On March 27, local time, China and Iran formally signed a 25-year agreement, which includes political, strategic and economic cooperation. On the same day, Iranian President Rouhani met with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Tehran.

It means that the Eurasian Land Power Alliance has begun to take shape, and it means that the Chinese version of the “Westward Movement” has taken an important step. Looking at the map of Eurasia, we can see that the western route of the Asian continent is divided into north and south by the Caspian Sea. The north route must pass through Russia, the south route must pass through Iran, and the south route has three lines. Regardless of the northern route of Central Asia, Central Afghanistan and southern Pakistan have to pass through Iran to reach West Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean. It is not an exaggeration to say that Iran is a hub country on the southern route of the land-based Silk Road, and its geographic value speaks for itself. Iran is also the fifth largest country on the Asian continent, with an area equivalent to the sum of Tibet and Yunnan. Its population ranks seventh in the Asian continent. It has a high population quality and a relatively complete industrial base. Iran’s team with China and Russia will greatly enhance the chances of winning the Land Power Alliance against the Sea Power Alliance. The geopolitical forces generated by China, Russia and Iran will be enough to radiate the entire Eurasian continent and form a domino effect in neighboring countries. Many people confine their attention to the first island chain and the Western Pacific, underestimating and ignoring China’s land power advantage, and underestimating how much power China’s land power advantage can release. Some people like to frighten the Chinese with the failure of Deer II. In fact, China and Deer II are not comparable at all. This issue has been discussed a few years ago, so I won’t repeat it here. Millsheimer once said that the first-rate land power is unconquerable, and China’s land power is leading the Asian continent. Before the epidemic, I had doubts about the mobilization and organization capabilities of China today, but the reality dispelled my doubts. Facts have proved that China’s industrial production capacity and organizational mobilization capabilities are also in a leading position in the world. At the same time, Russia, the second land power nation in Asia and the first land power nation in Europe and Asia, is a quasi-ally of China, and the West Asia hub country Iran stands with China. This means that in a state of war, the Chinese army will be in the entire Asia except Asia Minor and South Asia. The region has great freedom of movement, and the advancement of the Chinese army will not encounter insurmountable resistance from local forces: if there is an extreme situation such as Malacca and the Indian Ocean are blocked by the West and India, China will try to avoid the east coast of China as soon as possible. This enemy presupposes a large-scale battle on the battlefield, but instead uses its strengths and circumvents its weaknesses, uses its own land power advantage, and burns the flames of war to the opponent’s weakness and vitality. As long as it obtains Russia’s understanding and Iran’s assistance, the Chinese Army will quickly move the battlefield to Iraq and the Gulf region via the third lane of the South Road and airlift via Iran, and directly eliminate the US military presence in the Middle East. China is far from the Middle East, but the United States is farther from the Middle East. With China’s industrial production capacity and mobilization capabilities, it quickly equips 100 elite synthetic brigades and sends them to the Middle East battlefield. It is not difficult to guarantee their various supplies. . Since the founding of the nation, the United States has never won a dignified land war with a well-matched opponent outside of the Americas. Before the opponent runs out of blood, he always slaps the door to reap the benefits of the fisherman. The western front of World War II was still stumbling against the German army, which had become the end of the war. The Pacific War faced a Japan whose overall national strength was far less than its own. After mastering absolute dominance of sea and air, they carried out island-by-island battles. The first large-scale land warfare after World War II was hit and bloodshed. China’s comprehensive national strength is no longer comparable to that of the Korean War, and as long as it is properly planned, it will not open war to other Asian land power countries. There are no countries with enough weights to act as a shield against the United States. As long as we can obtain enough air bases in the Middle East, master the air supremacy, with the stretched mobilization capabilities of the United States and the mentality of the deadly friends of European countries, the odds of victory will only be greater than during the Korean War. Victory will cause the Arab princes to quickly change their camps. Faced with the loss of control of the Suez Canal and the Gulf, the United States will either have to negotiate and compromise with China, or accept the clearing of American power in the Middle East and the complete end of petrodollars. From this perspective, it may be possible to better understand why the West wants to make a big fuss about Xinjiang, why it is trying to provoke the relationship between China and the Islamic world, and it can also understand the meeting between Foreign Minister Wang Yi and the Russian Foreign Minister and visiting Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran at a deeper level. The strategic significance of the six countries in the Middle East. Related answers On January 8th, the US air force base in Iraq was bombed by missiles. Iran confirmed that the attack was launched. What impact will it have on the international situation? What do you think of the US media article “Iran Gradually Going to a “New Empire”?


