I feel that Brother Ba’s popularity is not worthy of strength
Is it because of other food? People like to watch him eat?
Then why is he on fire?
Da Sima still relies on strength to accumulate popularity
Then the meal was served.
What about Naha brother.
Brother Ba has a backstage to hold it up?

Brother Ba is the first batch of LOL anchors. LOL anchors on seniority, he is older than any pdd Lu Benwei, at that time, pdd Lu Benwei was already a big anchor before he retired. In addition, I see a lot of people questioning S1. The national server has S1, but it is not a complete year. The first new hero in the national server is a monkey, so Monkey King is cheaper than other new heroes by a gold coin of 6299 gold coins. It is designed for the opening of the national service. The hero of the hanbok opening is Ari. Ari has a skin that is Korean style, and the dance that Ari dances is the most popular girl’s dance dance at the time. This bull’s head skin is given at 1450 points in 1S, and 1450 points are equal to the golden five, so it is given when S1 is settled in S2. When he really started to become famous in S2S3, he was already the big anchor of yy90001. At that time, without Huya and Douyu platforms, he was already a super anchor with 30,000 to 50,000 real-time online viewers. At the same level as him is Dong Weak Chicken Cave Master. At that time, Xiaozhi’s video was not a big hit, and Miss on the 7th was still working as a host on GTV. And Ba Ge was also a top master. The S1 first-hand robot was ranked second in the national service, and the S2S3 single-handed undead warrior was ranked in the top five of the national service. Xiaomo’s first series of national service AP undead warriors was him. At the same time, he is also the number one ancient witch spirit in the national service (before the revision), one-handed undead warrior, and one-handed ancient witch spirit has been the king for a long time (there were only 50 kings at the time), and he was second in the national service in terms of time S1, and S2S3. The top five and top ten of the national service is also the king’s rank. Last year, he became the king, and the Pan Sen invincible version used Pan Sen to be the king. After serious calculation, Ba Ge is the true ten-year king. You said he was good, how many non-professional players who are the king of ten years? In fact, Sima’s ten-year king will not play high-end games in S7. Many former passerby kings don’t play the tuba anymore. Many people now think that some anchors can only abuse dishes, and even overturn the traffic when they abuse dishes, so they think that he really has always been like this. In fact, many anchors used to be very strong. Da Sima used to be the number one mid-single mantis in the first series of the national service, and Ma Yan Vikz in the first series of the national service. Ximen Jianji has five knives in one second, the first series of national clothes, the first series of national clothes, known as gaming Confucius, three thousand disciples. The founder of the national service accepting apprentice, Jian Ji, after the revision, fell into a slump. How the bounty warlock abused the dishes, he followed how to abuse the dishes. Dongzhu was also the king of national service. At that time, there were only fifty kings. Bounty Warlock, the first barbarian king in the national server, 1000 points, and the winning rate is as high as 70%. Then, under the title of No. 1 in the large national dress, he abused Bronze Five, known as the Bronze Emperor. Regardless of his unlimited firepower, he is now the number one authentic national server. Sao Nan, the first male sword in the national service, was also an early king. He was known as the one with a hundred percent win rate. He was in Kazakh every day, and his younger brother licked him and licked her. Hundreds of black shops, one of the four major fans of the national service, the first dog head in the national service, and the first series of Titans in the national service. S2 ranked first in the national server. It used to be live broadcast for three days, three nights and seventy-two hours without sleeping and playing the king game. Often one day, one night, two days and two nights do not sleep in qualifying. Now he is also playing low-end rounds to bring fans. Karl, one of the early fifty kings of the national service, is now the founder of Ten Pai. Performing ten rows with nine employees every day, it is said that I haven’t lost in a few years. Ani Cake Shop, the first series of weapon masters in the national service, one of the early kings, one-handed weapon almost reached the top of the national service, and the world’s first passerby king dopa who can reach the top at the same time in China, South Korea, Europe and the United States. Scared of Chinese ban xia zi. At that time, the four big guns of the national service plus one Pi Xiaoxiu and five guns, four of them were No. 1 in the national service. The black shop Baidi has long since stopped playing the big king’s game. The death of the first small gun in the national service announced that it used to be a small After retiring, because of domestic violence, I went to a foreign platform to broadcast live. I used Kassadin as a hero to go to the first national service. The first Kassadin and Mao Zeyuchun were gone, and the natural disasters went to the end. As a professional player, I don’t know where to go anymore. Pi Xiaoxiu, formerly the first clown in the national costume and the first blind monk in the national costume, used the mid-lane blind man Huo Yuanjia to be the first in the national costume. Last time I heard that he was sued Wang Sicong. On the news, I don’t know where to go now. Back then, there was a show where the five major national clothes sprays teamed up in five rows, the black shops hit the road, Pi Xiaoxiu played wild, the death of the natural disaster apocalypse was announced, and Mao Zeyu was single in the spring, and he played the row master in a few days. Unfortunately, because the five people are not on the same platform, they were banned by the platform within a few days of the fire. Time urges people to grow old. Now many old anchors are definitely not as strong as before. That’s why some people ask whether Brother Ba has platinum, and whether Da Sima has ever been a king. From the early batch of professional players, how many of them can be the king now? The whole group of we old players, smile and learn to be considered a king, are the other strawberries, factory managers, and curly hair still kings now? The big nose Ruofeng is no longer the king. The old IG Sun Yalong pdd will definitely not be the king. The child wandering god may be powerful. Others are estimated to be choking. Is the death announcement still the king in the live broadcast of the foreign service?


