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Look at the Morilan who is now completely reduced to a protected character waiting for Conan to save. Look at Hui Yuanwei, who is almost marginalized by the main line and can only occasionally provide off-site technical assistance. Take a look at Mr. Zhu Di, who was drastically degraded after the full moon chapter. Look at Se Liang Zhenchun who often makes mistakes in reasoning and turns into green leaves to set off Conan. Police Officer Sato is a strong woman who loses her mind at a critical moment and must be awakened by Takagi’s slap. Fei Yingli is a strong woman, so the marriage is unhappy and separated for ten years. At the critical moment, it must be saved by Kogoro Mouri. Kudo Yukiko, married as soon as he graduated, and disappeared as soon as he got married. He gave up his day-to-day career and went home to take a rest with his children. Kuroba Chikage, as soon as he first met the thief, he was asked to give up his job and stay at home at ease. Belmode, a female, plays the role of the twenty-five boys in the organization to release Conan and Lan infinitely. The Nagano trio, daring to help in an accident, rely on Gaoming to forcefully investigate and find the person. Yui can only think that he is dead and marry. The whole play is machismo. Women are either protected or cumbersome by vases. They mainly exist to be the women behind successful men. Straight men’s cancer exploding tables are all good things to say. More chatter. I’m not about how bad the female characters in this drama are. On the contrary, many of them are very full and have a lot of skill points. The problem is that Qingshan does not give them any chance to perform. The ceiling in almost every field of reasoning, force, etc. are male characters, and 90% of the highlight moments in this play are also male characters. The strength of female characters is not as good as that of males in the same field, and the promotion of the main line is also very limited (especially Lan, as a heroine, even knows nothing about the organization after more than a thousand episodes. Shinichi said it nicely, don’t want to involve people It’s dangerous to enter, but in fact, you have been bringing her to danger. It is clear that you are a dead person in the eyes of the organization, and you continue to act as Shinichi Kudo. When you get on the plane, even Mary found that the passenger information of the flight has Shinichi Kudo. Once the organization wants to investigate, it will be exposed every minute, especially when the school trip goes on TV with great fanfare, and let parents run back to clean up the mess. Once exposed, the organization will kill the Maori family every minute, do you have an acd number in your mind? Just go abroad with your parents to investigate. Don’t get together with the Maori family every day to protect people.) It’s a long way off. Last time I forgot to talk about Marie Seliang. Mary’s strength is quite strong, but in the plot, she took her child to hide 17 years ago. Her husband Akai Mutake alone investigated the organization. Then her husband disappeared, and the eldest son went to investigate again. Mary still took it. Hiding with her little daughter, she was even smaller by the other side’s calculations. I haven’t seen how powerful it is yet. In short, the female role of Ming Curry is that people who are engaged in business have emotional problems, and those who take care of family have absolutely no work; young people must be protected by men, no matter what karate and Aikido you learn, it will always be the same. Hundreds of desperate situations make you wait to be rescued by men; even if you have a lot of skill points, it is basically useless. I didn’t remember Kuroba Chikage. I just went to check it. The time she met Thief Yi, she was going to be the last action, and then she washed her hands with the golden basin. It has nothing to do with Thief Yi, but just talked to Xiao cutie in the comments It’s the same, why stealing one afterwards is really inexplicable. And after retiring, she didn’t still become a full-time wife, she still fits the above summary, the family is happy and has no job. And the pair of Kogoro Mori and Hideri Mori is really amazing. Mao Li is obviously married, but he can’t walk when he sees a beautiful woman. He is still stunned and molested. The housework does not care about the outrageous male chauvinism. Concubine Yingli is also a strange flower. She knows what Maori is best, but when she leaves home, she is so relieved to hand Lan to Maori? Don’t take her away? Does she leave the seven-year-old Lan because she thinks Maori can take care of her or do she want to take care of her? She is here to take care of Maori? I really can’t understand. Lan is not long and crooked, thanks to the halo of the protagonist in the comics world.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The male subject is really no way, it must be the core of Conan. However, the female characters, especially the red squares, cut too much. All female characters in the full moon chapter are at the peak of their favorability value. Since then, the personality of Amway has basically depended on the full moon chapter and before. With so many characters, many characters have begun to become flat tool people, but the female characters are too infamous in the later stage, and all kinds of ceilings (force, reasoning, IQ, patriotism) are all male. That is, the garden, always on the financial ceiling, has not been affected by the male protagonist’s halo. But I really don’t agree that Xinyi is a straight male with cancer. Apart from forcing Amway, there’s basically nothing wrong with it. It’s not necessarily a good thing to say something to someone and to be too friendly. It’s true that the new pair of other people are straight guys. I didn’t want to make the other party happy, but I had enough respect for Lan. Sometimes I was confused when speaking because I was concerned or confused or deliberately in order to prevent Lan from having too much expectation.

