On March 23, Lu Liang, the co-founder of Cha Yan Yue Se, clarified in an interview with the Hubei Daily: never asked to queue up. The popularity of Wuhan was unexpected. The Wuhan consumer market is actually very popular. At the same time, he said that he plans to open 50 or 60 stores in Wuhan in 2021, and he wants to become Wuhan’s “hot dry noodles”.

Many loyal fans and users of Chayanyuese did not understand one of the most critical points when they refuted me. That is, what is most important to food? You might think it is quality, but taste. I tell you, the most important thing to eat! If the same food has very good taste and high quality, but I will never eat it, then this food does not exist for me. His quality is meaningless to me. After you understand this, you can understand why the turnover rate is the most important. Obviously, you can use APP and mini programs to do the corresponding ranking, pre-order, and pick it up at the store. Does this affect the quality? Does it affect sales? There is one in Changsha, why can’t Wuhan have that? How high can the construction cost be? Adhering to quality, lowering prices, and lowering profit margins, yes, it seems to be for the sake of customers, but in fact it sacrifices the expansion speed, the service experience, and the turnover rate. As a result, the number of customers that can be served per unit time is reduced, which is essentially the biggest squeeze and betrayal of customers. When applied to mobile phone network sales, we call it a monkey. The strange thing is, why do so many people wash the ground for this behavior when applied to physical stores? Isn’t this just playing a monkey? ? ? Since so many people are willing to increase the price to buy, hi tea and other things sell for more than 30, there are also a lot of people to buy, you mean, your two-hour queue time, is not as important as 15 yuan? If this is the case, then I suggest you to study for more than two hours to improve yourself, and you should not drink milk tea. I don’t know the first update. How many people have problems with reading comprehension? I neither deny the taste of the tea, nor the popularity of his tea, let alone the fact that he deliberately invited people to cause the queuing to be popular. These are not critical, and there is no conflict with what I said. The core point is that under the current social rhythm, buying a cup of milk tea requires two hours of queuing, which will not make this milk tea sell better, it will only make this milk tea cool faster! The compression time is within half an hour. Using the APP applet to push the numbering information and pick it up in the store is the correct answer. Suppose there are 100 people who are willing to line up for half an hour to buy milk tea, then when the line becomes two hours, only 10 of the 100 people are willing to continue. In addition, queuing does not need to hire people to increase popularity. The clerk can control the meal time by himself. You can observe more for yourself when you are fine, not only the beauty of tea, but also tea and the like. Even if it’s a little bit, you can observe it. They seem to be a lot of people busy. In fact, there are people in line and no one in line. The meal rhythm per unit time is different, but the meal time is the same. Therefore, it is entirely possible to reduce the frequency of meals to achieve artificial congestion and queues. The following is the original answer. I don’t know who asked this question and the answer is written below. There are a few who have actually queued up in Wuhan and drank tea. What I want to say is that if he doesn’t open a branch or change his marketing strategy, let alone hot dry noodles, his first attempt to leave Hunan will be violent. In the first few days of opening, the time cost of queuing to buy a cup of tea in Wuhan Tiandi is greater than the time cost of going to Wuhan Station to buy a high-speed train to Changsha, buying a cup and then sitting back. What is this concept? This is outrageous. Now, it’s a little better now, it’s about two hours on weekends, and usually about one hour. Moreover, among the queuing crowd, there are actually 55 elderly and young people. In a team of 30-60 people, you can often find 40+ middle-aged and elderly mothers-in-laws and fathers of about 20+. Do you think it is suitable? Is it reasonable? Whether I hire someone or make a scalper, is it outrageous for a milk tea? The last time this happened in Wuhan, it was the first steamed shrimp on Wansongyuan Road, selling a number for 50 yuan. Yes, that’s right, in order to eat a shrimp, somehow, they bought a number. The tea looks happy, and the number is not issued, so you can only queue up. During the epidemic, you will have to turn five or six turns around the fence and twist. Outside of this circle, I just want to ask, you are a young couple, go to Wuhan Tiandi to hang out or play on weekends, what can support you two, wasting precious two hours in line just to buy a cup of milk tea? Is it really boring that time is worthless? During this time you can’t even sit, you can’t do something else, come back and wait for the number. You can only line up, stand, and move slowly along with the team. Really, a cup of milk tea, even if you are curious, I can understand it the first time you have queued up to drink it, and you decide to still queue up to drink it the second time. I really can’t understand it at all. I also don’t believe that there will be core customers who will stay in line for two hours. Therefore, we can only open more stores, disperse the flow of people, and reduce the queue time as much as possible to less than half an hour, and then place an order in advance through the APP or small program, or at least call the number to queue, and then pick it up at the store. The last word of development. The sales of FMCG foods will never win by queuing hot. It depends on the turnover rate and profit margins. In addition, hot dry noodles, as a symbol of early morning in Wuhan, mean to the people of Wuhan, let alone a small cup of milk tea, you can’t make it by adding up all the food and drink. The number of hot-dry noodles sold every day may mean that you have more than one year of tea. Do yourself and don’t touch porcelain.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I use the word arrogant to describe Cha Yanyue’s desire to become Wuhan’s “hot dry noodles” in Wuhan. It shouldn’t be too much. There is a tone that foreign cultures enter the local area and claim to become one of the local cultures. You can say that Cha Yan Yue Se will be as popular as hot dried noodles, but if you want to be it, it’s a long way off. For example, I said that coco has become Guangzhou’s beef offal and rice rolls. Can Guangzhou people agree? Hot dry noodles are suitable for all ages, affordable, and can eat all meals. This is its advantage. And what about tea beauty? It focuses on the young consumer market, with some middle-aged consumers and a small number of elderly consumers. One cannot be eaten as a meal, and the other is that the price has no competitive advantage in comparison. Moreover, hot dry noodles can become one of the representatives of Wuhan. It is not enough to rely solely on the advantages of the product itself. It is also supported by historical and cultural factors. An out-of-town tea shop said it would become a local specialty snack? ridiculous.

