How do you think Wei Ya sold more than 20 million yuan of Xinjiang cotton products in one hour? a On March 26, the well-known Taobao anchor Wei Ya brought goods for Xinjiang long-staple cotton charity in the live broadcast room, and recommended high-quality cotton products from Xinjiang to netizens, including wool bath towel suits, four-piece cotton suits, and children’s underwear. Cotton products.

According to statistics, about 12 million people watched this public welfare live broadcast online within one hour. While popularizing the knowledge of Xinjiang cotton, it helped sell Xinjiang cotton products worth about 23.52 million yuan in just one hour. Wei Ya expressed that she hopes that everyone can truly feel the excellent quality of Xinjiang cotton. In this live broadcast, 11 Xinjiang cotton products were live broadcasts for public welfare, and no fees were charged.

Prior to this, due to overseas companies slandering Xinjiang long-staple cotton, Wei Ya temporarily removed two products in the live broadcast room.

Statistics show that, on a global scale, Xinjiang’s cotton production accounts for one-fifth of the world’s cotton production. One out of every five cotton clothes in the world is Xinjiang cotton. Xinjiang cotton can not only make top-quality textiles, it can also be used to produce renminbi and is also an effective ingredient in skin care products.

At the moment when the boycott and the yin and yang style are arguing against each other, I think Wei Ya’s operation can be described as timely. Instead of discussing violent extreme incidents, it is better to immerse yourself in doing something practical for Xinjiang Cotton. In fact, all walks of life don’t have to be constrained by reposting the circle of friends and lashing out with words. That’s good, but it’s also easy to be tempted by others and illicit. A more impeccable approach is to talk about sales and vote with money. Human rights are not the patent of a few countries, let alone a tool for exerting pressure on other countries and interfering in internal affairs. A few Western countries have assumed a condescending posture, pointing fingers at other countries in the name of so-called human rights. This is a hegemonist mentality at work, and it is also a manifestation of their inner weakness and anxiety under the circumstances of a century of change in the world. And what I want to say is that this incident is just qualitatively different from the previous NBA. In the NBA, as long as you have a small group of people watching, you will be laughed at. This time, after your Xinjiang cotton was boycotted by the West, you were laughed at if you couldn’t sell it. And we won’t be able to sell it? You are making an international joke! A single flower does not mean spring, but a garden full of spring when a hundred flowers bloom. I believe that the live streaming industry, which is already running fast, will surely be followed by more big players from tonight. Behind the orders, there will be a burning Chinese heart. I am looking forward to such a high-speed world.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Most people are patronizing and boycotting certain brands. Today, see which celebrity has made a statement. Tomorrow, see which Nike-burning video becomes popular again. It is undeniable that these can defeat the fire and vent their anger, but what about Xinjiang Cotton? The sales of Xinjiang cotton is the most important thing. Fortunately, someone got to this point. To be honest, if I didn’t watch the Weiya live broadcast, I really don’t know how good Xinjiang Cotton is, there are so many products, and I don’t know where to buy. Thanks to Wei Ya’s charity action, although I didn’t even grab a pair of baby underwear, I am very happy to learn it! What can we ordinary people do with regard to foreign bans? Support domestic products! In the face of an increasingly powerful China and increasingly competitive domestic products, more and more foreign brands have joined the boycott. Yesterday it was D&G, today it is H&M. I don’t know what will come out tomorrow, but we resisted it well. are you coming? Instead of worrying about the outside world, it is better to make yourself stronger. The domestic products in 2021 will be greatly improved both in terms of technology and quality, and there are many choices for daily consumption. We are not being taken advantage of. On this kind of principle-related issues, what we can do as ordinary people is to support domestic products a lot.

8 months ago

Thank you for the invitation. We don’t talk about it. Weiya removed the foreign brands that slandered China at the first time. Now she is actively endorsing Xinjiang Cotton. She is a positive energy anchor. She has been doing what she should do, and she is determined and never Sluggish, it’s worth giving her a big compliment! Support Xinjiang Cotton, Wei Ya is in action! Heathcliff’s video has 13,000 broadcasts ranging from fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic, resuming work and resuming production to helping farmers to alleviate poverty. She and the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Vera Songwe, etc., are the platform for global small and medium-sized enterprises under the epidemic; she Helped Yuan Longping to promote sea rice, which sold out 860,000 jin in 1 minute; she participated in holding a number of live e-commerce activities of “Order for Hubei”, and helped Hubei to guide the accumulated transaction amount to exceed 252 million yuan… “Hefei Red Cross” The WeChat public account released news on July 28: At 00:39 on July 28, the Hefei Red Cross received a transfer donation of 2 million, with the remarks “Qianxun Wei Ya Special Support for Lujiang Flood Rescue”, which is the current city The Red Society receives the highest single donation. As a pure passerby, Wei Ya is a person worthy of everyone to learn from, and she is very clear that she is practicing a fact with her actual actions:

8 months ago

Returning to the benefit of the people should be the famous brand of live broadcast and the direction of future development. Simply cutting leeks will not grow. Strong support. When everyone was resisting, Wei Ya was already doing practical things and doing good deeds. Although I have never bought it, I have always had a good impression of her. She did not charge any fees and removed the foreign brands that slandered Xinjiang cotton. With the help of live broadcast of patriotism and practical actions to sell Xinjiang cotton, she also properly won a good reputation. Regardless of whether someone sprays or acts, I think it is a great thing for the country and the people. If the host with goods can do this without being so utilitarian and with guaranteed quality, then I think it will play a very good role in promoting the development of live broadcasting in the future, and the host can also enjoy fame and fortune with peace of mind. A win-win situation is a great thing, and it must be supported.

