I saw this question after the performance on the 26th. In order to answer more comprehensively, BiuBiu on the 27th was very nervous throughout the whole process. From the first sentence on, the list in my mind kept ticking: still open the wheat to 100%, which is very good; The sound is more powerful and very good; it completely covers the cushion sound, which is very good; why the first time is perfect and the pitch in the cushion sound is exactly the same as the duration, it is very good; the second time after the dance break is still very stable and the duration standard, very Good; squat and get up to stretch the sound yeah has adjustment movements, but the anger sound is more stable and more powerful, very good; in the end, yeah is very accurate, very good. When I checked each item on the checking list in my mind, I saw Yu Xin’s new ending action: Suddenly, I was scared by my behavior, what am I doing? Are you “examining” or “appreciating” the stage? For this question, I found the answer I wanted, but perfectly missed every detail in the performance. Dose it worth the effort for a question like this? Absolutely Not. I can’t help but ask myself what was my original intention to like Liu Yuxin’s stage? I admire her rigorous and serious attitude towards the stage; I admire her professionalism that always puts work expression above personal display; I admire her exquisiteness in her striving for perfection and perfect control of every detail on stage; I admire her for music The aesthetics and delicacy of perception and expression; I admire her attitude towards life that puts all the power in her works. The biggest respect for performers is to feel the work with heart. Well, since I want to answer this question, I will still answer it: First of all, the way to identify the singer’s singing function is to “find the wrong”, which is neither professional nor persuasive. Secondly, you can hear these two floating notes, which can only show how real her microphone is. To tell the truth, there is only BiuBiu on the stage with such an honest “full wheat”. If it is not 100% fully open the microphone, these sounds will be turned out to the maximum pad sound perfect “reverberation”, refer to other works in the same field. Finally, the intensity of BiuBiu’s dance and the requirement to sing and dance. For a singer who has been spinning for more than a week and has little sleep time, seeking stability is the best and most professional choice. Suddenly discovered Huadian: In addition to the director’s obsessiveness with the horror road renderings on stage 26, there are many times when the camera does not keep up with Yu Xin’s moving speed. The first second is still shooting her face, the next second she is It disappeared instantly from the top, bottom, left, and right directions, and the camera had to switch back to the main road again. The 27th was much better, and the director finally did his homework in advance. But it also shows the range and intensity of Liu Yuxin’s dance. Written at the end: Passion type and control type are two completely different stage personalities. The first type is easy to capture the audience instantly, but it is also difficult to retain the audience because of the lack of details. The more professional it becomes, the more it becomes the second, but when the control is done to the extreme, it will show the best state of “passion and control”. This is the core reason why Yuxin’s stage is charming. But when the extreme situation of physical exhaustion occurs, it is only an instinctive choice to strive for control. In fact, it is also responsible and professional for the stage. Although the BiuBiu Yuxin on the 26th has converged slightly, his strength has not been reduced by half, and the details still can withstand scrutiny. As for whether he is very confident, I think objectively speaking, if you don’t look at pen-hold shooting, you can’t find it from the road renderings. answer. I hope Yuxin can sum up the experience from this concert, that is, don’t be too tired. There is a limit to your physical strength, and there is a limit to your body’s endurance. Before every performance and rehearsal, you still reserve a day of rest for yourself. Well, to prevent the problem of physical exhaustion from encountering emergencies that need to stay up late before the performance like this time.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Seeing the answer from a familiar ID, I couldn’t help thinking of the battles between “Li Zhongke” and “Five”. This is a substitute for two views or two positions among fans. Li Zhongke usually flaunts rational criticism, stands on the commanding heights, and uses various academic accents and examples to show that he is unconventional. Regarding issues related to stars and fans, we generally call them “Huangquan passers-by” and “Five”. It is indeed easy to be regarded as a mob, but it is undeniable that it is a group of very simple and cute little transparent starting points. Don’t advertise yourself professionally, have no arrogant desire to express, don’t ask for a sense of identity everywhere, and have no interest in meaningless explanations and discussions. They don’t disable love power generation. The difference from Huangquan passers-by is that they treat idols as individuals, not perfect stage machines. 1. It is a fact that Liu Yuxin was in poor condition on the first day. Regardless of whether you know about the termination of the contract with the brand that happened on that day, whether you are not sure about her physical condition, the concert is the work of countless functional departments, and the practice of blaming everything on her is usually the usual point of view of the philosophers. That is not to apply subjective thinking to face the other person, and to avoid the importance of others to negate her value. The result is to confuse the facts. Liu Yuxin’s roaring voice can’t determine how loud the pad sound is, and it can’t decide on-site mirroring even if the frame is scattered. This is the premise for tagging her. 2. There is no doubt that fans who buy tickets for the concert are not in doubt. Passersby who can prostitute to the live video will not analyze frame by frame where she is not good enough. After all, there have been high-quality stage effects before, and the stage strength of full-open wheat. It is extremely ridiculous to stand on this commanding height to examine a trash dance and deny her value. The concert is not for passers-by to watch. It doesn’t need passers-by to worry about it. 3. I remembered the domestic con of a certain men’s group I had seen before. The heat and the continuous performance caused some members to be lifted off the stage. This is a particularly regrettable thing. No one or even passersby will complain about the remaining members who have not been lifted off the stage. Both passers-by and fans hope that they can complete this performance while ensuring their bodies. Although the voice is a bit quieter, and even though the dance moves are not the biggest, I think this is the most basic tolerance for one person to other people. I also want to say to Liu Yuxin: 1. I hope that you can have some reservations under the premise of ensuring your body and being unable to influence the on-site effect, and other factors interfere. 2. The scolded person is not the fate of the performer. This is a theoretical excuse given to himself by the person who scolded you. The definition of perfection has been tampered with, and the sufficient and necessary conditions for being scolded and performing have been kidnapped. Ignore it at all. 3. Believe that you have not been perfunctory every time on stage, and that you have tried your best. I believe you are not afraid to speak because you are afraid of making mistakes, because no one knows the process of hard work and the meaning of sweat better than you. No one cherishes the thin ice that you are beginning to have more than you. 4. Don’t care about other people’s seemingly professional but naive analysis. If a person is disappointed in you, it’s not because you deny you in this concert. You are not a robot. There is no star on the two-hour stage. He is not disturbed by any factors to achieve the perfection in his heart. 5. All your experiences, battles, competitions, debuts, playing and singing, all prove that what you hear, see and feel is more than that of some people. Some people ask you to care about your high standards, but don’t care too much. After all, they may not even watch a live concert. This kind of unmodestly gesticulating Jiangshan gesticulates to watch the puppet show on the spot. I want to say to the fan circle: The transformation of idols is not overnight, and there is no case in the strict sense of internal entertainment so far. I have hope for this, but I will not kidnap Yuxin because of this. Many people cite examples of idol’s transformation as a producer, and even singles and second albums have been looking forward to making a big hit early. I smiled slightly and calmed my mind. Liu Yuxin is not a god, not a star of your established personality. , Because some people simply didn’t understand why the idols she said were transformed, frankly speaking, because of the confusion. And so many capable musicians have not been able to get ahead so far. The market competition is unprecedentedly bloody. Yu Xin needs to go step by step. Don’t benchmark any idols, just be Liu Yuxin. Finally: I like Liu Yuxin’s excellence not only because of her peers, but because she is shining brightly on the stage, although this is indeed a bad concert that can’t even be called a concert.

