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I am amused by the instructor more than once. I have already been admitted. The whole re-examination process is relatively easy. Let me briefly describe the more joyful process during the re-examination. First of all, I am a candidate No. 3, and it should be more than two o’clock in the afternoon. In the exam, the result appeared unexpectedly. No. 1 and No. 2 were not connected for unknown reasons. It was my turn. At first, I thought it was a simple test of the camera, but I connected it without even thinking about it. Then, because I thought it was still in the equipment debugging stage, I was not nervous at all, keeping in mind the retest process given by the school. As soon as I connected, I held my ID card with a serious face in front of the camera, and looked at the puzzled eyes of the teachers on the screen. I thought I was holding my ID card for too long and a little bit of ink, and then I was afraid of being urged by the teacher. The teacher instructed to take the initiative to raise the phone and start to surround the home environment 360°. As a result, before the surround sound was over, the teachers burst into laughter, “Hey…hey, little girl! Hahaha, don’t worry, the teacher hasn’t finished the equipment yet, so I can’t take care of you now!… You’ll wait a while!” Looking at the smiling teachers on the screen, I realized that I was a little too serious, and a bit clumsy to the rules, and I didn’t know if it was good or bad. Anyway, I looked at the expressions of the teachers. , I should think I am a very conscious person hahahaha. Then it was more than 10 minutes after the teachers adjusted the equipment. Now I can’t think of any surprises that the big face that I lowered my head and backed my own retest notes should have been present on their screen. At this time, I didn’t realize that I was actually starting the retest. Now that I think about it, I’m really glad that I didn’t look around, I just endorsed it seriously. Then one of the female teachers said, “Okay, the equipment has been debugged. The test will begin.” I realized that I was the first retest in the afternoon! ! ! I hurriedly threw my information far away, and my heart became a mess. It was probably the most stressful moment in my life at that time, because I hadn’t been fully psychologically prepared yet, so it was my turn! However, it turns out that no amount of psychological preparation is as good as professional course knowledge. Fortunately, the preparations for the re-examination are very sufficient, and my professional course questions are answered smoothly throughout the whole process. Really, there was a hunch at the time that the first and second classmates were pitted against me… But fortunately, I was ranked first. My lucky number “7” was still there when the lottery was drawn. I chose it without hesitation. (It’s not just because the lucky number is 7, and it’s seven ups and downs! Getting up means going ashore successfully.) Unsurprisingly, 7 did bring me luck, both of which are two professional courses that I am more proficient in. , But since it is the first question answered, I am still nervous. The rate of speech should be very fast, and remember that you cannot say “then…then…” and “Uh…emmmm…” So the whole process is smooth. But, let’s not say, and uh, it does not appear that you are procrastinated, but it is smooth and fast, and there is a fatal flaw, that is… I can’t breathe… When I answer these two questions fluently After that, one of the male teachers held up the microphone in front of him and laughed low… said, “Classmate, you can actually speak a little slower… you breathe first.” Then the hall burst into laughter. At that time, I wanted to laugh and was a little bit unlovable. Okay, I was not angry and I was discovered by the teachers. I was embarrassed at the time, and I laughed awkwardly all the way, and exhaled very face-to-face to the teacher. Um, I feel better… Afterwards, my speech was actually a bit faster, so my Tian Ling Gai was a little bit painful at the end, haha, it was holding back. The second time there was a roar of laughter in the English question and answer session. The teacher sitting at the back, the microphone was not very powerful, and he spoke a paragraph of English to me with a very low voice. I can almost ask the teacher 7 or 8 times, “Teacher, can you say it again? I don’t hear clearly here…” I don’t know if I forgot to say “pardon” because I was too nervous. If you can’t hear or hear clearly, answering in English or asking the teacher is also a way to reflect your oral expression ability. After asking seven or eight times, I finally heard it clearly, and then the teacher sitting at the back complained weakly, “Hey, I don’t know if you test me or I test you…” Okay, it’s going to be another haunting. laughing out loud. I also laughed at the time, and quickly made up for it. Of course, my later answer is still okay, so no matter how troublesome the teacher, as long as the answer is correct, it will not affect your score. I would like to remind you that if you can’t hear the teacher like me, you must ask clearly and then answer after you understand it. Don’t just say it according to your own understanding if you can’t understand it. Maybe you have a thin face and dare not trouble the teacher, but Don’t be afraid to trouble them at this juncture. Teachers will understand. If you answer the questions according to your own understanding, you will be lucky if you answer correctly. If the donkey’s head is not right, it may be counterproductive and the teachers will think It’s not good if you are making up things, so don’t be afraid to trouble the teacher. If you don’t hear clearly, you won’t be able to hear clearly! Then there are some professional questions. If yes, yes, no, I have to say humbly, “I’m sorry, teacher, I don’t understand this question very well, but please allow me to combine my own knowledge to make a brief introduction to this question. Talk about…” etc., in short, if you pull where you will meet and hold the initiative in your own hands, you are already halfway through. But in any case, you can’t make up things. The tutor hates students who tell lies. In fact, many times what teachers see is not the right or wrong of your answer, but your mental tolerance and language ability, and whether you have the potential for further scientific research in the future. During my retest, some of the teachers looked at me and laughed all the time, and they all looked at me. But I smile all the time, and I will not over-express my tension. Smiling is the most effective way to relieve tension. Finally, at the end, a teacher said to me, “The interview is over.” His microphone was not very powerful, so I did not hear clearly, and kept staring at the camera like a serious listener, “Teacher…you I didn’t hear the question clearly…” “I said, your interview is over.” “Teacher, I still don’t hear you too clearly, can you say it again?” “The interview is over…” I still didn’t catch it, they The microphone is really trash, staring at the screen with a puzzled look. In the end, a teacher laughed, holding his louder microphone, and said, “Student, he said that your interview is over. Ha ha ha ha…” “Oh! Okay, please trouble the teachers! Teachers have worked hard! Goodbye teacher!” I was so scared that I hurriedly sat upright, raised my arm towards the camera with an awkward smile, and waved my arms to say goodbye to the teachers. Several teachers saw that I finally heard what they were saying, and smiled and waved their arms to say goodbye. Then my interview is over. It ended with smiling and waving goodbye to each other. It’s quite complete, but I feel very nervous when I think that I speak too fast, and because of the microphone problem, I don’t know that I can really hear the questions of several teachers. Counting down, my retest time is nearly 40 minutes, which is longer than the retest time of other students. Now I think it may be related to my own professional course answering, I have a long time to answer, and because I was the first in the first test, the teachers are more interested in me. Fortunately, God gave me a satisfactory result. I found out that some classmates didn’t know if they asked three questions, so they didn’t have any questions during the whole professional course, so it ended hastily in less than 20 minutes. The whole re-exam atmosphere was heavy, and the teacher was reluctant to ask him anything more. Again, professional courses are the kingly way, and professional courses are solid. Really, in terms of momentum, you have already succeeded in half. How can the teacher make things difficult for you when he sees you being comfortable and humble? It’s true that I want to tease you.