6 months ago

Why is it that everyone thinks that bad tea Yanyue color has become the hot and dry noodle in Wuhan? I feel I have a lot to do! As a sales genius, at the moment when I wiped my PP with toilet paper, I came up with a preferred alternative to hot dry noodles for Cha Yan Yue Se: reducing the price of all products in Cha Yan Yue Se to one of the hot dry noodles. Horizontal line: four yuan for a cup! Add five pieces of coconut! Add six double pearls! Do you think that’s it? No, I am strategizing and extremely clever. I knew that just reducing the price could not replace the hot dry noodles! So I still have a trick at the bottom of the box! Purchase any cup of tea Yanyue color products, and a bowl of hot dry noodles are included! This activity is valid for life! What are you waiting for? Still queuing to the noodle shop? Still entangled with mushrooms, chicken or black sesame seeds? Still worrying about what soup to drink? No need! Come to tea to make you look happy and have double happiness! There is also free home delivery for takeaway! In Wuhan, hot dry noodles will no longer exist in the world, it is my face and delight!

6 months ago

In the field of marketing, there is an enduring gameplay called “face marketing”. In other words, it’s ugly, and it’s a porcelain-style hype. I remember when I was still young in the 1990s, I often read advertisements to promote the XX brand as “China’s Microsoft”, “China’s KFC” and “China’s Coca-Cola”. Why do you do this? One is to show that you are a domestic product and you should be self-reliant, so as to attract attention. Second, it shows that its quality is comparable to that of “foreign goods”. Not to mention, this kind of publicity method was very useful at that time, but in recent years, for example, in the digital circle, there has been a long period of “coming with Apple’s popularity” marketing. For example, friends of businessmen named the new machines, they all copied them from Apple. Apple has S and they do S, etc. (Of course, recently, Apple has also met friends with businessmen, so I won’t say more here). In this way, it is possible to try to make the most enthusiasm at the lowest cost, and then expand the brand influence, subtly allowing people to associate their products with “Apple” and feel that this machine is worth buying. Now, tea Yanyue color is nothing more than painting a gourd. When the person in charge compares the coverage of “Tea Yanyue Color” to hot and dry noodles, regardless of whether you sneer at it or prefer to believe it is not trustworthy, the heat will rise anyway. As you see, below this question, don’t you just have a good time discussing it? Information has always been through repeated propaganda, subtly affecting people’s thinking. For example, the term “straight man” used to be only aimed at men who were sexually oriented towards “women-loving”, but it has been accompanied by various types of “straight men” over the years. The operation of this concept labeling… understands everything. So Fanquan is most familiar with this set, and they all invented a special word: Don’t CUE My Family XX. All in all, if Cha Yan Yue Se will continue to use some occasions in the future, it will closely connect itself with hot dried noodles (other cities can also be other specialties, such as Hebei authentic Anhui Taihe pan noodles, etc.). Over time, one day in the future, when you hear the word “hot dried noodles”, you will subconsciously associate it with tea beauty. In this way, even if the brand’s marketing strategy is complete, you can kiss it.