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6 months ago

It means that there is a good thing that can make people laugh so that their eyes are gone! This is a great thing for Iran, not one of them. According to Iranian media reports, the China-Iran 25-year strategic agreement is mainly focused on political, economic and energy cooperation. There are three most important items, namely: 1. China will increase investment in Iran’s energy facilities and infrastructure construction related to people’s livelihood to enhance Iran’s overall national strength; 2. China will use China for oil settlement and trade exchanges between China and Iran. The renminbi and China’s newly launched digital renminbi settlement avoids the US dollar settlement; 3. The seeker of Iran’s missiles (which do not specify whether they are ordinary missiles or ballistic missiles) will use China’s “Beidou” global positioning and navigation system for guidance. Infrastructure work, money, and defense are all solved. It’s a good thing that you can wake up with a smile when you fall asleep. Especially for Beidou, Israel will not dare to have anything to do with Peas in the future.

6 months ago

The “China, Russia, and Iraq” three swordsmen, which are very unfavorable to the United States, formally formed a team and are about to open black. The talks in Alaska were the last straw to overwhelm the camel. The Eagle Sauce, who is able to use a skillful force to make a thousand catties, has already bid farewell to the stage of history, and now it is all brute force, which is a sign of weakness. In the past 40 years, the biggest story of the international system dominated by Yingjiang is the integration and cooperation of China, which is a win-win situation for Yingjiang and Tujiang. If the sanctions cause the rabbit sauce to stop playing, the system will collapse. Winter is coming! A new era is coming! Excerpt from the words of the old driver Brzezinski: The biggest potential danger is that China, Russia, and perhaps Iran form a major alliance. The reason for forming this “anti-hegemony” alliance is not ideology, but mutual dissatisfaction. This alliance is similar in size and scope to the challenges once posed by the China-Soviet Group, although this time it may be China, and Russia is the entourage. Although the possibility of such an unexpected situation is very slim, in order to prevent this situation, the United States must skillfully use geostrategic measures on the western, eastern, and southern edges of Eurasia at the same time. However, it is only when the United States is very short-sighted to simultaneously treat China and China at the same time. When Iran adopts a hostile policy, the alliance that unites Russia, China and Iran can be achieved. Of course, such an outcome cannot be ruled out.

6 months ago

Add to the older brother, “The biggest potential danger is that China, Russia, and perhaps Iran have formed a major alliance. The reason for forming this “anti-hegemony” alliance is not ideology, but mutual dissatisfaction. This alliance is in scale. The scope and scope are similar to the challenges posed by the Sino-Soviet Group, although this time it may be China, and Russia is the entourage. Although the possibility of such an unexpected situation is very small, in order to prevent this situation, the United States At the same time, the western, eastern, and southern edges of Eurasia must be skillfully deployed. However, only when the United States has adopted a hostile policy towards China and Iran at the same time, the alliance that unites Russia, China and Iran can It can be done. Of course such an outcome cannot be ruled out.”-Brzezinski​, 1997

