Reference News Network reported on March 25 that the New York Times website of the United States published on March 23 the title “China No Longer Respects the United States-Reasonable”, the author is the newspaper’s diplomatic columnist Thomas L. Friedman, author It is believed that China’s governance capacity has an advantage, while the United States’ governance capacity has become problematic. The full text is excerpted as follows:

James McGregor, Chairman of the Greater China Region of Encore Consulting Co., Ltd., said: “Chinese leaders pay great attention to governance performance, especially in terms of employment, housing and clean air.”

In contrast, today many American politicians are elected steadily in constituencies that have been redesigned for the benefit of the party. They only need to “perform” for their electorate camp to win re-election through the people-friendly stage.

Whenever I point this out, critics of the extreme right or the extreme left will respond absurdly: “Oh, so you love China.” In fact, I care about the United States.

My goal is to make more Americans realize that China really values ​​national education, builds infrastructure, takes best practices in business and science, and promotes government officials on their merits. If we cannot equal China in these respects, then condemning China will be useless.

When the top diplomats of the United States and China met in Alaska last week, Chinese officials made it clear that they no longer fear our criticism because they no longer respect us as they did in the past, and they think the rest of the world does the same.

Accident? Do you think the Chinese have not noticed the following facts?

Our last president encouraged his followers to ransack our Capitol, and most members of his political party did not recognize our election results; one of our members of Congress believed that a space laser operated by a Jew caused the forest fire; the left wing Anarchists were allowed to occupy parts of downtown Portland, causing severe damage that lasted for months.

China has realized the modernization of China’s manufacturing infrastructure through large-scale investment of government resources to dominate the ten key high-tech industries in the 21st century. With this, China secretly challenged the United States and wanted to keep pace with the United States. These industries include artificial intelligence, electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles, 5G communications, robotics, new agricultural technologies, aerospace and marine engineering, synthetic materials, and biomedicine.

Just a few weeks ago, China released its fourteenth five-year plan, and China has increased the government’s investment in “innovation-driven development.” The message to the United States is that we will try to beat you in your own games so that we will never rely on your high-tech products again.

My message to fellow Americans is: Now we must return to the secret of success and double the bet.

This is to provide our workforce with education that meets or exceed technical requirements; build the world’s best ports, roads and communications infrastructure; attract the most dynamic and capable immigrants in the world to enrich our universities and establish them New businesses; legislate the best rules to encourage risk while curbing reckless behavior; steadily increase government-funded research to expand the boundaries of science so that our entrepreneurs can turn the most promising ideas into start-ups.

McGregor pointed out that there is some hope in this regard: “Congress has begun to sort through hundreds of bills involving China proposed by the previous Congress, with the purpose of promoting legislation supported by the two parties, in some technological fields that China claims to be the frontiers of the future. Invest in technology, research and development, and American leadership.”  

If we as a country continue to do what we have done recently, our power will weaken, and the power of our ideas will also weaken. No matter how loudly we shout “America, America, America”, our influence on China and the world will gradually weaken.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

At the peak of the Cold War, a Finnish middle school teacher visited the Soviet Union and wrote an article in the newspaper after returning to his country: Soviet elementary and middle school education is the most advanced in the world. There are dedicated teachers, scientifically set courses and teaching programs, and the level of mathematics, physics and chemistry of high school students is equivalent to that of Finnish university students in the lower grades. The construction of the Soviet campus is magnificent, the school is exempt from tuition and miscellaneous fees, and all expenditures are provided by the government. The school also provides students with a rich and colorful extracurricular life, every child can master the same musical instrument or another art. The school provides children with ample free school meals. Even in the cold winter, children can eat fruit after meals… A Jew who ran out of the Soviet Union was very angry after reading the article and found the teacher’s theory: “Soviet Union It’s terrible, the school is not what you said!” The teacher calmly replied: “I don’t care what the Soviet school looks like, I hope the Finnish school is like that.” Ultraman primary school students are international practice.

