I am a teacher in a high school in a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Zhengzhou. I don’t want winter and summer vacations at all. If anyone can let the state ban teachers’ winter and summer vacations and go to get off work like normal people, we will sincerely thank their eight-generation ancestors. . I can briefly tell you about our work situation. After reading it, you may be grateful to 996, and you may feel that the absence of winter and summer vacation is not necessarily a bad thing. Today (March 28) is Sunday, but we still have to go to work. The last time we took a break was March 13 and we took a day off. This time it will go to the Ching Ming Festival on April 3, and it will last three weeks. In fact, we usually have one day off for two weeks. This time we have to take three weeks to adjust our day off with Tomb Sweeping Day. How many days are there on Ching Ming Festival? One day, nothing more. As a head teacher, I can tell you about my daily routine today. I usually set the alarm clock to 5:10 in the morning, wake up and stay in bed for a while, then get up to go to the bathroom and clock in healthily. Usually you don’t wash your face, just wipe it with wet water, then ride your bike to work, sometimes drive, in short, you have to stand in the class at 5:50, and wait for students. Students usually get together at 6 o’clock to start the day. Read early. You will ask me why I don’t live in school. The school’s teacher dormitory is limited. Generally, it is only arranged for single teachers. Of course, there are children of leaders and off-campus leaders. Like ordinary teachers, when there is a place, they can live in 200 yuan a month. Last year, I was directly expelled. If I didn’t leave, I threatened to deduct my wages. For the timid like me, there would be no place to live. In the school’s rules and regulations, rights are basically set for leaders, and obligations are set for teachers. Digress. Speaking of time, after the students start early reading, the head teacher must stare in the class, usually until 6:20, the teacher of the early reading subject is here, we can go and wash our faces. But today is my morning reading, so I must continue to stare in the class. At 7 o’clock, the students began to take a random test, that is, to find a group of students to test the effect of the morning reading. It happened that I was in charge today. I started to organize the students to take a random test. By 7:10, the random test ended. I went to the restaurant to have some food, and I entered the class at 7:30, and started guarding and counseling in the breakfast room. At this time, the students clean up and do the questions, and I am responsible for supervision and guidance. At 7:55 in the morning, I have two classes, each of 40 minutes, until 9:25. Go to class, deal with test questions, explain, etc., and so on. After class at 9:25, I went to the office to wash my face. Yes, I just washed my face. By the way, I washed my hair and went to the toilet. Then began to change the students’ random test questions. At 10:10, it was inter-class exercises. Normally, the teacher in charge at this time would watch the exercises and follow the exercises. Today is the weekend, and the students did not have any fucking exercises, so I continued to change the random test questions in the office. It will be finished at about eleven. The fourth period in the middle is a self-study class. Generally speaking, the head teacher is on duty. I was too busy today so I didn’t go. After I finished the correction at 11 o’clock, I posted the score on excl, then printed it out, posted it, and then posted the results to the group. The work in the morning was basically over. At half past eleven, dinner in the restaurant. At 11:50, sitting in the office, a parent called to talk about the child. His son didn’t go to bed in the middle of the night to eat instant noodles. He was educated by the school. The parents said a lot. I explained patiently. At 12:15 the students end school and eat. At 12:30, I enter the class, stay on guard, and prepare