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To be honest, my monthly salary is much higher than 5000, but I do not consider the confinement club. Because around 2010, I did this project myself. First of all: the confinement club has no medical qualifications, it is just a “health center”, let’s put it bluntly-the hotel + nanny model. Secondly, the general confinement club will establish a cooperative relationship with a tertiary A hospital that takes 15 minutes by car. The operation is even worse: the tertiary grade hospital will register itself a “subsidiary” (private hospital), and then let the confinement club become a shareholder, of course the qualifications are It is affiliated to the top three, and even the medical condition is the top three hospitals… But the cost will be much more expensive! Just to share the accounts with the confinement club. You think that the 10,000 yuan project you spend is worth 10,000… Actually, it may be 500 if someone else has a medical insurance card. Once again, you think that the confinement club is 5 people serving you one person + one baby, but actually 5 people serving 20 people + more than 20 babies, and each pair of mother and child will share a quarter of the month’s cost. Again, do you think you are all professional nurses serving you? In fact, they are also at the level of nurses, and only the 2-3 people who take the lead are really experienced. How profitable is the confinement meeting? The project I did in 2010 is like this: invest 20 million yuan, rent a piece of land in Shanghai Botanical Garden for 20 years, build a small building of 2500 square meters, pay a collateral fee to a tertiary A hospital, and have a “professional team with a total annual salary of 1 million.” “, 2 years to pay back ~ you think, it has no rent, the total hardware investment in 20 years is 20 million, but there are more than 20 rooms, the average threshold of 50,000 per room per month, of course there will be about 3 presidents. The suite has about 5 double rooms, so the price range of 20,000 to 100,000 for pregnant women is available, usually 50,000 per pair of mother and child per month. Threshold fees alone can ensure 10 million income in one year. Then, don’t forget that people spend a lot of money to affiliate a third-class hospital to open a private hospital. The cost of this private hospital is actually a room in the clubhouse as an outpatient clinic, and then you start to fool you into spending extra money to do all kinds of things. “Postpartum repair”. As for most parturients, because of their poor health, their defenses are low. If their family members disagree, they will try to say that their husbands don’t love themselves. So, on average, each parturient can deceive 30,000 extra. The cost of “postpartum repair” is affected, but the 30,000 is part of the accounts with the hospital. Why do I use the word “cheated”? Because about 86% of “postpartum repairs” are actually unnecessary, they will naturally recover after half a year, and it will not be too late to do “postpartum repairs” when they can’t recover after a year. Besides, I’m not good to say: If you live in the confinement club, the husband can choose to “not accompany the bed” and act as a shopkeeper… Is this really good for the relationship between husband and wife? I have a classmate~ her family has an annual income of 10-20 million, so she spent 150,000 to enter the confinement club during her confinement. However, she did not relieve her anxiety because her husband was too busy at work and hardly came to visit her. He came for an hour a day and focused on the child. Then she doubled her anxiety and felt that a vixen was sticking to her husband. . Although confinement avoids conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, it also alienates the relationship between husband and wife. Girl, listen to my advice: When you are pregnant, spend half an hour every day to learn about postpartum care and parenting (many content on the Internet is close to white prostitution), confinement When I was a child, I would invite my mother over and give me about 2,000 yuan for hard work (based on the subject’s monthly salary of 5,000). If you have income while taking care of you, your mother will respect your feelings very much. The treatment is much better than the confinement club. I saw a hard-core comment in the comment area. The general idea is: confinement at home cannot be fully achieved. He respected his personality, so I went to the confinement club to be quiet. Your idea is correct. If your family belongs to the kind of “Three Gus and Six Pos”, it is indeed just needed for the confinement club. But ~ how many “widowed childcare” causes? That is, the child’s father gave the money to it and it was done without a sense of participation. The confinement club really promotes the trend of widowed baby-raising. The game of emotion is a metaphysics. If you avoid it at the beginning, you will have more and more problems in the future, although it is really easy at the beginning. Others said: It’s fine if you don’t go to the confinement club, and you don’t even mention confinement. First of all: Yuesao, there are very few real professionals. Most of them just take a few months of training and start their own jobs. The real professional Yuesao may earn 30,000+. Then you might as well go directly to the Yuezi club. A few months of training, is it not good for you to learn it by yourself? Do you think the monthly salary of 8000+ is because of the profession? In fact, people feel that it is hard work 24h. Second: Which mother has no experience in bringing a baby? Oh, experience is not necessarily scientific, is it? That’s why mothers-to-be learn by themselves at the beginning, and then teach the experience to their mothers during confinement. Do you think that asking a concubine is for someone to do it personally 24h? In fact, people still suggest that you invite your mother over, and then teach you some “scientific experience” by the way, so that the old mother will bear half of the hard work of parenting. Don’t have too much hope for the confinement wife. People are really just “part-time workers with common sense of parenting”. Those who should be black-hearted, those who should be lazy and lazy, many housekeeping are just for the money, so they are the confinement workers. They are all from the same group. ~ Bringing a baby is the mission of every parent close to half a lifetime. From the very beginning, I have the consciousness to learn by myself and do it myself. Isn’t it right? At least in the opinion of the respondent: The purpose of preparing for a baby is to make people advance. If you dare not challenge the “difficulty mode”, it is best to give birth to another baby from the beginning. If you have a monthly salary of 20,000, you can do whatever you want. I didn’t say this to 20,000 people. Because most of the young women with a monthly salary of 20,000 have a proud head, the confinement club is just like a Hermès bag for you. (They are all about 50,000, with a personal income of 2 months, and the husband’s income is generally higher, they will not have too much psychological burden). The premise of the problem is that the monthly salary is 5000, and one year of savings will be spent in a month. Isn’t this not considering the cost-effectiveness? If someone asked me this question when I had a monthly salary of 5,000, my thoughts might be: one is to spend a year without food or drink, save money, sit for 30 days in confinement and then go to work immediately, one is to take care of myself at home for half a year. Choose the latter. I don’t want to give birth soon and still work at a high intensity, looking at the face of my superiors, and I don’t want to go to work after a month of recuperation (then my health can’t keep up with the state of being in a state of “three years of silly pregnancy” doing too many mistakes)… It is better to not go to work if it is inconvenient to move, and to rest until you fully recover if you do not fully recover. This is the choice to respect yourself. If I am an employee of a public institution with a monthly salary of 5,000 and have half-year maternity leave, that would be better~

