is that people who switch to the Internet in traditional companies are not without advantages. You know more about actual business and are more pragmatic than pure Internet people. However, many Internet companies lack experience in business implementation, and this is an advantage opportunity for you. Give yourself some confidence. As for what position is suitable for you, it is recommended that the subject of the question be combined with the recruitment website and the job requirements of the specific company, combined with your own ability, experience, interest and expertise and other factors to consider systematically. After all, this is one’s own career. Learn to be responsible for yourself. Any advice given by a big cow can only be used as a reference, not to rely too much on it. 3. The following is the key point: How to write a resume to attract HR? Let me start with the idea: Whether an Internet company accepts transfers from a traditional company depends largely on whether the job seeker can display the useful parts of the previous work experience for the job hunting Internet company. To put it simply, say more if it is helpful to the target position of the transition; say less or even not if it is not helpful. How to practice? That is: find the commonalities between the existing experience and the ability required for the position of the Internet company, and try to lean upwards as much as possible. Analyze the thinking and basic qualities required by Internet companies, which are usually divided into 5 parts: user survey (good communication & execution ability)-content production (excellent copywriting/event planning ability)-channel placement (for each placement Channel resource integration capabilities, etc.)-data feedback (basic data analysis capabilities)-adjustment and optimization (overall product control capabilities & execution capabilities, etc.). Carefully match the work skills before changing careers. Which point can be related to the above-mentioned abilities, even if it is inconsistent. Talk more about it and give the data best. For example: “frequently dealing with government departments” makes me have better communication skills and endurance, understand the needs of users, and adapt to… my job responsibilities; “frequently write hundreds of pages of evaluation reports” makes me better Good statistical analysis and recording ability, able to adapt to…work content. And so on, I hope the subject can understand the core point of the example I gave, and apply it to my resume and interview. Whether it’s making a resume or an interview, remember: The point is not what you have done in the last company, but how your experience helps this company now. Talk more about the value it can bring to the current company, and don’t fall into the vicious circle of stating your last job! Post another picture: The picture comes from: How to write a resume learning course that makes HR heart-stirring (click to open, your progress will be faster) 4. With this general idea, and then standardize the details in the resume one by one. Remember to rely on Internet thinking all the time. For example: one sentence introduction: industry + years of experience + skills that are helpful for the interview position. Work experience: write similar work experience first, and sentence to recruitment needs. Project name: for Internet experience, write clearly [what method] and [What effect is achieved] Responsibilities: Emphasizing user thinking + skills in interviewing positions rely on work display: In the description of the work, re-emphasize Internet thinking: conduct user surveys and data testing, so that the product/work can better meet the needs of users and bring …Conversion/profit. Self description: Emphasize that I have Internet thinking, love to learn, love the Internet industry and have strong execution. Skills evaluation: Under the premise of showing Internet skills, emphasize the strengths of previous skills. Have you seen it? All the content must stay in line with the Internet thinking, because you switched to an Internet company for a job. Therefore, the resume must be changed in this way to be more likely to be favored by HR. Seeing this, you may still have a lot of questions. After all, what I wrote is just ideas and frameworks. The specific resume content has to be revised repeatedly to become more and more perfect. And I am also a career changer. Before I learned the correct way of writing resumes for changing careers and marketing thinking, I also wrote resumes based on feelings and took some detours. After reading how to write a resume learning course that makes HR bewitching, I summarized this article word by word, hoping that fellow travelers like me can have the correct Internet thinking and switch careers as soon as possible. Opportunities will not always fail those who are prepared. Come on, fellow travelers.

