The Cape of Good Hope did not expect that what it has always wanted to do is that a freighter can handle it. [Funny]~The subject asks whether the ship jam can be solved by detours. There is actually no problem with detours. I remember this is a must for junior high school geography. Exam questions, a detour is to take the Cape of Good Hope, adding 7000 kilometers along the way. After all, before finding the shortcut to the Suez Canal, the Cape of Good Hope could be said to be a god-given meal and count the money with his eyes closed. But soon, the emergence of the two Grand Canals changed the pattern of world routes. They appeared in the compulsory exams of junior high school geography. They were the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. One became the core of Asia-Europe logistics, and the other was logistics in the Americas. The core, the distance is short, there are few pirates, and the user experience is excellent. By the way, everyone may not know the cold knowledge. The Panama Canal in everyone’s impression is like this: but in fact, it is the other way round. The west exit is connected. It’s the Atlantic Ocean. Here is another little knowledge point. In fact, before 2015, the Suez Canal was a single-lane road. Everyone had to line up and wait for the other side to pass before they could enter the canal. It was not until the Egyptian government built a 72-kilometer canal that it became a two-lane road to a certain extent. But these two small canals are indeed arteries in the arteries in the modern economy. Approximately 25,000 ships pass through the Suez Canal every year, and 12% of the world’s cargo goes this way, consuming 10% of the world’s crude oil. On weekdays, the Suez Canal can be said to have a batch with the Second Ring Road in Beijing. The flow is quite large. Under normal circumstances, they are crossing the river in large queues. If the lens is zoomed out a bit, the picture looks denser. In fact, since ancient times, water transportation has been the lowest-cost mode of transportation. Back then, why Zhuge Liang Liu went out of Qishan Mountain was so much more difficult than Liu Bang went out of Sichuan. It was because of the Wudu Earthquake in the early Western Han Dynasty that caused a landslide that once caused a Tianchi Daze to disappear in Hanzhong. , The diversion of Hanshui River cut off the connection between the Western Hanshui River and Hanshui River. Therefore, in the field of bulk cargo, the role of shipping is too great. The closure of the Suez Canal will cost as much as US$400 million per hour, which is equivalent to RMB 2.6 billion. As of now on the 25th, it has been blocked for 48 hours. 185 freighters are in circles, and the loss has reached 124.8 billion. Now these ships are also anxious, the freight companies are also anxious, and downstream enterprises waiting for the goods to reach the shore and start selling are also anxious. Because it is difficult to estimate how long it will take to extract the card owner’s ship, some expect it will take another 48 hours, and some expect at least 10 high-horsepower tugboats to be used and it will take more than a month. Around the Cape of Good Hope? Need to increase the distance of 7000 kilometers, the time to reach the destination port is also increased a lot, and maybe I walk on the front foot, and then pass again. So some ships continue to be blocked. Who knows who is in the arena. I still remember that some time ago I was going from Beijing to Chengdu, flying from Daxing Airport, and I met a buddy who was going to see his wife’s production. Who could have imagined that there was heavy fog at Daxing Airport, and the fog did not clear up until noon, and the 3 pm flights were cancelled. Fortunately, there is a high-speed rail. The three-hour plane turns into an eight-hour high-speed rail. The buddies are sweating in a hurry, and they are fortunate to say: It is better to see your child 5 hours later than a day later. So sometimes, it is safer to prepare a few alternative transportation plans. At home, we can enjoy China’s top-notch infrastructure services. In international trade, it is more difficult. At present, the international production industry is trying to approach zero inventory as far as possible without restrictions. The first thing about inventory is to occupy space, and the second is to account for funds. Therefore, since the 1980s, led by Toyota Motor of Japan, many companies have begun to try to reduce inventory. The reason why the ERP system is so popular is this. The premise of all this is that the goods must be delivered on time. If the stock is out of stock, then the production will be discontinued, and the downstream will not care about so much. If the contract is signed and cannot be completed on time, then the liquidated damages will be compensated first and then replaced. During the epidemic last year, so many orders from the textile industry returned to China because the orders from the Indian show operation could not be delivered on time. In this way, a slightly larger company needs a well-prepared logistics management concept. To put it bluntly, one road is broken, and there must be another road to support it as soon as possible. This is actually good news for China. What is the hottest thing on the islands of Asia and Europe? That is the China-Europe Railway Express. I am also bringing salt to the country. The benefits of the China-Europe Express Express are too many. The first is that it is faster than sea transportation. It takes 15 days to get from China to Rotterdam. The second is that the cost is lower than air transportation and it can pack large items. Although the tonnage is not as good as sea transportation, But it can alleviate the urgent need. Of course, the most important thing is that it will not be affected by the weather and there will be no ship jams. This is where we are engaged in the Belt and Road Initiative. There is really a layout. In November last year alone, the China-Europe Express started 1,200 trains with 110,000 containers.
In fact, when it comes to logistics and freight, our country is really talented in this regard. The logistics system hatched from the internal market was shocked by the European partners. This is not an exaggeration. Anyone who has lived abroad knows that foreign logistics, let alone a small map indicating where the goods have arrived, just tell you clearly The delivery is tomorrow, and the delivery time can still fluctuate between 9 am and 6 pm. Therefore, the large enterprises incubated by our country have long foresight in this regard. During the epidemic, many bulk cargoes were stopped. After foreign trade picked up, international transportation capacity remained tight. Everyone knows that airplanes are sometimes oversold, and I don’t know that cargo will also be dumped. Looking back, industry leaders like the international station have a foresight in this aspect. They started building a global freight network very early, and helped merchants solve problems such as tight space and skyrocketing offline freight during the epidemic. Not only are there safe boxes for sea freight, but there are also Sino-US chartered flights for air transportation. Now, China-US chartered flights can cost 30% less than the market, and the punctuality rate is as high as 99%. This shows how good our logistics system is. Now e-commerce platforms like Ali already have five logistics methods covering sea, land, air, fast, and multimodal transportation. More and more small and medium-sized logistics merchants are constantly improving the entire freight chain, so that domestic products have more opportunities to go overseas. The choice of meta. I guess to use Ma Yun’s words, it is to “open up the two lines of government and government” for Chinese enterprises to go to sea. At that time, you can really let foreign partners see and see, and our China will reach you next day.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It is not impossible to detour, detour the Cape of Good Hope. The Cape of Good Hope hopes that the Suez Canal has been blocked for ten or eight years in order to restore its former glory. The problem is that the current estimate of the stagnation time of the Suez Canal shipping is optimistic in a few days and not optimistic in a few weeks. You should know that most freighters are not exclusive to a certain company, but many cargoes are packaged into one ship, which involves various countries, so the implications are huge. To make a detour decision, all parties must reach an agreement. If a freight company unilaterally decides to detour, once it causes huge losses, it may be a pain to the company. Moreover, the freight company itself is not responsible for this force majeure, and there is no need to take this huge risk. After all, in case this group of people deliberately decides to take a detour, they are almost driving to the Cape of Good Hope. Once they know it, the hot list is No. 1 “The Suez Canal is restored to navigation, what do you think?” You said, what do these people think?

