Oppose the argument that Ermin’s image collapsed. In you, or in our hearts, the image of Ermin collapsed. What kind of image collapsed? Is it the image of resourcefulness, clarity of the situation, and the ability to abandon important things? Or do we have a certain misunderstanding of Elmin’s [image] at the beginning? Let me show you what Elmin did after the Malay chapter will make people think his image collapsed. Point of view 1: Ermin cares to fall in love with Arnie, the enemy, and fall into the relationship. First of all, Ermin likes Arnie, and Arnie likes Ermin, this is true. But many people definitely have a misunderstanding about this pair of cps. They didn’t care about falling in love, let alone falling in love. Do they have eyebrows and cuddling hand in hand on the battlefield? Have you ever come to an ambiguous confession? Is it because love delayed the battle and affected the overall situation? Nothing. They didn’t even have a formal confession, and they were still vague now. Not only did this love have no negative impact on the battle of the Salvation Squad, but even the biggest contribution made Arnie determined to return to the battlefield and increase his combat effectiveness. Finally, it is normal for Ermin to fall in love with Arnie? One is because of the influence of Bertot’s memory, and the other is because Ermin himself felt that Arnie was special and unexpectedly gentle during the training of the Corps, and thus had a good impression of her. The third is that Arnie and Ermin are both more rational people, and they have a sense of alienation from the people around them… They see reality more thoroughly, so they can understand and empathize with each other. Viewpoint 2: Ermin did nothing in the Malay chapter and afterwards. We have always thought that Ermin was very powerful and could come up with many unimaginable strategies, but now there is no way to think of it, very fw. This is because of information asymmetry. Think about it carefully. Before the Malay article, our readers and the investigative corps, including Ermin, actually have basically the same information. At this time, Ermin can use the same information to make excellent judgments and come up with ideas. A good way to come, we will naturally admire him. But after the Malay chapter, there are two serious information asymmetries. One is that Allen has too much intelligence, and the Investigative Corps basically doesn’t know anything; the second is that our readers also know a lot after following the perspectives of Allen and Jike, but the Investigative Corps still doesn’t know anything. So we are anxious. Oh, why don’t you think of a little bit of Ermin’s fart, so useless? What about your ingenuity? It’s really hard for us to imagine what Elmin/Hanji can do before the world’s extinction is a good way to destroy the world, and it’s also hard to imagine what Elmin/Hanji can do to prevent Eldia after the world’s extinction. A good way of extinction. Because Alan may have opened up the perspective of God to us. But relative to Ermin, we really opened up the perspective of God. Viewpoint 3: Why is Elmin so mercilessly facing his good brother Allen with the blade? Obviously Allen has saved and protected them so many times. This should be connected with Viewpoint 4. Look at Viewpoint 4: Irmin didn’t mean to give up everything. Can people who can’t change nothing? Then why is he so Virgin that he refuses to abandon the lives of those outside the wall to save the people inside the wall? Before that, please clarify the fact that Elmin’s ultimate goal is to [protect Aldia inside the wall]/[Rangpa Survive on Lardi Island] Is it? Who said that what Elmin cares most is the life and death of [Allen]/[Companion]/[Compatriot]? Many people who criticized him for breaking down on this point have committed a problem, that is, habitually substituting our own ideas into the role, ignoring the fact that [Ermin is an extremely special role]. He is special, Elmin is a purely rational person. He does not pursue freedom, nor is he obsessed with someone. What he pursues is only justice and order, a kind of justice and fairness in the world. In the first episode, he was beaten by a child. He was not afraid of pain, and he didn’t care if he was wronged or wronged. Instead, he insisted on saying that because you can’t say that I hit me, it means you lose. What can be seen from here? If you can’t say it, you will lose, which means that since a young age, Ermin thinks it is important to be reasonable. In the second episode, his grandfather, his only relative, was sent to death because of the policies of the royal government. Although he was sad, he was more dissatisfied and resentful of the [injustice] of this policy.


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6 months ago

The feature of the giant’s work is that the initial world setting is completely false, and the main line of the plot is to explore the truth of the world while surviving. With the development of the plot, the false world history and geography instilled by the old kings were completely negated. Only in contact with the outside world did the people of Paraty Island truly realize the sinister world, and their world outlook and values Constantly expanding, reversing and even collapsing, it is normal for the character’s image to change constantly. Before and after the work, the images of the Pallady Islanders who lived to the beginning of the earth may only be Flock and the ordinary people who have not changed.

