After reading all of Mr. Li’s picks and the story line of Mr. Li’s story line created by the goose, it’s not difficult to find that Mr. Li is a type that is easily moved by people next to him. The standard cold noodle sweetheart is very nice as long as he becomes a friend, and he does things. They work hard, have a good temper, and are very reliable (as long as they don’t let him go on stage). Like an ordinary social animal, he works hard to live/ earns earnestly/ teaches Chinese carefully/ socially fearful and talkative/ enthusiastic but still single. It is also obvious in the show that he himself has no desire to debut, and his face is written that I want to escape but can’t escape. The show team (after seeing the popularity of Mrs. Li) even coaxed and finally can only impress this by taking photos (So ​​cheating) man. But Yigong can also see that once there is a team, the teammates work hard, and the character of the team members is slightly better (hope that Mr. Li will not encounter ljx, smm in the future), he will unconsciously follow his efforts and do not want to drag their dreams. , Even if I don’t have the dream of singing and dancing, I will try to integrate into it. It’s very sweet. For example, there are already free exams in the group work. People who can choose to leave at any time. Look at the other people in the group and check the information together. Make arguments in the form just because you don’t want to delay them. This group is the least favored. Basically all members are scripts used to sacrifice to the sky (the goose does not). After seeing Huizi Xingyang’s hard work, Teacher Li began to cooperate with the hard work and gradually became harmonious (or even take the initiative) Go and let go without any deterrent words). But you can also imagine how the children in this group would be cut badly without Teacher Li (obviously they are not sweet children who are super sweet). Teacher Li is pretty good, with eight pack abs, sings not out of tune, dances with coordinated limbs (except for grabbing, good guys are dancing and sprinting off work), professional expression control is like a catwalk model, people who have no experience in singing and dancing in the past. Tian can be trained to be like this, not to say that Teacher Li has cultivated an almighty idol. As for whether Mr. Li can make his debut, I don’t think the probability is high. It still depends on who his teammates are (Zandori Maru and Liu Yuboyuan are good, I want to see them use their blood to force Teacher Li to sing and dance). It is also good for teachers and passersby. More bamboo shoots. But at least for now, Teacher Li can’t escape. Not to mention, I went to vote for Teacher Li at the VIP.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Haha, anyway, I voted for him every day. I didn’t even watch the show. I just watched the up master at Xiaopozhan. I was too happy to see Tucao Li. The possibility of debut is extremely low. Our small goal is to keep second. It’s better to go out for a foreign affairs and engage in a road show. He thought he would be pulled up and danced by his brothers before dawn. He said he couldn’t do it. The brothers said, brother Li, you can give Lao Tzu to work. 996 lol

6 months ago

To be honest, I think he is so funny! I have a rebellious ideal and let him continue to experience the hard life of social animal 996 for a few more rounds! From a rational analysis, I feel that the probability of Mr. Li’s debut is not very high. After all, he is an amateur and has not many fans on Weibo. He is tens of thousands of miles away from the reserve idols who have a strong fan base. Moreover, he is still very depressed, and he is absolutely not willing to take the draft as a clock in to work. He has no enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. I feel like Mr. Li will not be very interested in singing and dancing on the stage. 80% of them will always paddle and fish. If he can be lazy, he will be lazy. He has not received professional training. In addition, he is too much in foreign groups. If I can fight, it is difficult for Teacher Li to get his head (cover his face) But! There is a case in everything. Mr. Leiluxiu has injected fresh blood into the script for drafting trainees. I have seen the Great Devil’s design, the Kuha offering to the heavens, the True Emperor’s design, and the real emperor’s design. The grassroots counterattacked the character design, but I have never seen the Zangbi social animal set hahahahahahaha, Mr. Li is really too much like our ordinary social animal, loves to eat and suck cats, e-sports, long-legged beauty, and has no interest in drafts and debuts. , I can play for a while at work, and I look forward to being brushed down and returning to my original life every day. This kind of personality is really too attractive. I have developed a strange and perverted rebellious psychology towards him, good guy, if you want to run quickly, I’m not, I want you to stay for a few more rounds and suffer a little more. Tickets, Lelouch will debut tomorrow hahahahahahahaha, don’t forget to support the rebellious Lelouch of our Buddhism and generate electricity!

6 months ago

How should I put it, thank you goose, thank Chuangsi, for introducing me to my wife, husband and son, but also to help me find my half-brother from a foreign country. He has worked well, he gets off work on time, and his Weibo followers are all beauties. Yes, he is today’s protagonist-Lilu Xiu. My brother has settled accounts. I stayed up late to endorse, bald and short-sighted, decadent and fleshy. How can I let him go home and raise a cat to see beautiful women? I must urge him to become more outstanding. I will give him an empty bottle so that more people can know him. (Vote for him); I want to do statistics for him, let him have more shots (not let him be lazy); I want to support him, let him study and progress on the island (work, work, work). Come on and hit the workers! Come on, Lee Road repair! Sister-in-law, I will take care of you. When you come out, you will find that the world has changed.