By zhiwo

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6 months ago

High-energy warning: The full text is 5,000 words dry. Regarding the resume part, I almost taught you to write every sentence. Changing careers is a problem that many people in the workplace may face, but many people who change careers suffer from no work experience so they don’t know how to write a resume. Great. Not much to say, I will start from the following three dimensions (please start taking notes from your notebook when you are facing a career change): 1. Preparation before writing a resume: analyze the interviewer’s psychology 2. Which major frameworks are necessary for a resume? What pits should be avoided? 3. How can Xiaobai without work experience fill in his work experience? In view of the fact that this article is dry and long in length, you can jump to the part you want to see by yourself, and finally I will prepare a surprise for everyone. 1. Preparatory work before writing a resume: Analyze the interviewer’s psychology to know oneself and the enemy. The most common mistake we make when writing a resume is to only consider our own perspective and constantly stack up things that we think are good. For example, “excellent college grades”, “easy-going personality, positive and upward”, with all due respect, these things seem to be nothing bright in the face of HR who are busy with dozens of hundreds of resumes every day. It is important that you figure out what they want? 1. Analyze the jd of your favorite job and understand the job requirements. The first thing to do to make a resume is to clearly understand the job requirements, and the easiest and rude way to be familiar with the job requirements is to look at jd on the recruitment website. No matter whether it is a large or small factory or a listed company, you are right.

6 months ago

To find any job, HR must first look at whether your resume has relevant experience~ Then you must refute: Since I changed my career, I must have no experience in a new industry! But even if you change careers, some people will accumulate certain experience before you switch! This way the success rate is high~ Otherwise, no matter how you write your resume, it will only be those things, and you can’t write a lot of money~ But don’t panic, there is always a way to solve the problem. Today, your monk is going to teach you two things: 1. How can I write a good resume when I change my career? Mobilize all the experience in your original work experience that can be matched/linked to the current JD of your favorite position, organize the language, and reflect it in your resume. For example, suppose you were originally a researcher in the industrial field, then you may have certain insights, analytical skills, data capabilities, etc. These correspond to Internet positions, such as operations and data analysts, which are more illustrative. experience. You can use the content and results of past work to illustrate these points in your resume, which will make the resume look reasonable and well-founded. 2. How to quickly accumulate experience before changing careers and increase the confidence of interviews? practice. Only practice is the only way to prove your ability, and you can also confirm from practice the Internet position you really like. For example, if you want to do data analysis, you can make a report on your own through research before the interview to analyze the situation of the company or the products of a certain case. If you want to do new media operations, you can register a self-media account in advance, write two articles carefully and publish them, see how much you read, and feel the work of operations. And these things can be called your “work”, you can attach it to your resume, or bring it with you during the interview. In this way, I will have some confidence in changing careers after interviews. Look at jd on the site, no matter whether it is a big or small factory or a listed startup, you are right.

6 months ago

laxative! Change careers to be poor for three years, not to be poor for a lifetime! Subject, support you! Every industry is his original sin, the subject of the industry consulting has, is there no Internet industry? Cyber ​​attacks, false operations, infringements, plagiarism, reselling data, malicious bundling… Although Brother Qiang added a “+” sign to the Internet, the human greed behind the Internet is still like a ghost, always present, all things, please title Don’t think too much. Maybe the subject is excited to join a start-up Internet company that looks very promising. It hasn’t been long before the company has been attacked by peers and fell to the ground. If the subject feels that it is useless to retain the three years of work experience, he is still cruel to change careers, and the following are two sentences: 1. Reading, the cost is high, and the results are quick. Graduate school is always the fastest way to completely change careers, but strong drugs may have many side effects. Use it with caution, but Swish still miss that era of white clothes, and hope that Swish will be an uncle in a few years. Go back to campus and continue to brag. 2. Find acquaintances, the probability is not high, the effect is quick. If someone recommends you, a good job will naturally go smoothly… Talk to your classmates, alumni, friends, relatives, and teachers more, find acquaintances in the industry you are interested in, and hope that they can take you home or get rich! Swish here is just a reminder to the subject, you must be humble from the heart (but not inferiority). Some classmates, relatives or other acquaintances you look down on may not be recognized by you, but you think they seem to be in the industry you are interested in. Well done, what should I do? Don’t be shy! Come! Hold your thighs decisively! Achieving your goals and achieving your professional ideals is your ultimate goal. What’s the rest? You say no. 3. Relying on previous work experience, screen the target companies. Swish I believe that changes in the Internet are inevitable in all industries. Therefore, the industry of the subject should also have the shadow of the Internet. Consider looking for Internet departments in these industries. , Or find Internet companies that serve this industry, the follow-up will make the main topic feel easier. 4. Starting from the bottom layer, let’s talk about it first. The subject of the question asks what position in the Internet industry does not have high professional requirements. In fact, the subject of the question pulls a toe and thinks about it. If the requirements are not high, then everyone can go. It is nothing more than dirty work, tired work, and low money. A bunch of people are rushing to do it! It is estimated that the subject of the question is mostly unwilling, but whoosh let me talk about it: one is customer service and the other is sales. In some Internet companies, the two will overlap, because most of the sales are online sales, that is, there are “grandsons” running away. “Became a “grandson” chatting at home. Subject, what are you still willing to do? As for writing a resume for changing careers, to be honest, as @Sean Mei said, changing jobs depends on resumes, and changing careers depends on contacts. If it is a career change, it will not help if the resume is written well, because you are not Mr Right! Others, swish a few more sentences, what did the subject think about? Please be sure to think clearly about the subject. I just wandered lazily on the sofa and watched “Rounders” in Chinese called “The King of Gambling” (a bad translation). I recommend the subject to take a look. Among them, Mike’s instructor is the introduction. What said: Our destiny chooses us! Of course, Matt is also a person who pursues his own ideals. He didn’t even go to Harvard in the end. The subject of the question, what do you still care about, think about it clearly, the second step, let’s do it patiently! Good luck!