6 months ago

Thanks invite. Writing is good writing, but it has no meaning. First of all, these articles cannot be spread in the US, because they have to pay and at least register (although this article does not need to). The result is that many articles that can trigger tens of thousands of clicks and tens of thousands of comments in our place may not be reposted by a hundred. Like this article, the full tweet and forwarding is about two to three hundred times, which is not enough for the comment area for one or two answers. I like to read many reports of Peter Hessler. He is a concrete manifestation of the American elite’s fear of China. However, although his articles can stimulate a wave of discussions on the Chinese Internet every time, they have basically not produced any repercussions in the US. Regardless of the business model or the mobilization of public opinion, American elites have basically lost the tools to transform the people. The tools are either Breitbart news or Fake news. They will only continue to produce content according to populist appetites. Secondly, I don’t believe it. What I didn’t believe in the past was the “satisfaction” of the elites of the United States: we must increase infrastructure, we must increase investment in scientific research, we must revitalize large projects and manufacturing, and we must provide universal employment. It’s easy to disbelieve, because we all know that the current structure of the US imperialism is not suitable for these things. When you build a bridge, you have to go to the city council to talk about “anti-manufacturing,” “anti-infrastructure,” and “anti-universal employment” at the institutional level. But my current unbelief is that they really intend to work in this “right” direction, no matter how impassioned they say. You are not good at swimming. When faced with a good swimmer, of course you can choose to practice hard, but you can also choose a “shortcut”: for example, poisoning in the swimming pool water. Do you think the U.S. Emperor will go to the swimming coach Chen Maopeng (this is too old!) video to study carefully, or buy a hundred kinds of poison like the old brother Youzu? I don’t believe it, because this article can only reflect the anxiety of the elites of the US imperialism, but it cannot reflect the operational intentions of the American imperial decision-making stratum. All decision-makers are pragmatists. Washington knows what weapons the U.S. imperialists have in their hands. They also know how difficult it is to go the right way. They know the growth rate of China and even the entire Eurasian continent. Is it too late to engage in infrastructure and manufacturing now? Are these really “good words to save the country” for the U.S. emperor? There is a long way to go in the evening, and there is no way to look back. Anyone who is rational in Washington will not choose these “right ways.” A truly effective plan must first be the influx of financial penetration and hot money, and then create a local crisis, causing a large-scale collapse of currency value and the country’s overall asset pricing. We cannot forget that there is no arbitrator in the international community because we have a few words from the bottom of our hearts. We are still in a worse world. Therefore, in my eyes, such articles will only continue to intensify the American imperial embrace of “evil”. Because the article honestly speaks out the structural differences between China and the United States, anyone who can read this article earnestly at the U.S. side basically understands the huge cost of changing this structure. Therefore, they will choose to compete more firmly, rather than compete. Li Zhi’s critique of Daiming was utterly bone-thinning, and he himself cut his throat and died in the end. But his family should always buy land and collect rent and rent. If this person lacks in virtue, it is the inertia of the times.

6 months ago

Did you say what was written in this article? In fact, it is nothing more than to criticize Trump and the Republican Party through China. (Does it taste like public knowledge? Oh wait, this author is really well-known in the United States) because Trump has messed up the United States, so the United States has plummeted in all aspects of attractiveness. The reason why other countries support the American ideology and political system is not for universal values, but because they believe that these political systems and ideologies can bring social stability, prosperity and stability. However, Trump’s nonsense has undermined the attractiveness of the American ideology and political system, and indirectly caused China to no longer fear the United States. Anyway, Trump succeeded in making the United States lose its natural moral high ground. Incidentally, it emphasized the need to expand government power and learn from China’s strategic investment in key industries. But the most interesting thing in the whole article is one sentence, because the government is not elected by the people, so they will pursue efficiency more to establish legitimacy. That’s why I said, those foreign investors on are really not just for making money, they really believe that China’s current system can bring a better future, a better business environment, and more. The possibilities and opportunities. You can see that foreign investment is increasing year by year, and you know that even the Sino-US trade conflict cannot be stopped, and you know that this is definitely not groundless. Anti-China is work, investing in China is life (laughs). In fact, the whole article is expressing one meaning-crossing the river by touching China!

