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First look at joker, probably my expectations are too high, I am personally quite disappointed. It’s really useless to create this mirror. Joker is looking at the choreography as a whole in round c. Your camera makes a hairy look on everyone’s face. Do not close-up when this close-up. Some close-ups of Zando and Riki are not fixed points. They are basically invalid close-ups. Everyone’s close-ups are swaying, and the expressions that can be grasped are basically not caught. Zando’s backflip and Riki’s splits are two of this dance. The killing part. Everyone was squatting on the ground when Zando backflips. It should have been designed for Zando to play the killing part. As a result, no close-up of this backflip was taken by a single stroke. There were so many slow motions on the Er Gong stage last night. Why not make one today? The close-up of the backflip in the trailer is the same as that of a whale out of the water. So is this a scam? Isn’t such a beautiful action worth a close-up slow motion? Goose, you really have a good hand. When the panorama is not panorama. During Qi Wu, the leg movements of the person standing at the front were basically invisible; when Xu Shaolan stood at the c position and fell down, when everyone was in formation together, they suddenly cut the close-up of Yinpeng and Riki; everyone stood in a row and did it at a fixed point. When moving the mirror from the side without looking at the front, the other people except the outermost were basically blocked, and nothing was seen in the action. The empty stage with only a sofa is clear; Ren Yinpeng stands c and other people When the scorpion got up from the ground (is it called this?), he suddenly slapped Ren Yinpeng with a sullen face. The focus of the woc is the standing formation around the c. You can give a close-up of the c who doesn’t have much action. The whole choreography is round c, but the c-position close-up is not given except for Riki’s splits, and the whole stage is shattered. The mirror is very bad, the stage is very bad, such a big stage is just a sofa (many people in PS think it is not good for me to dress up), this stage can obviously be better, I see all of them practice so hard Sweat all over my body, but the final result was smashed and invalidated by the mirror. I was really helpless and disappointed. Goose, you really don’t deserve the choreography of my wife Riki and the dance of Santa. (Defensive bars; I know that Zando and Wu Hai also participated in the choreography) I personally think that the choreography this time is a bit simple. It may be due to time or the need to be backward compatible with other players. I don’t know why the second public is so important that the time is so tight, only 5 days, they need to start choreography from 0, but also practice dance, and even their choreography has not been completed during the rehearsal, (myself) I feel that original choreography is more difficult than original singing and rap. I personally feel my personal feelings!!) Among the 5 people, there is also a Xiaobai who can’t dance at all. I can only say that the stage this time did not meet my expectations. But this is just my personal feelings as a non-professional general audience. I think this stage is better horizontally, but the vertical comparison of Riki and Zando’s previous stages is really not enough. After so long, the first stage of Zando and Riki is still the best in my heart. But overall tonight is still handsome, I can watch Zando’s backflip and Riki’s split a hundred times!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Joker, I love this stage so much! After watching the first and second episodes of the sixth issue, the stage that impressed me the most was this: the original choreographer Joker. This performance is amazing! I really like it! (But I have to say that the goose’s mirror is really hip. If the mirror is normal, it will be more beautiful by N levels!) Riki Zan, many yyds! Wu Hai Xu Shaolan’s performance is also very eye-catching! Ren Yinpeng did not hold back either! This stage and this team have brought me the most impact! ! ! Let me talk about the stage first. Zanda, my goodness, it’s Zanda Uno, really too wild and eager! When dancing with long hands and long feet, the whole person stretches out especially. That figure, that