It’s strange to say that what boys really like, but they don’t seem to like it that much. Similarly, a person who seems to like you very much may not really like you much. A boy is very concerned about you. You think this is caring, but it is actually Neptune casting a net; a boy makes you happy and makes you happy. You think you are alone, but in fact, he is a humorous person; a boy opens his heart to you and talks in various ways. You think he trusts you, but in fact he just doesn’t take you too seriously and forgets if he said it. A boy keeps backing down for you and tolerates everything. You think this is a typical manifestation of boyfriend power, but in fact, he doesn’t bother to reason with you. The love of boys is very restrained, clumsy, conservative, and even expressed wrongly. In this way, a boy in his childhood would pull a girl’s pigtails and bully a girl at the same table, only to realize that he liked it when he grew up. There are too many girls because they can’t distinguish the expression of love from boys at all. They don’t just miss the true love, and they will be fooled by the scumbag. It was a pity that it was a mistake. Combining years of counseling experience and observations and summaries when communicating with different men, as well as from the perspective of men, from two levels, tell you how boys really love a person. ●Level 1: Discuss in detail the personal changes when boys like you. Such as personal character, thoughts, etc. ●Second level: Discuss in detail the change in relationship when boys like you. For example, speaking, attitude, way of doing things, etc. When boys like you, personal changes 1. The first reaction is inferiority. The world has summarized a rule: when love appears to girls, their first reaction is bravery; and when it appears to boys, their first reaction is Inferiority. There is nothing wrong with this sentence. Boys who usually walk with wind will follow the girls they love; boys who usually brag and coax, they will not dare to speak when they meet the girls they love. If you really like you, boys will start to wonder whether all the traits of their body will be liked by you. As a result, they can’t completely relax and be themselves, either they are only ashamed of expressing themselves, or they are overkill and try to do things outside. 2. Put your feelings first-when you date an ordinary girl, he will wear his favorite clothes; while on a date with you, he will guess what kind of clothes you like best. “What do you want to eat?” “What do you think?” These are what he says most often, which usually makes you feel that he has no opinion–in fact, he really can’t pretend to be an overbearing president. Because as long as he likes you, He must put your feelings first. 3. Your feelings are more important than his face. Boys are very face-conscious, especially young men who have not been in the world. It is not easy to confess mistakes. But they really like you. Boys in, will make a choice between their own face and your feelings, usually the latter wins. The first one second is angry and proud, but when they think that you are sad and unable to extricate themselves, they want to slap themselves two slaps. “Otherwise, just keep your head down, I don’t want to make her sad. 4. It is very easy to take your words seriously. The essential reason is that he is too cautious, takes every detail with you seriously, and is not willing to ignore his own feelings and status in your heart. If you joked that you hate him, he really feels that you hate him; if you say you don’t want to fall in love, he really feels sad that he has no chance. He only believes in every word you say, and he doesn’t dare to have the illusion of arbitrarily arranged for you. The second level: discuss in detail the change in relationship when boys like you. 1. Super empathy If a boy really likes you, he will have a super empathy. Especially “negative empathy”: For example, if you encounter frustration, sadness, being framed, life problems, etc.-a series of negative emotions, when you feel lost, he-will definitely feel the same as you-or even more serious loss . In contrast, those boys who seem to love you but do not love you can easily expose their true body in this link: because they will not have a negative empathy with you at all. When you are sad, they will either just watch from the sidelines, routinely do business without pain, and comfort a few words; or hide far away, lest they get into trouble, they have to coax. 2. Sufficient respect You will get enough respect in the eyes of boys who like you. What you like, he will find ways to bring you; what you hate, he will never deliberately mention, let alone force you to do things you don’t want to do, try to refresh your bottom line. You clearly feel that he is caring about his relationship with you, and he fully considers your feelings. 3. The most often show you two sides:–The side is the best side; the other side is the side invisible to outsiders. The former is because he is cautious about you because he likes it, and the latter is because he doesn’t consciously reveal his fragile self because he likes it. Therefore, every time he sees you, he must be careful, consider his words, and be willing to show his merits. At the same time, he is contrary to the normal: the big guy also started to study lipstick, the young man also wanted to show his muscles, and the busy schoolmaster began to take time to play games with you…4. Link emotions to you The BBC once did a study to record the differences in compassion between men and women. Research shows that men’s compassion and empathy for strangers are far lower than women’s. In other words, when boys really don’t like you, you will find that they are extremely rational and cold-blooded creatures. They will investigate, judge, and make logical calculations. When they feel “not worth it”, they will turn around and leave immediately. So there are so many boys who disdain to anger with their girlfriends. On the other hand, they really don’t like their girlfriends that much. But when they start to have an emotional reaction to you, and even this emotional reaction is greater than rational judgment, they are already unable to extricate themselves from you. For example, if you don’t reply to WeChat, they will be crazy, miss you in a few days, and be jealous of your friends of the opposite sex… Really don’t take the superficial behavior of boys too much as a mark of love. These behaviors are like rehearsals. Sometimes the more beautiful, the more mechanical and the less distracting. The boys who really like you have feelings, make mistakes, and are not perfect. You need to understand the human nature, then come to insight into love,