6 months ago

I really don’t vomit. I just watched Liu Yuxin’s biubiu today. It’s obvious that I tried very hard to suppress the pad sound, and the effect was very significant. The live sound did overwhelm the pad sound. The reason is that when singing and not singing, there is only pad sound. The live sound quality is significantly different. I don’t think there is any singer who can open the microphone without any flaws, and the flaws are also one of the evidences of the live microphone. Not to mention the full-open mic, just say the half-open mic. At least half of the time I saw Liu Yuxin, he had this kind of live singing that completely overwhelmed the padding sound. It is precisely because of this that she is on the vocal. The breath and other issues in the room have also been exposed. On the other hand, some other fans of Liu Yuxin’s own masters almost never dared to open up the wheat, and almost all the problems on the vocal have been modified by the sound pad. As a music lover, I can still hear the problem of breath intonation. However, their fans never dared to face their own problems, blowing almost non-opening wheat into a perfect full-opening wheat, with good pitch and good breath, and stunned Liu Yuxin’s solid open-minded wheat. What a joke, I took my fake singing stage to attack Liu Yuxin’s open wheat stage, and took the lead for myself. Liu Yuxin’s fans don’t have to follow the thinking of the faultfiner. Because no matter what Liu Yuxin sings, Jing Group has a reason to snipe her and label all the clarifications of fans as Wanzun. And some people in the real car accident, because Liu Yuxin fans are not as crazy black as some fans, so they hide themselves from time to time, hiding behind their teammates and dare not speak out. Hilarious.