expressiveness, that faintly exposed pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles… (I can’t say any more, let’s say I’m going to be banned…) All the dance moves are wild and crisp, the expressions are very good, and the back flip Big move! Ma! It’s so cool to see! That’s so cool! That’s so cool! I really don’t know how to praise it, so I can only shout again, Uno Zando yyds! Riki, he is really awesome! How did he make up this dance! In such a short time, such an amazing dance was made! I really want to kneel and call the boss! His dance is really silky, and the expressiveness is too good, and the temperament of sexy and abstinence, I simply indulge in it and cannot extricate myself! For the first time I really know what pure and desire is, it’s you! rikimaru! Pure and desire is you! And that split, I really want to ask, is it really scientific? ! Why can it bounce like a spring after the split? Absolutely unbelievable! Riki Kinda, yyds! (I’m really tired of shouting, but I don’t know what other languages ​​can be used to boast about. I’m all in my mind now that these two sentences are really awesome and yyds) The other three players also performed very well, Wu Hai this I was really seen this time! And Xu Shaolan, I remember him too! Even Ren Yinpeng made me admire (it is really not easy to be able to carry it in this group, I feel his perseverance). On their stage, there are not too many special effects and decorations, and the costumes are generally relatively simple. Zendo is a vacuum suit and Riki is a white shirt. However, the contestants have completely filled the stage with their own dance and expressive power! No need for gorgeous special effects, lighting, and scenery bonuses, they are dazzling enough by their own dance! This is professional! This is strength! This is awesome! Then let’s talk about the team, the team feels very, very good to me! I feel that the five of them are very united and harmonious. Although they are only a group of a few days, they feel inexplicably as if they are one. (Speaking of this, I suddenly thought that Riki’s team seems to be very harmonious and harmonious. I don’t know if it is because his personality is soft, professional and gentle, so everyone likes him. Xu Shaolan and Ren Yin Peng, including the former Li Luoer, Yi Han, and other friendly teams like him very much.) Only they, the team proposed not to be central, everyone should be central (I thought of the second creation of the theme song), and then through the perfect arrangement Dance also really makes everyone have enough brilliant performance, this is the real everyone is shining! I love this concept so much! (I seriously praised this concept when the theme song was created.) And every player has a contribution in this team. Riki leads the choreography, Zando participates in the choreography and is responsible for backflips and other skills. Recruitment, Wu Hai participated in the choreography and helped the team communicate, Xu Shaolan showed the complex power (Krump) style, and Ren Yinpeng was responsible for adjusting the arrangement (here, I also want to thank Fu Sichao for his help). During their rehearsal, there was a scene that killed me very much, that is, the five of them were sweating after practicing the dance. They gathered together to watch the playback very seriously, watching and conceiving the last part of the dance. Just seeing there, I was suddenly moved. Why is the stage so good? Professional and sufficiently serious, dedicated, and dedicated, how could the stage for such a team be bad! In fact, before today’s program was broadcast, the pen-hold shooting of this group had already come out (the pen-hold shooting is very outstanding). In fact, I think pen-hold shooting comes out before the stage, which is a bit of a disadvantage for the dance class, because it may lose its freshness. However, I watched Joker’s second public stage after watching pen-hold shooting, and I still feel very excited! Because it’s really awesome! The choreography is so good! I even think I can watch it dozens of times without any aesthetic fatigue! Have more of this stage! I really love it! (But the original choreography should be the only one in the creation of 2021, and there should be no chance to see it again in the future. I am a little bit unsure. Then, goose, is there a practice room version?