6 months ago

Han Ji took two thunder guns to prevent thousands of super giant Almin from going offline as the candidate leader IQ, and furious at Mikasa’s incompetence. I seriously suspect that the change in Almin’s image caused the inconsistency and even collapse is intentional by JSC… In fact, I think Almin’s behavior to prevent (kill) Alan and want to communicate (talk) is understandable, but after the Marais article , Jianshan Chuang almost did not give Almin a detailed inner description and inference of the strategic process, which made Almin’s actions and the previously erected image of Zhijiang lack support. As the heroine, Mikasa’s modeling is too dull. As a combat force, the highlight performance is basically taken away by Lewell, and there are not many emotional descriptions. There is no change or anything. 138 is also a stroke, just all the way Alan Allen… I don’t feel like I can’t keep up. I think the best portrayal is her struggle and comprehension after Ellen was swallowed by giants in the early days (the world is beautiful and cruel). The way seems too sloppy…

6 months ago

Almin is definitely regarded as a person who used intelligence analysis and formulated effective tactics in battle from the beginning when he was just a new soldier. From the existing intelligence, he further analyzed Alan’s ontology and awakened Alan from the details (Marco’s Three-dimensional mobile devices and the movement of the giant female giants) analysis and speculation of the female giant’s identity, speculating that Lena Bertot’s hiding point to the clever use of Allen’s hardening and sacrificing himself to deceive the giant giants will give people a kind of intellectual genius, the future I can expect to feel that I will be able to do or even surpass Alvin’s enemy who is much stronger than him on the side facing the sea. Almin’s wisdom is important and critical in the confrontation with Marais. It is Zhijiang who will be responsible for chasing the road. I am full of expectations for such Almin, but the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. After the Marais chapter, the struggle becomes “people and people”. In the real environment of technological backwardness, the intelligence and strategy are particularly critical for Almin. At this time, Almin fights wits. The plot of Douyong’s intrigue did not outsmart the plot, and the various counter-routine intelligence warfare did not appear, or the “let’s talk” and “just talk” is not undesirable, but besides talking about strategy? What about your own insight analysis? Thinking about the feasibility of communication and the meaning itself? It’s not online…Even in the end, the information that Allen said in his mouth was not arranged to be told to Almin, but Liwei’s enigmatic “intuition” and the slot to fall in love with a comrade-in-arms killer. In short, this character was created in the early stage. It is also him who shaped the collapse of top3 in the later stage of top3. I think the plot is a different character created by various characters. Different characteristics and beliefs. The growth, fall, and transformation of the same character promote the development of the plot. It follows some basics. The law and logic of the giant, especially the works with a strong sense of realism such as the giant, and after Marais, in order to highlight the drama and the so-called deep plot, the characters developed from the characters to cooperate with the pre-set plot to promote the characters to gradually become the plot. The chess pieces lose their sense of substitution and flesh and blood…

6 months ago

The lid said that the image of the protagonist group has collapsed, and not only the protagonist group has collapsed, but the entire logic has collapsed. The protagonist group somehow became the spokesperson of the old ruling class! The Yapai destroys this and that, and lets go of the culprit, King 145 and the ruling classes of the descendants. The Korean faction wants to talk about this and that, just not talking to the residents of the island. So far, neither the Yapai and Hanpai have admitted to the history of aggression of the Ai tribe! The island of Pa is now a descendant of the invaders. The Korean school believes that Diming’s indiscriminate slaughter is excessive out of morals, and the Yapai believes that although it is sinful, the only way to keep Pa Island is. But as long as the Yapaihan faction recognizes the history of aggression of the predecessor king, defines them as war criminals, and allows the queen to abdicate, all moral problems will be solved. At the same time, the 145 king does not respect public opinion and regards his people as sacrifices. Without a big crime, can the protagonist group be worthy of the family of the person who gave the heart? The Investigative Corps has established a new regime, then they are also victims. The World Allied Forces will no longer be forgiving. It is a righteous counterattack to flatten you! now what? As the heirs of the invaders, the protagonist group screamed, feeling that they were demons, and the people who sacrificed were still kept in the dark. They didn’t even know why they died? What is the difference between this and the former rulers? The investigative corps suddenly became the spokesperson of the old ruler, and the whole logic collapsed. Is the protagonist’s refusal to admit that the history of aggression is a tribute to the three-dimensional Japan?

6 months ago

Personally, I feel like Almin, but before he swallowed Beckham, Almin’s consciousness was very high. From the first season of protecting Ellen from the mouth to protect Ellen to Maria regaining her life as Ellen and taking time, they all reflect a strong decision-making ability. I also believe him very much, but he has been unable to make a decision ever since Maria regained it. It was only that the easy life after Maria regained it might affect him, or it might be Beckham’s subconscious that affected him. During the three-person meeting, Allen also expressed his disappointment with Almin. Allen has always trusted Almin. He gave Almin three years to think about the strategy of changing the form of Pa Island. He hoped that he could make a decision, but Almin He couldn’t figure out a way, he was so idealistic, he always thought that talking could change the situation, so that Allen finally became discouraged and acted alone because they had no way to change the future. In fact, after reading Chapter 137, I have been thinking about why Almin chose nuclear explosion so resolutely. I think this may be what Allen hoped. In retrospect, the premise of Almin’s decision was that he was under great pressure. , This time Allen put enough pressure on Almin, and he wanted Almin to make a decision, just as Rainer said, hoping that someone would end it all.

