First of all, you said you are fatter. What is your own definition of fat? Is the height 160,160 kg, or the height 170,120 kg. Some people are fat, but their body looks very coordinated and well-proportioned. Of course more or how do you look like? I believe that if you are as beautiful as an immortal, you may be fatter and many people will like you. And maybe your fatness is still an advantage in others. Secondly, if you like him, that is your business and has nothing to do with him. But if you like him and want to own him, you have to think about what qualifications or advantages you have to get him. The saddest thing is that being fat prevents you from liking people who are better than you. The saddest thing is that besides being fat, you are all shortcomings, but you attribute fat to the biggest influencing factor. You say you are fat, but I tell you that being fat does not prevent you from liking a better man than you. In addition to being fat, what other conveniences do you have better, for example, how are your family conditions? How is your dress? How is your temperament education? Do you have any other hobbies, like singing very well, dancing very well, good writing ability, good personality, etc.? Because it may be that you are indeed fat, all your inferiority complex is concentrated on your figure. But if it’s just because of being fat, I can tell you that it won’t affect your liking or even having a better man. Furthermore, I can tell you. Whether you are good or unworthy, it does not hinder your right to like others. You just have to know that if he doesn’t love you, the purpose of you like him is not to get him, and because I like him, I realize that I am not good enough and I need to improve. Sometimes the purpose of liking someone is really not necessarily to be together, and because I like you, it makes me a better version of myself. We always think that handsome guys must be matched with beautiful women, or beautiful ladies must be matched with handsome guys, otherwise others will think that good cabbage is all made to pigs, or women must be for money. In fact, the essence of liking others is that they can satisfy some of our needs, either spiritual sustenance or material needs. On the contrary, why others want to like you is essentially that you can satisfy some of his needs. Whether people are in love or making friends, it is essentially an exchange of value. If you really want others to like you, then you have to look at what he needs, and what needs you can meet him. We may start to like someone because of their unilateral strengths, but we continue to get along for a long time. It must not be because he has only this advantage to stay with him, it must be that most of his other aspects also meet your requirements.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

If you like this feeling, it’s not that we stopped. You can continue to like it and slowly get better. You can lose weight if you are fat. Like is a feeling and emotion that doesn’t bother him, and slowly becomes better. , Then slowly approach, keep in touch but don’t bother him

6 months ago

“Before you meet someone you love, you must be the best you can be.” In pursuit of love, you must continue to grow yourself, have enough confidence in front of your lover, and not feel inferior. If you meet someone you like and are good enough, if you are not good enough, you will worry that you are not worthy of the other person. If you meet someone who likes you but is not so suitable, you will not be reconciled. In fact, the best love is to be evenly matched. Taking advantage of the present, taking advantage of the youth, work hard, for yourself, for the future, and give yourself a better future and future. So, before meeting the right person, you must let yourself come first, so that you can have the confidence of your lover, and only in this way, when love comes, you will not panic and lose your hand. Just being the best self, everything is acceptable.

6 months ago

I also think that fat girls can also have happiness. (I am fatter myself. Although people usually say that I am fat and joking and joking, I am actually very inferior and very uncomfortable. But what I said below It’s all from the bottom of your heart.) For the person you like, it’s just your liking that adds a halo to him, making you think that he is excellent, but no one is perfect. There is no perfection. Everyone has shortcomings. Like it makes people become excellent. Rather than making people humble, what you do is best with your heart, so whether you like him or not, I will support you, but I hope you can work hard to become a good self, maybe you will become good He was attracted by you in the process, come on, baby fairy

