In a relationship, the actively pursued party usually likes the lover’s external persona (shape/attitude towards outsiders), that is, “favorite feeling”; the party who accepts the pursuit usually likes the experience of getting along between the two, that is, ” Feeling of being in love”. If you don’t get along well, you won’t accept the pursuit if you are chased. This is usually the focus of the investigation period. When both of them lack love experience, the suitor is actually more likely to regret it than the pursued. Because it is harder to actively pursue a person than to accept the pursuit. When you can catch it, the conditions of the two parties will not be very different. The driving force to insist on paying mainly depends on the filters that you add. The difference between humans and humans is not that big. The goddess male gods mainly rely on distance to produce beauty. The closer the distance, the beauty will be flawed. For example, there are some people who have a good temper in front of outsiders. When they lose their temper at home, they throw dishes and smash bowls. Another example is that some people have a good appearance and poor living ability. The bedroom and face are completely different styles. The situation will affect the lover’s willingness to give. And the party who accepts the pursuit, in the process of being moved, more often finds the hidden advantages of the pursuer. For example, this person has a bad temper/ expressionless face and looks very uncomfortable with outsiders. He is only gentle and considerate to himself, and only smiles from the heart when he sees himself. Another example is that this person looks very simple and low-key. In fact, it is very connotative and knows how to live. I can’t bear to spend money to be generous to my lover. When I am with him, I feel better than when I am single, and I want to maintain it. Under normal circumstances, the active suitors are mostly males and the pursued ones are mostly females. Excluding the males who cheat at the beginning, they will move faster to the cold side. This is the reason I said. Since the psychological differences between men and women are not so absolute, in modern society, there are many cases where girls first like a boy, and then become colder than boys.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Although humans are higher animals, they are still animals. They are affected by animal instincts and act under the instinct. Animal instincts do not come for no reason, but are the result of genetic programs performed by the animal’s body. Genes have the ultimate goal of reproducing offspring and expanding the population, and drive men and women to complete reproductive tasks through sexual instincts. Everyone has limited time, energy, money, etc. How can we have as many offspring as possible? Women need to have children on their own, and the number of children is limited. Improving the survival rate of children is the most effective way. Men don’t need to have children on their own. They can have many children. Increasing the number of children is the most effective way. Therefore, genes will drive men to love the new and dislike the old more and increase the number of children by increasing their sexual partners. And genes will drive women to be more critical and choose the best, and increase the number of children by improving the quality of their sexual partners. Therefore, men will be backward compatible, do not demand quality, the more the better, and it will not waste time on one person. Women will be upward compatible, find better conditions than themselves, and won’t let go unless they can find a better one. After entering a civilized society, it has become more and more difficult to raise children, and men also need to improve the quality of their children in order to win. The popularization of contraceptive technology has caused great changes in fertility strategies. Improving the quality of children is more important than increasing the number of children. Men also need to take care of their children like women, but this change is too fast, and the genes have not had time to adapt. Because primitive society has existed for millions of years, and the history of civilized society has not survived for many years. Thousands of years are too short for millions of years, and genes cannot change rapidly in such a short time. Moreover, after all, men do not have as much investment in their children as women, and there are still many cases of single mothers of the old Wang next door. Increasing the number is still useful, the gene does not have to be turned, so that the gene instinct to increase the number is still very powerful. Genes drive men to love the new and dislike the old even more in love, which is wrong from a moral point of view, but right from a genetic point of view. We can hate the facts, but we must admit the facts and admit that they exist in order to improve the facts. It doesn’t recognize the existence of facts, but only engages in moral preaching, and it is easy to talk about it, but it can’t solve the problem.