6 months ago

As a senior HR, I would like to talk about how to do a resume for a career change, which is better. I have systematically explained how to write a resume. If you want to switch careers, HR will give you the opportunity. It is all because of your strength and resume. It mainly revolves around the achievements of the work experience before the change of career, what is your current understanding of the position of the change, and your own abilities, and then you will consider your academic qualifications. 1. In fact, we really care about the interviewer’s past work experience, so your work experience must be digitized, such as what you do and what achievements you have achieved, be concise and concise. 2. Regarding the understanding of the industry in which you are changing careers, you must plan and write it on your resume. You can write solutions to problems encountered in the position or unique thinking, and let HR know that you have the strength, then your resume will be easy Will be valued by HR 3. Academic qualifications must be prominent. Academic qualifications represent learning ability. Although the longer you work, the less important your academic qualifications, but it is still an important factor.

6 months ago

How to write a resume for changing careers to attract HR? It sounds like you want to switch to the Internet industry. If you have the following conditions, it will be a bonus for the subject. Of course, these conditions are also applicable to all industrial consulting transfers to the Internet industry, and everyone can take a seat: 1. The Internet industry is also divided into many details, but it is roughly divided into product managers, development, testing, operations, and security engineering. You can find the requirements of the corresponding job better on the Internet. 2. Read some theoretical books of Internet big V, don’t make people feel too low (such as Internet +, cognitive surplus, growth hacking, scene marketing, industry 4.0…), although these concepts are not very useful in work, but chat Flicking and flicking during the interview makes people feel that it is helpful to get closer because they are experts, just don’t go too far. 3. Don’t stare at the dark side of your current work industry, and see if there are any positive experiences that can be refined. It is best to justify yourself systematically. Tell your wife and family members, they will be a better listener. Don’t make it easy for people to hear that you are bluffing, talking nonsense about things and “pseudo-experiences” that you don’t approve of. After you can understand and approve it, you can tell someone you don’t know before. It’s best to prepare a PPT and draw some beautiful pictures. As in 2, it may not be necessary for work, but it mainly allows people to understand your logic and ideas, and will not easily recognize that you are a “parallel importer”. 4. What I talked about above is all the “virtual” theory, which determines whether you are suitable for this industry. And it takes time to make a serious investment to understand the new industry. Don’t expect too much from yourself and others at the beginning. It would be a tragedy to praise Haikou for not being able to do it. I also have to give myself some time and resources to practice some things in the Internet industry part-time after get off work. After really doing something and making small achievements, not only can you not be easily asked, but also give yourself a sense of accomplishment. It’s a bit like an important exam after reviewing the theory in school, to test whether you are really suitable for this industry, you have to rely on practice. If there is no demand, you can also go to the ant “in place” to send out services, and go to the Witkey website to receive orders and practice hands. Of course, you must really make up your mind to change careers. In the beginning, no company will hire a completely inexperienced person and pay you to practice hands. You can only rely on yourself. (Except for fathers and relative companies, those with affectionate elements are often irrational) In the words of the boss, he is rich and would rather directly recruit a monkey that can go up the tree instead of recruiting a pig and then forcing the pig to go up the tree. . (It seems to mean this?) Finally, I wish the subject of a successful career change.