6 months ago

First of all, liking a person is not something you can dislike if you don’t like it (except for those with super self-control) I am an ordinary person and I can’t restrain myself. You may want to take the initiative to chat with him and wonder what he is doing secretly. Look at his pyq, his Netease Cloud Weibo Zhihu, Taobao even secretly watched his Ant Forest! It’s not a problem to have a good impression of a person and start to care about him. As long as it doesn’t cause any trouble or trouble to him, it can make him fat. How can a little girl feel inferior because of being fat? It’s also very beautiful. I’m a little fat guy. When I meet a super good boy I like, I’m also very inferior, looks anxious, looks anxious, looks anxious, and worry about your troubles! Believe that I am not what you alone will have. Many girls will have. He is excellent but you are not bad. If you are fat, try to lose weight and lose weight. Eat less, but don’t force yourself to be too tight. Body is the most important thing. You can walk very slowly, but you must stick to it, not for the boy you like, but for yourself. You must first become the one you like and then become the kid of others. Don’t force yourself to like it and accept yourself calmly. It’s no big deal to like him. It’s not a shame or embarrassment to like him. Everyone is qualified to like anyone you like. I have been overshadowed because that person is out of reach. I have doubts about myself. But I never regretted liking him and never gave up liking him. I happened to see the light in him and I knew that I would always like him and always sincerely like him. This thing does not prevent me from going far, nor does it prevent me from becoming better. He is very good, you will also be a great girl. Continue to like to party. Don’t force yourself to be happy. These are the most important things. No matter how ordinary you are, you will be a person’s baby and be fortunate. Before becoming someone else’s baby, live together in the real world and feel the strength and hope of life. I hope we can all feel alive and feel the vigor and vitality of spring. Wish you a happy spring

6 months ago

Everyone has the right and freedom to like others! If you like a boy, you should start from the boy’s preferences, whether he likes fat or thin, lively or gentle, etc. He happens to like plump, you are hopeful. Now that you realize that he is excellent, you should not be discouraged. You should face life with a vigorous attitude and become a better version of yourself! Since I like to take advantage of my youth, why not rush for it!

6 months ago

Yes! Take him as the goal, make yourself better, lose weight if you feel that you are not in good shape, and don’t give up what you can do with your hard work. It’s not easy to meet someone you like, and there are fewer role models that can be your motivation. Feeling that I am not beautiful enough, I started skin care and learned makeup. At least after working hard, let’s talk about it, not to mention only in the liking stage, does he know to say otherwise. It’s more important to be yourself

6 months ago

Yes! Set him as the goal, make yourself better, lose weight if you feel that you are not in good shape, and don’t give up on things that you can do with your hard work. I also gained 160 pounds, but my ex-boyfriend is very good and loves others first. Yourself, sister, you have to discover the good points in yourself. Be confident, we are just a little fatter, and we have no influence on others. You like him if he accepts your likes. You go to him bravely. But if he doesn’t accept it, the sister will love herself and retreat. Don’t let yourself hurt. Know that you are always the most important.

6 months ago

What’s wrong with the girl? Being fat is not an excuse to hinder you from becoming good, nor is it a reason to hinder your pursuit of happiness. Many fat girls may not be confident for this reason, but if you really like a good boy, you should become good for him. Action is better than heartbeat. The most fearful thing is that you just say you like it in your mouth, but you only regard him as a longing in your heart. There are too many likes in your mouth, but little action is the most important thing. Remember, action is better than heart. If you like good boys, you can also make yourself good. If you love, please love deeply. I am Teacher Ziming and I only care about your happiness.

6 months ago

Presumably your logic is that the boy I like is very good. I will never reach the level where he is tied with him. He can’t be with me. I can’t get anything. Then, should I continue to like it? Who ruled that if you like it, you can only be together as a destination? Do you like him, see him, or he talks to you, you are very fascinated by the girl, very happy, then you have a happy mood? If you like him, you might want to have the same hobbies as him, or think about how to confess, how to romantically record something, just go to make up for these methods. Have you gained novel and useful knowledge and increased your horizons? You like him, he is sick, you are irritable, you know what he likes to eat, and you want to learn how to cook. Have you changed from a child who doesn’t care about others to a person who cares and cares for others? You like him, one day you are determined to be as good as him, and finally take action, whether to lose weight, improve grades, or a good way out after graduation, then, have you got a better version of yourself? There is much more you can get. Like is a process of understanding yourself and learning to get along with the opposite sex. It is good to be together, but there is still a lot of beauty if you are not together.

6 months ago

I am also a clumsy, still quite fat, I think you can continue to like him, you like him has nothing to do with him, but one thing is that you may gradually dislike him, it is like he speaks disrespectful, vulgar. , This kind of person is really in love with him, and there is no good result. I don’t have the feeling of heart anymore. I don’t know how to like someone again. I have fear of falling in love. I sat next to class yesterday. Boy, I want to drive him away, I think you still like it, don’t be like me

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