6 months ago

The U.S. announcement is more terrifying than we thought. He is actually guiding the trend of American people’s thoughts in a calm tone. China is walking on the road of opposition to the United States. Behind the New York Times is the Sulzberger family, which controls a number of American media. The Sulzberger family owns 33 other newspapers (including “Boston Globe”), 12 magazines, 7 radio and television stations, and 1 cable TV network and 3 book publishing companies. The New York Times News Agency also provided press releases and pictures to 506 other media. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. These three newspapers control the direction of financial and political public opinion in the United States and influence all other newspapers. The Salzberg family is known as the American newspaper aristocracy and is the most prominent family in the United States. Trump’s four-year tenure has caused the New York Times sales to soar fourfold and successfully entered the digital media era. The New York Times has been successfully influencing American public opinion media and is one of the most important Jewish media, serving the Democratic public opinion most of the time. This time the New York Times published such a seemingly mild article, but behind the article it has set a new vane for Americans. It is reasonable for China not to follow in the footsteps of the United States, and China and the United States are parting ways. This article only uses seemingly mild language, but in fact it is to lead the direction of American public opinion. We once looked up and remembered the United States. We have taken off the mystery and showed its beauty and ugliness to the Chinese. Many successful people from small towns in the country recalled their experiences after entering the city. They all worshipped a very successful senior and obeyed the words of the senior. In the following days, I discovered that Senior’s words were not accurate. After waiting for the same success as Senior, I discovered that Senior’s conduct and success were not as ideal as I thought. Then they all chose their own path, toward a more successful path. On the road of China’s growth, it has worshipped two big brothers, one is the Soviet Union and the other is the United States. In the first ten years, we completely studied the Soviet Union, like a loyal believer, and developed in the same way as Big Brother. In the second decade, Big Brother faded away from the mystery. A double-faced big brother, just like ordinary people. We drifted away from him, and then watched him fall and sink. In the first ten years of the 1980s, we were devoted to learning from the United States, but we learned to retain it. It was less than the second ten years that the United States revealed its ugly side, but most people in China still believe that the United States is a beacon. This trend of thought continues until 2020. In recent years, many domestic scholars have not been able to distinguish between industrialization, financialization, technologicalization and politics. They have tied them together and faithfully promoted the superiority of the American system. But time is so real, a beautiful coat of thirty years, completely stripped in a year. We saw all the ugliness in the United States at once, the ugliness that we have been pretending not to see for thirty years. Today’s China already understands the correctness of its own path and does not need the guidance of the United States. All the obstacles they have laid for us have already explained the problem, and even some of the problems are unsolvable. Goodbye America.

6 months ago

It is not that China does not respect the United States, but that China no longer fears confrontation with the United States. The reason why China is not worried is simple, because it has fought and won. In the past few years, China has won three sets in the trade war, epidemic prevention war, and the world’s largest consumer market battle. It has also formed a see-saw in the science and technology standard war and the public opinion and diplomatic war. Naturally, there is no need to worry about the record here. I’ll give you a confrontation if you want to layup. But if the United States is a gentleman, then even if he surpasses the United States, he will still win respect, but the United States is a smasher, it is like playing basketball when I was a child, and I always suffer from confrontation with adults. But I am growing up and will be able to drive them to the basket soon. The uncle who taught me to shoot before has a good character, and I always made jump shots in front of him. But the Sangouzi always picked things up and scolded people before, so I went up and dunked one when TMD saw him under the basket.

6 months ago

Respect is mutual, depending on whether you are worthy or not! On the surface of this article, emotional output is essentially serving politics, but some of his suggestions are worthy of our reference: provide our workforce with education that meets or exceed technical requirements; build the world’s best ports, roads and communications infrastructure; Attract the most dynamic and capable immigrants in the world to enrich our universities and start new businesses; legislate the best rules to encourage risk-taking while curbing reckless behavior; steadily increase government-funded research to expand scientific Borders so that our entrepreneurs can turn the most promising ideas into start-ups. Take the essence and remove the dross!

6 months ago

The article is still too superficial. It seems that some specific methods to solve the problem have been proposed, but in fact it is to avoid the most important problems. There is a problem with the system in the United States without naming it. The system can only be used to fight fires, drink poison to quench thirst, and ultimately treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. Without a scientific theory to guide the country’s development, it will eventually be nowhere to go. So what theory is more scientific? The most scientific in the world today is undoubtedly Marxism-Leninism, and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics that has been developed in China. So, learn from us positively and humbly. We are a qualified teacher and you are a humble student. Why not do it? If we want us to respect, the first thing we need to do is to be good. the above.

