The experience of students in different provinces should be different. Although it is a joint exam, the questions of each province will be slightly different (135 questions in Jiangxi township papers are okay), but the overall experience must be: difficult! Data analysis, direct group annihilation. But what surprised me more is that the provincial exams are also advocating paperless and paperless, why the word spacing is so small and dense. A classmate wrote to me privately: Does anyone in the world really finish the line test… Don’t say anything, let’s add some color to the dishes first~ a question: The provincial test paper is of very good quality, so you can hold it in your hand. It is comfortable on the surface, there is no color difference, the printing is clear, and the thickness is uniform, and it feels great. The attitude of the invigilator is also good, the classroom is spacious and bright, and the climate temperature is moderate. The students are very satisfied and all expressed that they will come again next year. This text is meant to explain: A. The provincial examination papers are of very good quality. B. The provincial examination papers are of good condition. C. The provincial examination papers are very satisfied with the students. D. The students’ test scores are not ideal. , When you read the question stem is very simple, look for options and find that two of them are quite suitable, and then struggle for a long time; when you read the question stem twice and still don’t understand what it means, you just want to make the question together People chat; when you analyze the data and calculate the answer, you find that the option does not have this answer, or the difference between the options is very small and you are calculating a certain number between these two numbers, so you want to match the questioner Line up. Just like that, some questions give you hope, and some questions make you desperate. The People’s Daily posted a Weibo during the national exam, but the entrance exam was not posted. It roughly means that this exam may be the ideal of life you are fighting for, or it may be one of your multiple choices. One exam is not enough. Decide fate, but an opportunity is worth all the effort. In fact, this is the same thing. This is a very precious opportunity for you, and it is also a precious opportunity for other students. As long as you work hard and work hard, the rest is to wait patiently. you. Regardless of whether the test is good or fair, whether it is completed or not completed, as far as the joint test is concerned, it will not let you do it easily, and it will not let you finish it as you wish. It is normal that the question is not or not done. You are so, and so are your competitors. Of course, how to “love” the person who wrote the question can still “love”, after all, he can’t hear it. And what you can do and do is not to lose confidence, nor is it self-doubt, let alone self-arrogance. The test is only halfway through. The line test is 100 points, and the application test is also 100 points. It is better in the morning. Continue to cheer in the afternoon. The performance is average in the morning. You can catch up in the afternoon. One test cannot determine your total score, but two games can. In addition, some students may encounter various emergencies during the morning test. For example, the teacher does not allow the watch to be brought in, and some teachers only let in one or two pens. The environment on the examination room may not be very good. Affected the mentality. Go back to eat at noon and take a rest early. Before the afternoon test, you must tell yourself that your mentality is very important. After reviewing for so long, try not to let objective external conditions affect your overall level. I don’t need to do this question, but It cannot be that I am anxious and cannot do it. In the same way, if you are anxious and upset in the morning, you can catch up in the afternoon with a calm mind. The classmates who had been training with the public examination before took the test and took off directly in the afternoon. The two tests are equivalent to a long-distance run, leading in the middle. It doesn’t mean that you are always leading, and it’s normal to go back in the future. Every time you finish the exam, you will feel that this is the hardest exam you have encountered so far. You think so, and your competitors generally think so. Selection exams are just like this. The same selection exams are not only It’s only examining how much you have reviewed, but also examining your psychological quality. It is enough to be able to give full play to the content of your review and to display your true level. So for the remaining half a day, the remaining exam, you only need to display the content of your review normally. When you go back at noon, take a rest. If you have been reviewing for a long time, there is no comment. It is necessary to read it again, and I can hardly mention it before the test. If you don’t have much basic knowledge, you can review the knowledge points at noon. If you do well in the test, I hope you can calm down your excitement, eat and sleep quickly; if you don’t meet your satisfaction, I hope you can abstain from irritability, and the test is only halfway through. There are a lot of people who have a dozen points more than the line test. What you have to do is to eat and drink. After you go back, lie down and sleep for half an hour. Do not recall the content of the morning exam, and do not continue to read Zhihu, Weibo and other discussions. This will only increase Your troubles. This is an inevitable process, if you survive it, you will go ashore.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

