What is chicken ribs, tasteless to eat, it is a pity to discard it! 1. When driving with a sense of acceleration, come to a supercar (overtaking) mode, and it is similar to start and stop every time you get in the car and shut it down. Various obstacles. 2. In the safe mode, the red line of 120 is mandatory on the high-speed, and the urban road is set to 60, and the speed is quickly reduced by half. For example, 130 directly brakes to 65, a few back and forth, what you ate yesterday, it will help you remember. 3. Increase the flight mode, the speed is 300, the wingspan is automatically turned on, and it is used in conjunction with Article 2. 4. The defense mode prevents people from maliciously paddling the car, stealing tires, and unloading parts. Once identified, the automatic collision mode is turned on, and it is not known whether the car insurance can protect a small target. 5. The mode of finding parking spaces, automatic searching. Once it is turned on, you must find a parking space to stop. If there is no parking space, turn it on until the oil is exhausted and the lights are dry. 6. Deformation mode. When the parking space is small, the passing height is not enough, and the width is not good, it will automatically deform and lose weight, which may cause the owner to be squeezed to fracture. 7. Voice control, you can freely control all the functions of the car by speaking, but only recognize the first-class Mandarin, so please verify it before using it, and you can always speak at the level when you use it. 8. Waving smart control, no need to hold the steering wheel. It is done through gestures. In order to ensure the steering accuracy, please be sure to know the difference between a 1 degree hand and a 2 degree hand. Otherwise, a large wave may cause deviation from the route, especially in the cliff section of the mountain road. Solution: Please use it with a protractor. 9. It costs money to wash the car, so there must be automatic cleaning. Glass water is definitely not enough, and the volume of the water tank is also small, so an external large water tank is required. Normally 160 liters, often bad roads, rainy and dusty places increase to 240 liters. One liter of water weighs about one kilogram, which may increase fuel consumption by 2 per hundred kilometers. 10. In fuel-saving mode, all downhills will be turned off and automatically coasted. It should be noted that the brakes are not available in the turned off state. Please be sure to hold the steering wheel well. The speed is too fast. Foot brakes are recommended. 11. Delayed flameout. Since there is a remote start in advance, this function is necessary. After the car is turned off, the engine is still running and the car functions are used normally. In situations such as the following: the car is not parked properly and you do not want to go home to face the tigress and the bear child, then you do not need to start again and continue to control the car. Of course, you can do it without turning off the flame. 12. The racing mode is different from the supercar mode. Once the track mode is turned on, the car will pass every car in its line of sight, if not, it will roll around. It is recommended to wear a seat belt. 13. Since there is a car refrigerator to solve the problem of eating and drinking, the problem of Lazar must also be solved. The toilet on the car should be installed in the middle of the rear row with the lowest utilization rate to solve the physiological problem! Although the service station can also solve it, but who calls us a tasteless function! 14. Automatic noise reduction, the whole car is equipped with sealing strips, and all air inlets and outlets can be covered, allowing you to experience the ultimate quietness and musical movement. Pay attention to the risk of suffocation, please use it with an oxygen cylinder. 15. Escape mode. Before a traffic accident occurs, the trip computer will perform an intelligent ejection based on the analysis result, and it must happen before the collision, even if the car is braked, it will start. 16. In the afterlife mode, once the car is robbed, it will start to explode. Not only can it take the thief on the road, but it will also meet you in the afterlife. 17. Cross-country function. Since it is a car, you have to go down to the desert, go to the crater, and go up to the Himalayas. The passability must be No. 1, and 7 locks are installed. In addition to 3 front, middle and rear, 4 wheels each come with one. , Reflects the ultimate power distribution, although the function is repeated, but it is better than nothing! 18. Armored mode. Since you are driving, you must ensure the safety of your life. At least you must have the defense against Dongfeng Express. After deployment, a field-level defense will be formed. The battery is charged by the car. With this, the light can be turned on when the flame is turned off. How to achieve? Add 5 more batteries to make up 6, 6666. The whole body is full of battery panels and generates electricity all day long. If there is no sun on a rainy day today, it is recommended to go to the next city to charge, if not, use the next province. Don’t ask, ask is tasteless! 20. Explosive body mode, commonly known as 卍jie, the devil’s disintegration method, a real man comes once, the spring of small displacement cars, a must for geeks. After opening, you can dry-turn the 6.0T V12 with a self-priming displacement of 1.6L, that is, it will be scrapped after opening. Be sure to turn it on carefully. 21. Health lock. Because people’s three meals are not regular, you can set the meal time. The car cannot be started during this time, so please choose to bring your own lunch or eat at a nearby restaurant. 22. The times are calling. Modern people lack exercise. The body is the capital of the revolution. The weak body can no longer withstand the high pressure of 996. It is in urgent need of a healthy body. Every time you get on the bus, you must finish the call of the times, otherwise you cannot open the door. Physical fitness and healthy eating are essential, not at all tasteless!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Chicken ribs, as the name implies, “the tasteless food is a pity”, the most tasteless, then I hope it should be modeled on that kind of big truck, when reversing, there will be a prompt voice: “reversing please pay attention! Reversing please pay attention!” Haha, why? First of all, this function is still very powerful. Sometimes it is easy for people to ignore the surrounding environment, especially the driver of a large truck, because it is difficult to observe the situation of the people behind him because of the angle problem. At this time, this voice can effectively remind people who are in danger in the truck. people. Installing such a voice on a family car can have the same effect as the voice of a truck, and can provide safety tips to people behind, but why is it the most tasteless? Because this function has a certain effect when reversing, but this function is undoubtedly passive, just reminding people around. But now most cars have reversing images, and you can see the people behind during the reversing process. This is active avoidance, so this passive avoidance can be replaced by the initiative, personal humble opinion, accept refutation.

