On March 24, the financial report released by Anta Sports showed that the company will achieve a net profit of 5.162 billion yuan in 2020. The 2020 financial report released by Adidas on March 10 showed that in 2020, the company was badly injured by the epidemic, and its net profit was 429 million euros (equivalent to RMB 3.314 billion), which was a 77.6% drop from the previous year’s 1.918 billion euros. Anta has surpassed Adidas. .

From the perspective of market share, the gap between Anta Sports, Nike and Adidas is also narrowing. In the domestic sportswear market, the market share of Anta Sports will increase to 15.4% in 2020, second only to Nike and Adidas at 25.6% and 17.4%. Since 2017, the market share gap between Anta Sports and Adidas has been narrowing, and there is a strong tendency to catch up.

“In the domestic market, we are currently in the first camp with Nike and Adidas, and we have made great progress in 2020. This stems from our efforts in three areas: one is to adhere to a multi-brand development strategy, and the other is that we have a strong The third is that our business model can well match the market demand.” Zheng Jie, executive director and president of Anta Group, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Securities Journal.


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8 months ago

Talk about something other than the financial report. As a marathon enthusiast, I immediately ordered a thousand-yuan pure domestic marathon running shoes. I don’t want to wear a pair of brands that insult Xinjiang Cotton in the next month’s competition. The runner group said that the feeling of this pair of running shoes far exceeds Nike’s next%, and the price is only half of that. In terms of top running shoes, domestic brands such as Li Ning, Anta, Xtep, 361 have made products that are not inferior to Nike, but they still lack a little word of mouth. For domestic brands, this incident is a good opportunity for overtaking on a curve. However, the opportunity is for those who are prepared. Domestic brands have been waiting for these years and have been waiting for these so-called high-end brands to fall into the pit. Sports apparel products essentially rely on IQ tax to maintain high profits. Lack of sufficient technical moats, so the rise and fall of brands are also very common. For example, the British national brand, Umbro. Now it has been acquired by Chinese capital. For example, Reebok, which was a smash hit in the past, was the sponsor of Yao Ming, O’Neal and other superstars at its peak. It is now a sub-brand of Adidas. For another example, the well-known Italian national brand KAPPA has back-to-back logos once all over the streets. Later, Li Ning briefly acquired the agency rights, and now it is in the hands of China Dongxiang Group. For another example, the former football giant Lotto, many football stars have passed through, and now the brand ownership is in the hands of Li Ning. Below, we will focus on Anta in 2009, Anta acquired FILA from Belle. In 2015, Anta completed the acquisition of Spandi, a British outdoor leisure and mountain sports brand. In 2016, Anta invested 150 million yuan to establish a joint venture company to operate the Descente brand. In 2017, Anta acquired 100% equity of Kingkow and related trademark ownership. In 2017, Anta established a joint venture company to operate the outdoor brand KolonSport business in China. In 2018, Anta acquired all the shares of Amer Sports, the parent company of Archaeopteryx. Canadian sports brand ARCTERYX (Archaeopteryx), French mountain outdoor cross-country brand Salomon (Salomon), American tennis equipment brand Wilson (Wilson) are all under the umbrella of AmerSports. Products are all over clothing and footwear, tennis equipment, ski equipment, sports watches, treadmills, etc. For marathon runners, in addition to Salomon (the favorite of cross-country marathon runners) running shoes, Amer also has a well-known sub-brand: Song Tuo. China has 1.4 billion people who have completely lifted out of poverty and gradually become rich. It is the combined population of Europe, America and Japan, and has the world’s strongest consumption power. After satisfying the basic food and clothing, the Chinese people’s leisure, entertainment and physical exercise needs will burst out with huge shocking energy. Therefore, it is a historical necessity for Anta (or other domestic brands) to surpass Adidas and even surpass Nike one day. Moreover, this is only the beginning.

8 months ago

that’s nice! I really hope that domestic products can occupy the main part of the Chinese market, so that the people will truly voluntarily give up the arrogant foreign brands, and save the boycott again and again. This time Xinjiang cotton is a good opportunity. I hope that the major domestic products will compete for some gas! Anta’s net profit surpasses Adidas! I wish the domestic products will be better tomorrow! Heathcliff’s video 151 playback Judging from the point that Anta’s net profit surpassed Adidas, it shows that the domestic acceptance of domestic brands is very high. This is a good trend, but we cannot be proud and must recognize us. The gap with these foreign brands! If you want to surpass these famous foreign brands, you have to look at what aspects of foreign brands do better than us? First, brand promotion. You can see how much Adidas and Nike have invested in advertising, and they are very targeted. There are local superstars in every country as spokespersons. This is how the brand effect is played out, and the income is invested in the early stage and the later stage! Second, the design level. This is undeniable. The designs of foreign brands are all original, and they all pay great attention to the design level, so many of them take the lead in form. Third, quality assurance. A good reputation can only be passed on for a long time. Domestic brands have been improving in terms of quality. I believe this is not a problem, but we must pay attention to excellence. Finally, I wish the domestic products are selling well! Let foreign brands that maliciously slander all guns! First the Chinese, then the consumers! Unity! loyalty! Together!