6 months ago

The greatest excitement of a man’s feelings is a point, and the excitement of a woman’s feelings is a line. A man’s feelings are wavy lines. When chasing a girl, he will continue to invest his feelings, energy and time. Once he succeeds, his interest disappears and he begins to decline. Unless the girl has a new “chase point” that attracts him, otherwise , He will start the pursuit of the “next goal”. Once a girl’s relationship is provoked to a high point, it will remain at that high point for a long time. Girls will not be easily moved, but they want “stability” and don’t want so many “challenges”. For boys, feelings that are not challenged are “feelings of death”.
Before being chased by boys, girls were very reserved and hesitant. For boys, it was like playing a “game”. Because of the “uncertainty”, they would become “addicted”, but once they were “cleared”, His interest disappeared. Therefore, for girls, the need for “sense of stability” is the biggest killer of the relationship between men and women, and girls need the ability to “constantly formulate tasks”. For example, when a boy chases a girl, the girl thinks that he is a little fat at first, and then thinks that he is not motivated enough, and then hopes that he can be more mature in dealing with others. You can play endlessly. Some people say that if you keep making requests like this, will the man get a little tired and stop chasing it. Men should calm down and learn to reward men. I have a student who found me and didn’t understand why her boyfriend was getting colder and colder. She said that she was originally a girl of “abstinence” and rarely acted like a coquettish girl. She talked about this guy. Friends are also a “dominant president” type. But after falling in love, her boyfriend increasingly talked to her like a 3-year-old child, and slowly she was also brought to talk to him in a childish tone, but after she said that, her boyfriend began to think she was too naive, she was very naive. Inexplicable-isn’t this a “game” you initiated? I said that there are two possibilities for your boyfriend to act like a baby. One is that you want to find a playmate, and the other is that you need to find a mother. Depending on the situation, when he needs him to act like a baby, you can play the “mom”. . If the first trick is to keep teasing a man and let the man chase the standards you set him; then the second trick is to quiet down the man and lie in your arms and be a child. Since ancient times, the red rose in the heart of a man has always been the little princess who made demands of him, and Bai Yueguang has always been a good mother for him to be a child with armor. As long as you do these two things “one still and one move”, you will hold the man’s heart, you will always have “indispensable” scarcity for him, and his love for you will always exist!