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The eyebrows frowned, the corners of the lava monster’s mouth curled, the thunder roared and yawned, the lock Dema’s face sank, the desert death god’s neck stretched out, these Pantheon trousers were raised, the mechanical enemy line was lying on the line, alchemy appeared on the dividing line, 2021.3 .24 This answer has been a long time ago. At the beginning, I was a little clever. I saw some barrage and used it for reference. I didn’t expect everyone to like it so much. Talk about my feelings. I personally think that Brother Ba is still much better than ordinary players, but most of the time I know more about Brother Ba from short videos. Live broadcasts are rarely watched. Most of them are probably to snipe his water friends. I think. I also switched from the ADC position to the mid lane, and recently I used the top lane to assist in the top score. People who use some meaty heroes to cooperate with jungle or mid lane raising GANK are indeed easy to go to the branch. Finally, I wish everyone a happy life.

8 months ago

I don’t know if you have heard this jingle… the outer ring is scratched and the inner ring is hot, and the black cut abyss reduces the resistance. Anti-Japanese Yan Landry, A I equals A himself. With a slight smile, Thunder roared. Frowning, the lava behemoth. His expression stiffened, an unyielding gun. His face sank, desert death. Delirious, twisted tree spirit. Hold the pee and lock Galen in seconds. One dad is bad, second dad is good, third dad is small, and fourth dad wins. It’s too late to be selected by Conte. The golden sister kneels for three consecutive times, and the strange girl’s words are too difficult to play. If you don’t help me, I won’t be C. If you don’t help me, I will blow up. The advantage is that I go shopping, the disadvantage is that I raise my father. Toilet seat, peaked cap, bear earphones, three-piece set. There are often barrage screens in other live broadcast rooms, such as Qiang Ah, Brother Ba (5 hairs per piece). Watching dopa is just for fun, and learning technology has to look at Brother Ba. These live broadcast rooms are rhythmic and let many people know about Brother Ba.

8 months ago

He became popular in the early stage, largely because of a combination, Dong Xiaosa panicked to death (crossed out) the Huangde Yaoshi team. Later, the five people signed a contract to YY (not named Huya at the time). Brother Ba was responsible for morning to noon, Sara Fenghe pledged to take charge of Ningbo from noon to 8 o’clock, and then Dong Xiaosa was responsible for Ningbo from 7 to night (the few people in the middle were in charge of live broadcasts. Coincident double row), it was basically shared popularity at that time, because in terms of live broadcast effects, Dong Xiaosa was the best. He was really, very good at bringing people out. At that time, YY had several female anchors, Lu Xueqi and Susu, as long as they were rowed. When he arrived at Dong Xiaosa, the room’s popularity exploded, and Sao Nan became popular for the first time because he brought Dong Xiaosa to the promotion competition. The blood collapse was forcibly taken by Sao Nan, and then everyone began to pay attention to the first male sword in the national service In fact, Sao Nan has not benefited the most from the first male sword series in the national service. The most is his friend Qingfeng and Xuan Wu, one end and one tail). The ID at the time was the commentary of the Chinese assassin Sao Nan, and then everyone would look for it. According to the live broadcast of Sao Nan, the popularity of the male knife series in the national service is about 2000, and only 70 people have selected the robot assisted by the high-end game. . . After Dong Xiaosa blew a wave, it reached 10,000 (the water was not so big at that time). When YY signed Dong Xiaosa, Dong Xiaosa asked YY to sign several people together. The contract seemed to be 7 million. After discussion, Dong Xiaosa divided the big head, and then it was The tyrant, Sara Feng, received very few pledges, because he was not live broadcast regularly and he had to study (high-achieving students from Renmin University…) Later they felt that Dong Xiaosa had taken too much, they lost money, and the three people jointly signed another platform privately. (It seems to be seafood, I forgot it), I gave Dong Xiaosa a black meal, but they didn’t know that their live broadcast level was really not strong enough. Many people watched them because they didn’t arrive at 7 in Ningbo. I didn’t hear much, Sara Feng disappeared completely, and yy didn’t get much better when he came back later. Except for Brother Ba, he is a bit similar to Dong Xiaosa’s live broadcast. As for how it became popular later, I don’t know. Because I’m here to play Dong Qi.