8 months ago

In fact, it is relatively false. Adidas’s profit fell from 15 billion to 3.3 billion because of the epidemic. And its total revenue is 150 billion. As for Anta, the total revenue is 30 billion, and the main brand, that is, the FILA brand, has only 15 billion revenue (I mistakenly thought it was the Anta brand 15 billion), and then it is only the Chinese market. It is not affected by the epidemic, and the total profit is 5 billion. It’s still relatively false. If there is no epidemic, then Anta’s revenue is still only the profit of Adidas. Of course, what needs to be done is to work hard to increase revenue, and then work hard to increase profits. Of course it is to open up some overseas markets in addition to the Chinese market! For example, Nike is only 100 billion in the United States, but there are also 150 billion overseas, of which 50 billion in China. I don’t understand sports brands either, mainly because I don’t understand sports. I think the current path is the right one, and more support from the Chinese people is needed! If Anta has 80 billion in China and 80 billion overseas, wouldn’t it surpass Adidas? Now this excess cannot be too much. At best, you are considered third in the world.

8 months ago

On the one hand, technology upgrades and design upgrades. Make a few shoes with technical content, find some experts to PK with Nike Adi, first technically curb the fetishism, and spend 20,000 to make a shoe that can’t beat it by 2,000? If it doesn’t work, spend two hundred thousand, two million to make a pair, and see if anyone says that they will lose if they play with domestically-made shoes. Those people like these expensive and powerful ones, the lower the price-performance ratio, the more ruthless it is. If you can’t make money from mass production, you will give out a limited amount, give a few pairs to movie stars, sports stars, and sell the rest at sky-high prices. The high-end shoes are the IQ tax. If you sell them cheaply, those people think they are cheap. industry. Make the design the same as the aliens do, naturally some people are looking for it. Then subsidize low-priced products with high premiums for high-end products, distribute a large number of goods, and cultivate customer habits. Then spend some money to sign big-name sports stars, football, basketball, and sell some expensive and outrageous. Nike Adi can earn it, and you can earn it. Whenever, every family has a pair of Anta, when will Anta become a national brand and become synonymous with sports shoes, that’s it.

8 months ago

Domestic sports brands have a long way to go: 1. Adhere to the development strategy of multi-branding and multi-brand management. 2. Make full use of national policies and obtain policy support. 3. The business model can match market demand. 4. Accurate brand positioning and target the communication crowd. 5. Establish and deepen consumer emotional relationships. 6. Improve independent innovation ability and keep pace with the times. 7. Integrate management and establish a brand image. 8. Improve the quality of managers and employees. The above is simple to say, but how many brands can really do it?

8 months ago

I personally bought six pairs of shoes in 20 years: four pairs of Anta and two pairs of Nike. Anta’s price range is between 200 and 400; Nike has a pair of more than 300 and a pair of 800. At present, I often wear the little white shoes of Nike 800, as well as four pairs of Anta. The pair of more than three hundred Nikes threw ashes under the bed. According to my experience, Anta’s shoes are no different from Nike’s shoes, the styles are not bad, and the price is more affordable. The design level is almost the same, the same material, Anta only needs three or four hundred, and Nike has seven or eight hundred, or even more than one thousand. Nike 300-400 shoes are the kind of bad style, low-end materials, not good-looking and uncomfortable to wear. So you asked me which one to choose? Of course I choose Anta. I don’t need Nike to show off. My personal value doesn’t need a pair of shoes to show off. Therefore, domestic brands such as Anta are better than big foreign brands such as Nike and Adi in my mind, not only because of the recent Xinjiang cotton issue, but because of its quality in actual use, I recognize it very much. It is a pity that under the current prevailing consumerism, many people still rely on things on their feet to show themselves, ignoring the actual strength of domestic brands. Hope it can be improved in the future.