6 months ago

Perhaps there will be enough topics and enthusiasm at present, and the crowd of passersby is already relatively huge. Moreover, this passerby started to vote together in the last week, and he has already been sent to about 30 people. The ranking continues to improve and will continue to bring discussion and heat. There are a lot of people in the orange, but there are not many big people. His shortcomings are obvious, and he is a vegan. Even if there are big brands, they don’t know who to contact, because they cannot communicate with the players during the program, except through the program group, but through the program group, the selectivity and cost will become much larger. Fashion and trend will be the label of Mr. Li, and this label is very valuable. If you are attracted by a big brand and just throw in some money, you will basically make a debut, let alone impossible. The passerby only needs to send Mr. Li to the finals, and finally spend a few million to buy a debut position. As you all know, Mr. Li has followed 1,000 beauties on Weibo, and I don’t know how many beauties have been added on WeChat. Who knows how many rich women will come out of this in the future? I won’t be surprised when Mr. Li’s oranges become crazy one day. If in the end it is not seen by the big brands, you can basically only lead Wang Ju’s script. After a wave of hot topics, the ranking will lose the chain at a critical moment. Some people will say, Teacher Li wants to get off work and wants to go home. There is a premise here, because he doesn’t think he can form a group at all, so he can only experience life. If he could compete to form a group, he would not want to get off work or go home! Because he makes his debut in a group, he will have more opportunities to shoot his favorite fashion movies, and he can be handsome and cool every day! Some netizens also said that Mr. Li is more like 101 Yang’s script. Here, I will recognize a Yang fan. The difference between the two scripts is quite big, because after the announcement of the first public ranking, Yang can already see that he has captured the group position. So I have been doing self-absorption fans, but the more black fans and scolding accumulate later in the season, she became cautious in the later stage, but the plate accumulated in the early stage is large enough to be close to the popularity fault. And Mr. Li’s current popularity disk is still climbing, and it is impossible to predict where the ceiling of this plate will be. If you can enter Class A by relying on the popularity disk, then the final will be good! There are many images of the crowd that Mr. Li can represent. Young people experience life more, dare to challenge themselves, and are not afraid of hardship (saying that they don’t like it, the body is really honest). There are too many young people who have been drawn by their parents since they were born. They have been studying and entering school, but there are few who dare to abandon their comfort zone to challenge themselves. Teacher Li also represents this group of people, allowing young people to see that you You should step out of your comfort zone, challenge, and experience the things you think are impossible! Maybe someone would mention that Teacher Li didn’t work hard, this melon might be laughed to death if it was smashed, and no one could say that he didn’t work hard just because of his language ability! People who speak Russian as their mother tongue, teach foreigners to the island country, Japanese and Chinese are good, do not work hard, how many foreign languages ​​can be added? How many people can believe it? On Weibo, it was said that Mr. Li’s dream was to raise a cat, but that was just ridicule. I want to do fashion design and create my own brand. Can participating in the creation camp also be regarded as a big step towards your dream? This dark line represents that young people must work hard, dare to dare to fight, and take practical actions! Surpassing the younger sister means that birth cannot determine the future, and strive to challenge and change destiny! Therefore, I think that if Mr. Li can enter the top 15 in the ranking after the second public, he will basically still be very competitive. If he can’t make it, then passers-by will basically reach the ceiling, and there will be no chance of debut. Finally, add one more. Men’s groups are idols. What kind of idols does the country need? The idol men’s group that meets the characteristics of the national conditions is not just singing and dancing on the stage, it can represent young people and set an example for young people. So, don’t let the teacher break down by dancing. The 101 selected are those with the characteristics of the national conditions. The creation of 2019 is the singing and jumping type. How many rooms have collapsed? Chuang 2020 shrank to seven, because idol groups that can only sing and dance are not popular in China! Including those from T9, they all have their own groups, what the original group is like!