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Before falling in love: 1. What she says casually will be kept in mind, even if she has been so-so, she will try her best to satisfy her wishes. 2. When hearing the name about her, the corners of the mouth will rise. 3. I really can’t understand that she has contact with other opposite sexes. Even if she doesn’t care about it on the surface, the jealousy in her heart has long been overturned. 4. Even the most confident boy will always behave unnaturally in front of the girl he likes. 5. When chatting, I will talk to her about future plans, dreams, and places I want to go, and take the opportunity to learn more about her. To judge whether a person really loves you, it depends on whether there is you in his future plans. 6. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to turn on the phone to see if there is any news from her. 7. When chatting with her, I always smile silly. Pro test! This was discovered by my roommates. They said that as long as they saw me staring at the screen and smiling stupidly, they knew what I was doing. 8. When you look at her, your eyes will glow. You can’t hide from liking someone, because when you see her, your eyes are as bright as stars and the sea. 9. Willing to buy her something slightly beyond the scope of her ability. And is willing to share with you what you are scarce. 10. Follow her every move. I can’t help but want to know everything about her, what she eats, where she’s been, whether she’s sick, why she changed her profile picture, and what does the space mean. After falling in love: 1. Let her integrate into her own circle of life. In the Moments of Friends, she will tell her friends, even her parents, of her existence, and let other girls know that she is well-known. 2. Go to own her, not own her. Will consider the actual situation very realistically and plan her in her future. My girlfriend and I went to a very inconspicuous restaurant last time. We sat down and watched the menu that day. We both said in unison, “This is too expensive.” Then we ran away, and we went out and laughed loudly. Not ashamed, we both scolded as we walked: This shop is also dark, and we were almost slaughtered. 3. The behavior becomes very naive. Because only in front of people he really likes, he will take off his strong coat. 4. Will take care of her and will be used to her. Begin to tell her not to stay up late. , Let her read more books and newspapers, eat less snacks and sleep more. Will run a long way to buy what she likes to eat. 5. Going out will definitely show off, for fear that others will not know that he has a girlfriend. Walking holding hands is affirmative, I can’t wait to raise my hands above my head. 6. Will plan her in the future. If boys promise, what kind of future we will have in the future, that may not be true. But if he keeps chatting with you about where he wants to play in the future, what decoration style the house wants, and what his children will call in the future, these details of future life, then he really pays for you. 7. A strong sense of responsibility. He will protect you well, and every decision he makes will be carefully thought out, because this bears the future of two people. 8. Talking about her with others is full of pride and pride. 9. It doesn’t matter how much you pay, it depends on what he pays. Those who lack money are willing to spend money for her; those who lack time are willing to spend time for her. 10. If two people have no future, he will let go. She will not waste her youth, even if she can’t go to the end, it will leave her with the best memories. I really don’t want girls to understand the loyalty of boys until this point.