8 months ago

It’s a bit like “Why are the male characters in the heroine TV series so stupid?” Detective Conan’s work itself is a masculine work of the last century, and Japan is still a country where women need this surname for marriage. The portrayal of female characters is relatively instrumental and princess-like: they cannot threaten male characters. Especially considering that this work is from the 1990s. There are many strong female characters in many male works in modern Japan-bad women-I don’t know if it is an improvement. You want to say that Conan is “straight out with cancer”, no problem, because everyone’s standards can be different. Suppose you think that the male characters in the heroine TV series are “normal”, the famous detective Conan is indeed out of the ordinary. However, if you compare it with other contemporary youth comics, you will find that it is just an ordinary “straight man”, and even some men have a lower status of female characters in comics, especially harem comics. However, the good news is that for readers who look at reasoning, gender is not very important, and even character creation often serves the plot and trickery. Not only is the female character a tool person, Conan himself is also a tool person sometimes. Inference comics don’t sell characters, don’t look at the mentality of watching idol dramas. Most people who watch Conan look at murder, tricks, persecution with gin, and undercover investigations. Instead, they only focus on the level of intelligence. In fact, the biggest problem with female characters in Conan is not whether they are “strong” or not, but the disparities of many female characters, such as Xiaolan and Hongye, are just two skins for the same person. Female characters with more personality, such as Xiao Ai, are weakened and frozen. The lack of realism and three-dimensionality of the character is the biggest problem. There is a male assumption in the portrayal of female characters, which is determined by the author himself. Although Japan has no shortage of manga artists and reasoning masters, the pinnacle authors of reasoning in manga homes are all men, lacking an Agatha-like author, so the lack of a female perspective is indeed a pity.

8 months ago

In the later stage, all female characters, regardless of the main role, were treated with degeneracy and marginalization. Judy’s highlights stop in the Full Moon series, and the highest level of reasoning later is to show the truth about fake death in Yeya, and then he will start to play infinitely. Maurilan must rely on Conan to save him. The edge of the main line of Huiyuan Ai+Jiangzhi+Daily plot appearance. Shiliang Zhenchun deliberately caused Conan to hook up from the beginning of reasoning mistakes, and now the reasoning mistakes are almost causing BUG. Although Miwako Sato’s reasoning ability was not as high as that of the protagonist at the beginning, it was at least online. Later, he began to line up with Conan. Now, no matter the main line or the daily plot is infinitely bright, only a group of men are left, but there is no way, they are called Detective Conan, the main male field. Moreover, it is true that only male characters are blown wildly in the later stage, and some of the attributes of the handsome male characters of 73 are the same. They must be strong enough and smart enough, so that they are handsome, and the woman who loves to die will lose her first when she encounters a case. Step aside, anyway, wait to save and be handsome again. To be honest, I am immune, and now I feel good that the surviving male character has only Dad Conan besides the show. Anyway, he is also paddling every day, and I have written several different stories for one cause of death.

