Then tell me a story, a self-made story. In my senior year, I was postponed because I failed to complete my courses. Indeed, I didn’t have enough credits. Why did I graduate? The school didn’t clear the exams, only retakes. At that time, I blamed the teacher, why didn’t I let me go. I complained about my parents. They chose this major. I didn’t like it at all. I complained about the school. Why did other schools have clear exams, but our school did not. But at that time I never faced myself squarely. The reason why I postponed was because I didn’t study and didn’t work hard. I shouldn’t blame anyone. In the last semester of my senior year, I took a part-time job at the supermarket and worked as a network manager in an Internet cafe. It was just because I didn’t tell my family about it. My family thought I was already working and I couldn’t ask for money. Of course I also kept it from my girlfriend at the time. At the end of the fifth semester, several things happened one after another. First, my best buddy in university was tricked into MLM. After he believed, the first person to lie to MLM after entering the MLM den was me, but Fortunately, it is the Southern MLM. If you are interested, you can check it. The 1040 Sunshine Project does not restrict personal freedom, so I ran out. The second thing is that I wanted to find a job with a professional counterpart. My classmate was in that unit and he could go to work as an intern if he didn’t have a graduation certificate. After getting the graduation certificate, he became a regular employee. However, after he went there, someone else was on top of him. The job hunting fell through. The third thing is that my girlfriend at the time discovered that I did not graduate. No matter how I discovered it, I discovered it anyway. At that time, if I use stocks to describe it, I was not a junk stock with a green light. It is a junk stock that may be delisted at any time. She can’t see the future from me, so it is understandable to break up. In the end, it’s not a problem, because there is still a subject after the postponement for half a year, and it will be postponed for another half a year, so you have to keep hiding from your family. It is very sad. It is impossible for you to have no contact with your family at all. . Several things rushed together, I was about to collapse, really about to collapse. At that time, I thought about suicide. An optimistic person like me thought about suicide, but fortunately, I was still optimistic enough, so I survived. In the shared house less than 10 square meters, I lived for another half a year, and continued to do odd jobs day and night. The summer in the south was 35 or 6 degrees or even hotter. Without air conditioning, I survived, graduated, and signed for the original. My company called and they said that I could go to work. I didn’t know how happy I was at the time. That year, I had a lot of gray hair, and the people I lived were not like humans or ghosts, but my heart became extremely tough, which caused me to quit my job and take the three-step postgraduate entrance examination, and in the end I didn’t understand it. I have the courage to go to the exam when I have nowhere to ask, and I have passed the first exam plus the re-exam. Now I am in the second study, and my current mentality has been tempered, and I am almost fearless. This is my story, the story of a junk stock on the verge of delisting.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Bare remarks. I have experienced three naked resignations, and each time has changed my attitude in life. The first time to resign without permission was in 2017, when I was unemployed for one month. My mindset changed from “finding a good family to resign” to “naked resignation doesn’t seem to be a big deal?” This is the first time my attitude has changed. The second naked resignation was in 2019, and I was unemployed for three months. My mentality changed to “It’s so cool to say naked words, take your time to find a job.” The third time to resign without permission was at the end of 2020 and was unemployed for two months. My mentality has changed to “Looking for a job, don’t you want to stay at home? I don’t want to go to work.” These three mentality changes have allowed me to complete the mentality change that I should have completed at least five years ago. This is not a job, nor Not loneliness, but timidity in life. I worked after graduation, and I have always believed in the Internet. The thinking that people say is that it takes at least three years to work in a company, and don’t quit naked if you don’t find the next home. There is no guarantee. The platform is very important. , How to embody the ability to be appreciated by the leader and so on. At that time, I didn’t appreciate the nature of part-time work, thinking that if I resigned naked, crossed the industry, and cut the salary, the sky would fall. The sky will not fall down. Moreover, after experiencing the magical second half of the 10s, sometimes not working but saving lives. The deaths of Pinduoduo employees, as well as all kinds of news about suicides of workers, are endless. Even students who are not working have committed suicide. After experiencing the naked resignation, I found out that in the rest period after the naked resignation, what do I need to pay? I will pay for food for a few months. After I entered the bare resignation, I began to consume downgrades. I cook at home every day. The food cost is less than 1,000 a month. I bought a house before the house price soared, and the mortgage was only 3,000 a month. . Because there is not much consumption in normal times, there is always a deposit. For the first time in 2017, there were only 6,000 left in the card. I didn’t panic at all. I felt that there was definitely no problem in my heart. It turned out later that it was no problem. Work is still available, and things are not that bad at all. The anxiety I imagined was created by myself. When I walked out the door, the pace of the outside was slow. The most important thing is that this kind of life experience after bare resignation can refresh one’s understanding of the gap between theory and reality. The most important thing is that when you encounter something that is very different from your cognition, you will start to doubt the theories you have heard before. If you lie flat once, you will not be afraid of frustration. , Because really, many things will not destroy you. Think about it, if those workers or students who committed suicide, when they were expelled or did not meet the academic standards, they thought of “expulsion?? You can go on vacation again, hahaha” or “failed? They never failed to pass school.” It’s the same as when I was a kid who had never been beaten by the seven wolves of my father. Isn’t that still called reading? Isn’t that incomplete?” After the bare resignation, I walked out of the whirlpool of “life can’t go wrong” and said to myself The requirements are no longer so demanding. People from the outside are demanding of you. You will be stressed and uncomfortable, but you can’t be so demanding of yourself. If you do PUA yourself, who else in the world understands you and cares about your feelings?