6 months ago

Xie Invited: Regarding the issue of changing careers, as an HR who reads your resume every day, let’s talk about interview opportunities. PS: After reading dozens of answers, they are all copied from the content prepared before. They are not relevant at all. They did not answer the two questions of the caption. They were all just copied and pasted by looking at the headline? Did you know that this has changed? 1. First of all, the subject of the question is tired of the company’s “fake” problem. This is not something that you need to consider in your resume. This question is how you need to consider when answering interview questions. How to improve the pass rate, such as your answer to the reason for resignation , It is the company’s “fake” then this is a negative reason, I suggest you weaken this reason, some of the reasons are not particularly applicable to the stage. Suggestion: You can consider answering some, such as personal development, or from previous practice or projects, you have found out what you are interested in. After practice, you have discovered the reason why you want to change careers, or what you do will be more important. A sense of accomplishment, this will be more objective. 2. At present, it is assumed that you are sure that you want to switch to the Internet. Otherwise, I will go through the reasons for switching to the Internet and how to determine it. What industries do not have high professional requirements on the Internet? In addition to technical posts on the Internet, such as R&D and front-end posts that require code, other posts such as operations and user research do not have very high requirements on the professional background of the candidates. Especially for posts such as new media, there is almost no threshold. However, there is still a threshold to go to a good Internet company, because there are many people competing, and the pressure will naturally increase. How to solve the problem of inexperience: You can use training, there are many trainings on the Internet, offline company training, or online such as , @ Origin College (I’m not a trustee), etc. All are on-line product managers, data analysis, Or operation training courses. After finishing your studies, you will have a certain amount of practical project experience, and these trainings will also meet the requirements of first-line companies. What position might you want from your experience: The experience of each position can be communicated and continued. I don’t know much about what the industrial consulting field does, but from your presentation, your experience should be in problem-solving strategies. , In terms of program output? If this is the case, there will still be positions in the Internet field, such as user research, which is to investigate user problems and output solutions. Product manager positions are also to solve user needs. In fact, the essence of any job is to solve problems. But where is your specialty? This is what you need to consider, especially good at solving problems and analyzing problems? Where is it? If you find it, you will naturally have a point of fit. How to write a resume to attract people? A resume for a career change needs to be attractive. In fact, the focus is similar to that of a normal resume. The most important difference is that it must reflect your experience and ability in the target position you are changing. For example, if you want to switch from the consulting industry to operations, what is your experience in operations? You have experience in the consulting field for the first 3 years. If you have experience in operations, then you will have the opportunity. For example: 1. Create a Zhihu account from 0 to 1. In 4 months, it will attract 100,000 precise users and divert 8,000 people to WeChat personal account. 2. Register on WeChat public account and hold XX fission fan activity, accumulate 20,000 users in 3 months, and output 30 original articles. 3. Joint promotion with XX platform, successfully activated 2000 users, and the average reading volume increased by 30%. The key point lies in the experience of your target position after changing careers, whether it is your experience in training projects or doing it in your spare time. OK, the best is what you actually did, not what you saw. Because it’s not the same thing as having done it! Another trick is about writing resumes. Many people have written resumes. I won’t say too much, but remember two points: clear performance data: write down the performance and data of the things you’ve done so that you can be persuaded. force. Formula for expression: verb (to pass/use/adopt) + what method to do + what performance result to achieve. Remember these two points, the resume is usually not bad