6 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion: impossible. The plan is good, and the idea is good, but one should never say that he wants to become Wuhan’s “hot dry noodles.” You can say that you hope that Cha Yan Yue Se will be as popular as hot dry noodles in Wuhan, but you can’t say that it will become Wuhan’s “hot dry noodles.” Hot dry noodles can represent Wuhan as an iconic delicacy. In addition to its wide distribution, it also has a long history as its support. As food, it is suitable for all ages, and the birthplace is Wuhan, and the development is in Wuhan. This situation is caused by various factors. As a milk tea, Cha Yan Yue Se, although it has a certain uniqueness, began in Changsha. When it comes to Cha Yan Yue Se, it also thinks of Changsha, but it never thinks of Wuhan. Most people default to tea Yanyue as the representative of Changsha milk tea, but when this is said, what do you make most of them think? It will definitely be disgusted by some people. Rice can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can’t be talked indiscriminately. This is the reason why disaster comes out of the mouth.

6 months ago

There are dozens of people queuing up for tea in Wuhan every day, and many people think it is officially hired to line up to take photos. Actually, I think too much. 1. Long-term employment queuing is a blood loss. For queuing marketing, it is necessary to calculate the input-output ratio. Let’s first look at the economic benefits of queuing. Assuming that a store is open for 14 hours a day, one day is 840 minutes. At the rate of producing 1 cup per minute, 840 cups can be sold a day. In fact, the average speed of producing 1 cup seems to be slightly higher than 1 minute. Assume that the average price of a cup is 15 yuan. Suppose marketing expenses are as high as 20% (in fact, general physical store marketing expenses are less than 5%). It is concluded that a day’s marketing expenses can reach 2500 yuan. Based on the labor cost of 200 yuan per person per day, about 13 people can be employed a day. At any time of the day, there are at least 40 people in line. In other words, at least 30 people are actually queuing customers at any time of the day. So, since there are 30 people in line and there are enough people in line, why hire people to line up? Isn’t this superfluous? The more people in the line, the more people who are unwilling to line up for a long time will be driven away. This is the loss of customers. The normal business logic is that it is understandable to queue up one week before the opening of the business and create popularity. Just like in the past, many stores would call acquaintances to patronize three days before opening, and they would give discounted prices for broken bones to create popularity. It is impossible for this kind of employment queue to last for several months. So what is the situation of the service fee of several hundred yuan a day in the line described on the Internet? It’s actually a scalper. Suppose you line up to buy 2 cups at a time, you can queue up to once an hour, and you can buy more than 20 cups a day. Assuming that the original price of a cup of 15 yuan is sold at a price of 15 yuan, the daily income is 300 yuan. According to the team configuration of 10 queuing people and one receiver, the income is 3,000 yuan a day, 10 queuing people will get a total of 2,000 yuan, and one receiver will get 1,000 yuan. This business model can theoretically run through. Is it really worth the queue? I have passed by for many times, and there are dozens of people in line every time, even if it rains, there are at least 20 people in line. And I am a person who is too lazy to line up, but a friend of mine said that I have lined up four times and have a lot of tea. Several friends lined up for Cha Yan Yue. The price is only half of Nayuki’s tea and Hey tea. It can be guessed that the price/performance ratio is very high. There are many people who want to try new things. In the past few years, brands such as Little Bit, Hey Tea have also triggered a queuing upsurge. Queuing itself is an imbalance between supply and demand. A shop can only produce less than 1,000 cups a day. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the city waiting to taste this cup. It is understandable that they have been queuing for several months. After everyone has tasted it, and when enough stores are open, naturally there is no need to line up. Can it become Wuhan’s hot and dry noodles? Hot dry noodles are characterized by low price, good taste, intensive store openings, and high consumption frequency. With the opening of more stores, Cha Yan Yue Se will eventually become a mature brand like Hey Cha and Nai Xue’s tea, and it may be more cost-effective. But milk tea is also easy to be out of date. You can’t drink it every day. After drinking it for a while, it will become numb. However, the service of Cha Yan Yue Se is really good. Once I was at the door of Cha Yan Yue Se, I wanted to enter the business district without a mask, and the staff in Cha Yan Yue Se gave me a mask. They will continue to improve the details of queuing. When queuing, they will be reminded of the length of the line. When it rains, there are umbrellas and raincoats. As long as the products continue to be good, the service continues to be improved. The future is promising. Let’s cheer up, promote the healthy competition of Wuhan business services, and make progress together. This will be great.

