This is straightforward. Today, I accompanied the male ticket to watch. He was super excited and said he wanted to watch it during the pre-sale. So today he happily booked the first one. We used to book the whole time and the plot is also very good. There are also funny parts. The warmth part of the play is also very exciting, the special effects are also great and I have low tears. I feel that King Kong is very pitiful. I have wet my eyes for King Kong several times (covering my face and slipping away…) before watching Godzilla 2 with him. I only represent myself, ha, I don’t think it’s interesting to call Duang Duang Duang, I’m sleepy and can’t fall asleep for a while. For me, the overall viewing experience is not very good, but the male ticket is super excited, a 24-year-old boy After reading it, the chicken jelly said to me, “Baby! It’s so handsome…” He said that at these times, I think my baby is so cute. The ordinary man also has the side of a little boy. It is very cute. In summary I think it’s just a movie. There’s nothing in the movie. You need two people to discuss the three views and the like. Just tell the other person that you want to see two people get along. You need to accommodate each other and get together. It’s not that it’s not right to pet your girlfriend, just that you need two I’m happy that it’s better for two people to move side by side together. Duck~ The subject can ask this question to prove that he cares about the feelings of his girlfriend. You can also guide your girlfriend to the boyfriend’s childlike innocence to have fun with him or maybe a girlfriend. Very sensible and reasonable. The subject said that if you want to see it, you can go there and watch it happily

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6 months ago

This… still use persuasion? My girlfriend booked the movie tickets on the day of the premiere two days in advance, and sent me WeChat to tell me that I bought two IMAX tickets for only 50 soft sister coins, and asked me if she was amazing! Of course, I have to express my surprise at this time~ remind me every day for the next two days, and let me remind her to wear glasses on the day of the screening. I just thought of your positive energy, it’s not worth reminding you… Finally it’s the day of the premiere, and I finished watching the movie with great enthusiasm. To be honest, I was very excited when I watched it, but when I waited out of the cinema and turned to look at her, these two guys were swaying their heads while pouting Godzilla’s atomic breath… spraying atomic breath for a while ( I was probably tired from vomiting), and turned into a King Kong beating me with his arms. This… I turned my head and ran, but I was not afraid of being beaten to death. I was afraid that others would see that I brought this second product out. … After getting in the car, still pouting and vomiting energy everywhere, I hurriedly pulled my King Kong Godzilla home, and if I got slower, I was afraid that my car might retire early. When I finally got home, Godzilla grabbed my arm and said: Brother, can you hug me? I have no energy.

6 months ago

Why should we persuade? Since she wants to be persuaded, it means that she doesn’t want to see it, or doesn’t like such things at all. Since she doesn’t like it, it is not wise for you to convince her to like it. People are hard to change, and trying to change a person will be very tiring. Even if she obeys you this time, it doesn’t mean that she will do it every time in the future. A better way is to seek common ground while reserving differences, respect each other’s hobbies and habits, and find a way that everyone can accept. You can directly ask your friends to watch this kind of cool film, and then give your girlfriend some pocket money, let her go shopping with her sister, or do other things she likes. Isn’t it better for everyone to get what they want? I watch DC Marvel movies, including this time Godzilla vs. King Kong, and I will not go with my wife because she is not interested in these things at all. I took my cousin with him, and he also likes this kind of stuff. We spit out while eating junk food, which is so cool. And my wife invited my sisters to go shopping, and after the movie, we joined together for dinner. Everyone had a good time.

6 months ago

Xie Yao just watched this movie with my girlfriend yesterday. As for how I persuaded her, I basically didn’t say how to convince her. Because she loves me, she is willing to accompany me to watch, but there is still a point of persuasion, “Let’s go to see God. Is it good to play against King Kong” “What is this? Is it a model?” “…It’s a movie, a good-looking movie” “I thought the name was a model, but it doesn’t seem to be very beautiful. “Why it’s not good, you say so, in fact, you can treat it as a monkey vs. a husky.” “Monkey vs. a husky? Hahahahahahaha, let’s just look at this.”

6 months ago

Although I think two people need some euphemistic language together, but it is not to this level. When I saw your question, I asked Xiao Sao next to me: “Will you watch a movie?” Xiao Sao: “What movie?” Me: “King Kong vs. Godzilla” (forgive me for calling the wrong name) Xiao Xiao: “Do you want to see?” Me: “Yeah” Xiao Xiao: “Okay” Suppose Xiao Xiao doesn’t want to see it. Then I asked if I could go and see for myself? If you want to see this kind of problem, your girlfriend will accompany you to see it. If you don’t want to see it, you should not convince her. Everyone has different preferences. Do you feel even more angry when you go to the cinema to watch and fall asleep when you don’t want to watch it? It’s all someone who has been filming and dragging. You should always know whether she likes watching this type of movie or not? !