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8 months ago

Come uninvited, the day before yesterday, I successfully ignited the interview venue twice…but it may be a bit off the point. After you look at the happy volunteer (Tongji) after the re-examination list, I have a look, ah, I ranked 15, recorded 20, 25 in the noodles. In addition, I also contacted Tongji’s teacher in advance, and the teacher’s reply was: I still have a quota for enrollment, I wish the retest a success! In this way, I must not find my next home in advance to avoid fatal mistakes and fail to go to school… The child just wants to go to school, so as soon as the adjustment system was opened, I immediately applied for a certain institute. On the one hand, I learned that Tongji and the institute had an interview on the same day, so I had to make a choice… On the other hand, because I tried 380+ for the first time, the enrollment office of the institute gave me I made six or seven calls and recommended several teachers. The last time I contacted, I directly added a teacher’s WeChat account. After chatting for less than 10 minutes, I decided to accept me as a disciple. His original text was probably: “I didn’t participate in the interview. , Teacher so-and-so participated, I greeted him in advance, and you are ready to check the direction of the teacher. Those who prefer technology development and make money, shouldn’t say that I was shaken, so I gave up and volunteered to retest. .. At 1:30 pm on the 26th, a volunteer and a transfer student from the Institute started the retest at the same time. By the time it was my turn, it was already more than five in the afternoon. The English interview first introduces, then asks questions, and then translates a paragraph: there is nothing wrong with self-introduction, I did not prepare in advance for the teacher’s question, and the answer is only a few words to end, and the translation only says two or three key words that I know. But the problem is not big. After the English interview, the general teacher asked me the first question: “I think your initial test score is so high, did you not enter a volunteer interview?” “No, I entered the interview and the interview conflicted. I came to you and gave up there.” The teacher was shocked at the time, roaring with laughter, and said thank you for your trust in us, Barabara… Then the teacher asked me the second question: “Do you have any intentional tutors? “I: “I have contacted teacher ××, he is doing ××” and the teacher’s response was: Ah, what else do you want me to ask, and then the teacher asked me the third question:” Are you sure you have given up the interview with Tongji?” I: “I am sure, I have withdrawn from the retest group!” At this time, the audience was ignited. It is estimated that what they are thinking is: Fuck, are you so brave after the teacher? I asked me four or five basic questions about the direction of my mentor, and I answered one point of a certain question, but the problem was not too big. That night, the teacher from the Research and Recruitment Office called me and said that I had been drafted. Admission, let me confirm as soon as possible, I asked about my ranking and learned that I was ranked first. I know that the problem is not big. This is because: the interviewer for English is the teacher from the research and recruitment office, and the comprehensive interview for me is the teacher who my boss greets me. Everything is the best arrangement. In addition, because I mentioned that I have entered cpc when I introduced myself, the teacher asked me this question: Do you know what “three sessions and one lesson” are? I didn’t react for a while, but after Baidu came out, I realized that it was so…it was too embarrassing and too embarrassing.