6 months ago

We found that in most relationships, boys tend to be more enthusiastic and active at first than girls. Girls get caught up, and after they start to like boys more and more, boys start to become cold and indifferent to girls. What caused this phenomenon. After analyzing and summarizing a large number of cases, I found that men and women actually have different attitudes towards a relationship. For boys, when they first met and interacted, boys gave girls a score of almost 100 points. Girls lost their temper, that was true temperament; girls ignored it, it was a goddess characteristic, anyway, what the other party did. They all feel that the other party is the best and perfect; but once they catch up and stay together for a long time, points will gradually be deducted. She ignored it, so good to do her own thing! She lost her temper, why is she so ignorant? Five points are deducted for one temper, ten points for a fight, and slowly, the first 100 points are almost deducted below the passing line. As for the girls, the girls gave zero points to the boys at first, and the boys continued to treat her well, so they started to give the boys extra points in their hearts. Caring about yourself in good morning and good night every day, add 10 points; I will accompany myself to comfort myself when I am frustrated, and add 20 points. Naturally, in the hearts of the girls, the boys’ scores gradually increased to 100 points. The girls felt that this was true love and were full of confidence in the future of both of them. By comparison, everyone found out that boys are deducted points, while girls are deducted points. Boys’ enthusiasm for love is getting lower and lower, while girls’ enthusiasm for love is getting higher and higher. If you draw a graph of the love development of men and women, boys release a lot of energy when they pursue girls, and their enthusiasm has reached the highest value. Therefore, every day after successfully being together, passion and energy will inevitably fall back. the process of. However, women’s favorability is gradually increasing. Women will not be enthusiastic at the beginning like men. Their feelings are a process of gradual observation. At the beginning, they will test and observe you to see how you are. . After confirming, she will even look at people with her boyfriend filter, she will think you are cute when you sleep, snoring and drooling, and give you one point. Women are very sensitive in their minds, and they can obviously notice that men’s attitude towards themselves is getting colder and colder. At this point, they will ask the soul: “Are you not in love with me?” In fact, men do not love me, but they are slow from the rapid secretion of dopamine. Slowly changed back to the more normal self secreted. So how do we avoid this problem in a relationship? Below, I give some advice to couples in love from both the male and female perspectives: 1. For boys, to fundamentally reverse this deduction system concept, the first thing is to understand a point: she is yours The lover is your girlfriend, but not a perfect person. Individuals have shortcomings. If you deduct five points in this way, you will deduct ten points. Do you want to fall in love with a saint who has no shortcomings? To completely get rid of this kind of thinking, you can treat your girlfriend around you normally, face her problems squarely and propose to solve them together. This is the right way for two people to run into each other and transform into a better person. Second, understand that being together is just the beginning of a relationship. Don’t think that you don’t need to take care of it when you get it. Love is a rose that lives in glass, beautiful and delicate. It needs sunlight, rain and dew, fresh soil and air, and a heart of careful care of the trainer. Don’t leave it alone when planted, otherwise the roses that are planted well will wither and wither due to lack of care. 2. For girls, there is no problem with this bonus system. To love someone is that he is getting better and better and more perfect in your eyes, but the only drawback is the girl, your love is too hot, so hot that once you love it, it is all; once you love it, you put you on your body All the hard and soft places are open to him, holding his heart to his eyes, telling him this is my heart, and you are inside, and you promise me that you must treat it well. Love yourself and then love others. Loving yourself is the most important thing in the world to enrich your life. Don’t always contact him frequently, let him think you don’t have a life of your own. Use some techniques appropriately. When he is indifferent to you, you should not stick to his cold ass with passion, but also distance him appropriately; when he treats you well, you can give him some emotional and material things appropriately. reward. A man in love is like a small child who is not growing up. Only when the reward and punishment mechanism is properly used can he understand subtly what he should do. They all say “home and everything are happy”, and the same is true in love. If you get along with your lover happily and happily every day, you can also be full of energy when you go to work, and you can walk with ease, because there are not so many heavy thoughts, and your lover is the source of your own happy energy. Conversely, if you don’t learn how to manage a good relationship, every day you jump, quarrel, complain, cry, unscrupulously vent bad emotions to each other, and walk heavy and unable to take steps, how can you do other things? There is a saying: Why is the home injustice equal to the world. Our ancestors of the ancients are really very wise. They understood this truth thousands of years ago. What else can we do if we can’t manage the relationship between our family and our lovers? Here, I hope everyone can know how to cherish each other, and everyone who knows how to cherish can meet someone who knows how to cherish oneself. Learn to deal with the relationship between lovers, and step into the marriage palace at the right time if both parties are willing.

6 months ago

The question of which of the men and women will become colder in a couple is inherently unsolvable, because this matter has nothing to do with gender, but depends on the rank and gap of both parties. Of course, in reality, most of them are a combination of strong men and weak women, so it will cause the illusion that men quit first. However, we can’t deny that there are many cases where the woman proposes to break up first. Some people will discuss it from a physiological point of view, which seems to prove that men prefer the new and dislike the old. In fact, we have seen that many men and their brothers can maintain long-term friendship. They treat their brothers more enthusiastically than their girlfriends. They don’t see each other for a day, such as every three autumns. The reason is simple. They feel happy together. Common language, heart-to-heart, mutual support, and accumulated deep feelings. So, when your boyfriend turns cold towards you, don’t worry about condemning men’s indifferent nature, but see if you can’t keep up with his rhythm, or have flaws in your work? If you are benevolent and righteous, he is ruthless, you are lively and interesting, and he doesn’t appreciate it, then it’s no pity that the relationship is over. A few days ago, my boyfriend asked me, would you leave me? I said that the road ahead is still long, so what will happen even if I leave, he said, then I’m afraid I’ll never meet someone as interesting as you again, I said, why not, then cherish every day together, I hope that the road ahead will be more smooth, and the heads will not be separated from each other.