8 months ago

1. “Fix Me” Fu Sichao is really good, he can be needed everywhere. Yu Yang’s treble is amazing to me, and his voice is very nice. The whole song is very flavorful, and everyone’s talents are shown. Glory singing is pretty good. 2. “I Control You” Boyuan is a bit too unconfident, his strength and experience are worthy of a debut position and captain position, only him. Although Gan Wangxing’s face has not grown to my aesthetic point, it is undeniable that he is really handsome, with perfect proportions, slender limbs, and personal hard work, which is very brilliant. The high pitch that Jing Oro sings and the sudden low voice are really nice, a very capable student. It’s a little bit that Wu Yuheng can’t get it. He always feels that he is too soft and not so handsome. 3. “Therefore i am” teacher Li rushed to me, the world is sober, creating 4 appearances, an unprecedented bereavement idol, although the dancing movements are a bit stiff, it does not hinder Li teacher’s handsome and inexplicably harmonious aura. Is the goose exploding Zhang Teng? His English pronunciation, singing skills, and stage performance are not at all inferior to the players in the same group, but his popularity has not been high. Daxiang Jing is really like a little devil, the kind of mischievous devil, and the balloon-ballooning is really cute. 4. “Joker” fairy choreographer, trash transport mirror. This choreographer will be even more sensational if the mirror is good. Zando’s backflip should be his killing part in C, but the camera didn’t keep up with Zando’s rhythm at all. Riki’s final splits and kicks were so handsome to me, and after being very handsome, he was a bit seductive and charming. It’s amazing. Wu Hai feels a little unconfident, his strength standing in the Zandoriki team is very harmonious, and the strong combination can better show his personal characteristics. Xu Zhaolan has a Mongolian dance bonus, and he has a strong sense of strength, but he is relatively inconspicuous in this team. As for Ren Yinpeng…I don’t know what he does. 5. There is no Thai performer in the rare Thai song “I was Clawed by a Crab.” Amu deserves to be from Jeanis, Jay is too strong and full of vitality, he is very suitable for this kind of vitality song. He Yifan’s hairstyle and expression are very suitable for this sand sculpture track, and he has found his own position. Uehara Yixiang worked very hard and was very energetic, and he was very serious about learning Chinese. Such students are really pleased. 6. “You Don’t Like Me” Mika, king! Mika’s voice is inherently magnetic and has a strong sense of atmosphere. He is suitable for melodic songs. Zhang Xingte’s voice is very clear and full of youthfulness. Gao Qingchen is really good. He is a foreigner who can’t pronounce it at all. The high-pitched part is very well completed, which is amazing to me. Patrick felt quite satisfactory and didn’t show his characteristics. I have never been able to get Yu Gengyin from him, but his strength is quite good and very strong. Overall ranking: “joker”> “don’t like me”> “I care about you”> “I got under a crab claw”> “fix me”> “therefore i am” one pick Mr. Lee, without any interest.

8 months ago

Doesn’t this brush a wave of fairness? ! Absolutely, the last two groups of gods fight! I can’t speak anymore, ak, I can think of supporting the highest, but Xiaojiu’s vote is really too fair. I originally thought there would be a show operation. After all, the show operation in the talent show has disappointed me too many times, sister I thought that all the people at the scene were all family members, and I cried to be honest, since Mr. Li was very close to the second man, I felt that the audience stood up! Although Mr. Li still tried his best to reduce the sense of presence in the performance hahahaha, I have to say that Mrs. Li is a sober philosophy leader in the world. Well, he knows the rules of the idol market too much, and he is very suitable for being behind the scenes! Besides, the He Yifan group that I am deeply impressed by is the group that I think the dance is the most tidy and the most stable. The atmosphere is very good. Many groups of dance arrangements and songs can’t fit together, there is no sense of involvement, and there are drums behind. It makes me feel harmonious, and Wu Hai is so handsome. Like Gan Wangxing, the styles of the Mika team are very exquisite. All members of the Mika team have both skills and emotions. Xiaojiu has played so well. Mika has a voice. When I came out, I called the desperate son. Everyone said, I’m wow, it’s too amazing. Fu Sichaozu, the song arrangement is too full, there are a lot of high-pitched parts at the back, although it can highlight the people, but I feel that there is no contrast to the Ganwangxing group. , It’s said that Bo Yuan and Jing Wei are supporting them. No one should object. The two people fixed the aura of the song. It was stable and good. Wu Yuheng sang nicely, but the voice did not fit the song. Gan Wangxing was crazy. I rely on, a face that’s so amazing, so amazing, so amazing, head and body

8 months ago

The stage is beautiful, of course, because of my filters, my favorite is joker, boiling sheep, you can say more, goose needs your mouth, but I really like Zhang Xingte’s voice, it’s a pity . Wu Yuheng hasn’t made any progress in this period, and I don’t know if he has caught the eye. It is a pity for Yu Yang. In addition to the stage, I prefer to watch the editing of the goose, watch the editing, and understand the sound that the goose wants to deliver and the future embedding. If I have no misunderstanding, I think the goose will not let me down. Come on, goose, you can do it Arrived.