6 months ago

Interbank = industry-certified qualifications (certificates) + professionalism = contacts + hard work after entering the industry = starting from scratch. Industry certification qualification (certificate) + professionalism: Needless to say this thing too much, compound talents are like this, have interests and hobbies in many fields, various skills and third-party certification, and always leave themselves with the future Road, advance can be attacked, retreat can be defended. Professionalism is also integrated into oneself through the understanding of different industries. If you only do “”industrial consulting””, you can only see fraud, relationship backdoors, power and color trading, and background support. As everyone knows, in some industries, if you want to fake it, it’s hard to get through the back door, no one wants to sell your butt, and it still faces failure if you have a backing. There is a degree in everything, how to look at these problems is also one of the professional qualities and spiritual heights. Networking + hard work after entering the profession: Ask the seven aunts and eight aunts to help. Nowadays, ordinary families have something to do with them. It is certainly not difficult to change careers. The master leads in, and the practice depends on the individual. Once you enter the door, you are already one step ahead of others, and you have to take the road behind. Starting from scratch: As long as you are not a second fool and switch to an ideal type of company, there is no big problem. It’s just that the scale of the company is different and the position is different. After you enter, you need to start practicing the trumpet and learn everything from scratch. Before, we had a cleaner who could be the head of the security department. Interlaced is like a mountain, and no peak is not a mountain. Taking the first step, you have defeated the self you thought about yesterday.

6 months ago

The following is the content that has been answered before, and it is of reference significance: In fact, work experience is not necessarily the point that HR values. What social experience can college students have? Don’t fall into the trap of self-awareness, so the harder you work, the more discouraged you will be, because you will be stunned by the dead end of your own thinking. So, what exactly does HR care about? This involves the question of how college students write resumes. The behavior of the interview is essentially that the user (interviewer) is selecting the product (candidate), the candidate is the product, and the resume is the specification. Compare interviewers and candidates to users and products, so that you can look at the interview from the perspective of product thinking, and conquer the interviewer, just like a product conquering users, let their hearts move, and you will succeed. However, nowadays, a large number of college students flock to the society every year, the products are extremely homogenized, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. As a very critical product specification, that is, the resumes of fresh graduates, in fact, they are all seriously homogenized. Are you responsible for writing? Very hardworking? Good at studying? Others wrote the same. HR cannot distinguish good from bad when looking at the resume. The writing of product manuals must avoid homogeneity. Otherwise, there will be why this friend said, “Don’t give a chance.” Why give a chance? With limited positions and so many fresh graduates, you have to choose. How should it be written that can quickly catch the interviewer’s attention? Three-step display. Give a chestnut. You are going to apply for a position as a “sweeping monk”. The first step is to show your achievements: I have swept the floor 100 times this year; the second step is to explain your current state: I am studying how to sweep the floor better. It will be cleaner, more energy, and save brooms… The third step, use influence to show your value: teachers and classmates have seen my sweeping and said it is very good, and you can look in the mirror if it is clean! Moreover, two or three female classmates saw my graceful sweeping action and wrote love letters directly to me! The interviewer’s heart was moved on the spot with a product performance introduction like yours, right, it’s just about his heart. Let me reveal here. Do you know how long it takes for a general HR to look at your resume? You may not imagine it, just 5 seconds! When looking at a resume, if HR cannot find the desired information on the resume within 5 seconds, it will basically not read it down, especially when looking at the resumes of fresh graduates, just pass it. . Therefore, it is extremely important to quickly and accurately show your “product performance”. Okay, then you say, I just don’t have any social practical experience, and I don’t have any work experience, what should I do? This requires skill: fully tap your strengths. For example, what awards have you won, under what background, how did you work hard, what methods, and how did you get this award? Show your potential in this process, this is the advantage. I have seen a student’s resume before, and I have no social practical experience. I didn’t even join the student union or student club. The only highlight is that I participated in the school’s on-site composition competition and won the first prize. Later, I talked to her and learned that she likes reading very much. She spends time in the library almost every day, reading more than two hundred books every year, and insisting on taking reading notes. This is a big surprise, which shows that she is self-disciplined and self-motivated enough, and she was hired without saying a word. For another example, you can see if there are any courses that you have taken more prominently, and make some descriptions. If someone else studies for a month, you can score it in two or three days and get a high score. This is also your talent. So, do you probably see it? What does HR value when screening resumes? What is important is your ability and talent, and some job matching will be carried out according to your characteristics. This is called transferable ability. The more plain the content, the more level you can write, which also reflects another very important ability of yours: the ability to summarize, review, and refine. This ability is a very important ability in the workplace. Maybe you would say, I haven’t obtained any certificate in the past 4 years, but it is very plain. What should I do? My college life is to eat, play, sleep, go to class and fall in love… Don’t ask, such a student, I really don’t want to take care of it… It’s reasonable for you to abolish you… However, in the spirit of the benevolent to treat illnesses and save others, I still give some advice. Suggestion: You can write your own self-plan. This plan must have a specific content and be long-term. It would be better to be detailed to the important things to be done each year. If you are so useless, you have to let the interviewer see that you still have a plan, a goal, or an idea. Isn’t there a cure? In short, writing a resume is a technical job, and it is also a very important stepping stone to getting into the workplace. You must pay more attention to it and believe that “knife sharpening does not accidentally chop wood.”