A buddy entered the examination room, went out after 5 minutes, and told the invigilator that someone had the same exam number as me. Then the teacher glanced at his admission ticket and said, this is Luming Primary School and you are at Luming Middle School! Then I tried to run back, and found that I ran into a girl who ran back on the same way back. As a result, both of them went to the wrong school. Then the two took a taxi to our examination room, and they caught up! (Updated on 3.28: This examinee believes that I am him and her privately. I don’t know whether it’s true or not. I hope you two must be titled on the gold list and go ashore together!) I use idioms to express your feelings after the exam: “silly” and “sullen and muddled.” “Break the halberds and sink the sand”, “staggering”, “thinking hard”, “step by step”, “helpless”, “scratching your ears and scratching your cheeks”…
Are you a candidate in one of the idioms? I think you are! Of course, you are even more “full of confidence” after the exam, and you have displayed all of your review. Even if you go to the exam, you have spent all your review efforts in these 2 hours. You feel that at least you can Let’s go to the interview. Here, Henan examinee: This morning’s Henan Provincial Exam Quantitative Questions innovatively produced 15 “unbelievable” questions; Shanxi examinee: This morning’s Provincial Exam Quantitative Questions also appeared 15 questions; finally, the examination room said, I Usually the number can be equal to 7, but this time I made one, and the rest are covered with A, but you are completely covered with C. There are also candidates who said that there is no party history in this exam, because you have been preparing for a long time. Tianjin Candidate: The number of words is so much, it takes a lot more time than usual, and some people ridicule. You have fewer questions in Tianjin, so why don’t you only have 120 questions? Hahaha, I said at the end: Graphical reasoning will not be possible. This is still more than half a month in a certain public school. Finally, I posted to the circle of friends and said that I had known that I followed the public examination with the teacher Cai Jinlong to learn the picture. At least it can Get 4 right. Candidates from Anhui: I’ve judged 7 dumbfounded. I shouldn’t do common sense first. I did it for a full 10 minutes. I didn’t know how to do it. I also missed 6 of them. I didn’t count graphical reasoning into the judgment. I was thinking. , What do you usually do, doing fun, don’t know simulation exercises? I don’t have enough time, and I’ve been tossing over and over again, and it’s annoying to see the question; Jiangxi examinee: It’s another Versailles. I really hate this kind of pure calculation data analysis problem. It can be seen at a glance by using the formula, and it cannot be said to be too troublesome. It is hard to find and difficult to calculate. The problem is not very difficult! There are still many candidates: the first time I took the public exam, it was the 3.27 joint exam. The administrative occupational ability test was so difficult, the data analysis was super fragmented, and the logic filling in the blanks was so difficult. 120 questions and 15 questions were not done at all. After reviewing the number for several days, common sense is barely acceptable. Common sense and definition of men, everything else depends on luck. In fact, I personally think that graphical reasoning is a bit simpler compared to the national exam. Other things seem to be about the same difficulty, but they are still difficult. Not much to say, a good afternoon test: Let me talk about the key points of the application: First, see the precautions, the given information, and the answer requirements for each topic. At the same time, issue the test paper to check the situation at the first time to avoid missing pages; give priority to the stem part of the question, that is, the answer request part, and then return to the corresponding designation or related materials after clarifying the answering tasks and requirements through the body Find the information on the problem-solving and the key points of the question in the question stem, so you must keep in mind the basic idea of ​​”checking and then answering, reviewing the question and then materials” to avoid aimlessly. Second, allocate time scientifically and reasonably to grasp the progress of answering questions. Considering the value of each question and the number of words to be answered, it is not possible to make every question perfect and have everything. We adjust the answering time according to the number of words when we allocate it. The basic principle is that the more words, the higher the score. For high questions, we should allocate more time for answering to ensure the highest scoring rate. What I want to say here is that, especially as a “public exam person”, you may not be able to go ashore and get a reward after paying. Besides, candidates who haven’t reviewed much are clamoring every day that the test is not good and the review is not good. It takes a lot of time. With your parents’ hard-earned money, can you “ask yourself”: At the same time, with the same exam questions, and with the same review period, why are you not as high as others’ performance test scores? Can you find out more from yourself? I have said so much: When I used the public exam to study the online interview live broadcast class, I often said to you: “Although the Tao is not good, it can’t be done, but it’s not impossible if it is small.” I believe you will live up to it. If you pay, the result will definitely live up to you.

