In the warm-up on March 27th, Xiaomi said that Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will be the world’s first full phase change heat dissipation technology. [Picture] [Picture] What kind of technology is this technology? Or what changes can it bring?

The Mi 11 Ultra has a large pile of heat dissipation, which seems to be very powerful, but this is a product of compromise. The mobile phone actually has two directions. One is to make the processor energy consumption very high compared to what it does, and the heat generation is extremely low, so there is no need for heat dissipation. The second is that the energy consumption ratio of the processor is not high, the heat generation is high, and the stack heat dissipation is required. Everyone should understand these two directions, which one is right. Not much to say, let’s compare the energy consumption ratio of Apple A14 Bionic and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. CPU core (Spec6): Apple A14 Bionic, 63.34 points/4.42W=14.33 points/W; Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 41.3 points/3.16W=13.06 points/W. CPU mid-core (Spec6): Apple A14 Bionic, 20.03 points/0.44W=45.52 points/W; Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 30.32 points/1.74W=17.42 points/W. GPU (GFX3.1): Apple A14 Bionic, 138 frames/5.6W=24.64 frames/W; Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 120 frames/8.34W=14.38 frames/W. From the above data, we can see that the energy consumption ratio of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is much lower than that of Apple A14 Bionics, and its energy consumption is far behind Apple A14 Bionics than Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. This is why Apple dared not do any heat dissipation at all, and the Mi 11 Ultra needs to dissipate heat on such a large scale. Even if the heat dissipation is up, the performance release is similar to that of the Apple A14 Bionic model, but the power consumption of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 cannot be compared with the Apple A14 Bionic. The end result is that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is a half-catty phone, and its performance is similar to that of an extremely thin and light 133g mobile phone like the iPhone 12 mini. This is a compromise. So when we choose the Mi 11 series, the standard version is sufficient. The improvement of Mi 11 Ultra is traded in volume. For mobile phones that pay attention to portability, it is not worth sacrificing volume for improvement.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It is to replace the most common silicone grease with a heat-conducting material that can be heated to a liquid state. Liquid thermal conductive materials can indeed greatly improve thermal conductivity. For example, in the diy field, the operation of replacing silicone grease with liquid metal does significantly improve the heat dissipation effect. This phase change material is estimated to have a thermal conductivity between silicone grease and liquid metal, but it should be insulated, without the high risk of short circuit of liquid metal.

6 months ago

To put it bluntly, it is the heat conduction scheme commonly used in soaking plates with phase-change silicone grease or phase-change sheet notebook radiators. At first, the xbox one x was blown to be water-cooled. However, unlike notebooks equipped with large cooling fins and fans, there is a high probability of practical use in such a small space as a mobile phone. After all, the problem of mobile phone heating is mainly heat dissipation rather than heat conduction. Just look at the publicity gimmicks of these manufacturers, the letter is silly, Huawei put a heat pipe next door and dare to say that it is liquid cooling.

6 months ago

After doing this continuously, Xiaomi really feels a bit over-cowhide. This is a big move for Xiaomi to destroy its opponents. This is a direct benchmark against the Huawei P50 series. It depends on who has the better material. It is estimated that both OVs feel that they can’t stand it anymore. Xiaomi is singing a show alone and others can only watch the show, which is extremely insulting. However, I hope that it will not become the final consequence of the 10 black technologies of Xiaomi 5. Few useful, but become a joke. From the propaganda point of view, many technological innovations have appeared in the mobile phone industry this time, and it is hoped that the core technologies of these propaganda have substantial and consumer market application prospects. First: How substantial is the imaging effect of the liquid lens improved? Is there an improvement in the photographing experience compared to the traditional lens? If there is a breakthrough improvement in the performance of dark light and complex light, it is enough. I hope it can be compared with Huawei’s periscope lens. Don’t always rant on Weibo. Lu Weibing is not saying that periscope is not good, but the comparison is better. Second: Using silicon-oxygen anode materials as battery materials, Xiaomi chose to transfer it from electric vehicles to mobile phones. That shows that the technology itself exists. Why did Xiaomi choose it, and Huawei and Apple did not use it? Third: The secondary screen is a very controversial point. Making a secondary screen will obviously increase the thickness and weight of the fuselage. Don’t end up with the battery or turn it into a brick weight. Fourth: There are sublimation, sublimation, etc. in the full phase change. Does Xiaomi also have heat dissipation technology? It is recommended to directly understand the heat dissipation effect comparison. Fifth: The folding screen is a bit slow on Xiaomi, and it is still folded inward. I wonder if the software level can be better than Huawei’s Mate X experience?

6 months ago

Let me talk about the conclusion first, if technically it is possible to face most of the opponents, this is a good thing for mobile phone users, which means that in the area of heat dissipation, a new heat dissipation technology has appeared, and Xiaomi has launched it for the first time. But think about it carefully, when other mobile phone manufacturers spend a lot of research and development expenses in a year, why Xiaomi has the exclusive lead in the release. Is it because Xiaomi’s technology is ahead of others? Or is Xiaomi’s investment in technology research and development several times more than others? As for whether it is really exclusive or really leading, it is still a matter of opinion on the day of the press conference. Of the various technologies on the day of the press conference that have been revealed so far, the chip is the one that I am most concerned about. Because this is the real thing, even if it is assembled, it is also a good attempt. And it is the most crucial step to get rid of the early attempts that have been pinched by the lifeblood.