6 months ago

Senior milk tea lovers express their support! Tea Yanyue Se is finally going to be in another place. I’ve been to Changsha to drink the Orchid Latte once before. It’s really unforgettable, but it’s a shame that I can’t drink it anywhere. I want to share good things together. I also want to eat hot dry noodles while drinking tea in Wuhan. As for whether to become hot-dried noodles or not, it is not what I am most concerned about, because hot-dried noodles will always be hot-dried noodles, and tea Yanyue color can also make tea Yanyue color forever. The two are neither in conflict nor contradictory, both are worthy of being chosen, because they are both happy moments for taste buds! But if it is really possible to set up fifty-six tea Yanyuese, the plan is reached! Then there will definitely be a lot more in the future, and the time to drink tea to make you beautiful is simply too convenient and comfortable for senior milk tea lovers. As long as one more company is established, we will have one more choice. You can drink this today, and you can drink that every few days. It is still very happy. When the time comes, the hot and dry noodles will be edible everywhere in Wuhan. Tea can be drunk everywhere, if it is not beautiful, what is beautiful? Absolutely, okay! Imagine that we had a meal in the evening, and we ate the hot and dry noodles that everyone loved and blossomed. The delicious and well-prepared hot dry noodles. Then take a walk outside, get thirsty, buy a cup of tea to make you look happy, and then watch the neon flashes and the stars are shining. Take a sip, and the summer evening breeze is coming. Apart from the two words “beautiful”, I can’t think of anything else. The grass is bearing its seeds and the wind is shaking its leaves. We are standing, and “sipping milk tea” without talking is very beautiful. Hope this can be realized this year! Because if it is realized, it must be wonderful. When one delicacy meets another delicacy, it must be wonderful!

6 months ago

“It’s impossible to find a job, and it will never be.”
Cha Yan Yue Se is just a milk tea seller, not like tea or milk. Drinking too much is very bad for the body. It is a joke to think about the history of hot dry noodles and the history of a milk tea seller to surpass it.
Whether you are a young person or a person of any age, drinking milk tea as little as possible is not good for your health.

6 months ago

1. Other milk teas are much better, but they are only limited to this. The upper limit of positioning is slightly lower. Starbucks (no dine-in environment) 2. Even if the girlfriend calls to drink, it is not worth waiting for more than 30 minutes unless you have drunk it for the first time. It should be controlled within 20 minutes to prevent people from anxiety and irritability. 3. It is better to go to Changsha to buy the high-speed rail for a few days after opening. 4. Don’t touch the porcelain hot dry noodles, okay? The culture of the city of Wuhan, eating breakfast is always carrying a bowl and walking like flying, the eager nation is left with bad tempered cities, I don’t know how long it can last in line for a cup of milk tea for more than 30 minutes. 5. How much do I know about the market, please let me know. I didn’t ask for it when I did, but many of them bought the ones that changed hands. 6. The most common scene, I had a movie with my girlfriend at 16:00 on weekends, I had a seat at 18:30, or a cell phone at 18:00 No. What time should I go out? General navigation + reserved 15-30min traffic jam/parking + buying and drinking, right? Such a long line? ? ? 7. All the teas I’ve drunk now are either brought back by my colleagues from Changsha every week back to Wuhan on weekends, or they are bought by the team during the weekdays (what is the situation of passing by at 10:00 in the morning on weekdays) )