6 months ago

Thanks invite. The premise of my answer is that this boy is not a scumbag. This should be analyzed from the thinking habits of love. Men experience this process in love: 1. Pursuit period, 2. Passionate love period, 3. Running-in period, 4. Bottleneck period, 5. Career and academic period, 6. Running-in period, 7. Emotional warming period, 8. Emotional stability Period, 9. Marriage-corresponding girls, women who are easy to break up will go through this process in love: 1. Being pursued, 2. In love, 3. In love, 4. In love, 5. Tangle and adapt, 6. Tangle Questioning period, 7. Tangled and confused period, 8. Pre-breakup period, 9. There will also be some smart girls who will have this process: 1. Being pursued period, 2. Passionate love period, 3. Running-in period, 4. Passionate love period 5. Career and study period, 6. Coordination period, 7. Emotional warming period, 8. Emotional stability period, 9. Marriage So, the problem arises at point 5. There was a disagreement in the relationship. Men will consider starting to struggle in school or work, and work hard for a better life in the future. Girls will not understand why men can be cold to themselves, whether they don’t love themselves anymore. At the beginning of point 5, it may feel that most girls have experienced questioning boyfriends, and the answers they get are rational explanations from boyfriends. But with more and more questions and questions, the boyfriend will explain less and less, will be disgusted, and finally quarrel and break up. In fact, it is not that boys tend to be indifferent, but that boys feel that their feelings are at ease and should work hard for future struggles, so the focus will be on schoolwork or career. But the girl doesn’t understand this, just feels that her boyfriend doesn’t love herself anymore. Whether or not the relationship can reach marriage is not determined by anything, but is maintained by each other. For example, when two people first came together, it must have shown that the two people have feelings and are working hard for a lifetime goal, but in the process of getting along, for example, boys are not motivated, have bad habits, and have too much personality; girls are fine. If you want to break up, or if you are rich in xxx, you will touch the bottom line of the other party. Feelings slowly faded. I have seen many couples go from breaking up to reconciliation to getting married and finally giving birth to a child. To say whether it is absolutely suitable or inappropriate, I think: There is no couple in this world that is absolutely suitable, and there is no absolutely inappropriate. Whether it is suitable or not, whether you want to get married or not, depends on your love and the courage to take it up. 1. For love to last, it is necessary for both parties to reach a certain degree of tacit understanding. Many people always feel that the other party does not understand themselves, and they do not understand themselves. So how can you understand each other? Many couples always use quarrels, cold violence, and breakups to make each other understand or compromise themselves. But this method is extremely easy to make the other party feel alienated. I suggest here that the best way to achieve a tacit understanding with each other is to integrate into each other’s lives. What is life is that everything in life has a shadow of each other, but this is not for everyone to stick to others, but for each other to feel natural. Don’t do it too deliberately. When you understand the other person’s life, you also understand his person. 2. Don’t take absolute dominance in life. No one will be willing to be dominated for a lifetime. When both parties have too strong desire for control, they will have various feelings that are not suitable for being together. I think men can dominate the work, and girls dominate the details of life. When the two parties have the dominant power in different fields without conflicts, the relationship will be harmonious and appropriate. 3. When encountering each other’s shortcomings, point out in time that when two people are together, they must promote and improve each other. When you find that the other party has a small problem, you must correct it. Of course, don’t find ways to pick and accuse each other. Instead, express it to the other party in a reasonable way. (There must be a scale and focus, instead of talking about trivial things) 4. If two people feel tired, don’t mention breaking up and don’t vent, adjust the emotional state of ordinary people in time, and they will not know how to maintain their health. Tired period. During the period of fatigue, both parties are prone to doubt: whether the other party is suitable or not. At this time, the best advice is to travel! When you try new things together, the feelings will quickly arouse and return to the best state. There are also friends who don’t like to move, you can try to walk around together, or even go to a bar to get drunk together, which can inspire past feelings. Don’t say I’m tired, I don’t love anymore, break up, cold and violent things, otherwise it will be too late to regret when you pass this tired period. Write so much first, there are a few articles recommended for everyone to read, if you have any questions, please send a private message…