8 months ago

I was in the laboratory. I remembered the day of the retest two years ago. I had a lottery in the afternoon and I was nervous for a day. Teacher: Can you play poker? (I only know how to play in the village of players, catching old pock, worrying that they don’t know what it is to catch old pock) I said: I don’t know how to play poker (lost face…), I can play mahjong (excited face!!). Then several teachers were laughing! ! I was stunned and stiff.. Then the teacher asked me about the sorting of poker, and I realized that, oh, it’s not about hobbies, but it’s embarrassing to ask about the sorting algorithm of data structure. Said to play mahjong

8 months ago

I came to give a strong answer, the teacher was not happy, I laughed! ! I re-tested there, and there was no epidemic yet. 1Vn face to face with the teacher. It was the second interview at that time (don’t ask why! The teacher’s original words: after seeing all the teachers in the major) went up and introduced myself in English. Good guy, I am too confident. I made gestures and spoken words, and the effect was full. When the teacher saw, hey, the English is good, and he handed me a professional translation. I read the words first and translate them later. When I look at the words, what are these? ? ? Bite the scalp and force it. (Harm, I didn’t dare to observe the teacher’s face at the time) I thought it was cold, but the teacher looked at my Bishe teacher 1: Hey, did you do this? Me: Yes, teacher, I am like this. . . such. . . Teacher 1: Teacher 2, aren’t you doing this stuff? (I thought to myself, it’s over cold, this in-depth question asked me whether I went back to the house directly) Teacher 2: Yes, me, how and how… , Do you think so? (Cue to me) I: Yes, teacher (nodded quickly), (the voice did not fall) Teacher 1: I think it can be like this… Teacher 2: We tried this at the time, but Mr. Barabala 3: You did a good job. Yeah, I: Nodding frantically, with a face suddenly realized (inner os: shouldn’t the protagonist be me????? I’m not allowed to say anything! Why is the teacher still talking)… This process lasts about five or six minutes and I am Nodding mercilessly to the machine (inner ecstasy)… Teacher 1: We’re done asking, and the time is almost there. That’s it for the interview, right? ? That’s it? ? ? Is it over before I start? !

8 months ago

Just yesterday 1. Teacher: Did you know about our school on the official website before? I do not have. But teacher, I come to this city to eat hot pot every winter. Teacher: Are you coming to eat Haidilao? Me: I’m not a teacher. I’ve come to eat mutton soup. I came here in the winter a few years ago. I found it too delicious. It was out of control, and I came here every winter. Then I sometimes pass by our school, and I think the school is so big and the security guard at the door is so handsome! (All teachers laugh and turn over) Me: So I have a very good impression of the school! No more deliberately to understand. 2. Teacher: How many children in your family? Me: Just me, teacher: (began to ponder) Me: But don’t worry, my parents are very supportive of me coming here for graduate school. Teacher: How did you know that I wanted to ask this? (Other teachers laugh and turn) 3. Questions and answers for professional courses, and there is an opportunity to change the questions. The first question I picked is not good. If I apply for a change, the teacher will let me read the question first. When I finished reading, they began to whisper. “Who made this? Isn’t it a bit difficult?” “I just want them to play freely.” “You give people a direction.” Then the teacher of the question looked at me very much: Would you like to Change it, think about it from the direction of xxx, can you answer it? Me: Teacher, if I change to a more difficult one, can I change it back again. . (Laughs and flips through the audience ×1000) 4. The examiner sitting in the middle is an older male professor who has always been very cold and doesn’t speak too much. But as the interview progressed, I gradually understood the reason why he didn’t open his mouth…Examiner: Your two professional courses are so high, why didn’t you volunteer? Me: My English is too low, and I have never volunteered to cross the line. Examiner: Did you fill in another transfer school? I (alert): I also filled in an xx, but our school is my first choice, because balabala chief examiner: Hey hey, yes, teacher, is your performance a bit too real? Hey!