6 months ago

Personally, I think that the shaping of each character is very successful, and there is no collapse of the character. The gap and opposition between the Investigative Corps and Allen was caused by information asymmetry. Our audience is from the perspective of God, and we can more or less know Alan’s intentions, but in fact, for the description of Alan’s heart activities and the information he has in his possession, the old admonishment thief intentionally prevents readers and audiences from getting it, and even confuses us. , Even we don’t know Alan’s true intentions now. Therefore, “we” from the perspective of God don’t know Alan’s true purpose, let alone the famous investigative groups. They are even more bewildered in the face of the sudden conflict of world views. It should be noted that “disclosed information” always runs through the entire play, and no one knows what the “case” is until the last episode. Therefore, I think that every character is as successful as ever, lively and full of flesh and blood. Please think from another perspective. If you don’t have “sufficient information”, what will you choose when you enter the world set by comics? To put it another way, you don’t need to enter the comic book world. Please think about your choices when facing an unknown tomorrow in the real world. The world setting of the attack is always centered on the two themes of “information” and “choice”, as is the setting of the “if line” in Chapter 138. When Allen obtained “all the information”, he made the “choice” of sacrificing the ego and regarded death as his home.

6 months ago

Amin, serious ooc. “You can’t say that I will beat me” and “Those who can’t give up do nothing.” These two sentences were both said by Amin himself. In the first three seasons, Amin has always been such a cowardly, but calm, rational and resourceful image. And in the third season, he also defeated his timidity. He was scalded to death by steam and calmly. It can be said that he is the most enlightened idealist in the 104th period. Against the previous Gao Zan’s answer, Amin’s wit’s fall in the fourth season was because of the asymmetry of information, not the collapse of the role. Amin was considered a very mature person in the 104th Investigation Corps, at least much better than his two good friends. Even if Amin loses his information advantage and can’t think of any strategies, he is a calm person anyway? Even being hammered and burnt is safe. As a result, his calmness in the fourth season? He hasn’t even had a fight with anyone in so many years, right? Because Allen fought with a word, do you think this is something that Amin did? I think Amin in the first three seasons will definitely not go up to beat Allen because Mikasa was said to cry by Allen. Alan lurked in Marais for a few years, and went to war without permission. He must have mastered some secrets about giants. Such a precious opportunity for negotiation, your fist is thrown down, and it’s all gone. The real Amin should calmly continue to understand the situation with Allen, negotiate and mediate, exchange views and put forward plans. How about the giant you talked about? Let’s talk about it first. What is going on when half of the talk is about throwing a fist first? Where did the Amin who got into the giant neck and awakened Allen with freedom back then? Now, who is this emotional kid who can’t figure out a way for the purpose of mechanically subduing the plot? I can’t accept the reason that I become indecisive after eating Beckham, and even fall in love with enemy spies for this reason. It’s really like this, that’s jsc feeding shit. Mere memories and feelings are still different, right? ? Shouldn’t it be the same as watching a movie? For example, if a straight woman or gay inherited Beckham’s super giant, and she also felt all the memories of Becky and Ani, then she can follow Ani? What’s more, Beckham is not a weak person in the end. He has accepted the fact that war is cruel and that children’s love will lead to bad things. As a result, Amin inherited the front and did not inherit the back? The latter part has nothing to do with the problem, mainly because of my thoughts about the operation of jsc. I just can’t understand who JSC wants to agree with and who wants to ugly. The Yapai are populist faces, and the Koreans are all incompetent. Allen is still procrastinating now, not knowing what to do, as Jike portrays it as normal. As a result, Jikepai played the least and failed. I don’t understand what jsc is going to do now, is it saying that the story is as bad as reality? Reality is impermanent? The so-called lofty spirit of giving the heart is also vulnerable, and human nature cannot withstand the test? The noble and firm idealist Amin became weak and short-sighted after knowing that the enemy was on the opposite side of the sea; when the brave and upright Marllow charged to his death, he suddenly regretted wanting to fall in love with Xiqi; the second strongest man and the third with olfactory superpowers Mao didn’t show his abilities, he was given away at the speed of light, and he was scared mad before he died (in general combat manli would never arrange this kind of plot)-JSC seems to be obsessed with arranging weaknesses and defects for the characters to make readers more empathetic . I’m not good at evaluating, but I can say that this way of characterizing can completely avoid the story of feeding shit: the head of the group chose the latter in the choice between selfish desires and the interests of all mankind, and the weak Carula thought “Don’t leave it behind.” “I” still sacrificed myself. As a result, Amin didn’t turn back at the turn, and the defects were even bigger, and there was an obvious character service plot-like character collapse. What is this talking about? The core of the giant’s thought is existentialism. I have the courage to use vulgar language to understand the existentialism that JSC wants to express: no matter how noble and rational people are, they are also humans. If they are humans, they are cheap and just do. We can’t really give our hearts to mankind, but we should embrace, accept, Empathize with this incompleteness, and continue to do idealistic loss-making stupid things for this? If this is the case, the giant will change from describing the reality of suffering and war to a comic into a ridiculously absurd comic. All the Yapai Hanpai have the correct discussion. Before, the giant interprets the idealistic spirit and that Alan bears too much. Most of the praises such as the true Ai savior will turn into clown-like slaps-all the altruistic idealists in this comic have no good end, either died or became degenerate; Allen also I don’t want to be the savior of the Ai Clan. He only wants to destroy the world for fun, so it is only natural to be stopped easily in the end. Are you arguing and making fun of you? Alan’s self-centeredness is unreasonable, and he has messed up the world. But this is how humans are! Isn’t that a person? If JSC really meant this, it is conceivable that readers who were deceived because of the wrong positioning would insult the giant. Cough. What’s more, there are many readers whose knowledge of giants is still on the first level of juvenile comics (for example, those who call Ani counterfeit money biss all day long). After knowing that giants are an absurd work that deliberately feeds your shit, their reaction must be the most. It is wonderful, everyone must pay attention to this group of people. Or is it that JSC just wants to create heat and topic discussions without responsibility, and want to watch the audience make a noise about it for fun? This is really the last thing I want to see. Cleverness is the dead spot of expression. I really don’t want the giants and the works that tease readers to be the same. This is really boring. Let’s wait for the final update.

