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The answer to this question is very interesting. As the saying goes, the ass determines the head, and everyone basically looks at the Universiade from the perspective of interest. Many people expressed their desire to cancel because they were worried about the unsafe conditions caused by the epidemic imported from abroad, the impact of infrastructure construction on normal life, and the increase in housing prices. I don’t want to cancel the reason. After preparing for such a long time, I have invested a lot of people, financial and material resources. The cancellation is a waste of investment. The Universiade is a rare opportunity for Chengdu’s urban development and to show itself to the world… Although the official rumors are now refuted, it is considered comprehensively and from certainty. According to internal sources, there is a high probability that the Universiade will be postponed for one year. But it is not about to be cancelled, and whether it can be held smoothly next year will also depend on the global epidemic control situation and the international situation. It is difficult to say what will happen to the various boycotts recently. In addition, the cancellation or postponement should not be decided by the International Federation of Sports or Chengdu. It should be decided by the central government. And now an event that has more weight than the Universiade and requires higher consideration is the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics in early 2022. If the Winter Olympics arrangements change, the Universiade will have to be adjusted in all likelihood. If you evaluate the impact of the cancellation, first of all, Chengdu’s hope to use the Universiade to gain this opportunity to go further to the world has come to an end, especially considering that it is difficult to host higher-level large-scale events in the short term. Secondly, in terms of infrastructure, from the perspective of sports, most stadiums and their supporting facilities cannot be fully utilized and lost their initial value. Subsequent use and operation will become a big question mark. It would be too wasteful to be left idle or rarely used; but Some other cities’ infrastructures driven by the Universiade have been basically or nearly completed, such as the reconstruction of the First Ring Road, the formation of Tianfu Greenway Jincheng Park, and the completion of Tianfu Airport. These constructions are not completely tied to the Universiade, and belong to the development of the city itself. Even if the Universiade is cancelled, the impact should be small. Then, Chengdu hopes that the use of the Universiade to stimulate tourism and consumption will also be severely affected, the loss is not small, and the impact on citizens’ lives will be less, and the expectations will be less. For the Universiade organizers and construction parties, and city management departments, Less burden, but no results. Finally, if it is also a serious blow to Chengdu’s plan to create an “international competition name”, Chengdu will successively host the World Games, the Asian Cup (as a competition area), and the World Table Tennis Championships after the Universiade, but the Universiade is among them. The most significant. Now it seems that the possibility of postponement is relatively high. I hope that it will be held successfully in the end while ensuring safety. I hope that Cheng can use the holding of the competition to summarize experience and carefully analyze the actual effect and value of “Yisaiyingcheng”. In other words, I personally don’t have a cold for the Universiade and the Olympic Games. I still hope that Chengdu will host popular individual events like the Club World Cup and the World Cup. That is definitely a profit.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

A sports event and the closure of the largest city in the southwest for one or two months, who is more important? I hope that the Universiade will be delayed until after the Tokyo Olympics. In this way, the “empty sports meeting” without spectators is not so strange, and the residents’ new crown vaccine is almost injected. Anyway, the infrastructure construction is already in safety, and it can’t escape. The domestic epidemic has disappeared. Isn’t it not fragrant that we Chinese can travel to Sichuan freely? I never get tired of going to Jiuzhaigou ten times. Once I went to the panda base, I wanted to settle down in Chengdu. It’s a pity that the people of Sichuan don’t accept me as my son-in-law.

8 months ago

I have always advocated abandoning large-scale comprehensive sports games and developing popular events based on my country’s strong ball games. Regardless of style and sport, modern sports is to a large extent a weapon of cultural output. In the past, we gave up popular ball sports for the Olympic gold medal and vigorously developed niche sports, unpopular sports, women’s sports, etc., which lacked hot competition and less competition. As a result, how is it? Is the performance of the kneeling basketball kids in front of the NBA stars not enough to wake up those who are intoxicated with Olympic gold medals? Facts have proved that most of the Olympic gold medalists give it to the paper output ability, gold absorption ability, powder absorption ability and brainwashing ability. The stars of popular ball games are not worthy of shoes! There are countless people who can treat Portugal’s football stars as treasures. If you ask which Portuguese athlete has won the Olympic gold medal, how many people can answer it? What’s more, with the development of the Internet, the attention and status of comprehensive large-scale sports events such as the Olympic Games are still greatly reduced and weakened. Not to mention the Universiade and the Asian Games, even the Summer Olympics, in the most valuable sports event rankings. It is also far inferior to the World Cup and the European Cup. It has been dumped dozens of streets. It is even far inferior to the Premier League and La Liga in the five major leagues of European men’s football. It is only similar to the Bundesliga, Super Bowl and other events.