6 months ago

Let me take up a pit. I changed my job in the last month. I am very busy now. I have time to update it carefully. I haven’t had time to answer many of the invited questions. Now I want to tell the umbrellas that I hope to give passers-by a little space, don’t agree with the burden, and don’t quarrel. no need. Some people think it’s good, and some people think it’s normal. It is normal for Yuxin to objectively judge that Yuxin’s state on the first day is not as good as on the second day. After all, ck has just terminated the contract, two official seals, and she herself is from all sides. This is the coordination. Needless to say, the twists and turns, not to mention that other members of this group posted their opinions on Xinjiang Cotton’s Weibo in the early morning. The next day, there were overwhelming black drafts. Many people took time to distort the facts, smeared and tit-for-tat, and left it to her to deal with. The time of the concert is very urgent. In the video of the return to work of this concert, her dark circles are about to fall off, her lips are chapped, and the lipstick becomes strips on the dry lips. In this case, the concert can It’s better than I expected to do this. I think that as a fan, I need to understand her, but there is really no need to argue with people who disagree, because they don’t care what Liu Yuxin experienced the other day. They only need a final result presented, which is analogous to what you have right away. A debriefing report will be next Monday, but you have been busy moving throughout the weekend. The people listening to the report will not care how troublesome or sudden your move is. They only need to talk about your PPT debriefing performance the next day. This is the social beating that every social animal will experience. Just learn from the experience and move on. After all, the company disbanded before the end of the year, and the debriefing this time was just an episode. Regardless of what others say, your business abilities and work experience are always there, and the most important thing to keep going forward is just an episode. Also, once the results on the stage are not better than expected, Liu Yuxin must be the saddest person, because that is the love that grows in her bones. Her mood after get off work the next day looked better than the first day, and the state of the stage was indeed better the next day, so I think the umbrellas can encourage her and praise her warmly wherever she sees. , Know that this kind of platform will leave a lot of freedom for the road, like it if you agree, or step on it if you don’t agree, there is no need to argue. I want to say to the real umbrella: The other people here are passers-by, and we are relatives. If your child is doing well, we will praise her. When she is in a bad mood, we will hug her. For what is not good to outsiders, apart from the ill-intentioned nt remarks, there is really no need to tit for tat. These people are here today, and they may leave tomorrow. Not only do they have high demands on Yuxin, but as noble passers-by, they have high demands on anyone, and they are not aimed at Yuxin. So what’s arguable. If you don’t like it, you can click on it, but there is no need to fight. After watching all the videos and return pictures, the stage effect on the first day was much better than the online stage. This has something to do with reverberation and radio. There are two key points in the design of biubiu Liu Yuxin, namely the yeah described in the title~ the high pitch and the previous part. These two parts have high requirements on physical fitness and state, because the dance before and after the connection is difficult, and there is another one. It is squatting on the spot to hold up the high pitch. Specifically, it means that you run 800 meters and say “the river flows eastward, and the stars in the sky join the Beidou” in the sprint phase. You can’t go out of tune or lose energy. When you are in a good state, you can do it in one go, but when you are tired, you need to add reverberation techniques to ensure the on-site effect. After yesterday’s discussion, I hold the same opinion as that of the same burden. The scene should be a weak mix. This kind of weak reverberation effect requires sufficient live performance experience and sound skills, that is, your true voice may not be able to top it, but the part of your power combined with reverberation can show no problems in the scene, achieving weak chaos. Strong effect. But the stage radio is different from the scene, because it needs to fully collect the own voice and add a soundtrack of the original pad to filter out the noise. In this case, the collected voice will be very dry, and there will be screams on the scene. Or when there are other noises, the voice of the person collected will also be partially affected. It can be seen that on the first day, Biubiu Yuxin still kept the “yeah~” part of squatting and crouching in place, although she was tired on the first day. This is her requirement of her stage. Although she still dances very well, the vocal effect is far from the Shandong Spring Festival Gala. It’s worse, and the physical fitness is more restricted. But on the second day, the part didn’t squat on the spot. She summed up the experience from the last time to complete the stage on the second day. The breath was very strong, and the true sound was on top, ensuring that the overall effect had no shortcomings. Learn from experience and progress. The second day was obviously adjusted, and it was a better grade than the first day. Although the squat high-pitched part that made me amazing at the Shandong Spring Festival Gala was removed, her shoulder strength and the whole body’s sense of strength are obviously transmitted. It is more harmonious than the first progress, and there is not so much restraint when you let go. The action of “remove the mask” is more free and natural, and the next day Lion added pop to the wave, the whole scene is completely in a state of jumping high, it is really good that she sings and dances and I see it. . Great. I will update it in detail when I have time. I hope that the real shared responsibility will be desensitized as soon as possible, and I will always know what is most important at the moment, and what I should do next, instead of spending my mentality on useless things. , Give her the best and most powerful support. They are passers-by, and we are relatives. The next game is always the best.