6 months ago

For a while, my work was messy and messy, and a clip from “Love, Death and Robots” often appeared in my mind: Qi Ma destroyed all the advanced equipment on his body and returned to his original state-a small who only cleans the swimming pool. robot. When this clip always appeared in my mind, I gradually realized my problem: the current work is too messy, which distracted my attention and made me unable to concentrate on doing what I like. After deeply realizing this, I finally made up my mind and quit the high-paying job. Later, although my salary was reduced, I was able to concentrate on doing what I liked again, and my happiness in life improved significantly. Now I look back and I found something more valuable. For a long time, watching dramas has been a pastime for me. After watching it, I almost forgot about it. “Love, Death and Robots” is one of my favorite American dramas. There are 18 stories in it. I can recall less than three stories now. However, from time to time, there will always be some fragments in my mind. I recalled them at a certain stage in my life, and they actually reflected my situation at that time. Maybe it’s emotional crisis, life confusion, or facing a major decision, etc. If this clip is always hovering in my mind, it represents my pursuit. Knowing the above, I know how to break through my predicament-they are the voices from the bottom of my heart, and I should follow my heart. Reading is also a truth. After reading the book, all that remained in my mind were fragments, and it was difficult for me to retell the entire storyline in its entirety. For example, I really like Haruki Murakami’s “Colorless Tasakisaku and the Year of His Tour”. All I can remember is the protagonist Tasakisaku. Whenever he is frustrated, he always buys a cup of coffee and sits on the wooden platform on the platform. On the chair, quietly gazing at the people coming and going; my love of life-Camus’ “The Outsider”, I have no fragments that I can even recall. The only thing left in my mind is the protagonist’s sense of being out of the way and playing in the world. However, it is such a piecemeal thing that has an incredible impact on my life. Sometimes, it even directly changed the direction of my life. Many people say that they always forget after reading a book, so they feel slack. In fact, this is because his purpose of reading books is still at the “recitation” of the student days-it is good to memorize it. He believes that the criterion for evaluating the quality of reading is whether you can remember the whole story. But where I have seen it before, an important criterion for evaluating the quality of a work is whether you will think of a certain fragment or a sentence from time to time after you have read it. If a certain fragment inadvertently breaks into your mind ten years later, it means that the work is somewhat successful because it has empathy with you. You see this work is also meaningful, because you have empathy with it. What I want to express is that at a certain stage in your life, you may repeatedly recall a certain fragment in a certain novel or movie you have seen before, why do you recall it, what does it imply, and what it thinks Where is it leading you? The things behind this are really important and worthy of our exploration. As for what the novel or movie is about, that’s trivial.