6 months ago

Like a person is a tacky thing, but also a very hypocritical thing. At first, he will be inexplicably shy, and will not dare to look into the other person’s eyes to speak. Later, the face will start to get hot, until the face is red. Boys like to pretend to be reserved, and are more reserved than girls at critical moments. If you really like someone, it’s different from that moment on. At first, I would secretly look at the dynamics inexplicably, and I would remember every sentence I sent, and I started to like every one in the circle of friends, hoping to put this feeling in the girl’s heart through a small like. Evening is obviously the time to study, but sitting silently at the desk, my mind is full of encounters with you during the day. Just go over and over again. Your name will be written on the draft paper inexplicably. After a few months, you will not only be satisfied with this, you will start looking for opportunities to increase contact. At the beginning, I helped bring things, and I would pretend to be on the way, just to try to hide the deliberateness. Very sensitive to what is happening around you. Your emotions are my emotions. Boys will pay attention to you silently, but they will confess as appropriate and enjoy this happiness. This is a crush. When we are together, it becomes normal. The milk tea will definitely bring you a portion, and I will be obedient to you. I will like to stare into your eyes and laugh while watching. On the bus, the girl fell asleep, the boy did not speak, and slowly opened his hair, was leaned on the shoulder by a girl, and depended on a girl. This feeling was incredible. When it’s okay, boys always love to drill into girls’ arms, feel the faint fragrance, lie in the girls’ arms, stare at her, waiting for the girls to jokingly grab your hair and send them out. You never thought that you would be so willingly molested by a girl, her hand moved up your cheek, as if there was some kind of magic, you would rather just fall asleep like this. This is love. After quarreling, she sent sad literature in the space, and your heart is broken. You don’t want the girl you like to hate you. WeChat QQ has long been blacked out because of the girl’s anger, but fortunately she forgot to delete the call. You understand that you can’t stun the snake, you prepared a large apology message and sent it to her. After a long time, you gave up. You understand that you shouldn’t be used to it, but you are cruel, and there is something wrong with you. At this moment, you just want to get back that girl. Day by day, you always feel that you have never valued a person so much. When you see her, you don’t consciously want to hold her hand. Sometimes she can be very naughty, just to beg for a fight, like a silly child, doing all kinds of things to attract her attention, as if she is looking at you, it can bring you energy and support you to continue this Duan Tiantian love. Unexpectedly, one day you will usher in a parting. At that time, she was very cold, cold and chilling, like a stranger, and may have many good memories, but no one can ignore the small contradictions hidden in those quarrels. These contradictions destroyed you and destroyed a love. But you still like her. You are separated very peacefully. This is more or less unacceptable to you. I hope she can cut off all the connections with you cruelly, so that it will feel better. In the end, you still understand that besides likes and hates in this world, there is also a relationship called inappropriate. It’s hard to like it, but it’s harder to be together for a long time.

6 months ago

I remember reading this sentence a long time ago: What a girl is most proud of is not how many suitors there are, but the firm choice by a person, no matter how long they get along. I very much agree with this sentence. After all, casual likes and ambiguities are all over the street, and there are very few people who are really willing to stay with you for the rest of their lives. If one person really likes another person, he will have a strong desire to stay with her for life. He will give all the gentleness and preference in this world, even if you are headstrong and spoiled in front of him, he will tell you with doting eyes that you were firmly chosen by him. People can taste the sweetness of love only when they are firmly chosen by others. Because true love is never going to be, it is not a choice, but it is you. For example, my favorite writer Yan Geling and his diplomat husband are the best practical examples. When Yan Geling met his diplomat husband, she had just ended a failed marriage. When she was studying in the United States alone, she met Lawrence, an American diplomat. However, the U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs allowed Lawrence to make a choice: Want a position or marry a female writer from a communist country? But in order to marry her, Lawrence, who is proficient in eight languages, resolutely gave up the former between his promising career as a diplomat and Yan Geling. That is what makes every woman proud. After marriage, Geling Yan had no worries, and gradually entered the best of writing, becoming a prolific writer who publishes works year after year, and an “award-winning professional household” in the literary circles of China and Taiwan. And years of precipitation and accumulation, direct and indirect experience and experience have become her creation “mine”, and even the love story of her and Lawrence being “spoiled” by the FBI has also been written into the novel “No Way Out Cafe”. Yes, I don’t want to come and go like and casually love, I just want to be determined to be your exception and preference. If I can’t get it, then I’d rather choose to be incapable of abuse. Therefore, before that, I want the world to see the best me. Nothing else, just so that you can see me at a glance among all the beings, and say firmly, “Yes, it’s you.” I persistently believe that there will always be such a person in the world, and he will let you know , You are not his choice after weighing the pros and cons, but the firmness that he knows that he can’t do anything after he is shocked. This is our greatest sincerity for each other’s feelings.