6 months ago

Liu Yuxin, did not close the stage, and has always reserved 100% respect! Lion’s walking position and frame set up a stage with 4 thin people, only she is a crazy little lion, and the other dys have cats, little foxes, and little deer, but only she is the king of this forest! Biubiu, pop is also the biggest, her stage strength is the strongest, the whole scene (Liu Yuxin really likes the big frame), the scene and the range of movements are the largest. But many people have been brainwashed subconsciously, with their own prejudices, they will automatically ignore them, and then grab those flaws to magnify them and prove their nobleness. Biubiu’s attitude Liu Yuxin also said, no matter what kind of performance, there will be different voices, and she will not care about these voices, and will insist on doing what she wants to do to the end! At the end of biubiu, there is a broken sound. This is the favorite place to see in the concert. The sound is broken without cracking the ears, and I sing with the greatest strength to the end~ Never question Liu Yuxin, what she brings is always the enjoyment and happiness of the stage. ~Every stage clip captured by the fans is worth collecting. Her stage can be appreciated repeatedly, figured out, expression changes, detailed processing, frame size and strength. I won’t compare Liu Yuxin with others, I will only compare it with yesterday’s Liu Yuxin. The only thing that looks better than yesterday’s Liu Yuxin is today’s Liu Yuxin!

6 months ago

What can I say, adqc is just cursing, after experiencing last night’s mirroring in the underworld, today’s black rs, Jiang Bin got his wish and got the unanimous accusations from the9 group fans and Weifan. The concert tonight is finally normal. Many (adqc keeps up), this should have been the effect yesterday. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a much better mood tonight. Tonight’s Liu Yuxin looks refreshed and refreshed. Tonight Liu Yuxin’s “biubiu”, dance and vocal music are online. In fact, even for the same work, every time I watch Liu Yuxin’s stage, I feel different every time. I can’t say where it is different, but the details of the dance have changed. Tonight’s “biubiu” I think is comparable to the “biubiu” of the Shandong Spring Festival Gala. Now, let’s talk about yesterday’s “biubiu”, the official broadcast and publication of trash mirrors, I am angry when I look at it. After reading the Fanpai version, there is no problem with “Why perfect” and “Yeah”. Because of the termination of the contract, Liu Yuxin looked tired and tired yesterday, but he still couldn’t see it in the meal. Therefore, I absolutely believe in Liu Yuxin’s attitude towards the stage, even when she is very tired, she will definitely take the stage seriously. This is the case for the masked dancer, the Spring Festival Gala stage, and the concert stage. Some people say that viewers only watch the broadcast and publication, and only fans watch the fan auction version, but the broadcast and publication are terrible. Is it all to be blamed on Liu Yuxin? How does Mirror Junk show her dancing charm? Of course, from the comparison between the broadcast and publication of the 26th and the 27th, leaving behind the problem of mirroring, it is still better to hear that the 26th is not the 27th. But I want to say that Liu Yuxin doesn’t have to hand in the perfect answer every time. She will watch and listen, reflect, adjust, and urge herself to make progress. On the other hand, she sang better on the 27th than on the 26th. Doesn’t it mean that she adjusted quickly? I hope that fans love her and encourage her. In addition to fans, someone can hug her, and she also needs to get strength from others.