for the relevant random test of the students at noon. At one o’clock in the afternoon, I sat down and typed the text now. From 1:40 pm to 3:10 pm, I have two Chinese classes. I can squint for a while before, and now I’m here to answer why the teacher would have summer vacation. The paper is full of absurd words, a handful of bitter tears. After the class in the afternoon, continue the comprehensive quality assessment. Although they are all formalism, they require a lot of patience. In each class, we have to enter the class to see the situation of the students. At 5 o’clock, the fourth class, watch the class until about 5:30, go to the restaurant for dinner. At 6 o’clock, students start the math test, and before 8 o’clock, it is rare to be free. I don’t plan to do anything anymore, go home and see the child. When I came out in the morning, the child was still asleep. If you don’t go back at this time, when you go back, the child will fall asleep. It is estimated that I may not be able to go back, because the class teacher meeting is usually held on weekends, and the class meeting is also prepared. At around 9 o’clock, there was a class meeting. During this period, the students did not go home for a long time and were very tired. Tell them how to not be tired. Very funny. Then I sat in the class until 10:30, preparing for the lesson, and sometimes talking to the students. For the exam tomorrow, the student’s exam number must be announced in time. At 10:30, check the bedtime, 10:50, after the bedtime check, hold a small meeting. At 11 o’clock in the evening, set off and go home. When I arrived home at 11:20, my family was already asleep, and I simply washed and went to bed at 11:40. Tomorrow at 5:10, continue. Tonight, I hope that the students will not violate discipline. 511 days, is it easy? Then look at the summer vacation. Generally, the high school vacation is at most one month now, and meetings, training, and various activities are required. When you count it, you can burn the fragrance for a full half a month. The summer vacation hasn’t arrived yet, let’s talk about the winter vacation that just passed. There is a holiday on the 26th of the twelfth lunar month and school starts on the sixth day of the first lunar month. There are still three days to go online. The head teacher urges students to attend classes, hand in homework, clock in, check homework, safety education, etc. every day. The society says that teachers make up lessons, we seem to have no time!! The society says that teachers make up for summer vacation, do you think it is for us? The society says that teachers are paid well. Do you think that with this time arrangement, why don’t you make money, let alone the low salary? I have handed in the books for 18 years, and I have a salary of more than 3,000, a monthly subsidy of more than 800, and a class teacher of more than 1,000. There are more than 200 students who teach small subjects a month. Of course, the leadership is high, but unfortunately not everyone can be a leader. I don’t know what to say, wait for the summer vacation!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Winter and summer vacations are for students, not teachers. Can’t understand? Want to cancel summer and winter vacations? Ask the students holding the “Minor Protection Law” and “Compulsory Education Law” are they willing? Regardless of the major issues of the national economy and the people’s livelihood, you stare at a group of powerless teachers every day to make faults. One is the teacher’s ethics, the other is the salary, and the other is the homework. If there is nothing to say, I will say the winter and summer vacations. I am really full. Support the panic. I tell you the length of work, and you tell me 996. I talk to you about treatment, and you talk to me about selfless dedication. The truth is explained by you, you can do it, you can do it. Have you passed the UGC exam? Has the exam editor landed? All walks of life do their own work, and the layman should not always think about guiding the insider, it is good for everyone!