8 months ago

Today I introduced “Creation Camp” to my German foreign teacher. He asked me: What kind of ending will these players have after the game? Will they have a better career? As far as I know, many of the winners of similar auditions, I don’t even know their names. I said something messy and felt that I didn’t answer very well, but I insisted on finishing the expression. I was overwhelmed by frustration, the urge to throw away my armor and abandon my armor. To use a foreign language to describe a topic that others do not understand or care about is not only a language limitation, but also an emotional challenge. You need to persuade, to get others to trust, and to empathize. It’s not easy. But after this pre, I was very pleased, because this is what I chose and took the initiative to express to him. Regardless of the degree of completion, it is my true feeling. Mika said, You are the reason why I’ll never be the same. I am also changing and have more determination to get out of my comfort zone. This is the greatest strength this group of people brings to me. ———-Just remember some fragments and feelings. We look at others just to see ourselves in them. 1. Zando and Riki: When “strong” becomes a default label, it becomes particularly difficult to please the audience. Others progress from 40 points to 60 points, they can get overwhelming applause, and some people’s performance of giving 120 points is taken for granted. No one is born to choreograph and create super-difficult performances. If there is really a saying “burning life on stage”, then only they are worthy of such glory. 2. He is full of respect for Mika. He is not weak and concession or blindly striving for C, but chooses his empathic part to interpret, even if a lot of parts are missing. Those who can not be shaken by the cheers of the outside world and are determined to make their own choices are people with a clear understanding, and they are particularly charismatic. 3. A change in Ren Yinpeng. His determination to take the initiative to choose the dance group and the courage to challenge made me feel how determined a person who seems impossible can be. 4. Lee Road Repair is worthy of respect. His professional attitude towards the stage of an amateur is better than many artists who cheat traffic. Hope this will become a less painful memory in his life, because it is destined to end. 5. At the beginning of the second creation, why do we like the creative group? Because they are expressing something unprecedented. They are not market dolls without thoughts, but real human beings with flesh and blood, emotions and sorrows.

8 months ago

Excited, uninvited, pull your hips in the upper half, and super god in the lower half! Is this the goose’s first fall and then rise? I love it! To be honest, I personally feel that every stage in the second half is better than the first half! (Except for the first stage at the top of the mountain, I completely got the ability of these people to arrange. Really, it surprised me! Lu Dinghao’s high pitch is really good, but it is a bit inferior in comparison with the latter groups. . Somewhat plain and plain. Jixiang’s brother and their group of stage are really good, but they don’t feel as good as the other groups. Teacher Li is really open tonight, super handsome! The performance is not at all perfunctory, super competent and responsible Li It’s a teacher. Boyuan is really powerful, typhoon, and strength. He led the team very well! It is indeed one of my fixed picks! This stage has made me notice Jing Yu, good in strength, and Gan Wangxing is also true. I’ve made great progress. Wu Yuheng’s strength has also surprised me. The Crab Group, not my orientation, will not be evaluated. Then!!! The two best stages in my mind! “Don’t Remember Me” and “Joker” is the pinnacle of vocal and dance! Don’t think of my group, Xiao Jiu really made me amazing! I’m not surprised to support the king. He caught my ears as soon as he opened his mouth. Zhang Xingte’s voice is my first stage. Yu Gengyin’s voice is very stable as soon as he opens his mouth. The strength is beyond my expectation. I don’t feel that it was so surprising before. Mika is not my orientation, but the singing is really good. The strength also surprised me. In general, no one in this group of performances pulled their hips. Everyone showed it. It’s really amazing! Riki and Zando are the two people with the backing buff that I am creating. The stage Really, nothing to say, today I have been using the pen-hold shooting for a few rounds, and the practice room clip made me repeatedly pull back to watch it, laughing until my stomach hurts, and the ceiling of dancing ability! Nobody opposes this, right? I won’t praise them. , I have already praised tens of thousands of words in my heart. Wu Hai is the younger brother I have always thought of as handsome. His dancing ability is the top of the domestic players. Brother Xu and Brother Ren, two fans, did not play at all in this group of performances. Hip, I really tried hard to catch up. I took the opportunity to make progress, clever, humble and hardworking. In general, the most outstanding performance of this group of performances must be the two of Zando and Riki. Both of them played big moves, and they were all boiled. Sheep? It’s called an action that humans can’t do… emm, but I feel that the teacher has avoided the two of them to evaluate. I don’t know why. I have statistics by the way that the ak group and the best performance group have the highest support. , 768 votes, the lowest of their group is ask. The lowest is Wei Ziyue and their group, the lowest number of support is also their group’s promise. The biggest difference in the same group is I care about you, smm and Boyuan are 128 behind. Not surprisingly, when smm made his voice a bit abrupt, he didn’t hate him, but his strength was really not good; the second was the crab, amu and Gui Shangqi were 119 worse; the third was the whale group, ly and Zhang Zhang were 117 worse; The smallest point difference is the peak, ak and Oscar are only 37. The lowest score in the second half is Li Luoer, think about their rankings are not very high, in fact, it is understandable. PS: Riki is not the original The second place in the group… and the variance, too lazy to forget it, and basically forgot how to do the data analysis. However, the support of the live audience is not It can completely represent all the audience, or it is possible that we are watching in front of the screen, the guidance of the goose lens will have different effects, at least it is different from my orientation. But I don’t have any big opinions on the number of backstops in this game, ak is also my big son, 405yyds! ! PPS: Quietly said, I am very happy that Ly was not elected to support the king. Before the announcement, some people said that they would not give ly the support king shots. Those players also said that he was the support king, but it was announced that it was not him. I was a little bit Cool.