6 months ago

1. Become coquettish in front of her, like a child, and say some weird and cute things (usually it may also be a serious “human appearance”), but it seems to be different in front of her. 2. I want to always spoil her well. My girlfriend is just to spoil her. Although she may have limited ability, she also wants to give her the best. Including the best self. I used to be alone with some of my own faults that I couldn’t find, but with her, she wanted to be a better self and gave him a better me. 3. I want to stay with her all the time, maybe I used to be alone before, and I am used to doing many things by myself, but with her, I want to be able to stay with her all the time. After being separated for a long time, I always worry about her in my heart, and I always dream of her when I go to bed at night. (I didn’t believe this statement very much before, but I really encountered it. It all seemed so natural again). 4. Will become jealous, playing with other boys will be a little unhappy. I don’t know if it is possessive or controlling. I think there is only me in her world. It’s enough to have her in my world. (Personal feelings) 5. To tell the truth about the future plans of two people in my heart, I have consciously and unconsciously thought about it many, many times, marriage, work, and life (even giving birth to a baby), and I am always full of expectations for the future Yeah. 6. I like the feeling that she is dependent on herself, that she feels needed, but also afraid of losing. Very often, she will do a lot of things, want to take good care of her, and want to be dependent on her. 7. I always want to ask her for a lot of things. She is even higher than her own priority in her heart. I will try to like what she likes. I want to find some common hobbies between two people. 8. Sometimes I don’t know how to do things that are not very smart, and I want to see how she smiles. 9. Will be willing to think a lot for her, maybe she is a lazy person, but she is always very concerned about things, and will take time to prepare gifts and prepare small surprises. I want to do what she asks quickly. 10. I like her. I don’t know why. I just like it. It’s an uncontrollable urge to get close, to be company, to have, and to take care of. If you like someone, you may be touched in an inadvertent moment, and you will never get out again. A little bit of my own feelings, share with you.

6 months ago

What my father taught: all the money is spent on her, not distressed. I definitely don’t think about how much money or how much money I felt when I went out on a date with her. It doesn’t matter whether she will reply or not. The way I love someone is so rough. Although I am picking, but for the person I like, as long as you want, as long as I have. Even though we are very picky, in fact, money, a renewable resource, is actually not that expensive. The ability is there, and the money will come. But if people don’t get it, they will be uncomfortable for a lifetime. After all, it’s too hard to like someone. However, if someone presupposes that the person they like will eat and squander without cherishing or giving back, this is an IQ problem and an eye contact problem, so go to the brain ophthalmology department as soon as possible. I’m so good at making a bite of a girl. Isn’t it fascinated by sex? What is your heart? We are so willing to spend money for people we like. When my husband is unemployed, I can work three jobs to support him because our love is for someone who is worthy of. Good people play with good people, and I also pay when you pay. This is the flow of goodwill. So I know that my dad taught me such a sincere way of expressing love, and I use it to love others, and I only find people who love me so much. Days are good.