8 months ago

Brother Ba was the first host to abuse food… At that time, Huang De Yaoshi was the only one who abused food. Others are playing the master king game only he abuses food in the lunch stall. Why do you all say that he is very strong… He has been in the top ten of the national server at most, and he is still on the s2 robot. This is what he said on a live broadcast. After that, the scores of the first national service first Xerath first Thain are not higher than s2. After he switched to Douyu, I saw him abused food, and then he turned to Huya because he was abused…

8 months ago

Brother Ba used to be a king among the top players, but now he gives me the feeling that he deliberately lost in some rounds. He deliberately created a dishy and mixed appearance for himself and let everyone spray him to keep the heat up. It was just a personal guess. It is not ruled out that it is the real dish.
For example, Galen was squeezed to the 3rd level against the Alligator 0-5 and tried to pull out the speed shoes. I always feel that gold can’t do it.

8 months ago

First of all, the influence of the first series of Xiaomo National Service is beyond the imagination of new players. Today, when live broadcasting is in the limelight, you don’t know why video commentary will make a person, and even many anchors who have been on the video. The original lol is still the world of video authors. Beauty producer, miss, Xiaocang. The first to do the first-view lol commentary was Xiaozhi, the producer of lol’s first video. Xiao Mo, the producer of the first series of National Service. There are also Dong Xiaosa and his like. Especially Xiao Mo, led a series of high-scoring passers-by. Such as the national service first Delevingne, Vincent. The first sword in the national dress, Ximen Daguan (Ximen Confucius). The first mantis in the national service, Wuhu Xiaosima (Wuhu Dasima). The first Akali in the national service is the sword of victory and vow (vow to save me!). The first Udyr Cyclone in the national service. And Brother Ba was on the first series at the beginning of LOL, the first in the national service, Saien (French), Brother Ba. So old players know that there is a bug. After Huya signed the contract, he hyped Thain like a big Sima. A coincidence, isn’t it? Both he and Da Sima are in the first series, and they are very prestigious, and they can use their names to attract old players. Then rely on the dishes to play the program effect. then. . . Just like the sauce. So in my opinion, the bug is a successful copy of Dasima, and the copy is not bad.

8 months ago

The barrage in Ba Ge’s live broadcast room is interesting. Probably many people go to watch Ba Ge’s live broadcast, but they still stare at the barrage in Ba Ge’s live broadcast room. All are talents. Also, everyone may be very tired and depressed. Watching Brother Ba’s live broadcast to decompress. When I watched the live broadcast of Brother Ba, I felt very happy. There is also the accumulation of Ba Ge’s popularity and Huya’s recommendation. It may be that Huya does not allow live streaming to drink. Ba Ge used to hold wine in the evening to celebrate New Year’s Day with the audience when it was New Year’s Day. They all talk about Ba Ge Cai, but it’s just ridicule, I can only say that I am a little confused. Brother Ba is also self-aware, otherwise why did he choose heroes like the Stone Man, Galen, Uncle, and Tam who can’t be cucked a few times in his life? In fact, it would be better to treat Ba Ge as a top laner who is good at playing meat. He is also embarrassed to take the main cs such as mid laner, jungler, and ad. The top order position has always been a more flexible position. It can be the front row, can be a fighter, can be a mage, can be a shooter, and there are more options. Watching live broadcasts can bring happiness. You can’t ask others to be a perfect person. After all, he is in this rank, wouldn’t it be worse for him to play trumpet and fish. Humph, the villain has hemorrhoids.