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8 months ago

First of all, the price of the confinement clubs and the services provided span a large range, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It is recommended that the subject of the subject go to the club of your choice to understand clearly. Secondly, given that the monthly salary of the subject cannot cover the services of the confinement club, it is necessary to pay attention to the core requirements, which points in the club attract the subject, quantify these indicators, and whether there are alternatives for these indicators for confinement at home (For example, confinement + nanny + door-to-door yoga service), what is the price. Thirdly, the subject needs to be mentally well. It takes a transition to return home from the confinement club. Generally, we need to find a family member or nanny or confinement wife to help, because everything at home will have to undergo many new adjustments due to the arrival of the baby, and it will take some time to adapt. . With the support of family members, you can go to the confinement club regardless of your monthly salary; if you want to go to the confinement club, conflicts in family relationships will not pay off. Because of the arrival of the baby, the family’s future protection is needed. Hope to help the subject.

8 months ago

The slightly better confinement center in Chengdu has a charge of more than 40,000 and a monthly salary of 5,000. It is recommended to ask for confinement, professional confinement meals of 8,000 and above + daily care + postpartum recovery and other services do not have to be poor in the confinement center, and can save a lot of trouble 5000 Considering that there will be contradictions in the confinement center. Quietly, Mimi said that many aunts in the confinement center are basically first-tier cities who have just participated in the confinement training to practice hands. The price of the gold medal confinement in the first-tier cities is 14000-18000+ red envelopes. The salary of the confinement center ranges from 5000-8000