6 months ago

Low EQ: Of course, the ship can “change the way”, but such an operation itself causes losses. Since the Suez Canal was blocked on March 23, 2021, there have been some container ships scheduled to pass through the Suez Canal to detour from the southern tip of Africa, which will increase the itinerary by about 14 days. According to the calculations of economists David Hummels and Georg Schaur in 2012, the loss caused by daily transportation delays is about 6 to 2.3% of the value of the cargo on board. If the blockage can be lifted within 14 days, your detour will cause more delays than waiting at the canal. There are so many types of goods transported by sea, it is not easy to give accurate figures. Hundreds of ships that have been forced to wait near the Suez Canal now contain both waste paper and other garbage, as well as high-end electronic products. The International Chamber of Shipping estimates that “the value of goods passing through the Suez Canal every day is about 3 billion U.S. dollars.” The industry publication Splash estimated on March 25 that “the value of goods passing through the Suez Canal every day is about 6 billion U.S. dollars.” You will block the current five days. The estimated daily loss (US$345 million to US$690 million per day) can be obtained by multiplying US$15 to 30 billion by 2.3%. It is not as good as the “US$400 million per hour” estimated by some media. So exaggerated. If the blockage persists for a long time, that is not necessarily the case. Moreover, before the ship jam occurred, the freight rate of sea freight had reached a high level. The new crown virus has suppressed port operations and manufacturing (including the manufacturing of the container itself) to a certain extent, and has caused a large number of people to be stranded at sea. Maritime transportation accounts for 2% to 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is not subject to the Paris Agreement. When you decide to bypass from the southern tip of Africa and speed up to minimize delays, the ship’s fuel consumption, carbon emissions, parts wear, and mechanical failure rates will also increase. High EQ: From industrial raw materials, crude oil, food, machine parts to various consumer goods, nearly one-third of the world’s ocean freight will pass through the Suez Canal during transportation. Most of the losses caused by delays can be considered as cost Part of it is passed on to consumers. In other words, where you can’t see, these ships are ready to be pushed straight from the land, so the world is not as anxious as you think. Meat and Egg EQ: In 1963, the United States studied “how to open a new road when the Suez Canal cannot be used due to various reasons.” A report submitted in 1965 showed that 520 two-million-ton TNT-equivalent nuclear bombs with a total of 1.04 billion tons of TNT equivalent can be used in Israeli territory to explode a canal about 257.5 kilometers long on the spot. Maccabee, HD. Use of nuclear explosives for excavation of a sea-level canal across the Negev Desert in Israel, connecting the Mediterranean with the Gulf of Aqaba. United States: N. p., 1965. Web. In this way, not only the waiting ship can change routes Let’s go, everyone won’t have to squeeze the Suez Canal anymore. However, it seems that every nuclear country does not intend to put this into practice. Of course, you can see from this that if the losses caused by the current ship jam are really unacceptable to the world, the United States can evaporate that ship as long as it mobilizes a nuclear bomb.