8 months ago

Shameless, his fans should not watch his live broadcast. After all, normal people cannot become his fans after watching his live broadcast. If they are too exaggerated, they will be beaten all the time, and they dare not fight back. People slaughter xx, don’t help him, don’t support father, junglers come and go to the top, he has no merits in group shopping, don’t say he is a bully, bully is resistant to pressure, no c, but It’s a bit of using the Queen Mother to beat the lane, and then to suck the blood of his teammates, which is completely negative. Whatever heroes he plays are crisp and harmless, then you might say that he plays the stone tree, he has control, a little Use it? Then let me tell you, his big stone man is used to escape, and r is not enough for people. His mentality is not good. When his teammates say about him, he will get angry and stay alone. It’s really the extreme mother. Fans still use that kind of ridiculous stubborn stalk to justify his trash Queen Mother. It’s the ex person, the ex teammate, and the ex audience is purely a canyon tyrant fairy, and you will be exonerated until you change your name to meet the tyrant and never retreat. Two lines of tears. You can’t scold him yet. You will be titled if you scold him. If you meet a teammate like Queen Mother, you’re a jungler, so don’t fight with crabs on the road. Don’t want it in the wild in the upper half. You have to be careful when you go on the road. You are an ad when you are double-killed. Don’t want to output when you are in a group. If you can’t carry it, and you have no control, you will find him playing a big tree, standing behind you and meeting him is really bad for him. Huo has something to do with the boss of Huya. In short, Queen Mother, a green anchor who attracts stubborn little ghosts by being scolded, what else does his fans say, ah, people are also masters in cooking, but let me say, Queen Mother. The platinum level is at most, so how does his master get it? Super number chanting. Others win six wins and five defeats by 25 points a day. He adds 25 points. Sometimes tmd loses and adds points. He also says that he is not a super number. Don’t you want to be shameless or hire an actor, you will find him c. In the game, the top laner on the opposite side went up to kill him just as if he had some kind of illness. The heroes who played were all heroes who hadn’t played before. He gave his name to other anchors. It’s an early king. Why does the fan have the face to call the Canyon Master to top the lane? In the silver game, the opponent can be single-killed. You say this is the top laner of the canyon master? Playing the trumpet, gold and silver can play something else, although it is also beaten by people, once you reach platinum, you can only start to play heroes like Dashu Goutou Shi, you say he is not at this level, then you can explain his behavior ? Solo with black powder, was beaten by black powder crab, shouting, how could he get around from the river grass, he fouled! Speaking of solo, he has been scolded by others for his ranking, so he has to solo with others. Does he really have this strength? No, he is sure that others are anxious to score, and he has no time to pay attention to his mentality, and then the spirit is triumphant, you know, if others really accept it, don’t panic, the mother tyrant has a unique kobold you might say, he Kobolds can only use CD shoes and be beaten as dogs. Can they be soloed for 100 layers in 20 minutes? The answer is Dolan Jie, and then make up 100 soldiers with others, and then say that he has won, and ex can no longer summarize him.

8 months ago

I understand this person, it was a period of last season when the top laners of the meat tank were relatively difficult. At that time, the strong man with strong hands and the strong Tianba Hengkong, various types of meat type top laners, Thain, lava behemoth (at the time, it was The Golem’s passive armor has not been tripled in the yet-to-rise period) for a time, it was so difficult that even a tree gangster could hardly get along. And at this time, an anchor who was very popular on the Internet, with the help of a very skilled tower knife video of a stone man, broke into my field of vision. You are so proficient in repair skills, you must have resisted pressure in your days? Suddenly I felt that there was more than one playing stupid than Routan. Every time I think of Brother Ba’s light car and familiar road, Routan people will have more self-deprecation. , Be happy inexplicably. This is Brother Ba’s first acquaintance. With this wave, Brother Ba’s fame suddenly rose by his side. At that time, the water dragon soul was updated and the map was changed for a few days. The location of the new fruits of the water dragon growth is not clear to many people, Brother Ba In a short video, after being ignited in the center of the middle road map, he flashed to the back of the river wall near his defensive tower without hesitation. This unique wave of life understanding directly pushed Brother Ba to a climax. Passers-by jokingly called it the bug and asked him to go to ig (At that time, ig was in full swing, and Shy Georgi surrounded 4 by himself). Hi Raise the title of Patriarch of Anti-stress Patriarch, so much so that until now, some good stones will ridicule that they are the true biography of Brother Tyrant. Later, his reputation became more popular. If he imagined him too carefully, he couldn’t accept some very low-level mistakes and stubborn temper. The skills were too much worse than the professional anchors. The bug is now. The mentality is not good anymore. If you go to fried fish, you will even be shown by the fish. He is crazy about his teammates and can’t see his own reasons. Gradually moving away from the group of people who originally pursued him, without the kindness and technical support, the bug is now called a maggot. It is far from the original fire. But there is one thing to say, you can ridicule Brother Ba’s true dishes casually, no one will refute you, except for his tower knife.