8 months ago

La la la, we are all toolmen, the goose is dead. It’s true that each family has its own misfortunes, and I will complain about it. Zhang Jiayuan felt lonely and was always scolded by the royal family. He had a bit of c but no story line and no camera. He practiced bruised somersaults. The stage was cut directly. Is it just a tool man to support the king? I’m dizzy. This is a defensive thing. Are you afraid that he will be the first or why? Zhang Teng Xie Xingyang found no such person. Xie Xingyang was maliciously hyped as super sweet, and was scolded when he went out of the circle. The second public c, Lin Mo, who has no story line, was unable to dance for a long time on the fan dance hot search (higher than the hot search topic, but not able to go up), the controversial topic suddenly came up today. Hot search, I’m going to die, Fu Sichao does everything, no camera. My brother is really miserable… not a fan, I love it all. The child took the support of the king, and did not even put a testimonial… The shots in the Boyuan practice room were so few that the laughter was used as the background sound, and the high-pitched raps were cut from other people’s shots, and there was no story line (I thought he was a bit imperial, sorry) now I think it’s a tool man… “The high-pitched abuse fan urges other people to krypton gold?” The tool man Zhang Xingte has no story line, all kinds of explosion-proof, and the camera is cut off, and the vote is suppressed. Huang Yao, who also made Nima before. Amu had no camera in the early stage, was on the verge of being eliminated, modeling problems, I spent more than 10w to buy the Oshima Diary, the name was mistyped, the group image blocked the face, and the Weibo was requested to be deleted after the hyh communication and rights protection changes. No announcement, no statement No apologize. The pen-hold shot was flooded and the pen-hold shot channel link was canceled. Mika Toolman, was stepped on and said that he would not have a backflip as big as the high-pitched Zanmaru trailer, and the pen-hold shot was shocked. The result was a long-term view? ? ? Lie to me? Goose with a full face: playing money and playing money