8 months ago


This wave is really full of positive energy. The Xinjiang cotton products sold by Wei Ya do not charge any fees and are a live broadcast for public welfare. Promote our own cotton, and finally return it to the benefit of the people. Won the traffic and gained word of mouth. Prior to this, regarding Xinjiang Cotton, Wei Ya temporarily removed two related products during the live broadcast. After reading the comments of many netizens, some people said it was a speculation. Don’t blow, don’t black. I just want to say that relying on their own influence to let more people know that excellent people achieve each other, and narrow-minded people count the gains and losses and question the impure goals of others. Wei Ya gave us a way to support Xinjiang Cotton, and at the same time used all the money earned for public welfare. What is the difference between the person who talks about her hype and the western powers who are full of citric acid on the other side of the sea? Use action to support the video of Xinjiang Cotton’s little Yiliner 1929. In front of the overall situation, first the country, then the individual. Via actions showed how to support our own products while resisting products that discredit our country. And this wave of BCI operation is to put on us the tricks used in Azerbaijan in the past. But what about this? BCI ignores the size of our country. As the world’s largest cotton consumer and the second largest cotton producer, my country’s cotton production in 2020/2021 will be about 5.95 million tons, with a total demand of about 7.8 million tons and an annual gap of about 1.85 million tons. Don’t you need it? We can use it ourselves, and we don’t have to go outside to buy your cotton. Xinjiang cotton is so good, let’s not sell it if we want to buy it in the future!

8 months ago

I’m sitting and watching… Hello everyone, I’m the captain, an Internet veteran, and I’ve been in this field for 9 years. Welcome to talk to me for a long time on topics such as short videos, live broadcasts, copywriting, operations, etc. I didn’t care about writing articles. I’m not busy these days, so I’ll continue to come up. . A head like Wei Ya can combine hot spots and patriotic feelings in real time. It is very smart. Now various media are reporting Wei Ya: on the 26th, the well-known anchor Wei Ya brought goods for Xinjiang long-staple cotton charity in the live broadcast room. Recommend high-quality cotton products from Xinjiang to netizens, including 11 kinds of products made of Xinjiang cotton, including woolen bath towel suits, four-piece cotton suits, and children’s underwear. According to statistics, about 12 million people watched this public welfare live broadcast online within one hour. While popularizing Xinjiang cotton knowledge, it helped sell Xinjiang cotton products worth about 23.52 million yuan in just one hour. Wei Ya expressed that she hopes that everyone can truly feel the excellent quality of Xinjiang cotton. In this live broadcast, 11 Xinjiang cotton products were live broadcasts for public welfare, and no fees were charged. Prior to this, due to overseas companies slandering Xinjiang long-staple cotton, Wei Ya temporarily removed two products in the live broadcast room. There are more KOLs and brands that have hit the sentiments of the Chinese people. For example, since last year, Li Ning and Li Ning have marked “Use Xinjiang long-staple cotton” on the tag, which is very popular: There are also many small and medium-sized businesses in the electronics business community. In support of the use of Xinjiang cotton, there are already a lot of independent designer brands to choose from on a treasure. From everyday styles to niche styles such as JK, Hanfu, Lolita, etc., everything is available. Moreover, these stores can basically maintain new updates 2-3 times a month, with about 20 models each time, and the new speed is not inferior to the big names, and even the fast fashion giants known for their “fast”. The clothes styles developed by these Chinese are relatively more suitable for Chinese people’s body shape and figure. Think about H&M still using Ouma that is not suitable for Asians…Although the quality of domestic products is good, the development is also very rapid, but because of lack of popularity, or Due to the low market acceptance and the continuous squeeze of big names, expansion is relatively limited. Those foreign big-name “sao operations” can be said to be a development “cardio booster” for domestic brands that urgently need to increase their brand voice and market share: From the market point of view, because a large number of users will give up the big names that were once the first choice (At least in the short term), therefore, the long-term market share dominated by foreign big names will begin to loosen, especially in the sports market where big names account for at least 45%: at the same time, this incident has also aroused everyone’s patriotism, “using domestic products” The motivation is even stronger. It can be said that this is a good opportunity for many national brands to occupy the minds of users and expand the market. An intuitive data is that before this incident, Anta bucked the trend and achieved a market value of US$40 billion in 29 years; it took Nike to achieve this result in 46 years. After this battle, the development of domestic brands will be further catalyzed, and the domestic apparel industry chain is likely to accelerate iteration-there will be fewer and fewer big-name foundries, and more and more independent brands capable of producing new domestic products. . This incident allowed us to see the faces of these so-called “big names”: arrogance, arrogance, and standing and standing… However, it is precisely because of their saucy operations that they also gave domestic products a chance of “crazy development”. ; We can expect and believe that the future domestic products will be able to make better results. Finally, although these brands are hateful, I still have to remind everyone: we are boycotting the brand, not all the people who have bought these brands, and the clerk who works in brand stores. Everyone must be rational and patriotic, and don’t make excessive behaviors on impulse and hurt those innocent people… Finally, I still hope that more head KOLs and celebrities like Wei Ya can use this Practical actions to promote positive energy and true national sentiments, super look forward to the rise and ultimate transcendence of domestic products! ! ! May the domestic products continue to be strong, and the country will continue to be strong…