6 months ago

In fact, how should I put this question… it’s a bit of a reversal of cause and effect. The emergence of the Suez Canal, and even the many conflicts between British and French colonists and local governments surrounding it, is naturally because its value cannot be replaced. Be lazy, directly post the encyclopedia: This canal allows two-way water transport between Europe and Asia, without having to bypass Cape Storm (Cape of Good Hope) at the southern tip of Africa, which greatly saves the voyage. A voyage from the Port of London in the UK or the Port of Marseille in France to the Port of Mumbai in India through the Suez Canal can shorten the entire voyage by 43% and 56%, respectively. The distance around the Cape of Good Hope between the Port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and the Port of Constanta on the Black Sea is 11,771 miles, while the distance via the Suez Canal is only 1,698 miles, saving 86% of the distance. Before the opening of the Suez Canal, people sometimes transported goods between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea by unloading goods from ships by land. Compared with bypassing the Cape of Good Hope in Africa; from the lowest point through the Isthmus of Suez, connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Along the way, use large and small bitter lakes and other previously dried lakes and swamps as navigation channels. The length from Port Said to Port Taufik is 161 kilometers, with a total length of 173 kilometers extending into the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The river is 160-200 meters wide and the river bottom is 60-100 meters wide. It can pass sea vessels with a draught of 11.6 meters, a full load of 65,000 tons or an empty load of 150,000 tons. The average transit time is 15 hours. After the canal is opened to navigation, the voyage from Western Europe to the Indian Ocean will be 5500-8000 kilometers shorter than the Cape of Good Hope bypass in Africa. The canal is located at the key point of the intercontinental belt of Europe, Asia and Africa, and its strategic position is important. The number of ships passing through and the volume of their cargoes rank first among the international canals. The most important thing is the transportation of oil to the north and metal and its products to the south. After the first phase of the project was completed in 1980, the river surface was widened to 365 meters, allowing sea vessels with a draft of 16 meters, a full load of 150,000 tons or an empty load of 350,000 tons to pass in both directions. In summary, if the Suez Canal is to be bypassed, even in the 21st century today, it means that the cost increase will be unacceptable. Not to mention the existing climate risks. Of course, in fact, the most cost-saving method is definitely not spent there. If the local government can invite our infrastructure personnel to contribute to the smooth flow of world trade, the problem will probably be resolved soon. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see this happening at this stage.

6 months ago

There is no way to ship, only this route is the closest, fastest and most cost-effective. The Suez Canal is one of the main passages in Asia and Africa. It is the border between Asia and Africa. It is the most direct water channel to Europe. If it is blocked, we can only find a way to clear it as soon as possible. The main reason is that the boat blocking the canal is too big this time. Drag and drag. Digging can’t go. It stands to reason that if you want to clear the canal as soon as possible, you have to cut the mess quickly and violently dismantle the Long Grant to open up the two channels of Ren Du. By dredging the canal, losses can be reduced. It’s just that no one has the guts. Of course, you can also block the downstream and let the Long Give float. Also, you can ask Superman to help push it. In contrast, the daily losses caused can be used to build a 200,000-ton cruise ship.

6 months ago

The people who eat melons thought about it, and the money owners who blocked the boat thought about it even more! So where to go around? Cape of Good Hope in Africa, right? The Cape of Good Hope in Africa is almost the only recent option. Seeing the latest news, there are already blocked ships, planning to pass by the Cape of Good Hope. It looks close, but it’s not close either! Someone has calculated that according to a large ship, starting from the west coast of Europe and bypassing the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, the distance increased to 20,000 li. And in terms of time, at least 15 to 20 days longer. The original cost of 300,000 may need to be increased to 400,000 to 600,000. And the Cape of Good Hope is also commonly known as Cape of Storms. Facing the Cape of Good Hope, the crew sighed: Good hope is not easy! Because here is the intersection of the warm Agulhas current in the Indian Ocean and the cold Benguela current in the Atlantic Ocean. Stormy waves often arise! Some waves even reach 15-20 meters in height! Sometimes there will be rotating waves on the sea, and the whole ship is spinning around on these vortices, and the scene is very frightening. Hope it will be resolved soon.