6 months ago

Come to a “driving comment” system, which can score the driving level of the car owners encountered in the front, rear, left, and right. The rules of driving are polite, and those who don’t occupy the way give a favorable review. Five-star chaotic racing or a bad review when a roadblock. A scan of the one-star license plate shows that the current vehicle rating is so. There is nowhere to vent his anger, the province’s road anger or the need to kick up the accelerator to drive dry, avoiding a lot of fighting cars. A polite car owner can also talk to thank you. A driver with a score lower than Samsung can also give a reminder to the car next to him-stay away from him and he is not reliable. Thinking about it is also a good thing. After AR-hud+ Internet of Vehicles, this tasteless little function is not difficult to achieve~ hehe.
Yes, a driver insurance company with a low score can increase his premium. If you think that the insurance company will take the lead, the loop will be perfectly closed, oh yeah [haha, don’t take it seriously]

6 months ago

A configuration to help the engine save fuel, it can: 1. When you wait for the red light, pinch off the air conditioner and heat you to death. 2. Suddenly shake you to death when you start again. 3. During the flood period in the south, the oil will be collected slowly when passing through the tunnel and will automatically stop and extinguish the fire to allow the water to flow back. 4. It will automatically stop and turn off when the parking lot is stepping on the brakes and preparing to reverse. 5. Each time the battery is changed, the cost will increase by 800 yuan. 6. The above 5 functions are turned on by default every time you get on the bus. This kind of great car configuration dare to recognize the second waste, but not the configuration dare to recognize the first.

6 months ago

The most tasteless? I think about it…the circulating air purifier in the car! The internal circulation of a car means to draw air from the car and circulate independently. In this way, the car warms up faster in winter, and it cools down faster when the air conditioner is turned on in summer. It is mainly a temperature to maintain the temperature and isolate the function of the outside world. Therefore, it can be used when the air quality is bad! However, the inner circulation cannot be used for a long time, because the compartment is sealed, and opening the inner circulation for a long time will reduce the air quality in the car, and even reduce the oxygen content, causing fatigue, dizziness and other phenomena, affecting driving safety. It purifies circulating air, sterilizes, and adjusts humidity. Remove the unpleasant smell, and then add some oxygen by the way. This can make the body and mind happy, and increase the spirit (add oxygen), is this bad? Why is it the most tasteless? Because as long as the window is opened, the air will be fine. Moreover, this organization is relatively large and occupies “memory”. In addition, oxygenation requires additional technical equipment. Suitable for trench cars.