8 months ago

I hope that Xinjiang cotton skin care products will be brought to me soon (no). Until the recent outbreak of the “Xinjiang cotton boycott” incident, everyone discovered that most of the brands that we are familiar with and found everywhere in shopping malls are mostly foreign brands. Once the diplomatic relations between China and foreign countries deteriorate, they will soon turn to other countries. Then why are domestic brands in major There are no traces in the shopping malls. I think both producers and consumers have reasons. On the one hand, consumers naturally trust “foreign” brands more. On the other hand, “Putian” goods are rampant but no cheap and beautiful original products come out. Looking back at the growth of the goddess Weiya, from opening a clothing store, participating in the audition, releasing an album, operating an online store, to live streaming, it can be said that she has tried a lot, and Taobao live broadcast has become her famous reputation. On the main battlefield, there are naturally a lot of doubts in this way. For example, in the previous news meeting with local government leaders, some people ridiculed Wei Ya’s dress and sitting posture, and in today’s news, some people also doubted Wei Ya’s The name of public welfare is hyped. As an amateur model/anchor, I sometimes think about what consumers want from here. Is it just a commodity? Obviously not. In fact, when the commodity economy is highly developed, when the supply exceeds demand, consumers They have a lot of choice, so they are more likely to pay for a value concept conveyed by the host, such as Xinjiang cotton today, and the live broadcast of poverty alleviation products that have emerged in recent years. Everyone is expressing a belief. This has long exceeded the personality charm of the anchor itself. So this also proves that the market behind this is worth developing. Whether it is supporting domestic products or economic internal circulation, what we lack is not sentimental consumers, but sentimental products. Finally, I still quote a paragraph that I once wrote: One day, the era of “domestic goods equals parity, foreign goods equals good quality” will pass. We can also see that excellent domestic designers are growing day by day, and we resist “humiliation”. “Hua” brand will no longer be motivated solely by national pride, but also out of national self-confidence.

8 months ago

Live delivery of goods is an important node of dual-cycle conversion. Last year, CCTV reported that there was a company whose boss was three brothers, who was planning to do a foreign trade for half a year. Unexpectedly, when the epidemic came, the brother three had to go live and sell foreign trade goods to the country. Foreign forces headed by BCI stab my country’s Xinjiang cotton products, leading to a reduction in cotton product industry chain orders. The impact passed to Xinjiang cotton farmers is that no one will receive the cotton that is planted-the factory can no longer receive foreign orders. What about domestic orders? There are domestic orders to make up for the loss of foreign trade share, which can reduce the loss of cotton farmers and maintain the achievements of the industrial chain established by poverty alleviation. Anchor like Wei Ya can well realize the transformation between outer circulation and inner circulation: the list of foreign trade losses can be sold back to the country by bringing the goods in time. I hope that more viewers and consumers will realize the importance of domestic demand to my country’s economic growth in the future. To the best of our ability, every penny we consume is fuel to promote economic growth and achieve a great revival.

8 months ago

It is estimated that someone will ridicule what “wealth code” she has mastered, and attract “patriotic fans” and the like. Ha ha, otherwise? To attract “hate country fans”? If loving China is the code of wealth, then in front of the beautiful and fleshless bones, hating China is also the code of wealth. Since they are all wealth codes, whoever chooses to hate China’s wealth codes, is there any right to mock those who choose patriotic wealth codes? Adults should bear the consequences for their actions. Fame and fortune are the consequences of Wei Ya’s behavior.

8 months ago

Both fame and fortune. I think being a human being: the highest is to harm oneself and others, the most powerful one is to benefit others and oneself. There is nothing wrong with others and oneself. The only thing that can not be done is to harm others and disadvantage oneself. And I know only and selected problems from her live broadcast room. I bought a towel, the big brand Xinjiang long-staple cotton is really cheap! I usually pay great attention to the prices of various things. Some things in her live studio are really cheap and there are many pitfalls. But Taobao Taobao needs to be scoured. Don’t think of her as a good thing recommender, but think of her as an ordinary store. To buy what you need, understand the price, and you are familiar with the brand.

8 months ago

Taking advantage of the hot topic of the traffic outbreak period, it is possible to popularize Xinjiang cotton products and advantages to the people across the country in a short time. It is a very good publicity for Xinjiang cotton and the brand domestic products that use its raw materials.
And Wei Ya herself also gained attention and reputation as an anchor in this live broadcast.
It can be said to serve multiple purposes!

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