6 months ago

There is only one core problem, and that is the self-esteem of that damn man. In a patrilineal society, every boy is given the value of a certain male existence in this society more or less by the surrounding environment from the beginning of his birth. Whether it is passive or active, whether you are willing to accept it or not. As if you are a boy, you must have what a boy should have. This is the source of a man’s lowest level of self-esteem. Back to the topic, why does a man’s self-esteem react completely differently from a girl’s in love? In fact, it is not just that boys are different in love, but many of the ideas in life are different from girls. This is the essential source of the difference in thinking between men and women. I won’t say much about other aspects, it’s not my major. In terms of emotions, I have been doing emotional counseling for six years and have summarized a few points from hundreds of real cases for your reference. When facing emotional problems, boys often give themselves an excuse to escape when they are sad. This excuse is: “How can I be a man, can’t let go of a relationship?” Then under this excuse, I force myself to let go. No matter how painful I am, I have to show a little coldness on the surface. After all, he believes that being in pain is a sign of cowardice, and a big man should not be cowardly. But in fact, the pain caused by separation is actually the same for men and women, but the painful side of men is not shown to others in their psychology. A few years ago, when facing this problem, I also thought about whether men are really innately weaker than women in terms of emotions. So I read a lot of books, but I still didn’t find the answer. In recent years, with the increase in the number of consultations, more men showed their fragility in the process of consulting me, and I realized that in fact, men are not better than women when they face the pain of loss. Less. On the contrary, this kind of person who has nowhere to vent in his heart is more worthy of distress. If you can understand a man in depth, you will realize that a man is actually far more tired than a woman. For example, women do not mix well in society, at least people around them will not criticize too much, but men are not doing nothing. For example, when a woman encounters a problem, she can cry anxiously, but have you ever met a man who cries at every turn? There is only one motivation behind these behaviors: to maintain one’s self-esteem as a man. If you think about it at this level, you still don’t understand why a boy turns into apathy faster than a girl in a relationship. Then I can tell you more bluntly, because everything is pretended for the sake of face. Pretend to be cold and act as if I don’t care about you at all. He told himself, men, brothers are like brothers, and women are just a piece of clothing. But who knows, what he has lost is the favorite dress of his life, and the one that he is most comfortable with and knows him the most so far. I don’t want to lose, but I don’t want to show that I can’t lose. So I started to persuade myself that this dress didn’t fit well, and that this dress was not cost-effective, and that this dress was worn out. Describe all kinds of reasons for dislike, and constantly reinforce the badness of this dress in my mind. The end result is that I was brainwashed, and one day I really felt that this dress was not good. Therefore, as he wished to taste, he let you go faster, forced. Don’t ask me why I know this. When you face a lot of boys in the middle of the night, you will say to you: “Teacher, help me out, it’s too painful to separate.” You will understand that boys are not as strong as you think. . If you have been doing emotional counseling for a long time, you will have more experience, and you will naturally see the problem more thoroughly. In addition, I am doing psychological counseling, and I will habitually analyze the behavior motives deep in the other party’s heart. When you know everything, you will find that a man is really a simple animal. Give him a step down and maintain his damn self-esteem, and they will thank you.