6 months ago

1. Let the content of your resume highlight the content is everything, so the resume must highlight your abilities, achievements, and past experience. A resume with a beautiful appearance and no content will not be attractive. The content of your resume should carefully analyze your abilities and clarify that you are qualified for the job. 2. Make the appearance of the resume eye-catching The appearance of the calendar does not have to be emphasized, but it should be eye-catching. Examine the blank spaces in your resume and use these blank spaces and borders to emphasize your text, or use various font formats such as italics, uppercase, underline, first word prominent, first line indented or pointed. 3. Try to keep your resume as short as possible. Using only a piece of paper, employers may scan your resume, and then spend 30 seconds to decide whether to summon you, so a piece of paper works best. 4. Position your resume. Employers want to know what you can do for them. A vague, general and untargeted resume will make you lose a lot of opportunities, so you must position your resume. If you have multiple goals, it is best to write multiple different resumes, highlighting the key points in each. This will give your resume a better chance to stand out. 5. Write a short summary. This is actually the most important part. The “Summary” can include several of your most prominent advantages. No applicant writes these words, but employers think it is a good way to attract attention. 6. Emphasize successful experience. Employers want your evidence to prove your strength. Remember to prove your previous achievements and what benefits your former employer got, including how much money you saved for him, how much time, etc., explain what innovations you have. 7. Strive to accurately state your skills, abilities, and experience as accurately as possible, not exaggerating or misleading. Make sure that what you write is the same as your actual ability and work level, and also write down the time and company you worked for before. 8. Use influential vocabulary. Use this vocabulary, such as: proven, analytical, creative and organized. This can improve the persuasiveness of the resume. 9. Pay attention to the wording. Many officials mentioned this issue during the investigation. They hate typos and typos most. Many people say: “I will stop reading when I find a typo.” So, you must write your resume carefully. Employers always think that typos indicate that the quality of people is not high enough. 10. Personal information is not necessary. Now, it is no longer necessary to write personal information on the resume, such as blood type, height, and location of student. Many companies are happy to accept resumes without personal information. I hope it can help you find a job that suits you. If you want to learn more about job hunting skills and recruitment information, you can download Super Employer. It can watch the company in video, the boss in the video, the people who have the skills needed for the specific content of the position, and the experts to assist in the interview guidance. You can directly enter the second side through the video, which is quick and convenient.

6 months ago

How to write a resume for a financial investment bank job. Companies generally like to recruit people and can be used quickly. Therefore, the friends who change careers pay attention to companies that have pre-employment training on the one hand, and on the other hand show their ability to quickly start work. Industry experience, abilities, and above, refine the points that fit the company, the small partners who change careers are best to find a breakthrough from the company related to their background experience, and also understand the experience and capabilities that the company really needs from the recruitment needs, such as investment banking. : In terms of project undertaking, the more important is the ability to communicate with people, how to develop the ability of new customers, the project undertaking, more importantly, the ability of financial analysis, financial modeling, text editing, etc. For example: XX company recruits automotive industry researchers , It happens that you have worked in the automobile industry for many years; 1. Industry experience: For example, how many years of work experience in the automobile industry, the degree of understanding of the industry, relevant company resources, network resources, etc., can quickly start work in the future 2. Ability: Enterprise researchers are required to understand economics and finance, and can demonstrate their abilities through cases or related certificates. Macroeconomic knowledge: such as the content of their previous work, need to use cases of macroeconomic analysis capabilities, complete their own analysis reports on the automotive industry and Future investment opportunities, etc. Financial capabilities: Responsible for reviewing corporate finances at work, can understand the future opportunities and risks of the company through finances, and accumulate rich financial experience in a certain industry, etc.

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