6 months ago

The world pattern has quietly changed. The United States’ desire to become the leader of the world order now seems unrealistic. In this cooperation agreement, one of the things that attracted me the most was that the oil settlement and trade exchanges between China and Iran will be settled in Chinese renminbi and China’s newly launched digital renminbi, avoiding U.S. dollar settlement. Will this become a template, and other countries will follow suit in succession? You must know that Iran is an extremely oil-rich country. Previously, the US sanctions against Iran included prohibiting any country from conducting dollar-related transactions with Iran. The dollar was used as the world currency. This not only cut off Iran’s financial channels, but also hindered other countries that want to import from Iran. oil. Biden originally wanted to use the issue of sanctions to force Iran to make concessions. Now, not only did Iran fail to make concessions, but it also slapped the United States with a backhand. Lao Tzu is out of your control! I guess the next strategy of the United States will strike us against the energy issue. Russia only announced today that the “Beixi No. 2” is about to be built. You must know that this has broken the financial path for the transportation of LNG from the United States to Germany. In addition, Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Saudi Arabia a few days ago also made good progress. Saudi Arabia expressed its support for China’s speech on Xinjiang. Trust us. The great changes unseen in a century have already begun, and it is really an honor to be a witness to such a historical moment with you all. We are not rising, but returning to our original seats. We do not launch any challenges, but this does not mean that we are afraid of challenges.

6 months ago

[Yu Chang lives in Jiayou Temple, Huizhou, and walks under the Songfeng Pavilion. If you feel tired, your desires will cease. Wangtingyu is still at the end of the wood, how did it mean to get it? After a long time, he suddenly said: “What can I not rest here?” Because it is like a fish on a hook, he suddenly got relief. If people realize this, even if the soldiers are connected, the drums are like thunder, if you advance, you will die, and if you retreat, you will die. (“Journey to Songfeng Pavilion” by Su Shi)] Since everything will be sanctioned, everything can be done. “What can’t you rest here?” Ruyu decoupled and was suddenly free. History has gone one step further, my friends.

6 months ago

The South China Sea standoff in 2016 marked the bankruptcy of the U.S. imperialism’s comprehensive offensive strategy. China and the U.S. entered a stage of strategic stalemate (because the confrontation proved that the U.S. imperialism could not win China in the coastal waters, and that China could not win the U.S. imperialism by going forward. The two sides formed the fact that the first island chain The China-Iran cooperation agreement in 2021 represents China’s initiative to attack, with the intention of breaking the balance of power. China’s next step is to further expand its circle of friends. The change of offensive and defensive momentum was caused in such a short period of time. It was too rapid in terms of the national game. The U.S. emperor has increasingly proved to the world that it is stubborn and the landlord’s family has no surplus. It is really difficult for the U.S. emperor. In the past, China’s weak strength could only keep a low profile, adhere to the policy of non-alignment, insist on not building military bases abroad, and insist on not building military alliances with other countries (although it is now, it will only develop a little bit. Tell some hostile countries that I will have alliances if they are anxious. In order to maintain policy independence and autonomy in normal times, we can have a helper at critical moments), insist not to conflict with neighboring small countries (including try not to solve problems with military forces, not occupy other countries’ land, try to reduce major issues, and minimize minor issues), and insist on disharmony and ugliness. The country’s frontal conflict (military exercises are all exercises in the South Korean Navy, I will exercise in the East Navy, express my attitude but not make the situation worse), insist not to conflict with the ugly country outside the scope of their own power projection (Libya, Sudan, etc.) , To create a peaceful and stable development environment in the surrounding area, all in order to promote development and accumulate strength. Taking the South China Sea confrontation in 2016 as a turning point, China’s diplomacy has begun to turn. One is to further clarify the essence of the US emperor. If you are weak, the U.S. emperor will not hesitate to pounce on you and bite you without the slightest sympathy. Based on it Strength can do whatever it wants, and it can’t have any illusions about Ugly Country. Muscle is the best language to deal with Ugly Country. The second is that the U.S. imperialism is really a paper tiger. It is difficult for capitalist countries to form a consensus with the outside world before they are pushed to the corner. They are just a community of interests, and they have their own small calculations before the critical moment. Europe has been in a state of disintegration until now. The policy of appeasement was carried out, misfortunes were drawn to the east, and Japan’s recklessness was allowed in East Asia… The South China Sea confrontation, of course, thought of forcing China to bow with the help of two aircraft carrier formations. When China’s tough counterattack immediately showed the weakness of the bourgeoisie, arbitration The incident did not stop. Since then, the South China Sea countries no longer believe in American emperor. The U.S. emperor wanted to disrupt China’s surrounding areas with the South China Sea, but found that no one was willing to cooperate. The Philippines turned 180° and flirted with China, arrogant and bluffing. , Weakness is undoubtedly revealed. The three major rivals of the U.S., Russia, Iran, and Iran, the weakest, have been slow to start. Fight it, the Russian empire took the opportunity to bleed it, and you can wake up with a smile in your dreams. Don’t fight it. It is even more uncertain to fight the stronger two. After the Sino-US trade war has been fought for a few years, China has not moved, but the United States has beaten it. U.S. Treasury yields are high, and the stock market is teetering. Water has been released repeatedly to quench thirst by drinking poison. The U.S. capitalist system determines that its driving force can only be the increase in productivity of scientific and technological innovation + the number one military financial hegemony, global cutting wool and internal blood transfusion. Only in this way can internal stability be maintained because of the various systems and laws of the U.S. Empire. The formulation of the rules is to serve the capital! The majority of the people in the country did not benefit from the country’s domestic and foreign policies. When the two driving forces weakened, its domestic problems would explode, and the domestic and foreign policy environment that had previously served the big bourgeoisie would collapse and defeat itself. ! Maybe it will disintegrate! (Eliminarily, the weakest opponent will be divided by profit). The world will see the weak nature of the ugly country, and then change its strategy of dealing with China. It can be expected that it will sign a cooperation agreement with China in the future. There will be more and more countries, and the renminbi will become more and more internationalized and become an international hard currency. The Ugly Congress will retreat back to North America and return to its glorious isolation policy (if it can make a soft landing, if it is not handled well, it will be possible to disintegrate. The ancestral Europe is still divided so far. The United States is not monolithic, and ethnic interest groups are a major issue in the United States.)