6 months ago

The center of the question is how to persuade a girlfriend to accompany him. This question is not right. Normally, the girlfriend should naturally accompany her dear boyfriend to the movies. And how pitiful the subject is to know. Put forward “how to persuade my girlfriend to accompany myself”? Dog head saves my life, but you should really think about it. Seriously, you can exchange you to accompany your girlfriend to go shopping, and your girlfriend accompanies you to watch movies. Similar but I don’t have a girlfriend. what?

6 months ago

I don’t like watching these kinds of movies. Yesterday my husband said something badly. There was a sentence “Son will like to watch” that touched me. Forget it, watch it with my son. I naively thought it was a cartoon. As a result, the 5-year-old son has kept his eyes closed and blindfolded his ears since King Kong fought Godzilla fiercely for the first time. I comforted him a few times in the middle, while explaining the plot in a low voice while holding him half-blindfolded, and finally finished watching. After reading it, he was still scared. I can’t touch me anymore

6 months ago

This matter involves such a topic: the movie has its target audience. When we are not in the movie-watching group, do we need to accompany the other half to watch the movie, and whether we should ask the other half to accompany the other half to watch the movie. I personally feel that even couples should have some personal space. You can’t force the other half to accept your hobbies, or the tendency to watch movies. Therefore, men do not require their girlfriends to watch male-oriented movies, and women should not ask their boyfriends to accompany female-oriented movies. Why bother torturing each other.

6 months ago

Why do you want to convince her? Convince her that you should spend more money on a movie ticket; for her, it takes two hours to watch a movie with her boyfriend that she doesn’t like at all. This kind of thing that you think you are paying, she also thinks that you are paying, but in fact it is not good for both parties, it is just completely meaningless internal friction. If you two have movies that you like in common, you can watch them together. If the movies that you two like are not the same, then obviously you watch yours and she watch hers. Both parties in a relationship should respect and be independent of each other, rather than requiring one person to be attached to another.

6 months ago

Me: King Kong vs. Tesca? Is it a unicorn like Ultraman? Husband: It’s Godzilla vs. King Kong! ! ! Me: Oh, oh, was Tesla finally killed by Iron Man? Husband: King Kong King Kong King Kong! Me: enmumu… continue chasing Sato for 1 minute. Husband: “Do you want to buy the one at 10:00 or 11:00?” The air is quiet for 30 seconds. “8:00 is also possible…” Me: You give me Tell me about the plot. Husband: First they had a fight at sea, then they had a fight on land, and finally they united and had a fight with the villain. Me: Why are they fighting? Husband: Looks upset! The air was quiet for another 30 seconds. . Me: Go eat the fried noodles by the road in the evening. Buying the 8:30 ticket is nothing to persuade. I just have a good time with him. After reading it, the summary is: Monster beats Brother Monkey, Brother Monkey beats Monster, Monster and Brother Monkey beat the robot, and finally Brother Monkey and the monster shake hands and make peace. The world is peace and love but still feels that it is playing Monster with Ultraman. Like

6 months ago

Tell your girlfriend this is not a monster movie, it’s a fairy tale movie Godzilla and King Kong ancestors have been fighting for tens of thousands of years. Godzilla could kill King Kong, but Godzilla was almost mechanically attacked if he didn’t kill Godzilla. Godzilla killed, but they were rescued by King Kong and later they played Mechanical Godzilla together, and Godzilla was able to charge King Kong’s weapons. This is the god-destined Daoist Mechanical Godzilla was originally made by humans. Godzilla’s was later taken away by Quito, and he became human. Godzilla protected humans, King Kong protected Godzilla (the mechanical Godzilla was originally controlled by a computer, but it should have been when Quidora’s consciousness regained his consciousness and took over. If the driver realized that he couldn’t get in, wouldn’t it be a loss of life… Then the computer broke down, Gidola would not work, the palace was broken, and the soul would not survive.) Do you think What you are watching is a monster movie. In fact, the next fairy tale also predicts that a little girl who can’t speak will give birth to a family. The son of each generation of family is a girl who can’t speak. This girl will awaken a twin martial soul. A beast martial spirit King Kong, a weapon martial arts axe, a girl who can’t speak every time she fights, she looks divinely at the beast martial spirit King Kong holding a weapon martial arts axe, and there is just another beast martial arts soul who is both righteous and evil. The family, the sons of each generation of the family are both righteous and evil boys, and will awaken the mysterious Godzilla Wuhun. The little girl family and the Godzilla Wuhun family have fallen in love and killed each other in the rivers and lakes each generation, and they confronted and admired the green color. The environmental protection organization stirred up divisions everywhere under the slogan of Greenpeace, talking about ideas, privately business, and finally the little girl and the Godzilla family discovered the evil facts of the environmental protection organization, and joined forces to flatten the organization. In the process of joining forces, they found that their martial arts cooperation was very tacit, and even cherished each other. It seems that there are many secrets waiting to be discovered, so there is a lower part… Please look forward to it.

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