8 months ago

For ordinary citizens, cancellation could not be better. Don’t talk about others, but don’t take advantage of the safety of the whole city or even the whole country if you want to get sick. 1. The throat swab nucleic acid test has a false negative probability. 2. The protection of the vaccine is not 100%. Whether it can resist the mutant virus is a question mark. What’s more, the vaccination rate is not high (the vaccination should strictly abide by the principle of voluntariness) 3. Once a cluster of disease occurs, then think about Wuhan, which was controlled by the nation after the military games. Then the population of Chengdu is twice that of Wuhan. In the event of an outbreak, it would be of no avail to drag the responsible unit out and queue for shooting.

8 months ago

According to reliable sources, it seems that it will be delayed for one year. To be honest, when I saw the news the first time, my reaction was, did the American emperor want to use our Universiade again when we saw that the Xinjiang cotton incident could not get us cheap. However, having said that, the delay will definitely have an impact. After all, all kinds of infrastructure that have spent so much taxpayer’s money on are waiting for the Universiade to be held and bring economic benefits. With this delay, various manpower and material resources will be additionally increased.

8 months ago

I guess it should just be postponed. It is impossible to cancel it like this. If it is so cancelled, who would dare to hold it in the future? All the efforts (time + money) put into it in the early stage are all in vain. In fact, the postponement is also good. Although the impact of the new crown on us has become smaller, and many people around us have been vaccinated, not only has it not been contained in foreign countries, but it is still mutating wildly. If someone specifically spoils the mutated virus Bringing in (Imperialism’s heart to perish me has risen a bit recently), this affects the economic development of our country, but it is not worth the loss.

8 months ago

What the hell, I canceled it. Let’s not say whether this document is true or false. Isn’t it clear and clear that the organization that holds the Universiade is called fisu, let’s call the World University Sports League, and the one who sent the document is the Universiade branch usiusf, The document seems to be a notice from the United States to the relevant personnel of the Universiade. The notice said that this year due to the epidemic, it will be cancelled, and it may be done again next year. When the result of the discussion is reached, we will receive the notice and tell you which projects you will participate in. Prepare early for the competition. This should be called postponement

8 months ago

Damn it, happened to have dinner with someone related last night (I just went to make up the count). The president of a certain hospital told the chairman of a certain association that the Universiade had been cancelled and the chairman of the International Youth Association resigned. The chairman of the association called the director in charge of the preparations for the Universiade (the director was the chairman’s teacher, who was the vice chairman of the CPPCC, they were saying that I could not figure it out), and the director said (open public release) Sichuan, Chengdu and even the international The attitude of the Youth Association is not important. The important thing depends on the attitude of the central government. It is estimated that the official letter transmission back and forth is expected to be finalized by April 10 at the latest.

8 months ago

Yesterday afternoon at about 4:30, the teacher posted the picture of the cancellation of the Universiade in the group. The students’ first reaction was that if it was postponed, it wouldn’t be another year to reduce the class time. This semester starts from 2.23, and is closed on 5.15. A total of 10 weeks to complete the original 17-week class, because the government will take over afterwards. Of course, many people thought they were walking rumors, so they decided to wait for the official announcement. The fact is also true, pure rumors. Ask me what I think, my opinion is that we hope it will be held as scheduled. We really don’t want to go from class in the morning to night, and it feels like we are back in the third year of high school. Of course, not only we have made sufficient preparations, but also athletes, volunteers and other people who participated in the Universiade have also made great contributions. If they are cancelled at will, the efforts of others will be wasted. For some people who think that if foreigners come in, what should they do if there is a virus? This is a matter for the government to consider. Don’t worry about it. The minimum requirement must be several nucleic acid tests and isolation for at least 14 days.

8 months ago

Canceling a der, a bunch of people say that canceling is irrelevant. We have endured for so long to rebuild and build roads. We have been shutting down water and electricity and the Internet every day. Just for the Universiade, postponement can be done. If you cancel the rumor, you will all agree. To be honest, it is very distressing for this der. It should not be easy for Chengdu to seize this opportunity. I know it has been preparing since 19 years, and even the requirements for electing volunteers are very high. Anyway, in all aspects, I hope the Universiade can be held smoothly. But the time does not have to be this year. After all, it is really scary. With such a large flow of people, no one dares to make fun of life. If the retreat is held, it will be a pity for the wife, so I support the postponement!

8 months ago

I don’t know what the intent or conspiracy is to spread rumors and create enthusiasm. The dissemination of remarks on canceling the Universiade and linking with the Wuhan Military Games caused separation between the people and mixed the water. Originally, Chengdu was preparing for the Universiade normally, so there was no other statement. Please keep your eyes open and recognize what you shouldn’t do as ordinary Chinese in this era. If Chengdu successfully hosts the Universiade during the global epidemic, China’s international image will be greatly improved, and the world’s modern awareness of China’s anti-epidemic, city image, and government management will also increase. Great changes have also been made in improving the confidence of the people in Chengdu, Sichuan and the Chinese

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