6 months ago

This is really my most memorable exam! ! When the admission ticket came out a few days ago, I took a look, XX Fourteenth Middle School, Hao Le, quickly booked hotels and high-speed rail tickets. After planning the test, I will play for two more days. I checked into the hotel yesterday and checked the distance from the test site again. It is not too far. There are also breakfast shops near the hotel. Today I am strolling to the test center at 8.40 to check my ID card and be healthy. Code, take the temperature, the time is just right, there is no need to wait in line, go straight to the examination room, the result is beautiful, the teacher has checked it several times and found that there is no my name? ? Then the teacher carefully looked at my admission ticket and found that my test center was in xx 50? I can’t believe my glasses are really in the 50s! ! In another district, the distance is so far, and the traffic lights in this city are too dense! ! Hurry up and take a taxi. I think I can catch up with the taxi master before 9:30. It’s super nice. I kicked the gas pedal to the end. After walking for a long time, I found my ID card was missing! ! ! I searched for it and found no. I thought that I might have fallen into the fourteenth middle school, and I cried suddenly. He cried and said to the master, hurry back, and the master kicked the accelerator and sent me back. It was already 8:56 at this time. I already thought about it. I gave up, thinking about finding the ID card and leaving, because I was not worthy of the exam, and already started crying. But the security guard, the teacher helped me find it for a few minutes but couldn’t find it! At this time, an uncle (I don’t know if it is the candidate’s parent or the leader) came and said that you can take the exam without an ID card! ! The taxi master made a decisive decision and told the police car to take me to this city. There are several police cars at the entrance of every test center in this city! ! ! The uncle of the police (brother) kept order. So the teacher at the 14th Middle School, the uncle of the security asked me to hurry up, maybe I can catch up, they helped me to find and write down my name (note my name) Here comes the point! 9:01 Two police brothers took me there. The copilot was driving the navigation. The policeman who drove was really about to step on the gas tank. When the red light was encountered, the copilot kept turning to others. The driver waved his hand and meant to let me go first, um, it’s really handsome, this action is really too handsome, the road is like my own home, you can press the yellow line, compact the line, race against time, tears on my face I haven’t done it yet, but the corners of my mouth have been raised unconsciously. While looking at the navigation and command companion, the co-pilot comforted me and said that it would be in time (in fact, I really didn’t want to take the exam at the time, I didn’t have enough time, and I was even more blinded now) but I saw so many staff still working hard to help. I, here again, can only bite the bullet and take the test. I don’t remember exactly what this little brother looks like (no brain). I only remember that he got a blister on his upper lip. It’s not good. I feel so distressed. Actually, there are medicines for oral ulcers in my bag. If he is not angry but has oral ulcers, it will be fine. Oh, I can give him medicine. Oh, what I was thinking… This little brother asked me, did you take the exam for the first time? What is the relationship between fourteen and fifty? How can I be mistaken! I really feel that my memory has been replaced, either it is a parallel universe, or it is like Inception, my subconscious does not know why it persists in remembering the number fourteen. Repeatedly checked the electronic version of the admission ticket saved on the mobile phone, screenshots, and a clear 50th high school! ! Why am I so obsessed with the Fourteenth Middle School! At 9:15, I arrived at XX Fifty Middle School, bowed and thanked the little brother of the police, and rushed to the third floor of the examination room. After the examination staff asked the leader, he signed the letter of commitment, pressed his fingerprints, held the letter of commitment and the admission ticket and took pictures. Entered the examination room at 9:25 and the focus came again! ! I grew up taking exams. When I encountered a problem, my brain would automatically play music. The more I think about it, the clearer the melody. But this time, when I see the problem, I think of my little brother. The legs tremble a little bit. It just looks very happy. . The invigilator looked at me and thought that this kid was crazy and late. How could he be happy, but the ghost knew why I was suddenly happy. The corners of his mouth couldn’t be put down. If it weren’t for the examination room, I would really laugh out loud. Of course, I did the test. It’s not good, even if I did 111 questions with a guess, I would do it as soon as I saw the first question. I felt that the time was too late for the rest. A teacher came to me when I painted C directly and gave it to me. I sent my ID card and it was thrown in the taxi of the kind master. I was too anxious at the time. It is estimated that I was the only one who lost my ID card in the entire test center, so it was sent to me. (Thanks to all the examination staff for causing you trouble) Just like this, I rushed to 10:59 and finished the answer sheet at 11:05. I came out of the examination room and I was very happy. It was obviously a sad thing. I also reviewed for more than a month. , I’m all in the water, but I’m just very happy. I’ve always wanted to laugh at my classmates saying that I’m crazy and sick. It’s 2:50 in the morning and I still can’t fall asleep. I want to laugh that I’ve completely digressed after reading Shen Lun’s answer composition. . I wrote about poverty alleviation (born in worry, becoming in business), “lost in pride” scolded a few words of American emperor… and then wrote the ending of rural revitalization… and then I grinned completely, completely It’s cold