8 months ago

I saw myocardial infarction yesterday, but my heart is about to jump out today! good looking! Absolutely! Is this what you want first to suppress! For the “JOKER” I’ve been thinking about for a long time, when the pen-hold shot was released at noon today, I thought it was the staff who made a mistake, and I quickly recorded the screen and was afraid that he would withdraw it hahahahaha. I watched the pen-hold shots of the entire team of 5 people many times in one afternoon! This group is awesome! Everyone is great! Even if Rikizando is a world-class dancer, he has not become the backing dancers of xx and xx. Let’s read some of the “small eggs” that I saw first! 1. After the success of “The Peak”, AK was the first to rush over and hug Riki, thinking that in his live broadcast he said that the most respected person in the camp was Mr. Riki, and their relationship was really good! And in the backstage interview with Riki, Riki also said, “Although it is the first time that his team lost, but the winning team is AK.” The expressions of him and Zando are really interesting. They are happy for their friends, but they also open. The feeling that I will beat you next time jokingly and vigorously, this place makes me feel like watching the interaction of the boys in the youth campus. 405 is wonderful. 2. Before the announcement of the King of Support, Zanmaru was in rock, paper, scissors! Maruko unexpectedly produced scissors hahahaha, but lost. Then this rock-paper-scissors win or lose matched Zanduo, who was the backing king. I think it has a dramatic effect and is quite magical. 3. At the end of the performance, Zando patted his shoulder, worried that Riki was shy, and he stuck his head out for a long time with the “bling” gesture. Zando, you really love Riki! 4. Zanmaru is really a soulmate! Although I don’t talk about CP, it’s hard to deny the emotion between them. I directly predict that like it will be a pill, there will be a new clip tonight! From the conversation in the bathroom to Riki on the stage, I understand why the goose had to order a lot of symbols yesterday. After all, people can’t starve to death. Let’s talk about everyone! Today I saw the combination of Rikimaru and Riki! Pure and lustful! The look of this white shirt is very vampire, it is the kind of atmosphere when night falls, walks quietly in front of you, unbuttons a button on his chest, and bends down and asks you in a low voice: “Do you miss me?” ! This white shirt is too sexy! ! Riki is really shy, hahaha, and hid in the bathroom to choreograph. I really want to put a camera in the bathroom, I really want to see how my wife makes such a beautiful dance! ! Acute angle reversal + spring splits, and Zanduo’s double somersault, I was so excited that I couldn’t find words to describe my current mood, two words: awesome! But looking at Zanmaru’s pen-hold shooting, I still feel that they are jumping so easily, and I feel that they are at most 2 or 30% of their strength. It’s really amazing. The backflip shot of Zando only exists in yesterday’s trailer. It’s a pity , But I really like the action of standing on one foot at the beginning and lifting the other leg by Riki and Wu Hai! Very stable and handsome! Zhan is so thin, I feel like I can see the ribs on my chest. Give me more food and wash the machine! Then talk about the brothers. Wu Hai: I’ve never seen the dance before (sorry). It’s my third style! And I can speak English well, I love it! Xu Shaolan: The volume is much better, hahaha. One of my favorite choreographers is that he lies on Wu Hai’s back, and then Zando takes his hand half a circle. This cooperation is really wonderful! (I feel that the whole stage has not been cut. I suggest watching Zanduo’s pen-hold shooting, which is super clear.) Ren Yinpeng: From a male backing the king, he was a little ridiculed, but now he has changed his mind. Pull the hips. In fact, the only thing in the Boiling Yangyang commentary did not mention that he still felt sorry for him. The younger brother is a good younger brother, and he was the first to comfort him when he was not the supporter of Riki. Come on, brother! Finally, let’s talk about not the best performing team. I feel that the rap scene is definitely better than the dance scene, and the dance is more able to withstand online (after all, it can be close-up, it is estimated that the ants are moving in the scene, and many details are not necessarily visible. ) So I don’t think there is any regret, insider. But next time you can try the two best performing teams online and offline.

