In this way, the Nets have an ultra-luxury lineup such as Irving, Durant, Harden, Adelaide, Jordan, Griffin, and Harris. Does the NBA usher in the finale again, as it did in 2017?

Since Aldridge moved to the Spurs in the 14-15 season, the situation is no longer the same as it was during the Blazers. The Spurs, which advocating team cooperation, do not encourage singles. Aldridge’s shots per game have been declining. His most recent highlight should be the 18-19 season. That year, Aldridge may be the last time in his career and scored the All-Star. In that season, he also used more than 51.9% of his field goals and averaged per game. He scored 21.3 points, 9.2 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.32 blocks. His big killer is the stable and basically unblockable CIC. Veteran fans should remember the 13-14 season, the Blazers vs. Rockets series, Aldridge scored 46 points, 18 rebounds, 7 assists and 43 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists in the first two games. There were basically no three points. It’s all CIC. He has a height of 2.11 and a weight of more than one hundred kilograms. After his teammates open up the space, he can often take shots in singles, turning the mid-range into as reliable as shooting from the bottom of the basket. It can be seen that he still has a full range of unsolvable mid-range shots, and perhaps his bounce will slowly decrease over time, but his shooting and technique will not. So, what can Aldridge bring to the Nets? After joining the Nets with Griffin’s basic salary after the buyout, I said, this is a signal, this signal is to tell all the veteran or unwilling players who still have oil in the league and want the last fight: I’m here Yes, you can come. Although the Nets already have three super scorers, it does not seem to need Aldridge’s scoring ability. However, Griffin’s performance in these two games tells us that if Aldridge still has four successful powers, such a technical flow inside the line, under the series of Harden, will let Antetokounmpo, Embiid and the opposite The defensive strategy is quite uncomfortable. Yes, I think Harden will make Griffin and Aldridge bloom again. However, as long as it is a little uncomfortable, Irving and Durant can end the game, which is the point. Taking a step back, the Nets only paid the veteran’s basic salary, and Aldridge paid a really expensive last competitive career stage. I think the players can really feel what he is doing more than us. With such a decision, he can better know whether his decision is worthwhile. Therefore, for this ratio trade, I think that both Aldridge and the Nets are not losing. So also from this, the main lineup of the Nets is basically determined, there is still a forward position, and see what happens. Inside: Jr. Jordan, Aldridge, Nicholas Forward: Griffin, Durant, Joe Harris, Jeff Green, Brown I originally wanted to put it in the center, haha ​​guards: Harden, Owen, Johnson, Dinwiddie When the strength is really strong, it mainly depends on the running-in. There should be nothing to play in the east, and it mainly depends on the west.


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8 months ago

For Ad, he is no longer the All-Star power forward who eats, sleeps and plays the Rockets. Griffin is not a white demon flying in the sky now. Little Jordan is not at the level of the Big Three in the empty city. In addition, other people also have hidden dangers: Durant is injured and Owen is self-willed. I mentioned it before: Harden is considered the healthiest on the team, he largely determines the team’s lower limit. When it comes to the playoffs, in addition to Harden, players of Durant’s level need to stand up when the team is unable to play. The Nets look good this year, but it’s a pity that their reputation is greater than their strength.

8 months ago

It’s said in the news: ESPN reporter Woj reports, and agent Jeff Schwartz revealed that LaMarcus Aldridge will sign a one-year veteran’s basic salary with the Nets. The Nets also have a lineup quota to sign. Adelaide is expected to get a lot of time in the center position. The Nets acquired Blake Griffin and Adelaide in the buyout market. Adelaide and the Spurs reached a buyout agreement before, the Heat was once the front runner of his next home. Aldridge is averaging 25.9 minutes per game this season, can get 13.7 points, 4.5 rebounds, 1.7 assists, and a 36.0% three-point shooting percentage. Perhaps Aldridge can be more comfortable with the Heat, but who can deny that the Nets are the closest to the championship? What? Let’s take a look at what Ade can bring if he gets to the Nets. Offensive end: Those who have seen him play in the Spurs should know that the competitive state will inevitably decline with age, especially for a 30-something insider. But compared to the existing little Jordan and others who lack offensive capabilities, Ad’s mid-to-long range and coping ability can make the Nets’ offense more diversified and more flexible. For example: after his pick-and-roll, outside cut mid-to-long distance, don’t forget that Ad’s mid-to-long distance accuracy is not bad. This also opened up space for the team to attack to a certain extent. Let the team no longer rely solely on the offenses of Harden, Irving and Durant, Ade can also become an offensive point, greatly reducing the offensive pressure of the Big Three. In addition, Ade’s low ability is still there. Don’t forget that Adelaide, who fought with the Morden combination in the West, once played in the low post to the point where Howard had to defend him close at any time. In this case, Nash has more choices in tactical layout. Defensive end: Don’t count on him much in this regard. Those who have watched the game should understand: his inside rebound protection is weak, and the defensive end has been constrained by his innate heart. In recent years, he has grown older and has been unable to keep up defensively in the face of fast-playing teams. On the court, it sometimes feels strenuous and powerless. But it didn’t matter much, after all, the Nets’ offensive vitality was already fierce enough. It can be said to be full of talent. Facing strong insiders in the playoffs, both Ad Griffin and Jordan can resist for a while. Just stand up to the opponent’s inside line and return the rhythm to the Nets themselves. Winning the playoff series is not a problem. Of course, this also depends on the running-in between the Nets’ late stars. Griffin has proved that there is still oil in his tank, although his body has fallen after the serious injury. But the long-distance and organizational skills that have been polished over the years are still there. Adelaide’s inside skills and ability to adapt to the team’s style are no problem. It all depends on how well they are running together. Finally, I hope this Nets, which has gathered many old boys, can do what it wants and win the O’Brien Cup.