6 months ago

No matter how good the mentality is, it is uncomfortable. On the exam alone. For breakfast, I drank a soup, ate a mix of noodles, and drank a can of Red Bull. I set an alarm clock at 7:25 in the morning and wake up at 7:24. When I entered the examination room at 8:40, I found that the quartz watch that had been away for a few years suddenly ran out of power. I don’t have time to read the overall discomfort. So I don’t know the specific time of each module. Data ➕ Judgment should be exactly one hour. I want to go to the bathroom when I write words, and I feel uncomfortable holding back my urine, my head is empty, and my words can’t get in at all. So I started to paint the answer sheet. If you can’t enter the question, you can only paint the answer sheet first, and then wait for the invigilator to apply for permission. It lasted for more than 20 minutes, and finally got the application. You can go there with the patrol examiner. I feel more comfortable when I come back. I finished writing the rest of the words. It should be 10:35 by this time, I guess. Then I wrote some common sense. Although I don’t know most of them, it doesn’t seem to be that difficult. I started to write the quantity in the last 15 minutes. I didn’t know how much time was left when I was writing, but later I knew how much time was left. But I thought there was no more time for 5 minutes, 10 minutes. I wrote 2, 3, and guessed 10 more. A total of 6 invigilators were found halfway through. That’s all. I thought that the test paper was not difficult, but I didn’t live up to it, and I had many personal circumstances.

6 months ago

1. There are too many questions to answer. 2. There are 20 hot topics on current affairs in this issue, which is terrible. 3. The whole article of logic problems is a big discussion, and it is not impossible to do it, and some reasoning relations are indirect inferences. It’s not necessarily right when you burn your brain and waste. 4. Both quantitative relationships and data analysis are obscure. 5. The most important thing is that I think I have done the questions in other sections correctly, but based on the experience of doing the real questions in previous years, this illusion also reveals a little bit of danger… In summary, what is written is not necessarily right, and what is wrong is not. Must be accurate? What time will the dice of fate roll? Three o’clock? Just hit 50+, it’s better to save face, 60! 70 I really can’t think about it…

6 months ago

Before the exam, I was full of confidence, and I was ready to share a wave of experience after the exam. There is no anxiety before the exam, and his mentality is super stable. After the test papers were issued, the common sense words were finished, there was a little more time than it suggested, and my heart was stable again, and I felt that my time was okay. When doing judgment and reasoning, I looked at the watch and estimated that there was no time to look at the number later, and I started to panic. At the beginning of the judgment and reasoning, there were a few questions that I didn’t know how to do. After reading the questions several times, I didn’t make any blanks. I went to analyze the data later. Almost all the last 30 minutes were spent on data analysis, and I was panicked at first, and started to calculate without making a few words. At the end of the paper submission, the quantity is covered with C, and the data is covered with D for about fifteen. After the exam, I felt cold. I went to test the application in the afternoon, and it was unremarkable. On the one hand, there was more than enough time to finish, and on the other hand, I knew that there would be no high scores. About one-third of the 30-person examination room did not come. I evaluated it twice in the afternoon, and evaluated it once with Zhonggong’s. The answers to that question were all messed up, at 63 o’clock. Later, I used Huatu to estimate it at 69 o’clock, which surprised me. Some answers are not clear enough, so conservatively estimate 65 points. One month before the test, I did the Hubei, National, Anhui, and Sichuan papers. I usually do the questions. The accuracy of the three sections of speech, judgment, and materials are all OK, generally above 70 points. In this exam, I originally planned to play well and if I was lucky, I should be able to score 70 points. In addition, Shen Lun did a little better than last time, so luckily it might be close to 140 points. Hahahaha is overrated. For this exam, the information was too bad. When I usually do questions, on the one hand, the time is not as tight as in the examination room. On the other hand, many of the papers in the past few years are basically completed questions, which can also lead to the illusion of enough time. I originally planned to prepare for the interview after 65 points. It would be a bit of a mockery to think about it this way. The process of preparing for the exam is the happiest, and I don’t know what to do after the exam. Hurry up, get results and results.