6 months ago

Guo Degang said, Yu Qian, you are the first prince, Gao Feng, you are the second prince. Gao Feng said, “Why are you the prince?” Yu Qian and Gao Feng began to pinch. Parent 996, teacher 506, the parent said: “Why do you have summer vacation?” The parent and teacher pinched. In the answer, there are various teachers patiently explaining “Why is there a summer vacation (why I am the big prince)” The core is not at all who is the big prince, okay? ! ! The essence of this question is why Yu Qian and Gao Feng should pinch each other? Why not join forces against Guo Degang? Whether you are a parent or a teacher, they are all monkeys raised by the monkey-raiser. The more you fight, the less you will see the monkey-raiser. The same is true for confrontation between men and women, the same is true for regional confrontation, and the same is true for employees in the company. The essence is that the target is right and wrong. Parents squeezed by the boss, teachers squeezed by exams, today you do more, and tomorrow he does less, is it interesting to fight in the nest? Everyone is a hard-failed person, fighting against the boss to reduce 996, is it not good to accompany the children to grow up more after get off work? Isn’t it good for teachers to turn into ashes without wax torch? Is it not good to unite the world’s top ranks? Is it interesting to compare who has worked long hours? Why do 996 and 506 resent each other! Who benefits?

6 months ago

Different professions have different natures of work, and teachers’ work targets are students. It is impossible for students to spend 12 months a year in school. In addition to receiving school education, they also need family education and social education. Teachers have winter and summer vacations. This is the consensus formed by most countries in the world, and it is also the job characteristic of teachers. Some people may feel very envious, and some people always take advantage of the fact that teachers have winter and summer vacations to attack the teacher group. It seems that because teachers have a winter and summer vacation, any other requirements should not be mentioned, and the effort is taken for granted. Teachers have winter and summer vacations, but it is not when students are on vacation that teachers can take vacations. Teachers also have various studies and assessments during the winter and summer vacations, and they have to postpone their departure from school and return to school early in the week or even half a month before and after the holiday to complete all kinds of school tasks. I am a high school teacher myself. I can only say that in high school, both students and teachers need winter and summer vacations. The high school’s study intensity is very high. It is good at seven in the morning and ten in the evening. Now our school does not have self-study until 10:30 in the evening. As long as the students stay in class, the teacher will stay there for as long as they will have to check their bedtime at night before they can leave school. This year, I started to register on February 27, and I have been in a state of high tension and spinning. I get up at 6:30 every day and arrive at school at 7:20. When I get to school, I have to wait until about 10:50 in the evening before leaving school. When I get home, it’s more than 11 o’clock. After going home often, I was so exhausted that I didn’t even want to wash, and I was really tired. This state has been going on for a month, and now the only expectation is to take the Ching Ming holiday. There are usually no weekends, no rest, and basically no personal time of their own. As a class teacher, I spend every day in school. This kind of long and stressful work can be said to be worse than 996. There are also various reasons to make up classes during the winter and summer vacations in high school. The school uniformly makes up classes and the teachers have no extra salary, but the holidays are directly cut in half. To put it harshly, for us, winter and summer vacations are used to catch our breath and hang our lives. Many people envy the teachers who can still get their salary during the winter and summer vacations. The salary is according to the salary, but only a basic salary of more than 2,000 a month. I am willing to spend 9 to 5 nights, and have two days off every week, instead of winter and summer vacations. Nowadays, in addition to the high and middle school, the educational pressure in the middle and high school is also increasing. In our local junior high school, the evening self-study starts at 8:20 from the first day of the junior high school. The students go to self-study at night, and of course the teacher should follow. The usual work intensity is not low, and it is not as easy as everyone imagined to be a teacher in a day. Although working hours are short in elementary school and winter and summer vacations can be guaranteed, the wages in elementary school are also low. With a low salary, choosing this profession naturally has other attractive places. Isn’t the winter and summer vacation the reason why many people choose to be teachers? Every job has its own characteristics, there is nothing to envy. It is not so easy for the teacher to understand one line by doing one line. Especially now that the pressure of education is great, the pressure of teachers is also great. And now the non-teaching pressure is increasing. The former teachers only need to do their own job, prepare lessons, attend classes, and observe students. But now, the energy that teachers spend on teaching has been greatly reduced. There are more and more formalistic non-teaching tasks, and various topics, papers, assessments, and activities are all tiring to deal with. Schools have various inspection tasks for teachers. In addition to dealing with the school, they also have to deal with the regular inspections of the higher-level departments. As long as the higher-level department wants to check, it is common to suspend classes and carry out general cleaning. Teachers don’t just finish a few lessons. They spend more time and energy outside the classroom, but many people will selectively ignore it. Winter and summer vacations are the characteristics of the teacher’s job, and winter and summer vacations are also exchanged in other ways. For example, the usual long hours in high school, high-intensity work, and low income in elementary school.