8 months ago

It is because there are not enough female audiences who care about this issue. I watched Conan very early, so I found that Conan’s style, including the character of the characters, is quietly changing, becoming more adaptable to the market. For example, Maori’s change from waste material to decadence is actually very savvy. For example, it is very smart to send every policeman no matter how male or female it is. For example, Hui Yuan changes from a cold and sad girl to a vicious yawning girl, a cute little fan. To put it bluntly, people eat this set. A long time ago, some people said why the women in the game are so sexy. In fact, it is very simple, nonsense, who used the female characters who were not sexy in the past? ? To put it bluntly, everything is the market. When women start to play games on a large scale, there are more and more games that conform to women’s aesthetics, but men disagree. When women dominate the film and television market, Xiao Xianrou is more popular than the violent martial arts movies and TV series of the 1990s. Similarly, the women Conan watched didn’t care about this aspect, otherwise Conan would be saved by Xiaolan to play. Speaking of how weak Xiaolan’s settings are, I’m afraid many people can’t think of it. The earliest version of Xiaolan was a story about ghosts, wearing ghost masks to scare people, like going to haunted museums to see the scene of hell, and lying in order to save people, some people opened their mouths. Touching her ass as a face is a kick, breaking the pillar with a fist at her boyfriend, and kicking the girl with the axe when she saw the corpse and murderer turn her hand back? Who remembers that the earliest gray original was a girl who was quasi-skilled, who didn’t like words, and had a tendency to self-destruct. To put it bluntly, the group of viewers who are watching now are watching straight male cancer works, what can be done? Conan has a long time, but many settings have been quietly changed. For example, Gin was afraid of ordinary police at first, Hui Yuan tried to self-destruct several times and went to Mermaid Island. Xiaolan is not only not afraid of ghosts, but also talks a lot about ghosts and monsters. Interested, but Maori is very afraid of ghosts. In fact, Conan has always fooled people with the image of a particularly naive child rather than the cool kid in the later period.

8 months ago

I don’t agree with the straight male cancer statement in the question, but it is undeniable that many outstanding women in the early stage of Conan have become more and more male vassals or instrumentalists in the current plot (mid and late in the Rum article), including but not limited to: small Orchid, Haibara, Judy, Sato, etc. Why does it become like this? I think the reason is very simple, because the main storyline of these characters has ended, the author’s current focus is on other characters, and the author has not (and some cannot) let them offline. So it became a tool man. The focus now is on Shiliang and Mary. Do they feel a little bit like Judy and Hui Yuan at the beginning?

8 months ago

Conan’s main role now does appear to be intellectual and instrumental, but it is obviously not related to straight male cancer. This situation is actually determined by the form of reasoning unit drama + super long serialization. Just write about Sherlock Holmes with Conan Doyle. You can’t say that he discriminates against doctors and police officers. It seems that Sherlock Holmes is on the show alone. This criticism cannot be said to be unreasonable, it can only be said to be worthless. Of course, not every work will encounter this situation. There are also many excellent works that have found a balance between form and content. How to solve the dilemma of the main role of TV animation + theatrical version is actually from many years ago. Conan fans began to discuss it, so I won’t say more here. On the other hand, for straight male cancer, although it seems that everything can be scolded for straight male cancer, it is really too much to say that Conan has straight male cancer. Conan is the work with the most carefree and unrestrained main female characters among the works I have seen from watching anime, and no one in the work feels that this is bad. Xiaolan karate violent woman, Yuanzi’s daughter dressed up like a bone, and the concubine lawyer is also a strong woman in the workplace. Other female characters such as Ayumi, Sato, Bei Jie, Judy and other characters with more roles are not the female characters who “straight male cancer thinks should be like this”. The only thing that can be said to be the beautiful girl from heaven, who satisfies the fantasy of straight men, is also a cool and intelligent female image who is pressing hard and retracting freely. As for these female characters now, I just want to say how many roles Conan does not play now. The role has nothing to do with straight male cancer or straight male cancer. You said that Xiaolan teased and liked Shinichi every day, and that really liked it. When does the author draw an official match with true love, will he be scolded for cancer?

8 months ago

I remember an episode where Xiao Ai likes to stare at Conan. Conan’s mother told Conan that a girl likes to stare at you, either because she likes you, or something is on your face. So, one night Conan couldn’t help but ask Xiao Ai: Is there anything on my face? Another time it was Black Chicken who was about to confess his confession. When he was about to confess, someone from the Self-Defense Forces suddenly came, so Black Chicken had no choice but to say that the bibimbap you made was delicious. I fainted directly on the spot.