8 months ago

Summarize the second half of the period in one sentence: With the excellent stage to turn the tide, the loss of word-of-mouth/audience caused in the first half of the period was restored. Fangfo saw the blossoming and passionate creation of the Second Creation. The first half made me nervous, because the perspective of passers-by, four of the five stages lacked ups and downs and it was easy to drive away the people who eat melons. The high quality of whales and RAP, but high barriers to appreciation for passersby. Many fans commented in my article that I was planning to abandon the show. Just when I was so overwhelmed that Genesis 4 was about to end, the second half of the series brought the script that we are familiar with first to suppress and then to raise, and it shines on the stage. 1. In the original vocal group, there is a kind of juvenile enthusiasm that I do what I like. The group members personally arranged the music and wrote the lyrics personally, giving the audience a sense of substitution and working hard together, and the quality of the final work was particularly high. The chorus is very nice, and the added RAP and dance moves are just right not to show off but to fit the song situation. Because it gave the work how to create a complete story line, and the quality of the work is high, so we are moved by the return of the second creation. Lu Dinghao successfully challenged the tweeter and continued on the story line of Super Sweet Candy. The students’ DIY stage, whether it is the arrangement effect or the dance, is more natural and comfortable than the other proposition groups. This sense of cultivation makes the show not boring and interesting, and it also has the similar touch of “The Return of the Treasure Boys in the Second Creation”. 2. I am in charge of your group. The quality of the original song is very high, and the players have the ability and singing skills to deal with the details, making the appreciation process very enjoyable. The believer group means that all members have been exerting force from beginning to end, resulting in a lack of ups and downs in the perception, but I care that although your group exerts force at the climax, there are obvious ups and downs and foreshadowing in the main song part. Just like Zhou Shen praised Jing Wei, don’t keep using force to make people invisible. I care about the high notes in your group. Of course, it is refreshing. What is even more rare is the preparation and confession of Shao Mingming/Gan Wangxing and others in the main song part, which gives the stage a refreshing feeling of fluctuations from weak to strong/ups and downs. 3. In the vampire group, although the overall choreography is not particularly difficult, there are more ingenuity added, such as the image of a troublemaker who bursts a balloon / a vampire that turns black and white in the dark and so on. At the same time, the stage and scenes of this vampire castle may appear less in internal entertainment, making the audience feel fresh and interesting. Coupled with the help of popular student Li, the performance of the whole group is still interesting and worth seeing. Another example is Zhang Jiayuan’s sentence that white is an angel and black is a devil, which will also make you remember this stage. Let the audience remember and enjoy the stage through choreography/small choreography/student temperament, which is also a way of stage success. 4. Choreographer, needless to say, this is the ultimate enhanced version of Erchuang. Previously, the second creation of up Tucao Chuang said that there is no sense of ritual in the form of the party, and this time the sense of ritual is given. Give it together. Even the arrangement is rearranged. Give full play to the personality and charm of each player. Zando’s multiple somersaults and Riki’s splits and bounces are to give you a naked amplifying move, and use your strength to ask you if you are not convinced. Moreover, the choreography gives each student ample space for exhibition, and the audience will not feel bored due to the high level of choreography and the high level of the players. The unity and cooperation/personality of the two creations are all here, plus stage lighting and audience cheering. Even people who don’t know how to dance will think that this group is really strong. 5. Crab dance, the stage did not collapse in the second half. I was worried about the crab dance, but the sand sculpture boys made me like this stage the most with their joy and funny style. The whole process is not stressful and bored, because there are always students who are serious about making you laugh. It would be great if Teacher Meijuan came to this group. . . In the past, the 101 series seemed to be very funny to the stage because it was not in line with the orthodox boy group, but this time the crab dance taught us that happiness can also be a way of the boy group. Especially AMU perfectly combines sand sculpture and handsome. The students’ dance skills and online choreography also made the performance seem funny, but it was actually a serious work. It avoids the tragedy of a combination of good luck and embarrassing fake funny. 6. Don’t think about my group, the VOCAL group actually takes advantage. The Lemon group in the first half really collapsed due to language barriers and student abilities. This group fully demonstrated the powerful sentimental and empathy ability of the VOCAL group. Although everyone doesn’t have many lyrics, the sentences are nice and out of mind. The quality of the original song is also very high. It belongs to the kind that everyone has heard but still likes to listen to. Mika’s gentleness/Xiaoyu’er’s strength/Zhang Xingte’s tone/Tyrande Gemini’s efforts are all fully demonstrated in their respective parts. With the stage and their respective expression management, let the stage walk into the hearts of the audience in a heartbreaking way that needs your protection. I can’t help but sigh why the goose puts these five stages in the first half. Either the foreign language song students can’t sing well/or the music is too hard-core or the soft audience can’t appreciate it/or the arrangement is too novel and too advanced for the audience. . . Let the first half become a very low evaluation in history. Fortunately, in the second half, you can turn the tide. There are people with full creativity / funny sand sculptures / affectionate resonating with you / strength to make you reluctant. . . But if you change the order, it won’t be enough to persuade so many people in the first half! Fortunately, the second half is really high-quality. If someone says that Genesis 4 does not respect the stage, any stage in the second half can hit the opponent in the face. (The first half is also very diligent, but… not for the audience’s hobby) The end of the second public, the future competition will be more intense, and there will be fewer and fewer funny reactions and sand sculpture plots. After all, the students are getting more and more stressed and do not want to be happy every day, but I also hope that the program group can prepare more excellent stages. Remember, a good stage does not have to be beautiful or complicated, but to make the audience happy/make passersby stop, don’t make it too far-sighted or make it difficult for the audience to understand. At present, the songs of Sangong are pretty good, and I hope to continue to maintain the level of the second half of Ergong and present more exciting stages!