6 months ago

It feels to me that it’s not finished. . . I usually do more than 10 sets of real questions, and I can basically do them. Most of the answers are in my mind, some of the problems have no idea, 6 to 10 words are wrong, and half of the common sense is wrong (super stable). The number can be 5-6. Question, the remaining choice c, 6-10 wrong judgments, 0-3 wrong data analysis, and today is half of all uncountable. . . In addition to data analysis, judgments and words are very long, and the second typical questions are very few. This results in a lot of time wasted in the analysis of every option. The amount of data analysis and calculation has increased significantly, not one question. There is also a basic one with a large amount of calculation, which can be skipped, and today is dead. . . In addition, the usual training is two hours without counting the time of the card. Various factors have caused a serious imbalance of time and mentality. My experience is that it’s not enough to just do it. The past real questions have to be done 9-10 times. For each type of error, the knowledge points must form muscle memory. For example, in speech, you know that the common interference items are: before the turning point Content, sub-thesis, revolve around examples, revolve around reasons, tense, logic, and out of nothing. It is not enough to know these. To reach the level, you should read the questions and look at the options and you can immediately think of which error it belongs to, not an interference Item types are analyzed one by one. Once the analysis time is full, the analysis time is not enough. It is also impossible to see the problem. From translation, flipping, seeking common ground, seeking difference, black and white, symmetrical curve and straight, opening and closing, number of lines, number of faces, points Quantity, number of parts… It’s not possible to analyze one by one. You can only see what the questions should be tested. The level that can be played in the examination room is only 70%-80% of the real level. There are too many factors that affect the mentality, the test. The invigilator is stuck in his personal thinking. Conversely, there are many factors. When you sit in, it will be different than usual. It will affect you and a lot. You may do it in normal times, but the examination room will not be able to do it. You can be completely confident if you do it many, many times, knowing what traps he set up and what the correct options look like. There is still a gap between being able to do and high scores. In the next step, I need to improve myself. Of course, I don’t have to do it if I have a big life. Normally, I can’t do the questions in two hours, but I have to do it in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Because there are 120-135 questions to be painted in the examination room! There will be a daze! This is true, that is, you have been watching a lot of the title words, but your mind just doesn’t turn around. You know every word but you just read it over and over again. It’s strange that you even think of what happened before! TM Lao Tzu is dying in a hurry, and his mind is on strike without saying anything. He still absent from work, thinking about other things, can’t help it. . . . So I can finish writing in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

6 months ago

Enthusiastic landing players, engage in an interview sparring and small training. Hot results, full-time preparation for more than half a year, six written examinations in the last two interviews, high scores in interviews. 3.6 Suzhou Written Exam 137, interview 75.6 second in the audience, a successful turnaround; 3.14 Hangzhou Written Exam 151, interview 87.1 first in the audience. Through two hands-on practice and the experience of friends who practiced together, the format of the interview is more important than the content. If the exam can be smooth, loud and laugh, I won 80%. Personal situation, have gone to work for medical examination. No matter which institution you studied in the basic class before, I will improve your expression form through comments and exercises. Through exercises, you can make your expressions more communicative and answer questions more smoothly. Of course, Xiaobai can also learn from the basics.

6 months ago

The feeling of doing the question is really an explosion of mentality. For example, it’s like you get a quick answer of 10+. Look at the options 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7.
The speech speed has kept up, 25 minutes and 30 repetitions, the judgment is directly pulled the hips, which directly leads to the incomplete data, and the quantity depends on the Mongolian
Come again next year