8 months ago

Please don’t insult straight men with cancer. What kind of works do normal straight men with cancer like? Every second, Kudo Shin, the first reaction when something happens is, don’t persuade, just do it! Then it was a woman who looked forward and backward, and liked Kudo Shinichi. Kudo Shinichi didn’t have the word shame in his mind. As long as a woman chased him, he would say: Anyway, you are a Japanese manga, and you don’t belong to the radio and television administration. Ugh! What do straight guys like best? Long Aotian’s cool text! There are some in male frequency novels. Take a look at the high hits! And Aoyama Okama’s manga… This is a straight man with cold personality and cancer. Everything can only be done for the male half, the straight half… Sorry not! For example, I like a lot of Conan/Shinichi, but this guy just can’t see the straight ball. Be the licking dog of Maorilan wholeheartedly. Where is the straight guy here? In the study trip article, a bunch of New Orchid Party say “the king of East Asian vinegar”. Look at Tang San and look at Xiao Yan. You even look at Hou Longtao. What do these people behave when they become jealous: I care if you are not wrong, you can tear it up first! Look at Kudo Shinichi: Oh! I am jealous! Only Mao Lilan kisses can coax well. In the early stage, Mitsuhiko and Motota thought that Ayumi had a sweetheart (it turned out to be Ayumi and an old grandma feeding the cat in the park), both of them are better than you Kudo Shinichi! Is there no straight male cancer in Mingke? Of course there is, but only one and a half. One is Kyogoku Shin. The girlfriend gave him something, but I didn’t know what it was, but he dared to take a photo and send it back. But as long as you listen to some news that your girlfriend is going to cheat or have danger, no matter where you hide, you can dig it out for you. The things done include but are not limited to: because I didn’t know the date, I gave up important competitions abroad, went to the deep mountains and old forests to set up tents and stayed in the garden for several weeks. I heard that Yuanzi might have derailed, breaking through the most unbreakable barrier in the detective fiction world, Blizzard Villa, on the grounds of gatekeepers, and went to her girlfriend to explain clearly. The other half is Hattori Heiji. The reason for saying half… is the creation of Aoyama Okasha. I really don’t know if he likes Toyama Kazuha or Kudo Shinichi. Shinichi Kudo, Shibuya Takagi, and even Hideichi Akai, those who have CP in front of us all day are the masters who can’t get tough at critical times. Do you think they have cancer in straight men? I even suspected that Takayama Minami and Aoyama Okashang divorced because Aoyama Okashang failed. What’s more, shouldn’t straight men’s cancer works wipe out the benefits of men? Why is Mao Lilan the biggest beneficiary of the full moon chapter? Conan is a net loss. It is said that “Bo Ren Biography” is incombustible. I feel like “Detective Conan”, what about the whole flame retardant? How could this thing be straight male cancer? Suffering is a straight male cancer with incompetent personality. It’s just a male boxer. ——Just know what a man wants, but don’t know what a man should do.