6 months ago

Because most of the love is paid by the boys first! Everyone is a human, not a perpetual motion machine. If you have to give first and be cold afterwards, think about how much energy you have. A woman can live completely in love regardless (because often at this time, as long as there is a man who can take care of everything about her, she does not need to think too much). Men really can’t do only love and don’t consider other things. Either people around him think he is an idiot. To be realistic, what to eat for the next meal, where to eat, and whether to have money to check out are all questions. Women can ignore it, but men can’t. If the woman is out of work, the man said thoughtfully, it doesn’t matter that I raise you, I almost eat the most, this is normal. Men are out of work, women do not complain, do not whisper, it is estimated that they are already good wives and mothers. A woman with only love in his eyes, everyone feels that she is a mess of happiness; and a man with only love in his eyes, I am afraid everyone thinks he is a trash, believe it or not? Then you want to ask a man to invest first, but not to be indifferent first, and it can only take up a fraction of his energy. Do you really think men are all supermen?

6 months ago

There is no coldness, it is a habit. You are used to him appearing in every aspect of your life. Last week, my friend complained to me: Twenty-three, I feel that my boyfriend is getting colder and colder. Does he dislike me anymore? Me: What happened? Friend: Nothing big happened either, it just feels that he is not as enthusiastic as before. I picked up the water glass and drank my saliva: Recently, your skin has improved and your dark circles have disappeared. What’s the matter? Didn’t you once claim that you “will not sleep until three o’clock in the morning”? Friend: It’s not my boyfriend yet. He supervises me to go to bed early every day. He is like an alarm clock. Every night until eleven o’clock, he lets me go to sleep. Do not! The alarm clock is not as conscientious as he is. He snatched my phone without sleeping and made me stare at the ceiling. I pretended to be surprised and said: Is he so strict, he won’t let you suffer for a day? Friend: That’s not the case. He stayed with me until twelve a few days ago, squatting in the live broadcast room to help me grab skin care products. You don’t know, his sluggish will not sleep, so he wants to laugh, hahaha. We were talking when news came from my friend’s mobile phone. She glanced at it and said to me in a hurry: Two or three, the leader suddenly asked me to take a picture of yesterday’s document and send it to him. Wait for a moment. what. I waved my hand: Don’t worry, you should be busy. She quickly opened her bag and looked for it: Not here, ah, ah, where did I bring it back yesterday and put it there. She stood up and went to the room to look for it, but she still couldn’t find it. Seeing her anxious face turned red, I wanted to comfort her a few words, but before I could speak, my friend suddenly picked up the phone and pressed a number. Just connected there, my friend said with a little bit of crying: The file I brought back yesterday is nowhere to be found. What should I do if the leader gets angry at me? What should he do if he fires me, oooooo hasn’t waited for her to cry, I don’t know. What did the other party say, the friend’s eyes lit up immediately: the second drawer of the bedside table? The friend ran to the room with a thud, and opened the drawer: It’s really inside! When she finishes her work, I asked my friend: Why are you still lost like before, what if you really lose something and can’t find it? My friend chuckled: Isn’t there him, he has a good memory, I can rest assured! I shook my head, smiled again, and said nothing. She looked at me as if I didn’t believe it, and started to say (show off) her boyfriend: You don’t know, every time I travel my luggage, he helps me pack it up, because I always leave things behind. Once I even got my ID card. I forgot to take it and went to the airport. Then I almost missed the flight and called him, who was still at work. He drove home without saying a word and gave me my ID, then sent it to me and bought me another one. Ban’s ticket, I went back after watching me get on the plane… I stopped her dancing and asked her calmly: Do you remember to come to me to ask questions? You said your boyfriend was cold to you. She froze for a moment, then smiled and said to me: You better go back! I:? ? ? Friend: I found that he loves me so much, and I love him so much! Me: So… Friend: So you go quickly, my boyfriend is coming back, I want to make him his favorite braised pork, don’t be a light bulb here! I:? ? ? by! Therefore, it is not that he is cold to you, but that he has melted you into his life.