8 months ago

The current teacher to be admitted: Why choose criminal psychology? Me: High school English is not good, and then I hope to improve a little while watching American TV shows. Later I saw “Criminal Minds”… (Then Barabara played a section of this play, contacted the knowledge points in the textbook, and also clipped a little English). Then it was said that high school decided to study psychology in college, and graduate student to criminal psychology, and so far, I have achieved it, and I am almost admitted. Teacher: How about you finish graduate school? Me: (Blurred out) Ph.D. (Teachers froze for a while, and the audience laughed) Teacher: Then did you finish Ph.D.? Me: I actually want to be a university teacher… (There is a little frustration. It was the first time I faced a group of university teachers and said that I wanted to be a university teacher) (The teachers laughed happily)

8 months ago

Tell me about my roommate. My roommate Xiao Heng and I took the exam in the same school. Although we were not in the same hospital, we re-examined on the same day. Finally, we drawn lots for him in the morning and me in the afternoon. In order to communicate well for the retest, I went to his house to retest, and we both slept in the same bed. Two sets of quilts were finished. As a result, I was a little anxious in the morning. Although Xiao Heng kept urging me to fold the quilt, I still forgot. Finally, Xiao Heng came up and had to go for a retest. I was a little nervous and didn’t pay attention. Xiao Heng carefully folded the quilt and placed it on the head of the bed. After that, I hid outside his room and listened to his retest. As a result, he entered the conference room. The first sentence of the examiner is, classmate, are you not folding the quilt? Xiao Heng replied without hesitation. Looking at it again, it seemed that the examiner saw that there was a bit of messy sheets, which should be due to the camera, which made the examiner think that he had not folded the quilt. Xiao Heng vowed to say, “Teacher, I folded it up, you are looking at the sheets.” If you don’t believe me, I will show you the camera for a closer look. As a result, I just picked it up and looked at it and saw the messy quilt on my side. . . . Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha been sent for dozens of seconds from the video. After that, the examiner smiled and said that we asked this question to every classmate who came up, but we didn’t expect to catch a non-overlapping one. It’s only half of the stack. You can’t be a doctor with this attitude. It is hard to imagine what Xiao Heng’s mood was at the time, he must have wanted to kill me. I only heard him madly explaining that this belonged to my roommate, he was too lazy, and mine was folded. At this time, a teacher suddenly asked, “Is this not your target?” This young man is fine. Then came a bunch of hahahahahahaha haha. Damn it. At this time, Xiao Heng suddenly sat down. “Teacher, I don’t have a target right now,” “And I promise, during graduate school, I will definitely not fall in love, play games, skip class, travel, or run ambitiously, engage in academics, engage in experiments, and follow the teacher to the doctorate!” “This quilt really isn’t mine. , It’s my roommate’s, he deliberately messed up!” I almost burst out laughing when I heard this. The laughter in the conference room almost turned into a sound. As a result, several teachers were rushing to ask him, and they were all about to be in battle.

8 months ago

I haven’t passed the postgraduate entrance examination, so let me talk about the embarrassment of my postgraduate interview.
The question is, the difference between fermions and bosons.
I said how and how one is so and how and how the other is, but I forgot which one is which.
The interviewer smiled knowingly, and finally let me go. Maybe I graduated from the School of Chemistry after all… (Although I can’t answer chemistry questions even more)

8 months ago

Listen to what my senior sister said. Their school is a low-level 985, not many good majors. Then when a brother had an interview that year, the teacher asked him what his greatest advantage was. Facing this kind of problem, most people say that they can bear hardships and stand hard work, have rich competition experience, and have a good professional foundation. But he is obviously no ordinary person. He said: I checked it on the Internet. The subject evaluation of my undergraduate major is C+, and your school is C… It is said that there was a teacher who covered his face and laughed.

8 months ago

The experience is that I feel I am in control. During the period, I foresee the unfavorable situation, so I guided the teachers to the areas where I had something to say, and told me about my experience of going to the bank for internship. I felt that the teachers were very interested, and I also joked whether the bank was too hard. Came for the postgraduate entrance examination? The more I talked, the happier I was, and then I talked about the example from the internship, saying that when we went to the countryside, the bank manager asked people to go to get off work in the evening to be busy with cooking or something. It was annoying for us. When we went to people’s house, they let dogs scare us. Then use the core of comedy, tragedy makes the teacher laugh

8 months ago

When I talked about my interview that year, the teachers asked about the arrangements for the master’s degree. I instantly recite the lines that I had prepared in advance: read the literature extensively, publish top conference papers, stay in school and follow the teacher to read the Ph. Hearing the silence of the audience, then the chief examiner said, the tone was not small, the audience laughed, and the classroom was full of cheerful air. Later I learned that there is no doctoral degree in computer science in our school

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