6 months ago

There is some truth to this article. I understand that Wang has done it wrong anyway. He has been busy for four years and has no political achievements. He has lost everything that should be lost, and everything that should not be lost. On the other hand, China has continued to advance by leaps and bounds, and now it can be on an equal footing, and a large number of countries have lost their awe of Mi Boss. If this goes on, it will definitely not work. Hurry up and change all the mistakes that the king made, and add all the groups that have retired. The trade war will immediately end, the ban will be lifted, and everything that should be released is released. If you know your mistakes, you can correct them and make up for them. Don’t go all the way to the dark, you will not be saved.

6 months ago

A financial empire running to compare execution power with an industrial power is as absurd as a game designer who wants to beat professional players in the game. Take the example of DOTA. China is like a professional player in DOTA. They study how to upgrade, dress up, guard towers and GANK all day long, and finally become the best DOTA god. In the United States, DOTA was designed and developed by the United States. Now if China and the United States are allowed to compete in Dota, what is the chance for the United States to win? If the U.S. is not allowed to change the game, the U.S. odds of winning will be zero. This is like the ice frog, the design company of Dota, is never able to defeat the first-class professional team Wings in the game. So what should the United States do if it wants to win? Only modify the game. In fact, the United States is already revising it. Isn’t Infinite QE revising the rules of the game? It’s just that changing the game is not without cost. I really don’t know which of the game bugs or the victory over China will come first. What’s more frightening is that American game designers have been in business for a long time, and suddenly found that their executive power has declined, and they can’t do anything except change the game. For example, this time the new crown, China’s response methods: rapid development of Vulcan Mountain, strict isolation, shelter hospitals…shows the hand speed that a professional player should have, oh no, the execution ability that an industrial power should have. Looking back at the United States: print money, print money again, and send money to the people… It’s not that the United States doesn’t want to fight the epidemic, but in addition to printing money and sending money, what kind of speed can you expect from a game designer (execution Force) Come on. So since the United States is also a game designer who made his debut as a professional player, can he regain his old age and take the path of a professional player? This is what the author of the article called for. Unfortunately, no, because the realm of professional players and game designers is different. Professional player China is the most powerful industrial country in the world today, while the designer America has already developed into a global financial capital (hegemony) empire, while industrial countries and financial countries accumulate wealth in different ways: China: produces goods, Then get it in the international market in exchange for U.S. dollars. In order to earn more dollars, continuously improve efficiency, expand scale, and upgrade industries in the cruel international competition. Therefore, it has accumulated strong industrial capabilities and industrialization execution. United States: Printed U.S. dollars. Estimate how many products the world can produce and then decide how many dollars to print. For this purpose, a series of international trade rules have been formulated and maintained. Therefore, it has mastered strong military power and soft power (international public opinion) to ensure the absolute safety of its money printing machine. As you can see, the talent trees that professional players and game designers point out are different. Now if you ask the United States to compete with China in hand speed (execution), then the talent tree has to be rewashed (revolution?) What’s more, it’s also a dollar. If you lose the dollar, I want to make the United States, which can lie down and print money, muster the courage to become a country that makes money by labor, unless the hegemony of the dollar is destroyed… Thomas, I am optimistic about you, and I will report tomorrow.

6 months ago

Too much praise to China and too humble to the United States. Chinese people not only like to listen to what China is known to say, but also to listen to what the United States/world is known to say. I just report what so many people have said when I come and go, and I can memorize it, as if the world’s top scholars are just so few people. Isn’t that the level of a TV commentator. How can you selectively report? Take what kind of welfare as an example, it’s not that everyone in China has welfare, and it’s still far behind American welfare. China still respects the United States. Some Americans and some Chinese are jointly promoting the kind of public opinion that China no longer respects the United States. Of course, they have their own goals, but this is not true. At present, the West is anxious, and some people in China are also booing, I think it should not. In fact, the situation between China and the United States has not undergone that kind of change yet. China is not enough, nor does it want to fully challenge the United States like that. The mainstream thinking is still international cooperation, co-governance. China no longer respects the United States, will Europe respect it? Sino-US relations are nothing more than similar to European-American relations. I don’t think we should hype up Sino-US confrontation or contrast issues. China and the United States have more similarities than differences.

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