6 months ago

Liu Yuxin played his best role in a continuous rotation, and opened the wheat to sing and dance. But fans actually didn’t see her personally when they bought tickets for this concert. It’s not a day or two for iQiyi to do this. Noble passers-by, you can take a look at the following data when you pass by. It’s really not Liu Yuxin’s fan glass heart. As the C position of the team, 49 seconds of close-up time. The teammate with the longest close-up time is 336 seconds, which is about 7 times hers! It’s her turn to sing to get the perspective, and some say it’s a technical error. Ha ha da. It can only be said that Liu Yuxin is an old tool man. Although the total time is high, it is her turn to show the xr stage effect. The length of the close-up shot can tell everyone that Liu Yuxin has been suppressed, has been blasted, and has always been just a tool man. Because iQiyi and Idol Youth really have artists they want to admire, and they really have artists from well-connected cooperative companies to take care of. Now that Liu Yuxin can be a tool man, it is all because of the face of the fans’ real money and money. The most unwelcome thing to see from the data is the C bit. In fact, fans never need to sell badly, just want to tell you that there is a reason for it. Liu Yuxin will go long and develop better, relying on her own strength and fans to support her forever.

6 months ago

After watching a circle, I feel that a lot of umbrellas are fighting each other, depending on whether they are in good condition, whether they are open or not, and they are not disappointed. In fact, everyone in this group probably knows the strength of everyone, and Liu Yuxin has long been known. There is no need for such a grass stage concert to prove it, but many things are not black or white or right or wrong. Only a pink circle with a voice is very unhealthy, and it is too easy to be rhythmic. Umbrellas are pretty good. Yes, if something goes wrong, I will fight and discuss with each other, and then I can draw a conclusion. Therefore, you can see that the powder is at most inciting emotions on a small scale, but it will soon stabilize. At present, no one can bring an umbrella on a large scale. Rhythm, let alone brainwashing and PUA! In the two days of concerts, I didn’t spend money to buy tickets first, because whether it’s peach, teammates, or teammate fans, everyone has known each other clearly and thoroughly for so long. I never expect to live, and as long as I don’t expect it, no one can hurt me. So I think the thieves’ joy on the first day is the kind of thing I thought the dog was already a dog, but what I didn’t expect at all was that it could break through The lower limit is more dogmatic, resulting in a kind of absurd comedy effect. One night I laughed and leaned forward and backward. I unexpectedly looked forward to the next day’s concert. I wanted to see if Tao could be more excessive! It’s also because I’ve never looked forward to the stage. My expectation on Tao is more like an idea of ​​breaking a jar. I’m only curious about how far it can be broken. So the next day, it’s cool to return to the subject Liu Yuxin, that’s it. Feeling tired is really tired, too busy these days, too many things have happened, new EP, new variety shows, various activities, CK termination, the teammate’s honest THE8 behavior at 1:30 in the morning, the abuse of teammate fans, Tao’s true love to deceive 1 behavior, the original company’s inaction, and the negative high-ranking search of fake singing has been hanging for almost a day. Liu Yuxin, who is in the C position, should take her responsibility and break the public with her hearty true singing. Of course, she was the only one who had the ability to bear the responsibility for the lip-synching of THE9. The next day, the stage was ruthless. The first time I saw Liu Yuxin like this, he was very attractive. As for the ridicule of teammates and fans, Disappointment, there is no need to explain Shengtang, everything she suffered, except for fans, no one feels distressed. For some people, the stage is the stage. Just use the stage to talk. No amount of explanation is useful. Everyone will just think that they are making excuses. , The audience only pays attention to the stage effect presented, the fans are also the audience, this is no problem! I only represent that I personally love Liu Yuxin and understand Liu Yuxin’s strength. I believe that both her and her stage will get better and better in the future, and I have always supported her in this process! ! ! This is what I mean to be a fan, isn’t it? If the EP comes out, like some people say, buy one. Regardless of all the objective factors, just look at the result. If the stage is good, you will be disappointed. If you are not good, you will be disappointed. It’s her personal business whether she can develop well. Many people who do not sell well are still good singers. There will also be stages and passersby. With such an attitude, it is true that passers-by have the most good mentality, as a fan. There is no need to find a sense of identity with this group of people. If these people open wheat, either the rice circle old dough sticks are tired of the rice circle thinking and do not want to re-enter, or they are always on the edge and do not want to enter, nor can they rule out those who want to have a rhythm Opinion bitch, no matter what kind, only when you really become a fan of Liu Yuxin will you empathize with us, will support Liu Yuxin like us, and hope that she will get better and better, gain more and more voice and resources, and then achieve Better stage effects, thereby expanding the popularity of passersby. In fact, there is still no right or wrong between the two parties, but the starting point is different. The point of wanting the other party to agree with their own point of view is just wrong!