6 months ago

Will not be the hot dry noodles in Wuhan. When it comes to Chayan, the first thing we think of is Changsha. You can find a teayan in less than five meters. And the development of tea beauty in Wuhan stores, it is satisfied that people can drink tea beauty without going to Changsha. This is only a short-term heat. With the expansion of Chayan stores, people’s enthusiasm for Chayan has decreased, and it is not different from other milk tea brands such as Naixue, Guming, and Xiaodian. Hot dry noodles are a symbol of Wuhan’s history, a symbol of food, and their status cannot be shaken. Wuhan has a high temperature in summer, which spans a long period of time. For a long time, people have added edible alkali to the noodles to prevent deterioration. This is the predecessor of hot dried noodles—cut noodles . At the beginning of the 20th century, the food vendor Li Bao continued the previous method of cutting noodles. The noodles were cooked, drained, and mixed with sesame oil to make hot and dry noodles with a unique flavor. Later, Cai Mingwei inherited Li Bao’s skills, and repeatedly improved and formed a set of specific technical processes, creating “Cai Lin Ji Hot Dry Noodles”, which is famous for its “fresh and strong, yellow and oily, fragrant and delicious”. Hot dry noodles originated from Cai Mingwei who sold noodle soup on Changdi Street in Hankou in the early 1930s. Cai Mingwei is a native of Huangpi Cai Zha. His noodle soup is very popular. Customers often wait in line for a long time to buy. Many customers can’t wait to leave. Cai Mingwei is very smart in business. In order to speed up the shipment volume, through trial and error, he finally figured out a set of “brushing noodles” technology — first cook the noodles to be mature, then quickly cool down and evenly grease them, so that when the noodles are sold, they will be shipped. The amount is fast. Once Cai Mingwei saw a sesame oil workshop on Changdi Street. After seeing them extract sesame oil from sesame seeds, the sesame paste was left aside, and the aroma was fragrant. He had an idea. So Cai Mingwei bought some sesame paste from the sesame oil workshop owner and went home. After many trial and error, he felt satisfied, and everyone around him said it was delicious. Only then did he confidently launch his new products on the streets. Hot dry noodles, the favorite snack of Wuhan people was born. (At this time, Cai Mingwei gave this noodles the name “sesame sauce noodles” and it was not officially called “regan noodles” until the industrial and commercial registration in 1950) Regan noodles were known to the people of Wuhan, and it was a sign of premature. Get used to it. Cha Yan is just an Internet celebrity drink that came to Wuhan from Changsha. Compared with other milk tea shops, the service may be better, the taste is better, and it is more popular with people. People love it, but it will not become a hot and dry noodle in Wuhan. Maybe it will become the best choice among people in milk tea, but there is still a big gap for Wuhan’s symbolic delicacy: hot dry noodles.

6 months ago

The founder of Ren means that he hopes that the beauty of tea is everywhere in Wuhan like hot dry noodles in Wuhan. If you leave it alone, it becomes a hot and dry noodle that wants to be Wuhan. As a result, my Wuhan people sprayed with tea-yellow powder, and the flow came. I have to say that in this regard, the media is really competent. Answer it seriously. It is possible that others intended. After all, Yihetang from Wuhan is among the top ten milk tea brands in China. There are huge consumer groups of milk tea in Wuhan, such as college students, petty bourgeoisie, and white-collar workers. And so far, Cha Yan Yue Se still has to queue up every time it opens, which shows that it is very popular among young people in Wuhan. As for myself… Last time I drank two cups of tea in the International Plaza and tried it. High blood lipids fainted…I haven’t drunk milk tea for more than a month…

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