8 months ago

The biggest feature of going to the confinement center is that it is expensive. However, well-arranged facilities and scientifically rigorous recipe settings are the selling points of the confinement center. Although the ingredients you can eat during confinement are relatively limited, the chefs at the confinement center are professionally trained to prepare different dishes and ensure a balanced nutrition. Confinement at home, the cost of eating the same things will be cheaper than the confinement center. If the family situation is not very good, it is best to confinement at home, you can ask the confinement to take care of. Source: Zhankuhailuo will be more relaxed and worry-free in the confinement center. For example, when it comes to parenting, novice mothers may not be able to take care of various details, and sometimes they don’t know how to deal with emergencies. These problems can be solved in the confinement center. Pregnant mothers can spend the confinement period easily, happily and at ease. But at the same time, pregnant mothers may not be able to learn about parenting. Even if I learned knowledge, I didn’t get exercise. At home, you can experience taking care of your children during the confinement period, and pregnant mothers will get good exercise. Source: The most important thing when Zhankuhailuo confinement is to regulate the mood of pregnant women. For pregnant mothers, the most important thing is psychological comfort. Because after giving birth, the hormones in the pregnant mother’s body will drop drastically, and the body is very weak. At this time, they are extremely sensitive and insecure, and they are prone to depression. If family members are free to take care of and accompany her, confinement at home will make her more comfortable and at ease. There are also many Xinbao moms who think that after a high price of confinement, postpartum repairs will have peace of mind. Don’t know that confinement is not equal to postpartum repairs. Modern medicine believes that after the fetus and placenta are delivered to the mother’s body, the mother’s psychology and reproductive organs need to be adjusted and recovered for a period of time, usually 6 to 8 weeks, which is 42 to 56 days. This period is called the “puerperium”, which is ours. It is often said that the confinement period. Postpartum rehabilitation refers to the overall recovery and maintenance of women after childbirth, including uterine involution, pelvic floor function recovery, breast lactation and morphological recovery, remodeling, etc., involving psychology, nutrition, and rehabilitation. During the puerperium period, most women will gradually recover to their prenatal state. For example, it takes about 50 days for the uterus to recover. If there is no serious damage to the pelvic floor tissue, rehabilitation training can only be started 6 weeks after delivery. Therefore, confinement is not the same as postpartum rehabilitation. Even a confinement center of more than 100,000 people cannot solve all the problems of postpartum rehabilitation.

8 months ago

I actually believe in myself more than the confinement center. I believe that it may be more reliable to give my mother tens of thousands of dollars and let her take care of me according to my plan, but it may be more that I will spend the money behind. For example, how to restore the sagging belly to its original state, how to improve the physical condition of the postpartum vitality injury, as well as the distribution of children after childbirth, and how to effectively restore the second take-off state after work shutdown. For me, these are much more important than the short and secret jealousy of the parents in the confinement center. After all, the tough battle really started after giving birth. With a monthly salary of 5,000, unless your husband’s family is rich or your natal family is rich, you will have to spend a year’s salary to go to the confinement center.

8 months ago

No consideration, the economic base determines the superstructure
Cheap confinement clubs, you will be dissatisfied with service and other issues
In the expensive confinement club, you will meet women who are not in the same class as you. At that time, you may doubt your life, and after confinement is the beginning of the real test
Take the money from the confinement club to buy food and use, that month is no worse than the confinement center

8 months ago

In third-tier cities, the monthly salary is over 10,000. In 2017, the highest package of the confinement club was 6W8, and it was 42 days to show off. Don’t look at anyone’s face, regardless of whose madness eats, drinks, and is well taken care of. The only shortcoming is that the husband’s second-level combat readiness, hospitalization and discharge procedures are handled by himself. Go to the confinement meeting and all the special cars will pick you up. After you move into the club, you can swipe your card and sign in the room to complete the formalities. Husband hurts, not by his side, can only be strong. Everyone else is fake and can’t be counted on.

8 months ago

Less than five thousand in hand, went to the confinement center, coordinates Tianjin. Older test tube, precious child, I originally wanted to invite a confinement wife. My family is small, and my mother didn’t want to climb the sixth floor. The weather was hot in early July, and the confinement center was finally set. The daughter and grandma gave 30,000 yuan, and the grandparents gave 50,000 yuan. I chose a confinement center closer to my mother. Relatives’ relatives have lived there, and they say it’s good. The two villas were remodeled and the environment is very good. The nurse’s station brings the baby, not one-on-one, the room is large, and the bathroom is also large. Some bring babies, some give Chankang, some wash clothes and cook. From time to time, we will have an activity, and the mothers will draw together to make grapefruit tea or yoga. I really like her family’s food, but it’s delicious, but I’m losing weight, and I’m basically back before pregnancy after my confinement. Eating, eating, sleeping, and sleeping, one month passed. My mother came to stay from time to time, and the epidemic of grandparents did not come over. Bao Dad went to work after the paternity leave, and came to see our mothers after get off work. Relatives and friends come and go. It’s so crooked, twenty-eight thousand in thirty days. After returning home, the youngest missed the days of the confinement center and joked that my husband would buy a lottery ticket. After winning the lottery, I went to live for another two months. Now the girl is nine months old, my princess, my mother will always love you!