6 months ago

Conclusion: Personal performance is excellent and stable, but the choreography shots cause the effect to be greatly reduced. Needless to say, the vocal live broadcast is too loud. It’s a bit like the previous Jiangsu New Year’s Eve solo. It can hear two soundtracks in a meal. Obviously I can hear the pad sound, and biubiu is a high-intensity dance music. Some parts only dance but don’t sing. It’s normal. Why is it perfect and yeah can hear it clearly in the meal. I can’t sing this time. The costume is online. The hair looks good, I think the only shortcomings are the weird special effects and shots. The biubiu is not half as good as the biubiu. Shandong Satellite TV has also made some special effects, but the purpose of its special effects is to highlight people, and the iQiyi concert is obviously putting the cart before the horse Liu Yuxin is a very mature singing and dancing singer, and she has her own ingenuity about the camera, but the group’s concert obviously cannot let her be the master. Although angry, think about the ep is about to be released. After that, there are more solo stages. I also want to talk about lion. Although many people say that this concert ruined it, Liu Yuxin in pen-hold shooting is still accurate and majestic. If you only look at pen-hold shooting, I actually think this time lion is better than double ten. Second, the rice shot was also opened. I heard it very clearly. I really didn’t find any flaws in Liu Yuxin. I know that many Liu Yuxin fans have a high demand for Liu Yuxin, very good, but external factors that have nothing to do with Liu Yuxin also hope to be rational. Look, good people will not hide their own light because of these. I know that a lot of things have happened recently, but in fact, fans don’t have to worry at all. Liu Yuxin handles it very well. She tells us in her own way whether it’s on stage or other things.” I’m very strong, I’m very determined.” I used to think I liked Liu Yuxin’s strength and character, but now I admire her character even more. If I experience her past, I might collapse early and give up, but she The existence of tells me that nothing can’t survive. I train hard in ordinary days, and don’t forget my original intention in glorious days. Perhaps this is the meaning of idols.

6 months ago

In the second concert, Liu Yuxin’s close-up shots increased, and she could finally see her performance. The real voice is also louder than in the first scene, and the overall effect is much better than in the first scene. Seeing that she has added a lot of new small designs. On the first anniversary of the breaking wind, she performed the hair blowing action again~ and yeah I talked about yesterday, she did not pop this time, she really doesn’t need me to say anything, and she will always adjust her state~ And here I want to say two things casually about some disputes. First, I don’t regard Liu Yuxin as a fan/request. I can see her original intention and continuous improvement in her. This is the quality I value most. Second, don’t have an inexplicable sense of superiority to fans. This is a matter of personal cultivation. Just like I never prevent others from expressing dislike, this is the right of others, but I am also annoyed that someone expresses their likeness to me. If you think what I said makes sense, you agree with it. If you feel unreasonable, you are welcome to come for friendly exchanges. Don’t try to belittle the value of my words by holding a fan’s hat.

6 months ago

What Emm above closed the comment area, then I will open an answer to say. First of all, I personally disagree with your guess that Yu Xin’s state is not good enough, and even feel a little insulting her. There is not much time left on the itinerary to prepare for the concert. The time that can be used to prepare for the concert (it should be enough, after all, there is no new song) is all forced to deal with the C/K termination, and there is almost no rest time. It is the root cause of poor physical condition, not the so-called “psychological fragility”. Secondly, most people who can like Liu Yuxin have enough stage aesthetics, and they know that this is indeed not her best performance. But she is still the best performer in a horizontal comparison. Isn’t this worth encouraging? What’s more, she has an almost harsh review of herself. She doesn’t need the “loyalty” of fans (professionals say otherwise). What’s wrong with being a fan at this time to give some encouragement? This is not a “brain-disabled rice circle culture”, it is just because of the trust in her as a fan. Of course, anyone has the right to maintain their own understanding of Yuxin and the fan circle, even if this is a very condescending understanding, but I want to say that when you learn more about her and umbrella, you will know that you really don’t need it. Worry too much

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