6 months ago

1. No matter how smart and slick in front of others, she is always sincere and even a little clumsy in front of her. 2. When watching her, she comes with beauty special effects, no matter what she does stupid things, she feels very cute. 3. Don’t look at her strengths or mind her shortcomings, just love her because ‘she is her’. 4. Even if she rejects it, there will be no complaints, it will hide this love and no longer bother her. 5. For her, he will always be free, if she has something to ask for, you will not help her with any return. 6. Knowing that she lied, but still finding reasons to believe her. 7. No matter how angry you are, when you see her crying, you will feel sorry for her and forgive her from the bottom of your heart. 8. Change willingly for her, as long as you can keep her. 9. If you like someone, you want to sleep with her, but if you love someone, you want to sleep with her for a lifetime. 10. After meeting her, I feel that I have been in love so many times before, and it seems that I lived so much to meet her. So, it’s not that boys are bothered, it’s not that he doesn’t love you. Rather, the person he really loves is not you. I remember Nietzsche said: “Women understand children better than men, but men are more like children than women.” It’s because every man hides a little boy in his heart, but not everyone can see it, especially when he keeps the boundaries. Or when the distance is clearly divided, you can only see his performance on the outside. In fact, the side of this child also includes the side that is not serious. The so-called not serious is not bad, but bad. This is a natural form of expression when feelings have truly developed to a certain degree and accumulated to a certain extent. It is also from this kind of intimacy that a unique sense of security and belonging has been found. Therefore, if you really see the naive side of a man, you should not be disgusted. At this time, you should recognize his naive side. Everyone has a mature side, but the maturity in the relationship is often love. not enough.

6 months ago

I think she is very cute, and I always want to touch her hair, smell her, hold hands with her, and be able to watch her do nothing, I will feel very beautiful. I really like the way she laughs, because as long as she can be happy, can do a lot of things and be willing, she will be happier because she can make her happy. Want to pay attention to everything about her, will like what she likes, will understand and pay attention. Don’t want to use those love skills and routines, there should be more sincerity in beautiful things. It will be very happy to watch her make any progress, happy for her. She didn’t want to quarrel at all, even if she did something wrong, she wouldn’t be fierce at all, she always felt softhearted in an instant. When you are with her, you will feel at ease and down-to-earth. When you are not together, you will always think about what you are not doing well, and you will often struggle, fearing to annoy her or not to be cared about. I’m very jealous. Sometimes I don’t say it, but I feel awkward for a long time. I am particularly afraid of losing her, I will suffer from gains and losses, and my desire to control will be very strong. Although I have been restraining, sometimes I will make some unreasonable requests. I want to be together all the time, and I will miss it if I don’t see it for a while. When I am recognized by her, I will be very happy and have a sense of accomplishment. She will be very patient, her patience will continue to improve, even if she is a little emotional, she will not feel annoyed, and it feels very happy to coax her. I really like to be controlled by her, and will actively want to spend time with her. I’m often moved, I’m not willing to use the things I send, and I’m not even willing to read the comments. There will be a sense of responsibility. If you want to be responsible for her, you will motivate yourself to become better, and will yearn for the future life. I want to protect her, I don’t want her to be bullied, I feel that I am not at ease with anyone except myself, only I can take care of her. I want to be with her forever. xlj, I love you.