6 months ago

The value of traffic arteries lies in their scarcity. Just like road robs in ancient times, road robs would definitely choose the most cost-effective intersection. This tree was planted by me, and this road was driven by me. Lucai, the Suez Canal is the most cost-effective intersection, the golden waterway. The big businessmen do not have a fool. They calculate transportation costs with horrific accuracy. Everyone understands the truth. If you do the opposite, you call it the real fool. Taking a detour, the extra cost of freight and the extra time will make the ship boss go crazy. So block it, it’s more cost-effective than a detour.

6 months ago

Yes, from Chengdu to Beijing, I usually just go on G5 Jingkun by car. Now there is a temporary traffic jam on the side of Xi’an (Canal), you have to Kunming, then Nanning, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou.
There is a lot of road, which is the easiest?

6 months ago

Europe needs to wake up. At the critical moment of our counterattack against the European Union, the Suez Canal was blocked. This was neither a terrorist attack nor a voluntary closure by Egypt, but because a Taiwan container ship ran aground. This incident seems to be accidental. Yes, but the impact is worthy of China and Europe to think about. The Suez Canal, which connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, is the throat of the Eurasian maritime transport route. The volume of freight passing through here accounts for 12% of the world’s total and 30% of all container traffic. This ratio does not seem to be particularly high, but if it is for EU countries alone, this ratio will definitely be much higher, because this is the lifeline of freight transportation between China and the EU. If it is blocked for a long time, European prices will definitely Will rise because it will affect their supply of goods. Is there anything special at this time? As I analyzed some time ago, this time was the time when the international community put pressure on the United States and hoped that the United States would make strategic concessions. This happened at the critical moment when the European Union followed the US sanctions and encountered our counterattack. The EU really has to weigh it up. At present, there are about 19 Gulf straits in the global maritime transportation routes, almost all of which are protected by US troops. Of course, security is controlled by them. At the same time, the central point connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, which is the Middle East, is messed up. It is the purpose of the United States to control sea power to prevent the connection of land transportation. This may be an accidental incident, but we can see the fragility of the European Union and the reliance on US-led NATO for military security. Then the national will at the economic level is not free. This matter also shows the importance of the Belt and Road in cooperation with the China Railway Express Sex. Since ancient times, when this ancient continent was connected, it gave birth to the prosperous Persian Empire and the Ottoman Empire in the Eurasian Connection Belt, but now it is manipulated by an extraterritorial country. It is a kind of sadness. There is also a sense of awakening. It should be understood that the importance of cooperative management of Eurasia is cooperation rather than confrontation.

6 months ago

The so-called $400 million does not belong to the family, it is the blocked ship, and the time lost by everyone adds up to $400 million. It is estimated that using all the blocked boats to take the daily rent of the chartered boat so that the time of stopping for one day is equivalent to delaying these rents. Of course you can go around other roads. You can still go around from Europe and go down the Cape of Good Hope, but it takes 8-10 days longer to go around this road, which is estimated to be longer than the time required to clear the stranded boats on the Suez Canal. Much longer, the shipping cost is also much higher. So after weighing it up, they still decided to wait there for traffic jams. In fact, the Suez Canal can only pass through Panama and below ships. Ships larger than the Panamanian class have no other choice. They need to go around the Cape of Good Hope.

6 months ago

It’s okay if you don’t go to the Cape of Good Hope. The Arctic route has become possible-sorry polar bears. Humans are very good at finding benefits in any disaster. Because of global warming, the Arctic ice sheet has been unable to cover the Arctic Ocean. Not only is the entire northern coastline of Russia not frozen in summer, but it cannot be completely frozen even in winter. Seasonal navigation is already feasible, and even year-round navigation is showing the possibility. Because of the temptation of the Arctic Ocean’s oil and gas resources and the huge interests of the Arctic route, countries have been fighting secretly for a long time. Not only the countries of the Arctic Ocean, but even our country has joined related organizations (the name is forgotten). The main obstacle now is not the weather and sea conditions, but how to weigh the vested interests of Britain and the United States in controlling the main waterways in Europe and Asia (commonly known as million water transport). Because the beneficiaries of the Arctic route are mainly Russia, China, and Japan, and it will increase the ties between Europe and China and Japan.

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