The Xi’an Municipal Transportation Bureau recently announced the “Guidelines for Passengers of Urban Rail Transit in Xi’an (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)”, which will solicit public comments from now until April 1. One of the most concerned is the proposed ban on “smoking, lighting open flames, and using mobile charging items in stations and trains.”

People in Xi’an Metro didn’t really think about implementing this one. Netizens are obsessed with it too much and they are guilty of anger! Possibility is low, but yes, as long as you learn about airport security. Since Xi’an Metro has no regulations on the capacity of the power bank, it is faster than the airport. People at the airport will pick up the power bank to check the capacity. The Xi’an Metro does not need it. It is convenient to not allow all, but it is easy to fight. The inspection method is the same as that of the airport. All the metal items in the bag and body are put in a basket, and the metal belt is unwound. Even the small Bluetooth charging headset has to be thrown away or stored. The Xi’an subway can become the safest subway in the country, there is no one. At the same time, the world’s most complex short-distance consignment can be handled on-site, and this system has achieved the National Science and Technology Progress Award. When traveling to Xi’an before, you had to take the subway several times a day. In the future, tourists can enjoy aviation-level security checks several times, enjoy super queue several times, and enjoy the most advanced subway consignment system. The best thing is that if I have to take one station, the subway takes 3 minutes, and the security check line takes an hour: I never expected it, la la la la!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Without discussing why you can’t use power banks on the subway, but after reading this rule, I feel that the thunder and the rain are small. It’s the same as banning mobile phones in class. Is it forbidden? Forbidden, the school rules are clearly written line by line, and in the end they are not still playing under the desk. In addition, the class teacher often walks down from the podium to see if there are any students who are not observing discipline and doing things unrelated to the class under the table. Outside the classroom there will be teachers who walk by occasionally and watch the students through the window. Happening. In this case, there are still people playing mobile phones against the wind, let alone unsupervised in the subway cars? Is it possible to rely on the self-consciousness and mutual supervision of the public to take photos of the use of power banks and wait to show them to the staff at the station? Or hire a group of people to watch every car in shifts 24 hours a day? Regardless of whether the policy is correct and whether it can be accepted by the masses, supervision alone is a problem. If it does not support the relevant regulatory policies, this provision is really meaningless.

8 months ago

The difficulty of implementation has been mentioned by many friends. My personal concern is that the consultation draft puts the use of mobile charging items alongside “smoking” and “lighting open flames.” From the perspective of legislative technology, parallel behaviors generally have the same type or degree of danger. After all, smoking and igniting open flames can be burnt, and the use of mobile charging items does not cause open flames, so juxtaposition is more likely to convey a “similar degree of danger”. Of course I know that lithium batteries are inherently risky, but in today’s risky society, what is absolutely risk-free? It’s just that there are always differences in the degree of danger. The actual risks of using power banks on the subway seem to be hard to compare with open flames. In addition, the power bank can be taken on the plane but not used. Is it necessary for the subway safety measures to be the same as the plane? In short, since it is a draft for comments, it is hoped that the public can speak freely.

8 months ago

I have seen video surveillance of a fire caused by the explosion of a power bank during the internal fire prevention training of the high-speed rail. At that time, a passenger’s power bank was on fire, and huge smoke was emitted instantly, filling the carriage. The surrounding passengers immediately became agitated, and the train crew with the fire extinguisher simply The fire point was inaccessible. Some passengers were trampled on in the chaos caused by the smoke, and some passengers wanted to use a fire hammer to smash the windows. However, after the investigation of the accident site, the power bank did not cause a big fire, and it was only on the floor of the car. Formed a mark. It is not once or twice that the subway encounters a fire on the power bank. I see many people say that Xi’an Metro does not strictly implement this matter, so why is there such a regulation? I think it is most likely to be used in the determination of responsibility after the event. I have a rule, if you bring it, if it catches fire, you are responsible, but whoever will bear the responsibility for the lax security check.

8 months ago

If there is no problem with my eyes, this sentence means “prohibit the use of mobile charging items”, right? Prohibited to use, but did not say that it is prohibited to carry Moreover, this is the regulation of the subway. If it is a long-distance bus, it will be more troublesome. If you don’t allow the use of power banks, then the phone will be dead. The long-distance bus stays in it for a few hours. If it is dead, it can’t be charged. trouble. But this is the subway. People generally don’t stay in the subway for a long time, and there is not much demand for power banks. Since it is only forbidden to use instead of carrying, what safety hazard is triggered when using power banks, carrying charging Bom won’t trigger it? Sorry, I really didn’t expect such a safety hazard in the world. If you are worried about the explosion of the power bank, why is it only forbidden to use it and not to carry it? Presumably, the relevant leaders of the subway probably also know that it is not realistic to ban the carrying of power banks. It is inevitable for everyone to go to work and play on the subway. This thing is simply unavoidable. So just stipulate “prohibited to use”, the typical “I can’t see it, then nothing”? Cover your ears and steal the bell? It’s ridiculous. And I just know more about mobile phones. Some mobile phones have the same battery capacity as ordinary power banks, both of which are 5000mah, so you don’t specify how many capacity power banks can be used, and how much capacity can’t be used. Is it 5000mah? Can’t use my power bank, but a 5000mah mobile phone? Inexplicable and absurd.