6 months ago

I am studying business management. I have always felt that there are many small and medium-sized enterprises under marketization. After studying business management, I should have a good chance to find a company I like… After graduation, I have successively served as the personnel director and office of many small companies. The director… deals with people every day, human beings are so sophisticated, you fight with me… alas! A carelessness is a trouble…I have changed three companies in five years, and I feel extremely depressed. One day I went to the Shanghai headquarters for a month of training. Before the plane took off, I chose a seat by the window so that I could look at the scenery outside the window and relieve the boring journey. Approaching Shanghai, the plane was hovering in the sky and was about to descend. At this time, an old man next to me enthusiastically wanted to change seats… I look at him. He is in his 60s. He speaks unsatisfactory Mandarin and can’t hear me. Where is the person… Seeing that he is not young and full of eager eyes, I changed seats with him… Looking at him eagerly looking out the window “I saw, I saw… I saw the building below… …” I couldn’t help asking, “The old man is here for the first time?” The old man said embarrassedly, “Yes, it’s the first time, I really want to come early. I heard that Shanghai is big, delicious, and fun…” The joy of “I was moved instantly… I couldn’t help but talk to him about Shanghai’s special cuisine, local customs, and tourist attractions… The old man likes it very strongly. He strongly asked for my phone and said he would invite me to visit Shanghai… I said I only have one month. I’m here for training… After I got off the plane, I plunged into the busy work and study. The things on the plane had long been forgotten. One day at noon on Friday, I received an unfamiliar call and hesitated to pick it up. It’s OK, it turned out that the old gentleman invited me to go shopping and eat snacks… Saturday and Sunday are fine, so I made an appointment with him at noon on Saturday, because the address he said is not far from me… I followed in advance on Saturday morning. The address was in the past, it turned out to be the gate of a large enterprise, and the guard said his name and phone number, and the guard hurried in with him. I was dazzled for the first time in my life along the way… Tomatoes grow like a tree in the water, with tens of thousands of tomatoes growing on it. It’s spectacular, what vegetable lettuce, Shanghai green… They all grow in rows on the lake. …It subverted my cognition in an instant… shouldn’t these grow in the soil? ? The old man was very happy to see me (this old man turned out to be the chairman of the board, a Taiwanese, this company is an aquaculture company, and many of the pollution-free fruits and vegetables in Shanghai are produced here…) introduced me to them, and I am very happy. If you are interested, call out the technical experts and give me popular science. I am busy first, and we will set out to explore Shanghai in about an hour… I instantly like the various landscapes of water aquaculture and design. When I am eating and playing with the old man in Shanghai To tell me what I like, the old man said very generously, “Young people learn more, a good thing. If you have time, go to the factory to study. Let me explain… However, if you want to learn, you must study seriously! The old gentleman said to me seriously. …” Looking at the serious eyes of the old man, I firmly said: Definitely! In this way, I studied aquaculture and design with my heart, and became an excellent designer. One year later, I switched to a landscape design company and became an excellent engineer. My life has never been simple, true, and orderly… …No longer fighting with each other, people fighting with each other…to live every day quietly. I am very grateful for the help that the old man gave me and the words he said to me…I really appreciate it! Because he changed my life…