8 months ago

Then I would also like to say something other than the financial report. I am a badminton enthusiast. I have some not-so-poor equipment knowledge. I am fairly familiar with the various product lines of the three major brands. I also have one or two years of sales experience. I was very disappointed when I interviewed the manager of Li Ning’s badminton department for work for hobbies. In the first round, I asked another girl who had interned at Nike what Nike did and what they learned at Nike, as if they were stealing lessons. In the second round, the boss of shoes and clothing felt that I was born with a 985 degree in engineering and was not aesthetically sensitive. The boss of the racket felt that they were not in a shortage of stalls and I had no difference. Later, it seems that few were admitted, because the process of official placement internship is actually being squeezed, and few can really become regular. Second, as a badminton equipment blogger who has some fans on Douyin, in the attitude of being responsible to fans, he said in the video that in general, Li-Ning rackets are easier to shake hands than Uni rackets, but they are more robust and resistant to grooves. The content was verbally attacked by the small heads of Li Ning’s badminton group. Public relations did this, and it was no one. I continued to work as a sideline and kept in touch with Li Ning’s badminton business as a wild dealer. Of course, Not with their headquarters, but with several provincial generations who have been familiar with and cooperated with him for many years. Before the expiration of the contract between Li Ning and Guoyu, Li Ning began to rectify the market. I think there is no problem in rectifying the market, and there is no problem in unifying the price, otherwise the market will be disrupted and it will be very detrimental to the brand. But this price, such as the Fengdong 9000 series, the original price is 2180, and the 30% discount is 1500+. If nothing else, Yonex’s new products, dare not sell this price, otherwise almost no one who knows will buy it again. Clothing, tops 499, shorts 299, after 30% off, about 560, a set of clothes, 560, and this set of clothes after three years, the top may only need less than 200, for example, the clothes of the 18th World Championships, some time ago The selling price is 179, and the original price is also 499. Is this hope that the Chinese people will buy it later? Fourth, the shoe problem has been around for a long time. Shi Yuqi wore blood-stained ball socks and severely injured her foot. Chen Yufei wore her feet full of blood blisters. I heard that Li Ning’s sneakers used to be a designer.

8 months ago

Anta’s brand contributes more than 50% of its profits, and its proportion is declining, and its profit margin is also low. Therefore, the image of Anta’s low-end brand has not changed. Anta’s overall revenue is approximately the profit of Adidas, so Anta has a long way to go as a consumer brand. I didn’t look at the breakdown of the financial report. I don’t know if there are other business incomes. In addition, as a non-Anta user, I have no say in its products. As for how to surpass, there are two ways. The first is to continue the acquisition. Second, the product (I haven’t used it before and can’t talk about it). Third, international sales channels and after-sales service.

8 months ago

I have been thinking about a question these years. Are the words that we thought are famous epigrams, are they right? For example: A healthy society should not have only one voice. For example, what happened today: Supporting domestic production does not mean patriotic. The older you get, the more you think these words are nonsense. Today’s things are not clear enough, these foreign brands will not apologize, the reason is very simple —The roots of others are in Europe and the United States. I will put it here today, unless the European and American countries are right. Xinjiang stops discrediting and apologizes, otherwise Nike will not apologize, Adidas will not apologize, HM will not apologize. Yes, China’s market is very large. Some brands may account for 20%~30% of profits in China, but their roots are in Europe and America. If they succumb to China today, they will lose the remaining 70% of the market, or even Was killed at the national level. Even for Apple, there has been news recently that Apple has expressed its intentions and at least this incident has come out. Most domestic brands have come out to make cuttings and support Xinjiang cotton. Chinese companies may not be truly patriotic, but they can only develop in China. Being patriotic, you can only choose to stand on China’s side. As you can imagine, if one day China and the United States are completely cut, these companies have to choose between China and the United States. Do you think Microsoft will be on the Chinese side or on the American side? Who do you think Apple will stand for? Who do you think the NBA will stand for? There is no doubt that it is the United States, and it must be the United States. Similarly, Tencent will stand in China, Alibaba will stand in China, and Baidu will stand in China. I emphasize here that not all companies are patriotic, but they must be patriotic, and they must stand in China. Therefore, buying domestic products is patriotic. Don’t doubt it. Although you can’t force it, I hope everyone can support domestic products when the price difference between the two is not big. Don’t be biased by those who hold chicken soup every day. Sometimes, the world It’s really that simple

8 months ago

On the surface, it competes with international brands for the right to speak (propaganda wars), but in fact uses this as an opportunity to kill the cash flow of international brands. Many international brands themselves are listed companies, and a lot of information is open and transparent. Judging from public information, the operating efficiency of many international brands is significantly weaker than that of domestic brands (including Zara, which is known for its efficiency, which also exposed obvious problems during the epidemic), but because of its brand inertia, it can still maintain a relatively high operating efficiency. The profit margin received. Because of its low operating efficiency, its cash flow situation is obviously poor. If domestic brands can consume a large amount of international brand cash flow in asymmetrical blows in the wars of announcements in different markets, they are expected to gradually seize industry hegemony by encircling the cities in rural areas.

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