6 months ago

The function of the chicken ribs is right… Add a human charging function to the pure electric vehicle. I have already figured out the specific implementation method. Add a set of pedals under the feet of the co-pilot and connect a generator. In the unlikely event that the battery is running out, and there is no charging pile, let the co-pilot kick up with full force to increase the battery life. Don’t be idle for the passengers in the back. The pedals in the back row can’t be used, so just use your hands. Two hand-cranked generators are integrated in the backrest of the front seat, which is similar to the structure of a hand-cranked flashlight, which is two sizes larger. Usually fold your hands to save space, and when you use them, unfold your hands and shake them up! Drive to charge, take a car to exercise, you can do multiple things in one fell swoop. Just feed the passengers and never worry about battery life again! Hey, how is this a tasteless function, this is simply a witty function of tm!

6 months ago

I hope to add a one-key scanning lens to the rearview mirror of the car, and set a shortcut button directly in the middle of the steering wheel to pay with one click. In this way, whether you are entering or exiting the underground garage of a shopping mall or passing a non-ETC high-speed toll station, you can directly park, click, pass, and leave. No longer need to be forcibly harassed by those disgusting shopping mall exclusive app official accounts, and no longer have to put down the car window and hold the phone to the QR code to be in a hurry. I went to Wushang for dinner a few days ago, and the underground garage really disgusted me. From row 100 to 1, and I told me that I didn’t have the QR code to pay, turn right first. There was a QR code sign on the right. I scanned and paid attention to their official account, and then turned right. I found that Lao Tzu was back to the top 100. In the end, he spent forty minutes in the parking lot. Hope this can be implemented as soon as possible.

6 months ago

Install a few blades on the roof of the car, and then wind power to power the car. This is not a joke. A friend of mine who is engaged in patent attorney said that an old man really used this design to issue patents. My friend said that you, Uncle, violated the law of conservation of energy. The old man would not listen. He felt that his friend was jealous of his creativity. He was jealous of his creativity and signed contracts with major car manufacturers to reach the pinnacle of life. In the same way, there is a device that cuts magnetic lines of force on the wheels on the vibrato, and the problem of perpetual motion is solved.

6 months ago

Voice control, I rely on, and other synonyms are associated by themselves. I am afraid that the review will not pass, and it will be triggered directly. The driving recorder directly uploads the report function of the violation of the preceding vehicle. The platform maintainer, the traffic police, saved a lot of investment in static equipment cameras. Welfare, successfully report once, and give free parking time to the national traffic. Support car users to learn on the video platform, and the video reward function can directly deduct the gas fee. The platform maintenance commission is 20%. It is recommended to rely on a certain platform to separate the jitter and the road jitter. Since then, the ultimate goal of traffic regulation has been achieved overnight.

6 months ago

Daytime running lights, sound very tasteless. Daytime running lights first appeared in Sweden in 1977. In Swedish, it is called Fashayes, which translates as perception light, or notification light. Therefore, from the beginning of the design, the daytime running light was not used for lighting. It’s a kind of signal light. When talking about people, it is to let others notice my own car. This is like in “Titanic”, the ship is about to sink, the first time is not holding a searchlight to find if there is a ship next to it, but launching a distress signal. “Pam” shot it up so that others could see it, I was about to sink. The effect of this flare gun is remarkable. The Dutch Ministry of Transport used to turn on the headlights when driving during the day, and the probability of serious traffic accidents dropped by 5% to 12%. According to a survey conducted by the German traffic control department, driving with the lights on during the day avoided 3% of traffic accidents. Compared with traditional headlights, the energy consumption of daytime running lights is lower. Then referring to the data of the European Commission, the power consumption of daytime running lights is only 25% to 30% of ordinary car lights. If the daytime running lights use LED technology, the power consumption is reduced to 10% of ordinary car lights. Calculated in this way, the electricity used by ordinary car lights for 1 hour is enough for the daytime running lights to be used for 10 hours, and it is also more energy-efficient, so you don’t need to worry about money too much.

6 months ago

Active noise reduction. The ambient noise is collected by the microphones installed outside and inside the car, and the inverted sound wave is played through the car audio to cancel out the noise. Of course, if necessary, it can also be adjusted to transparent mode to actively play the sound outside the car. Why is it tasteless? Because it can’t recognize what you want to hear and what you don’t want to hear. When the transparent mode is turned on, all the outside sound comes in. When the active noise reduction is turned on, you can’t even hear the sound of other people’s horns.

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