8 months ago

When my wife and I added up to 1.5W my family’s big treasure, I didn’t understand anything, so I asked an acquaintance to hire a housemate who is said to be a gold medalist. Cooking, washing, and work are all very good. The conflict with my wife is getting bigger and bigger in the concept of managing the baby. Later, when she encountered a festival more than a month later, she said that she wanted to go back to her hometown, so she gave a red envelope and euphemistically told her not to use it after the festival. When the monthly salary was about 1.5W for the second treasure, I saw several confinement clubs with my wife in advance, and finally chose the house of January 16,888, two kilometers away from home. When the wife entered the delivery room, the aunt of the confinement center rushed to the hospital and waited. The aunt was trained by the confinement center, and she takes care of his wife’s emotions and gets along very well. The baby has regular bathing and swimming experience, three meals and two snacks prepared by the nutritionist, the room is about 50 square meters, the sunny river view, the morning sun to see the scenery… In contrast, although the money is a little bit more, it is definitely Worry-free. Auntie’s professional level is high at Dabao’s time, but she doesn’t know how to compromise. Maybe it’s too confident about yourself. Conclusion: I personally think that the confinement club is better. In terms of price, the current confinement clubs all have various price services, and there is no problem with the worst. After all, it is a contracted transaction. If there is a problem, I just sue him. If the confinement wife is invited to live at home, the confinement, grandmother, grandmother, seven aunts and eight aunts will form a new complex interpersonal circle, which will cause a lot of psychological pressure on the parturients who have just given birth. Anyway, after my wife gave birth to Dabao, I was sulking at both ends. I comforted her to scold me… Erbao, listen to music, read a book, and make a facial mask. Grandma, grandmother, relatives, etc., when they come, they just look at the baby, gossiping, and there is no time and space for advice… A product should not only pay attention to its price/performance premium rate, but also its utility to oneself. Postpartum depression is really scary. I can solve this problem and prevent my woman from being wronged. I am willing to pay some blood for IQ tax! By the way: Ningbo Women’s and Children’s Hospital has also set up an in-hospital postpartum health care center. Expectant mothers who have requirements for medical resources can consider it. In terms of cost-effectiveness, there is no rival in eastern Zhejiang.

8 months ago

Don’t think about it. What kind of club can I go to with a monthly salary of five thousand? I will learn about the relevant knowledge in advance, and then discuss with the other half whether to hire a nanny or let my mother take care of me. If you hire a nanny, list your core needs, such as breastfeeding at night. If you ask your mother for help, you will have three chapters. My mother will only take care of me. You have to take care of me and my mother. You have to do all the housework and handling of things. The child is confined in confinement and the body is limited. At this time, I can talk about female boxing and housework fairness to divorce immediately on the spot-I shouldn’t marry such a person. If you have to complain to me, then I will probably tell him, if you have hemorrhoids and bleeding, you can only lie in bed and scream, then I can do all the housework. I would probably refuse to take care of my mother-in-law, because during periods of physical limitation, the mental state may be more sensitive, and there is no need to increase the risk of stumbling with my mother-in-law in the future. My mother is my real mother. How can she scold me? No matter how loud it is, it will not affect our feelings. The mother-in-law can come and see the children free, sit down, and eat a few meals my mother cooks. My mother cooks delicious food, but don’t stay overnight when my body is restricted and my temper is unstable. You are polite, everyone. Spend smoothly. I have read a lot of posts, saying that confinement hatred is real hatred. Just imagine that when people are weakest and others treat you well, you may not have a deep memory, but if it is bad, it will naturally be hatred in your bones, because it is Wow. What’s more, I am so afraid of death. I have tenosynovitis and I want all the Chinese hospitals to give me treatment plans. Therefore, everyone should be cautious. After the period of physical limitation, you can discuss the next step. I have always been kind to others, and I don’t want to embarrass myself. If the future is really lucky enough to have a person who treats each other with heart, then I think all difficulties can be solved.

8 months ago

Parents can help with their children or take care of the mother. It’s best not to go. Isn’t the money saved for traveling? It’s a different matter if you don’t need money. The confinement center has very good nutritionists, body repair training, and professional breast masseurs to massage and promote breast milk. Why not go to the trouble that money can solve.

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