6 months ago

So far, all the members of the protagonist team have collapsed… Allen, Chasing Freedom Chapter 137, 138 (if it’s a parallel world) suddenly fell in love and left Freedom and eloped with her fellow friends and women! ? Is it just because of a confession? Mikasa, Alan Alan Alan’s dream is to take Alan away and live a peaceful life, and then suddenly cut Alan down, without knowing exactly what it was for… Anyway, explain her motives. Don’t make people think about it. what? Mingren, an early-stage think tank, late-stage mentally retarded, did nothing for four years except for attacking the enemy’s thugs. He talked about blasting the core and fell in love with the enemy. In order to save a group of hateful civilians on the island, he killed his fellow classmates and comrades (bald head). You can use your hands, but it’s well known that bald heads are fools who listen to him), violent arguments, “You have killed so many compatriots and cannot be killed in vain”, “You are a good person”, “You are a gentle person”, and blow the bugs out by themselves. Jean Koney then accused Allen of loving hell. Fortunately, 138 saved the captain’s image. It’s a little comfort. The comment section has been closed. Please go around.

6 months ago

Of course it’s clear. Allen’s good brother who had died is now anxious to take the Malai green card. Of course, he took the Malai green card to make fun of him for four years and he didn’t do it. It’s hard to say that a good think tank is as hard as a mentally retarded brother. In order to protect himself against the world, he still wants to blow him up and talk about the fart, but he didn’t talk about it. On the contrary, the hairy children he talked to will be pierced by him. He ate him, and now Alan was blown up by him again. Good guy, then yell at him, tell the world directly. Isn’t that much better than screaming?

6 months ago

Seeing the answers of the young generals, I couldn’t help but sigh for a while. There are no major soldiers in the corps. There are no non-governmental personnel in the official position of Pa Island. Because they can’t think of a way to solve the racial problem, the image collapses. Yeah, if Yang Liwei could not think of it. The way to kill all the spy satellites above China’s airspace, his image collapsed. In the eyes of the young generals, Amin has the responsibility and obligation to put forward solutions to the problem. What can’t be mentioned is whether the collapse of the man-made system is the head of the team. If you don’t come out, the leader will collapse? ! So I have a question. In addition to shouting 666 to Alan, the teenagers have thought of a way? Is this as innocent and true as the group of civilians on Pa Island who didn’t know that the Malai raid was a terrorist attack? And is there no way? Allen’s point is not to sacrifice the queen! ! Not to sacrifice the queen, but also to solve the contradiction between Pa Island and the world, that is, to kill all the enemies and think of the mother of Amin, my god, obviously he is talking about everything except Ellen and Flock A survivor of Mary’s recapture was Sasha, Kone, Jean, Han Ji, Amin, Mikasa, and the captain. All the people collapsed and only Alan stood still! Oh, and Sir Ferguson who happily killed civilians

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