8 months ago

Now, the Nets have really become a super battleship. The addition of Aldridge basically made up the last shortcoming of the Nets’ starting lineup, and the inside offensive axis. Together, the players on the team have been selected to the All-Star 41 times, which is amazing. Not to mention the right or wrong of this matter, but in this era, it is commonplace to grow into a super team through trades and forcibly join the championship team for the championship. However, this is not to say that the Nets’ championship is stable, and the rapidly formed giant team won the championship in the first season. In recent years, there is only one Celtic Big Three. The Heat in 2011 and 2015. The Cavaliers failed to win the championship. Therefore, late run-in and injury management are very important. In addition, the Nets’ bench is also weak. Don’t forget that they are as strong as the Warriors. Because of their weak benches, they lost the finals twice. Therefore, it is not without suspense that the Nets want to win. A veteran like Aldridge, seeking a championship at the end of his career is already an easy thing to understand. The atmosphere now is very different from the past. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

8 months ago

It’s normal, because Aldridge is going to play his final role as an inside player and try to support the team on the bench, because Durant and Griffin both have a history of injuries, so if they can’t Persist in the entire season, or that the state of the game in all seasons cannot be fully restored, then it is possible for Aldridge to top some games. Now the Nets also have a substitute inside, outside and inside singles and shooting, these can also give some experience support, in fact, he and Griffin have the same idea, including his positioning in the Nets. This kind of veteran’s bench support. Because from the offensive end, he will not be the main core point. In this season, it’s basically this age. Aldridge doesn’t need to pursue anything else. Offensive shots, confrontations, scoring, and rebounds are all declining. In more serious cases, it’s for the championship, because now Injuries and age are always factors that limit the height of a player. The Warriors also had West back then, and it’s the same. They helped a lot on the bench, including shooting stability, as well as being able to at least act as an inside opponent on the offensive and defensive ends, albeit on defense. Basically there is no advantage, but the offensive end is definitely able to rest and supplement inside Griffin and Durant. This lineup is nothing. It replicates the Warriors. Now it is Griffin on the inside. There are Big Three on the outside and Harris is very strong. The substitute has experienced Green, Aldridge, and some inside young people to accumulate the game. Experience, coupled with the individual ability of the individual, the offensive end must be very strong, defense depends on everyone’s cooperation, there is really no hard-powered defender, but if the offensive is really open enough, there is no good way to limit it. , Just like the Warriors back then.

8 months ago

Isn’t it expected? Aldridge is averaging 13.7 points + 4.5 rebounds + 1.7 assists per game this season, and a 36% three-point shooting percentage. Both scoring and rebounding averages are career lows since his rookie season, and he is about to turn 36 years old. It may even come next year. The data can’t be kept anymore. Ade wants to fight in the last one or two years of his career, and it also proves that the Nets are definitely the first choice in the hearts of veterans without a crown. However, the Nets only added Griffin half a month ago. Griffin’s role and data are not much different from that of Ade. The offensive end is both the team’s tactical supplement type, and the defensive end… Okay. , Anyway, the Nets didn’t want to defend. But whether he can play like this in the playoffs is a problem, and how Durant is recovering is still unknown. There is a rumor that Durant has suffered a serious injury and may be reimbursed for the season. The official news is that he has a hamstring. Torn. If the Nets only have Harden + Irving as the core in the playoffs, it may not be so easy to win the championship. Next, look at the news from Drummond, the Lakers or the Nets or the Knicks?