6 months ago

I have a college classmate who works as a class teacher in the county seat of Pugao. Their school moved to the new district last year, far away from the main city. One day she had something at home and left school at five o’clock in the afternoon. When I was driving, I suddenly felt that the sun was dazzling, and I hurriedly put down the sun visor. She was stunned at that time. She never knew that her eyes were facing the sunset on the way home at this time, because she had never been home at this point. And this time is the time when all local units are off work. She gets to school every morning at 6 o’clock in the morning, and ends at 10 o’clock in the evening for self-study every Wednesday, and ends at 7 o’clock in the evening. Other non-class teachers go to work at seven in the morning and leave work at five in the afternoon. They study in the evening two days a week. Class teachers do this seven days a week, and non-class teachers do this six days a week. She called me and cried as soon as she got through. She said that after seventeen years of work, she realized for the first time that her life was so boring, and that it would last a lifetime. I said if the head teacher should stop doing it, I can save it a bit. She said that the salary is too low. After so many years of graduation, the salary is only more than 3,000. How can I raise a baby without being a class teacher? I also know that she just cried and cried and wiped out her tears. Tomorrow she will be the head teacher of the iron-blooded class. Under normal circumstances, there are 104 weekends a year for people on double holidays, seven days of Spring Festival holiday, seven days of National Day holiday, and three days of May Day Ching Ming Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as annual leave of varying lengths that can be taken at any time. High school teachers do not have double holidays. The National Day and May Day holidays have never been full and there is no annual vacation. The combined winter and summer vacations can be considered as long as forty days. Why is it obstructing people’s eyes? Are you right to say 996, 996? Has it started to compare badly now? You resist 996, but think that teachers should not take winter and summer vacations. You said that not paying for overtime violates the labor law, but you think that teachers should make up lessons for free. Different jobs have different natures. Seafarers can take half a year off for half a year, exploration teams can take one year off for a year, and teachers can take winter and summer vacations. This is determined by the characteristics of the job. Teachers have never felt that your high salary in 996 is wrong. Why do you think low-paid teachers should not take winter and summer vacations? Or, you ask the students whether it is okay not to give them winter and summer vacations.

6 months ago

I don’t know why there are winter and summer vacations. Although I have been working for 20 years and have not understood the reasons, I will resign immediately if I cancel the winter and summer vacations. I promise that I won’t hesitate for half a second. You would say that dragging the family away is afraid of unemployment, nonsense, can you support your family by this job alone? Any extra money is better than this. The reason for not resigning is to take a lot of holidays and be stable? In third-tier cities, working for 20 years, including performance year-end appraisal awards, housing provident fund subsidies are all counted, a mess and an annual salary of 70,000, actually got more than 60,000. But this money is not easy to get, it’s all in exchange for life. The pork is 30 yuan a catty, and if you take 100 yuan to the vegetable market, it will be gone. My idea is to guarantee the bottom line for this job, in case of an epidemic like this, somehow you will not die of starvation. I have a high school teacher who retired in half a year. He was reported as a make-up class, and was punished by the bureau. He resigned on the spot and went to make up a full-time class.

6 months ago

Support teachers to cancel winter and summer vacations with both hands! But please ensure that you only work eight hours a day, starting at 7:30, leaving work at 16:30, and taking a one-hour lunch break. At other times, parents and schools are prohibited from contacting teachers, and teachers are prohibited from correcting homework, preparing lessons, and completing school tasks during off-duty hours. Pretend the dividing line don’t always stare at the teacher’s winter and summer vacation. Even the general public thinks that the relaxed elementary school teachers have 4-8 classes a day, and they often need to substitute lessons. When they are busy, they don’t even have time to go to the toilet. Teachers who are a little farther away need to get up at about 5:30, and they need to cook and tidy up the housework when they get home at 5:30 in the afternoon. I commute with students carrying forty or fifty homework every day, because they can’t finish the approval at school. After eating and tidying up, the preparation of homework and class will not be until 11 or 12 in the evening. To catch up with the class the next day, it is common to prepare for the class until one or two o’clock in the morning. There are often tasks such as school experience, teaching thoughts, and learning thoughts, each with 1000+ words. The homework has been emphasized seven or eight times at school, and after school there are still three or five parents asking what the homework is on WeChat. You guys, really don’t keep staring at the profession of a teacher, as if the teacher has done something wrong. Many teachers really use love to generate electricity. They often see some teachers sleeping on their desks when they are tired. They cheer up and go to the classroom after class. They are still passionate about giving lectures with dark circles under their eyes. A few days ago, I saw that some representatives proposed that teachers should be exempted from a tax, but most of our teachers cannot reach a tax threshold. Finally, we are really short of teachers. Everyone is welcome to experience the “three months” winter and summer vacation.