8 months ago

The permanent audience of the creation camp is here! “Fix me”: Li Luoer is very talented, he poked me at the words he said in the ranking, I want to say that you are not a supporting role, you are the most dicks musician! ! Fu Sichao, I liked his looks very much from the beginning, and I noticed this younger brother. He is so talented. I think you can give some money if you don’t show people the camera. Er Chuang has adapted how many songs he has adapted, and Er Gong has two, so be a man! To be honest, I think it is better to recommend Zhang Jiayuan than Fu Sichao. “I don’t care” right, is it called this? I finally got the look of Gan Wangxing, his eyes are really killing! ! Brother Yuanzi is here to kill, and there are more shots and everything, he is worth it! ! That long list of “bad guy” (bushi) was over after Mr. Li made his debut. Does the goose really want to use Mr. Li as a blood bag, and throw it away when it’s used up? ? Anyway, Teacher Li wants to enter the Sangong, and they all want to sing and dance, why didn’t the bamboo shoots rush to send him in and out of Taoism. After debuting, there is no need for high-intensity singing and dancing. Goose will also push resources. Isn’t it good to make money in variety shows? Xiu Dou Tang’s expression management is okay, but it seems a bit too much, how big it is, a little greasy. Brother Jixiang, he really discarded the cuteness, just like a little devil. I felt sorry for him. I felt that he had left his hometown, had language barriers, had no company support, and was lonely alone. I kind of understand why he gets cold sometimes. I feel that everyone is very good and energetic, but the crab is obviously abandoned. Alas, I hope you all have a good future. “Don’t think of me”: I think Kazi Gewei, I don’t know if it was the clip that Goose gave him, or he really thought that way. I always feel that the perception is very bad: first of all, he seems to be very flat every time, the tone is not to be said, but every time he is in his comfort zone. (In the comments, he said that his strength at the intersection is more than that, so Brother Kazi needs to stand up.) The high pitch like Xiao Jiu is really a fan, even passers-by must sigh the level of Xiao Jiu’s greatness. Also, he and Qing Lian always said on the program that they would work hard to learn Chinese, but they often used English when they made their testimonials. The Thai line has really contrasted Chinese throughout the whole process. There is a big gap in comparison with Zando of the same company. Although Zando stumbles, he can communicate in Chinese many times. I didn’t even say thank you in Chinese. I took a sigh of relief every time he prepared. I don’t want him to be caught by those black people who don’t speak Chinese. Furthermore, he may leave with the horse, he is not very happy, and gives me a feeling of mourning. Little Sun’s personality like Qing Lian is really good. I really like him so much, so there are so many long talks. I just skipped those who I don’t like. I’m afraid that if this continues, his ranking will continue to fall. (I hope Sister Card will not diss me) Zhou Shen! I feel it’s amazing to create him! He can both sing and dance and teach children well. (And amber) Actually, I didn’t get the first issue of Zhang Xingte’s vocal. It felt a bit sticky and greasy. Then this time the stage! I want to say that my brother is too good, there is no sticky feeling and only refreshing. The big vocal deserves a debut position! And Xiao Jiu! ! Fat kid! I like his sweet bean character very much. I didn’t think he was outstanding at first, but I also think that there can only be one Thai line. I was so obsessed with Yin Haoyu’s face that I wanted Yin Haoyu to make his debut. Now, Xiao Jiu tears up the script for me, and my brother and brother make their debut together! ! You are all worthy! ! There are also fat kids who are so sincere. Of course they have been in love. Tai is really cute! ! ! Sorry, the stage was so explosive, I just remembered it now. “Joker”: Needless to say Zando and Riki, yyds. Riki’s personality is really cute, just that kind of naive and silly feeling, and the choreography is also a bit funny. Can the goose cut the handsome man Wu Hai’s head and show his forehead! His eyebrows are the best, and then he is not too high, and his bangs tend to squeeze him short. Isn’t the refreshing handsome guy okay? Whenever the goose gives him some shots and gives him a hair, it won’t be so underneath.

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