8 months ago

First of all, it must be clear that “Mingke” has created a detective universe. Under this worldview, the core indicator for judging a character’s strength is reasoning ability. Just as the core standard for judging strength in the martial arts world is martial arts, skills such as gu, poison, and medical skills can only be counted as side-doors that add characteristics to characters, so abilities such as karate and shooting are not ranked in the detective universe. . For example, Shuichi Akai’s sniper skills have evolved from the simple 700 yards at the beginning to the metaphysical level of various show operations. Fans have been wailing that his ability has been weakened, because he often comes from Conan in the later cooperation with Conan. Complete the reasoning. No matter how the shooting ability increases, the decline in reasoning power is the decline in the core indicators, and the role becomes “weak”. After clarifying this background, it is easy to find that there are almost no “strong” female characters in “Mingke”. Heiji, who has the same name as Shinichi, is a male; it is his father, not his mother, who guides Shinichi to reason; even in the typical pair of gangster men x elite women, Kogoro x Hideri, the stronger reasoning seems to be men. . Although Huiyuan Ai’s IQ is very high, her IQ is mainly developed in the direction of scientific research, rather than reasoning; Judy’s early level is acceptable, but since she and Akai both revealed the identity of the red party, her ability has been suppressed by Akai. Next; finally Shiliang Zhenchun appeared in the middle and late stages. As a high school student detective, she is no worse than Pingji. However, her character is “like a man” as the signboard. At present, Belmode and Shiliang Marie are the only ones that take into account both the charm of women and the ability of reasoning. It’s just that once Belmode is in the same frame as the gin, the ability is overwhelmed. Occasionally, the performance of the dominance is also because her black and red position is extremely unique. It is conceivable that if there is a male character who is completely consistent with her position and they act at the same time, then most of the highlight moments must belong to that A male character. Shiliang Marie’s ability appears to be strong, but also because of the same reason: her current personality is still very mysterious, and she has not cooperated with other adults. Judging from the sentence “I will take care of this in place of your father” when making important decisions in Ripaku, her family voice is not as good as that of her husband. If Akai returns in the future, then she must be weakened as well. Life. If all the detectives in the broad sense in Mingke are classified according to their reasoning ability, then almost all female detectives are half a level weaker than male detectives of the same level, such as the aforementioned Belmode VS Gin and Mary VS. Wu and Judy VS Shuichi. The only exception may be Sato and Takagi, but their own ranks are very low, and the slight difference is so small that they can be ignored. On the top layer are Yusaku and Rum, and no women are among them. Aside from supporting roles to talk about the female number one, Xiaolan’s character set is really not plump enough to hold up a detective manga alone. She is indeed a good girl, but under this system where strength is determined by reasoning ability, the meaning of her existence is to assist the male number one. Regardless of assisting Conan to complete the armed capture or assisting Shinichi to complete the emotional scene, everything she does is to assist, and there is no story of her own. Suppose that the protagonist of “Mingke” is replaced by the second male character, which can be the stumbling and difficult case-solving “Scooter Detective Kogoro”; if replaced by the female second, it can be the continuation of the main storyline of “The duel between Huiyuan and the Black Organization”; but change What about adult women? The entire detective worldview must be abandoned, and the story can only be turned into a school daily and family theater for girls’ high school students. The female number one is a very important role, but the author has set such an important role as an outsider who has not joined the detective universe and a complete auxiliary character. It can only be said that he does not treat the male and female protagonists with an equal attitude. To sum up, I agree that “Ming Ke” is a straight male cancer work, which is based on the abilities of many characters.

8 months ago

When Conan reasoned, it was definitely a straight man’s brain. If he didn’t directly infer the result, the murderer would never rest. The only two transitions should be the continuous tragic deaths of Moon Shadow Island and Mingmen. That is the only brain brainer. Two heavy thoughts, “Using reasoning to push the murderer to the end, and then watching the other suicide, what is the difference between the murderer and the detective?” You can’t say that Conan is dead-headed in these two incidents, and it’s still a very good wave. The growth portrayal gave him a little more humanity in the midst of absolute rationality (but it seems that he didn’t ask this question again in the later period, which is a pity). As for Heiji, he also released the water during the duel with Ye Mo, but this Ba Ga is not as clever as Conan. He originally wanted to be an assist, but he pushed his head and rushed to the head. The spring water has gone, so it seems that Heiji is more straight than Conan. And Kyogoku Zhen this one-punch superman is not to mention, the ultimate martial art, I think he is a straight man, congratulations to Kyogoku Zhen for the champion of the Tikexue Universe Iron Straight Guy Award! In general, the CP setting of the protagonist group in Conan, according to the current social situation, it is certain that the new version is not suitable for the old setting. After all, even Aladdin has changed to let Jasmine become a sultan, right (laughs) . In comparison, the cp in the protagonist group is basically a willingness to fight and a willingness to endure, unlike “Although this man can’t do anything but he is very Asashi”, but with the passing of time, I always feel very wronged by Xiaolan and Xiaolan. He Ye’s, Xiao Lan is even more of a standard Wangfushi, this look is more than 20 years later. The least straight man in the entire protagonist group should be Shiratori. He is romantic and dedicated. He is tall and has good looks. It is a perfect match with Sato. Maybe he knows the side of Sato and will accept it and take good care of her. By the way One said that Tou Amuro and Kidd did not participate in this competition. They are the three most capable of teasing in the Ke Xue universe. Kidd, as the man who engraved the black plume teasing technique in his DNA, only Xiao Ai can play. It is completely invalidated, and Amuro Tou is able to do both black and white. The underworld is deeply trusted by the winery. In Baidao, the public security is the absolute main output. Outside the public security, no one is right from the old lady to the small Zhengtai. His five-star praise, the only fatal regret is that Tou Amuro’s bright spots are traded with knives…

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