6 months ago

I vouch for the status quo in our country that if students don’t have winter or summer vacations, the parents will be the first to collapse.
The reason is super simple, the number of courses has to be doubled. The most direct thing is that the original Chinese version of the second year of high school is intended to list the Dream of the Red Chamber or Journey to the West as the full-text reading project, considering that most students and parents cannot accept it.
Oh, forget, there are no summer and winter vacations in high school

6 months ago

This student has winter and summer vacations. When the students are on winter and summer vacations, and the teachers don’t take vacations, what are they doing? Is it just for the so-called psychological balance of a small group of people to drag teachers to the office to “grind their buttocks”? As for the teachers’ winter and summer vacations, they are not completely out of work. University teachers, especially young teachers in good universities, are under great pressure for scientific research. I have never heard of long winter and summer vacations (their graduate students want to do it); primary and middle school teachers also have certain tasks such as training, teaching and research, and preparing lessons. Compared with other positions, teachers are not particularly long on vacation. After all, regardless of early self-study and late self-study, the usual working hours are quite long; because they have to attend classes, they cannot take annual leave freely. It is normal to have more winter and summer vacations. As for some practitioners in other industries who say they are 996, then I think everyone should work hard for the better instead of turning the good into bad. Another question is whether students need winter and summer vacations. I think it is necessary. Students need time to play, get in touch with nature, get in touch with society, change their minds, and wait until the school is dead, which is really not conducive to the healthy growth of students.

6 months ago

Because there is no winter and summer vacation, the workload of the teachers is beyond ordinary people’s imagination. I went to the playground to run exercises at 6:40, and I finished school at 9:20 in the evening. Then I had to go to the dormitory to check the bed. When I was resting, it was daily work at 10 o’clock. High pressure, high demands on teaching, parents disrespect others, as a class teacher, he is busy like a dead dog, relying on these two blood returns a year, otherwise no one can stick to it. Weekends come to the school year or two Mondays are off, and school ends at 3 o’clock on Fridays. , Come back at 3 o’clock on Sunday, what 996 is considered a fart, I didn’t understand when I first knew 996, I thought 996 was okay, and it’s not very tired. , Divorced parents talk to you about life at 12 o’clock in the evening, and parents with children with mental illness call you at 1 o’clock in the evening to make an appointment with each other’s parents for their children, and then it turns out that their children lied, and the teacher in charge of the main subject after working for two years feels like It’s suffocating, and even in the winter and summer vacations you think, we have been teaching online in the form of online classes. If you don’t wait for the online classes, there are a bunch of various materials. Contact your parents and work at home during such and other vacations. No one can hold on. This is a motivation for me to persevere, hope and hope, the pace of the holiday is approaching and as the comment below, the holiday is because the students need the holiday, our teacher is a tool person.

6 months ago

I always think that it is unreasonable for teachers to have winter and summer vacations. Teachers, as people’s teachers, glorious knowledge imparters, are respected and loved by people. Why do they have winter and summer vacations? They should contribute selflessly to improve students’ performance and impart knowledge to students wholeheartedly. Therefore, I suggest canceling teachers’ qualifications for winter and summer vacations and allowing them to make full use of this part of the time to help students improve themselves, formulate corresponding learning plans, help students improve their grades, and get admitted to the ideal university. A qualified teacher should not have winter and summer vacations, and they should make full use of this part of the time. Wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning of every winter and summer vacation, open Dingding and broadcast live, and urge students to punch in and recite short essays, classical Chinese poems, geopolitical knowledge points, historical events chronology, mathematical physics formulas, chemical equations and so on. And ask to get up in the morning to turn on the camera supervision to prevent the students from falling asleep, and those who fail to check in on time and be late for more than five minutes should be punished accordingly. During the daytime, students will develop different study plans, lecturing exercises and so on. In order to prevent some students from not listening carefully, they must ask random questions. If the questions are not answered, they must write reflection and summary, so as to better motivate them to listen to the lecture carefully. I made full use of my time. In the evening, I gave the students a graded assignment, pointed out their problems one by one, and asked them to correct them face to face. If they couldn’t do it, continue to make changes until they meet. Before going to bed, ask them to review the situation and write down their reflections on their learning that day and their learning plan for tomorrow. And the most important thing is to take the exam every three to five, so that you can check the omissions. As a qualified people’s teacher, don’t spend your days in waste, don’t have winter and summer vacations for leisure and entertainment, you should make reasonable use of them. So, students, do you think teachers should have winter and summer vacations?

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