6 months ago

The final signing of this agreement means that since Biden took power, his diplomacy with China and Iran has not overthrown the line of his predecessor, Wang Wang, but has continued to perverse. Prompted China and Iran, especially inside Iran, to abandon their illusions about the West, and finally choose to cooperate with China. The benefits that the West should have received from the Iranian nuclear agreement were transferred to China. Needless to say, this is a major diplomatic victory for China in the Middle East. Pay attention to Saudi Arabia’s attitude. Although Saudi Arabia is an ally of the United States, it has always had a good relationship with China. Some people say that the China-Iran Agreement means that China supports Shiites against Sunnis. This statement is relatively naive. Before Foreign Minister Wang went to Iran this time, he met with the Russian foreign ministers and went to other countries in the Middle East. Obviously, this agreement was approved or tacitly approved by all countries. The Saudi statement this time is also very subtle, faintly conveying a meaning to China, the world has been suffering for a long time! He can replace it!

6 months ago

It should be a landmark event in the next thirty years. There are reports on the Internet that oil has been settled in RMB at a stable price for a long time, infrastructure investment, and oil pipelines through Pakistan. Large orders are as high as US$400 billion, and they are all settled in RMB. It can be regarded as digging the American ancestral grave. In addition, it is not only the 25-year cooperation agreement between China and Iran, but also Saudi Arabia’s commitment to guarantee China’s oil supply for 50 years. Coupled with Russia’s strategic partnership, this is going to smash the hawk’s platform. Whoever wants to eat unlimited water will go. The previous swing was that China did not clearly show a break with the United States, but China’s toughness in the Alaska talks allowed other countries to bet at last. China has finally made up its mind to build long-term anti-hegemonic cooperation around common interests. With the improvement of infrastructure capabilities, the legend of Lu Quan will begin. Brzezinski: “The biggest potential danger is that China, Russia, and perhaps Iran have formed a major alliance. The reason for forming this “anti-hegemony” alliance is not ideology, but mutual dissatisfaction. However, only in the United States. The alliance that unites Russia, China and Iran can only be achieved when a very short-sighted hostile policy is adopted against China and Iran at the same time.” Brzezinski: “NMD! I died too early!” The United States: ” What can I do? The United States has been trapped, and the throttle cannot be stopped.” In the past two decades, the global economy has simply been the United States as currency (fiscal balance) and China as the multiplier (credit expansion) through the global Hua (a commodity cycle dominated by China) links the two together. In the desperate situation caused by the K-shaped tear last year due to the epidemic, the United States finally made up its mind, adopted the political correctness of “opposing China”, quickly passed a series of proposals, abandoned the 260-year fiscal balance principle, and made full efforts to engage in super fiscal expansion. . In the offshore dollar credit flow system, the raw materials are overseas, and the manufacturing is in China. The United States intends to only implement YCC (Yield Curve Control), and throw all things to control inflation to China. But this time we finally made up our minds to stop eating your inflation. Our strategy was clearly stated at the meeting on July 21 last year. We need to develop a “new development pattern in which the domestic and international dual cycles are the mainstay and the domestic and international dual cycles promote each other.” The greater our dual cycles, the more capable we are. The MMT that restricts the Americans will be released. MMT cannot be a closed loop, and the United States will take its own chaos. Whether it is Evergrande or the ants, our party’s heavy attack on these two multipliers last year can be regarded as a kind of determination. Thief Eagle:! ! ! I can only buy the U.S. debt by myself? This is a game between G2, so after Alaska and the United States set the table this time, the Royal Commission will visit Iran, even Turkey, and then there will be other countries. The series of cooperation reached during this period is definitely of iconic significance. These countries are not really weak. The economy is not good just because they have been sanctioned for a long time. It is also very good to be able to persist. As long as it is included in our dual cycle, resources can be developed quickly. These are potential markets. Take Iran, for example, with a population of over 80 million, which also means a potential market for 80 million people. Popularization of the Internet and mobile phones is a big market. In addition, when we export infrastructure, we will also export our standards by the way, turning Iran into our exclusive market, and Iran does not have to worry about being sanctioned and unable to buy anything. A win-win situation.