6 months ago

Solid-liquid phase change heat dissipation: It is often used to fill the gaps between semiconductor devices for heat conduction, similar to the operation of applying silicone grease, to fill the gaps of components such as chips or cameras. It has been used in products such as friends’ base stations, cabinets, switches, matebookX, mateX, mateRS, etc. Liquid-gas phase heat dissipation: commonly known as VC heat sink, it has been used in oppo, mate40, nova, Redmi and other products. Solid-liquid + liquid-gas use together: the global first. It seems to be…no problem…but solid-liquid two-phase change + liquid-gas two-phase change = full-phase change, what do you think of it? So what can I say besides calling 666 directly? To be more rigorous, Xiaomi’s solid-liquid phase change material is written as organic hydrocarbons. Huawei’s solid-liquid phase change material is about microcapsule phase change heat dissipation technology. The comment said that there is no mobile phone application, I will add two pictures: [Prevent quarrels in advance] is to show that some mobile phones have used phase change heat dissipation. Please beg, don’t fight for the manufacturer Liquid cooling tube: liquid vaporized microcapsule phase change material: solid liquid

6 months ago

That’s it. Notebooks have used soaking plates before. Xiaomi just uses silicone grease as phase-change silicone grease. It’s hard to say how long it can last. Generally, silicone grease is changed every year or two. It took almost three months to do it. Good silicone grease that has been used for a long time is really strong.

6 months ago

If you want fast heat conduction, you must increase the heat transfer area on the one hand, and choose a material with a fast heat conduction rate on the other hand. However, as we all know, the progress in materials science is very limited. The material is not good, so the application in chemical engineering (physics) appears: the phase change endothermic (exothermic) substance will absorb/release the latent heat of the phase change during the phase change, and this part of the heat does not change the temperature of the substance. But it will change the spatial structure of the substance. Most of the time, the phase transition is similar to the melting/solidification/vaporization/liquefaction of water. The phase change silicone grease absorbs/releases a large amount of heat during the phase transition and melts by heating. , Phase change at the high temperature heat source (melt to absorb a lot of heat, and then phase change (solidification) again at a low temperature to release a lot of heat to dissipate heat. At the same time, because the phase change silicone grease will melt, it can be more adequate than ordinary heat dissipation silicone grease It softens and penetrates into the gap between the radiator and the heat source, effectively filling the gap between the two, and increasing the effective heat transfer area. The heat spreader and the heat pipe are a principle. The cavity is filled with a low boiling point liquid, and the phase changes when heated (vaporization). ) Absorb a large amount of heat, and release a large amount of heat through convection to low-temperature liquefaction (liquefaction) to achieve the purpose of heat transfer. Since the heat exchange rate of convection is much greater than heat conduction, the heat conduction speed of heat pipes and soaking plates is significantly greater than that of common The material picture of Xianyu, see the application of watermark phase change silicone grease and heat pipe / soaking plate in the PC field is very extensive, here is not much to expand, in short, it is not a rare thing

6 months ago

Phase change materials just use phase change heat absorption. For example, the use of phase change materials in the return cabin can allow you to sublime the phase change materials when you re-enter the atmosphere and survive the highest temperature stage. Since the material can maintain a relatively stable temperature during the phase change, as long as the heat to be absorbed is calculated and sufficient materials are provided, relatively stable environmental conditions can be provided for the return cabin. There is another situation, which is to use the larger heat absorption and release capacity during phase change to reduce the weight of the equipment, but it can only be carried for a period of time. If conduction cooling is used instead of air cooling, although it can endure a period of time, as long as the thermal balance is not reached, it will continue to heat up after all the materials have undergone the phase change. In fact, if fully conductive cooling is used, a typical method is to add a cooling tube to the equipment to dissipate the heat of the high-temperature chip to a larger heat dissipation plane. However, the effect of using copper for the cooling tube is better, and it is too heavy. . If it’s like the second phase transition mentioned in the article, well, just don’t explode.

6 months ago

This is probably an anti-“curse of knowledge” marketing method.
The technology that is hyped up, even though the insider may seem unremarkable, but in the eyes of the outsider, it tends to be much taller.
, As long as you have a thick-skinned face and dare to publicize the usual technology that your peers disdain deliberately packaging, there is a high probability that you can sell more goods and make more money. Because the audience is a “layman” consumer.

6 months ago

In fact, if so publicized, the computer has long combined the three-state changes of solid, liquid, and gas. Silicone grease or thermal pad will change from solid to liquid after heating. Then the heat is transferred to the heat pipe of the radiator, and the heat pipe changes from liquid to gas, cyclically. But in this summary, I found that it is really interesting to assemble a desktop computer. Many structures are already in it, and the mobile phone can be regarded as a further miniaturization of the desktop. But your father will always be your father.

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