8 months ago

For the expected signing, let’s put a comment a few days ago in Reggie Perry as the team’s backup center or Jordan’s free and sloppy node. Zhuang Shen is indeed the Nets’ chief scandal, but with Nicholas Clarke With the rise of Ston, Zhuang Shen has become a bitch for the Nets. Don’t look at Jordan’s appearance on the court, but when it comes to key playoff games, I bet 50 cents he will show another look, at least not. Zhuangshen, whose functionality overlaps with little Jordan’s height, is very tasteless. His role will not be much higher than that of little Jordan who is 100% hardworking. And little Jordan has two points that should not be ignored-related households; service ha Of course, if the Nets have the opportunity to sign the Zhuangshen, they will be able to sign. It can’t supplement themselves. It’s a good thing to weaken the opponent, but it’s unlikely to sign with a mini-middle class or an injury exception. It’s too expensive. For the basic salary, let’s talk about Adelaide if he loves it or not. His tactical effect is very high, at least one level higher than Griffin. Griffin’s greatest use: taking responsibility for holding the ball in the low post and giving Harden more. During the rest time, it is best to eat Harden’s regular rest time. He staggered the use of the main lineup, and the effect is better. Ade, I have to talk about the Nets’ offensive tactics. The Nets’ offensive tactics are very simple: 1. Pull Open superstar singles; 2. Give the ball to Harden; 3. Pick-and-roll. For 1, Ade does not drag the space. For 2, 3, Ade can participate, and the offensive end can be seamlessly linked. Think about it, the big man who gave Joha and Harden the pick-and-roll is a man with a basket. This would be terrifying. Ade can not only bring a substitute, but also match the starter, the size can protect the frame, and what kind of bicycle is needed. Griffin was pressed for several games before playing, and if Ader can play, he will immediately get a chance to play. There are not many games left in the regular season, so you should practice more tacitly in the pick-and-roll

8 months ago

In a word, Harden is the cornerstone, Owen is the killer, Durant is the death, and everything else is the icing on the cake.
The fortune is where everyone expects it. Everyone knows that the Nets are the easiest to break through in the East, and the Heat cried out in the toilet.
I hope Ad, Griffin, and Jordan can make the finals once. Letter brother stay.

8 months ago

The Nets are the favorites in the championship, but the mid-term transaction is particularly quiet. They have empty middle-class contracts, injury exceptions and Dinwiddie’s high-quality bargaining chips, but have not made any moves. That means the Nets are very certain that they will definitely judge players. Find a player they like in here. In fact, they did it. It can be said that the Nets’ strategic goals have basically been achieved. Why is it basically reached, because the Nets still have a free position in their hands, who knows which fierce player they will accept? Now the pressure is coming to the Nets. If they fail to win the championship this year, they will become the No. 1 group in NBA history and will become a typical case that lasts for the last 5-10 years. Of course, if you win the championship, everyone will get what they want. Duhaou’s historical status, high-priced endorsements, whitening and black spots; giving Lifen, the championship ring that Ade is struggling to pursue; a group of basic salaries have been given to the new team The opportunity to be fattened.

8 months ago

First of all, this is the newspaper group. . Now Jamie likes to bring rhythm, all kinds of replies: This is not called a group. What’s more, redefine the newspaper group. . Ha ha. . Has anyone said that this is not a group report? ? Second, this shows us Harden’s great appeal. . Harden went to the Nets and we all saw it with our own eyes. At first everyone thought the Nets had obvious weaknesses and the Big Three were incompatible. . As a result, Harden broke into the sky. . Then whether it is Griffin or Ade, the Nets are not their first choice, and no rumors have spread. . As a result, Harden made the Nets a super strong team by himself, completed a super reversal, and successfully recruited Griffin and Ade. . Even Drummond, who is determined to go to the Lakers, has been rumored to have the Nets in the trading scandal. . This is Harden’s role. Really awesome. Third: The final result depends on Durant’s injury. .

8 months ago

The Nets’ basic set is still at Harden’s point guard, as long as Harden’s record in the Nets is definitely OK. Irving determines the Nets’ lower limit of offensive tactics. When tactics cannot be played, they need to attack and score. Irving is the Nets’ best choice. Harden becomes a point guard. With Irving in Harden, he no longer needs to consume a lot of ball power to concentrate on scoring. Irving is very strong. Really confirming the upper limit of the Nets is undoubtedly Durant Durant is the strongest champion contender in the Nets this year, so back to the question. Even if there is little Jordan Ad Griffin, there is only one inside ball for the three former giants. When you have three cores, these former inside giants can’t reach the level of the year, but their experience and beliefs are indeed not ordinary roles. Players can be compared to the entire Eastern Conference. Apart from the 76ers, I don’t see anyone who can have a chance to beat the healthy Nets. Even though the Lakers I like are a bit difficult to play against this Nets. After all, this Nets offense is too rich and powerful enough to offset it. Defensive weakness

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