6 months ago

Regarding this agreement, as well as China’s recent diplomatic progress with Saudi Arabia and Tuji, many of the above have been popularized. I use this agreement as an introduction here to talk about another problem: when we were reading history in the past, we inevitably had a question, “This emperor/prince is obviously very clever, why did everything he did in the end be foolish?”, history we have been unable to do. I understand the truth, but the operations of the last few presidents of the United States have been very helpful in solving this problem. After all, Obama, Clinton, Trump, and Biden are also far beyond ordinary people’s IQs. It is Obama’s presidency to regard China as the primary opponent, and Obama’s response is also very appropriate. The West draws on Iran to allow the United States to fully control the energy supply in the Middle East, and the East uses TPP to gradually split China in the world industrial chain. Once successful, China will inevitably fall into great danger. However, befriending Iran offends two traditional allies of Israel and Saudi Arabia and the lobbying group that takes money. TPP sacrifices American industrial jobs and offends labor unions and reduces votes. Therefore, these two correct strategies were unanimous by the Democrats and Republicans before they worked. Trump did not mention the opposition, and Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate put forward by the big Democrats, also made it clear that after taking office, both the Iranian nuclear agreement and the TPP would be vetoed. In fact, the result is the same as Trump. Therefore, all Obama’s efforts to contain China are destined to be zeroed out after consuming a large amount of American diplomatic resources. After Trump came to power, he initially adopted Kissinger’s strategy in the pit, taking the interests of Ukraine and Saudi Arabia as gifts to Russia, and then Russia was in Central Asia, and the United States attacked China on both sides of the Indian Ocean, cutting off China. The expansion along the way has blocked the surplus production capacity and capital in China. This trick is also feasible. Putin is eager to try, and he is almost knocked on the ground with Trump. Then, the Democratic Party’s door to Russia came out, blocking all the roads in the pit of alliance with Russia, only to allow Russia to fully shift to cooperation with China. Trump’s carefully prepared diplomatic strategy went bankrupt within a month of taking office. Without strategy, there are no tactics. Trump can only strike a punch against China. Although China was able to parry, it was difficult to fight back, but Trump suddenly slipped (tripped by the new crown) and fell himself. Trump has been fighting for four years and has not caused substantial harm to China, but has given two generous gifts. First, in order to win the general election, Trump designed the slogan “America First” and directly narrowed the diplomatic path between himself and the succeeding US government. Because you don’t give priority to the United States, that means selling American thief and wanting votes? You opened your mouth first in the United States and said how did you fool others diplomatically? A few words of Trump have greatly reduced the diplomatic capabilities of the United States. Second, Trump’s eighth punch has reduced the internal strength of the United States. In the past, the United States was too big and no one dared to fight for internal strength with the United States. However, after Trump made the move, the opposite found that the United States did not have internal strength because of its fatness and strength. Yeah. Finally Biden came on stage, and Brinken became Secretary of State. Both of these are old people in the diplomatic field, with at least qualified ability and knowledge. But what strategy can there be? Buying Iran to restart TPP or alternative agreement? Barack Obama is still the target of the princes of the Democratic Party. Biden has neither party authority (originally introduced as cannon fodder) and no room for maneuver (who knows when you hang up? You hang up the benefits of that promise. Who are you looking for?) It’s even more hopeless. United Russia? Harris said that I was ready with grief, but uncle, you’d better die after three and a half years. Give me a sorrow bonus. Further cooperation with Europe to kick China out of the group? But the President of the United States and the Secretary of State give priority to the United States. There is no benefit to being in Europe. They can only find a few congressmen and sailing warships to show face. Biden may have the ability to design strategies, but the road is all blocked by himself, so he can only learn from Trump to continue to beat the king. Hundreds of years later, the world talked about the fact that Trump’s over 200 catties fat man punched people with at least an aura. How could Biden’s unsteady old man on the stairs also punch him? Is it because you want to corrupt the money or your brain is not good enough? How did he become the president of the United States?