6 months ago

Candidates in Guangxi. This is the first time I have taken the civil service exam. I studied full-time for more than a month. I went out for the exam the morning before yesterday. Unfortunately, this exam left me too much regret. I took the train for more than an hour to the city. After getting off the train, I took a motorcycle of a master motorcycle outside the station to the pre-booked hotel and checked in smoothly. I found that there were two girls next to me who had not booked the hotel in advance. After being told by the front desk that there was no room in the hotel, I was at a loss. At this moment, I secretly admired my wit. As soon as the admission ticket came out on the 22nd, I immediately booked the room in advance and chose More expensive hotel, four-star. Then the next night, bored, I checked the hotel and found that few hotels have rooms, and the prices that can be booked are only 300+. Even the room prices of the two hotels have exceeded 300 yuan. I thought I was very witty, but it turns out that the grade of a hotel is not directly proportional to its accommodation environment. The hotel I stayed at last night had very poor sound insulation. The noise of all kinds of traffic on the road made me unable to sleep. I had already booked the hotel next door to it. The sound insulation was really bad. Perhaps it was because of living in the mountains for too long. The roar of these car engines made me very uncomfortable. I felt a headache and couldn’t sleep at night. As a last resort, I turned on the air conditioner and tried to use the noise of the air conditioner to fight the noise outside. After all, the noise I made was easier to accept. However, I still didn’t sleep much all night. In the morning, I went to the exam with a dizzy head. Because my mind was not clear, the speed of doing the questions was obviously much slower than when I answered the real questions. During the period, I was distracted three times, thinking about going back and checking out immediately after the exam. Every time I wander about, it affects my time for about 20 seconds. After the test, I immediately returned to the hotel. I booked for two days and wanted to refund for one day. I couldn’t stay. However, the Fliggy platform didn’t give the refund, and the hotel said it couldn’t be refunded. There was no way. I asked for it. Change a room. After changing the room, I can still clearly hear the sound of cars outside, and my heart is broken. I ordered take-out and was angry while eating. I felt that I would not torture myself for a night. I wouldn’t be able to stay if I didn’t refund the money. I went to check out at one o’clock. In the afternoon, I felt that I had plenty of time to write and write slowly. The handwriting was clear and neat. After I finished one or two major questions, I was confused because of sleepiness. I mistakenly thought that I was handing in the paper at four o’clock. I was afraid that there was not enough time. My mind started to spin quickly. As I saw the hot list on the topic of interest in the past, I immediately wrote a few hundred words to rub the popularity. I finally finished the big essay before four o’clock, and suddenly found something was wrong, why didn’t I broadcast a reminder that “the exam time is only 15 minutes”? I fixed my eyes on the admission ticket, Nima. It was half past four. I looked at the typos on the answer sheet and corrected a lot. The sentences were not fluent enough, and the handwriting was too unrestrained, and I wanted to cry without tears. I wore a mask for both exams, but I usually live in the mountains and don’t wear a mask at all. This makes me feel poor breathing and my thinking ability plummets. I secretly pulled the mask down to breathe through my nose, and I was discovered by the invigilator. , Let me quickly put on a mask and stare at me. Of course, I can’t put all the responsibility on that hotel, and I can’t blame wearing a mask. My own reason is bigger. If I can overcome the noise and sleep beautifully, then I will be full of energy. If I usually I also wore a mask when I wrote and painted on the original paper, so I can get used to it. Alas, luck is really important for public examination.

6 months ago

Candidates from Sichuan, on the way back to Chongqing, talk about their experience. I feel that 2 hours is still quite ample for the test. I finished most of the answer sheets in about an hour. The teacher still stared at me. I don’t think the language is that difficult. I have brushed up the original questions before I score. But the answer is forgotten, the number of pushes depends entirely on Mongolia. At the beginning of the test, I plan to check. When encountering ambiguous questions, I am going to review it. But when I go to the examination room, I should give up. This test is more exciting than a roller coaster. It’s like a battle, racing against time, and the first hour is fast. After that, I felt faster in the second hour, so it’s best to do the right calculation at one time. I don’t have time to check, and the thinking in the examination room is chaotic, and the check is also going to the original idea. And don’t be distracted, be attentive. When you encounter a problem, jump away quickly and don’t disrupt your thinking, which affects the rhythm. Shen Lun, the township volume does not have a big composition, the previous one was white back, and it took 2 hours to finish it, and it took half an hour to post it. I think it’s easier than my previous exercises, but it still depends on the results. Maybe I feel good about myself. I didn’t panic during the whole process and concentrated on completing the process. Quite few people missed the exam. I hope that the first exam will have a good result. At least for the time being, I can finally stop having to spend the days of writing questions every day.

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