6 months ago

It’s a change of attitude in life. Before I was in junior high school, I always thought that life was to get married and give birth to children in elementary school, junior high school, high school and university, children to marry and give birth to children in elementary school, middle school, high school and university, and grandson to marry and give birth to children. One day during the summer vacation after graduating from junior high school, I went to play on Gulangyu Island in Xiamen by myself. I met an old grandmother who was talkative and talkative. Although I never knew her, I always thought that this old woman was the enlightenment of my Three Views. I can’t remember the details of the specific chat, but I was very impressed by her philosophy. First, this world is huge. Each of us is an independent individual. No matter what other people do or commit sins, as long as this person has never disturbed others, we should not judge others from the commanding heights of morality. Second, there is a lot of turbulent information in this world. You should listen to your own inner choices instead of “I regretted this when I was dying.” Third, life can actually break out of the cycle that I think. Everyone can only live once. Life span is only 100 years. If you remove the first 20 years you are receiving education, after removing the 20 years you are exhausted, you will be exhausted in the middle. There are still 60 years, or 40 years, and many things are not too late. I have thought of her feelings in these future times. For example, when I “will it be too late to do xxx at this time”, I will subconsciously convert how long I can live, and I will be motivated in an instant. For example, when I encounter unhappy things, I don’t think there is anything too depressing when converted to a macro perspective. For example, if I make friends, I will be very serious about business, but I won’t pay attention to whether she/he ignored me in the past two days. It can be regarded as a change in my attitude towards life, at least now my own life is very vigorous, and it has brought my friends, colleagues, and bosses a very vigorous and positive influence. I remember that Ye Xiu in “Full Time Master” once said to Qiao Yifan that “change is indeed difficult, but the result is worth the risk.” In fact, we are still very young and we all have a bright future.

6 months ago

It should be patriotic, right? Before 2010, I was only 20 years old and just went to college. The three views have not yet been finalized. To be honest, there are all kinds of cynicism, all kinds of dissatisfaction, foreigners and foreigners, and I feel good abroad! I feel that being an official in China is not a good thing! In 2011, I exchanged to Russia. I experienced the helplessness of being squeezed in Russia as a foreigner. I also knew that the most powerful bully of Chinese in foreign countries is the Chinese! Because they dare not bully the locals, they can only engage their compatriots. . . When you encounter things in the country, you are arrogant, arrogant and rascal. The police can’t help you. Unless you commit a crime, you can also become a vulnerable group if you make a big noise in the government affairs hall. In a foreign country, you are just a small boat wandering in a foreign land, you can only swallow the sound, all kinds of counsels. At that time, I remember there were 35 of them together, and only 2 of them stayed for graduate school. When we got our diploma in May 2013, we didn’t want to stay for a moment. Everyone immediately booked tickets and went to Manzhouli to go through customs and go home. ! Then came the moment that stimulated our tears. . When passing the customs from Russia, all Chinese people waited in line. As long as one Maozi came to go to China, there was no need to line up. Maozi’s customs staff would stop the Chinese, with an extremely bad attitude, and let Maozi jump in the queue directly to the first place. Names, come one by one, don’t have to wait in line for Maozi, that mood is not showing up. . . A sorrow in my heart! Then I went through the Russian inspection, the entry inspection in China, and the customs on the Chinese side. In our impression, Chinese officials are all admiring foreigners from foreign countries, sacrificing the interests of the people, and treating foreigners with special preference. It will be the same as in the Russian customs, without queuing. . . Then when we arrived at the Chinese Customs, we saw a group of queuing Maozi who were honestly waiting to pass the customs. The people who were checking the customs were all Chinese. We were still going to line up. The customs officers came to greet us and said that there is no need to line up, you guys. It was their turn when no one was over, and I almost cried to Lao Tzu. This little thing, this little thing, made my young mind greatly affected. Your nationality and skin color, you will never have The law changes, you have no choice but to love this country deeply! Since I stayed in Russia, although I didn’t suffer a big loss, I was bullied by the Chinese the most, Mao Zi actually bullied less, that is, I was robbed once, but the feeling of being insecure in a foreign country and abroad, no more Don’t want to experience. After that, I never thought about traveling abroad. They are all in the country, so I feel safe! Even if I go to Moscow on a business trip afterwards, I never go out for shopping, meetings, hotels, meetings! And now, when I see foreigners in China, I want to bully. When I look at them, I don’t look like good people, so I want to drive them out. You know, before 2010, I found it strange to see foreigners, and I am so fond of foreigners. Now that I think about it, I just die socially! In fact, I think people who have been abroad should be more patriotic. I really can’t understand the kind of people who brag about foreign countries even more after going abroad! Maybe it is the reason why I am poor? But especially even if you have money, you are in a foreign country, no matter which country you are, you are insecure, and you are fine at ordinary times. As long as you encounter social problems, you are the first to be attacked. .