6 months ago

How do boys like girls? One of the answers is that friends often say, “What’s wrong with you these past few days?” How to show a silly smile inexplicably. “This made me think of Wood suddenly. He is a straight man, the kind of honest and frank, the kind of honest and frank. He is not only a straight man, but also a school bully. Even other boys in college are eager to get out of the order. At that time, Wood pretended to be deaf and dumb in front of the window, learning in his heart. For this reason, Wood wins a soft award every year. Wood said that he would make a living first, and then seek love. He did not fall in love for four years in college. However, in this sentence Wood slapped himself in the face before the time limit for the conversation passed. Yes, Wood is in love. Sometimes love is like this, without any precautions, it comes silently. The girl is Wood’s classmate, because the two often organize together Activities, gradually getting to know. The girl is carefree, able to talk, and chatting in Mu Mu’s ears all day long. Mu is very calm and does not speak much. Many times girls are talking, Mu is listening. Wood looks at the girl’s mouth and keeps talking, always Make her laugh. “How come there is such a cute girl? If you are young, it is talk about capital. If you are middle-aged, you will get it. “Wooden thought unconsciously. Thinking about it, Mu En smiled unconsciously. Wood thought girls were too funny, but he didn’t know that there was something called love growing quietly in his heart. For a while, the girl’s house was out of the house. Something, the girl and the head teacher hurried back to their hometown, and there was no time to talk to her roommate. Everyone didn’t know where the girl was, and no one answered her cell phone. Wood suddenly became nervous. He didn’t know why. He became so concerned about her. Mumo didn’t want to study for a day, and made crazy phone calls to girls. Every time you called, he turned off. The more Wood thought, the more scared, and the more uncomfortable he thought about it. He finally knew he had fallen in love with her At night, Mu finally got through to the girl’s cell phone. The moment the call was connected, he was very angry. When he heard the girl’s voice, he said angrily: “Where have you been, why did the cell phone break? Do you know you are so worried? The girl’s voice was a little hoarse and said, “I’m sorry, I’m back from get off work at home.” I was in a hurry. I forgot to bring the power bank and my phone was out of power. “Hearing the girl’s explanation, Mu Xin softened and said softly, “I’ll be relieved when you go home.” I’m afraid… I’m afraid something happened to you. “The girls fell in love soon after they came back, and Mu volunteered. After falling in love, Mu automatically turned on the smirk mode, chatting with the girls on the phone, smirking at the phone, reading in the library, and sometimes smirking at the book. It’s not easy for people to do it and cherish it. In the long process of staying together, each of us is trying our own way to make love come to the end. Hard work, effort, compromise, tolerance. Don’t forget. The original intention, I hope love can last forever. I am Fu Yi, love is too messy, I will help you organize it

6 months ago

Boys really like a girl, the most important feeling is: you are all his life! When you have a crush: I’m afraid you know, I don’t know, I’m afraid you know but pretend not to know. He will pay attention to you carefully. He will also dress up at home every time he makes an appointment with you. He will remember what you like, what you like to eat, what songs you like, and what hobbies you have. He dare not talk to you easily. Confession, but I will rehearse it ten thousand times in my heart. I don’t want to see you suffer a bit of wrongedness. When you are unhappy, he will be unhappy. The joy of life will not help sharing with you, but when you are unhappy, he will hide secretly. Get up, because you are afraid to say it and make you unhappy, you may not have a strong possessiveness, but you will care about all aspects of your life. The first thing to do in the morning is to see if you have sent him a message, if so , He will be silly and happy all day, often looking at your photos, unconsciously giggling == What you say casually, he will take it seriously. When in love: sticking to people, wanting to be with you all the time, no matter how cold he usually looks, he always has endless words with you, endless days of talking, he has no pretense in front of you, In work arrangements and life planning, he will put you in the first place, taking your world as the axis, happy your happiness, sorrowing your sorrows~ he will also become mature, because with you, he will have a family So, he has to shoulder the responsibility of the family, he will be eager to show you all aspects of his life, introduce you to his friends, let them lemon, take you home, let you know your parents, tell your parents , This is the person he identified in his life! Will be used to you, and will take care of you. The former is for your favor, and the latter is for you a kind reminder~…anyway, how do boys really like girls? I think that if he owns you, he will have the whole world like that~ above~

6 months ago

1. Being clumsy is the real performance when you really like someone; you can do it with ease, if you lift weights lightly, in fact, he doesn’t take you too seriously. In essence, men are more rational, so when he is in front of a girl, his sensibility is always greater than his rationality. A person who is usually rational now often has emotional reactions. When boys really like a person, they must be concerned about gains and losses, self-doubt, twitchy, and cautious at first. 2. If you care too much, people will make mistakes, and all the care is due to unwillingness. When boys really like a person, they will become different as usual, they will doubt whether they are worthy of the other person, they will evaluate whether their abilities can bring happiness to the other person, and they will easily ignore their own feelings and thoughts. 3. The far-reaching plan is his true expression of liking a person too much. After boys really like a girl, they will seriously consider more long-term things. Car, house, city, choice of work, development situation, etc., he will do his best to give you the best material life and plan a common future for two people.

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