8 months ago

Power banks are dangerous goods. In the event of a collision, they are prone to explosion and fire, and they are not easy to extinguish. The prohibition of use is reasonable. The International Civil Aviation Regulations do not allow the use of power banks on airplanes. However, the subway is not an airplane. There are strict security checks before the plane boarding. There are 4-5 stewardess on the plane, who can find out the usage at any time. The subway security check is not strict, and there is no flight attendant in the subway, and the power bank cannot be found to be used. If a regulation cannot be implemented, the authority of the regulation is undermined! It is not recommended to make this provision! ! I should add that there is a misunderstanding about lithium batteries. They think that the production of regular manufacturers is no problem. This is not the case. Lithium batteries are dangerous goods and have nothing to do with whether they are regular manufacturers. According to the “United Nations Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods”, lithium batteries are classified as dangerous goods as Category 9 dangerous goods, and their UN numbers are as follows: Lithium-ion batteries (including lithium-ion polymer batteries) (UN3480) ), lithium ion batteries (including lithium ion polymer batteries) packaged with the equipment (UN3481), lithium ion batteries (including lithium ion polymer batteries) contained in the equipment (UN3481); lithium primary batteries (UN3090), and The lithium primary battery (UN3091) packaged with the device and the lithium primary battery (UN3091) contained in the device. In my country’s “Dangerous Goods Classification and Product Name Table” GB6944-2012, lithium batteries are also clearly classified as dangerous goods.

8 months ago

Prohibit the use of mobile charging items, let me explain to everyone what is “prohibited to use mobile charging items”. First, “use” means to use, not to use does not mean not to be carried, so you carry 5000 power banks, 20000 It’s legal to get on the subway. You can even put 10,000 Explosions 7 inside, 5,000 power banks in the middle, and then 10,000 Explosions 7 to the outermost part to form a three-phase bomb. Try the power, but you can take it with you. , As long as you don’t plug in the usb cable, it won’t be used anymore but you can’t go in if you have airpods in your pocket, because the headset is in the charging box, so any trick is considered “in use”

8 months ago

I will not hide it. This is a typical one-size-fits-all lazy government. Is it because of the danger of explosion or can damage the cultural relics of Xi’an? What basis? Probably it’s the ass, so you can support it when you’re full! That’s the kind of regulation that I’m talking about because of choking. Rules can be set, but how do you supervise them? I brought a power bank, and you can still see, is it possible that everyone has to search in their pockets? Besides, how do I scan the code to get out of the subway when my mobile phone is dead? Is it necessary to arrange for full-time staff to provide special services for those whose mobile phones are powered off? What else? Need to bring cash? Looking at other regulations, the “Code” lists 18 behaviors that are prohibited for passengers to enter stations and rides, including: staying in stations or trains, begging, picking up garbage, performing arts and singing and dancing, making loud noises, and playing. Make noises, use electronic equipment to make sounds; use roller shoes, skateboards, balance cars, etc. to enter and ride in the station; eat on the train (except for babies and patients); lie down on the station or train, step on the seat, and one person Occupy multiple seats at the same time. Is it that the people who set the rules are so well-rounded that it is better to block than to understand? Many of these measures are difficult to implement and inhumane measures, I am not optimistic!

8 months ago

What’s more, if implemented, the possible operation in reality should be to set a certain value, such as not allowing it to exceed 10000 mAh or 15000 mAh, so as to ensure a certain degree of safety and prevent some people from using it in violation of regulations. The resulting accident will not expand into a major accident with heavy casualties. I really took it. A bunch of people started to spray when they didn’t understand anything. Have you forbidden to carry it? You can bring it, but you are not allowed to use it on the subway. In the course of use, the probability of mobile power failure will greatly increase due to heat release during charging. Moreover, there have been precedents in relevant news reports before this action is to prevent problems before they occur. If the explosion of the mobile power supply occurs on the subway, it may cause great panic and loss of life and property. There is only one life for your life and the life of others. I think there is nothing wrong with it. Moreover, Xi’an is not the first city to do this, right? The answerer mentioned below that people in Guangzhou have already started, inexplicably, can’t understand why this is complaining, is it necessary to have an accident by your side?

8 months ago

The subway is different from the plane. After all, after the plane flies, there must be an airport and a procedure for landing. However, although most of the subways are underground, they can still be stopped at any time. It takes only four or five minutes to drive to the next station, and it can also be equipped with fire extinguishers. Passengers can be evacuated to other cars. There are no obstacles. And to be honest, when charging a mobile charging device, how likely is it to catch fire or even explode? It doesn’t seem to be much more likely than Samsung and Apple’s mobile phones exploded in the past, right? Should we simply ban sitting on the ground with a mobile phone?

8 months ago

I saw the comment from netizens: Because the leader does not take the subway, your problem is not his problem. Just like electric motorcycle charging may catch fire, the government should strengthen its supervisory function and reduce the flow of substandard products into the market. Formal and qualified mobile power supply, formal and qualified charging cable, these use are no problem. It’s a pity that it is forbidden words to make everything simple. ​Wow, this is too unfriendly to the mobile party, right? Who can guarantee that your mobile phone will always have power? Is it true that people who take a long route and change trains can’t even play with their mobile phones? Now that the subway cannot be charged, will it be impossible to charge the bus or the high-speed rail in the future…

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