6 months ago

Because heterosexual women are more likely to be attracted to men with dark triangle personality traits, they are always wonderful at first, and then GG. This is a scholar in the field of social psychology and management, Dan Jones put forward “emotional promiscuity” Love)” concept to describe this kind of indiscriminate love in feelings. In order to make this concept more neutral and objective, he later renamed it emophilia, which can be translated into “emotional lover” in Chinese, which refers to a person’s “tendency to fall into love quickly and frequently” (Jones, 2011). The latest research points out that people with higher emophilia tendencies are more likely to be attracted to the Dark Triad, and are more likely to think that dark personality is a trait that an ideal partner should have (Lechuga & Jones, 2021). The characteristics of the “dark triangle personality” include: ruthlessness, weak empathy… Research shows that for heterosexual women, men with dark triangle personality traits are particularly attractive (Jonason et al., 2009) . In other words, among people with higher emophilia tendencies, women are more likely to “be scumbed without knowing it.” Therefore, if you are a heterosexual woman and the characteristics of emophilia are particularly obvious, then you really need to be careful, is it easy for yourself to be attracted to “scumbags” because of your heartbeat and insufficient consideration! A domino-like chain effect always exists. According to Baadsgaard, 2013, when a person is emotionally neglected from a partner, they may feel the following: Rejection: When the neglected person feels that they are expressing love, The other party responds indifferently, or feels that the other party is unwilling to engage in close physical contact, feels that the other party is unwilling to have deep communication with themselves, etc. Feeling of being ignored: The neglected person feels that their needs are ignored by the other party. It may be that the other party puts Ta’s needs first, or simply feel that the other party has no response when they need support. A sense of inequality: The neglected feel that this relationship is not mutually beneficial. On the contrary, they have given a lot of their own, but the other party has not provided equal love and support. Sense of despair: The neglected will feel that they have a deeper and deeper sense of despair, and they find that their behavior has become more and more extreme (for example, violence against their partner). They tried to redeem each other’s love, but gradually felt that it was impossible to achieve, turning into depression and despair. So they give up getting love, and just want to use various fierce means to arouse each other’s attention. Struggling with self-evaluation is more and more frequent: some neglected people attribute the neglect to their own problems, thinking “I am not good enough to attract their attention” and “I am not worthy of being loved by him.” , So the sense of self-worth is getting lower and lower. Of course, there are exceptions to everything. If you like someone in your heart, but on the surface, you are very indifferent to him. Freud called this defense mechanism “Formation Reaction”-when people don’t accept something. This kind of impulse and desire will stand on their opposite side and avoid inner conflicts and external threats. One of the characteristics of reverse formation is mandatory. Use the reverse to form self-protection, and refuse to have any deviation when expressing your emotional reaction. Under the influence of reverse formation, your hatred or intimacy is rigid and blunt, and there can be no change, as if only a slight deviation, its hidden side will be exposed (Hall, 2016). Under such defense, people’s true feelings are distorted. First advice is to stop “pretending” this behavior. The defense is disguised, but the wish is real. Therefore, it must be easier and more reasonable to change the part of the pretend. Say it if you want, get closer if you want to get closer. Then express your “self” to the world more truthfully. First of all, understand yourself and link to the society. Don’t overcorrectly prevent yourself from being involved in intimate relationships by blindly “preventing scumbags”~

6 months ago

Women’s hearts are needles in the sea, and women’s emotional volatility makes boys more indifferent. Find a girlfriend and hope to treat her well. This kind of goodness is good in all aspects. Some girls can understand, but some girls get angry if they don’t treat her well on the surface. This makes boys very tired, especially because of the personality of some boys. Boys have to bear a lot more than girls, and boys who are under pressure from so many things are a little out of breath. For example, if you love her too much, you can’t help but love her. But she often doesn’t understand you and even stimulates you, which makes boys quickly enter a period of fatigue. The emotional aspect is complicated and changeable, because boys have to take the initiative to take on more responsibilities. There is also the level of investment, which does not distinguish between men and women. For example, you put all your feelings on her, but she did something that made you sad.

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