6 months ago

Today, the former Japanese Prime Minister Abe, who was unable to work due to illness, suddenly became the focus of the media, saying that the current Asia-Pacific is the front line of the Sino-US struggle. Moreover, in the past two days, Biden used the “Foreign Company Accountability Act” to attack the Chinese concept stocks in the U.S. stock market, forcing the palace to either give China’s big data to the United States or get out of the United States. China concept stocks have recently fallen in a mess. BCI strangling Xinjiang cotton, and then attempting to provoke the grievances of the Xinjiang people, has been revealed by China. If you are interested, you can see the new work “Blood Cotton Initiative” by Wuhe Qilin satirizing BCI. The Suez Canal ship jam accident dominates the screen. This is a directional switch for the global economy. In order to switch effectively and control Egypt, some people have also caused vicious train accidents. Then, everyone watched an excavator pretending to move around the ant, and it would be blocked for a few weeks when it came out. ……The world game looks at China and the United States. After the flag of Alaska’s attack on the United States, China and the United States have entered a rapid showdown. The core of China and Iran’s signing of the 25-year comprehensive cooperation agreement is to hit the foundation of petrodollar hegemony. Under the impetus of the China-Iraq Bank to be established in the agreement, the petro renminbi is bound to be promising in the Middle East. As much petro-renminbi China wins, the United States loses as much petro-dollar share. With so many dollars printed in the United States, there is one less place to digest. This consequence is very serious. Now the printed money can basically only flow to US stocks. It is determined to blow the US stock bubble one more circle, which may be the final madness. After all, it is getting harder and harder to maintain stability, and hot money is not placed on US stocks. There is no choice but to lose money wherever you invest. Then, let’s take a look at the hot spots mentioned at the beginning, do you feel that the United States is going crazy? Use all the tricks if you have the bottom line. It doesn’t matter whether you hurt yourself or not. As long as it is a countermeasure, you will all greet China. Abe’s sentence is a big melon seedling, and there is something in it. Some netizens said that the nuclear peace of Japan should not come to this point, and it should be Taiwan’s turn to appear first. The dust will not fall if it is not swept away. As a puppet of Japan and the United States, the Tsai Ing-wen dust government should be on the line recently. However, barking dogs do not bite people, and Abe said with such a big fanfare that he probably wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with China and make a deal. Well, take a look, it’s a bit lively recently.

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