8 months ago

“Mu Ba Ci” let me first say that this issue is likely to be the public relations of some forces. There are so many Xiba brothers, please go to station b to see the 19-year classic battle, Noxus Darkest Hour/Tahm Interpretation of the King Mother. Bears have tattoos on their bodies passively, and there is no such person as me in the world. With the stone in the left hand and Galen in the right, Pan Sen jumped in the opposite direction. If you lose more than you lose, you can score more points. No one in the valley knows the king. Set up a home in the east and run to the west, surveying feng shui to move the tomb. It’s not easy to talk about it, and when it’s over, it’s put in a loop. Teammates do not rush to the team battle, teammates will come to the funeral. The outer ring was scratched, the inner ring was hot, and the bare hands began to wander around. The attack speed shoes hold three phases, and the code development must not be forgotten. The papier-mâché bear did not resist, and the jungler chanted deceived. Crisp stone, zero health, reducing magic resistance through the abyss. Bingxin wears anti-armor together, hitting me is equal to hitting himself. The fleshy comet is strong, and the Lord Q has weight to hit people. The crisp one has low damage, it’s all because the hero is too rubbish. The opposite dad is too invincible, and there is a problem with the matching mechanism. Before the regiment was killed, the spring water supervised the morale. If my teammates don’t C, I’m rogue, and my teammates C, I try my best. Don’t say that Brother Ba is useless, because Brother Ba is missing one out of nine. The classic was beaten and didn’t fight back. Seeing the residual blood roared in the road, I still want to leave without killing? Raising fathers are good at helping the poor, you have them and you have them all. Six people tortured four teammates, and undergraduates did not order no. I won’t say anything outrageous, and I smashed the keyboard angrily. I’m not the fault of the equipment, the shop owner didn’t stock it. Wandering around the corners of the map, the canyon fruit growers have to work. Mo Chou’s teammate curse genealogy, the father of Brother Ba can be an enemy of the country. Dumb than heroes do output, walking the dog is too annoying to cry. Reverse Super God is a big tree, wondering why it can’t help it. Under the tower, he had to be bullied and escaped without going around the pillar. Military training instructor here, please, Brother Ba will show you the way. The twelve promises are walking on high ground, and the fourteen barbarian kings look at the sky. Go to the opposite side first after being beaten, and blame his teammates for being unconscious. Peaked cap, toilet cover, bear earphones. The plane bomb operation is strange, not as fast as I can die. The low-scoring anchor is a beggar, solo a thousand dollars with me. Little tortoise, it’s weird, 13 code development is fast. Seventeen alchemy without tape, the tree of life dies quickly. It’s strange that it hurt the Tianling cover with a knife. If Daddy doesn’t, he goes around the tower, and Daddy has no way to get down. Eleven Barbarian Kings have no big moves, and Tam’s favor is higher than the sky. The teammates interact with each other first. If the jungler doesn’t come, I will send it. Don’t shoot, walk around the edge, and the residual blood assists in flashing and collision. Go against the wind, go down the wind and waves, and transfer money to the desperate toilet. The ghost of the top of the canyon is sad, so you have to add friends first. Run away and never look back, Galen has no W. One daddy loses, two daddy draws, three daddy four daddy wins casually. The Apple Rice Cooker contains a lot of rice. The mechanical flying claw grabs the recipe and steams the grains for the fans first. In 300 years, Jiuzhitang was not as effective as Wang Baqiang. Seventeen alchemists lost their way again, holding the enemy tower tightly to recognize him as his father. Fanhao is not a thing in the pool, and he cooks when he encounters Ba Ge. On Noxus National Humiliation Day, Brother Ba was restrained on the fifth floor. Captain Jian Ji had just been released from prison, and in a blink of an eye it was the code bureau again. The day before yesterday was unconscious, the spider squatted on me for seven minutes. Wild dad caught me and sent it first, and his mentality collapsed if he didn’t come. Knowing that killing pays for life, k is sent to the head immediately. I didn’t wake up when I went shopping, so I could make a contribution to the death. One father loses, two fathers tie, three fathers and four fathers may not win. The teammates were busy interacting with each other, holding “Ba Xue” in their hands to recite the scriptures. Help is useless, the group will send it by yourself; black and white screen, report the name of the dish. I don’t know the true face of Brother Ba, only because of the fact that Brother Ba loses one level.

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