6 months ago

Everyone will have a memorable experience. These experiences must be the main reason for changing us. It may be a business, or it may be the loss of a loved one… But the failure of a business does not seem to have such a big blow and change to me. Instead, I lost it, my beloved girl. Regret is no longer useful. The attitude towards life, the attitude towards work, and the direction of life have undergone great changes. It is said that a girl who is broken in love is suffering for a while; a boy who is broken in love is suffering for a lifetime.

6 months ago

When I first started elementary school, I had no idea of the future. Few neighbors around me study. At that time, I was thinking about going out to work when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school. After the nine-year compulsory education was implemented, I started to go to junior high school again. They come, the security. Junior high school’s academic performance is top-notch, although there are only 400 students in the whole year. The more you go up, the more you see, what you learn, and what the teacher says is different. Sorry, after finishing high school, I went to another city to go to college. Facing the big world, it is still a general public. Now it’s 2021, already working, life is so beautiful.

6 months ago

About struggle and enjoyment. When my father passed away, I was thinking, as hard-working and thrifty as him, he passed away in a hurry without enjoying any blessings. What is the meaning of struggling? After I had a child, I discovered that no matter how hard it is, I only need to give it to the child. It doesn’t matter if you accumulate wealth.

6 months ago

It should stop looking forward to it. I’m just a bad game player, and I’m a low-level player. Yesterday, the domestically produced Guigu Bahuang ushered in a big change, and I am excited to update it and then go online, ready to make a big effort to reach the top of another peak of cultivation. Unfortunately, this update has weakened various techniques and increased the difficulty of the game. With the highest level of cultivation techniques at the current stage, I suddenly changed from “son of the destiny” to a world-seeking return to the vulgar. man of. Thinking about it, I thought I would climb to the top of this world of cultivating immortals and become a “winner of cultivating”. I never imagined that I would be cut off when walking on this road. I am very upset, I am very discouraged, even incompetent and furious, but after another thought, is this life? Before the update, I was still a high-achieving student from a prestigious school. Whenever I think of the beautiful life that is about to be ushered in, there is a youthful commotion, which urges me to constantly try to grow by myself; and after the update, I am just like A person sitting in an office with only half of the square, constantly struggling with the computer keyboard and tired body, can only control what the cheap cup of coffee on the table will taste next time. Art comes from life, and games are life. Every time you kill a passerby npc in Los Angeles, it may be your dismal self in real life; every time you kill a hero in lol who is escaping your demon, maybe it is the real life being chased by work and family Fight yourself; every time you fail a level in the game, a match may be the same as your life trajectory, “I really worked hard” and “Obviously I came first” but still suffered setbacks Yourself. More than that, this “high-quality” domestic game allowed me to wait from the end of the Spring Festival to the present, and it took me more than a month to go from full of enthusiasm to exhaustion, and it only took one month. Think about last year’s 2077. After many bounced tickets, the expectation of how many players were successfully killed, I suddenly realized that everything seemed reasonable. I decided to go to bed early to avoid losing my life. I woke up at three in the morning and didn’t want to open any games. I watched a historical documentary, which coincided with the history of the Sui Dynasty. The Queen Chen, who was fainted in poetry all day long, was also named a noble by Yang Jian and got a good death. Yang Guang inspired to surpass the King of Qin Hanwu but only added 14 years of class, and was scolded by later generations. It only shows that the ordinary is not necessarily bad, and the greatness may not be too much. Great. There is really nothing new under the sun.

6 months ago

One thing changed my life. I went for an internship in a small company when I was about to graduate. There was a big gap between my major and I didn’t know what to do. After staying for a month, I took the car back to school one night and watched the busy lights of the city, intertwined into an ambiguous picture. At that time, I suddenly felt that the day when I would never have a bright future in that small unit was not the life I wanted. So I decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination and changed my life.

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