6 months ago

No, I don’t have enough strength, and I don’t have strong capital. But I just want to vote for him and let him get promoted. Hey, I just want him to leave home a little bit every time, but I just can’t get home. You can vote for me. With one vote, Liluxiu continued to learn to sing and dance. Let me help you see the beauty you are following. Every carefully selected photo in his Weibo is the reason why he can’t go home. Haha, after last year’s clay sculpture powder, a new term appeared. , Wicked fan

6 months ago

Uninvited, improperly deleted ~ The chance of debut should not be great. After all, as everyone knows, Mr. Lei Lu Xiu was only used by the goose to make up the number hhhh, but I really don’t want him to go on a round trip. I want to see if he wants to go out. I can’t get out again…By the way, I don’t know if there will be staff who care about Zhihu. If I can see it, I hope Mrs. Li will participate in the spin-off program Different Dimension. I really want to watch him kill the werewolf and don’t want to use his brain, but Also forced to speak every round under the attention of the public, or because of perfunctory being regarded as helpless by wolves (inexplicable can think of Teacher Li’s hopeless expression hhhh) of course, and finally forced to run for survival in order to survive But I went to see Mr. Li’s Weibo, and I feel that there are not many fans. Please follow him on Weibo and vote for him! You one vote, I have one vote, Mr. Li practises singing and dancing every day!

6 months ago

Now I think there may be a chance, but the chance is not great. Nowadays, many people may have some scattered votes. In the later stage, the number of votes that can be cast becomes less. The show fans will still vote for their own picks, and they will buy milk in the later stage. It requires investment, so it feels not very possible. The dividing line supplements the answer. but! I saw his cut! This is too funny, just like me, a worker who doesn’t want to go to school and doesn’t want to go to work, and deliberately speaks Chinese badly as the first person in self-explosion protection. If you don’t say anything, I will go to vote. Teacher Li can’t take a round trip! Give me overtime! The dividing line is added again. Bamboo shoots, I don’t know what’s wrong recently. I don’t want to pick anyone anymore, I don’t want to watch the show, and I don’t want to watch the stage. At most I just want to see cut like this. Now all I remember is to vote for Teacher Li. What’s wrong with just wanting to vote for him even at 1pick. Supplementary answer. Teacher Li! Top stream! If he has reached the top, the goose will definitely keep him in the finals. The 300 show fans on the whole network & the huge passersby will choose which one! Teacher Li is the light of the popular election! Anyway, I didn’t watch the program after Mr. Li left, and I didn’t vote for it. Supplement the answer again. Good guys uu, our bamboo shoots were actually scolded, good guys, let me see which really wicked ex fan is, good guys, I thought it was the most peaceful group, but they are still being scolded, yes Which brother’s fan is jealous like this, and what is true wickedness? I wish I have been squeezed like this, I will directly greet you with your radius of ±9

6 months ago

I’m sorry, he doesn’t have such a worldly desire, he doesn’t want to make a debut, he just likes working out to see beautiful women. His dream is to raise a cat. He is just a hit worker who was temporarily pulled in five days before the preparation of the show. Hahaha, finally added that Liluxiu is the Chinese teacher of two Japanese players.

6 months ago

I think there is a high probability of debut. The main reason why Mr. Li can’t make his debut is not Mr. Li and his fans, but the goose. Teacher Li’s debut is a story about a poor foreign boy who had no chance in his home country and traveled across oceans to China. By chance, he was loved by the Chinese people and changed his destiny to the pinnacle of his life. Mr. Li is the biggest commercial product created this year, even if he doesn’t make his debut, the goose will be caught in his own hands. Is Mrs. Lee suitable for his debut? I think it fits. Whether this group has a teacher Li appearance fee is different. Teacher Li is easy-going, good-tempered, strong in execution, strong in learning, and responsible. The Chinese is very good. The foreigners in the group are responsible for the Chinese language, which is suitable for group formation. Singing and dancing are almost irrelevant. Teacher Li is responsible for drainage, and other members are responsible for talents. Debut is better for him personally and for the group. Teacher Li’s debut can also suppress Ai Hui’s right to speak. Is Teacher Li’s own wishes important? I don’t think it is important. He may start to be confused and don’t know what’s going on. As long as someone breaks it open and tells him, no one dislikes the house ticket. Is it better to be a celebrity than to be an internet celebrity? Does the power of fans matter? I think it’s not important. With his current attention, there is not enough data to give him a mid-debut position. Others have nothing to say. Besides, he has fans. As long as you slowly be happy with some of them, arrange a teammate for a few shots to talk about their debut. Fans naturally followed Li as soon as they saw that Mr. Li was motivated.

6 months ago

If you are not a foreigner, you may really make a debut. After all, there are 7 domestic picks. Currently, there are no 7 people who are particularly eager to pick. He is different. The rebellious psychology comes and many people just want to vote for him. He uses the current shoot. The amount of silk can really rush out of the way. However, he is competing with foreigners for the four debut positions. There are too many foreigners, and he is really incomparable. (Even if he can’t make it out, I will continue to vote for him to keep him in the finals, and the workers should work overtime for me as soon as possible! Don’t leave work!)

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